and now regina will get a new love interest

I feel some kinda way...

I think I’m over OUAT.

I love Regina, she is the reason I stayed watching this show past episode 1.

I was cool when she didn’t have a love interest.

And after 2a I was like ‘screw all them Regina. Leave Storybrooke and start over’. I said that during the Cora arc. I said that during the Neverland arc (only this time I wanted Henry to be with her). I said it at the end of 3B and 4A.

But now I really mean it. Like I want Regina to leave Storybrooke with a fresh new identity (Eva Zambrano) and be happy.

Why is she the only character to get crapped on. EVERY. SINGLE. BREAK???!??!!?

•Season 1 finale= curse broke. Left alone crying in Henry’s room.

•Season 2A= absorbs a death curse -lives- and gets left alone forgotten by the heroes she just saved.

•Season 2b= tortured and then within a few hours, tries to sacrifice herself to stop Storybrooke from disappearing. Henry gets kidnapped.

•Season 3A= Neverland. And then having to say goodbye to Henry (again) and erasing his memories of them.

•Season 3B= finally finding her light. She’s happy and pinche Emma has to bring back her new love’s/soulmate’s first wife.

•Season 4a= has to say goodbye 'forever’ to her soulmate so that his not so dead first wife can live. *forever bitter towards Emma*

•Season 4B= can be reunited with soulmate, only to find out that he’s having a BABY with his first wife who is *SURPRISE* HER SISTER???!!?!?!

Don’t get me wrong, some of the other characters suffer at the end of breaks too, but she’s the Only one who has to suffer every. Single. Time.

Like, I get it Lana’s acting is dynamic. She can deliver heartbreak like no other. But I’m starting to notice a difference in Lana’s acting lately too. There’s like a disconnect, IMO. I watch season 1 and the watch the latest episode and something’s different.

Outlaw Queen, despite how great they were in 3B (I fangirled everytime they were on screen together), it’s just not enough to hold me.

And sadly, Regina might not be enough anymore either.

Adam and Eddy really screwed up with this storyline and I just don’t see how they can recover from this.

I just want to take Regina and run. It’s just like, damn girl! You need an all expenses paid vacation for a year in St. Bart’s. Where you can drink with Trina Decker and have some fun with a guy like Chris Deleo.

CS and Regina in The Price.
  • Killian:I want true love.
  • Dark Swan:I want my sexy pirate.
  • Killian:Can't. Must resist seductive evil girlfriend.
  • Dark Swan:Please stay. I need a hero I can keep tied up in my basement, so he can help me get hold of something. Interested?
  • Killian:Tempting, Swan.
  • Dark Swan:New me, same kinks. :)
  • Killian:Will the dark one be joining us? Because I draw the line at threesomes. Sorry. It's not you, it's me.
  • Later...
  • Regina:My boyfriend could die.
  • Dark Swan:Yeah? Well, my boyfriend turned me down. And now that I can't get laid I'm gonna take all my frustrations and anger out on you. Sound familiar?
  • Regina:Bitch, don't you try to steal my logic.
  • Dark Swan:Too late. I blame you for everything!
  • Regina:Stop making sense. The old Emma would never have called me out on my shit.
  • Dark Swan:I'm the new and improved version.
  • CS Fans:Can we keep her?