and now they are were they are mostly because of her


Now that Arc V is over I’ve been pondering on a little “experiment” with a cousin of mine who is the most unbiased person close to me: She watches anime very sporadically and only shoujo or slice of life things, the last time she watched YGO we were little and it was DM, she’s no duelist and never got into it.

She was curious over me and how much I got into Arc V over three whole years (mostly she’s curious over me writing fic, particularly my long ass Xover Au thing)so she watched season 1 finishing it last week.

She’s willing to try the “Synchro Arc is filler” fandom assuption, why you say? For science!… and because we’re both psychology majors :P

(noting of course that the arc officially started in episode 50)

I’ve warned her nothing, spoiled her nothing and she’s pretty laid back about everything she watches …

What you guys say?

“I covered a lot of Trump rallies as a journalist. I didn’t feel any hatred. People were more curious than anything. I was never assaulted. I felt like most people were just supporting him because he wasn’t part of the establishment. Or because they were tired of politics. But it was confusing. Because even though I didn’t feel like they hated me, these people were supporting someone who said I should be banned from the country. Even the father of one of my best friends supports Trump. This man had me over to his house. I went to Thanksgiving with him. My friend asked him: ‘Dad, how can you support that man? Our friend Zahra is a Muslim.’ He told her: ‘Don’t worry. He won’t do everything that he says.’ Today has been difficult. These last few weeks, it was mostly speculation. There was suspicion that most Americans supported him but I could hope that it was wrong. But now that hope is gone. And I have to feel differently. I have to feel like maybe most Americans don’t want me here. And I feel like no matter how hard I try, I’ll never be part of the community. And even if they’re friendly to me, or if they invite me to Thanksgiving, deep down they believe that America is a country that belongs to white people.”


Genre: Fluff + Smut but mostly smut
Rating: M
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Summary: You hate your best friend because she made you go camping. But you also love your best friend because she made you go camping.


You fuck Namjoon in a tent.

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ok but what about a zimbits au where:

  • bitty is in the nhl (he’s started a club: nhl players under 5′10″. kent parson is a reluctant member, mostly because if he stands up really straight and goes on his toes a tiny bit he can pass for 5′10″ but we all know the truth)
  • jack is a historian, he teaches high school APUSH. all his students ask him why he teaches US history when he’s canadian. he does not deign to answer. bob was a professor at some ivy league who published a groundbreaking book on how gay alexander hamilton and john laurens were for each other. (this was before jack was born, bob and alicia went to canada to raise their family and bob stayed at home for several years while alicia was busy jetsetting around the world being her badass model self) they both specialize in eighteenth century america and jack is pissed because how is he supposed to top that? and now he’s just teaching high school and it feels a little passe
  • of course jack is also canadian and of course he follows the nhl, so of COURSE he knows who eric bittle is. the shortest, fastest player in the league. former figure skater. grew up in georgia and somehow found his way to hockey of all things. yeah, jack zimmermann knows who eric bittle is.
  • (in this au kent and jack went to the same high school, since kent’s billet family just happened to be in montreal, so yes they know each other but not well. they never got past a friendly hello in the hallway and kent occasionally saying jack should be the one playing hockey, not him, since jack is so much taller)
  • soooooo jack and kent are still friendly acquaintances and at one point parse goes ‘hey jack do you want tickets to this nhl game w/ locker room access afterward’ and jack is like FUCK YEAH because y’know he’s sensible
  • bitty and parse are on the same team. they now have a reputation for being the short team, when they’re on the ice against tater it’s a nightmare. think tater getting swarmed by blond gremlins with hockey sticks
  • aNYWAY. jack goes to the locker room after the game and like??? everyone is so nice??? and awesome??? and he meets all of them
  • and then bitty invites everyone (yes everyone) to his apartment bc even though they just had a game he is PUMPED UP on adrenaline and wants to bake and he is inviting all of these lovely people, yes including you parse’s friend, to his apartment to hang out while the pie bakes and then eat the pie.
  • whoooOOOo this got longer than i expected so here have a cut

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you recognized Bella, because her hair but mostly because of the way Paul was reacting. you could tell the situation was going to go down hill really fast. 

you were there in an instant. you lightly touched Paul’s arm, “Paul.” you said. he looked at you for a second, chest still heaving, “Paul, we should get coffee.” you stated.

now everyone looked at you. Paul turned to face you, “yes.” he said. you could see the tension drain from his shoulders. Sam looked between you two but you ignored it, simply grabbing Paul’s hand and pulling him towards the house, “let’s get you a shirt.” you stated.

he grinned, “you dont like me like this?” 

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Tales of Miss Fortune

Welp, this was meant to be a Blancfortune oneshot. The me and @ladyofacat had some 3 AM talks and this turned into a villain!Ladybug au. Oops. Also, if you expect plot, leave the expectations at the door lmao. This story will mostly be sexual tension escalading and Miss Fortune/Marinette driving Chat/Adrien mad.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chat Noir moved stealthily through the dark corridors of the Louvre. It was fights like this when he was truly grateful for his night vision. Fights in the dark were an advantage for him and he knew he needed any asset he could get when it came to fighting her. Because honestly, there was only one thief in the whole of Paris (and possibly Europe) that would go on a stealing spree without any care for the security system.

Miss Fortune.

Chat’s grip on his staff tightened as he scanned the halls for his nemesis. She was the nightmare of Paris for almost six years now. And while she was not robbing simple people, there wasn’t any museum, gallery and private collection that had been spared. And more often than Chat would have liked to admit, she got away with it. He didn’t even want to think how many millions if not billions of euros had been lost because of her. Damn her.

Chat’s eyes scanned the hall he was in, feeling a little bit creeped out by the eyes in the portraits almost following him. He was never a fan of museums at night. Sometimes he wished he could just the exact place where Miss Fortune was. Not that he was worried she will escape. She never left without a fight. More often than not, Chat felt she was doing all these robberies with a clear purpose in mind: to drive him mad. Frankly, she was succeeding. With a sigh, he stopped in place focusing on the noise. His cat ears twitched as he heard a faint noise. from somewhere afar and a little to the west.

The storehouse.

He sprinted down the hall until he was close enough to hear better. He began moving with stealth again, his steps trailing the little noises he was hearing. His tail flicked anxiously as he stepped in one of the big rooms of the basement. Boxes of all sizes, sculptures wrapped in sheets covered in dust and even some paintings lying around. The sight almost made him sad, but he didn’t have time to linger on that. He kept his guard up as he stepped further into the room, being prepared for any surprise attack. What he wasn’t prepared for, however, was a fancy chair that probably belonged in the court of Louis de 14th. Put in the middle of an empty space and illuminated strangely by some candles in the back. He immediately spun around, throwing his baton at the target behind him that triggered a noise just one second before. Only to see that there was nothing before him.

“What the… ” his curse had turned into a yowl as someone jumped into his back, managing to knock him off his feet.

A pair of soft lips brushed against his ear shell. “Hello, handsome.”

Chat struggled as she sized his hands behind his back, making it impossible for him to use them. With a grunt of annoyance, he rolled on is back, trying to get rid of her, but it only aggravated the situation as she copied his move. It ended up with a tumble on the floor, until Miss Fortune managed to tie his hands with the string of her yoyo. Chat growled as she forced him to sit in the chair and wrapped the string around his body, managing to tie him to the chair.

“You, know, I’m almost disappointed for how easy you fell for that, kitten.” she said with a pout while taking a bundle of rope off her belt. She took a few steps towards him, slow, almost teasingly. It wouldn’t be the first time when Chat felt like he was the mouse and she was the cat. “But I could forgive you if you meow for me a little.”

Adrien just glared at her, clenching his teeth. She always liked to play with him and he knew very well giving her a reaction would only make her satisfied with herself. And he was too stubborn for that. His lack of reaction seemed to only make her pout further.

“Well, then. If you aren’t in the mood of talking I’ll just get to action too. And when you think I even settled the romantic atmosphere with the candles.” with a dramatic sigh, she got on her knees in front of him.

He did his best to ignore the heat rising in his cheeks as he tried to kick her away. Miss Fortune grabbed his leg and pinned it back down with ease. Glancing up at him with a scolding look, she chided him. “Bad chaton!”

He huffed annoyed, before redirecting his attention to her, keeping a close eye for any chance to free himself. She looked away from his face, her gaze sliding over his torso and then to his crotch. And by the way her lips curled into a predatory smirk, Chat was sure he was in trouble. Humming amusedly, she settled her hands on his thighs before spreading his legs wide open.

“What are you doing?” to his ultimate embarrassment, that was very much a squeak.

“Oh, but please, tell me, kitten. What happens usually when you have someone kneeling between your spread legs?”

Chat really wanted to give a witty reply, but frankly, he was pretty brain dead when she was staring at him with those bedroom eyes. Why was he cursed with a weakness for blue eyes?

And as if that wasn’t enough, she began running her hands up and down his thighs, agonizingly slow. And the suit wasn’t doing anything to decrease the feeling. It only stopped the pain from big hits, but gentle touches? They felt as if there was nothing between them besides a very thin sheet of silk. Chat beat his lips as she rested her head on his left thigh, her fingers trailing closer and closer to his crotch.  He closed his eyes, trying to think about the most unpleasant things in the world, just not to get a boner. He could never forgive himself if he got a boner from her teasing in front of her.

(He got boners because of her before and he wouldn’t bother lying, but frankly, he was in private.)

She would never let him live it down. As if she didn’t wound his pride enough these years. That would be the last drop. He felt Miss Fortune shift and then, something being wrapped around his ankles. He opened his eyes only to find his ankles tied and Miss Fortune smirking up at him, some rope still in her hands.

“I liked you tied up.” he remarked casually before putting the rope over her shoulder and sitting in his lap.

Chat hissed. She was warm. And he had no doubt the way she was grinding on him, slowly was with a clear purpose in mind. Chat wanted to scream. Why couldn’t he have a normal enemy? One that found pleasure in kicking his ass, not in sexually frustrating him? No, apparently that was too much to ask for. When he accepted being a superhero he certainly didn’t expect almost six years of flirting, banter and sexual tension that just seemed to increase in the latest months.

Miss Fortune nuzzled his nose. That gesture was way too sweet for someone who looked like she was one step away from eating him alive while dry humping him. And there was so much he could do to stop his dick from going hard while someone was grinding on him and it felt very much like it was skin on skin. Miss Fortune seemed extremely happy with her results so far.

“Do you like this, kitten?” she whispered in his ear in a sultry voice as she increased her rhythm, her hot core moving faster against his boner.

Chat let out a moan, dropping his head against her shoulder. This was humiliating, but he couldn’t bring himself to care too much when he felt so good. He will regret this later, he knew, but frankly, he had limits where he simply couldn’t resist anymore. Miss Fortune was running her hands all over his body and Chat realized a few seconds too late she was tying him the rope and retrieving her yoyo.

“I fucking hate you.” he growled through gritted teeth. For what, he wasn’t sure. For being a nightmare to Paris? For humiliating him like that? For the fact that he was actually enjoying it? For outwitting him?

There was a slight gasp and soon all the warmth was gone. He looked up to see Miss Fortune glaring at him.

“That was the wrong thing to say.” she hissed before getting something out of a box on the side. “Bad kitties get punished.”

The next thing he knew was that Miss Fortune was leaning towards him with a piece of duct tape in her hands. She pressed it against his lips, before a smirk appeared on her face. She tilted her head, pressing her lips against his through the duct tape before gluing it to his face.

“That was for the language. You should learn how to dirty talk, kitten. ” she straightened her back. “You were very rude, I liked you better when you were moaning. And because you said that, then I won’t make you cum anymore.”

Going to another box that was laying near, she picked two pieces of jewelry. The turned to him, raising them for him to see.

“They supposedly belonged to Madame de Pompadour. And given you are here, I want to ask you for an opinion. Which one do you think fits me better?”

She raised each pair to her ears. “The sapphire ones or the ruby ones?” Chat gave an annoyed growl making er giggle. “Oopsie, I forgot I duct taped you. Oh well, nod once for sapphire, nod twice for ruby.”

She looked throughout amused as he didn’t react anyhow. “Well, I guess you are right. I should take both.”

Chat glared at her as she put the two pairs of earrings in one of her belt satchels.

“See you next time, beau gosse.” she said with a smirk, blowing him a kiss.

And with that, she simply strutted out of the hall, leaving a very annoyed Chat Noir with an unsolved boner behind.

  • psychic: okay i'm going to read your mind now
  • me: Dear Evan Hansen, 
Today is going to be an amazing day and here’s why because today all you have to do is just be yourself but also confident, that’s important, like easy to talk to, approachable, but mostly be yourself, like that’s #1, be yourself. Just be true to yourself. Also though don’t worry about wether your hands are going to get sweaty for no reason. You can’t make it stop no matter what you do because there not gonna get sweaty. So I don’t even know why your bringing it up because it’s not going to happen because all you have to do is be yourself. 
I’m not even gonna worry about it because seriously it’s not gonna be like that time where you had the perfect chance to introduce yourself to Zoe Murphy after the jazz band concert last year and you waited afterwards just to talk to her and tell her how good she was and you were gonna pretend to be super casual like you didn’t even know her name and she would introduce herself and you would like “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, Chloe, you said your name was Chloe?” And then she would be like “No it’s Zoe.” And you would be like “Well so you see I thought you said Chloe because I’m just very busy with other stuff right now.” But you didn’t even end up saying anything to her because you were scared and your hands were sweaty, which they weren’t that sweaty but you started worrying they were sweaty which made them sweaty so you put them under the hand dryer in the bathroom so they weren’t sweaty they were just very warm now as well....
  • psychic: what the fuck
A thing of thing 1 and thing2 but not really thing1 and mostly thing 3.

Quick background: Playing first session of Shadowrun 4e, tasked with stealing data from a “secure” facility. Started off with stealth. Followed by sex, murder, infiltration, bluffing and much chaos. After a person was murdered and her corpse and building set on fire and the guards shredded by van mounted machine gun, the GM said:

“The building of fire and stealth but not really stealth and mostly bullets”

The way he said that has now become something of a meme within our group.

PS. Apparently killed 49 people isn’t considered mass murder, because we were one short. Shadowrun.

Imagine Brendon talking about Panic’s new album and how you, his girlfriend, were the inspiration for it.

“Well, yes it’s called ‘Death of a Bachelor’ and- and it represents the ending of an era. I mean not just for the group but mostly us as people and- and especially me”

“Really? Meaning?”

“Oh well-” he laughed awkwardly “-it was pretty inspired by my- by my girlfriend, (Y/n) as you all know, and it kinda represents how the times of me getting drunk off my ass and partying till very early morning are over- Or sort of. I still do get drunk but I know know I will have her there ready to take care of me”

“Oh how sweet!”

“Yeah. It is kinda like the death of a bachelor because those times are over for me and now there is a new life, I hope, coming a-and, you know, even if it is not official yet I am hoping - to put it in term of music - to ‘put a ring on it’ soon!” he laughed and cheers were heard.

“Wow are you trying to say something to her Brendon?”

“Through TV, I don’t know. But now I am kinda hoping she’s not watching cause she won’t stop teasing me about it later!”

here’s a bit of a ref sheet for Peepo, because I realized I never made one!!!!!! also how tall she is in comparison to our Peri, in case anyone would ever want to draw them together

i’ve also realized I never wrote out a profile for Peepo, SOOO

Full name: Peridot FACET 2F5L CUT 5XH

Alias: Peepo, Susan (new name given to her by the CGs)

Alignment: Neutral (previously served Homeworld, now she is an ally to the Crystal Gems)

Backstory: 5XH previously served Yellow Diamond on Homeworld, just like all of the other peridots in her FACET. Some time after creation, 5XH began facing ridicule from almost all of the other peridots in her facet, mostly for her looks, her shyness, and a silly nickname given to her by her peers. 5XH had few friends in her FACET, but the closest ones were Peridots 4XS (@amphibizzy‘s Quats), 2XW (Poncho), and her best friend, 3XZ (Penny). Our Peridot, 5XG, was unfortunately one of the many peridots who took part in bullying 5XH. One day, 5XH was assigned a mission on Earth, to repair the Galaxy Warp after 5XG had failed to do so. She complied, but was unfortunately caught in action and bubbled by the Crystal Gems. 5XG quickly jumped to 5XH’s defense, and freed her from her bubble. Since then, 5XH has been given a new name from the CGs, and has been slowly befriending them. However, she is still loyal to Yellow Diamond.

Additional Info:

  • Her voice is rather soft and squeaky. She basically sounds like our Peridot, but quieter and always on the verge of tears. She stutters a lot.
  • She likes dogs.
  • Her favorite type of Earth weather is snow. She doesn’t like rain because thunder startles her.
  • She’s super gay. It’s very easy for her to develop crushes on other gems. Most of the time, all you have to do is be nice to her, and she’ll fall in love with you. 
  • She’s very emotional.
  • She holds grudges easy. When she first started living on Earth, she held a major grudge towards our Peridot from how she was treated on Homeworld. Since then, she’s still a little bit resentful.
  • Despite her seemingly shy and stressed nature, 5XH can be incredibly aggressive. If you hurt one of her friends, or crush one of her robonoids, you can kiss your sweet ass goodbye, because she’s going to blast it into oblivion. 5XH’s underlying hostility is also what caused her a bit of trouble with the Crystal Gems. She would threaten them and sometimes attempt to attack them, Peridot especially. The only Crystal Gem she was truly nice to at first was Steven, as he never presented himself as a threat to her.
  • While 5XH is most certainly not dumb, she is a slow thinker and processor. She often has to ask a lot of questions, and take notes while somebody is speaking to her.

there you go, facts about da PeepoTM

linny postwar headcanons for @rravencclaw and @hpfemsecretsanta . I had a ton of fun with this! it’s a little chaotic, but i hope you like it! it’s not really a reflective post-war thing. i just wanted them to be happy. 

  • ginny always felt strange about her relationships during her earlier hogwarts years
  • especially her relationship with harry 
  • But she decided maybe it was just her imagination, and played the role of the Chosen One’s Girlfriend well
  • I mean, she did like Harry a lot
  • maybe just not how you were supposed to like your boyfriend
  • but she kept it up
  • then came her 6th year and the battle of hogwarts
  • she didn’t really have time for feelings because honestly there was so much happening and she just hoped her family would be alright
  • the summer before 7th year, ginny was so relieved when harry pulled her aside and said he didn’t have the space for a relationship
  • she felt so free and she was happy that neither harry nor her had been hurt
  • ginny spent her 7th year mostly with luna and neville
  • especially luna
  • luna was like a gorgeous fairy
  • she was intelligent and kind and amazing
  • and the war had made ginny appreciate her even more
  • she imagined losing luna and it cut through her like a sharp knife
  • ginny could listen to luna talk for hours
  • and she did
  • regularly 
  • because what good was studying if you could be listening to the cheerful voice of Luna Lovegood?
  • ginny gets even more into quidditch during her 7th year, if that was possible
  • luna goes to all of her matches and practices, cheering loudly from the stands
  • ginny even manages to convince McGonagall to let her commentate another time
  • luna focuses only on what ginny is doing and claims she’s “really the most talented quidditch player ever and she’s also got really shiny hair”
  • ginny almost falls off her broom at that
  • luna is not allowed to commentate again
  • ginny, luna, and neville study together occasionally 
  • but ginny and luna often get sidetracked
  • to which neville shakes his head and rolls his eyes and gives ginny a knowing look
  • ginny doesn’t know why he does that
  • or maybe she does
  • she just doesn’t think about it too much
  • life during their last year at hogwarts continues on like this
  • pleasant and light
  • trying to escape the war through friendship 
  • but all the while ginny feels as if something besides the past haunts her
  • one day in the spring, ginny spots two fifth year girls walking together down the corridor
  • they’re holding hands
  • ginny watches as one of the girls shifts slightly and kisses the other one on the cheek
  • and just like that
  • it hits ginny square in the chest
  • maybe she … likes luna?
  • dissimilar to the way she likes other people
  • in a softer way
  • in a romantic, toe-curling, cheeks-blushing, heart-aching kind of way
  • in a way she’s never liked anyone before
  • maybe she’s always liked luna
  • that seems right to ginny at that moment
  • she’s liked luna since the instant they met
  • suddenly ginny feels much calmer
  • calmer than she’s ever felt
  • she knows exactly what she’s going to do
  • for she is a gryffindor. brave and bold
  • and she’s waited a painfully long time for something to feel so right
  • she’s not going to wait any longer
  • so, for better or for worse, she marches her way down to the grounds
  • somehow she knows exactly where luna will be
  • like magic
  • a different kind than the one she is used to
  • it’s a beautiful magic
  • ginny walks her way over to the greenhouses
  • she finds luna leaning against one of them, reading a book and winding her long, blonde hair around her finger
  • ginny stops for a second just to take this girl in
  • this amazing, wonderful girl
  • she takes a deep breath
  • then she calls out a greeting to luna
  • walks right up to her
  • and just kisses her
  • luna doesn’t even act surprised
  • she just melts right into the kiss
  • she drops her book and slowly brings her arms up around ginny’s neck, curling her fingers gently into ginny’s hair
  • the two girls just stand there kissing near a greenhouse
  • for an eternity or a minute
  • no one could say for sure
  • when the kiss breaks, their faces stay close together
  • ginny has tears in her eyes
  • “woah”
  • “uh-huh”
  • luna can’t keep herself from smiling
  • she’s been waiting for ginny to kiss her for years
  • it’s even better than she’d imagined
  • after a few seconds, luna reaches down and grabs ginny’s hand
  • they walk back up to the castle together
  • and just like that
  • they’re girlfriends
  • they graduate hogwarts together
  • move into a little flat not far from The Burrow
  • luna decorates it with flowers 
  • ginny populates it with quidditch memorabilia and comfy cushions
  • luna writes for the quibbler and ginny plays quidditch
  • they spend their lazy days sitting out on their tiny balcony
  • luna paints portraits of ginny
  • and ginny tells luna stories and asks her questions and tries to distract her with kisses
  • they’ve never been more in love
  • they get married on a hilltop in springtime
  • on the 7 year anniversary of their relationship
  • they invite only family and close friends
  • the ceremony is short and sweet
  • followed by hours upon hours of dancing
  • until the sun finally sets on two impossibly in love young women
  • despite the horrors of the past
  • they’re happy

*fingerguns* i have ~art block~

BUT I’ve been wanting to do this for a while- And seeing as there have been a few more kid designs floating around lately, I decided to throw my skeleton child into the mix as well!

So here’s an 8 year old Bubblegum! A few changes:

-She’s not a parasite in the MCQ verse, so no cracked eye!
-Her toffee is now a bow! Mostly because if I were her parent, I wouldn’t let her go out with a goddamn toffee stuck to her skull oh my god bubblegum
-her face is a little rounder as a child!

[MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!]

Secret Identity | Barry Allen |

Anonymous requested: Could you do a Barry Allen imagine were him and the reader are dating and the reader is batgirl but no one knows until and Barry thinks she’s hiding something so he and the team follow her until she gets to her secret hideout were they find her costume and all that and she tells them the truth and they think it’s awesome because they are fans of her batman and robin
Sure thing darling! I don’t know much about the batfamily so if I get something wrong, please let me know!

Summary: You and Barry had been dating for a while now, after you discovered that he was The Flash, but you’re hiding something from him. It’s called a secret identity for a reason.

Trigger Warnings: Mentions of blood, bruises and fighting, stabbing, swearing. This is mostly fluff though.

Originally posted by khylinrhambo

You and Barry had been dating for about a year now and you still hadn’t told him about your side job. No, you didn’t get paid in money for what you did but you got respect and admiration. But it was hard to not tell him that you were Batgirl, even harder to hide your costume from him. So you developed a secret hideout. On the outskirts of Central City, you had found an abandoned warehouse to hide your things, patch yourself up after missions and make contact with your family. 

Bruce Wayne had found you as a child. You were thirteen years old, and alone on the streets. He had come across you on his nightly patrols, beating up a couple of thugs who had tried to mug you. Bruce was going to step in but it appeared as if you had everything covered. That night he approached you, offering you a place to stay if you would help him out. So you agreed and now, a decade later, you were still doing what you could to make the world a better place. But you were lying to your boyfriend, and he knew it.

“Guys, I think Y/N is hiding something from me.” Barry announced as he sped in to the cortex. The team looked at him puzzled.

“Barry, the girl is head over heels for you. Why on earth would she hide anything from you?” Caitlin asked, confused. And it was true. There was no way you could be more in love or open with anyone else. 

“She told me she was going to hang out with F/N earlier today but I asked and they haven’t seen her at all.” Barry began to pace. Was she cheating? He didn’t know, he hoped not.

“Hey, it’s alright, we’ll find out what’s going on.” Cisco told his friend as he began to use the facial recognition scanner, hoping to find you through the city cameras. When that didn’t work, he began looking for your car, once again praying to find you before Barry burnt a hole in the floor. And the cameras did find it, a mile west of the city. 

“Right, lets go see what she’s doing.”

You winced as you began to patch yourself up. The criminals you found yourself facing were tougher than you had originally thought, and one of them had a knife. You didn’t see it coming but the knife lodged itself in your thigh. Though it was significantly harder, you caught them and turned them in to the authorities before heading back to your base. 

Now here you were, sat on a chair and trying to stitch up your wound as best you could with shaking hands. You were trying your best to concentrate, but you stabbed yourself with the needle when the door burst open.

“Holy fuck!” You exclaimed, your head snapping up to see the intruder. Barry, Cisco and Caitlin stood there, watching on in shock.

“Doctor Snow, help me, please.” You gestured to your leg, making them snap out of their daze and hurry over.

“Y/N? Y-you’re…” Barry trailed off, looking over you. You were still sat in your suit, your mask placed on the table beside you. 

“Batgirl, yeah. I wanted to tell you Barry, and I tried to, but I just couldn’t. I’m sorry, so sorry, for lying to you. I-” You were cut off when Barry placed his lips on yours to silence you. 

“This is so cool. You know Batman! And Robin! And Nightwing! And Red Hood! Wow.” Cisco broke you two away as he gushed over your family. You laughed nodding before you swore again. Caitlin had begun to fix your wound.

“I’m not mad, baby, you don’t have to apologize. I mean, it’s a secret identity for a reason, right?”

anonymous asked:

Do you have more headcanons about Rita?

  • Rita has eaten an entire tub of frosting before. Rita will eat an entire tub of frosting again. You cannot stop this. No one can stop this.
  • She’s allergic to cats and doesn’t own one herself but this has absolutely never stopped her from petting other people’s cats, or from actively seeking out cats to pet
  • She didn’t know Juno at the HCPD, except by reputation, because they worked in different precincts. Frankly, it was a little disappointing after everything she’d heard to finally meet him – a lot shorter than she expected, for one thing, and really grumpy, and not so scary, and mostly just drunk a lot back then (she could kick herself now for having thought that – she loves Mr. Steel he’s not disappointing except well maybe she wishes he were nicer sometimes but only she gets to think that).
  • Aside from the aunt mentioned in Prince of Mars, Rita is constantly mentioning a rotating cast of several dozen relatives to Juno. He kind of assumes they’re made up but they do actually exist and she is in fact visiting all of them on a regular basis. Her family is legitimately massive.
  • He hasn’t noticed yet that she’s never mentioned her parents, though. Or that he’s still the first person she mentions when she’s listing family. (Rita knows there’s more than one kind of family.)
  • Definitely eats peanut butter (crunchy) out of the jar with a spoon.
  • At least once a year some government suit shows up at the office and asks a lot of nosy questions about what exactly they do here and security breaches but she knows they don’t have proof she was doing anything and she was only looking at those files for fun anyway and usually Mr. Steel just glares at them until they stop trying to bluff her into saying something and leave.
  • She met Mick when he called the office to check whether Juno was okay a week or so after what happened in Oldtown and she traced his call and showed up at his door crying and yelling threats about how she’d get him back for whatever he’d done to Mr. Steel. They spent the remainder of the time until Juno got back searching and panicking together. Rita also had some input regarding a few of his ideas. They are now fast friends and it’s entirely possible that the schemes they are cooking up will lead to the end of human civilization as they know it.
  • Really hopes that Juno works with Alessandra again at some point because she may or may not have developed a massive crush on her when they met a few times visiting Juno in the hospital.
  • She has an ongoing argument with Juno about how her favorite movies are the ones with ambiguous endings because half the fun is thinking about it afterwards!!!!! But apparently SOME people like to just watch the movie and be done with it, where is the fun in that, boss
Am I No Good To You Now?

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Warning(s): Smut, very detailed sexual activity, also incest. 

Note:It is finally here you guys! It can be found on my Ao3!

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Requested by Anon: “ Actually yes!But I’m not creepy,I swear,I just have this Ivar sister in my head: YN is their half sister(yes,Aslaug and Harbard had one) ,but Ragnar accepted her as his own,so she grew up with her step brothers,and mostly Ivar. Because she got a few of her fathers “powers” she can take his pain away(no more pain Ivar,I still get chills with that) And he truly loves her!She cant harm another,which is why she became a healer and Ivar is ALWAYS with her ,he relies on her opinion for everything”

You are the sister to the sons of Aslaug, your mother and Ragnar, your surrogate father. When you were born, it was clear to everyone that you are not Ragnar’s child. Everyone knows who your father is, and your mother is ashamed of it. Your father, Harbard had conceived you with your mother before leaving. The only reason your mother really kept you around was for you are a girl, she had always wanted a daughter and you have your father’s powers. You have never met your real father, nor do you wish to meet him. Even though you are the child of his wife’s unloyalty, Ragnar treats you as his own. If you ask his sons, they will say that he loves you more than he will ever love them.

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My band director is great and he would sometimes (at least once a week) tell jokes/ do stand up comedy. One story he told was he had been helping someone with pets move and he has allergies so his allergies were going crazy and he said he was only helping because he’s a good friend then he tried to turn it into a joke and said “ok so there’s a man and his wife and the wife wants a dog but the man is allergic but he says he’ll take allergy medicine every day if it will make her happy to get a dog”. Now we don’t find this that funny (it’s mostly just him ranting about allergies) but then he adds to it throughout class like “honey I know You’re ginger but let’s get rid of the roof."or "honey I know you’re diabetic but let’s have sugar with every meal” and by the end of class the sax player behind me was dyeing and his boyfriend could not calm him down and he eventually fell out of his chair laughing.

Illyrian Bat Pt.2

Nesta takes home the Illyrian bat she saved in the market. The creature reminds her of a male she can’t forget. A vampire she perhaps misses more than she will admit.

Part 1 Here     Part 2     Part 3 Here     Part 4 Here

A heaving sigh escaped Nesta as she looked straight ahead at the cage in front of her. It was a pain in the ass to carry her groceries in along with the rusty metal bars holding the Illyrian bat inside. Just because she was a vampire with inhuman strength doesn’t mean she has enough room on her arms to carry everything up to her apartment.

She walked into her living room and placed the cage down on a small wobbly table in front of the lone maroon colored sofa. The creature inside the cage had been quiet under the tattered cloth to keep it protected from the sun’s harsh light that was now beaming down outside. Curtains were drawn shut as always in Nesta’s apartment leaving it in a mostly darkened state.

She made her way to shove cans of food in bare cabinets. Vampires didn’t gain much sustenance with human food, but mainly it provided them a sense of humanity by eating something that didn’t taste of blood. Of course most human food couldn’t compare to the appetizing red liquid vampires preferred. Nesta herself had that experience once at the House of Wind and has regretted ever consuming it. Now she forces herself to have meals from cans or boxes in an effort to cling onto the last remnants of what her human life was before the change.

A few small bags full of raw meat sat on the counter. Taunting her. Letting her know that she would never be able to return to the life she once knew. Disgust ran through Nesta’s body as she shoved the meat into the freezer and pulled out a small package of beef.

After spending so much time out this morning Nesta could feel her body draining from the exertion. It would be best to eat now before heading to bed. Her arm bumped into the two bags of food that the merchant had given her to feed the bat. She rolled her eyes at how naïve the man was to think the bat could live off dry pellets when it was supposed to eat meat and fruit instead.

A glance at the cage made Nesta wonder how long it had been since the bat ate a decent meal.  She quickly cut up portions of the raw beef on two separate plates. Less than a handful was set aside for the bat and Nesta cut a banana in bite size bits so it could have a more nutrition filled meal.

She walked in the living room to set both plates beside the cage. She could hear the bat sniffing and moving closer to the cage’s latch that kept him inside.

Nesta slowly removed the cloth and revealed the dark furry creature underneath. His hazel eyes looked around the room assessing his new surroundings. His nose moved rapidly at the smell of her apartment. Taking in her scent. Finally those intelligent eyes turned to Nesta.

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I had to work on Sunday (I work as a cashier in a local supermarket), and oh boy there were a few horrible customers. The worst one was an elderly woman. Now those people are usually the friendliest people around here, she definitely wasn’t.

It was very busy that day, and I was out of €5,- and €10,- bills (I couldn’t get any extras because the manager was also very busy). So I was ringing her up and asked “Ma'am, I’m out of (…)bills, do you mind if I give you change, if needed, that consists mostly of €2,- euros?”. She told me that she didn’t mind it, she didn’t see a reason why.

She had to pay a total of €24,-, and she gave me a bill of €50,-. I paid her back in a bill of €20,- and 8 euros of €2,-. Guess who got mad when I gave the change back? That’s right, she did. That bitch got mad and rudely asked if I had anything else and ALMOST GETS INTO MY CASHIER SPACE TO LOOK IN THE DRAWER.
After I gave her her receipt she stomped away to count every single cent while muttering under breath about how I rude I was to give her “the wrong change”.
Like bitch I could have given you everything in €1,- euros, don’t be rude to cashiers while they can’t help it.