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Sebastian Stan Imagine

hello you!! could you please write an imagine where seb and the reader are married and she’s also a marvel actress, and while they’re doing an interview for civil war the interviewer asks if they stole anything from set, so she reveals that she stole Bucky’s red Henley (the shirt he wears in the movie), and later seb sees her in it and thinks it’s hot?

Your stomach hurt from all the laughter going on right now. You were at a panel talking about your latests movie, Civil War. “Y/N, if you got to choose what side to be on, what would you have picked?”

“Oh, that’s putting me in a hot spot,” you gasped. “I’d say Team Cap,” you admitted once you thought it over. “I personally agree more with his side and-”

“-and it doesn’t hurt that her husband’s on that side,” RDJ added.

“That’s also true,” you laughed.

“The couple that fights together stays together, right,” Sebastian chuckled. “I think me and my wife make a kick ass team on and off screen though,” he added.

“Suck up,” Elizabeth joked.

“Save the fighting for the movies guys,” your moderator interjected. “We have another question. Yes, you, go ahead.”

“Hi, my name’s Justin. I was wondering if any of you guys have ever stolen anything from set before?”

“I really wanted to steal the glasses I wore during the Tony Bucky fight,” Robert admitted.

“I wanted to keep my whole costume, it was badass,” Chadwick laughed. “But, they wouldn’t let me steal it.”

“I actually took something from set,” you clenched your teeth in a guilty smile. The whole cast laughed and looked towards you.

“What do you mean? What did you take,” Scarlett asked.

“I didn’t even know this,” your husband swore to the crowd.

“It’s that red long sleeve shirt that buttons up at the top that Bucky wore for, like, the whole movie.”

“You stole my clothes,” Sebastian gasped.

“Ugh, yes, I guess I did. It’s hidden somewhere in our closet,” you grinned.


“Would you rather watch that new Star Trek movie or that history documentary you saved,” Sebastian asked from bed. You both had gotten back from the panel, had a good dinner, and were getting ready for a night in.

“Whichever,” you replied and then stepped out of the closet. “What do you think?” You turned around in the red shit you had stolen and the spandex shorts.

“Wow,” he set the remote down and sat up a little straighter. “I think you look better in that shirt than I did. You look hot, babe.”

“Oh, you think,” you taunted. “Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get to see what I look like without the shirt.”

I’m Always Waiting For You // Chris Evans x Reader

Hello! Request from anonymous (soon so so sorry it’s late!! I hope this lives to your expectations) P.S. REQUESTS ARE OPEN! just give me a shout with a message or private ask :) love you All!  

Chris had the hours being counted down on his phones lock screen and check each time he got a chance to seize it from his assistant Jaimie.

“Dude! You gotta chill with this thing!” Jaimie said, chuckling at my distress as he hid my phone from me. “What’s got cha worked up Cevans?” He heard Downey coming from behind him and sighed, he didn’t need this right now.

“Nothing! I just wanna check my texts-”

“Well here ya go, there’s one from you’re agent, you’re brother, you’re mom-” RDJ interrupted Jaimie’s roll call, “this list is amusing me, please go on.” Chuckling he did, making my ears steam from anger and also angst.

“Just give me the damn time, Jai.” Before Jaimie could list the last name of messengers to him. He looked up and saw real desperation on his best friends face, and tossed it too him. Chris mumbled a thanks before hitting call on the last name, walking to his dressing room inside the studio.

“Can I have a twenty minute break? I need to- check on my kids?” Downey said loudly to Joss. Joss gave him a nod, and told everyone they could have twenty minutes to work on any kinks they needed fixed.

Always so inquizitive, Robert was so confused seeing him upset for a simple time request. Chris wasn’t a loose cannon like Robert, in all honesty. He kept his temper under control until it came down to two things: His family; and his girlfriend. Robert knew this was more than just some “did I get the job?” time call, it was important.

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anonymous asked:

What would you say are the most noticeable and/or important differences regarding personality between MCU!Steve and 616!Steve and MCU!Tony and 616!Tony?

This is a tough one I’ve been turning over in my head for a while, Anon. 

The thing is, a lot of times these characters have set traits, like age or position or (to some extent) backstory, but not necessarily set personalities, because so many hands have been on them. I mean, they’ve had a handful of writers in the movies, but TONS of writers in the comics. So like, the Steve Rogers of the 40s is really a separate animal from any of the others, and the Cap of the 60s-70s is much darker and gloomier than the happy domestic Steve of the 80s, and all of them are…gentler than the 90s-early 00s. I haven’t read Iron Man as extensively as I have Captain America, but Tony varies quite a bit as well and Tony, especially, varies from book to book at the same time – in one month he can be three very different-seeming people from Iron Man to Avengers to, say, Ant-Man (where he’s a fuckin’ jerk). (He’s actually rather sweet, the little we see of him in Squirrel Girl.) 

So it’s difficult to say, well, comics Steve is X, but MCU Steve is Y. Especially since depending on the writer, he can also be rather different from film to film. Tony’s a little more consistent film-to-film, but that’s because Tony’s dominant personality traits are a bit less subtle than Steve’s – as a person, Tony Stark takes up a lot more space and visible emotional acreage than Steve Rogers does. Steve as a person is a lot more confined, and thus as a character has a more subtle expression on the screen. It’s not a criticism of Tony (or of RDJ), it’s just the guidelines for his character are a lot more boldly written and thus more easy to regulate. 

In a general sense, I think MCU Steve is trying a bit harder to integrate; he has very strong beliefs and he’s stubborn about them, but they’re specifically humanitarian, political beliefs, rather than “Well this is the way my life was before the ice, that’s the way it’s gotta be now”. 616 Steve spent literal decades trying to work out how to fit into modern society; MCU Steve seems to be working harder to adjust himself to it. Part of which could be that technically MCU Steve missed a lot more; 616 Steve came out of the ice in the sixties, so really only missed twenty years. It seems easier to me to adjust to an entirely alien world than to a world that has endless slight tweaks to it. Which could be why contemporary 616 Steve seems more comfortable in the 21st century than he did in the 20th (in 616 comics, the “origin point” of superheroes is always “about ten years ago”).  

As for Tony, I think the biggest different between 616 and MCU is the alcoholism – for 616 Tony, it’s a hugely defining trait, it’s something that was a turning point in his life and it’s a demon he constantly struggles with (also it has on occasion been a reason for him to make something that is not about him All About Him by comparing his alcoholism to someone else’s tragedy, which drives me up the god damned wall but is also something I have seen real life alcoholics do a lot, so it’s not inaccurate). 

In the films, Tony has addictions, and he clearly uses them to cope with his traumas and his emotional issues, which is very true to life. But alcohol in specific is not the huge deal that it is in the comics. I’ve heard, though I can’t cite sources, that they pared back the drinking in the later films because RDJ was having a hard time with acting it out, which makes sense but I don’t know if that’s true; certainly we see a lot more drinking from him prior to Avengers, where he has it very well under control, to the point where he doesn’t actually drink the drink he pours while talking to Loki. It feels like 616 Tony is an alcoholic, while MCU Tony just had a party animal phase that lasted longer than it should. Both are addicted to their armors, in ways that can be harmful, but for MCU Tony even the climax of IM3 with him blowing the suits is not the life-destroying, relationship-ending, rock-bottom-hit that 616 Tony had to have before he could get sober. 

So it’s difficult to point at any character who is the product of decades-long work by multiple creators and pick out ultimate, defining traits; comic books are a bit like the Bible in that if you read long enough and have enough determination you can make them say basically anything about anyone. But I think for Steve, the question is often how well (or if) he integrates to modern society, and for Tony, the question is what his addictions are and how he handles them.