and now the middle one isn't working

The continuing saga of The G-Notes: O.T.S. @thegnotesots is preparing to excavate this blog for the first season before the second season begins. The cast and crew are hard at work preparing for the antics of Thranduil, Elvenking of Mirkwood who somehow pilfered the set of The Hobbit Trilogy from its director–then unceremoniously made deal with Thorin Oakenshield and gave him possession of Erebor and now the director, Peter Jackson aka PJ, has to get one back before the other and Thorin loves his mountain–Smaug and all. What does Thranduil love? Oh, plenty of things. Shiny things. Silver and White things. His trailer. He loves his swords. He loves his armor, his hair, his wardrobe, his palace, his kingdom; we think he loves Legolas (TBA), his elves–some seen here taking a nap just waiting for the the first full season to be found so they can be ready for the new season. There’s three whole seasons they have to do. They could be sleep for a while. Looks pretty relaxing doesn’t it?

Legolas: Sleeping on the clock? Dad isn’t going to like this. I’d wake them up but that’s Tauriel’s job.

Tauriel: Since when?

Elrond: I get the feeling you prefer Mirkwood elves over Rivendell elves.

PJ: What are you talking about, Elrond?

Elrond: Well, they get designated nap times now from what I understand.

PJ: Not that I’m aware of. Everyone should be working right now.

Elrond: Peter, Thranduil never works around here.

PJ: Of course he does, Elrond. What makes you think that?

Elrond: He holds the all-time Middle-Earth record for sitting.

Thranduil: That’s not true. I hold the Middle-Earth record for looking the best while sitting. And the ones for standing, walking, running, sleeping and breathing.

Gandalf: Annoying. He forgot annoying, Radagast.

Radagast: And people wonder why I never entered Mirkwood.

anonymous asked:

Are you surprised that Sam flew to LA in the middle of filming? I wonder why he's there, obviously he isn't working since LA isn't one of the locations of the movie.

Omg is this going to be the new thing? Sam skipped the con in the UK for a booty call in LA? Come on people. There’s zero proof of him being there. He’s in the middle of filming a movie right now in Budapest or Denmark or wherever the hell they are this week. Flying 14 hours to LA and then back again wouldn’t be possible.