and now stiles thinks he's cursed

Long Angsty Sterek Fics

All at least 20k words long (by request)

Divided We Stand by KouriArashi

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….

By Any Other Name by entanglednow

He doesn’t know his name, he doesn’t know who he is, and neither does the werewolf he’s on the run with. But he’s pretty sure they hunt monsters, because they seem to be really good at it.

Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories

Derek is Scott’s older brother. Stiles is Scott’s best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.

Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf by lielabell

Derek doesn’t do pining. He doesn’t. So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work. He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.

Don’t Speak by fatale

The Alpha pack has systematically attacked Stiles and his friends for months, testing their strengths and weaknesses. When one of the Alphas goes after Stiles, he awakens in the hospital and realizes that something’s wrong. Very wrong. All sounds seem to hurt him, he can’t understand what anyone is saying, and when he tries to speak, it’s gibberish. How is he supposed to deal with the fact that he’s lost the ability to communicate with his dad and his friends?

Without his ability to talk, his sarcasm, and his wit, what does Stiles even have left? Enter Derek, the only one who seems to make it better.

Enemy Lines by qhuinn (tekla)

This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves.

Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles.

Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.

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hi feliz here again.. i suck at prompts but u give the best nerd!derek out there... can u please write something nerd!derek please 😢😢 for me 😅 luv u

AAAAH OKAY this was totally written for those two prompts I swear, but it grew into something a bit uuuh… different… It’s still nerd!Derek though I promise :p 

This is also totally in honor of my URL change from demisexualhale to nerdderek :p

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Title: Here We Lie, Outstretched

It’s two in the morning when Derek is woken up by a sharp tapping on his window. He struggles with his blanket for a second and grabs his phone from the nightstand, groaning when he sees the time. He’d been reading until midnight, only stopping because he knew he had to get a healthy amount of sleep before going to school again.

So much for that.

He slips out of bed and runs a hand through his hair. He doesn’t turn the lights on, which turns out to be a mistake, and he hisses through his teeth when he hits his shin against the nightstand. He pulls the curtains back and pushes the window open.

Stiles scrambles away just in time to avoid getting hit in the face.

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prompt #11, #23 (Stiles Stilinski)

11. “I trusted you!” “that was your first mistake, your second, falling in love with me.” 23.“I wanted you to fight for me and you didn’t, you just let me walk away.” Requested by @xmadwonderland

HELLO EVERYONE! I had to take a break from prompts for a little because I was seriously running out of ideas I am doing them again as I promised a few of you I would. REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. I have a lot to do and I don’t want to keep taking more and then let people down. Hope you guys understand! Thank you for everything!

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“Stiles get back here!” I screamed as he walked further down my street.

I took off my heeled boots running in the rain to catch up with the boy I loved. I grabbed his shoulder turning him around to face me. Lately he was different.

“what’s going on with you?” I screamed looking at him.

He stayed silent looking at my face.

“Stiles.” I said putting a hand on his cheek but he shrugged it off.

I was hurt.

“talk to me Stiles.” I said on the verge of tears.  

“I can’t y/n.” Stiles finally said.

“what’s so bad you can’t even tell your own girlfriend Stiles? I can help you, let me help you.” I said grabbing his hands.

He pulled them away taking a few steps away from me.

“you can’t help me okay? No one can.” He said, his voice growing angry.

“what happened to you?” I said my voice cracking.

The boy that stood in front of me was not the Stiles that I fell in love with. He didn’t even look like the same boy. His eyes that were once so full of love were now cold as they stared at me.

“I can’t do this anymore y/n.” He said looking down at the ground.

“I don’t want to fight either Stiles.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

Stiles let out a sigh before looking in my eyes again.

“I’m not talking about fighting. I’m talking about us. I can’t do it anymore. We’re done.” Stiles said no remorse evident in his voice.

I felt as if someone just shot me right through the heart. I could feel the tears rapidly fall down my cheeks.

“you don’t mean that.” I choked out.

“I do.” He said his facial expression staying the same.

I was now angry. Stiles and I had chased each other for the longest time and now he was just going to drop everything just like that.

“I trusted you.” I said balling my fists.

“that was your first mistake, your second, falling in love with me.” He said his voice unwavering.

I was the one to take a few steps back now. I couldn’t believe what he was saying. This definitely wasn’t the same Stiles.

“goodbye Stiles.” I whimpered.

I turned around and ran back inside my house breaking down on the floor. I sobbed for what felt like hours. My heart was so broken and I wasn’t sure how I was going to bounce back from this. I could hear my ringtone going off, snapping me from my depression.

“hello.” I said my voice cracking.

“Y/n? Where are you? We need to talk.” Scott’s voice said on the other side of the line.

Scott told me he’d be over right away to talk. He didn’t tell me what it was about but at this point I didn’t care. I lay back down on the floor curling myself in a little ball. Scott came in looking at me on the floor. He picked me up setting us on the couch and cuddling me to his chest while I cried.

“It wasn’t him.” Scott said finally breaking the silence.

“what?” I asked raising my head to look at him.

“listen y/n Stiles isn’t exactly Stiles anymore.” Scott said looking at the floor.

I got up pacing around the room.

“Scott cut the sugar coating bullshit and tell me what the actual hell is going on.” I said crossing my arms across my chest.

“We found the nogitsune.” Scott said standing up as well now.

Everything suddenly clicked in my head.

“No, that can’t be.” I said feeling some tears fall again.

Scott came closer but I kept stepping back away from him. I didn’t want to believe that my Stiles was possessed by an evil fox spirit.

“I didn’t believe it either y/n but it’s true. That’s not everything though.” Scott said scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“what else.” I asked choking back another sob.

“we think the void wants you.” Scott said coming closer to me.

“why would it want me?”

I was unsure of what to do, or what to feel anymore.

“Because you may be our best chance of getting Stiles back.” Scott said honestly.

Everything that had just happened replayed in my mind. Every word Stiles said cut into me like a knife.

“I can’t help." I said going over to the door.

I opened it gesturing for Scott to go. He gave me a hurt look before leaving. I sat back on the floor pulling my knees to my chest and crying again. The lights started to flicker, making me more alert now. I stood up looking around my empty house. My parents both worked nights and wouldn’t be home for awhile. The lights started flickering again. I went over to the kitchen grabbing a knife from the drawer.

"Hello?” I called.

I felt like one of those stupid girls in a horror movie. There was black smoke and then suddenly Stiles was in front of me. It wasn’t my Stiles though.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

He looked disoriented and he wore a smirk on his plump lips.

“leave Stiles alone.” I whimpered holding the knife out in front of me.

The nogitsune grabbed the blade of the knife pulling it from my hands.

“you really think you frighten me? You wouldn’t want to hurt poor Stiles now would you?” He said.

It tore my heart in two as it used Stiles voice to communicate.

“what do you want with me.” I asked backing away.

The void laughed coming closer to me.

“he’s fighting me in here.” The void said pointing to Stiles head.

I backed up a little more but cursed when my back hit the edge of the kitchen island. Void came closer trapping me with Stiles arms. Void Stiles got close to my ear sending shivers down my neck.

“we want you y/n.” Void whispered in my ear.

I shoved Stiles away trying to get away. Void quickly caught me by the hair throwing me to the floor.

“y/n help me.” The void said.

I could feel my heart breaking. It sounded like my Stiles but the void was just playing tricks on me.

“He broke up with you to try and hide you from me but it didn’t work.” Void Stiles said laughing.

I could feel more tears roll down my cheeks now. He was just trying to protect me.

I wanted you to fight for me, but you didn’t you just let me walk away.” Void Stiles said getting closer to me.

“your not Stiles.” I said choking back a sob.

The void laughed grabbing my arm and pulling me up.

“I am now princess.”

That was the last thing I heard before my whole world went black.

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REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. Like I said earlier I needed to take a break from doing prompts but I am resuming with ones I haven’t done and then I think I’ll make a general prompt for all the fandoms I write for I don’t want to just write teen wolf requests anymore, than you guys can request your little hearts out. Also I’m 2 followers away from 500! So if you guys could do me a favor and just reblog my writings, tell your tumblr friends and help me get to 500! I love you all thanks so much!


The Kiss // Liam Dunbar

Summary: You’ve been in love with Liam since you can remember. You were always sure Liam never felt the same. At least, you thought he did until he kissed you at Lydia’s party. But when your 17, love is never as easy as it seems. 

Warnings: Cursing, Implied Abuse, Mentions of Bruising 

Author: Ash

Requests: Yes. @hazftcor

A/N : I changed #14 just a bit because I felt it fitted the story better. Sorry this took so long, life has been insane!

Characters: Liam Dunbar x Reader, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Lydia, Random Asshole

Prompt List Request: #14: So I kissed you to get a girl off my back but I do have feelings for you. #22: Did you just say you love me? #24: It’s always been you. You and only you.

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“(Y/N), Quick! Kiss me! Kiss me!” 

You barely had time to register what was happening before your best friend Liam grabbed you by the shoulders and kissed you. It was a scenario you had dreamed countless times before. Liam grabbing your hips, your waist and kissing you passionately. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. 

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Things are awkward. Stiles is swearing and Derek is tired from driving and the adrenaline crash, and the tense awareness of Stiles next to him. 

Stiles next to him. 

He drives less than fifty miles and pulls into the first cheap hotel he sees, familiar with these places from the years he and Laura spent running after the fire. They don’t ask for a credit card and he doesn’t offer his name.

He half carries a still cursing, pale Stiles–when the fuck is that even going to register–into the dirty room and lowers him on the bed. “Shit,” Stiles breathes and Derek finds skin without thinking, draining his pain until the familiar golden brown eyes go hazy with relief. 

“Thanks, man,” Stiles slurs, slumping a little. Derek is pretty sure he should be the one saying thanks, but he lets it slide, for now.

He lets it slide until morning. Gets through that first night because they’re both too tired to even register the strangeness of it all. Stiles stumbles through a shower but he doesn’t think the weirdness of it–why is he even here–registers with the younger man until they’re grabbing coffee and greasy sandwiches for breakfast.

“Why are you here?” Derek demands, bluntly.

Stiles kind of squirms in his seat, his knee bobbing anxiously.

It takes a little time, to pour out the stories, and by the time they do, they’re on the road, a hundred miles away and headed in the general direction of Beacon Hills.

“You can’t just go back,” Stiles says, finally and Derek looks at him, eyebrow raised in silent demand. “It’s the first place they’ll look, dude.”

“What do you think we should do?” Derek snaps and Stiles gives him a wide grin.


It doesn’t get any less awkward. They don’t talk about Beacon Hills, by unspoken agreement. Stiles is quieter now, something that startles Derek, but just as brilliant and that doesn’t startle him.

They make their way across the country slowly, laying enough of a trail that hunters and the FBI can’t miss it.

They spend their nights in tiny dirty hotel rooms, and that might be the worst.

Listening to Stiles shower, and breath in the bed next to him, murmur under his breath as he does god only knows what on his laptop.

Listening to his whimpers in the night, when nightmares fill the darkness.

He doesn’t say anything when Stiles wakes up in the middle of the night, because you don’t, not in the face of nightmares. He just passes the remote and adjusts the the boy landing beside him on the bed with the snacks.


The how Stiles knew where he was still doesn’t answer the why and as time slides by with false scenes and wolfed out footage and word trickling out of Beacon Hills–he realizes that he wants to know.

Because Stiles has been saving his ass for the better part of four years and he doesn’t get it. He didn’t get it when they were in Beacon Hills and he doesn’t get it now.

“Why did you come after me?”

He’s sitting next to Stiles on the bed, because they could only get a single things time, and Stiles glances up at him, startled.

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t have to. You tanked your career with the Bureau, you know that, right?”

Stiles sighs and glares at his toe. It’s almost healed now, and it surprises Derek because they’ve been together for weeks, and he didn’t even realize it.

“You were in trouble,” Stiles says, simply. He scowls at his toe and Derek reaches over, draining the residual pain with a sigh.

He hides his smile when Stiles almost moans in relief, and gives him a fond look when he sprawls, blissed out and grinning, across the bed.


It’s less awkward, after that. They still don’t talk about Beacon Hills, but Stiles does talk about the internship and his plans for the future. Derek tells him about South America and the packs there, his time with Cora. He mentions Braeden, briefly and Stiles watches him with wide eyes. Eventually, he says, “I’m glad you were happy.”

Stiles curls into his sweater and goes to sleep after that, and Derek drives in silence for a few hours, trying to figure this kid out.

And that’s the thing. The problem with Stiles. He’s never been able to figure him out.

He’s unflinching bravery when Derek needed it most, and a flailing mess the rest of the time, a thoughtless genius who never failed to impress him, a human who had no reason to trust him and still, for reasons Derek can’t figure out, cares about him.

It doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t surprise him. Not really. Not anymore than seeing Stiles in that clusterfuck of a raid had surprised him.

He was in trouble.

Of course Stiles was there.


“We can probably go home,” Stiles says.

The room is dark, the only light the flickering TV and Stiles looks exhausted. Derek wants to ask him about the nightmares, but he doesn’t.

There’s something in Stiles’ tone that makes him hesitate though. They both knew this was coming, that it was the goal.

But still.

“I don’t want to go back,” Derek murmurs, a nighttime confession breathed into the darkness.

Stiles makes a noise that’s almost a laugh, but it’s too jagged and sharp to be a laugh. “Neither do I, big guy.”

He reaches for Stiles, traces the boy’s long thin fingers and feels Stiles shudder.

“You–when you came for me. You had to know it would lead back to Beacon Hills.”

It’s not a question, but Stiles answers it anyway, twists his fingers into Derek’s and says, fiercely, “It’s worth it.”

You’re worth it.

Derek hears the words Stiles doesn’t say, and maybe that’s the reason. Maybe all the years that they’ve been there for each other–it was just hearing what the other one wasn’t saying.

He let’s his head fall to the side and stares at Stiles, too close and not close enough and murmurs, soft, “Thank you.”

Stiles grins at him, lopsided and familiar. When they kiss, it’s warm and sweet and the last step in this long journey, the first in a new one.

It isn’t awkward at all.

Like She’s Mine (part five) - Stiles Stilinski

not gonna lie, i love when i post a part you all beg for the next one haha i guess i’m evil like that

warnings: swearing, sadness, teen pregnancy

part one
part two
part three
part four

FOUR MONTHS LATER (early june)

I was laughing and giggling at Madison as she was sat on her pastel blue blanket.  We were both sat on the living room floor, and I just watched as she sucked her pacifier and continuously rattled her little elephant themed rattle.

“Who’s a cutie? You are! You are!” I leaned forward tickling her size and bumping my nose against hers as she just fell into a fit of giggles.  “You are! You are!” I said in my high pitched voice that made her smile in the wide toothless way I love.  The pacifier nearly fell out of her mouth.  I laughed, sticking it back between her lips.

“Can I play with her?” Allison asked, sliding off the couch and falling oh so gracefully on her butt.  But it made Madi laugh, so she probably did it on purpose.  I nodded, and tugged on the ends of her blanket, making her laugh again as she slid across the carpet.  Allison smiled brightly, picking up Madi from under her arms and lifting her in the air.  Madison squealed with delight, kicking her legs around and flailing her arms.  I smiled as Allison rose her up and down, both of them giggling.

“Do you mind if I go take a call for a little bit? Not long-”

“Take all the time you need” Allison said, not tearing her eyes away from Madi.  “I’ve got this.  Be gone for a week, I could care less” I scoffed playfully and shook my head.

“Hard to believe there was a time you loved me more than my daughter” I said, chuckling as I left the room.  I pulled out my phone, and dialed one of the few numbers I knew by heart.

“Hey it’s Stiles Stilinski why can I do for ya?” I could hear the grin in his voice as he spoke.

“Stiles” I practically breathed out his name.  I hadn’t spoken to him, at least on a call we text a bit, in quite a while.  In fact not since before Madi was born.

“Hey y/n” I sat down on my bed after closing my door, and just relished in the sound of his voice.  “Hello?”

“Sorry I’m still here” I said.  “How’s George Washington?”

“Great! y/n I’m so excited, two more weeks of classes then I come back home” My heart swelled.

“I’m excited too Stiles” I said softly.  “I don’t like being apart for a whole year” He chuckled slightly.

“You okay? You’re quiet today” He said.  I played with the seam on the side of my jeans

“Yeah I’ve just… I’ve missed your voice” I said.  It was quiet for a few seconds, and I worried that I was too forward.  “You never shut up when you were here and now you’re gone and geez” I covered quickly, and he gave a small laugh.

“Yeah.. yeah I’ve missed you a lot too y/n” He told me, and I was glad he couldn’t see my blush.  “I didn’t miss anything big right? You didn’t get married or have a baby or become an assassin right?” I think I gave him the most forced laugh you could offer.

“No Stiles don’t be crazy” I said.  I accidentally ripped out a loose thread in my jeans, cursing silently.  He laughed again.

“Two more weeks y/n” He said.

“Two weeks” I repeated.

“You finish up your courses?” He asked.

“Yep” I responded, picking again at the thread on my leg.

“Well that’s good, lot of free time?”

No, my time is pretty taken up with diaper changing and amusing Madison.

“Well sort of, work is cramping a lot of time but I’ve got nothing better to do and money’s always good right?”

“Well if you ever have to much, I’m always just a call away” I giggled, and pulled my legs up on the mattress, criss crossing them.  “Anyways, I’ve got class in ten so I’ve gotta get going”

“Oh, alright” I responded.

“But thanks for the call y/n, made my day” I blushed again.

“Well I’m glad.  I’ll see you soon Stilinski”

“You too l/n”


“Bye” I pulled the phone from my ear, hesitating to hang up.  He wasn’t either, I was just staring as the seconds ticked on the screen.  My thumb hovered over the red button, but in seconds I whipped it back to my ear.

“Stiles?” Why was I breathless.

“Yeah?” I froze up, too nervous to say anything truthful.  Maybe, I have a couple big secrets, one, I had a baby and it’s Theo’s and I kept her, two, I’m in love with you.  “y/n? You alright?”

“Yeah just…” I thought, biting harshly on my lip.  “Just come back with your smile, okay?” He chuckled slightly, a puff of air through his mouth.

“You too” He responded.


“Okay” He whispered the word, and I thought of a movie Lydia once forced me to watch.  “I’ll see you in two weeks y/n”

“Bye Stiles”

I hung up this time.  I set the phone on my bed next to me, and just took a moment to recoup.  My hands were wringing together as I collected my thoughts, already wondering what I was going to do with Madison while he was here.  I couldn’t hide her forever… but he couldn’t know.  And the longer I kept her a secret, the more at risk he was of finding out.  When I finally got up and opened the door, Allison was there, holding Madi on her hip and bouncing slightly.

“That was sad” She said, and I rolled my eyes.

“Really? Listening in on my phone call?” The brunette shrugged.

“Madison was falling asleep, I was getting bored” I giggled and shook my head.

“Al, you know I was going to tell you anyways” I told her, carefully picking Madi up from her cradle, and tucked her safely in my arms.  She went out to the living room as I brought the little girl into her room.  Yeah, Allison sort of lost the second room I had spare.  We turned it into a blue and pink walled nursery.  There was Madi’s crib in the corner, the changing station in the other.  A small structure hung from the low ceiling over her crib, stars and animals hung from strings.  I laid her in her crib, brushing my hand over her cheek softly, before leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.  “I love you Madi” I whispered, before turning on the baby monitor, taking the other one, and heading out to where Allison was.  She was sitting on the couch in the living room, pouring a glass of wine in one of the two glasses she had.

“Wine?” She asked, holding it out to me.

“Yes please” I heaved, and sat next to her.  She moved so her back was on the armrest, legs swung over my lap.

“Hey uh… is it cool if Scott comes over?” She asked, and I nodded, waving a dismissive hand.  “Good cause I already invited him” I chuckled, and clinked my glass against hers.  “So” I looked at her as I took a sip.  “How’s Stiles?” I shrugged slightly, though it was unnecessary.

“Excited for school to be over” I said plainly.

“Seemed happy to see you soon” She added, and I stayed silent, staring down into my glass.  “You were pretty quiet though, until the end” I still didn’t speak.  “I thought you were gonna tell him about Madi”

“I almost did” I finally admitted.  “I wanted to.  I really wanted to actually”

“Are you going to?” She asked, and I shrugged my shoulders, letting out a long and exasperated sigh.

“I want to Al, sometimes anyways, I really do” She nodded, prompting me to continue.  “I have thoughts about seeing him like… hold her and… and play with her and push her stroller” I smiled softly at the idea.  “Maybe rocking her late at night… or like, feeding her or something, maybe even singing, you know those weird thoughts you get”

“Come here” Allison said softly, opening her arms.  I leaned to the side, my head lying on her collarbone.  “y/n your problem isn’t just telling him about Madi, you know” She murmured.

“What’s my problem?” I asked quietly.

“You’re conflicted” She told me.  “Because you love him.  You don’t like the secrets because you love him, and because you love him you don’t want him to be disappointed in you” I let out a long breath, knowing she was right.

“Why are you such a therapist” Allison laughed softly, petting my hair before I sat back up and practically chugged my wine.  How lady like, I know.

“Anyways.  I do agree that eventually you have to tell him”

“I know”

“But I understand that you’re nervous”

“I know” You said again.  I poured myself another glass of wine, and Allison re situated her legs to no longer be on my lap, but tucked underneath herself.  I sat silently, trying to collect m thoughts.  I think that’s all I’ve been doing, trying to organize everything before delving into a master plan.  That being hiding Madi while Stiles was home.  There was just too much to think about at once.

I was thinking about moving to Canada and beginning my life as Lucy Delmotte, traveling artist and sculptor when there was a knock on the door.

“That’s Scott” Allison mused.  “It’s open!” A moment later Scott had walked in, kicking off his shoes and hanging his jacket in the hall closet.  “Hey Scott” Allison said softly as he came over.  He ended up sitting on the floor by the coffee table, where our nearly empty bottle of wine sat.

“Madi sleeping?” He asked, holding onto Allison’s hand.  I gave him a nod, watching how his thumb stroked over the back of her hand soothingly.  He hummed, pouring himself his own glass.

“Stiles comes back in two weeks” Allison began to fill in Scott.  “We’re wondering what we’re going to do” She said.  This was my favorite thing about Allison I think, it was always a ‘we’.  Never a ‘y/n’s fucked something up let’s help her fix it’.

“You want honesty?” Scott asked me, taking a drink.

“I’ll take anything at this point” I sighed.

“I think you should just tell him, pick him up from the airport and bring Madi” My eyes widened, and I rapidly shook my head.  I looked to Allison.

“I thought you said he was good with helping” I said quietly.

“I am” Scott protested.  “Is honesty such a bad thing? It’s you and Stiles, why hide it? You never keep secrets”

“I’ve never had to keep a secret” I retorted as kindly as I could manage.  “Scott, I was pregnant, and I never told him.  Do you know this eats at me every day?”

“Then you’re doing both of yourselves a favor” Scott shrugged like it was simple.  “Sure, my mom kept it low key at the hospital, and somehow Parrish managed to let the records slip away from the Sheriff’s eyes and into a file, that will probably never be opened, but this is Stiles, and you

“I don’t know what that means anymore Scott” I sighed, drinking the last of my glass, and setting it on the table.  Scott sighed, and reached up to put a hand on my knee.

“You’ll figure it out” He said slowly.  “You always did take longer to catch on”

I sat in Madi’s room for a little bit before going to bed that night.  Sometimes when it was late and she was fast asleep I’d go sit in the rocking chair in her room, in the moonlight, and just speak softly.  Usually about my day, anything really.  Once I’d get tired enough, I’d say goodnight, take the baby monitor, and go back to my own room.

Allison went home with Scott tonight, so it was just me and Madi.  But it was already midnight, so when I collapsed on my bed, I passed out.

When I woke up the next morning, my muscles ached from sleeping awkwardly.  I groaned, rubbing my eyes as I pushed myself out of bed.  My feet dragged on the carpet to Madi’s room.  She was already awake, playing a little with a stuffed blue wolf Scott had given her.  By playing I mean she was petting it with the hint of a smile on her face.  When she saw me she made a small sound, meaning she wanted me to come over and hold her.  If it was a tone lower, it meant she either needed to be fed, changed, or needed her pacifier.

“Hey there baby girl” I said with a sleepy smile.  She kicked her feet happily and I stooped over the crib to lift her up.  I yawned, holding her on my hip and wandering into the kitchen.  She made a higher pitched noise, and I opened the fridge, grabbing her bottle.  “This what you want?” I asked softly, and her hands reached out for the bottle of milk.  I chuckled quietly, holding it at the end as her mouth latched around the nipple.  I didn’t prefer to direct breastfeed, too much pain and I don’t think Madi liked it as much.  So Allison and I looked into it, and I ended up buying a breast pump.

I liked feeding her from the bottle because she would hold onto best she could, and it would always make laugh.

I was bouncing her slightly and speaking softly to her when I heard the door open.  My brows furrowed with confusion since Allison said she was staying with Scott for the day,

“Hello-” I turned, and grinned so wide when I saw Lydia there.  She was tearing up, dropping a suitcase and a purse by the doorway.

“y/n” She choked out my name, rushing over to me with open arms.  I gladly let her hug me gently for a quick moment, and her attention was soon diverted to Madi.  “She’s even more adorable than in the pictures” Lydia said.  I smiled and nodded, setting the bottle on the kitchen table.

“Would you like to hold her?” Lydia looked at me, a slight worry in her eyes.  “Don’t worry, she’s comfortable and she’ll like you.  You have a nice chest” Lydia giggled and nodded her head.

“Yes, yes I’d love to” She said, and I carefully handed Madison over.  “Wow” Lydia breathed, rocking her in her arms.

“See? You’re a natural Lyd” I said, watching as my friend and daughter smiled at each other.  “I didn’t know you were getting back today, I thought it was tomorrow”

“Eh, I drove here, so I just went through the night instead of stopping at a hotel.  I was too excited to see Madi here… and maybe at three too many Starbucks stops” I chuckled as Lydia sat on the couch.  “I love the apartment, it’s adorable and perfect” I nodded, looking around.  It was a nice size.

“So you drove here all the way from Massachusetts?”

The next two hours we just sat there catching up on the majority of our year.  I talked a lot about baby raising, and she talked a lot about the art museums in Cambridge, which was where her campus was.  We did a lot of gushing about missing each other and her being happy to meet her niece.  I’d happily deemed Lydia and Allison as Madison’s aunts not long after she was born.

“And what’re we planning to do about Stiles?” She asked, catching me off guard.

“Currently i’m planning my escape route to Alaska” I sighed, and she chuckled.  “I don’t know.  I’m torn”

“Still not going to tell him?”

“Not this time around” I answered.

“When does he come back?” Lydia asked.  I gave her a guilty look as Madi squirmed, and Lydia handed her back for me to cradle.

“A little under two weeks”

The next day Scott babysat Madi and Lydia, Allison I spent the whole day out.  There was a lot of shopping.  No seriously, Lydia made us go into every store at the mall.  Every time she turned into one saying ‘this could be good’ Allison and I gave each other a look.  Basically a lot of foot pain but worth it because hey, new clothes! It was nice being able to wear the cute stuff again.  Lydia was mostly excited for me to be wearing heels, to which I cringed.  Though I did find some cute sandal styled black wedges.  I thought they’d be fun for a beach day or something.

We ate lunch out, again catching up and talking about Stiles.  Why has this whole situation make me talk more about Stiles than I think about him? That was more than you’d think.  By the end of the day, you’d finally made your decision.

Allison, Lydia, and Scott would cover Madi for you while Stiles was visiting this summer, so he’d never see or come into contact with her.  Then, when he’s at school again, you mention wishing you had someone to take care of, and ‘adopt’ Madison while he was away.

Allison wrinkled her nose at the idea, and Lydia straight up said it was a shitty plan.

“Got any better ideas?” You asked, bouncing Madison on your knee as you were back at the apartment now.  Both girls sighed, mumbling an ‘I guess not’.  Then taking turns trying to make Madison laugh.  But she was too tired from playing all day with Scott.  Me too baby girl, you thought to yourself.

“Look guys, it’s getting to be eight I’m gonna put Madi to sleep” You said after a while.  Allison and Lydia agreed, and Allison began fixing supper for the three of you as you took your girl back to her room.  “Alright baby.. Let’s get some sleep” You hummed, setting her down in her crib, and wrapping the blankets around her.  “There… nice and cozy, yeah?” You smiled as her eyes lowly slipped shut.  “Love you Madison” I told her, and brushed a hand over her head with a slight fuzz of hair.  “So much” I stooped over to kiss her lightly at the crown of her head, and I tried to stop myself from crying.  

“y/n! Stiles is calling!” Allison called.  “I’ll answer it!” She added before I could say anything,

There was too much stress swarming me.  “I’ll see you in the morning sweetheart” I murmured.  “Goodnight” I whispered again, before finally getting back up and heading to the living room.

“Oh and here she is now” There was hushed giggles between the girls as I saw Allison clutching the phone to her ear.

“Hey, can I talk to him when you’re done-

“He’s been waiting to speak to you” Lydia wiggled her eyebrows and laughed loudly.

“GUYS!” I heard Stiles yell through the phone and I chuckled quietly.

“Alright alright fine” Allison sighed, handing the phone towards you.  “It’s for you” She sing songed and winked at me.  My brows furrowed but I managed a small laugh seeing that Lydia was laughing her ass off on the floor.  I rose the phone to my ear .

“Hello? Stiles?”

“Hey” He said, smile evident, as always.  “Hey, how’s the life in Beacon Hills?”

“Good, good, how’s DC?”

“Good…. Good” He responded.  “So I kinda had an idea that I just asked Lyd and Allison about and they made fun of me sorta”

“It’s okay, you’re used to it I’m sure” He chuckled quietly as I smiled.  “What was your big idea?” I asked.

“Well I was thinking when I’m there, we could go to San Diego” My eyes widened.

“That’s a full day of driving-”’

“Like for a whole weekend.  We could drive there on Friday, spend Saturday and Sunday, probably at a hotel or something.  We could shop and go to the zoo-”

“Why did the girls make fun of you?” I giggled.  “It sounds like a lot of fun, I’m in”

“Yeah but it’d be like… just you and me so they were laughing-”

“So?” I shrugged.  “We always have a good time together and we’ve got so much to catch up on, I just spent a year without my best friend” I gasped.  “What if you buzzcut your head again!? I can’t let that happen- promise me you’ll still have lots of hair on your head!” Stiles laughed, and you were sure that he was running his fingers through it now.

“Yeah yeah, I promise it’s all still there” He told you.

“Oh thank god, you would’ve been making the mistake of a lifetime” I breathed, putting a hand on my chest.

“What? Scott always said it was cute-”

“No, no Stiles.  Five year old buzzcuts are cute.  What you have now? Keep that.  Chicks think it’s hot” Your face grew hot the second those words left your mouth.

“I’m hot?” Stiles asked, cockiness clear in his tone.

“Don’t let it go to your head, all that good hair will fall out and you’ll lose it” He laughed again, and I sat down on my bed.  “Anyways, San Diego sounds like a lot of fun, I’ll definitely go with you”

“Sweet!” I giggled softly as he was borderline screaming.  “I’m so excited y/n, this is gonna be such a great summer”

“Yeah I do hope so” You said.  A few moments later, your baby monitor rang with the sound of Madison’s cries.  Panic surged through you as you fumbled to turn it off.  Hopefully Stiles couldn’t hear it.

“So how’s Scotty-”

“Oh, Allison’s calling for me I have to go” You lied quickly.

“Oh, okay” Stiles said.

“It was nice talking to you Stiles, love you see you soon bye” I rushed, and hung up the phone then rushed into Madi’s room, not waiting for a response.

“y/n-” Allison had just come in after I had, about to inform me of my daughter but I was already lifting her and cradling her in my arms.

“Shh… shh baby” I hushed and cooed.  I first checked her diaper, but she was clean.  “Alli can you grab her bottle? It’s in the fridge” I asked, and she nodded, leaving the room.  Lydia came in awkwardly, and ended up just standing by the wall as I rocked Madison back and forth.  “Hush Madison Rose, shh” I cooed.  “It’s okay… it’s okay”

“I wish I knew how to help” Lydia said, and I casted a kind glance her way.

“It’s okay” I said to her before looking back to Madison.

“You know uh.. I know it’s your guys’ business, but I heard you talking to Stiles” She said, a big grin pulling on her lips.

“Oh yeah, he said you guys made fun of him”

“I mean, renting a couples’ suite is sort of ‘make fun of’ worthy don’t you think?” Lydia chuckled, and my eyebrows scrunched together.  But she spoke before I could say anything about it.  “You seemed to love it though, telling him you loved him” She drew out the word loved, and my anxiety peaked.

“What!?” I whisper screamed, not wanting to make Madi cry again.  Allison rushed in with the bottle in hand.  “Thank god” I breathed, and was happy that milk was the solution because it calmed Madison instantly.

“You told him you loved him, at the end of the call.  I heard you specifically say it.  You said nice talking to you Stiles, love you, see you soon bye, like it was all one sentence” If I wasn’t holding my daughter, I’d be slapping myself in the face.

“I can’t believe I did, it was an accident I just-”

“Hey, it’s fine.  Not like he’s gonna care” Allison snickered as I slowly stopped rocking Madison.

“What? Why do you guys keep saying weird stuff like that?”

“Well he found a hotel for cheap, but it was one of those ‘romantic’ things you know? Less money cause it’s where couples go for their honeymoon or as vacation away from the kids” My eyes widened, probably the size of a saucer because that’s how it felt.  I had to force myself to blink.

“Really?” I asked quietly, glancing down to Madi.

“Yeah, he said it’s cheaper you know? And maybe she’ll dig it I dunno. He said that last part all quiet like” Allison informed you, and your heart swelled.  He wanted you to dig it.

“Yeah, yeah I would dig it” I said with a little giggle.

I spent the whole night thinking about it, and the whole next day.

“Wipe that smile off your face” Allison said the following night as she packed up a bag for Madison.  Her and Scott were taking her for the day, saying it was time for me to relax for just one day by myself.  I was very reluctant but eventually Scott gave me a twenty and I folded.  I slowly set Madison down into the crib, and ran my hands through my hair as I began to pace around the room.

“Wipe the smug look off your face” I retorted, sitting down in the rocking chair as Allison tickled Madison’s belly while she was in her crib.

“No way.  I’m watching the boy of your dreams get the girl of his dreams, you, and I’m just too… too excited about it” She gave me that wide angelic smile that I was pretty sure made Scott melt into his shoes.  I looked down at my lap, playing with the drawstrings of my sweatpants.

“I think you guys are reading into the situation- not that I don’t love the idea of us- Stiles and I- but… I don’t know it’s just not, him” Allison gave me a long face, and I shrugged, palms up with a tight smile.

“You don’t know that” She countered.

“Alli, you could say that about anything” I said softly, and she sighed, putting an extra rattle into Madi’s bag.

“I guess we’ll just have to see” She said.

Again, I spent the night pondering my Stiles fiasco.  It used to a be a few separate things, but I think they’ve all just balled into one mess.  We’d texted here and there today, and he never mentioned my not so tiny slip on the phone, so I figured he just pegged it as an accident.  Which was fine, as least there wasn’t a big situation.  But at the same time I wish I knew what went through his head when I’d said it.  I fell asleep after hours of deep brain thinking.

The next morning, the day of Madi being stolen from me baby sat by Scott and Allison for most of the day, I woke up lazily.  I was happy to see Allison making breakfast as my daughter sat in her high chair.  She let me sleep in.  That’s real friendship.

“Morning sweet pea” I said in a high voice, nearing my daughter as she gurgled and waved her arms.

“Morning to you too hot stuff” Allison responded with a short laugh.

“I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to this little bean” I said, giggling at the end, making Madison giggle too.  She held onto my fingers in each hand.  “What’re you cooking?”

“I’m making you scrambled eggs and french toast before I go” Allison responded, wiping her hands on her already messy and wrinkled tee shirt.

“Awe” I smiled her way before going back to entertaining my girl.

“Yeah I figured you’d want something nice” Allison hollered, and I heard her turning the dials of the stove, probably to off.

“Thank you” I said, walking in as she was putting the delicious meal on a plate.

“No prob hon” She said with a bug grin.  “I’m gonna go put on something presentable” I nodded, carrying my plate and a glass of juice to the table, leaving it to cool and going back to Madison.

“Someday you can eat the yummy nummy people food and not the goopy banana soup” I said, smiling big and tickling her neck.  She squealed and giggled in response, making my heart warm.  When Allison came back out, she was in jeans and a blue tee shirt with white arrows all over it.  It suited her well.  But hell, everything suits her well.  It’s Allison.  She had Madison’s bag on her shoulder, and was pushing the stroller in front of her.

“Alright, we all ready?” Allison asked, bearing the same size smile as me.

“We are!” I said enthusiastically, hoping Madi would get happy and not really realize that mommy wouldn’t be going with her today.  But she always did really well with Allison.  Allison undid the buckle around her tummy, and lifted her out of the high chair and into the stroller.  She strapped her in and smiled up at me.

“You know, we could both be called mom” She suggested, I chuckled, shaking my head.

“First of all, that would make for so many confusing parent days at the schools” I said.  “Besides the fact then she’d think Scott would also be her father and- yikes that would just be a mess” Allison pondered that for a moment, then laughed and nodded with me.

“You’re right, that’s too difficult.  I’ll stick with being the cool aunt” She winked and kneeled down to double check on Madi.

“I’d make sure you have everything but you’re always three steps ahead of me” I said with a small laugh, and Allison nodded in agreement.

“Okay well, Scott texted earlier he’s just outside the apartment in the car” She said, and I gave a slightly sad smile before crawling on the floor in front of Madi.

“Be good for Alli okay?” I said, before leaning forward and kissing her little nose.  “Muah!” She giggled, and I stood up again.  “Alright well, I guess I just wish you good luck” I shrugged, hugging Allison shortly.

“Bye honey”

“Bye Al” I waved slightly as she walked out of the apartment.

Now it was just me, and relaxation.  But being me, I had a schedule for the day.  It was eleven now, so I’d eat the breakfast Alli made me.  I’d sit in front of the television till 12:30, then go take a long bath.  Around 1:30 after soaking and giving myself a spa treatment, I’d read for a while, eating lunch around 2:00.  Madi got home at three, so I had a whole hour of free time.

The breakfast Allison made was superb, and I was on my last bite when there was a knock on the door.  I groaned.  Of course.  Of course my one day off.  It’s either Allison having forgotten something, or Lydia wanting to go shopping.  I wanted to pretend I was dead, or sleeping.  But being the kind person I (unfortunately) was, I went to answer the door.

“Lyd, I don’t wanna shop today-” 

“Hey, y/n” 

That was not Lydia.

That was




HA EVIL CLIFF HANGER  im sorry guys i love you

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thx again madi for proof reading!! @celestial-writing

side note: if stiles ever shows up on your doorstep just jump onto him and latch onto him and don’t let go not even when he asks what the duct tapes for.

xoxo ~ jordie

Inktober for Writers Day 14

14. Haunted

Stiles knew it had been stupid and now he cursed himself for ever agreeing to come along.

You would think he got better at handling this kind of thing, given what they do on an almost daily basis, but you would have been wrong.

Stiles was still scared, and going by the knowing look Scott threw him the werewolves could hear it.

“I can’t believe you are scared of this,” Erica mocked him and Stiles scowled at her.

“I am not scared,” he protested but when a scream drifted down to them, his heart missed another beat and Erica snorted.

“Sure, you are absolutely not scared.”

“Shut up,” Stiles hissed and Scott bumped their shoulders together.

“You don’t have to come in with us, you know that right?” he asked and Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Right. Because you are all still going to respect me when I don’t go through this with you,” Stiles gave back.

“It’s just a little haunted house,” Isaac told him. “It won’t be so bad. I bet what we see at night is worse anyway,” he mused.

“Yeah, great,” Stiles whispered and suspiciously eyed the entrance to the haunted house.

A lot of people were there already, all laughing and good-heartedly protesting going in, but then allowing their friends to drag them along anyway, and Stiles knew he would end up like that too. There was no way he would not participate in this pack building thing, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t also be scared of this.

He had always hated things like this, even as a kid, and now that he knew what was really out there, it didn’t get any better. And he also didn’t get used to being afraid like that.

“You really don’t have to come,” Derek lowly said, taking Scott’s place at his right side.

“I know,” Stiles said and then squared his shoulders. “But I am.”

“Okay,” Derek nodded and then led the pack to the entrance while Stiles followed just a step behind.

“If one of you scares me in there, on purpose, know that I brought some wolfsbane. I will hurt you,” Stiles threatened and Scott seemed affronted.

“No one would deliberately scare you,” he said and totally missed the mischievous look on Erica’s face.

“It will be fine,” Derek told him as he gently pushed Stiles into the house.

Stiles pulse immediately skyrocketed but Derek was at his side the whole time and Stiles felt slightly safer like that. It wasn’t like there was any real danger in here, but even if there was, Derek would be there.

The first time Stiles let out a little shriek of fear the whole pack started to snicker. Stiles threw them some murderous glances, but the effect was somewhat dimmed by the way his heart was beating way too fast in his chest.

When Derek lightly put his hand to the small of Stiles’ back he relaxed back into the touch, but that didn’t really prevent him from almost jumping out of his skin the next time something scary came up.

“I hate this,” Stiles mumbled under this breath while the pack laughed at the horrible version of a werewolf that jumped out to scare them.

“And yet here you are,” Derek whispered next to him.

“Pack bonding. It’s important. And they are having fun,” he said with a little nod towards the others.

When a scream started to his left he instinctively pressed closer to Derek and grabbed his arm. When he noticed Derek’s pointed look at Stiles’ hand that was tightly holding on to him, Stiles snagged his hand back like it had been burned.

“Come on,” Derek said and Stiles thought he would walk off and leave him behind but when Derek grabbed his hand instead and laced their fingers together Stiles heart started to beat faster even though there was nothing scary happening right now.

“You seem calmer when someone is there,” Derek said with a little shrug and Stiles laughed at him.

“I’m pretty sure you just heard how my heartrate went off the charts.”

“But it’s already calmer than it was before,” Derek told him after he listened for a few seconds.

Stiles studied him for a few moments before he turned away and squeezed Derek’s hand.

“It really doesn’t work with just anyone,” he lowly declared and marched on, trying to not look at Derek.

“Good,” Derek said and he sounded entirely too smug about this.

“I still hate this,” Stiles said again, small smile playing around his mouth and when he looked back at Derek he was smiling too.

“I know,” he gave back and kissed the back of Stiles’ hand.

Maybe haunted houses weren’t so bad after all.

Per usual, it’s all Stiles’ fault.

But, as his dad kindly pointed out, who would think that a kettle would end up turning someone into a cat? What kind of witch curses a fucking kettle?

If Stiles could speak, he would have yelled out ‘a crazy one!’, but as it is he only hisses and sinks his claws – ugh – into the surprisingly comfy sofa cushion, pointedly avoiding the glare Derek throws his way.

“I’m sorry!” The crazy witch says for the tenth time. “I wanted to make water boil quicker, but I think I must have read the wrong spell.”

‘You think?’ Stiles hisses, but is completely ignored.

Scott collapses on the couch next to him, drops a hand over the fluffy fur that now covers his head and scratches it softly.

Later, Stiles will be angry with himself for giving in and purring, but for now it just feels too damn good to care.

“So what do we do?” Scott says. “How do we reverse it?”

Crazy witch gives them a guilty smile and Derek groans. “You don’t know?”

“I’m sorry!” She exclaims again. “I’m going to call my mom tomorrow morning, I swear!”

“Tomorrow?” Scott groans, holding Stiles’ back so he won’t jump on the woman and claw her eyes out. “Easy, kitty, she’s – ouch! He bit me!”

Stiles jumps out of Scott’s hold, huffing. Kitty, ugh.

“What are we gonna do with him until then?” Derek asks, arms crossed over his chest.

That’s what annoyed must smell like, Stiles figures as he gets close to Derek. It’s nice, being able to smell him, but that must be only because Derek just took a shower, even though Derek sweaty and dirty is something Stiles is weirdly attracted to, he probably won’t smell as good like that.

Although, he sniffs Derek’s leg, barely stops himself from rubbing his entire face over it, Derek must smell good in any way. For Stiles, at least.

The loft is silent, suspiciously so, and when Stiles glances up, he notices they are all staring at him, Scott and the witch both with amused looks on their faces.

As Stiles runs to hide under a chair, he wonders if cats are able to blush.

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top shelf

“You.” She pointed directly at the undeniably cute but lanky one of the two, before realizing that was just a little abrasive by the look of confusion on the two boys faces. “Sorry.” She apologized without looking like she meant it much. “I just really need your help.”

…Or, Lydia enlists a tall, cute, boy to help her get a book.

(dedicated to ufb / on ao3 as well)

Lydia didn’t know what she expected, but she was still annoyed. The reason she always came to this tiny bookstore was because it was quiet and mostly empty, especially on a rainy day like today. However, that was her very problem now, eyeing the fourth volume of the latin book series she was reading at the very top of the shelf. And she needed that book. And was a good several inches above her. Unfortunately for her, it was untouched up there (where all the other books no one else but geniuses like her buy reside as well), and she barely reached 5’3”. She also cursed herself for wearing flats today, like her heels would help that much. (The clerk wouldn’t be much help either, a brunette girl who barely hit 5’5”).

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Requested by @thatgirlwiththeblackglasses​: Hii! Would you like to write a Theo Raeken imagine Where Y/N gets hurt in a fight and he saves her life? So they get feelings for each other?? Sorry this is trash 😂. Love you!💗💗💗💗💗

A/N: okay so this turned out a lot longer than I expected but I loved this idea a lot and I enjoyed writing it so much! So thanks again for the request! I hope you like it :)

Words: about 3760.
Warnings: cussing.
Pairing: Theo Raeken x reader

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anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if you knew of/could link some firstkiss!sterek fics? & I love your account, it's been a great help when looking for new sterek fics :)

Hey :) 

That’s so sweet! I’m a little obsessed with sterek fanfic so it’s really awesome to know I’m not the only one :) These fics are pretty random but fluffy fics are my thing so I could probably send you first kiss fics in every trope there is :p 

Not If You Were the Last Fake Boyfriend on Earth by  mirrorkill | 8.3K

One of Derek’s ex-boyfriends is headed to town and Derek’s not feeling inferior at all.
…yeah that’s a total lie. He needs something to make his life look less pathetic and he thinks maybe a boyfriend would do the trick.
Derek’s willing to let the pack help out… but he draws the line at Stiles becoming his fake boyfriend. No way. Not even if Stiles was the last fake boyfriend on Earth.

Binomial Coefficients by  DevilDoll | 20.7K

In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.

Teenage Dream by  Omni | 3.3K

Derek’s been secretly in love with his life-long best friend Stiles since forever. Unrequited love hurts, but not nearly as much as getting beat up by an ex’s goons. If only Stiles could kiss it all better… Oh, wait.

Inevitability (About Damn Time) by  accordingtomel | 9.7K

“So?” Scott says.

So?” Stiles sputters, kicking his shoes into the corner and locking the front door behind him. He’d whipped out his phone the second he’d pulled up to the house, and miracle among miracles, Scott actually answered. Of course, he’s not so pleased about that now. “My dad thinks Derek and I are dating, Scott. Did you miss that part?”

The asshole actually has the audacity to laugh. As if this is somehow hilarious to him. Worst best friend ever. “No, I didn’t.”

“This is not funny, Scott.”

“Yeah, it actually kind of is, though.”

By a Law Divine by  mirrorkill | 23.1K

Okay, so, kissing Stiles. That’s a weird thing that Derek’s doing now. He has no idea where it’s even coming from, especially considering bickering and fighting is their usual state of existence.
And then he does find out where it’s coming from: A curse that’s making everyone in town kiss someone they have mutual feelings for.
…yeah, Derek’s not even sure why he’s surprised by that.

Pucker Up by  the_deep_magic | 3.5K

Stiles would have asked who in their right mind thought a kissing booth was a good idea for a fundraiser, except – oh, right – he’s on a lacrosse team populated entirely by male models.

It’s Always Been You, Dumbass by  stilinskisparkles | 11K

“Alright, cool, we should go,” Stiles says breezily, dusting off his hands as he stands.

“We should?”


“But… Do you even care about photography?”

“Not as much as I should,” Stiles plants both his hands on the table, bracketing Derek in, “You’ll have to correct my miscreant ways.”

Beltane by  DevilDoll | 8.2K

“Watching Stiles heal someone has always been a little uncomfortable for Derek, like he’s seeing something intimate and private that shouldn’t have an audience. That’s nothing compared to how it feels.” This is an AU in which Stiles has magical healing powers.

practice makes perfect by  bleep0bleep | 3.3K

“So… you’re interested? Or you just said yeah because it’s what you say when you don’t know what to say.”
“Interested. In kissing you.”

cool story, bro by  drunktuesdays | 13K

Stiles’s twin gets bit and now he’s part of Derek’s pack, and Derek doesn’t snap at him like he snaps at Stiles, never slams him into things, fucking FIGURES, STILES’S TWIN GETS EVERYTHIIIIIIIING.”

waking up the wolf inside (3/?)

[part 1] [part 2]


Stiles helps Derek get more wood for the fire and they watch the sunset from Derek’s porch. When it’s time to sleep Derek doesn’t even say anything before leading Stiles to his room and his bed.

The next day is pretty much the same. And the day after that too. They fuck, eat, take care of the pups and talk about their lives. While Derek works around the cabin or with the wolves, Stiles writes on his laptop.

At every passing moment, Stiles becomes more fascinated by Derek’s everything. The mother wolf was the first wolf Derek saved after he moved to Alaska and it’s obvious she trusts him with her life and her pups, she still growls at Stiles, though and Derek laughs when he squeaks and pulls back, assures she’s not going to hurt him, but Stiles still doesn’t come down for water in the middle of the night alone.

The snow is getting thicker and Stiles’ stomach drops when Derek guesses the snow will only begin to melt next month. This – them – has an expiration date and as much as this feels nice, amazing even, Stiles can’t be here forever. He will have to leave soon, and as he watches Derek talk softly with the pups he feels a pang in his heart.

It’s not love yet. It can’t be. It’s too soon and too much and they live about 3 thousand miles apart. This is something that would only work in a fairytale.

He sighs and Derek turns to him immediately, confused. “I’m hungry.” Stiles fakes a smile. Derek rolls his eyes.

“You’re eating all my food.”

“You have food for six months!”

“Just three months, now.” Derek answers, standing up. “Maybe two if you keep asking for seconds.”

Stiles smirks, pushing his chair back. “That’s your fault,” he says, “you’re the one that keeps wearing me down.”

Derek puts both his hands on Stiles’ shoulders, sits on his lap and presses his hips down. “And I will keep doing it.”

“Shit.” Stiles curses, hands gripping at Derek’s waist as he feels his cock getting hard. “Fuck me.” He groans.

“Maybe later.” Derek laughs, scrapping his teeth against Stiles’ neck. “After you fuck me against the table.”

“Oh God.” Stiles groans and decides not to think about the future for now.

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anonymous asked:

for the prompt: alien; surprise; treasure chest :)

Taking Sterek Prompts | Filling Prompts Live


“It- it’s actually a treasure chest,” Stiles said, staring at the wood and metal contraption before them. It was an honest-to-god pirate treasure chest.

Beside him, Derek was just staring as well. Of course, the riddle they’d been left had said, expressly, that they would find a chest of treasure, but they had not really believed it meant a literal treasure chest. “It… it has to be a trap,” he concluded.

Stiles kicked at the catch on the lid, to open it, and the cave lit up with the glittery reflection of their flashlights on hundreds of golden coins. “That’s a pretty expensive trap,” Stiles told him.

“Only if it’s real,” Derek countered, but he reached down to poke at the gold, and it sounded real enough to Stiles, heavy and metallic. “Maybe it’s cursed?”

“That does seem like it would fit our luck,” Stiles said, and plucked one of the pieces from the pule and then looked around, as if expecting a curse to suddenly appear. When nothing further happened, Stiles raised both his eyebrows at Derek. “Maybe not everything out there is bad?”

“Does that really seem statistically likely, given everything we’ve encountered on Earth, that an alien would come here to be nice to us?” Derek asked, biting but not sharp. “Or does it seem more likely that it is somehow tricking us right now, even if we can’t tell how?”

Stiles pretended to think about it for a second, and then said “Definitely a nice alien,” just to see the look on Derek’s face as he counted to Not Murdering Stiles.

Laura Hale Appreciation Week, Day Three - FIC: Fickle Game

Fic for day three of @laurahale-appreciation. Not going to lie - this does not fit the theme. I tried to shoehorn in something about the sheriff observing Laura and Derek were like twins, but it seemed tacked on and unnecessary, so I deleted it.

Previous fics in this series:
Slow It Down
Light That Match

Read on AO3.

Fickle Game - Derek, Laura, Sheriff Stilinski. Gen. PG-13. 

The sheriff turns to Laura and Derek, coming to a stop at the bottom of the stairs with his arms folded. “You want to tell me what that was all about, Miss Hale?”

“Laura,” she says, giving him a winning smile, “Would you believe me if I said absolutely nothing?”

The sheriff’s take-no-bullshit expression speaks for itself. “No.” He opens his mouth to comment further, but his eyes are drawn across the lot to a bright blue Jeep. Two kids stand in front of it with their mouths agape. Laura hadn’t even noticed them pull into the lot, too focused on Argent and his friends. She curses under her breath. That sort of inattention would get them killed.

“You,” John says, pointing at the two kids, then at the ground in front of his feet. “Here. Now.”

Both boys shuffle over; the shorter one with the crooked jaw winces and smells of guilt. The other stares at her and Derek with wide-eyed curiosity.

Curious yelps when the sheriff yanks at the back of his shirt, his friend stepping to the side so he doesn’t get caught in the crossfire. Smart boy.

“Stiles, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” The sheriff says, snatching the friend’s collar as he backs away with a well-practiced maneuver. “Don’t even think about it, Scott.” Scott hangs his head.

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My Sterek Time Travel AU tag

Personally I love the time travel prompt, in almost every fandom slash fic I’m in (though the drarry ones are usually too angsty for me to handle), so I thought it was about time I do my own.

1.  Fly a Little Faster by mirrorkill

Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain?

Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That’s easy as pie, right? Right?

2.  Now as Ever (All That Is and Has Been) by venis_envy

Stiles can’t remember what happened to rearrange the time-space continuum, or how he ended up being pulled into the past. All he knows is that he’s there now, in 2003 Beacon Hills, with a teenage werewolf and a possibly-crazy veterinarian as his only allies.

3.  But The World Won’t Stop Turning by thepsychicclam

Derek glances at Stiles, who is watching him with a curious expression.

“Oh shit,” Stiles exclaims as comprehension dawns on him. “Everything makes sense now. Derek, I know what the witch did, she cursed you with – “

But before Stiles is able to finish his sentence, everything fades away and Derek is surrounded by darkness.

4.  Time to Begin by triedunture

Stiles learns some heavy-duty magic, and Derek convinces him to send him back in time to fix all the mistakes he’s made. But Derek ends up making things worse, and Stiles has to think creatively to save him. And everyone else, including their younger selves.

5.  I’ll be right back (in 24 years) by AnaIsFangirling (Ana_K_Lee) 

  When Derek thought about time travel – and he did, a lot – this was not what he’d had in mind. He’d thought he would see his younger self, tell him to leave Paige alone and NEVER trust Kate Argent. He’d thought he’d get to come back once that was done and everything would be perfect. He never imagined having to relive his entire life. 

6.  Misfire by mothlights, unpossible

“The debt must be repaid,” she says, and it has the weight of a vow. The words resonate through him, ringing through his ribcage and the bones of his jaw, and Stiles loses his breath and maybe his grip on reality because she draws herself upright and where there had once stood a supermodel-level MILF now there is Galadriel’s much hotter older sister, a Presence of unmistakable power in their ordinary, smells-vaguely-of-Thai-takeout hallway.

“Oh shit,” Stiles says.

Part 1 of Misfire ‘verse

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Pigtails and Bad Boy | Theo Imagine #1:

Reader (female) x Theo

Imagine: You are Stiles‘ twin sister. Theo Raeken comes back to town, but you are not the way Theo remembers you. He used to mock you and still does, but now in a different way than before.


(Not my gif!)

“Did you know he came back to be in the pack?” “Theo’s a werewolf?” “Speaking of the devil…”

Your Outfit:

“Stiles? My bike is falling apart again! Can you take me to school?” you shouted into the hallway of your house, holding your bike chain in your hands. “Wait a sec, I’m coming!” Stiles’ trashcan of a jeep looked crappier from day to day, but it surely would be a better alternative than walking two miles to school.

“You’ looking grumpy today, what’s up, Stiles?” You could see he didn’t sleep much this night. His knuckles around the steering wheel turned white as he murmured “Guess who’s back in town? I didn’t want to tell you at the Senior Scribe yesterday. Didn’t want to destroy your good mood…” You knew something nerve-jangling happened tonight, about some weird looking werewolf. You didn’t make it to that so you went straight to the library. “Theo frickin’ Raeken.” Oh hell no. “Bully-Theo? That dipshit from fourth grade?” “Live and in person…” Stiles sighed while checking the rear view mirror.

You parked next to Lydia’s adorable blue Mini and headed towards the building together. Your friends Scott and Lydia were already waiting outside the school since the weather was clear today. “Hey, girl!” Your best friend Lydia gave you a shiny smile while embracing you. You hugged her and laughed “Someone’s in a good mood today!” Speaking of good mood, you thought, well, bad mood is probably more accurate… “Scott, you didn’t tell me about Theo being back in town. Weren’t you two kinda close?” Stiles looked at you in shock, so you quickly added “Besides your incredible and eternal love towards my brother, of course.” He smirked at Stiles who – obviously pissed off by you – pushed his lower jaw forward and put his hands on the hips, but then Scott raised his shoulders and scratched his temple. “We lost contact, I guess…” Lydia jumped in. “Did you know he came back to be in the pack?” “Theo’s a werewolf?” That was shocking and not very surprising at the same time. “Speaking of the devil…” Stiles nodded towards the school’s driveway and then looked away. As you turned around Theo climbed out of a car. You were surprised. Even though it seemed stupid, you didn’t expect him to look so… grown up. When you thought of Theo Raeken all that came to your mind was this rude ten-year-old with stupid freckles and weird haircut mocking you for your looks. As if he overheard your conversation he immediately looked over to your group. Oh wait. Werewolf, he probably actually heard us… And as if he was also reading your mind, he looked you directly in the eyes, smirking. With a disgusted look you huffed and grabbed Stiles sleeve, turning him around. “Let’s get to class…”

And as the odds wanted it, Theo entered history class, sitting down right behind you. While passing you he provocatively smirked and murmured “Cute little dress, Stilinski…”, but you just turned your head away, rolling your eyes at your brother who started grinning. “Good luck.” he formed with his lips, unobtrusively pointing his head at Theo.

After class you went to your locker, getting your books for the next period. As you threw the locker door you found Theo standing right next to you. “Jesus!” You flinched which made him laugh. “Funny, Raeken.” “Haven’t seen you in a long time, Pigtails… Oh, but can I even call you that anymore?” He looked at you pitiful, not hesitating to take look at you from head to toe. ”Got rid of the pigtails, I see. And the glasses…” He smiled to the ground. You didn’t do anything, but glaring at your former childhood enemy. Running his fingers through his hair, he looked up at you. Wait, what?! Damn, that idiot got cute… You immediately turned red at that thought what he for sure noticed, so before he could say anything you hissed “And you clearly didn’t lose that stupid grin of yours…” Now he smiled even brighter, tilting his head back. Damn, that’s cute… The school bell started ringing, so Theo finally pushed himself off the locker wall. As he walked away, he did a turn and murmured “Sassy, Stilinski… Where did your geekiness go?” Then he turned back around walking to his next class. What a blowhard… You had to smile at his stupid behavior. He did get kinda hot, though…


The mocking went on. Stiles sat at his desk, you sat on his bed doing your homework. Suddenly the telephone started ringing. In your house there were three telephones: One in your room, one in Stiles’ room and one in the kitchen. “Y/NN, can you go? I’m busy…” Stiles mumbled while eagerly typing on his laptop. “Stiles, are you kidding me, you are literally sitting next to it.” The phone kept on ringing aggressively. Irritably and without looking at you Stiles grunted “Get. The. Phone. Y/N.” With a groan you stood up from his bed and flicked your finger against his head. He flinched and rubbed his head. You could see he wanted to curse you, but you had already picked up the phone. “Stilinski, hello?” “Hey, Pigtails! Can I talk to Stiles?” What did this guy think?! “Uh-uh, don’t call me that. Where did you even get our number?” “Didn’t change since fourth grade, y’know… Unlike you, Pigtails…” You could hear him grinning. “Don’t call me that, Raeken.” Stiles got alarmed when he heard who you were talking to. “Okay, how about beautiful, very precious Ms. Y/N Stilinski, would you do me the favor to pass me over to your brother?” Stiles heard that and was now doing everything to signalize you to get rid of Theo, but you got tired of talking to him, so you laughed “Yeah, much better… One second.” “Thanks, girl, see you around…” Once again his shiny smile punched you in the face through the phone. Rolling your eyes, you slipped the phone into Stiles hand, padding his shoulder and mumbling “You deal with him.” Stiles frowned while listening to Theo and you jumped back onto the bed, smiling triumphantly.


“Y/N!” Lydia urged through the mass of students in the hallway. “Lydia, how’s it going, girl?” “Yeah, it’s going good…” You could see she was impatient about something, and of course, as Lydia was, she immediately expressed it. “Soo… This Theo boy and you, is there something going on between you two?” Her famous mischievous grin appeared. You wanted to intervene, but she went on “There’s this tension between you…” She raised her eyebrows. “Kinda sexual, actually. Like, the way Theo looks at you all the time… Is there something you didn’t tell me? ” Right at that moment Theo walked by, a few more meters from where you and your friend were standing. The knowing and smirking face he threw at you gave it away and the blood flushed to your cheeks in an instant. Oh no, he for sure heard that… “Lydia, there is nothing, don’t worry.” You had lunchbreak now, so you started walking to the entrance dragging Lydia along by her arm. “Oh, I am not worrying, Y/NN… You should go for it though, I mean, not gonna lie, he is really hot…” “Yeah, I know, but he’s an ass…” Lydia threw her red designer bag on a lunch table on the schoolyard sitting down and rolling her eyes. “You don’t know that, Y/N, you didn’t even give him a chance to talk to you for longer than three minutes. It’s quite likely he completely changed since fourth grade…” True. Lydia was right, like always. You acknowledged defeat and just sighed. “Hey, girls, what’s up?” Kira walked up and sat down next to you with a bright smile. Soon after Stiles came after him Scott discussing something with Theo. As the two sat down Scott pressed a kiss onto Kira’s forehead and Theo took a seat right in front of you. You didn’t look at him, but aside from the boisterous conversation of the others you heard him smirk and whisper. “Hey, Beautiful.” You avoided looking at the boy, because once again you turned red like a tomato, but right then you felt Theo gently nudging your foot underneath the table. You didn’t want to, but a smile spread on your face that you couldn’t suppress. As you looked over you recognized that you made Theo smile as well, but as he looked back at you, you looked at your hands. This is ridiculous… you thought, making yourself chuckle.

“So, Stilinski…” The bell still rang as Theo came up to you from behind. You survived last period and were now packing your bag to go home. Theo stepped into eyesight and as you packed you looked up at him. He continued with a smirk. “Now, that you’ve finally admitted you’re into me, we should go out.” He leaned against the desk in front of you. You were in the act of thinking of an excuse already, when he added. “I heard you talking with Lydia. And she’s right, you should give me a chance, I’m not the asshole kid from fourth grade anymore…” He overthought what he said and hesitantly added “Okay, I might be an ass still, but I think you should find out yourself…” You laughed a little, not really knowing what to say and stood up. The two of you were the last ones to leave the room.

“So.” At the parking lot Theo got out his car keys, flipping them around with his finger. That was when you realized Stiles’ Jeep wasn’t there anymore. That little shit left without me… “Y/N, do you want to get something to eat before you go home?” You’re instinct immediately told you to reject, but you forced yourself to at least think about it. Okay, I should give it a try… He doesn’t seem to be that bad of a guy… If so, I’ll blame Lydia… You looked the handsome boy in the eyes, saying. “Fine, Raeken. Let’s eat something.” Triumphantly smirking he jogged to his car to open the passenger’s door for you. “But just so you know, I’m just coming for the food. And the ride home.” Theo laughed and you had to tune in. “Fine, Pigtails, if you say so…” With that he ran over to the driver’s side and entered the car with a smirk.

More than This-Stiles Stilinski (/Theo Raeken) {Part 16}


[part 1- 15 / masterlist]

A/N: Part 16, a slight mess honestly. A mixture of angst and fluff and humor…i hope that you enjoy this! :) I also feel like this story is coming to an end…i don’t know when but it’ll happen.

*warnings* mentions of anxiety, mentions of death, alcohol, cursing..that’s it i think?

,,Look at me and tell me you never want to see me again.”

I don’t know why exactly now, but I started bawling like a baby. The fact that he had even thought that that was what I wanted. That I would never want to see him again. It was just so frustrating. I felt like he had absolutely no clue what was going on inside my head, like he just couldn’t figure out how I felt at all. To be fair, I couldn’t myself. The only thing I was sure of was that by no means, was that what I wanted.

Living in a world that Stiles Stilinski was not a part of? Impossible.

So I collapsed in his arms and for the second time that night, we just stood there, holding onto each other. He grabbed my waist so hard I felt as though he was going to crush it, but I didn’t mind. I gripped at his soaked shirt, trying to pull him closer. This time, no guilt was there. What we did, did not feel wrong. It was what we both needed in that moment. It was kind of messed up, we we’re sad and angry at each other and needed someone to comfort us but the only person who was able to give us the comfort we needed, was the person in front us. I felt like losing him, so I needed him to hold me. A light shade of pink, painted on my cheeks, when I felt him press a gentle kiss on the top of my head. He then whispered, his voice hoarse ,,I guess you don’t want that.”

I couldn’t help the tiny laugh that escaped my mouth, feeling a weight being lifted off my shoulders because in our fragile state, he was still able to make a joke. Remembering he must still be drunk, I loosened myself out of his hold.

,,We should probably go inside. You’re drunk, I’m exhausted, we’re soaking wet and it’s freezing cold.” I suggested, a small smile on my face to assure him I wasn’t pushing him away.

This situation was still so confusing, our moods seemed to constantly change, emotions shifting every minute. Maybe all it took was a night of sleep, so in the morning, we could make a rational decision. We were just too vulnerable right now.

Stiles nodded and lowered his gaze, then carefully took my hand before looking back up again, to see if I was okay with it. Instead of answering, I laced my fingers with his while we headed back inside.

When we opened the door, we were met with two curious pair of eyes, peaking out of the living room. Scott and Kira had already cleaned up the floor and when they saw us standing in the hallway, looking like we just took a fully clothed bath by the way, they both tensed up.

,,Are you guys…okay?” Kira asked hesitatingly, eyebrows raised.

I turned to look at Stiles, squeezing his hand briefly.

,,We’re going to be.”

Kira smiled at me and I smiled back, nodding as in I’ll tell you later.

Scott, who had disappeared upstairs came back with two fresh towels and handed them to us.

,,My mom just texted me that she isn’t coming home tonight, she’s staying at a friend’s house.”

,,Dude, she’s totally sleeping at Chris’” Stiles smirked, rubbing his hair with the white towel.

,,Yeah, I was aware of that, I just didn’t want to say it out loud, Dude.” Scott quickly snatched the towel away from Stiles and motioned for us to go upstairs.

,,Now go and get some clean clothes Stiles, but don’t you dare take my favorite shirt! Oh and (y/n), you can wear my clothes too. You can all sleep here tonight, I don’t want you and Kira to drive back home so late again.”

Kira tapped him on the shoulder. ,,And what do I sleep in? I didn’t bring pajamas, you said your mom would be home.”

Scott sighed. ,, I guess we’re all wearing my clothes tonight.”

Stiles and I laughed, which earned us surprised looks from our friends, but they soon joined us.

This moment, right here, that was gold. Me and my best friends all laughing together, being happy and content. It was something I almost forgot, something I missed and was glad to have back.

,,Well, I guess we should go to sleep. It has been a long night.” Kira suggested, Scott putting his arm around her shoulder and she cuddled into his side.

,,Yeah I’m sorry about that.” Stiles  said, rubbing the back of his neck.

,,Don’t worry about it. Go sober up in the guest bedroom. (y/n) can sleep in mine. At least the possibility that she’s going to throw up on my bed is smaller.”

Me and Stiles went up the stairs while the two lovebirds stayed in the living room, I was guessing they were going to sleep on the couch together.

We picked out some clothes out of Scott’s drawer, even though I felt slightly embarrassed wearing his clothes, especially in front of Stiles. It was also kind of weird since he was Kira’s boyfriend, but I knew it didn’t make her feel uncomfortable. I grabbed a big blue crew neck and some loose sweatpants, which Scott owned a ton of. I went to the bathroom to change while Stiles stayed in Scott’s room.

Quickly shimming out of the wet clothes, I almost tripped twice. When I had finally managed to put on fresh clothes I felt much better. I was already warming up. I hung the wet clothes on a rack next to the heater and looked in the mirror. Luckily I wasn’t wearing any makeup that could have smeared all over my face from the rain, because Kira dragged me out of bed and I had already removed it. But my hair was starting to curl since it was drying, so I still looked like a mess. A frizzy mess. I put my hair up in a loose bun, used the toilet and washed my hands. ( am I the only one who noticed that in fanfictions/imagines, the people NEVER have to use the toilet? Ever?)

Then I opened the bathroom door, got out, and headed straight to Scott’s room, assuming Stiles was already dressed.

Which of course, wasn’t the case.

Instead, he walked around the room, his wet hoodie stuck on his arms and face. He awkwardly tried to free himself, wiggling his arms. I tried my best not to laugh but when he stepped his foot at on edge of the bed and loudly cursed, I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

He jumped when he heard my laugh and turned into the direction the sound was coming from. He couldn’t see me because his hoodie was blocking his vision.

,,Care to help me instead of just mocking me?” he said, his voice muffled by the fabric in front of his mouth.

,,Sorry, the sight was just too funny.” I giggled, already walking towards him to start the rescue mission.

I grabbed the sleeves and helped him pull of the hoodie, which turned out to be really hard because the wet fabric clung to his body. After a minute of pulling and tugging and wiggling, we were finally able to free him. For a moment we just looked at each other and laughed, but when the laughter died down, and my eyes turned downwards for a brief second I took a moment to fully realize that obviously he was shirtless and how close we were standing. Our gazes locked and my breath hitched.

Then he opened his mouth and murmured ,,How do you like this sight?” but not before noticing how my eyes flicked to his lips, which then turned into a wide grin.

Getting pulled out of whatever trance I was in, I slapped him across the chest.

,,Shut up, Idiot.” I said, trying my best to sound angry.

He just continued to laugh ,,I remember a similar situation to this. It ended up pretty interesting.”

Pictures and pieces flipped through my mind, memories of the time at the motel. My face flushed at the thought.

,,Put a shirt on Stilinski. I wanna go to bed.” I demanded, handing him the shirt he had previously picked out.

,,Am I invited?” he tilted his head and smirked. God he needs to stop doing this.

,,Yes actually.” I I let my hands glide up his chest until they rested on his shoulders. He looked surprised and swallowed hardly, his eyes focused on me.

With a swift motion, I turned him around, him now facing the door.

,,You’re invited to go sleep in the guest room. Alone.” I patted his shoulders and lightly pushed him forward, grinning proudly.

Stiles put on his shirt and turned around. ,,You’re a real fucking tease, princess.” He huffed, scratching the stubble on his jaw, something I found to be extremely attractive and was definitely a turn on, which I chose to ignore.

Crossing my arms in front of my chest, I responded ,,Deal with it.”

He just shook his head amused and then walked out of the room.

As he opened the door to the guest room, right across from Scott’s bedroom, I just watched him with a smile on my face, finally feeling it again.

Feeling that he is my best friend.

With that same smile on my face, I crawled into the bed, turned the lights off and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Horrific screaming woke me up. I instantly turned on the lights, my eyes squinted, not yet adjusted to the brightness. When I could see clearly, I looked at the clock that hung on the wall in Scott’s room. Five A.M., I must have barely slept.

Then again, a loud scream ,,MOM! NO!” it was coming from the guest room, the familiar voice of Stiles, crying out.

Oh no, a nightmare, I thought.

I was already used to this, Stiles has been in my life ever since I can remember.

The first time it happened was when he was about eleven, his mom had died a few weeks ago. My parents were away for the weekend on a business trip, so they asked John ( I know his name was confirmed to be Noah recently but idc) if I could spent the days at their house, since Stiles and I were not just best friends, but his father was a very good friend of my parents at the time already.

We had stayed up until nine, watched scary movies and ate tons of curly fries. I remember us both falling asleep on the floor in front of the TV, only to wake up in the middle of the night to Stiles sniffling beside me, tossing around. Waking him up and asking him what was wrong, I’ll never forget his young freckled face, so innocent but filled with sorrow. All he said was ,,I miss my mommy.”

Then, my younger-self took his tiny hand in mine and told him everything was going to be okay. Thinking back, it still broke my heart. It was his first nightmare, but definitely not his last. Anxiety and panic attacks soon followed. But whenever something like that occurred, I was always there to comfort him.

I got out of bed and tip toed silently into the guest bedroom. The sun was starting to rise, the room was dim, a soft orange tone. Stiles was tossing and turning, the sheets crumbled and tangled around his legs. Carefully, I slipped into the bed, lying next to him. A light amount of sweat was glistening on his forehead, stains of tears on his face. He kept pushing around with arms and legs. I pressed my hand on his cheek, turning his face to me.

,,Stiles. It’s okay.” I whispered, repeating it louder when he wasn’t reacting. Suddenly his eyes jerked open, so much fear in them. His whole body was shaking. When he first saw me, he flinched, but after realizing it was me, his facial expression softened, and he relaxed, still breathing heavily. ,,Hey, I’m here.” I gently caressed his face. “I..i..h-had..” he stuttered, his voice shaky. I just nodded ,,I know. But it’s okay now.” Slowly his breathing slowed down, and I could feel his fear disappear.

We just laid there and looked at each other while he was calming down. My eyes felt heavy and I was growing more tired.

,,(y/n)?” Stiles whispered, his index finger drawing little circles on my cheekbone.

,,Mhm.” I cooed, his gently touch lulling me to sleep.

,,Will you stay?”

I didn’t answer, instead I cuddled up to him, laying my head on his chest and putting my arm around his torso.

He got the message, placing a soft kiss on my hair, a habit he had picked up just today, and resting his head against mine.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, the last thing I heard being Stile’s steady heartbeat.

[part 17 here]

tagged: @ladylizzieofdarbyshire i forgot to tag you last time, this is my apology <3

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Sum 2001

“Come,” Stiles tugs his friends foot trying to haul him out of bed. “On.” he tugs again. “Mccall!” he grunts putting all of his one hundred and forty seven pounds into his last attempt to pull the other boy out of bed. 

“I’m not going.” moans Scott miserably. He’s not budging. He hadn’t budged since his girlfriend Kira had broke up with him and Stiles had just about had it up to here. 

“Scott as your best friend I refuse to let you spend another day in bed sulking.” He huffs and with that he leaves the room and comes back with a pitcher filled with ice water and proceeds to dump it on Scotts’ mid section.

“Fuck Stiles!” he shouts at his friend as he jumps up from his now damp cold covers. 

Stiles merely laughs. Now out of bed. Scott curses and pulls up his pants. 

“Fuck you Stiles.” he mutters again. 

“Love you too buddy.” he answers tossing his friend a clean grey muscle shirt. 

Scott looks at him with his eyes slit. “Don’t think I am not still pissed at you dude.” 

“Aw, don’t be that way Scotty.” says Stiles feigning hurt and placing a hand to his heart. 

Scott rolls his eyes as he tugs on the shirt Stiles had tossed him. “Alright. I’m up. Now what do you want?” 

“Now I know you didn’t forget todays’ concert day buddy.” he replies tossing the other boy his Adidas  – and Scott fumbles to catch them. He throws the shoes to the floor before Stiles finishes talking. 

“Oh no, I told you I am not going.”

“And I told you, we were going.” says Stiles firmly. 

“Fuck Stiles!” Scott swears again. “I told you-”

“I know you got these tickets for you and Kira but you know what man– and I am sorry ‘cause you know love her and all. But fuck her. She dropped you. And now I’ve had to watch you spend the first half of this summer wallowing. Guess what? Your little Pity Party or Grieving Period or whatever is over with. You’re going to this concert and we’re going to have a good time and that’s final!” he says all in one breath. 

“Fine.” says Scott begrudgingly agreeing because deep down he knew his best friend was right it was time he stopped wallowing. 


Of course, an hour out in Stiles dirty power blue over heating Jeep, in the sweltering heat now had him regretting his decision. “Dude how did I let you talk me into this?!” he complains. “Its too damn hot for this shit!” 

“Scott man– will you just shove it were nearly there.” says Stiles as he at last turns off the heat and turns right into the parking area. 

“See.” he huffs shortly turning off his car and stepping out of the Jeep. The strong mixture of scents like weed, cigarettes and booze could be smelled from where they were standing and the boys couldn’t help but take a minute to laugh before racing and rough housing with each other all the way up to the first white board both boys completely out of breath but Stiles was pleased to find Scott smiling. 


anonymous asked:

Do you know of any good superwolf fanfics? :)

Do I know any superwolf fics? DO I KnOW any SUPERWOLF FICS?! Hell yes I do! But fist, anon, we’re going to play a game.

It’s called: One Ship, Two Ship, Three Ship, NO!

The rules are simple: you play by deciding if you want a ship in your fic or not.

One Ship: Sterek

Hold the Door —When Derek is killed by a rival alpha, the pack will stop at nothing to get him back. Even if that means blackmailing the most dangerous hunter duo this side of hell. Whatever. That whole devil thing was probably totally exaggerated, anyway.

A Plea from Broken Love—Stile’s asks for help from a divine source, much to his surprise what he gets is a grumpy angel with no sense of humour.

Get up to this feeling, Keeps me on the Run—The alpha pack leaves Beacon Hills after just two days. All in all, Stiles figures things didn’t go so badly. He’s wrong.

What Are You—Crowley orders Stiles to bag him the Alpha.

Two Ship: Destiel AND Sterek

Aftershock— Stiles knows something is up. Beacon Hills didn’t just turn into a war-zone overnight - and as far as he can see, its only getting worse. When a massive explosion rocks the town and people start showing up dead or… different, they know it’s time to put aside their differences and stop whatever is happening from ripping their town apart. It’s not going to be easy, because they’ve got no idea what they are up against, and to make matters worse, they’ve got a new set of hunters of their trail.

Adventures in Babysitting—Dean needs the money to fix up his dad’s old impala and the only way he’ll be getting the dough is if he becomes a babysitter. He thought it would be a one time thing but the kid he has to sit for is a force to be reckoned with.

The Call—Cas is entering his first heat and panicking about the prospect of carrying Dean’s pups. Dean’s furious when Cas goes missing. And a phone call from Derek Hale is about to throw a huge spanner in the works.Uprooting their lives to Beacon Hills, Cas and Dean adopt Derek into their family as they prepare him to take on the role of Alpha in the pack.However, Derek is too young to rule. With Derek’s permission, Dean takes on the role of Pack Alpha until Derek is mature enough to assume the role himself. But there’s already divisions within the rest of the pack about whether Dean is an acceptable choice for Pack Alpha.

Don’t Tell My Dads My Boyfriend Is A Werewolf— ”My dads want to meet you.” Stiles Winchester!verse. (First part in the Don’t Tell My Dads series)

At the Crossroads—Stiles is possessed by a demon and the pack scrambles to find a way to get rid of it before it’s too late, and the Winchesters notice something odd happening in a town called Beacon Hills.

Don’t You Dare (Hurt Him)— Dean hunts down a werewolf in Beacon hills but it doesn’t go as he plans…

Once Upon a Forest Full of Monsters—Obligatory purgatory fic. 

Flesh and Bone—Dean’s trapped in Purgatory looking for his angel when a not so subtle kid in a red sweatshirt asks to team up. Dean takes Little Red Riding Hoodie underneath his wing as they try to escape.Or the one where Stiles bargains with a witch to get sent to purgatory to save Derek and finds Dean instead. They work together to find a way out of Purgatory as they each look for their “person”.

Three Ship: Wincest AND Sterek AND Winchesters+Stiles OR Sterek+Dean Winchester OR Sterek+Scott AND Destiel

It’s all Derek’s Fault—“You were cursed,” Sam says gently, which, yeah, Stiles should have seen that one coming.“Right,” Stiles sighs. “Of course. So what was it? Fairy? Witch? Demon? Succubus? Kanima seeking out some screwed up revenge for crushing on his girlfriend? And also, curse? What kind of curse? Because the only thing I can think about is sex. Is it a super teenage horniness curse? Right, yeah, that would be my luck.” Dean blinks at him from the rearview mirror. “You have amazing eyes.”Sam laughs and Dean shoots him one of those brotherly looks that says I will cut you, bitch. Stiles could be paraphrasing, though. He’s good at that. “How much do you know about curses?”

Through the Fallout—Stiles thought he was betrayed and he left. Now he returns to fight a demon; to help in a place he never wanted to return.

Bonded—Soul meets soul when eyes meet eyes. (Part of the Hat-Trick series) 

NO!: No Ship 

This Cannot End Well— As soon as he walked through the door, Derek could smell the wrongness of the man at the end of the bar.

Yantra— What if Dean and Derek had the same tattoo artist?

Stestiel Interaction #2— “Dean likes pie…”


Phew! That game was fun, wasn’t it? 

Happy Reading Anon!


Cursed: Sterek

↳ Unable to sleep, Stiles decides to go for a drive and runs into a stray dog that reminds him a little too much of a certain Sourwolf, who he definitely hasn’t been missing