and now that means a lot more to me

Can I just say how much I love the BNHA fandom for coming up with nicknames for the characters. I mean… look at what they all have been called up until now:

All Might - Dad Might, sunflower man, though cookie, and tall dandelion (correct me if I’m wrong with that one, @saisai-chan), dorky dad

Aizawa - Dadzawa, trashbag teacher (no really, I read that) and Bunzawa (praise the inventor of that one, folks)

Izuku - (beautiful) cinnamon roll, green dandelion, Mini-Might (only in my head yet), dorky son

Bakugou - angry son, angry dandelion (guess who came up with those two).

There are lots and lots more of that, but I can’t remember all of that, sadly.

Anybody who wants to can add his own nicknames for the BNHA characters here, of course - I’m curious to hear more! =D

I really wanted to write how much I love bangtan and how much they mean to me but I wouldn’t be able to write everything because words simply can’t explain it. I’m so overwhelmed right now. I tried but I can’t find right words to explain what I feel right now. Honestly bangtan is best thing that happened in my life. I never thought I would love someone so much and that someone’s happines would mean a lot to me. They really deserved this, even more. I just want them to be happy and if I could I would give them the world.

I cant believe they are actual legends of kpop now, they are the first group to win album of the year 4 years in a row. I just want to say that i love yall for working to get this prize to exo and that they deserve it endlessly. We made exo happier today and made their efforts and hard work be a little bit more rewarding. We are one!

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aw u said u were feeling like shit tonight, hope ur okay

Yeah it’s just this whole week it’s making me feel depressed sitting in my house all day everyday with nothing to do, I have a job now and start on the 19th and I’m getting so worried about starting their and my boyfriends at a party in London tonight and he wasn’t replying to me but was on whatsapp and but answered the phone eventually making out his not ignoring me. It’s just all of this put together I just sat down stairs and sobbed To my cat 😂 you guys make me feel so much better though 💖 i feel like I’ve become so much more sensitive lately idk why. But thank you for asking it means a lot to me 💖

Hello, I’m sending my Blue Pietersite for a design critique, I have made changes on the backstory and personality (also my art style is better now), he still became a Crystal Gem and stuff… I would like to you focus more on the first and second form because I didn’t really put much work on them and I want to improve, I also ended up repeating the color scheme.

Wow this is a lot of improvement from the first design! Kudos to you!

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Wow, I finally got around to reading Vanitas No Carte Chapter 12, and I am so damn emotional right now. I simply love this Manga. I love the characters, the art, and I’m curious to see where Jun is taking this. I understand people will say mean comments about how the storyline and romance doesn’t fit, but you must remember that she did the same with Pandora Hearts. There was a lot of side things and some romance was thrown in there as well, give Vantias No carte time people, it might just surprise us. I think Jun is more working on getting to know the characters before we get into the main story, which I like that. It makes me care about all the characters before anything happens to them, a clever way to bring out emotions. And can I just say, I love this little tease!!!

The Dakota Access Pipeline

The I probably shouldn’t comment because I am Irish and not Native American and my words won’t make a difference but I will comment.

They are building this pipeline to move oil to another place and this is pipeline will be fast and will also create lots of jobs and good for the economy. That’s great but it could contaminate The Standing Rock Sioux water and is crossing sacred land. Now I could read about the protest but I already know that the Sioux should have the right to say no and that the government and the company building the pipeline should respect that. Maybe it’s just me but that is their land and it has more meaning to them than it does to a normal American but for a normal American it should have the same meaning because Native Americans are more American than Trump or Clinton or the eejits who say their family came over on the Mayflower because the Native Americans ancestors go back thousands of years where most Americans ancestors go back at most 200years. I’m not dismissing the people who are American and yes, you are American and proud but dismissing the people who have thousands of years of history on American land is insulting to me.

Why this actually annoys me is because when I was researching  this they talked about landowners and how they were paid and they would try not to cause too much impact and if they did that they would sort out and my god, that sounds likes bulshit because if the Native Americans are protesting obviously they didn’t get their permissions and is doing nothing for them.

So many people are standing with them and protesting with them and that warms my cold heart and shows me that America isn’t so bad but see what they do to people and what they are planning to do just shows me that even in the land of the free, the aboriginal people of that same land doesn’t even have to freedom to say no to their own land. 

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I was re-reading your post about how Eleven escaped and if she escaped through a tear in the upside down, maybe she's the one that opened the door in the tree in the forest

publishing this because that thought actually occurred to me but i didn’t touch on it more and now hearing you say it has kind of ?? given me an aha moment about things. that would explain a lot. there’s really no explanation given for why it’s there ( and i mean obviously the demogorgon possesses the ability to travel in and out of the upside down in areas weakened by eleven but ‘by eleven’ is key here ). it’s the same woods– i believe– where mike & co. first find eleven. so maybe that really is how she escaped and that area was weakest as a result allowing nancy to pass through.

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I'm sorry to hear you been struggling in life. Don't they say a great artist struggles in life to become a greater artist. Something like that. Well anyways I love your lunami. I hope you never stop and soon sell.

You left me speechless…. I hope there’s a lot more people like you in this world. How can you be so incredibly kind?! Like you don’t even know me but just saw my little complaining message and cheering me up!! Thank you for this omg!! Thank you for your existed!!! I’m literally in tear a little (I’m so emotional lol) Ps* I just have a lot of work to complete and to look at but it’s going alright :D and it’s evermore alright right now because of your kind word!! HELLO MEAN PPL IN THIS WORLD!!! HERE YOUR ROLE MODEL TO FOLLOW!!

Ok I love all the Kylo Ren jokes (human trashbag, complete monster, Emo Teen) but like

According to the novel Ben was ten years old when he left home to train with Luke, and fifteen when he destroyed Luke’s Jedi temple

So that means Snoke tempting him to the Dark Side would have involved a lot less offering untold cosmic power; and a lot more child-grooming, and subsequently absconding with a preteen boy

Idk about you but that skeeves me out

Imagine your fav height difference otp having a shower together except the whole time they’re arguing over how high the shower nozzle should be

       ciel and soma outfit switch!

taken from black butler artworks v. 1

Thank you so much for following me!! ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) When I started this blog I never thought I’d ever reach this number so thank you for your support all this time you guys are awesome!

“In ten years you haven’t changed a bit.”

i guess i want to make this clear: i will always ship clexa. im still going to be part of clexa fandom because i love this ship and it still owns my whole ass. obviously i can’t promise to stay here forever but right now, this is where my heart is and i don’t see another ship taking it away any time soon. the clexa fandom is very important to me and even though their canon story may be finished, there’s a lot more story left to write in this fandom. and i want to be here to see it.

almost everyone loves space. we are all fascinated by some aspect of the universe at some point in our lives, whether that aspect is the changing colours of the sky or the millions of stars and clusters of stars in our never-ending galaxy. as someone who plans to study astronomy and cosmology when they grow up, space definitely means a lot to me. the sad part is that we know so little about the universe, even after studying it for centuries. but what we do know now is what’ll help us make huge new discoveries, so here’s a masterpost of common questions/answers + resources for learning more about something we know almost nothing about - the universe!

+ studying & learning resources

for beginners

more advanced

+ news and updates

+ fun stuff(!!!)

+ apps

+ my other masterposts

i hope you enjoyed the resources included in this post!!! feel free to message me in case 1) any of the links are broken, 2) u want me to add on to something, 3) u have a suggestion for a masterpost [i would love that so go ahead and ask if u do] or if u just wanna talk! also, feel free to reblog and add ur own comments/resources. hope this helped someone learn and understand more!!!


still trying to figure out how to draw these two,, argh 
I’d also like to strongly recommend the song Atlas by Shannon Saunders because that’s what inspired me to draw this and I’m an emotional mess now 

▼ random edits under the cut ▼

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heyy since it’s no shame november does this mean i can post my incredibly self indulgent au…….. ok good

ok so in all honesty wild times always reminded me of tiana’s palace and at first it was just for fun but then i got reeeally invested heheeee,,,, (also yes judy is naveen in case you were wondering bppt) hope you enjoy because i might draw more of this

also trish drew this au too so you guys should check that out because it’s a really good drawing

Lets push the whole Luke/Calum thing aside and can we just talk about how Michael was really fucking brave talking about his mental issues. Now I’m not good with words but I mean that shit takes a lot of fucking guts just by bringing it up. I’m so fucking proud of him and it gives me more respect for him. Makes me love him even more. It’s really fucking difficult just by talking about mental issues without breaking down. I suffer the same thing that he does and personally, it’s EXTREMELY difficult for me to even get one word about it. Michael fucking Clifford is a fucking wonderful, amazing human and we don’t deserve him. I’m praising Michael rn because of that part of the article, even thought it was just a small section.