and now our path is clear

  • Joseph: I'm glad you could make it to the meeting today
  • Hugo: of course, I just want Ernest to behave in something, even if it is Sunday school
  • Joseph: your son has been texting alarming things, such as "lol" which stands for "loving our lucifer" and "gtg" which means "guns to gore" and I really feel like he's going down a path we need to steer clear of now.
  • Hugo:
  • Hugo: hey quick question what do you think omg means
  • Joseph: oh my gluttonous, why?
  • Hugo: yeah I think Ernest is fine
Wolf of Spring Ch. 1

Chapter 1: “There’s no shame in not knowing how to dance, lassie.”

Tamlin needs to bury his past and move on. He’s changed, he knows it, but now he’s ready to show his court too. Now more than ever, the Court of Spring needs an heir and they need him to find a wife. What better way to mend ties with his people by inviting eligible bachelorettes to his home? He’s about to find out! 

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I was the Baladin in a game where we were trying to stop Tiamet from being summoned by a dragon cult.  We entered this forest full of spider webs and were attacked by giant spiders.  That’s when I got a brilliant idea.

One of our party members was being drug off by one of the spiders, so I cast Elemental weapon on my sword, and use fire.  I know Spider webs are usually easy to burn through so I attack the webbign to get to my friend.

Me: I hack at the webbing with my flaming sword.

DM: OK, the webbing bursts into flames, turning the forest into a raging inferno.

We survived, and now had a clear path to the Dragon’s lair, but our druid hated me for the rest of the game.

“So what are we doing tomorrow?”

Alec ducks under the branch that Magnus is holding aside to clear the way as they walk through the forest.

They spent all day wandering, exploring their surroundings and enjoying the total freedom that comes with being far far away from any civilisation.

“I take you on vacation to some remote cabin in the woods and you still ask me what our plans are?” Magnus cocks an eyebrow at him, an amused smile playing on his lips. “Try and relax a little, Alexander.”

“I’m sorry,” Alec lets out a chuckle, sounding genuinely apologetic as if he knows Magnus is right.

They’re almost back at the cabin, walking on one of the main paths of the forest with a clear view of the sky above them. It’s been a hot day, almost unbearably so, with the sun shining down from a cloudless sky. Now, everything is grey, the air humid and charged, filled with promise of the rain that’ll come down sooner rather than later.

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anonymous asked:

Geonosis, instead of letting them be executed, ObiWan decideds to break the chains because come on, they didn't take the Force from them! He can still break those damn chains, he's a gosh darn Jedi Master!

His blood was boiling in cold and raw anger, itching beneath his skin like the ever present sensation of roaring Force. It wasn’t light and it wasn’t dark, utterly gray in its sensation as it crossed his skin and Obi-Wan glared up at Yan Dooku with his speech as Anakin and Amidala were restrained beside him.

“I am so tired of selfish speeches and so tired of these GAMES!” He snarled out, cutting through the crowd and Dooku. “You stand there and say you’re for justice you selfish abandoning pompous hut’uun!”

Breaking chains are not a difficult task and as Obi-Wan jumped, he had a moment to wonder where his sudden cold rage had come from before he grasped the chain keeping him to the pillar and drew himself further up and ramming a Force enhanced boot through the weakest link and promptly snapping it.

He fell to the arena sand and landed in a crouch, swinging the now cut of chain above his head and tearing through Anakin’s and Padme’s in one strong go, bits of the pillar falling down on boths heads.

“Nicely done mas-”

“Anakin, for once in your life, listen to me, take Amidala and get the hell out of here.” Obi-Wan growled quietly, eyes narrowed at the balcony where the members from Trade Federation were throwing a tantrum.

It was Dooku who held his eyes though.

Traitor to Jedi. Traitor to the Republic. Traitor to all of Qui-Gon Jinn’s memory.

His lips drew back in a tiny snarl and Dooku jerked to a bit, eyes widening a bit in realization before he seemed to calm himself.

If Obi-Wan could have seen himself, he would have seen the same lip snarl he had given Maul ten years ago.

“Master?” Anakin’s voice sounded wounded.

“Our job is clear. We are Jedi, your duty is to protect Amidala. I was sent here to find the aggressors. I found them, now my duty is to deal with them. I trust you to do yours with the devotion required to be a Jedi knight if this is still the path you wish to follow.” Obi-Wan offered, his voice like ice. It seemed to occur to the Trade Federation that making an enemy out of the ginger haired knight was a potentially dangerous action as they changed their tunes from outrage to fear and plans of escape.

Obi-Wan rolled his shoulders.  “And I found a Sith… now what was that name I was given after Naboo…” He mock mused before he snapped his hands apart, breaking the chains around them in one easy pull. “Oh right, Sith slayer.”


In the end, Obi-Wan’s not sure when the rest of the Jedi arrived or when the clone army came to Geonosis, but he knows as he holds the saber to Yan Dooku’s throat that whatever plot was hatched to happen here, it has not fully unfolded.

There are too many political factions still detained by the Order and yes, Jango Fett escaping into the galaxy with his son is a tiny niggle of worry but doesn’t feel catastrophic, doesn’t feel like the full on tethering disaster he had been sensing for weeks and months.

“Hmm, intervened you seem to have Master Kenobi.”   Yoda hummed beside him as he stared at his former padawan with a tired expression as Mace slapped the Force suppressant handcuffs onto the older man and dragged him away to a ship.

“And you seem to have brought a slave army to Geonosis.” Obi-Wan returned coldly.

“Needed they were but speaking they are to Senator Amidala at the moment one of them is.” Yoda glanced up at him. “Find out more about them we will, fight for their rights Senator Amidala will, with help if needed.”

Obi-Wan grunted then slowly glanced to where Anakin was standing, staring forlornly at Padme’s back as she spoke to several of the clones who were no longer wearing their helmets. “…Excuse me master, I have a padawan to speak to.” He murmured, settling his saber to his belt and then slowly limping over to the blond.

Said man looked up at him in surprise then smiled unsurely.

“…I won’t blame you if you leave the path now Anakin.” Obi-Wan whispered, voice low for their benefit. “If she’s your future then go now and grasp the love you know will make you happy.” He smiled gently.

Anakin blinked in surprise and then visibly hesitated.

“She could help you free slaves, get the Senate involved.” Obi-Wan continued quietly.

The dark clothed padawan looked down at his feet and caught sight of Obi-Wan’s saber sliced thigh instead, staring at it with wide eyes.

Then he looked back up and shook his head. “No. No my path is here. With you. By your side.” He smiled and gave Padme a glance. “…Beside… I think… I think I’d always come second if I went with her… second to her work.” He swallowed.

Obi-Wan blinked then reached out, squeezing his padawan’s shoulder. “…I knew a woman like that. Fell in love with her too myself.” He smiled, bringing his padawan closer as Anakin stared at him in surprise before smiling in understanding. “They’re amazing women.”

“That they are.” Anakin glanced one last time at Padme’s back. “Utterly astounding…” He settled his arm around Obi-Wan and guided his master towards the medics.

◼  anastasia the musical sentence starters

  • ‘   I’ve stayed too long here.   ’
  • ‘   Wherever I go, you’ll always be with me.   ’
  • ‘   New name, same empty stomachs.   ’
  • ‘   Can’t cook an emptry promise in an empty pot.   ’
  • ‘   The skies are grey, the walls have ears, and he who argues disappears.   ’
  • ‘   It’s really very friendly if you don’t mind spies.   ’
  • ‘   We’re goo and loyal comrades and our favorite color’s red.   ’
  • ‘   You hold a revoltion and here’s the price you pay.   ’
  • ‘   Thank goodness for the gossip that get’s us through the day.   ’
  • ‘   It’s a rumor that’s part of our history.   ’
  • ‘   You and I friend will go down in history.   ’
  • ‘   Who else could pull it off but you and me?   ’
  • ‘   I can’t lose this job.   ’
  • ‘   Do you believe in fairy tales?   ’
  • ‘   It’s risky but not more than usual.   ’
  • ‘   Hopefully disaster won’t ensue.   ’
  • ‘   And with luck we won’t get shot.   ’
  • ‘   They said I was found by the side of the road.   ’
  • ‘   A girl/boy with no name and no memories.   ’
  • ‘   I don’t know a thing before that.   ’
  • ‘   Keeping up my courage, as foolish as it seems.   ’
  • ‘   You don’t know what it’s like not to know who you are.   ’
  • ‘   But I still have this faith in the truth of my dreams.   ’
  • ‘   Don’t give up hope come what may.   ’
  • ‘   You were born in a palace by the sea.   ’
  • ‘   Charming child.   ’

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A Series of Unfortunate Events (For me): Part 2

Recap: I, an aasimar Ranger, got turned into a squirrel, blinded, and hit in the face with a hammer.

Eventually, the party makes it to the queen ant, and proceed to kill it. As we now have the whole nest to deal with, we must make our escape. The bloodrager and I get seperated from the rest of the party, and take another path. We hitch a ride on Lenard, who is now the pet of B.R.

Dm: Okay, you see light ahead of you, and an odd clear stone.

Me: Okay, i’m going to roll appraisal, and probably get a nat one or something… *rolls exactly what i just said*… omfg…

Dm: Its a rock.

(Prologue: We find a shiny black rock and think it is a diamond. Funny story for a later date)

After our grand escape, we head off. The bloodrager somehow gets some jungle animals (panthers or something) to leave us alone. This irritated the dm, who intended that to be an encounter. We make camp, and B.R. has first watch.

Dm: Okay, roll perception.

B.R.: *Rolls high* okay…?

DM: Guess what?

*everyone* Oh no…

DM: Scythe tree!

*after a large amount of fighting, most of us low health, i cut of a branch of the tree, pissing it off.*

Dm: okay, i’m going to roll to hit *rolls high*, and roll for damage, *another high roll*… okay, Ranger, you take 26 damage.

Me:… I just got one shot… by a god damn tree!!

*the tree then dies after i got 1 shot.

TL;DR: My ranger had the worst day of his life. He got turned into a squirrel, blinded, hit in the face with a hammer, thought a diamond was a rock, and one shot by a tree.

Joker Imagine *Song inspired* - Lay Me Down

Hi! This is based on the song ‘’All the pretty girls’’ by Kaleo ( click song title to open the song if you want to ). This was requested, but I won’t display the request because it can spoil the story. Enjoy!

Joker’s P.O.V.

Some say that bad people don’t deserve anything good. They say that evil can’t get pure. I didn’t believe that at all since I had Y/N, my girlfriend. I was evil, to be completely honest. Come on, being the clown prince of crime and the king of Gotham didn’t come if you were a good person. I killed, I robbed and I enjoyed bad things. 

Then there was Y/N. She came into my life and at first, I tried to push her away. It wasn’t easy to let someone in and get to know me, but somehow it happened and I was so happy to have her by my side. Damn, we knew how to have fun. We made the Bat chase us around the city quite often. She liked it. Her laugh was like music to my ears when I drove ten times faster than anyone else around us. Everything was just great! I had let her in.

We had been separated for a week now, but I was going to see her soon. I wouldn’t be alone, no, all our friends were coming too. Well, whatever we could call friends, more like our goons and a few criminals we knew. Even her old friends were here which was special. Tonight would be about the king and queen of Gotham. It made my gut twist in a sick way because I was nervous which I rarely was. 

A week ago we had been sailing. Yes, it was romantic and all that shit, but the main reason for it was an island near shore here in Gotham. Y/N and I broke into a fancy-ass house and we killed the owners so we could stay there for a day. It was one of the best days in my life. She opened up to me about her past and I was there to listen. When I was alone with Y/N, I felt like I didn’t have to put on a show. I could just relax and being me, relaxing wasn’t something I could do often. I was always busy planning our next crime.

Anyway, Y/N swam butt-naked in the sea and she even got me in the water, but I had my clothes on. We had negotiated things about her stupid ex-boyfriend and we ended up agreeing that he’d be dead once we got back home. Her ex was a man called Samuel, a total player who had used Y/N. How disrespectful. No one and I mean no one would disrespect my queen.

             The rain made me snap out of my thoughts. Gotham city seemed to be the center of rainclouds.  The sky was very dark and dull, but the full moon shined through. The wind was cold but the breeze wasn’t too harsh. I looked around and saw people waiting. ‘’We can do this Y/N’’ I told her quietly. Then I looked at her, feeling how tears stung my eyes. Man, this felt unreal. This was happening now!

I made sure that the strap on my shoulder was there tightly. Then I gave Y/N a small pat, almost comforting her before I started walking further. Everyone’s eyes turned to us and it reminded me of everything. I just had to keep myself together and not freak out or do some crazy nonsense. Not today, this was way too important.

The five people around me were quiet. Frost was on Y/N’s other side. I took a deep breath and I forced myself to ignore the dirt that came onto my shiny black shoes. The dirt turned muddy because of the rain that soaked our clothes. A few more steps later that felt extremely heavy, we stopped. This is it. It would happen right here on this spot. ‘’You ready boss?’’ Frost asked me carefully, looking right into my eyes. The people around us were still quiet, but some sniffled and cried. There were rows of my goons with loaded guns in their arms.

Everyone was dressed in black. ‘’Yes’’ I told Frost, signaling the four others too. Frost nodded to them all, which broke my little heart that Y/N had once fixed. Too bad she could never do that again. I looked into the deep hole beneath hr and I wanted to wake up, but this wasn’t a dream. This was her funeral.

So we started lowering her casket into the ground. It was a white one with a carving of a swan. I hope she could be happy because my Y/N deserved that. She was such a beautiful girl. I hadn’t cried for years until her death and I swear it was close now. I loosened my grip slightly so she could go down. Then the casket hit the bottom and we pulled up the straps. There she was.

My breath stopped and I stared down at the casket that would be covered in dirt in a few minutes. It felt like I was looking at a nightmare. I couldn’t believe that my beautiful queen was in that wooden box! I couldn’t save her. ‘’I’m so sorry’’ I whispered before facing the other way. I was supposed to hold a speech before she’d be buried. Everyone looked at me now. Although I loved attention, this was different. I hated it. For once I could say that I hated death.

The cemetery was honestly depressing. I saw so many graves around us, so many flowers some dead and some alive, then our guests in black. The grass was wet and it had paths on it because so many people had been here. I cleared my throat and I took a deep breath. Instead of looking at someone, I looked at a nearby tree on a small hill. 

‘’Y/N was too young and too good for this’’ I started, trying my best to sound strong for her. Making a good speech wasn’t my specialty, but I truly tried. ‘’She was the only person who understood me and I felt like I could understand her. Y/N wasn’t a bad person although people would like to think that. Being with a bad person doesn’t make you one. She was incredibly beautiful and sweet. I knew she could accomplish so much, but now that chance is gone. Although religion and stuff like that are hard to understand, I hope she goes to a good place’’ I spoke slowly, holding back tears, but it was hard.

Then I saw something close to the tree. A black figure came closer but stopped. It was Batman. He was just standing there and I knew he’d get shot if he even tried to come and interrupt this. For some reason, it didn’t alert me, because I kinda expected to see him here. ‘’We’re here today to say goodbye to the queen of Gotham city. She shall never be forgotten and I’ll make sure of that’’ I promised them surely. Then I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. I could almost believe she was beside me.

‘’Y/N I’m so sorry that I couldn’t save you. I didn’t want this to happen to you’’ I said more sadly. Then I opened y eyes and I grabbed a shovel. So did the five goons, but I would put dirt in there first. That was a deal. I grabbed a little dirt and then I put the shovel above her grave. ‘’I love you’’ I whispered, saying three words I had said only a handful of times in my entire lifetime. As I let the dirt fall, so did my tears. The rain washed them away which was good.

So we started filling up her grave. It was so unfair! I would do anything to get her back, but I couldn’t. I was surprised that batman didn’t come closer to try and get me. I wasn’t in my best state so I doubt he would find it hard. Maybe he felt guilty as well?

You see Y/N died in such an unnecessary accident. There was a gang making trouble in the city. She was curious about it so we went downtown to see it for ourselves. We meant no harm for once. Batman was already there before us. He was fighting the gang and we watched. I was going to grab my gun from the car just in case, only leaving her side for ten seconds which was enough.

One of the men took her, dragging her in the middle of the mess. I tried to run to her, man I shot everyone around her to get there. No one gave her a helping hand even tho so many could have. I remembered how she screamed when the gang member stabbed her abdomen as I ran. I reached her too late and so did batman. He had tried to save Y/N, but he couldn’t either It all happened so fast.

So there I sat on the cold ground with her dying body in my arms. Her blood had completely soaked her and my clothes, but I didn’t give a damn. ‘’Don’t..blame y-yourself’’ She had told me so weakly. I yelled that she wouldn’t die. I was so furious that I was losing my mind. ‘’I love you’’ Were her last words and then she had died in my arms. I could still feel that haunting moment as it happened a minute ago.

Batman didn’t take me to Arkham that day. I guess he showed mercy or something.

I had lost her.

And now I had lied her down to her last resting place.

Façade [Chapter 1]

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Warning: Language

Summary: You thought you wanted fame. You thought you wanted this. But a part of you still yearned for that normal life, a normal love: finding someone that you love and will love you back with all his heart. So soon enough, this became too much for you.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8


The glaring numbers of the electric clock stare back at you mockingly. It hasn’t been the first time you’ve waited for your so called husband like this.

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‘Axl strode into our guitar show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium with sort of a cocky, arrogant air about him. His entourage surrounded him and were clearing him a path through the crowd. Heather stepped between them, and asked Axl if he would take a picture with her. He didn’t even acknowledge that she was standing there and kept walking. Well, that didn’t sit too well with my little Cherokee bride (4’ 10" tall, 99 pounds). She reached out, grabbed him by the arm and said, “You get over here right now and take a picture with my daughter. Who do you think is responsible for your success? It’s your fans!” He said, “Yes, Ma'am”, and proceeded to pose with Heather.’

Before Flowers Bloom || Chan || Oneshot

Word Count: 974

Genre: comfort, oneshot

Summary: Chan wasn’t the best with words but he hoped his little analogy would help you feel better.

You sat on his bed, watching as he aggressively played his video game. His frustrated grunts filled the room and his back was turned to you. He was expecting you to be on your phone or reading or maybe studying like you normally did when you invited yourself over to his house. Instead, you were watching him with a pair of sad eyes, unsure of what to say or how to interrupt his intense gaming session. After he finished the round, you unknowingly let out a loud sigh.

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‘Bajillion Dollar Propertie$’ Review: Reality TV is No Match for This Real Estate Parody, Which Gets Better as It Gets Weirder

It’s probably when Paul F. Tompkins (as Dean Rosedragon) sits in a dimly lit office room, backed by blaring thrash metal, that Season 3 of Seeso’s “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” officially transcends parody.

Like a frog that doesn’t realize it’s being boiled as the water gets warmer, “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” started as a simple skewering of Bravo and HGTV reality shows but gradually become its own beast, just by stepping up the absurdity. The result is a show that’s learned enough about its main characters to know when to throw everything out of the window.

Platinum Realty is home to some of the unluckiest and barely-qualified Realtors in the greater Los Angeles area and this season those employees wander even further out into the weird zone. While Season 1 focused on who would be made partner, and Season 2 was about their quest for a “Diamond Dealmaker Award” (culminating in a ceremony that weirdly predicted the ending of this year’s Oscars ceremony five months before it happened), the primary objective of Season 3 — ostensibly a group contest to write part of Dean’s memoirs — shuffles the deck even more than usual.

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Baxter and Andrew, attached-at-the-hip besties who ended last season at odds with each other, spend most of this season tackling their own real estate showings. (But not before one insane faux-brawl that lets Ryan Gaul and Drew Tarver really flex their physical comedy muscles.) Pure-intentioned and mostly oblivious Glenn opens the season in a condition slightly different than usual, something the season delights in returning to even as he’s back to normal.

Every time the show returns to the Platinum Realty offices, the show really finds its center. Breaking out from the conference room, the workplace antics that pepper this season — chaotic fire drills and upstart southern rock bands are just the beginning — show that “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” doesn’t need to riff on real estate deals to be funny.

When the show does venture out into a seemingly endless list of multimillion dollar L.A. mansions, it meets a murderer’s row of comedy guest stars in the foyer. (One particular highlight from this season is a nameless, tracksuit-clad group of potential buyers, led by Lauren Lapkus and Mary Holland.) The idea that this string of clients show up to buy a house and are never seen or heard from again really lets “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” give these one-off guests free rein. It’s a consequence-free cycle that lets the show keep its framework while churning on toward the next in the line of filthy-rich eccentrics.

And it’s still having fun with toying with the TV reality show basics: the obvious, recorded-after-the-fact confessional recaps, the neverending cymbal-scrape sound effects and the EDM-adjacent theme song that still continues to be a chair-dancing earworm. But the commission numbers that used to be a main motivation is now essentially a button to each sale, letting these characters’ quirks take center stage.

After 18 episodes and a largely unchanged central cast, the comedians at the heart of the show have a firm grasp on what makes these bumbling real estate agents tick. Mandell Maughan has fully tapped into Victoria’s simmering ruthless ambition. Chelsea Leight-Leigh (the best name-based joke in a show that thrives on them) has become the office’s conscience, giving Tawny Newsome a chance to play her with an extra level of incredulousness. Eugene Cordero as Dean’s biological son DJ brings a nice offsetting wrinkle to the endless chaos around the Platinum offices.

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As the figurative (and occasionally literal) heart of this show, Paul F. Tompkins continues to mold Dean Rosedragon into the craziest boss on the internet, fleshing out his impossibly wild backstory with the confidence of someone who may or may not have been the inspiration for “Eyes Wide Shut.” And even though this season features the Platinum head honcho out in Beverly Hills more often than usual, Dean at the office, with his giant ego and enormous cash reserve, has been the show’s true north. (Tompkins and Cordero manage to turn the process of recording an outgoing voicemail message into an instant-classic improv moment that might be the best thing the show has ever done.)

“Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” has always succeeded in taking the unrestrained id of reality show ridiculousness and paring it down into a recognizable package. When the third season ends on a surprisingly poignant note, it’s another example of the show continuing to test what it can get away with. After this eight-episode batch, there’s still a clear path for “Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” to continue outbidding itself. With Seeso downsizing its business model, let’s hope this show can find a new home.

Grade: B+

“Bajillion Dollar Propertie$” Season 3 is now available on Seeso.  

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Between You and Her - Drake x MC, The Prince x MC (A Royal Romance Fanfic)

[Summary: When Drake intends to share news with his best friend about falling for the same woman, he’s tongue-tied when Liam shares his news first].

We breathe the same air, tell ourselves the same truths and disregard the same lies. We have been the other shoulder to lean on during a crisis, to confide in with sometimes the darkest secrets and never waver from relying on each other.

Nothing has gotten between us before, nothing that has ever lasted anyway. Our brotherhood has remained tightly knit, interlaced over the years we’ve spent solidifying how deeply our bonds ran. How deeply they have always ran, before meeting her. Now we’ve both fallen so far that I can no longer tell which path leads me to before - before her.

This woman entered our lives, and will leave everything differently once it’s over. Your intentions whether you’ve seen it all along or not; are clear to me now. Now that I’ve spent as much time thinking of her as you probably have too.

The woman who has left little parts of herself with us over the course of the passing weeks; parts that I can see readily with every drink, hear echoes of every laughter, even when she is no longer there. As insufferable as I want to believe she is - she sneaks inside our thoughts and now hangs in between us. Silently as if a whisper to my ear, promising me happiness but causing me pain. 

But you don’t know. 

You’ve never known. 

I’ve always been better at this game. Hiding my feelings, than you ever have. But it isn’t until she’s buried herself so far under that I realize there is no longer anywhere deep enough.

Between you and her I’ve become lost; like a sailor somehow losing his bearings at sea. I’ve struggled with how I’ve felt, agonized over how I should feel. Even without thinking it, I’ve distanced myself. 

Until her lips had finally touched mine - I thought I could simply move on from how she’s made me feel. But when our lips grazed and melted for the first time, I hadn’t realized how much I’ve been lying all along. Suddenly, all I could think of was being distant no longer. 

Yes, she feels the same as I do. And as my heart surges with joy in the moments we are left alone, pressing against one another until I’ve brought her across the desk; it also sinks at the recognition that this is going to hurt. Hurt me, hurt her and regrettably hurt you.

As I watch the excitement flash in your eyes once I’ve had the courage to bring up her name, I hesitate to say more. 

My resolve crumbles. 

I long to utter the words, but don’t. I can’t bring myself to knowing your eyes will look at me differently, think of me differently.

Who am I if not the only person you’ve ever been able to confide into? The only person that has listened so readily to your burdens and have been by your side through every wear and tear the crown has given you. 

Who will I be after I’ve crossed that line? After I have knowingly think of her, and longed for her - went after her. No matter how much I can try and explain - my words won’t ever be forgotten. 

I’ve known you long enough to realize your tells, I’ve known you long to know you’ll be hurt even as you insist otherwise. I know the mask will break hours later once you’re finally left alone.

You have so often schooled your expression into one of absolute seriousness; of absolute confidence that I don’t think you realize once it will falter, before fall. How severe it will be - how much it will hurt.  

And then you’ve started talking. Talking excitedly and every gesture is happy, almost child-like and the words you mention with conviction renders me speechless.

When you’ve finally given pause, I’ve managed to clear my throat. I wet my lips because of how dry they suddenly are and try to find my voice. 

Your eyes glances at mine hopefully and your hand thrusts in my direction.

The longer I’ve stalled, the more your smile falters.

My thoughts are filled with her once I’ve grasped your hand firmly, and force a smile.

We breathe the same air, think the same things and believe we belong in the same ending. We believe in cherishing our nows, and forgetting our tomorrows because as soon as the sun rises; we’ll be filled of regret. Falling for her bottomless pit has wedged a wall between us, so high that I fear I can never tear it down again.

“Congratulations,” I say stiffly, pulling you into a warm hug.  I have to believe I’m happy, I have to remember our lives before. “You don’t even have to ask. Of course I’ll be your best man.”

Are You Trying to Make Me Hate You? (Loki x reader)

childishheart said: 19 (Are you trying to make me hate you?) with Loki

snooper1 said: aaa i love the prompts there’s so many i wanna choose but i think 20 (I don’t think I can stop thinking about you) with loki would be gr8

Sequel to Kneel Before Me

“(Y/N)?” Thor called out, peeking his head into the library but getting no reply.  He moved on to the gym, the kitchen, the lounge, and finally to the balcony where you were sitting quietly and reading on your one day off from the team.  “(Y/N), might I join you for a moment?”

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30 Day Fic Challenge

I picked thirty words from a random word generator, and I’m going to write a hiccstrid fic based on each every day.

island, warm, chief, scheme, halloween, kissing, heist, song, zoo, birthday, winter, gift, lovesick, honeymoon, ocean, love, dancing, playground, kitten, colours, protection, abandoned, helpless, flowers, young, fire, lethal, anger, gossip, daydreamer

Day One: Island



“Where’s the path back to the mainland?”

Hiccup’s eyes were shut, his head laid back against the grass, chin lifted up so the sun could warm his face. “It’s to the left of us. Back by that misshapen rock and the tree that looks oddly like Snotlout.” His voice was far away, right on the edge of falling asleep. He wouldn’t be ripped from his nap just yet.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a choice in the matter, as no sooner had he spoken was Astrid shaking his shoulders.

“Hiccup, it’s not there anymore,” she said. “The path is gone.”  

“It can’t be gone,” Hiccup mumbled, his eyes still closed.

“I’m telling you, it’s gone!”

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We are all buried underneath old, forgotten earth
Contrary to belief, we are all still alive
We are waiting for our beloved sunshine to peek through the particles
But it doesn’t come, and we start forgetting our worth
Some choose to blaspheme, some choose to weep, but not I, I thrive
The dirt is too thick to some, and sometimes the suffocating weight is remarkable
Moisture seeps through the dense cracks, gently saturating us
Some choose to scream, some choose to sob, but I welcome the water in our venue
The sun hasn’t shined in years, but the rain just came, our ground begins to shift
The earth gently moves, following the path of the rain, exposed to the oxygen, some begin to rust
The rain torments us, raises us to surface, and washes away our grainy refuge
The rain is freezing and is painful to our once concealed flesh, but now the rain starts to lift
Our long awaited light has returned at last, we can see ourselves clear as day
We smile and our eyes shine bright, for we are blooming now
Although the rain was not pleasant, it eroded away my shell, and now I begin life anew
—  Ramona Prezlock “Eroded Away”

Existence and Nonexistence

by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

If you believe there is a thing called mind, it is just a thought. If you believe there is no thing called mind, it’s just another thought. Your natural state, free of any kind of thought about it — that is buddhanature. Mind is similar to space, in that it is insubstantial, not material. Isn’t it quite amazing that something that is insubstantial is also able to experience?

Whatever practice you do, please do so while embracing it with the Three Excellences.

The first is the excellent preparation of bodhichitta [Skt., lit. “awakened heart”]. The bodhisattva resolve is to form the thought, “I will attain complete enlightenment for the sake of all beings.” Engendering that motivation is a superb way to begin one’s practice.

This excellent preparation is indispensable for all Buddhist practitioners, because we all have had many lifetimes other than this one. The pure vision of the fully enlightened ones sees that we have been through countless lifetimes. In every one of these, we had a father and a mother. We have had so many lifetimes that every sentient being, without a single exception, has been our own father and mother. Thus we are connected to all other beings, and to merely wish enlightenment and liberation for ourselves is far too limited. To achieve enlightenment in this way would mean abandoning all our parents.

Please understand that all sentient beings, all our parents, want nothing but happiness. Unfortunately, through their negative actions they only create the causes for further pain and suffering. Take this to heart and consider all our parents, wandering blindly and endlessly through painful samsaric states. When we truly take this to heart, out of compassion we feel motivated to achieve enlightenment to truly help all of them. This compassionate attitude is indispensable as a preparation for practice.

The excellent preparation also includes the taking of refuge. Do we actually have the ability to genuinely help other beings? Do we have the power, the wisdom, the boundless compassion to do so? At present we don’t. Who does? Only the fully awakened Buddha actually possesses the power to protect others, as well as the pure teachings on how to attain enlightenment. In addition to these two, there are those beings who uphold these teachings in an unbroken lineage. These three, the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, are the only true protection and rescue for unenlightened beings.

We should regard these Three Precious Ones as our shelter, our refuge and our escort, from now on until complete enlightenment. They embody a reliable and authentic source of protection. To entrust ourselves and place our confidence in the Three Jewels from this point until we ourselves become truly able to benefit others is called “taking refuge.” Together with bodhichitta, taking refuge is the excellent preparation. Taking refuge essentially embodies all teachings of the path of individual liberation, while all the Mahayana teachings are contained within forming the bodhisattva resolve.

The second of the Three Excellences is called the “excellent main part beyond concepts.” This has two aspects, development stage and completion stage. This excellent main part beyond conceptual focus is a synonym for Vajrayana, the vajra vehicle of Secret Mantra.

Development stage is usually understood as visualising the support, which is the buddha field and the celestial palace, and what is supported therein — the form of the deity. The palace and deity are considered to be the pure world and pure being. We may think that this is a product of our imagination, but in fact it is an exact replica of the original state of all things. It is how things already are in actuality — also called the great mandala of the manifest ground.

Thus, visualisation is ultimately not a matter of imagining something to be what it isn’t, but rather, of seeing it as it actually is. It is acknowledging things as they already are. This is the essential principle of vajrayana. Within this principle is contained both development stage and completion stage.

Development stage is not like imagining a piece of wood to be gold. No matter how long you imagine that wood is gold, it never truly becomes gold. Rather, it’s like regarding gold as gold: acknowledging or seeing things as they actually are. That is what is meant by training in deity, mantra and samadhi. The body, speech and mind of the deity is contained within the three aspects of vajrayana practice called development, recitation and completion.

All appearances are the mandala of the deities, all sounds are the mandala of mantra, and all thoughts are the mandala of enlightened mind. The nature of all apparent and existing things — of this entire world and all its beings — is the great mandala of the manifest ground, our basic state. These three mandalas are present as our ground. The practice of a sadhana is based on manifesting from this ground. Sadhana practice is also based on some very essential principles: that the tantras are contained within the statements, the statements within the oral instructions, and the oral instructions within the application of the sadhana itself.

Let me rephrase this vital point. In vajrayana, a sadhana is the act of manifesting what is originally present in the form of the threefold mandalas of deity, mantra and samadhi. When practicing a sadhana, we are not superimposing something artificial atop the natural state of things. Rather, it is a way of acknowledging our original state, in which the nature of all forms is deity, the nature of all sounds is mantra, and the nature of mind is samadhi. This is the basic principle of development stage. And the differences in profundity between the teachings of sutra and tantra lie in how close the teachings are to the original nature. The closest, the most direct, are the Vajrayana teachings.

What are the reasons for the development and completion stages? The profound development stage enables us to attain enlightenment in one lifetime and in one body through deity, mantra and samadhi. And completion stage means that the deity is none other than our originally enlightened buddhanature. Its essence is present as Body, its nature radiates as Speech, and its capacity is pervasive as Mind.

Our originally enlightened essence contains within itself the awakened state of all buddhas as the three aspects of vajra body, vajra speech and vajra mind. Training in these three vajras is intrinsically contained within the profound state of samadhi, which is none other than one’s own nature. That is the starting point or source of the excellent main part beyond concepts.

Deity, mantra and samadhi are the enlightened body, speech and mind. Vajra body means the unchanging quality which is the identity of the deity. The unceasing quality is the identity of the mantra, while the unmistaken or undeluded quality is the identity of the deity’s mind. These three vajras are complete in our buddha nature. They are also called dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and nirmanakaya [Skt.: the three bodies, or kayas, of the Buddha; respectively, the dharmakaya level of absolute, primordial mind; the sambhogakaya level of energy, emotions and symbols, and the nirmanakaya level of manifested form].

These profound methods of Vajrayana — practicing a sadhana, meditating on the deity, reciting its mantra, and training in samadhi — are called a quick path. The essence of this is the nature of mind. This is the unfailing, unmistaken vajra speech of the perfectly enlightened Buddha, which can enable us to attain complete enlightenment in one lifetime. This teaching has been passed through an unbroken lineage of great masters all the way down to my own root guru. While my ears have been very fortunate to receive this teaching, I myself am nothing special. Although I may take great words in my mouth, please understand that I am merely repeating what I have been fortunate enough to receive.

It is very difficult to really learn something or to be educated in it without a teacher. You probably all know this very well, having gone to school so many years. The education we have received is something that we can make use of our entire lives. Even so, our education has not brought us even one inch closer to the state of perfect enlightenment. Our years of effort in school are ultimately of no real benefit.

Because you are all intelligent, I think you can understand why I am saying this. No matter what we do in this life, all the information we gather and all the knowledge we accumulate and all the effort we make to amass wealth through work and business — when the time comes for us to leave this life, all of it is futile and in vain. It will not help us in any way whatsoever. I can easily say this since I am not educated at all! So I can smile and act big about this. Don’t be angry, please.

What I’m trying to say is that we may well succeed in becoming extremely rich and gain great material profit. We can buy the most expensive clothes or manage to be famous in this world so that everyone knows our name. That is quite possible. We can pursue these worldly attainments very enthusiastically and think that there is plenty of time to enjoy them while we are in the first half of our lives.

However, in the second half of our lives, as we age and become elderly, life starts being less fun. I speak from experience here. It begins to be difficult to stand up and to move around. You get sick more often and you start to ail in different ways. What lies ahead of you is only further sickness and finally death.

All these disasters are lined up in front of us, and we will meet them one after the other. What comes after death is not clear to us right now, because we cannot see our next rebirth. We cannot even see if there is anything after this life. When we look down at the ground we don’t see any lower realms; when we look up in the sky we don’t see any heavens or buddhafields. With these eyes we have now, we don’t see that much.

Please consider this: right now,you have a body, a voice and a mind, don’t you? Of these, mind is the most important. Isn’t it true that your body and voice are the servants of mind? Mind is the boss, and here comes more about mind. The five physical elements of earth, fire, water, wind and space do not perceive. Mind, in contrast, means that which can experience; that which perceives. The five sense organs of eyes, ears, tongue, nose and body do not perceive and experience. A corpse possesses the five sense organs, yet a corpse does not perceive, because it doesn’t have a mind.

The term corpse means that the mind has departed. We say that the eyes see, that the ears hear, that the tongue tastes, the nose smells and so forth — but it is only possible for this to happen when there is a mind to experience through the senses. The moment what we call consciousness, mind or spirit leaves the body, the five sense organs are still there; but there is no experience taking place through them.

Mind means that which knows pleasure and pain. Of all the different things in this world, only mind experiences and perceives; nothing else. Therefore, mind is the root of all states — all samsaric as well as all nirvanic states. Without mind there would be nothing to feel or perceive in this world. If there were nothing that feels or perceives in this world, the world would be utterly empty, wouldn’t it? Mind is completely empty, but it is at the same time able to perceive, to know.

The three lower realms are arrayed according to the degree of pain experienced in each, just as the three higher realms are arrayed according to degrees of pleasure. Everything is based on that which feels pleasure and pain, which is mind. In other words, mind is the basis or root of everything.

Mind is empty, and while being empty, it still knows or experiences. Space is empty and does not know anything. That is the difference between space and mind. Mind is similar to space, in that it is insubstantial, not material. Isn’t it quite amazing that something that is insubstantial is also able to experience?

There is mind, but it is not tangible or substantial. You cannot say that there is no mind because it is the basis of everything; it is that which experiences every possible thing. You cannot say really that there is a thing called mind, and yet at the same time you cannot say that there is no mind. It lies beyond both extremes of being and not being. That is why it is said, “Not existent, since even a buddha does not see it; not nonexistent, since it is the basis of both sam- sara and nirvana.”

If we were without a mind, we would be corpses. You are not corpses, are you? But can you say that there is a mind that you can see, hear, smell, taste or take hold of? Honestly, you can continue to search for it exactly like this, scrutinising for a billion years, and you will never be able to find mind as something that either exists or doesn’t. It is truly beyond both extremes of existence and nonexistence.

The absence of contradiction between these two is the principle of the Middle Way — that mind is beyond conflict between existence and nonexistence. We do not have to hold the idea that there is a concrete mind or that there isn’t. Mind in itself is natural “thatness,” meaning that it is an unformed unity of being empty and cognisant. The Buddha called this unformed unity shunyata, emptiness. Shunye means empty, while the -ta in shunyata, the ‘-ness’ in emptiness, should be understood as meaning “able to cognise.” In this way, mind is empty cognisance. Natural thatness means simply what is by itself. Our nature is just like that. Just recognise that fact, without colouring it with any kind of idea about it.

If you believe there is a thing called mind, it is just a thought. If you believe there is no thing called mind, it’s just another thought. Your natural state, free of any kind of thought about it — that is buddha nature. In ordinary sentient beings, this natural state is carried away by thinking, caught up in thought. Involvement in thinking is like a heavy chain that weighs you down. Now it is time to be free from that chain. The moment you shatter the chain of thinking, you are free from the three realms of samsara.

In this entire world, there is nothing superior to or more precious than knowing how to break this chain. Even if you were to scan the entire world, or piece by piece put it through a sieve in an attempt to find something more precious, you’d come up with nothing. None of the buddhas of the past, present and future have discovered an instruction that is more profound or more direct in attaining enlightenment. To ask for teachings on the nature of mind means to understand how to recognise mind nature.

The traditional way of receiving the instruction on how to realise the nature of mind involves first going through the training of the preliminary practices of the “four times hundred thousand.” After that, you would carry out the yidam [Tib.: deity] practice, staying in retreat and completing the set number of recitations.

Finally, after all this, this teaching would be given. But nowadays we live in different times. People are so busy that they have no time to actually sit down and go through all this training. My root guru told me once that different times were coming. He said, “If you happen to be in front of people who ask about and want to hear about the nature of mind, explain it to them. If they have the karmic readiness, they will understand, and if they do understand, they are benefited. To benefit beings is the purpose of the Buddha’s teachings. It’s all right.”

When I was young, I often tried to do that. It’s like someone pointing out the sunrise. Often people look towards the west and see that the sunlight has hit the mountain top; that’s how they know the sun has risen. But actually what they have to do is turn around and see the sun rising in the east. When someone tells them to do so, they turn around and say, “Well, yeah, the sun is actually rising in the east!” That is how I have been teaching, and that is how I will continue to teach now.

So you that our mind is actually empty, meaning it is not a concrete thing, and that at the same time it is able to perceive, to understand, to experience. When you hear this and think about this, can you trust it? Is it clear? Can you decide on this point?

Our mind is empty, and yet it does think. That it is empty means there is no concrete substance with any definable attributes. And yet, mind does think. Isn’t it true that we are always thinking about the past, present or future? And aren’t we so busy thinking that we have one thought after the other, day and night, incessantly?

This is not something that has suddenly happened. It has been going on for a long time, through countless past lives in samsara. We have been spinning around involved in one thought after another in different realms in samsara. That is the essence of samsaric existence. And if we carry on in the same way, we will be busy thinking one thought after the other until the very end of this life.

It doesn’t stop there. Of course there is no body in the bardo [Tib.: the intermediate state between death and rebirth], but mind continues churning out one thought after the other due to habit. After a new rebirth, regardless of whether it’s in the lower realms or the higher realms or the deepest hell, everything is simply one thought after the other. Yet all the time, the very nature of all this thinking is buddha nature — the enlightened essence.

Let me give you an example for the relationship between thinking and the nature of mind. The nature of mind is like the sun in the sky, while thinking is like the sun’s reflection in water. Without water, it’s difficult for the sun to reflect, isn’t it? Water here is the analogy for all perceived objects, for anything held in mind. If you drained the water from a pond, where does the reflection go? Does it run out with the water? Does it stay suspended in mid-air?

Holding subject and object, perceiver and perceived in mind, is symbolised by the reflection of the sun in the pond. Without the sun in the sky, would there be any light in this world? No, of course not. And yet, one single sun is able to illuminate the entire world. This single sun is like the nature of mind, in that it functions or operates in many different ways: it has great warmth and brilliance, and through its heat it sets wind in motion. In comparison to this, the reflection of the sun is nothing. Is the reflection of the sun able to illuminate the entire world? Can it even illuminate a single pond?

Our enlightened essence, the buddhanature, is like the sun itself, present as our very nature. Its reflection can be compared to our thoughts — all our plans, our memories, our attachment, our anger, our closed-mindedness, and so on. One thought arises after the other, one movement of mind occurs after the other, just like one reflection after another appears. If you control this one sun in the sky, don’t you automatically control all its reflections in various ponds of water in the whole world? Why pay attention to all the different reflections? Instead of circling endlessly in samsara, recognise the one sun. If you recognize the nature of your mind, the buddhanature, that is sufficient.

Understand the difference between buddhanature and its expression, which is thoughts. Thoughts appear in many types. There is attachment, anger and stupidity; there are the fifty-one mental events, the eighty innate thought states, the eighty-four thousand disturbing emotions.

No matter how many different types of content the mind can manifest as, they are all simply expressions of the nature of mind. The eighty-four thousand different types of disturbing emotions are like eighty-four thousand different reflections of the sun in different ponds of water. If you take the sun and put it in your pocket, you automatically control all eighty-four thousand reflections. Similarly, the very moment that you recognise your natural state, the buddha mind, your enlightened essence — in that same moment, all eighty-four thousand types of disturbing emotions are simultaneously vanquished.

All the different thoughts we can have are either of the past, present or future, so they can be called past thought, present thought, or future thought. The Tibetan word for thought is namtok. Nam means the perceived forms of the five senses and the mental objects. Tokpa means the concept formed about what is perceived. Sentient beings are constantly busy producing namick, making one idea after the other about what is experienced. This thinking of your own mind’s thoughts is exactly what hinders and obstructs liberation and enlightenment.

If we try to stop thinking it only gets worse. You cannot shake off or throw away the thinking. Can you throw away your shadow? Can you somehow cut the flow of thought created by your own mind, maybe by detonating a nuclear bomb? Will this stop the mind from thinking? It will kill you, sure, but your thoughts will continue in the bardo and into the next life. Is there anything else in this world that can stop the mind from thinking?

To stop thinking, you need to recognise your essence. It’s like seeing the sun in the sky just once — forever after, you know what the sun looks like. If you chase one reflection of the sun after the other, you’ll never be able to see all possible reflections. There is no end to that. The sun in the sky is the real sun, and without it, there would be no reflections. Its reflection in the water is only an imitation.

In the same way, all thoughts are only expressions or displays of your essence; they are not your essence itself. Without being free of thought, without the thinking having dissolved, vanished, disappeared, there is no way to be liberated or enlightened. There is a saying: “Use the thought as its own antidote.” In the same way, the reflection of all suns comes from the original, real sun. If you recognise the real sun in the sky, there is no need to chase around after all its reflections in this world in order to see the sun.

The most important thing is your empty, cognisant mind. Its natural emptiness is dharmakaya, also called empty essence. Your natural ability to know and to perceive is cognisant nature, sambhogakaya. This being empty and being cognisant are an original unity. The famous statement “unity of empty cognisance suffused with awareness” refers to your own nature, the essence of your mind.

After having been pointed out your nature and recognising your essence, you see that there is no “thing” to see. As I have repeatedly said, “Not seeing a thing is the supreme sight.” We need to see that. It is seen the moment you look, and in the moment of seeing it is free, liberated.

This seeing may last no longer than a few seconds, perhaps no longer than three snaps of your fingers. After that brief period of time, we either get carried away by the thought of something, or we become forgetful. This happens to all ordinary sentient beings. From beginningless lifetimes until now, we have been continuously carried away by forgetfulness and by thinking.

The moment you recognise, it is already seen. There is nothing extra remaining that you missed. This is not like space looking at itself, because space does not see anything. When your mind, which is cognisant, recognises itself, you immediately see that there is no “thing” to see. It is already seen in the same moment. At that very moment there is no thought, because the present thought has naturally vanished.

The moment of recognising mind nature is called ordinary mind, whether you talk about Mahamudra, Dzogchen or the Great Middle Way. When recognising, don’t do anything to it; don’t try to correct or improve it; don’t alter it by accepting one thing and rejecting another, motivated by hope or fear — don’t do anything to it. An ordinary person is involved in conceptualising with the present thought. Don’t conceptualise with a present thought. Present thought means wanting or not wanting, with hope or fear. Just disconnect from the present thought; don’t follow it up. The moment you are free from thoughts of the three times, that is the buddha mind.

You don’t have to try not to think the present thought. We need to train in just letting go of what is thought of; that is the practice. In this letting go there is not even a dust mote to imagine, so it is not an act of meditating. At the same time, do not be distracted from this for even one second. It’s like trying to imagine space, because there’s nothing that needs to be imagined or meditated upon. Do you need to imagine anything to imagine space?

When we hear “Don’t be distracted,” we may think that we have to do something in order to be undistracted. People usually think that trying to remain undistracted is some kind of deliberate act. This would in fact be so, if the aim was to maintain a particular state of concentration for a long time. Deliberate action would be necessary in that case. But I am not telling you to do that. The moment of natural empty cognisance doesn’t last very long by itself, but that’s perfectly okay. You don’t have to try to prolong that moment; rather, repeat it many times. “Short moments, many times” — this is the training in uncontrived naturalness. Uncontrived naturalness means you don’t have to do anything during that state. It’s like ringing a bell. Once you ring the bell there is a continuity of sound; you don’t have to do anything in order for the sound to continue. Simply allow that continuity to endure by itself until at some point the sound fades away.

At the moment of recognising your mind essence leave it in naturalness, simply as it is. If you keep striking the bell, the sound is interrupted by the effort. Just leave that recognition be without altering it. That is the way to not lose the continuity. Soon enough the recognition will vanish by itself. As beginners, naturally we will forget after a bit. We don’t need to try to prevent that or guard against it with great effort. Once distracted, again recognise. That is the training.

Every level of teaching has its own purpose, and even though the very heart of the Buddhadharma is to recognise mind essence and train in that, still, there are obstacles and hindrances that need to be cleared away and enhancement practices that need to be done.

An obstacle is something that prevents us from remaining in the natural state. These can be cleared away by certain practices. There are also ways to improve or enhance our practice and to deepen our experience. These two — clearing hindrances and enhancing — are extremely useful.

Outer obstacles are connected with our environment; inner obstacles with our physical body, and innermost obstacles with our thought patterns. To dispel these, it’s extremely beneficial to do the preliminaries and the inner practice of deity, mantra and samadhi. Hindrances need to be removed, as they are the result of negative deeds that obscure our nature. Relying on the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha and on the guru, yidam and dakini as support quickly clears away hindrances.

Enhancement practices, for instance, are to develop devotion to the enlightened ones and compassion for sentient beings. Devotion and compassion strengthen the recognition of mind nature. Other practices also further enhance mind essence; however, the Third Karmapa stated the most essential point when he said: “In the moment of love, the empty essence dawns nakedly.”

In the moment that either devotion or compassion is felt sincerely, from the core of our heart, there is really nothing to obscure us any longer. The more we train in devotion to all enlightened masters, buddhas and bodhisattvas, the more our progress in recognising mind essence will be enhanced. In exactly the same way, generating loving kindness and compassion for all sentient beings will also help tremendously to enhance our realisation of buddhanature.

Let us conclude this teaching by engaging in the last of the Three Excellences, the excellent dedication. As a result of having studied these teachings, please dedicate the merit and make aspirations for the benefit of all sentient beings.


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Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name

REQUEST: Hi could you do an imagine where reader is really badass during missions, but when not she’s clumsy she makes lame jokes and is just a cute meatball. And that’s what Bucky loves about her so fluff and rainbows pls Thaaanks ILY

For @smexy-bucky-waifu

A/N: Thank you for the request. Let me know if you like it!

Y/N quickly crept through the hall with ease, not making a sound, knowing exactly how to make it to their target without being seen. There was a option to go left or right at the end of the hall and they knew once they rounded that corner they would be completely inundated with agents. She got to the end of the hallway and looked to their right, while leaning against the left hand side of the wall. Bucky, Steve and Clint were right behind her, and Steve put his hand on her shoulder as soon as they caught up.

“Alright Y/N what do you see?” Steve whispered

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Requested Steve imagne

 "Don’t touch me! I’ve had enough of you! You don’t even love me!“ I screamed at Steve with hot tears running down my face. ” Aww, don’t say that. You know I love you!“ Steve answered, trying to grab my waist. I pulled back, not wanting him to touch me. I was sick of the parties, the alcohol, the girls. Knowing I’d say something I regret, I knew I had to leave. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door towards my car.

   At first I had no idea were to go. I started towards home, but then I realized I didn’t wanna go home. I hated my home. All that ever happened was either constant fighting or nobody was home. I hated being alone though, ever since I was a kid. I remembered when it was just me and my older brother most of the time. I never knew where my parents where most of the time. All I knew was all my parents did was fight and I had one tuff brother. That was when I was nine though. Now I’m 17, and my brothers twenty-one. The old man divorced my Ma when I was ten and has re-married four times in the past seven years. Thinking about my childhood and my brother, I knew exactly where to go.

   When I pulled up to the old, rusty playground, I looked for the once cleared opening. Nobody plays at this playground any more, but it was where my brother and I spent most of our time long ago. Actually it was through the “hidden” path into the woods a little bit. I’d been there a few times lately, I just could never find the entrance. After I found the opening I walked trough it and followed the trail. The sun would be setting in about  ten minutes, so I’d try to hurry. After I walked for about thirty seconds, I saw the old, broken sheds of old glasses of soda. This is where my brother and I used to come when our parents fought. We’d take turns smashing stuff with  my brothers baseball bat. It was still laying there in that hollow tree we would keep our keepsakes in. This was the only place that I felt completely comfortable alone. Remembering why I was there, I suddenly felt really angry. I grabbed the bat out of the tree and ran my hand down its smooth wood. I thought about all the times Steve’s put off hanging out with me, and went to a beer blast with Soda instead. Or all the times where I overheard other girls talking about how he was flirting with them at parties. With a deep rage growing in my stomach, I swung the bat over my head and smashed the fallen down log in front of me, smashing the glass soda bottle that was there. 

  Tears started streaming down my face as I threw myself down next to the log and covered my face. I heard a voice which immediately shut me up.            “Hello? Who’s there! I have a baseball bat!” I said my throat turning dry. I grabbed the bat then saw a figure coming along the trail. “ Y/N, its okay its just me Steve. Are you okay?” he said grabbing my hand pulling me up. Unexpectedly, I grabbed him and buried my face in his neck. At the sudden force, he almost fell. “I’m sorry Steve!” I began to cry again. “ I know your lifes not perfect and you can do whatever you want! Its not my place to tell you what your aloud to do!” Steve just wiped away my tears and told me that he really does love me and he promises things will change. He took me home where he never let go of me the rest of the night.

The May prompt for @meflashfanwork is “What Might Have Been”, which apparently to my brain translates directly as “sad AU”.

In Absentia

That first night away from Earth, Kaidan wandered the corridors of the Normandy like a ghost. She had the shape and skeleton of the SR-1, but her architecture had changed, walls where there used to be doors, turns that he took on autopilot and which led nowhere. The icon of EDI - that was what they called her - the ship’s AI, winking on every control panel, in case you got lost, or found yourself awake at three o'clock in the morning accelerating superluminally away from the only place in the universe you wanted to be.

The last place he went was the captain’s cabin. The familiar shudder of the elevator made his stomach turn.

The door slid aside at his touch, and he stepped across the threshold and felt sick.

“Welcome to your cabin, Major.” EDI said from somewhere overhead. “Your personal possessions are in the locker. The lighting controls are -”

“I know my way around,” Kaidan said, and that was when the tears started streaming down his face.

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