and now regina will get a new love interest

Regina Retrospective: At the End of OUAT

(pre-reboot/retool ouat anyway)

People who read my criticisms of OUAT probably think I hate Regina Mills. I don’t, not really, beyond some moments of venting. I post in the anti-regina tags sure, but that’s because in our hyper polarized fandom any analysis that isn’t glowing praise, any hint of criticism needs to stay in the anti tags. Main tags are for gush, anti tags are for any level of criticism, measured or firebrand. Thing is, looking at how things started I do honestly feel Regina could easily have been the richest character on this show.

And she wasn’t. 

Due to a combination of rushing her redemption, refusing to allow her character to grow, an over-reliance on the Evil Queen aspect of her character, and outright whitewashing her crimes Regina ended up an utter waste of character potential.

Season 2 set her up so, so well. We got reasons for why she is the way she is, she actually sought therapy, there were bigger bads to face allowing her a chance at heroics, she acknowledged her wrongdoings and tried to make up for them. Even her backslide could be forgiven as we know she was scared of Cora.

But things started to go wrong after Cora died. Even ignoring the disservice it did to both Snow and Regina’s storylines (Snow angsts over killing someone who was going to kill them all while Regina snaps back to blaming Snow for Daniel’s death instead of ever putting the blame where it belonged, on Cora) we then got the stupid “kill magic” plot which a) once again showed how awful Regina was back when she was evil and b) ended up hinging on a superweapon that Regina herself made. Regina’s big redemption moment in the season finale is essentially cleaning up her own damn mess.

Imagine, if you will, that Greg and Tamara aren’t here causing issues. That instead Greg really was some random guy who drove into SB and the town doesn’t know what to do about it. Tamara is just Neal’s fiance, nothing more. Cora faked her death and tries to use Neal to get to Rumple or does something else to stay in the big bad position for the whole season. Instead of saying “well, Snow killed my abusive mom and my son still doesn’t want me to have custody of him, I’ll just kill everyone” Regina instead finds the strength to oppose Cora herself, to confront her abuser, the woman who killed her true love.

Now does that sound cool or what?

(Now we can’t be too hard on the end of s2, there were some hasty rewrites due to everyone’s favorite pirate’s actor getting injured, but notice the lack of Hook in the plot I just described? It could have been done. Hell Neal could have swung by the hospital to see Hook and they could have dealt with their relationship and history outside of how they relate as Emma’s love interests. And we still could have had Neverland be next.)

Ah, Neverland. More wasted potential for Regina. We already know she hates Emma, writers, having her be a bitch to Emma Swan is nothing new and just makes her look bad. Regina frees herself from a trap by declaring she has no regrets which, um, yeah, not good for someone who is technically on a redemption arc. We do confront and have her fix one of her misdeeds (Ariel) but also have her confronted by Tinkerbelle who rightfully calls her out. Such wasted potential for a friendship there by Tink just kinda vanishing.

The pattern after this is essentially Regina acts like a terrible person (usually in the vein of whining, being ungrateful, being ill-tempered, or taking very cruel actions the other heroes would never get away with but for her are excused) except in isolated moments when we’re supposed to feel sorry for her. She repeatedly wangsts about how she’s good now and thus should get what she wants while a) not really being all that good and b) being good just to get what you want isn’t being good. Add in constant flashbacks to her Evil Queen days of her doing awful things and you’ve really got to wonder what were the writers thinking? he never really progresses beyond that point. She might look like she’s going to but don’t worry, a backslide will put her right back where she was.

And I’ll admit, I have no idea what the writers thought they were doing in doing that. There is such a disconnect towards how everyone acts around Regina and what Regina has actually done that I have to imagine that several sombodies doing the writing thought something had gone down to fully redeem this woman in all ways and that she was a changed character…while they kept adding to her crimes and having her act like a terrible person. It feels like there are whole chunks of the show missing where Regina atoned for all her evil offscreen or something…which still does not explain her bad attitude and meanness to people who have done her no wrong.

And then we got to the ULTIMATE insult plot that was her season six storyline. In some bizarre acknowledgement that Regina still has a lot of the EQ in her (without acknowledgement that maybe she should start trying to make up for all the shit she did) the show literally splits off the EQ from Regina…while still having Regina act like Regina. Officially the potion splits off the part of yourself you don’t want people to know about so…Regina doesn’t want people to know she’s still evil…? Yeah, never addressed. And instead of finally learning to accept her history as an evil despot who ruined lives that she can start trying to make up for at any time there is a whole town of people you have hurt right there Regina sends her other self off to…live a happy life with an AU Robin? Huh? Split!EQ was practically a cartoon character at times I don’t expect he rto be capable of a full relationship…so yea you just sicced your worst aspects on the dream world. Assuming she’s not executed by AU!Henry.

So Regina got the magical retcon 4B denied her after all, she gets to be seen as totally separate from the bad part of herself (it should be noted again that Regina’ behavior does not change, nothing had in fact really been “removed” from her and she is not acting “good” without the EQ bit) and…yeah her arc’s over with that. That is the last bit of character development Regina really gets this season. We end on the weirdest version of redemption ever “just split off the part f you that did bad things and now you don’t have to feel guilty and no one will treat you like the bad guy anymore (not that very many people were treating her like one anymore anyway).

Something constantly reiterated in seasons 3 and 4 was “villains don’t get happy endings.” The show for some reason never took this to the conclusion of “but if you work hard to redeem yourself you are no longer a villain and thus can have a happy ending” which would have been the best route for Regina. Regina got her first happy ending with the curse, and when that was broken she seemed to associate “happy ending” with “get whatever it is I want right now” (Henry, Robin, a child to raise with Robin, and so on) and anything roadblocking that even slightly, even in a way that could be overcome with work, was treated as the whole universe being against her because villains are some nebulous group that just gets denied happy endings as the way of the world (instead of, say, as consequences for their actions). 

Well Regina got her happy ending and if you ask me, she was still a villain at the end of it all just one who managed to get in enough with the good guys somehow to where they and everyone else utterly ignored it. At most she mellowed a bit. This is a woman who a season ago was threatening to murder another woman’s true love out of sheer jealously and got no pushback for it.

It reminds me of how Rich Burlew described the character development that Token Evil Teammate Belkar Bitterleaf underwent in The Order of the Stick thru the fifth arc: that of a sociopath progressing to a higher functioning sociopath who can at least work well with others to get what they want (Belkar even faked in-universe character development to stay relevant!). Regina is similar: she did not change; she simply learned how to play along enough to count as a member of the good guys. And apparently that was all the narrative dared ask from her.

Now that I’m on the mend I feel like I can go forth into spec territory with S7. I really love some of the ideas I’ve seen on my dash, specifically the whole idea of Killian, Regina, and Rumple becoming “related” as a side-effect of the curse. Please give me Regina and Killian as siblings. And Rumple as their uncle or cousin. I’m so down for it. It’ll be especially fun and interesting if they actually like each other in these new identities of theirs. Can you imagine how effed up it’ll all be when they get their memories back? Considering that this version of Henry is supposedly cynical and not really the same kid we used to know, I’m excited to see if the returning characters also have big changes in their personalities. I can see Colin, Lana, and Bobby playing entirely new characters in this upcoming season and I definitely would enjoy that. They’re a talented bunch and that would make me happy. 

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(4)  if you think i’m salty enough about a specific character to want to deliberately piss people off (as opposed to just done with the show in general) you don’t know me very well. I am on the record multiple times (including in the tags for that post) as saying that I don’t like anti tags, but I still use them because people have asked me nicely and it’s the way this website works, no matter how much I think it’s weird and not conducive to conversation. 

(5) while we’re on the topic, when does a post even cross the neutral/anti meridian? If a post is like, “Wilby is a garbage dog who can go straight to hell” (I use this example because I’m not gonna accidentally piss anyone off because obviously everyone loves Wilby and he’s precious and the best part about the finale imo) then that’s all negative with no constructive thoughts, only insults. Fine, that’s clearly anti. But if you’re just listing off things that actually happened in canon, is that anti? Belle totally did get put through hell this season. That’s not extrapolating, that’s just in the scripts. I tagged it anti-rumbelle, because the post is clearly against the relationship (at least in its current state). But I didn’t tag it anti rumple/gold because there were no unfounded insults or and I’ve similar posts in the past with no backlash (see: Gold over the town line era back in the QoD arc iirc). Is the statement “Gold sold out the entire town” anti? It’s true (it’s honestly inadequate bc the black fairy didn’t just want to get rid of SB. She was getting rid of every other realm. Billions upon billions of ppl and he was complicit. But I digress.) Maybe you think it was justified, maybe you think it wasn’t, but regardless, he did it. 

tl;dr: I did tag the post in what I thought was the proper way to keep it out of the main tag. If you have a problem with my tags, calling me salty is not the right way to get me to change them.

Wishlist for Season 7
  • Give Belle a decent love interest that treats her properly
  • Bring back Gerhardt and give Victor’s storyline closure
  • Gerhardt could be that new love interest for Belle (hint hint)
  • Preferably get rid of R.umple and R.egina, but keep Hook
  • Bring back Ruby and Dorothy so we can know how they’re going
  • Give Mulan a girlfriend. I volunteer to play the girlfriend
  • Make Mad Whale canon while you’re at it
  • More characters from the Land Without Color! It’s a whole realm that’s essentially ignored!
  • An episode with Victor where he is treated as a serious character and not a joke/punching bag
  • (I know I’m not going to get anything on this list lol)

I won’t be watching S7 now. I called it thou. Regina alone. No more SwanQueen moments. No thanks. For me OUAT ends at S6 unless Robert stays.

it is just that I wouldn’t be able to bear a new love interest for Regina IF it came but I would still watch if there wasn’t any. .Before I am misunderstood Regina is my 3rd fav and I’d stay if she won’t get a new love. I misspoke

‘Once Upon a Time’: Lana Parrilla Teases Regina’s Romance and New Outfits in Season 5

The Evil Queen is dead. Long live hero Regina!

When Once Upon a Time debuted four years ago, Regina, aka the Evil Queen played by Lana Parrilla, was the villain of the story. Her foe was Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), a hero who’d swooped in to save Storybrooke, son Henry, and the day.

Now, in Season 5, which premieres Sunday night on ABC, the tables are turned: Emma is the Dark One. She’s the villain, and Regina is the hero. Not only that, Regina’s got love in her life thanks to Robin Hood (Sean Maguire).

Of course, this is OUAT, so even a happy ending can have a wrinkle in it — and that wrinkle is named Zelena (Rebecca Mader), Regina’s half-sister, who duped Robin into impregnating her. And as we all know, three’s a crowd when it comes to love.

So, how will Regina deal with the Wicked Witch? Yahoo TV chatted with Parrilla to learn that, and more about season 5:

What would you say is the theme for Season 5?
It’s really family-oriented, as it always has been. It’s about us trying to save Emma — trying to save Emma from the darkness and pull her into the light.

Regina got her happy ending, or mostly. She started out as this villain, and now she’s one of the heroes. What’s it like for you playing that evolution?
The last couple of years, exploring the lighter side of this character has been a ton of fun. I don’t think Regina ever thought she’d have family in her life. I think she accepted that she’d be alone. When she got to Storybrooke, this world that she had created was not really amounting to much for her and wasn’t providing her much happiness, and that’s why she adopted Henry. But she’s never had a support system or a team of people who are banding together to fight for her happiness. I think for Regina, she’s touched by this, overwhelmed by it, and also uncomfortable about it.

At the same time, she’s genuinely happy. She has turned a corner and the woman she once was — she isn’t that person anymore. She can never really go back to being that evil, dark character — unless something horribly dramatic happens and pushes her back into that darkness. I really have enjoyed it; it’s given me as an actor so much to play and so much to explore. And I’ve loved her evolution, and that she’s constantly fighting to grow and be a better person.

Regina and Robin are together, but there’s a big complication in the form of her half-sister, Zelena, aka the Wicked Witch, who’s pregnant with Robin’s baby. How will that play out?
I have a feeling that this situation is going to take time. [Zelena] is going to be pregnant eight to nine months, and I think the story is going to be told over the course of that. At this stage, right now, everyone is trying to jump on board to help Emma. Regina’s feelings about the pregnancy, we’re going to get to that — obviously this is a big issue — but it’s secondary to Emma going dark.

I think this season Regina is less threatened by Zelena. In Regina’s mind, she’s already won. It’s complicated, but we’ll figure it out. She feels like she and Robin can get through it together.

Speaking of Robin, it must be fun to have a real love interest, finally! What will we see from their romance this season?
It’s a lot of fun! It’s a little crazy because this season we are in Camelot, and there’s a lot that takes place there. Regina and Robin might sneak in a kiss while they’re running off into the woods chasing monsters [Laughs].

We’ve always loved seeing Regina’s Evil Queen outfits, but now she’s a hero, so will we see some new looks?
You’re going to see me costumed in a whole new look, a Camelot look. It’s not fairytale-land attire, it’s not Storybrooke attire. We’re now in medieval times. So, we’re going to see a whole new look for all these characters. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m dieting at the moment [Laughs]. These are VERY form-fitting, revealing costumes!

Season 5 of Once Upon a Time premieres Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC. And be sure to check out our OUAT aftershow, Superfan Live, on Monday, Sept. 28 at 10 a.m. ET.


S5E05: Dreamcatcher

Let’s talk a little about this. Even tough dreamcatchers have their own implications related to swan queen, they are wide known among the fandom as a swanfire thing, we could start speculating about the meaning of the title now. I had many ideas but this theory really hit me: let’s asume dreamcatchers are pure swanfire, we all know Neal isn’t coming back, A&E said several times that if appeared again it would be on flashbacks, that seems legit to me, episode five has Neal/Emma flashbacks. Now, the only time we saw that was in Tallahassee where Emma’s relationship with Neal was paralleled to Emma’s new love interest aka Hook, that episode gave us a vison of two different relationships and established captain swan as potentially canon.
But this is episode five we’re talking about, and we all know that fifth episodes kinda have a reputation of being crazy swan queen, so my money is on it being a Tallahassee 2.0 with Emma’s relationship with Neal paralleling Emma’s relationship with Regina and maybe this time finally getting the whole audience to realize what swen has kown for many years now.

Plus points on A&E writting it, I mean if your gonna give the first big impulse on the primary endgame relationship of your show, wouldn’t you want to be completely on charge.

I feel some kinda way...

I think I’m over OUAT.

I love Regina, she is the reason I stayed watching this show past episode 1.

I was cool when she didn’t have a love interest.

And after 2a I was like ‘screw all them Regina. Leave Storybrooke and start over’. I said that during the Cora arc. I said that during the Neverland arc (only this time I wanted Henry to be with her). I said it at the end of 3B and 4A.

But now I really mean it. Like I want Regina to leave Storybrooke with a fresh new identity (Eva Zambrano) and be happy.

Why is she the only character to get crapped on. EVERY. SINGLE. BREAK???!??!!?

•Season 1 finale= curse broke. Left alone crying in Henry’s room.

•Season 2A= absorbs a death curse -lives- and gets left alone forgotten by the heroes she just saved.

•Season 2b= tortured and then within a few hours, tries to sacrifice herself to stop Storybrooke from disappearing. Henry gets kidnapped.

•Season 3A= Neverland. And then having to say goodbye to Henry (again) and erasing his memories of them.

•Season 3B= finally finding her light. She’s happy and pinche Emma has to bring back her new love’s/soulmate’s first wife.

•Season 4a= has to say goodbye 'forever’ to her soulmate so that his not so dead first wife can live. *forever bitter towards Emma*

•Season 4B= can be reunited with soulmate, only to find out that he’s having a BABY with his first wife who is *SURPRISE* HER SISTER???!!?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, some of the other characters suffer at the end of breaks too, but she’s the Only one who has to suffer every. Single. Time.

Like, I get it Lana’s acting is dynamic. She can deliver heartbreak like no other. But I’m starting to notice a difference in Lana’s acting lately too. There’s like a disconnect, IMO. I watch season 1 and the watch the latest episode and something’s different.

Outlaw Queen, despite how great they were in 3B (I fangirled everytime they were on screen together), it’s just not enough to hold me.

And sadly, Regina might not be enough anymore either.

Adam and Eddy really screwed up with this storyline and I just don’t see how they can recover from this.

I just want to take Regina and run. It’s just like, damn girl! You need an all expenses paid vacation for a year in St. Bart’s. Where you can drink with Trina Decker and have some fun with a guy like Chris Deleo.

CS and Regina in The Price.
  • Killian: I want true love.
  • Dark Swan: I want my sexy pirate.
  • Killian: Can't. Must resist seductive evil girlfriend.
  • Dark Swan: Please stay. I need a hero I can keep tied up in my basement, so he can help me get hold of something. Interested?
  • Killian: Tempting, Swan.
  • Dark Swan: New me, same kinks. :)
  • Killian: Will the dark one be joining us? Because I draw the line at threesomes. Sorry. It's not you, it's me.
  • Later...
  • Regina: My boyfriend could die.
  • Dark Swan: Yeah? Well, my boyfriend turned me down. And now that I can't get laid I'm gonna take all my frustrations and anger out on you. Sound familiar?
  • Regina: Bitch, don't you try to steal my logic.
  • Dark Swan: Too late. I blame you for everything!
  • Regina: Stop making sense. The old Emma would never have called me out on my shit.
  • Dark Swan: I'm the new and improved version.
  • CS Fans: Can we keep her?

anonymous asked:

no sorry i wasnt talking about gorham i meant a new guy in s4 for example robin hood is a guest star(with no guarantee he will be a main in s4 maybe though) and he is the main love interest for regina ,same thing could happen with a new guy for emma in s4(beginning as a guest and maybe promoted to a regular)same thing happened with mrj

oH, i feel you.

but nah. regina getting robin hood now is something we can believe and buy into because she a.) isn’t the main character, b.) hasn’t been in a romantic relationship before now as far as current canon goes (no one ever expected regina/graham rapelationship to go anywhere, nor daniel to legitimately resurrect). so, it works, because we see him and we as regina fans go; FINALLY. it’s taken this long to introduce someone with any potential, so we’re happy to open up to an opportunity.

emma has gone through about six potential love interests. graham, august, jefferson (yes he counts tbh they are wonderful character foils and had hella intentional on-screen chemistry), neal, hook, walsh.

people are sick to death of emma’s revolving door of suitors. to introduce a new one now and expect it to be something the fans can get behind isn’t just a nonfunctional story, and expanding an already huge ensemble cast to add another person they’d need to focus on (there’s a reason neal got no focus in 3a despite being a regular: the cast is too big and unwieldy), but it’s also kicking a dead horse. 

the only reasonable option, from a storytelling perspective, is that one of the people emma has already met will go on to be her true love. this is season 3 out of a projected 5-6; if your heroine hasn’t met her true love in the first half of her fairytale, you are poorly paced and have a muddled, structurally damaged plotline.

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