and now she is burping on demand

pay for it

ok so i was curious if you could make a Carl imagine (based off 7x07) where Negan comes to Alexandria after his whole thing w/Carl & ur in the house & have no idea & Carl gets all protective when Negan’s being an asshole to u both. Idk some fluff?

words: 1274
Carl Grimes x reader
The walking dead
Warnings: swearing. Implied sex. 

I hear Judith crying from the other side of the house and sigh setting my *cough* carls, comic book down. I stumble towards her bedroom and the sight that greets me is very unpleasant. I see Negan holding Judith, Carl standing in the door with his arms crossed over his chest. My eyes widen. 

“Carl” I grit staring at him with a glare. He shrugs looking down ashamed. 
“two girls in one day, the day just gets better, Hi I’m Negan” he says with a wicked glint in his eyes. 
“I know who you are” I spit crossing my arms to avoid shaking his hand. 
“Carl get your little bitch in control or we’re going to have problems and stop this damn kid from crying” he huffs. I scoff and take Judith out of his arms before Carl can even think about defending me and strut out of the room stomping down the stairs to get her some food. 
“wow, nice ass, you tapped that Carl?” Negan says laughing and clapping his shoulder. The look on Carl’s face reveals everything. 
“my man” Negan chuckles. “mind if I have a whack at it? sharing is caring” he smirks. I look up the stairs seeing Carl grit his teeth and clench his fists, he looks down at me and I shake my head even with the tears streaming down my face. Negan glances down the stairs too but I turn my head going towards the kitchen. I hear their boots clomp down the stairs and they join me in the kitchen. I reach up into the cupboard to retrieve the apple sauce, I feel a burning sting on my butt and gasp turning around, Negan is standing really close and I clutch Judith really close to my chest making my breasts swell. I gulp. 
“wouldn’t mind making you one of my wives” he hums stroking my cheek, I nearly throw up right then. 

Suddenly Negan is on the floor and Carl is shaking his fist in pain. I gulp looking between them. 
“leave her alone” Carl spits forcefully grabbing my hip and bringing Judith and I into his chest. I breathe in his scent and it calms me instantly. 
“wow kid you got some balls.” Negan says getting off the floor and wiping the blood that had spilled out away from his chin. “you’d really fight me and Lucille for this little whore? you know she’s probably fucking everyone in this joint, just to keep the peace you know” Negan smirks evilly, steam practically oozes out of Carl and I peck his throat to calm him down, he squeezes my hip to let me know he’s ok. 
“do what you want with me, just don’t touch them” Carl speaks with a newfound authority and even Negan is shocked. He steps back a little and furrows his eyebrows wondering why, by this point we weren’t bowing before him. 
“I like your spark kid, but punch me again and you’ll join the ginger and chinese kid.” he squints his eyes. 

“korean” I whisper. Carl looks at me shaking his head and rubbing my hip a little. Judith starts to fuss in my arms a little so I go to walk past Negan to sit at the table with her. He grabs my ear coming down to my ear level. 
“offer still stands on being my wife” he flirts. I scoff shoving his hands off of me. 
“I’d rather jump off a cliff right into shark infested waters and be eaten alive by walkers than even consider you as an option you filthy pig, Carl is my boyfriend, better than you ever could be to any of your ‘wives’ how many do you have? pretty pathetic if you ask me, I bet if you gave them a chance they’d all scatter away at your presence, now keep your hands off me and off my goddamn boyfriend” I grit just loud enough that Carl can hear, a cold glare in my eyes. 
“ouch sweetheart, that hurt” Negan taunts tapping his heart. I laugh and roll my eyes sitting down feeding Judith. She gurgles and giggles as I ignore Negan and Carl’s stares. When she’s finished I pick her up to walk her upstairs. 

“hey sweetcheeks where you going?” Negan taunts. I close my eyes and bite my tongue turning around. 
“she needs burping” I reply. He raises his eyebrows and points back to the chair. 
“stay” he demands. I sigh and sit back down getting her prepared and start burping her. I see Carl’s googly eyes at me but have to ignore it. 
“you looking at this kid? she’s a natural” Negan grins. Carl exhales loudly. 
“look, my dad will be back any minute can you just leave” He pleads, way past the point of withholding his hard stance. Negan nods slightly. 
“fine, but I’m only going cause I heard Spencer wants a chat. Keep that baby cute and keep your girl satisfied” He winks. I look away. “she’ll warm up to me” he chuckles leaving the house.

Immediately I stand up and practically sprint towards Carl. He engulfs me in the tightest hug he can without hurting Judith. 
“I’m so sorry baby” he apologises and I’m shocked, he’s never really emotional which I hate and love at the same time. I smile a little. 
“I thought he was going to take Judith!” I sob. He pulls my head into his neck.
“I thought he was going to take you” he replies quietly and I feel a drop of water hit my face. I look up just in time to see a tear drop out of Carl’s eye, which reminds me. 
“lets get you bandaged up baby” I sigh taking his hand and heading upstairs. I place Judith in her crib then take Carl into the bathroom. He sits on the edge of the bath while I get all the equipment. I start wrapping his eye up but he stops me. 
“why did you want to cover it so quickly? are you repulsed by it? by me?” he whispers holding my wrist gently. I gulp and set the supplies down, sitting on his lap, his hands quickly wrap around my waist. 
“no” I start cupping his cheek. “you know I’m not, I just know you hate it, I’m so pissed he made you take it off. Does it hurt? “ he shakes his head a little but I see in his eyes that the cold air is a little painful. “liar” I giggle. He laughs and nuzzles my neck leaving a short peck. “I think your really handsome baby, eye or no eye. Whatever Negan said to you is all lies, you’re strong and handsome and I love you” I sigh. 
“why?” he replies. 
“huh?” I mumble. 
“why do you love me? you could have had Ron, or Mikey or any of the other kids, or even one of the other men, i mean we’re in a zombie apocalypse I’m sure age isn’t a factor. You don’t have to stay with me” he sighs. I shift slightly on his lap and cup both his cheeks. I run my thumb under his eye and kiss where his eyebrow would be. He sighs feeling my lips graze his skin. 
“I. Love. You” I say staring into his eye. He beams pulling me close. 

“I won’t let Negan or anyone else touch you like that again baby, I’m going to sort this out. Threaten me? fine. Threaten the people I care about. Dad, Judith, Michonne, Maggie, Daryl, everyone else- you” he pauses pecking my nose.

 “you pay for it” he says with determination. 


“IM SO HUNGRY!!!” Chel slammed her fists on her thighs, causing them to shake. The servants nervously feed her, stuffing her face with every greasy, cheesy thing, but it wasn’t enough. Burping loudly, she demands her staff find a new chef to help with her dilemma. The fat goddess definitely ate a lot, and it showed as her body became a sloshing, bloated hourglass of blubber. But tens of thousands of calories a day was not enough now….

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 50

Authors note: this seems longer than the recent chapters. Hope you like it :) let me know on feedback Xx

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 50

My p.o.v

I slowly wake up feeling cold, I go to cuddle with Harry but he’s not in bed, instead I find myself alone and cold. I sit up and get out of bed, quietly walking out of the room. I walk into the living room tiredly, finding Harry on the couch with the baby girl on his chest. “What are you doing?” I yawn, walking closer to him. “The pain in the ass won’t stay asleep in the basket thing.” Harry unhappily states, looking towards the infant curled up cutely on his chest. “Oh, why are you in here?”
“I didn’t want to wake you, so I just stayed in here.”
“Will you come to bed?” I softly ask, wanting to have him next to me, even if we don’t sleep. “Mhm, give me a minute.” He nods; and I shuffle back to our room, climbing into bed and awaiting for him to come back. He comes in and places the girl in her basket before getting in bed. “Miss me huh?” He questions cheekily, wrapping arms around me. “Eh maybe.” I smile, nestling closer to him, feeling his warmth. He pulls the covers around us, and I feel at ease, closing my eyes. “I can’t sleep.” Harry huffs, “count sheep.” I reply, our legs tangling together, “Mmm that’s an old myth.”
“Shh.” I sound,
“No, lets watch a movie.” He chimes,
“Tomorrow.” I snuggle closer to him before falling asleep.

I wake up to the sheets in the bed moving, “Hayley.” Harry groans, rolling over and putting his heavy arm over me. “What?” I mumble opening my eyes to see the little boy climbing on the bed and jumping up and down. “Hey kid, stop that.” Harry groans, sitting up to try take the kid but he moves away from Harry’s arms. “No.” The little boy replies, jumping all over me. “Ouch.” I whine wiggling away from the jumping boy. “Hungry” the boy lisps,
“Go to sleep.” Harry states, thinking that the boy is going to listen. “No”
“Since when do kids not listen?” Harry questions, the child still jumping. “They never were obedient, you wouldn’t have been.” I reply, getting out of bed, scooping the boy into my arms. “I didn’t wake my parents up by jumping.”
“Don’t lie.”
“I didn’t, I used a bottle of cold water, on an occasion ice.” Harry admits and I chuckle, “cheeky boy, I bet you were always in trouble.”
“Define, always?”
“What do I make for breakfast?” I ask harry, changing the subject, “I don’t know, get back in bed and sleep with me.”
“I can’t.” I pout, carrying the boy with me to the kitchen and placing him up on the kitchen bench. “What is it you eat for breakfast?”
“Cereal.” He smiles,
“With milk?”
“Yes, warm milk.” He lisps, and I get then cereal and milk.

“Hayley, help me.” Harry groans as he struggles to keep the baby girl quiet, “she’s hungry.” I comment, not really wanting to get attached to her. “Hayley, please.” He groans handing her to me. “No, you feed her.” I shake my head, sitting back down in the couch, picking up my book. “You could f*cking help me.”
“Harry, don’t swear, there are children.” I scold, and he rolls his eyes walking to the kitchen to warm up a bottle of milk. “Can you bring me a drink please?” I call, and I hear him mumble something under his breath. He eventually walks in, holding both my drink and the baby bottle in one hand, cradling the baby in his other arm. “Thank you.” I smile and he nods, sitting down on the couch to feed the baby. “Where’s the other shit?"Harry questions,
"If you’re referring to the little boy, he is asleep on our bed.”
“He fell asleep there.” I shrug, looking over at Harry as he starts to feed the baby. “You’re holding the bottle too high.” I quickly notice, he tilts the bottle down and frowns. “This is why you need to do it.”
“I’m not good at this.”
“Just keep going.” I encourage, secretly enjoying, gazing at him as he feeds and holds a baby, he looks good. “We’re not having a baby.” Harry hums,
“You might as well be drooling over there, watching me feed the child.”
“You two look cute.” I shrug, continuing to watch. “Uh she’s stopped sucking, I think she’s done.” Harry yawns, taking the bottle out of her mouth. “Burp her.” I instruct, “I was getting there.” He nods, moving the infant, stretching out his arms, “now I have to burp you, don’t I stinky?” He smiles to the baby, she coos some baby talk before he burps her and she lets out a little giggle. “Okay, I’m done, is it nap time?” Harry sighs, giving me a pouty face. I hear little footsteps, the little boy running in. “Play play play.” He chimes excitedly,
“Kid I’m busy.” Harry shakes his head,
“Play.” The boy demands, crossing his arms. “Snooty like your mother.”
“Harry don’t. Lets go to the park.” I suggest, “Hayley, no.”
“Harry come on.”
“Hayley I don’t feel like it.”
“Tire the boy out, and then by the time we get home they will leave and we can do whatever we want.”
“I want to go to the bar.”
“I thought you didn’t feel like doing things.”
“I don’t feel like going to a park with screaming children.” Harry states,
“Come on.” I encourage, kissing his cheek before standing up and getting my shoes. “Hayley, can’t you go?”
“Brilliant idea, I’ll go on my own.” I roll my eyes, “I’m coming.” Harry sighs, mumbling his way to the front door. I grab the little boys hand and walk to the front door, placing his jacket over him. I take Harry’s free hand as we talk down the street, as if we are one happy family, without the family. The little boy pulls on my arm excitedly as he sees the shades of green emitting from the park, the swirl of laughter from happy children, and the sound of the see-saw creaking up and down. We let the little boy run off to play, “one of us needs to go with him.” I comment, Harry looks at me, and I look at him. “Here, you’re on baby duty.” Harry hands be the baby before I can even object. I sit down and cradle the baby in my arms, watching as Harry and the boy play together on the park equipment. Harry pushes the boy on the swings, being very careful not to push him too high. They both come over, harry leaning over to kiss my cheek. “Can we go?”
“You are enjoying yourself.” I smile,
“No, he keeps talking.” He whispers, gesturing towards the boy. “He’s meant too. Go play.” I chuckle but harry plops down beside me. “Play?” The little boy asks me, his bright eyes shining at me. I hand Harry the baby and follow the little boy. He takes me to the pond to watch the swans swim happily with each other, gracefully gliding along the sparkling water. “Chase me.” He chimes, running off, forcing me to chase after him. “Gotcha.” I scoop him up in my arms, listening to him giggle happily. “Again, again.” He chimes as I put him down and he takes off again. I chase him around the park, feeling as if he is tiring me out instead of me tiring him out. “Alright sweetie, no more running.” I pick him up and he sighs. “Playground?”
“Go on the playground.” I nod, putting him down and watching him hurry off to the playground. “Harry.” I run my hand in front of him, breaking his stare. “Huh?”
“What are you staring at?” I question, trying to work out if he is staring at another woman, or the random men. “Those guys over there, take a guess at who they are.”
“Um, random men in a park with their children?”
“Try again.” He shakes his head, petting the back of the baby. “Uhm, I don’t know.”
“Our favourite people, paps.”
“They’re not my favourite people, I rather stay away from them.”
“I think we should go, they’ll get their other pap friends out here and it will become unsafe for us, and everyone. Come on love.” Harry stands up immediately, still eyeing the men. “Go get the other little one.” I instruct and he hands me the baby. I watch as Harry walks onto the playground; the little boy pointing at the monkey bars. Harry bends down, and picks him up, holding him up to the monkey bars so he can swing across with Harry holding him. They come back over to me and we walk around the park, trying to subtly get away from the paps who are following us. “Are they going to follow us home?” I softly ask, not really wanting the media and random men at our door step. “I hope no. There’s nothing I can do. Legally they just aren’t allowed to follow me in the car.”
“That’s helpful.” I sigh, pacing next to him. “It is when I am driving and I don’t have fifty paps distracting me.” Harry replies, putting his free arm around me and guiding me safely away from the park. “I needed the extra walk.” I sigh, stepping into the house. “I guess so.” Harry yawns placing the three year old down to walk around. “Play?” He asks,
“No.” Harry shakes his head firmly, sitting down. “When are they getting picked up?” I ask, putting the baby in the cradle and letting her sleep. “In about an hour, thankfully.” Harry smiles, resting back on the chair, his hands resting behind his head. I go to sit down beside him but the little boy stops me. “Play.” He pulls my hand, “no sweetie.” I shake my head, sitting down. The little boy huffs before he starts jumping around in front of us. “He’s got too much energy.” I comment, watching him jump out of his skin with energy. “Way too much.” Harry nods just as the boy jumps on Harry. “No jumping.” Harry warns him, taking the boys hands as the boy stands up on Harry’s legs and giggles, still continuing to bounce. “He doesn’t like the answer no.” Harry rolls his eyes, “you’re hurting my legs.” Harry comments but the boy doesn’t care, he continues to bounce before finally stopping. “He’s done, finally.” Harry smiles, looking at the boy who looks blankly at Harry. “I think he’s tired.” Harry smiles happily, wanting to put the child to sleep. “I don’t know.” I frown, watching as the boy looks at Harry weirdly. I look away for a moment before I hear a gagging sound, and Harry lets out a “f*ck”
“Harry, language.” I scold, looking over and seeing him slightly, moderately, covered in spew. “He just thew up on me. I can swear. F*ck.”
“F*ck” Harry repeats and I sigh.
“Stop it.” I warn, taking the little boy from him. “And you want one of these things?” Harry groans, looking at his wet jeans and partially wet sweater. “Like you’ve never spewed before” I roll my eyes, taking the boy to our bathroom. “Not on people, it’s f*cking gross.”
“Get over it, it happens.”
“It won’t be happening again.” Harry replies, changing his clothes while I run a bath for the boy. “Oh yeah, big mucho Harry is going to get revenge on a three year old.”
“If it happened to you, you wouldn’t be happy.”
“He’s a toddler, it isn’t like he purposely did it. Now go do something useful.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, go play with your hair, just get out of here, you smell terrible.”
“I love you too.” Harry mumbles, standing right beside me. “So you’re offering to wash him?” I question, looking up at Harry. “No.”
“Then do me a favour and please leave, you smell awful.”
“That’s mean. I stayed right by you when you smelt of throw up.”
“Hey, I didn’t tell you too, and you left me after a few minutes.”
“Eh that’s besides the point.” Harry shrugs splashing some water on me. “Here wash him.” I instruct, walking out of the bathroom and getting on the bed. I listen to the sound of Harry playing with the boy in the bathtub, the sound of the water moving, the slight chuckles of Harry and the child. “All clean” Harry chimes, walking out as he holds the wet boy in a white towel, the little boys hair flat and wet, Harry’s clean t-shirt nice and wet as well. “Looks like you got a bath too.” I giggle,
“I kind of did, can you dress him so I can have a shower?”
“Sure.” I agree, getting off the bed and getting the boy a pair of new clothes. I pull his little pants up his legs, before pulling a top through his head, poking his arms out the sides. “All clean, smelling good.” I smile, tickling the boys stomach, watching his face light up. “Yeah, all better now. You’re a happy toddler now. Mhm, yes you are.” I coo, getting on the bed and watching him crawl to me happily. “You’re enjoying this too much.” Harry interrupts my fun time, a towel around his waist and his hair damp and flat, his fringe showing. “Might as well make the most of it.” I reply, hearing the doorbell ring. “You better go.”
“I can’t get the door, I’m not dressed.” Harry comments, opening the wardrobe doors. “Their mother doesn’t like me, go.” I press, making him sigh. He picks the little boy up and leaves.
I get off the bed, walking to the wardrobe to find something to wear, it is a little cold, a hoodie would be nice, but I assume we are going to the bar later. I sigh moving my fingers to massage each other, gently pulling on my fingers to get rid of the air between the bones; cracking them. My right ring finger feels weird, it doesn’t feel how it usually does when I crack my fingers, or when I massage/rub my hands together. I look down and see my finger bare, my eyes grow wide, my heart suddenly pounding, the thought of losing my promise ring sends me to a panic. I quickly race around the room on a scavenger hunt for my ring, the only thing running through my head is that Harry is going to flip out if he finds out. I lost something important, something that can just be replaced. He’s going to be so mad at me. “What are you doing?” I hear Harry as he enters the room. “Uhm.” I sound, not sure how to answer him. “Just looking for an earring.” I lie, he shrugs and puts on a pair of pants, dropping the towel to the floor. “Should I wear a belt?” He asks, as if he needs my opinion in if he needs a belt. I don’t really care if he wears a belt right now. “Uhm, no.” I reply, not giving two shits about a damn, irrelevant belt. I walk into the bathroom and scan the area, desperately hoping to see my ring, but all I are is white towels on the floor, and a very clean bathroom aside from the towels. I walk out and see Harry looking at me, his torso showing his perfectly tanned skin. “What’s gotten into you? You’re acting weird.”
“No I’m not.” I shake my head, taking a breath and looking towards my night stand. Harry walks towards the wardrobe and I turn on my heel to be faces with his back. I lean up and place my hands on his shoulders, beginning to massage them with my hands, trying to figure out a way to tell him I have lost my ring. “That feels good.” He lets out, his muscles instantly relaxing, I move to his neck, his neck that feels tense. My fingers start to get sore from massaging him, he turns around and glances at me weirdly, I give him a smile before leaning up and leaving kisses on his neck, “mm what are you doing?” He questions, I don’t reply, I continue with my work of art, leaving kisses on him. I move and lean up to reach his lips, pulling him into a kiss, taking him by surprise, his hands move to my sides and slowly travel as I intensify the kiss, my mind scrambling for a way to tell him about the ring. My arms wrap around his neck, pulling our bodies closer together, “are you initiating something?” Harry pulls away, looking at me as if asking for approval to proceed. “Maybe.” I mumble, feeling him lift me slightly and place me on the bed, taking the initial hint correctly. We continue our heated make out session, before he pulls away. “This isn’t like you.” He comments, noticing that it isn’t like me to suddenly want to do things. He knows how I am. “Alright, what’s going on?” He asks as he hovers over me, both arms on either side of me. “You’re going to be mad.”
“Promise not to get mad?”
“I’m not promising anything.”
“If I get mad I’ll leave the room, how’s that?” He compromises and I sigh. “Promise?”
“Yes.” He nods, agreeing.
“I uh, I’m so sorry, I lost the promise ring, I don’t know where it is, it slid off I think.” I let out, scared of what he will say. He looks at me for a moment, he lets out a sigh before leaning down and kissing me. “You’re meant to be mad.” I pull away, placing my hands on his chest. “I’m not thrilled but I’m not mad, I’m not going to go off.”
“But, I lost it.”
“I can buy you a new one, it’s alright. It probably wasn’t sized properly.”
“But, it can’t be replaced, it has meaning.”
“I feel bad.”
“Shhh.” He sounds, kissing my neck softly, “it has meaning, we can’t recreate the scene again.” I sigh, feeling him suck lightly on my neck. “How are you not mad?” I question, he moves from my neck and looks at me. “I’ll get you a new one, it isn’t a massive deal.”
“It is.” I disagree,
“It isn’t Hayley.” He shakes his head, placing kisses on my jawline before moving to my neck, and down to my chest. “It is, you gave it to me creating a perfect moment that can’t be recreated with a new ring.” I start to vent, suddenly feeling his hands take off my top. “It has meaning, I must find it.” I continue venting, only to stop as soon as I feel a few kisses to my stomach. “Shh, it’s okay.” He mumbles, knowing exactly how to shut me up. “Don’t go there.” I instantly say, knowing very well he is going to literally take my breath away, part of me thinking he actually enjoys it. “Go where?” He cheekily asks, “if you make my heart rate go up, you’re paying for the medical bill that will follow it, if you’re not careful when it comes to stomach kisses.” I comment, hearing him laugh. “I wouldn’t do that to you.”
“You would.” I shake my head,
“Mmm nah, are we going to playfully talk to each other or?”
“You choose, you always decide what happens.” I reply, enjoying my little teasing opportunities.
“Mm we have time before I wanted to be at the bar, so we could continue?” He suggests and I nod. Before I know it, most my clothing items are off, meanwhile he’s still happy in jeans and no shirt. I hear the doorbell, and pull away. “Ignore it.” He sighs, but it rings again, “damn it, we are always interrupted.” He mumbles, climbing off the bed and walking out. I stay in the room, hoping that he comes back in, par of me wanting to finish what was started. I hear a familiar voice, and it suddenly clicks. It’s my mums voice. My eyes widen, I quickly jump off the bed and throw on some clothes. I walk down the hall, and enter the living room. “Hi mum, hi dad.” I clear my throat,
“Hi Hayley, did you just wake up?” My mum asks, looking at me weirdly,
“Why?” I question,
“Your hair is a bit messy sweetie.”
“I had a quick nap, and the doorbell woke me.” I fake a smile,
“What’s on your collar bone area? Oh my goodness, is that a love bite?” My mum gasps, my fingers moving to my collar bone area. “No.” I instantly shake my head, “it looks it.” She crosses her arms, “it isn’t, it’s a bruise.” I lie, trying to stay cool, “how on earth do you manage that? Are you lying?” She asks,
“No, she’s not lying, she’s a clumsy idiot. She fell over her own feet and went straight into the corner of the kitchen table, the bruise was a bit bigger, I thought she broke her collar bone when I heard her squeal.” Harry steps in, creating a perfect lie that seems believable. “Are you alright Hayley?” My dad questions and I nod. “Just a bruise.” I reply, my mum goes to run her hand over it but I step back, “it hurts when you touch it, please don’t.” I defend, and she nods. “Well we came on a surprise visit to see how you are going.” She adds, “we are fine.” I clear my throat a little awkwardly, feeling awkwardness between us all. “We are going to get going, I have a meeting.” My dad comments before they hurry out, seeming to have noticed the awkwardness. “A bruise? Smooth.” Harry sighs, “do you think they bought it?” I softly ask,
“I think so, maybe later text your mum and ask her what helps bruising. Then she will believe it.” Harry suggests,
“Maybe, I don’t like lying.”
“Well do you want to tell them they we were just about to-”
“No” I instantly cut him off before he can finish his sentence. “Exactly, so lying is the only option.”
“I’m going to go get dressed properly.” I clear my throat. “You know They will eventually find out or work out that you’re not innocent.”
“No they won’t.”
“If you say so. It isn’t a big deal, what we do us between us not them.”
“They don’t need to know, they are big on waiting until marriage and they will believe I am waiting.”
“Mhm, have fun keeping it all a secret.”
“Shut up.”
“If you tell them it will be easier.”
“No it won’t, they will be disappointed.”
“It isn’t like it’s a big deal, it’s just showing love.”
“Before marriage it is a big deal.” I sigh, walking into our room. “Whatever you say.”
“Just don’t go letting it out that we, you know.” I sigh, and he laughs.
“Real mature, you can’t even say it.” He chuckles, “can we stop talking about it?”
“We can, but I quite enjoy watching you squirm, I wonder how’d they react if they found out about what you did.” Harry smirks and I sigh, “no.” I shake my head getting a pair of skinny leg jeans and a black and white plaid shirt that I don’t remember buying. “That’s mine.” Harry points out as I slide the plaid shirt up my arms, “oh.” I look down, noticing how big it is on me, the sleeves too long for my arms. I go to take it off but he distracts me, “you can wear it.” He comments, “are you sure?”
“Yes it’s fine.” He nods with a slight smile, he comes closer to me before he takes my arm. “What are you doing?” I question, he just places a soft kiss to my lips, starting to roll the sleeves up a little so they don’t over hang my hands. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” Harry nods, kissing me again before allowing me to finish getting ready, sliding on a pair of small heeled boots.

I walk into the club, sweaty bodies bumping into me, almost knocking me over, loud music blares in my ears and I sigh. I much would have preferred to go to a small bar, but, Harry decided on here. “Are your friends here?”
“A few.”
“Such as?” I question, Harry’s hand grabbing mine as someone stumbles around in front of us. “Uhm just a few you probably don’t know.”
“So your band isn’t here?”
“No, I don’t always go out with them. If you’re asking if Luke is here, the answer is no. He doesn’t know the security here and can’t get in, he’s underage still.”
“But he gets in at the other places.”
“We all know the security and they know who we are, they don’t hassle us on the conditions we don’t start anything. He’s close enough to being the right age, plus Liam has connections with who owns the club we usually hang out at, and that’s how he gets in.” Harry explains and I nod. “What are you drinking?” Harry asks as we walk closer to the bar area. “Just a water, or a coke.”
“Do you not want something alcoholic?”
“No, I’m fine.” I shake my head,
“Alright, I’ll order, oh there’s something I need to tell you.” He announces as I take a seat on the bar chair. “Oh no, what is it?” I ask, a little worried to what he’s going to say. “Why do you look worried?”
“Because I don’t know what you’re going to say and quite frankly when you announce you have something to tell me or say, it worries me.” I reply, placing my purse in my lap. “Eh it’s nothing bad, I just have to go out of town for a night.”
“That’s not too bad.” I smile, noticing a few girls staring Harry down. I tilt my head while I glance at them, a small smirk appearing on my face. “What are you smirking at?” Harry queries, the bar tender handing me my drink. “Those girls are staring you down.”
“Are they hot?” He asks and my eyes narrow down on him before my hand hits his arm. “Ass.”
“I was joking, as you can see I really bloody care about the girls staring.”
“Look and see if there’re hot enough for you.” I mumble,
“Someone’s suddenly jealous. You know I was joking, I don’t care about them, you’re way better.”
“Don’t try suck up.”
“I’m not, you’re better, I’d choose you over them.”
“You’re hotter.”
“Stop being suck a suck.” I roll my eyes, before he kisses my cheek. “I’m going to go over to my friend, if you want you can come, or you can sit and be mad.”
“I’ll come.” I sigh, standing up and following him over to his friend. He introduces me but I stay quiet, not really interested in their conversation. They move back to the bar and stand while I sit down, a little bored. While everyone else is having fun, I am watching Harry talk with his friend. Makes me wonder why I don’t bring my friends out to hand out, then I remember; all my friends have big mouths and will blab to everyone about Harry and what not. I see a girl make her way over and subtly attempt to touch Harry’s arm. I assume trying to get his attention but he just ignores it, seeming oblivious to it. I look at her and try not to judge her by her short, very, very short, dress, it just covers her butt, if she has to bend down, she’ll be exposing herself. Which in my opinion isn’t very lady like, but, that’s just my opinion an judging isn’t very nice. I continue to watch the girl as she tries to get Harry’s attention, including bending over in front of him as he stands to the side of me. I raise my brow and look up at him, happy that he isn’t even looking at her, I sigh in relief knowing I have nothing to worry about right now. The boys conversation finally ends, and his friend excuses himself to the bathroom. “Why do you keep looking at that girl?” Harry questions,
“You noticed?”
“Yes, I noticed she keeps touching me, and you’re eyeing her like a lion eyes it’s prey.”
“Well some people should be so trashy.” I comment, probably a bit too loudly.

Harry’s p.o.v

I lean down and kiss Hayleys cheek, “don’t start anything.” I warn her, not wanting her to get worked up over nothing. She’s got a jealous side to her, a side that I am only now beginning to really notice. “I’m not.” Hayley defends,
“Ignore her, you get your bloody ass into any trouble I’m not saving your dumb ass.”
“You’re meant too, you’re my boyfriend.”
“Don’t start shit.” I warn her again,
“I’m not going too.” Hayley smiles, and I smile. “Good.” I nod, just as my friend comes back and we begin to convey in conversation. Hayley stands up and leans into me, and I put my arm around her waste.
“I’ll be back.” Hayley announces in my ear just for the two of us to hear over the loud music. “Be careful.” I warn her, unwrapping my arm, allowing her to leave. “You’re really serous about her.” My friend smiles and I nod. “You have feelings for her. I’m glad.”
“I’m glad someone is.”
“Nobody’s happy for you?”
“A lot of people judge and question us, they think she’s another one night stand or someone I am playing with, but I’m not playing with her.” I announce,
“I can see that now, at the start I thought she was one of your usual girls but I can see she is far from it.”
“I hate when people fucking judge her, judge us. Just because my past isn’t like everyone else’s it doesn’t mean that I can’t settle down.” I mutter a little angrily. “Calm down, I’m not judging.” He shakes his head, “thank you.” I sigh tilting my head slightly to take a glimpse at Hayley, she’s accompanied by a man and a woman that was grabbing my arm earlier. I turn my full attention to her, watching carefully, “Is something going on?” My friend asks,
“I don’t know, I’ll go over.” I reply, making my way over to Hayley. “I didn’t even say that so what’s the problem?” Hayley questions, “she’s saying you called her trashy.”
“I never directed her.” Hayley defends,
“What’s going on?” I look at the man and he looks at me. “She called my girl trashy.”
“I never called her specifically trashy, but she could at least stop hanging on different guys.” Hayley comments,
“She isn’t, she wouldn’t do that.” The man raises his voice. “Don’t raise your voice at her.” I instantly interfere, “also, your girlfriend or whatever she is, was rubbing up on my arm and grabbing me, which I didn’t like.” I add, sneaking an arm around Hayley, pulling her closer to me. “She called me trashy.” The girl spits out, “okay, she didn’t direct it to anyone specifically, you’re just taking it that way.” I come to Hayleys defense,
“Wait a minute, you were rubbing on his arm?” Her boyfriend asks,
“While you guys discuss things, we are leaving, your girlfriend was the one rubbing up on me, and my girlfriend didn’t aim the comment at her specially, she said it in general. Come on Hayley.” I moment, tugging Hayley away. “I could have handled that myself.” Hayley mumbles, “yeah and you would have let him get mad at you for no reason. I’m getting another drink and then we are leaving.”
“What if I don’t want to leave?” Hayley challenges and I bite my tongue. “Okay, I’m leaving, I don’t feel like being here any longer.” I rephrase my sentence, striding to the bar to get a drink. I sit up on the stool and order a drink, watching the bar tender make it in front of me. I feel hands on my shoulder rubbing me, but they don’t feel like Hayleys. I turn around and see a woman that isn’t Hayley, “please stop.” I sigh, turning back around to my drink that has just been placed in front of me. Hayley comes over and sits beside me while I decide to have a few extra drinks. I grab her hand and kiss the back of her hand. “You ready to go?” I ask Hayley feeling giddy inside, “you’ve had a bit to drink, you can’t drive.” Hayley shakes her head but I laugh. “I can drive, it’s like a ten minute drive. Come on love.” I smile, getting off the stool and petting down the sides of my pants for my keys. “I don’t know.” Hayley sighs,
“I’m not drunk, I’m under the legal limit.” I assure her, starting to walk to the exit.

My p.o.v

I get in the car, unsure on if Harry should be driving, he’s very alert but I’m still unsure about it. He pulls out of the carpark, taking my hand with his left as he drives. “Harry, two hands.”
“Hayley, I always drive with one.” He lets go of my hand and places his on my thigh. “Please?” I whisper,
“Stop worrying.” Harry groans, his eyes not leaving the road. “I wonder how the puppy is.” Harry randomly comments,
“Can you pull over?” I breathe out,
“I can, but I’m not going too.”
“Why?” He questions,
“Just pull over.”
“Mmm no.” He shakes his head, moving his hand to my shoulder where he plays with my hair. “Stop it, concentrate on the road.” I push his hand away,
“I am.” He chuckles, and I bite my lip. He’s tipsy, I should never have let him drive. We arrive home safely, and Harry gets out of the car, I step out and hear his legs hit the floor. “Eh, fuck” he mumbles as I walk around the front of the car to see what his problem is. “I dropped the keys.” He chuckles, bending down and picking them up. “I can tell.” I comment, walking up the stairs to the house. Harry trails behind me before stepping beside me and trying to unlock the door. “You know, doors are weird.”
“Really? How?” I ask curiously as he pushes the door open, dropping his keys again. “Who names something a door? How did they even come up with door? How did people come up with naming the days, Monday through Sunday? Were they just like ’‘ey lets name today Wednesday’ like how?” Harry mumbles,
“Wow deep thoughts there, I don’t know the answer.”
“But you’re smart, you’re meant to know”
“I don’t know Harry.” I shrug, placing my bag on the table. “Who invented the light bulb? Why did he name it a light bulb?”
“Thomas Edison”
“What about the telephone? Telephone is a weird as fuck name.”
“Alexander Graham Bell.” I sigh, trying to work out if he’s always like this while tipsy. “What about the Marble?”
“I am not telling you the inventors of everything.” I groan,
“But baby.” He whines sitting down and kicking off his shoes. “You know Albert Einstein was born in Germany. Did you know French was actually the official language here for like three-hundred-years. Did you know, the Queen has thirty God children. Did you know England its self is seventy-four times smaller than the USA? Or that cats sleep, sixteen to eighteen hours a day.” Harry recites, seeming intelligent. “Okay, I get it, you’re really smart you just don’t show it until your tipsy, but Shh, your interesting facts should stay in your head.” I chuckle, walking to our room. I change out of my clothes and put on my pajamas just as Harry walks in, giggling at God knows what. “Ha, no word in the English dictionary rhymes with purple, orange, mouth or silver.”
“That’s great.” I smile, climbing into bed.
“Nowhere in Britain is more than seventy four and a half miles from the sea. In 1647 the English Parliament abolished Christmas.” Harry takes off china clothes, explaining to me these random facts he somehow has stored in his head, ready to suddenly share. “There are more chickens than humans in England.”
“Okay now that isn’t true.” I giggle,
“It is, I read it somewhere.”
“Okay, if you say so.”
“I did love, I swear I did. I don’t just make up random shit about chickens, I do have a life.” He replies, lying down beside me, “It doesn’t make sense.” I sigh, thinking about the chicken fact. “I love you.” He chimes, leaning over and nuzzling his nose into my neck. “I love you too.”
“Are we spinning around the sun or is the sun spinning around us?”
“Harry I’m not google.”
“Yes you are.” He moves his head and places an arm around my stomach as he rests down on the pillow on his side. “Go to sleep, you’re tispy.”
“No I’m not, I’m in the right state of mind, I know I’m in the bedroom, in bed with the girl I fucking love. Soooo ha.” He points out, making me laugh. “Lets go to sleep okay?”
“Sleep is for the weak.”
“I’m weak so I am going to sleep, goodnight.”
“Why did they-”
“Shhh.” I cut him off, closing my eyes.
“I don’t want to Shh.”
“Your tispy.”
“I’m not, I’m in the right state of mind.” He replies again, “oh really?”
“You said yesterday that you wanted to elope.”
“BullShit I still don’t want to get married.”
“Is it me?”
“Marriage is just a piece of paper, something that ties people together and kills their love.”
“Not always.”
“I’m going to sleep, marriage talk makes me fucking tired.” He mumbles seeming a little annoyed. “Do you still love me?” I softly ask knowing he will probably forget about this. “Yes.” He mumbles, closing his eyes and falling asleep, me doing the same.
I suddenly wake up hearing a noise, my heart starts to race and I sit up. “Harry… Harry.” I nudge him, but he just moans, “Harry.” I shake him,
“Mmm what’s wrong?” He sleepily asks, propping up on his side slowly, “I heard a noise.”
“It was nothing, go back to sleep.” He mumbles, propping back down. “Harry go check it out.”
“Go to sleep.”
“Please?” I breathe out, and he rolls onto his back. “Harry-”
“Shh” he sounds, letting silence take over the room. I sit up slowly in the bed before a bang sounds. I look at Harry and he gets out of bed. “Stay in here.” He instructs, walking out.

Brick By Brick Ch. 3

A/N: Apparently this is going to be four chapters. WHO KNEW.


It takes Emma six months of searching, between her other sheriff duties and all kinds of little deeds Mayor Mills keeps finding to keep her busy, to find the elusive Mr. Gold.

He owns the entire town.

Emma thought it was an exaggeration when Granny first mentioned him, but a look at the deeds and documents showed she really wasn’t kidding.

No, seriously.

The entire town.

Most of the houses are his, just rented by other people. He owns the apartment building Mary Margaret lives in, and nearly all of the other houses either used to be his and were bought, or are on his land.

Emma doesn’t even want to know how many businesses the man owns. The pawn shop hasn’t been opened once since she moved here, and the library is boarded up as well (a quick look at the ever-growing list shows that he owns that too), but the auto shop, the inn, the diner, and five other miscellaneous shops are all his.

The others were put up as collateral for loans of his, so it’s entirely possible that in the future he could own those too.

Despite being known of, no one seems to actually know the man.

And no one’s seen him in a long time.

Keep reading