and now that means a lot more to me

idk if jongup’s too bothered about it either way but I’m glad he’s not been stripping much since 151115… i feel like before the lawsuit a lot of his ‘appeal’ for some people was that he was the hot dancer guy with abs who took his shirt off at concerts or just whenever asked on variety shows etc and that was it…. i mean if he likes that then cool but it used to hurt me to see him just reduced to his body, so I’m glad people appreciate him for more than his physical appearance these days

My loves,
thank you so so much for the love and support that you have shown me over the past few days! I’m beyond grateful for every single person who sent me some money or simply reblogged my post. Every little thing means more than you can imagine! When I made that post, I didn’t really expect anyone to actually help me out of my situation. I was hoping for maybe 20-30€ but what I experienced was a lot greater than that. Every single message from you guys gave me so much strength! Of course everything is still difficult and it can’t be fixed that easily, but thanks to all of you I now have some money so I can go to sleep at night knowing that I have the most important bills covered, at least until new years. The best thing is that we can even afford some gas to visit my grandma for Christmas. Again, you honestly have no idea how much that means to me (and my mom).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Ok but i feel like donghyuck changed more while growing up than mark had changed? As their faces i mean. I think donghyuck used to look more younger than mark than he actually is but now they look same age. Like, he lost his baby fat(its what it is called right?) And the curves of his face(is that gramatically true???) Changed a lot,became more mature looking. But for mark i can’t see that much of a big change. Of course he did had some changes too cause i mean they are kids growing up but i honestly think hyuck’s face changed a lot more. But this might be only me too idk. I just noticed it while looking at a gifset of them in mmc.

not to sound like an Abused Kid™ but parents and other adults are untrustworthy and can turn on you without a moment’s notice
Guillermo del Toro's highly personal monster film 'The Shape of Water' speaks to 'what I feel as an immigrant'
Director Guillermo del Toro speaks about his latest movie, "The Shape of Water," one of the breakout films of the Telluride Film Festival.
By Josh Rottenberg

Obviously the world has changed dramatically since you were shooting this film. I can’t imagine you could anticipate the way those themes would resonate …

I did. And the reason why is that I’m Mexican. I’ve been going through immigration all my life, and I’ve been stopped for traffic violations by cops and they get much more curious about me than the regular guy. The moment they hear my accent, things get a little deeper.

I know it sounds kind of glib, but honestly, what we are living I saw brewing through the Obama era and the Clinton era. It was there. The fact that we got diagnosed with a tumor doesn’t mean the cancer started now.

Hopefully one of the things the movie shows is that from 1962 to now, we’ve taken baby steps — and a lot of them not everyone takes. The thing that is inherent in social control is fear. The way they control a population is by pointing at somebody else — whether they’re gay, Mexican, Jewish, black — and saying, “They are different than you. They’re the reason you’re in the shape you’re in. You’re not responsible.” And when they exonerate you through vilifying and demonizing someone else, they control you.

I think the movie says that there are so many more reasons to love than to hate. I know you sound a lot smarter when you’re skeptical and a cynic, but I don’t care.

But you’re not on a mission to change the way people see genre?

No, I can’t. I know that what I saw when I was a kid had redemptive powers. Some people find Jesus. I found Frankenstein. And the reason I’m alive and articulate and semi-sane is monsters. It’s not an affectation. It’s completely spiritually real to me. And I’m not going to change.


Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee

Why I Think Momo is Kickass and You should too

So with the emergence of the anime becoming more and more popular, of course the fan base is growing and growing, I would even say to heights like seen in Fairy Tail, Naruto, etc.

 However, with the series getting more popular, you are stuck with more….negative opinions about the characters that in my mind are sometimes just not necessary.

 Now, this blog is normally Ochako and Kacchako and I intend to mostly keep it that way but lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative posts towards Momo and frankly, I’m heavily displeased by this, especially since she’s one of the most well portrayed girls in the series and it’s really heartbreaking on my end to see posts that essentially dismiss her for more shallow reasons that don’t need to be here.

 I mean to start this off, are we going to simply forget that she came into UA on a recommendation and was a student that made even All Might shook when asked why Iida was the winner of the exercise

or how, even though the class didn’t know her, she was still voted to be Assistant Class President? 

 or how she was able to act calm and rational during the USJ villain fight?

 or how she still managed to get the top grade in the midterm exams and didn’t get it to her head but actually acted BENEVOTELY and helped her classmates who asked her for help?

or how it was HER plan that got Todoroki and her to win the exam that they were fighting in?

 But ya know, because of her BODY, we’re going to ignore that right? We’re going to ignore how amazing and how smart she is simply because of her body.  

I won’t lie guys, I’ve heard people complaining about her quirk and even saying how bad her quirk is designed when it’s like??? It actually makes a lot of sense why it’s like that since she does create large objects like shields, spears, A FREAKING CANON, like it makes sense for her to need to use fat call throughout her body to be able to achieve that look.

Which brings me to talk about her costume. Oh boy, this is the one that when I first entered the fandom, no one really said anything but now that the series is more popular, everyone has become experts on body proportions and quirk designs and apparently fashion design since her costume isn’t good enough for her.

I mean look at the costume design that Horikoshi put in for her and how he planned that all out for her

At some point, yes I understand, Horikoshi is a pervert, sometimes his intentions aren’t the best, I get that. But consider this, even though he had the ability to make Ochako’s and Tsuyu’s costumes completely perverted, he chose against that. He had the perfect opportunity to indulge in that yet he didn’t. What I love about Horikoshi is that he thinks about the practicality of the quirks and designs the costumes based on that as well taking into consideration the character’s personality and what they would want.

 So guys, at some point, reality check moment: Momo is comfortable with her body enough to wear a costume that she deemed necessary for the usage of her quirk. And she chose that design for that outfit and has not said a word about this entire series. She even had an opportunity to create it to be more closed and she chose not to. MOMO CHOSE HER OUTFIT AND VIEWS IT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER HERO WORK.

 In this moment too, I would like to share what even Midnight said during Episode 34 at the very beginning.

So another reality check: The only people who are saying it’s sexual are the people who are sexualizing her to begin with. Instead of viewing it as more of a practical thing that is designed for her quirk (which involves utilizing her fat cells and creating stuff through her skin), people begin to view as sexual and are condemning her for having a revealing costume. Which, to me personally, I find ironic since tumblr is filled with campaigns of free the nipple and the stopping of sexualization of breasts and female anatomy, yet look what’s happening here. People are taking her costume and saying she’s being sexualized for choosing a design that would give her optimal openness to use her quirk.

 I mean look at how she used it in the Aizawa fight

 Having that navel cavity helped her out immensely during this fight and she was able to create the alloy material in a much faster way with having access to areas where most of her fat is stored.

Which, I also heard people commenting on how Momo’s body doesn’t make sense and how skinny she is in comparison to her boobs (which I’ve seen that in real life, it’s not uncommon), but if you see in this spread

She actually isn’t the skinniest person in the world. Keep in mind that while she does use her fat cells to make stuff, she does also consume A LOT OF FOOD TOO to keep up with the level of activity too so she does get chubby sometimes so it’s a wrong assumption to think she has this INCRDIBLY PERFECT BODY WITH NO FAT when she does! Which only makes it only more natural and real!

Honestly, her entire arc in the beginning of the manga (or at least up into this exam point) has been so powerful, so realistic, and so amazingly well done.

I mean to consider, very similarly to Bakugou, while we haven’t gotten much of her backstory, given how she behaved in Season 1, we can have a somewhat assumption that she came from a great home and was well praised for her quirk. Obviously, her quirk isn’t one with a talent, she had to work immensely for it, but she must have been placed into situations where she was elevated and praised for how powerful her quirk is (like she was put in situations where she was able to be able to use her quirk to the fullest and not have much backfired).

Even Aizawa says this during their fight

Which does imply this isn’t a constant state she’s always been in, it’s one that has been gained since the sports festival (hence why the arguments that she should be shouldn’t be self confident are wrong). 

Yet, with coming to UA and being in a hero course, after participating in the festival, well she starts to crumble and kind of doubt her abilities against the others

 Like it starts off with her not getting a high ranking on the race

 Then she mentioned the issue with the cavalry battle later on but definitely the heavy hitter for Momo was her fight with Tokoyami where she was left in shambles since she wasn’t able to make much on an impact on the fight itself (which this was amplified more in the anime than the manga itself).

Originally posted by fadingsoulss

Thus really bringing down her confidence. And now a lot of people screamed about how misogynist her hero training was and how demeaning it was which leads to 2 issues that some people forget about.

 1.     That there are multiple sides to being a hero. It’s not always the cookie cutter “fight villains, rescue people, rinse and repeat”. Even famous people in our society, even though their job is to act/sing/etc, they still go out and do publicity work and that’s what they do. It’s a part of being well known and using your abilities outside of the field you are in.

2.     This was all part of Momo developing. This was just another way to bring Momo down a couple more notches. It’s a bit cruel and hard but this was a way for Horikoshi to get her  out of her mindset and be exposed to something where her confidence could be lowered. Guaranteed if she was put into an actual hero training internship, she wouldn’t have been lowered as much as she did.

 Which could lead the argument that it wasn’t necessary to have any of that stuff happen to her but consider, would she have gotten in this state if she didn’t have those things happen and accumulate?

And would she have gotten her confidence back from Todoroki/Aizawa and execute an amazing plan without that encouragement from those moments?

Probably not.

 Ok this post is beginning to get way to long so I’m going to stop here before I go on and on and on about Momo. As much as Ochako is my best girl and I will forever sacrifice myself to her, even I have to admit Momo is utterly amazing and I only talked about what happened in the first 65 chapters. I didn’t even brush on how amazing she was during the invasion of the villains or how she managed to be a huge help in the rescue of Bakugou or even how kickass she was during the license exam (which she helped my princess Ochako and that pleased me so much). Momo is just more than the simple sexual object people are complaining her to be as, she’s an incredibly smart and amazing woman and Horikoshi put so much thought into her, more than what any of us could ever imagine. I am truly excited to see more of what she can do in the future and I hope she gains more fans since she truly deserves it.



Okay! I can finally kickstart this series because I have these all figured out: Keiran and Dimitri Caroline, the main characters for (what’s hopefully going to be a webcomic) The Hazard List

Do Not Repost!

the signs as shit my friends say
  • aries: fuck you, i'm NOT hangry!!!
  • taurus: if this is about your relationship status, i'm going to need another bottle of wine
  • gemini: if you're half jewish, does that mean i can be half gay?
  • cancer: a zebra. two zebras. dos zebros!
  • leo: someone save me, i'm about to get bareback fucked by this exam
  • virgo: i put a funnel in the cheerios thing and now it's starting to look more like a tree!!
  • sagittarius: another day, another soprano screaming off-key in the practice room next to mine
  • libra: oh, no, he's great, he just does a lot of coke
  • scorpio: i'm putting my name down as "olive ostrovsky has daddy issues"
  • capricorn: the gordon ramsay version of "yes daddy" is "yes chef"
  • aquarius: i'm passionate about two things: recycling and REVENGE
  • pisces: you're a syrupy disaster!!
Pearl Physically Cannot Talk About the Diamond’s: Theory Masterpost

Now at first glance, I figured that Pearl was just having a hard time with the issue at hand, but then realized. When if she means that she literally cannot physically tell Steven? As in she means it when she says she wants to but it’s impossible. She literally isn’t physically capable because something is stopping her from doing so.

Now even though this only lasted for a moment, and then we went on to Steven telling Pearl the truth about what he was upset about, there is a lot to analyze in those few seconds. Now the biggest thing to me that stuck out was that Pearl looks like she was trying to pry one hand away from her mouth so that she could continue speaking.


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Rafael Barba being unfairly seductive in every episode

Imprisoned Lives (S15E02)


@shippinggg thank you for bringing me peace, even just for a little while 

reigen’s garden (probably rooftop) slowly becomes a safe haven for everyone. except for shou’s hamsters. shou only has to learn that lesson once

teru comes there to read when his apartment feels too stuffy. no he doesnt have a key. dont ask. mob, who does have a key, doesnt ask, so why should you 

in the summer maybe reigen would put a mat in a corner so hed have a place to sit down. then all the kids would take naps there. maybe sometimes at the same time. 

also I put in both the ink and the colored version bc I cant decide which one I like more so yeah


PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: feelings develop and the reader comes to find out that steve truly does care about her.

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



After sitting in the cellar for almost two and a half hours and Steve taking it upon himself to comfort you once again. Dustin had finally gotten through the story about the Demogorgon, and the upside down. It was a lot for you to take in. And if both Steve and Dustin didn’t confirm it you would have sworn it was just a bad prank. Also the giant hole in your cellar caused you not to question it very much. A hole, by the way, that looked like it went on for miles.  

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i was just testing a few different and simpler styles bc i want to start drawing these boys more often and these happened

also … i was starting to consider making a sideblog for all my bnha-related doodles but idk if anyone would even follow it o:

Welcome to The Witching Times, where twice a week (Sunday and Thursday) we interview the witches, pagans, and general people of the community! This Sunday we’re sitting down with Tumblr’s @orriculum to learn more about her, her craft, and her emoji’s! So grab your favorite drink, sit back, relax, and have a read!


I’m sitting down with Tumblr’s very own Orriculum. Thanks for agreeing to the interview!


of course! I’m excited to be doing this with you.


Thank you! So, I want to ask a few basic questions. Name: Age: Type of Witch: Favorite Band:


Name: Kate.
Age: 21.
Type of Witch: Rose/Coffee witch.
Favorite Band: Hmm, maybe Barnes Courtney or Fall Out Boy.


Nice! I have to say, I haven’t heard of a Rose/Coffee witch before. Could you tell me more about your craft?


Ok so, I love the idea of potions, ever since I was a kid. It kind of made sense to me that my coffee pot would be my modern-day witch’s cauldron, you know? So this is something I do almost every day, my coffee potions and rituals.

I’ve moved on to expand to the use of the grounds in spell work, but I also use them in gardening, for all my rose bushes. there are a bunch of rose bushes at my home, so I’m always picking them and drying them, pressing the petals and the stripping the thorns.

I just have a lot of roses around, I end up using them in my craft constantly, but my craft tends to change themes with the seasons, I shift my focus depending on what is at hand, what surrounds me. roses and coffee just tend to be the most constant.


That sounds super dreamy! It’s kind of like a rose-colored craft. I love it!

Around when did you start labeling yourself as a witch? Was that when you were younger too?


I was a bit younger yeah. It’s a little nebulous because I always wanted to be a witch, and I would do witchy things as a child, like trying to divine from a handful of thrown rocks, grounding with storms,.

However, I pulled away from that when “real life” called.

I focused on the idea and study of witchcraft as more of research for a fantasy novel. Only in the last few years, somewhere between high school and college, did I feel confident labeling myself as a witch.


That’s great. It’s always nice to find your place. Now, have you met other witches like yourself before?


Only this year have I met some in-real-life witches. My best friend recently started witchcraft, and then she introduced me to two more through a DnD group.


Good ole’ DnD. The perfect place to meet witches, I hear.

So, you post a lot of spells. I mean a ton. Your list is expansive, man. How do you find inspiration to write all these spells? Do you ever get burnt out?


Well, I started out on this blog offering to write spells for people. Sometimes it’s just a mood I get into.

I have something of a formula/method when it comes to my spells, which makes it take less to write a lot.

  1. You find an intent,
  2. You gather ingredients/timings that support the intent.
  3. Figure out some ritual actions that can be used with the ingredients.
  4. All done!

The spells I post are often just the bare bones of a spell. They don’t include the personal rituals or dogma a person might incorporate to draw power for a spell. The more personal rituals I include, the harder those spells are to put into words and put out into the world. Those ones burn me out.

But I can assure you 90% of the time if I’m posting a lot of spells, it’s because I’m procrastinating on something else


Haha, I mean spell writing sounds like a good procrastination, but also very good way to get something else done. Now when you need a spell, you have a ton that’s out there and waiting!

Have you ever found yourself in a spell writing rut?


I have.

Sometimes it feels like I’m just writing the same couple spells over and over, sometimes I can’t think of anything. Sometimes I’ll have the file open, just staring at me for a couple hours and I can’t make myself focus on it.


What do you do when you’re in a rut like that?


Sometimes I’ll save it for later. Sometimes I just push through and write a half-assed spell. When it’s a more personal spell, I’ll go to my altar and focus less on the research end of it, looking up herb and stone meanings, and reach for what feels natural, let the ritual create itself and run course, instead of me trying to force it.

Of course, sometimes that can change the spell entirely, but I don’t think that’s a terrible thing. Sometimes when you reach for a spell you think you need, if you let it move through you, you end up finding something else which is more what you need.


Honestly, I feel that in my soul. It’s so true. Sometimes magic will tell you what you need instead of what you think you need.


That’s exactly it. It’s within you, you just need to listen to it.


I know you state on your blog that you don’t answer Witchcraft 101 questions, but if you could give advice to beginner witches, or even older witches, what would it be?


Ah, that’s mostly because I’m tired of people not checking the reference section first.

But I would say, Personal Gnosis is the strongest part of your craft.

You can learn all the terms, celebrate all the Sabbats, or memorize all the stone meanings and herb correspondences, and still have no faith or communion with your craft.

Research is important, and I’ll always stress that, but witchcraft isn’t just about accumulating reference books. It’s not about emulating other’s crafts. Witchcraft is for you and you alone, as you choose what you study, what spells you cast.

It’s for you, you should put yourself into it.


Truly and honestly.

So, I have a new thing where I like to ask a series of mundane (okay and maybe some magical) questions. They’re just quick like- favorite food, favorite music, etc. Is that cool?


Lol ok


Favorite scent?


Spilled peach tea 🍑


Favorite emoji?


That scent is so specific lol but it’s what I do. Hmmm, favorite emoji? That’s a tough one


Haha. I ask the hard-hitting questions.


♡ or 💕 or 🍑 or ☕ or ☄ or 🌹

I can’t decide


Favorite spell?


(NSFW) Strawberry Kiss Spell Ok. It’s a little NSFW mate but I’m stupidly proud of the pun in it 😋


And last but not least, a favorite quote?


Oh, it’s from that Florence and the machine song

“To give yourself over to another body. That’s all you want really. To be out of your own and consumed by another. To swim inside the skin of your lover. Not have to breathe. Not have to think. But you can’t live on love. And salt water’s no drink.”


Thank you so much for letting me interview you. It was a joy to do it!


Thank you too, I had a lot of fun with this!

Have a witch you’d love to see interviewed for The Witching Times? Send me a message with their name and why!

yamt-arts  asked:

You might be really tired of ppl asking you when will the animation be finished. I guess you will get to the point where you take half year of vacation and make all those ppl suffer to wait for the episode.

It just that people    d o e s   n o t   u n d e r s t a n d  how hard it is to animate.

This is not something you guys can possibly understand, unless you’re in our shoes and live it by yourself, sure comments look like they can be brushed off like “just ignore them it’s alright” but guys… pressure coming from some irrelevant dude or coming from someone important to you is still pressure.

It’s like filling a glass with drops of water, and eventually it’ll collapse. 

I’m getting tired of people thinking we can just ignore them and pretending they don’t exist and not get frustrated or angry at those comments, THAT’S what’s been pissing me off more lately, how some of you have little to no empathy for content creators.

If you see someone ranting and super angry at someone for being pressured you should support them instead of saying “just ignore them dude it’s alright” because that person probably reached their breaking point.

Also, not everything you see it’s all that’s happening. There are a lot of things that happen away from your reach, not only comments but private messages, in different social medias, inboxes… and we content creators have to eat it all up and TRY to pretend it doesn’t affect us, when it does…

As of right now, I’m getting slightly used to those comments, which means it’ll take much more for me to get tilted, which doesn’t mean I won’t get frustrated or overwhelmed at some point these next months. 

I know the longer it passes the more childish comments I’m gonna get from entitled brats with daddy issues at home that are NOT even subscribed to me that will pressure me for my animation, and I’ll do my best to not get angry at them to the point where it affects me, even though it probably will, but y’know… each time it’s taking more and more for them to get me on my nerves