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A Copy? | Loki Laufeyson x Female Reader

Request: Can you do a Loki imagine (female or gender neutral reader.) Where they’ve been together for a while and Loki finally decides to stop by readers home and finds out the reader named their cat Loki? (@deans-short-girl

Warnings: FLUFF

Words: 432

I hadn’t intended  on my lover returning from Asgard today, if I had, perhaps I would have actually dressed up, or scrubbed my apartment spotless, or hidden the fact that the cat shared the same name. Now, I swear I’m not some stalker who’s obsessed with their boyfriend, in fact, I had named my cat Loki long before I met the real man.

I had studied Norse mythology in college and learned all sorts of things about the god of mischief and when I got my cute little ink black kitten, the first thing he did was disobey every rule I tried to teach him. If you told him not to get on the counter, he’d hop right up and plop himself down on it. He didn’t care what I said, but we still loved each other. He was my cat as I was his human.

When my lover arrived, I was singing softly, refilling Loki’s water bowl.

“(Y/N), I have returned for you.” I heard a voice say from behind me. I jumped, the sudden noise forcing a small yelp from my throat.

“Loki!” I exclaimed, jumping into his arms, little Loki rushing to my feet at the sound of his name.

“What is that…fur thing?” Loki mumbled against my neck.

“Oh…erm…that’s my cat…his name is Loki as well.” I said softly, kneeling down to scratch under the kitty’s chin.

Loki’s eyebrows furrowed and he scrunched his nose, “Do all you Midgardians have animal’s named after Asgardians?”

“No, no, you and him having the same name is pure coincidence. D’you wanna pet him?” I said softly, looking up to meet my lover’s eyes.

“Do they…find that enjoyable?” He whispered, eyeing the cat with confusion.

“Here, love, go sit down and I’ll bring him to you, okay?” I motioned towards the plush chair I had in my living room and waited for him to sit. He settled the same way it always does, a straight spine, knees together and hand by his mouth so his fingers could fiddle with his lips.

I scooped little Loki into my arms, dropping him softly onto Loki’s lap. Both of them tensed up as they greeted each other. Eventually little Loki was satisfied with what he’d sniffed and flopped over on his side, curling against Loki’s stomach. Loki lightly patted his fur, slowly but surely warming up to him.

Three hours later and the two Lokis were cuddling on the couch, both ignoring me, even when I asked if I could join in and refusing to leave each other’s side.

Well, I am pretty happy now!

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