and now regina will get a new love interest

CS and Regina in The Price.
  • Killian: I want true love.
  • Dark Swan: I want my sexy pirate.
  • Killian: Can't. Must resist seductive evil girlfriend.
  • Dark Swan: Please stay. I need a hero I can keep tied up in my basement, so he can help me get hold of something. Interested?
  • Killian: Tempting, Swan.
  • Dark Swan: New me, same kinks. :)
  • Killian: Will the dark one be joining us? Because I draw the line at threesomes. Sorry. It's not you, it's me.
  • Later...
  • Regina: My boyfriend could die.
  • Dark Swan: Yeah? Well, my boyfriend turned me down. And now that I can't get laid I'm gonna take all my frustrations and anger out on you. Sound familiar?
  • Regina: Bitch, don't you try to steal my logic.
  • Dark Swan: Too late. I blame you for everything!
  • Regina: Stop making sense. The old Emma would never have called me out on my shit.
  • Dark Swan: I'm the new and improved version.
  • CS Fans: Can we keep her?