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{PART 3} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Thinking that you’re about to be fired, you start panicking about how you’ll survive with no job. Jungkook still can’t answer the many questions he has about you - and he questions himself in turn.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4}

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 26: Feeling Better

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

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Upon awaking, Jensen’s three little words he had whispered into your ear was at the center of your thoughts. You hadn’t expected him to say those important words so fast in your relationship, and you were afraid it was because of the issues with Brad. Which made your heart sad, because you were pretty sure you were in love with Jensen. You just weren’t sure how to say those magical words back to him.

Sighing, you finally opened your eyes, immediately noticing you were alone in Jared’s huge guest room, the bed beside you long gone cold. The blinds were shut, giving you no indication as to how long you’ve slept. Swinging your legs out of bed, your ribs only protested slightly, a definite improvement. With unsteady steps you made your way into the large bathroom, holding onto the counter as you stared into the mirror. Your hair was a mess, matted in some places while sticking out in others. Your face was turning an ugly shade of yellows and greens, the bruises finally starting to fade away. The hand print around your throat was still red and angry looking, a reminder at how close you had come to dying.

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Jakob Chychrun #3

Requested by Anon:  Hi I was wondering if I could request a Chychrun Drabble where he gets jealous when the reader starts hanging out with a guy in their class?

*Here it is!!! Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 917

Originally posted by ryanhartman

Jakob Chychrun reached for your phone at the same time you did. Blame it on his hockey skills, but he actually got to it first. Now, on a normal basis, you would be furious that someone deems it their right to read your unread messages but, because he’s been acting like a big baby the past few days, you let him.

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We Lost Them- Steve Rogers x Reader One Shot

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been married for a couple of years and have finally decided to take the next big step; having their first child. Everyone is supportive, knowing that it’s going to be a little hard because the father is Captain America for God’s sake. But not everything is so perfect.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader (platonic), Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic), mentions of the other Avengers x reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Miscarriage, sad, arguing, Tony but if swearing, only some fluff

My hand subconsciously rubbed my baby bump, a feeling of not still spreading through me. I had always wanted children, a family of my own. So many people had told me that being pregnant was a wonderful experience, despite the obvious pain at the end of it all. I totally agreed with them.

Steve and I had been married for three years. It had been tough seeing as he was an Avenger; I was constantly worried about him, fearing that he wouldn’t come home one day. But I knew I couldn’t think like that, how could you live a life like that? We shared so many wonderful memories together along with my second family, the other Avengers. When we finally decided to have a baby and were successful we received nothing but support and happiness from the others.

I was alone in the Avengers Tower, the others had gone on the mission but should have been back that night or possibly the next morning. Steve and I had our own place in Brooklyn but Tony insisted that we move into the tower whilst I was pregnant; Steve would have to go missions at times and he wanted me to be safe. I understood, thinking it was a good idea myself. At first Steve thought that it would be too claustrophobic, however t was totally the opposite. Having the baby’s aunties and uncles sound me Just brought more happiness.

I decided that it was time to finally get up. Although I was almost three months along I was already getting tired easily. It was a small bump but still a sign of life inside me. Forcing myself to stand, I felt a wetness between my legs. Had I wet myself in the night? Looking down at my sweatpants, my eyes widened at the realisation of what had happened.

There was blood everywhere.

I let out the most blood curdling scream I had ever heard in my life. This could not be happening. This had to be a nightmare! I felt frozen, I didn’t want to move. A series of urgent knocks sounded at my door but I couldn’t answer. My eyes bore into the red source spread all over my crotch and legs.

“(Y/N)?! Can I come in? Why are you screaming?” I heard Sam’s voice. Wasn’t he on the mission?

He waited a couple more seconds before barging into the room. I didn’t even blink as he ran up to me. I couldn’t breathe, tears were running down my cheeks but no more noise was coming out of me.

“Oh shit.” he whispered to himself.

“S-Sam…” I mumbled.

“Come on, we have to get you to the hospital ward.”

Sam helped me to my feet, holding me close to him. He alerted FRIDAY, instructing her to have the hospital staff ready for me. My steps were slow and small, I felt that every time I moved it would harm the baby even more. Was there when a baby left? Everything seemed rushed, I hadn’t even realised that we were in the hospital ward now. Nothing was processing in my mind, I couldn’t hear anything.

Sam held my hand throughout. He had become a close friend of mine and like a brother. He was always there for me, especially when Steve wasn’t.

“Why?” I blurted out as the doctor was trying to explain what was going to happen.

“I’m sorry Mrs Rogers, ‘why’ what?” The doctor questioned me.

“Why did this happen?”

“There isn’t always a reason, it just sometimes happens.”

“But why me?” I was starting to cry again.

“Again Mrs Rogers, there is no clear reason. One thing we do know is that it was not your fault, don’t ever blame yourself for this.”

After the appointment with the doctors and getting rid of the miscarriage, Sam just held me. I had only been able to get changed but after that I couldn’t bring myself to move. My loud wails of pain were echoing throughout the ward, tears soaking Sam’s shoulder. His arms were tightly wrapped around me and they never loosened.

“I came as fast as I could.” I heard Bucky come into the room.

“Bucky, what are you doing here?” I sobbed, pulling away from Sam.

He sat on the bed as well, holding my hands.“I was at training at headquarters when Sam called me. I had to come.”

“I just don’t understand.” my voice was croaky.“What did I do wrong? Did I do something to desrve this?”

“Of course you didn’t. These things happen but you just don’t think about them, who would?” Sam added.

“What about Steve?” I gasped. He was going to be so upset. Would he be mad at me?!

“They aren’t going to be back until tomorrow morning now. Do you think you can wait till then?”

“Let’s not get into that yet.” Bucky stopped us.“You need to rest, it’s been a long morning. Do you want some time alone?”

“Could you please stay? Or at least one of you? Just till I fall asleep.”

They both agreed to stay. Both of them sat in a chair either side of the hospital bed, patiently waiting for me to fall asleep. It was a horrible task. My arms wrapped around my stomach already missing the feeling of my baby. Steve and I were good people, we hadn’t done anything wrong. What if it was me? What if I couldn’t have children? My dreams of a family would be crushed.

I didn’t dream. Maybe it was a good thing, there was nothing reminding me of reality in that moment. When I woke I had hoped that it was all a horrible nightmare and I would be waking up with my baby still growing inside me. However I knew that it couldn’t be. As soon as my eyes opened I started to sob loudly again. Bucky and Sam jolted from their own naps, returning to my side to comfort me. It had been three hours meaning it was late afternoon. It was still so long until the others got back.

“I need him.” I wept.

Bucky started to think of ideas.“Maybe we could try to get him back-”

“We don’t know where they are right now.” Sam interrupted.“They may not even be able to take a simple phone call.”

I buried my face in my hands.“It hurts so bad. I literally feel like I’ve undergone a major operation to take my previous baby away from me.”

“Do you need a doctor? I’ll go get one!”

“No Bucky, my emotional ache has turned into a physical one. Ice never felt like this.”

“It’s a big loss, especially since it’s your first. But once Steve is back, he’ll be right by your side and so will the others.”


I hadn’t slept all night and it showed. The hospital let me go seeing as I was in the same building and FRIDAY could keep an eye on my vitals. Sam and Bucky were hesitant to leave me but I needed time by myself. It was now physically impossible for me to shed anymore tears, it had made me exhausted along with everything else that had happened today.

Steve was going to be so angry. What if he didn’t want to be with me anymore? What if he wanted someone to provide a child for him? All I needed to do was carry and protect this child growing inside me and I fucked up. But where had I gone wrong? It infuriated me, there was nothing I did wrong! It was still my fault though.

Seeing as there was no point going to sleep now, I got dressed into something a little more presentable. I still looked a mess. FRIDAY informed me that the team would be back in an hour; that was an hour for me to workout how I would tell Steve. I contemplated my words over the small breakfast I made, still not knowing what to say. I was emotionless. How the hell could I drop this bombshell on the man I love?

Standing on the landing bay, I felt Bucky and Sam come up behind me. They had been such good friends in the last couple of hours, I knew they weren’t fond of each other, but coming together for me was one of the reasons I loved them. Taking a deep breath, I watched as the jet landed, the door opening as soon as it hit the ground. Steve was first off, eager to see me. As soon as he dashed off I saw his smile and it crushed me.

I collapsed to my knees, hunching over as I started to cry. Bucky and Sam fell next to me though I could feel the familiar hands of my husband trying to pull me up. When that didn’t work he joined me on the floor.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) what’s wrong?” he panicked.

“I LOST THEM! THEY’RE GONE BECAUSE OF ME!” I screamed. I could feel the rest of the team surrounding me.

“Who? What are you on about?”

I finally looked up at him through blurry eyes.“Our baby! I-I woke up and there w-was blood everywhere and-”

Judging by the look on Steve’s face I figured he knew what happened. He easily lifted me into my feet, taking me inside. I guessed that he wanted to be away from the team who respectfully stayed out of it. We made it all the way to our room in complete silence, except from the occasional sniffle from me. Steve locked the door, leaning back on it as he let out a shaky breath.

“Our baby….”

I couldn’t stand to see him broken.“I’m so sorry Steve. I understand if you hate me.”

His eyes widened as he marced over to me.“Don’t you ever think like that! It’s not your fault. I love you as much as I did when I first saw you, that will never change.”

He pulled me into his chest, embracing me with his huge arms.

“I….I can’t believe they’re gone though.”

“I just want to have a family with you, is that too much to ask!?”

“Shh, of course it isn’t.” he started to stroke my hair.“This will just make us more determined.”

“What if I can’t have children?”

“Have you seen a doctor?”

“Sam rushed me down to the hospital yesterday morning.”

“Did they mention anything about that?”

“No. I didn’t really ask.”

His voice was starting to get shaky and I could feel his tears dropping into the top of my head.“Then we’ll make an appointment and get us both checked. We are having a child (Y/N) and we’ll be the best parents there could ever be!”

He sounded so broken yet so confident.“I love you Steve. I promise that I’ll have our child.”

“I love you too. And I know that you’ll love up to that promise.”

Chapter Three

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Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 1,276

⇨This chapter is from Saerans POV! This gets angsty, guys. Gotta set up that conflict, ya know?

Authors Note: Welcome to who’s fic is it anyway where the update schedule is made up and the word count doesn’t matter. I’m sorry guys I feel like George RR Martin when you’re all hoping I post more before I die. I’m sorry this has been so slow I’ll try and be better!

     Saeran grumbled and rolled around in his bed, kicking the notebook off angrily with his foot. At least he tried to study, right? He held his phone up above his face. The truth was he had spent all day periodically staring at the chatroom trying to summon enough courage to type, and because of that he found it impossible to focus on his assignments.

     The clock was winding down and taking his chances with it, it was already heading into the evening hours. He groaned, ruffling the thick hair on his head in frustration. There had been several people interested in him over the years, that’s true, but no one had ever caught his attention like this before. He was lost on what to do.

     “Just do it already, you dumb ass. What are you hesitating for?” he whispered to himself, hoping Saeyoung didn’t hear him from the other room.

You: I know, his lecture was brutal!
Yoosung: Right?! T_T
You: My hand was cramping from the notes
Yoosung: Maybe we can study together?!
*Unknown has entered the chat*
Zen: Getting bold now, boy?
You: What?
Yoosung: Don’t listen to him -_-
707: Lololol
Unknown: Hey
Yoosung: Saeran, hi!
707: Brother!
You: Hello, Saeran!
Unknown: What’s up, ___. I was actually wondering
Unknown: About what we talked about the other day?
You: Oh?
Yoosung: You guys talked??
Unknown: Were you still down?
Unknown: I could meet you outside in like 5…
Yoosung: I’m wondering, too…
You: It’s for art guys lol
You: Sure! I’ll be out soon! ^^
*___ had left the chat*
*Unknown has left the chat*

      Saeran let out the breath he had been holding in. She said yes. Oh, that meant he needed to get going. He grabbed his sketchbook and utensils, stopping in front of the mirror to mess with his hair and check himself out. His twins body perched itself on the door frame out of nowhere, that smug look on his face.

     “You look adowableee,” Saeyoung pretended to pinch his cheeks.

     “Don’t touch me, freak,” Saeran huffed and smacked his hand away, stepping out to head towards the front door.

     “Have her home before 11!” Saeyoung called out before the door slammed.
He saw you sitting on the curb, waiting. For him. You were staring up at the sky, probably because the sun was setting soon. The colors were beginning to reflect on the clouds.

     He cleared his throat to catch your attention, only a few feet away now.

     “Oh, hey,” you turned to him with a smile before standing up with your book in hand.

     You were wearing some shorts and a black t-shirt, plain white sneakers on your feet. You could have just rolled out of bed, but he thought you were beautiful. That effortless sort of beauty that appealed to him the most. Awkwardly he shoved a hand into his jacket pocket, trying his best to be nonchalant.

     “Ready to go?” he asked. 

      “You weren’t kidding, it’s beautiful here,” you sat down and opened your book.

     “It’s my favorite place,” he sat down next to you, “I come here a lot to think and draw.”

     “Does Saeyoung come with you?”

     “No. He’s usually too busy working or at church, plus he can’t draw for shit,” he remarked while opening his book beside you. 

     “Do you work, Saeran?”

     “Nah. Saeyoung works a lot so I don’t have to. He says he just wants me to focus on my art and studies,” he shrugged.

     “Your brother…he’s a great guy, isn’t he,” you remarked cooly.

     Why is she talking about that idiot? He wanted to brush it off as nothing, but the way you said his name and the tone of your voice left a sour taste in his mouth. In a way, he was glad. The anger brought back his confidence. He just needed you to focus on him and the present for a little bit.

     Placing his pencil and pad down he shuffled himself behind you, snaking his right arm along yours and grabbing your drawing hand into his own. Right then he knew he wouldn’t be able to get the fragrance of your hair out of his mind for the next few days.


     “Your stokes. They’re too short and choppy. Long, solid lines are better. Look,” he moved your hand on the page, drawing smooth lines with ease and sketching the landscape with you, “see?”

     “Oh,” you nodded, “I see. You’re really good, Saeran.”

     “So are you. If you really enjoy this, we can keep coming here together…”

     “Okay, it’s better than being at home, anyway,” you confessed.

     “That bad, huh? My mom’s a real piece of work, herself. I know we aren’t super close or anything yet. And I know you hate talking about it. But if you ever need anything…just call or text me, ok?”

     “Thanks, I will,” you nodded.

     He couldn’t blame you for not wanting to open up about it. He had the same dark feelings about his own situation. This was the first time he had been on the other side of something like this, and it didn’t make him feel any better. He was fighting the urge to wrap his arms around you. To kiss your ear. And yet he still wanted to remain close behind you.

     “Well,” he continued, trying to change the subject, “keep drawing. I’ll just watch for now.”

     And he did. Until it was too dark to see the pad properly. He couldn’t remember the last time he smiled so much, and he even made you laugh a few times. He draped his jacket over you on the walk home, since you looked cold. He thought that was shit that only happened in movies.

     “Thanks,” you handed his jacket back as you approached your driveway, “you’re really nice.”

     “No big deal,” he shrugged.

     “See you at school tomorrow?”

     “Ya, see ya,” he watched until you were completely inside.

     His own house was dark and quiet when he entered. He threw his jacket on the couch, only to be startled by a figure rising from it in the darkness.

     “Hey, what the hell,” Saeyoung threw the jacket from his face as he sat up.

     “You scared the shit out of me,” Saeran yelled, “what are you doing sitting here in the dark you freak?”

     “Shh, you’ll wake up mom,” he whispered, “coming home pretty late, huh? How’d it go?”

     Anyone else would disregard his question as innocent. But they were twins. Saeran could see that hint of concern in Saeyoung’s eyes. Underneath that casual demeanor, Saeran knew his brothers stomach was probably in knots right now. Why else would he have sat up waiting for him to come home.

     He remembered the way you talked about Saeyoung and his eyes narrowed towards his twin. Saeyoung. The one who got to hold a job. The one who got to rely on his faith. The one who got most of their mothers attention, rare and shitty as it was. The one who made everything look easy by just laughing things off. He was tired of Saeyoung getting everything.

     “Cut the shit,” Saeran snapped.

     “Huh? What’s gotten into you?” Saeyoung laughed in response.

     “I’m not fucking around, Saeyoung,” his words were cold.

     The smile left his brothers face. They were now standing in the dark, staring each other down in the quiet living room.

     “I’ll warn you this once, since you’re my brother. Stay away,” he took a few steps towards his room, “I won’t let you have her.” And with that he closed the door behind him, leaving Saeyoung standing in the dark alone.

pining fic rec (21 fics)

here is a quick little fic rec of some of my favorite fics with pining!! i hope y’all like them, and as always drop by my ask with requests!  💖

❉ - means you need an ao3 account to read!

Searching For The Cure (We Found Us) by itsprobablylarry (30k)

“So you woke up as a frog,” Louis considers out loud. “What if you’re like that princess that turns into a swan during the day but is a human between sunset and sunrise?”

Harry just blinks at him, clearly unimpressed.

(Basically: Louis doesn’t quite know how to handle the fact that his best friend/roommate wakes up as a frog.)

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I Got the Rank Part 2 (Jared Kleinman x Reader SMUT)

Warnings: smutty af again, cursing

A/N: Here is part 2 for the anon that requested it! This was my first time writing full on smut, so I hope you like it! Don’t be shy to request something! I will literally write anything!

The next day was awkward as hell. You were sitting across from him with your other friends around you at lunch. You and Jared were mostly silent, which sent a huge question mark to your friend group. You two are usually the ones who don’t shut up. Zoe turned to you.

“Hey, are you okay? You’ve barely said a word this entire time.”

“Me? Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking.”

Connor had also noticed that you were unusually quiet.

“Thinking about what?”

You looked at Connor then at Jared who stared back.

“Just… stuff. It’s not a big deal. Just continue with your conversation, please.”

Connor saw that. He saw the look you gave Jared just now and now he knows that something happened yesterday. He decided to leave it alone for right now.

You were driving over to the Murphy’s because they decided to have a little get together with your group of friends. When you got out, Alana and Zoe came out and practically dragged you to Zoe’s room.

“Guys, what the hell?”

“What happened yesterday between you and Jared?”

“Nothing, Zo. I already told all of you that I’m fine.”

“(Y/N), you were being quiet and distant all day.”

“Look, it doesn’t matter. I just came here because I want to have a good time, okay?”

“No, if there is even a small riff between you and somebody else, ESPECIALLY if that person is Jared, then our whole friend group is doomed to fall apart. You and Jared have to talk out whatever’s bothering you.”

“First of all, when was the last time you saw Jared Kleinman talk about his feelings? Second, it’s not a big deal, okay? We just… did stuff.”

Alana sat down on the bed next to you.


You nervously looked at the two of them and stared at the floor. Alana tried again.

“(Y/N), what stuff did you do?”

You visibly cringed at what their reaction might be when you told them. You took a deep breath and stared at the Zoe.

“I may have… sucked his dick to prove a point.”

The two girls squealed and tackled you. You laughed at them because this was not what you were expecting. Zoe said,

“I can’t believe you did that! Who knew you were actually capable of doing something that wasn’t for a grade.”

“Funny, that’s kinda what Jared said. That’s sort of the whole reason why it happened.”

While you three were talking in Zoe’s room, little did you know that Evan and Connor were giving Jared a talk of their own. Jared had just finished explaining what happened.

“And now, I feel like a dick head who isn’t repaying her back and she’s still leaving me on the fence about getting together.”

Connor was throwing up a baseball and catching it.

“We all know that you’ve liked her for a long time, just tell her.”

“I did… sort of.”

“Well, make sure she KNOWS that you want to be with her for her.”

“Of course I want to be with her for her. Why would that even be in question?”

Connor gave him a look like he was stupid.

“Let’s see. She sucks your dick and all of the sudden you want to get together? You gotta make sure she knows.”

“God. Fine, I will. Can we stop talking about this now? I feel at least 2% gayer than I did when I walked in here.”

After the talks, you all sat in the living room drinking the champagne the Murphy’s left behind. With all that happened yesterday, you needed a drink. Having done this many times before, you knew your limit. However, Jared may not. He was straight up looney bin central after his fourth glass. He was hanging all over everyone and quite frankly, annoying the shit out of Connor. You and Evan laughed when he passed out in Connor’s lap and Connor shoved him to the floor. You got up and picked him up with the best of your ability, letting him lean on you.

“Okay, he’s way too drunk to drive. I’ll take care of him.”

“I’m sure you will.”

You glared at Zoe who was nonchalantly sipping her drink. Evan and Connor hid their smiles as best as they could.

“So, you all know. Fantastic.”

“We aren’t gonna let anything come in between you guys. Especially not when you two obviously have feelings for each other.”

You understood Zoe’s concern, but for some reason it was starting a fire in the pit in your stomach. What if you find out that the only reason Jared wants to be with you is because of your body? You wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of pain. Not when you’ve liked him for so long and he probably will never reciprocate the feelings.

“I’ll see you guys at school.”

They all waved goodbye as you struggled getting Jared into your backseat. You drove him home and let him flop onto his bed. You put two pills and a glass of water on his bedside table as he was just murmuring to himself. You helped him get under the covers and tucked him in.


“Hi Jared.”

“H-how come I didn’t knnnooowww t-that a pretty girl w-was putting me into bed?”

“Get some sleep.”

“W-wait, I gotta t-tell yyyyoooouuuu something.”


You leaned close to him when he motioned you to. You had seen this kind of thing in movies where one of the characters is super drunk and they accidentally make a huge love confession. Sadly, that is not what you got. What you got was Jared passing out immediately. Just your luck.

You got up and drove over to your house. You were most definitely going to check on him tomorrow morning. His parents were out of town for the weekend, so he won’t get caught. With being hungover. You just wanted to go over there to make sure he didn’t need anything. Sure, you were pining for the guy, but that didn’t stop you from worrying about his well-being.

You knocked on the door and a groggy Jared opened it. He hadn’t put on his glasses yet, his eyes had bags underneath them, and he had a serious case of bedhead. It was really cute.


“Good morning to you too. Is this how you treat all the people who take care of you after your drunken adventures?”

“Can you please stop yelling?”

You smirked and talked a bit louder.


He put his hands on his head and groaned.

“I actually hate you.”

“Sure you do. Now sit down, I’ll make you breakfast. Did you take the pills I gave you?”

“Yeah. They don’t help.”

“You gotta give them a minute, Jared.”

He was fiddling with his glass of water and just watched you work your way around HIS kitchen. It was really domestic and he actually kind of liked it.? He always admired how well you took care of yourself and others. Even if the ‘others’ had made a dumb mistake by getting drunk the night before.

Jared might actually go insane with your low cut shirt and black skinny jeans that hugged your hips and ass just right. You had basically been cleaning his entire house, much to his disapproval.

“You know, you don’t have to clean? I’m supposed to do it.”

“You and I both know that you suck at cleaning and would do the bare minimum. Besides, I like cleaning and helping your parents.”

“You really like making me feel like an ass, don’t you?”

You were bent over trying to pick something off the floor, giving him the best view he had ever seen. He took another sip of his water and tried looking at whatever was on the tv and tried not to get a boner. It didn’t help that your shampoo smelled like heaven to him.

Ever since you had done… you know, he was starting to see you in a different light. Everything you did drove him crazy. He always had a tiny crush on you, but that tiny crush was expanding by the hour and he wasn’t sure on how to go about it.

He wanted to feel your lips against his. He wanted to keep running his hands through your hair. He wanted to go on dates and bring you flowers and all that other cliché gay shit that you see in the movies. He wanted to make you feel special and to spoil you. He never intended on you doing what you did, but he’s glad it happened. It made him realize just how helplessly in love with you he actually was.

After you had just finished cleaning and giving him one hell of a show, he had decided that he needed to let you know now. He sat his glass on the side table and walked over to you. You had just put the vacuum cleaner away and turned around. He put his hands on your hips and brought you closer. You were surprised and before you could say anything, he said,

“Please don’t hate me for doing this.”

He kissed you. Hard. Your lips were so soft against his. He wanted more. He needed more. But he restrained himself and pulled away. You stood there, not knowing how to respond. He looked you in the eyes, trying to find any sign for him to continue, he found none.

You desperately wanted to kiss him again, but you steeled yourself. You needed to know if he wanted you for you or for your body.

“What was that for?”

“(Y/N), I’m crazy for you. Seriously, you have no idea what you’ve been doing to me all morning.”

“Jared… we can’t.”

“Why not? No one is here except for us.”

“I want to, but…”

You trailed off and faced away from him. He didn’t understand. You just said you wanted to, so what was the issue?

“Do you want me for me?”

“Of cour-”

“I mean it, Jared. Do you want me for me? I can only go through with this if you tell me the truth. I need to know if you’re only doing this because you want sex or if you want me.”

Jared rubbed the back of his neck.

“Both? Listen, (Y/N), I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since Thursday. I don’t know, but seeing you do that, it gave me a completely different view of you. I know it seems like I just want you because you gave me a blowjob, but please let me show you that I want more than just that. Let me spoil you, (Y/N).”

You thought about what he said. Could he really feel the same way? You were unsure, but you couldn’t deny how bad you wanted him. You decided ‘fuck it’ was the best solution and crashed your lips onto his.

He deepened the kiss and grabbed your ass. He lifted you up and laid you down on the couch and hovered over you. He began kissing his way down to your neck, determined to find your sweet spot. You moaned into his ear and he bit down on the spot. God you drove him mad.

You gasped when he lifted from your neck and rested his forehead against yours. You giggled.

“You definitely left a mark.”

“Now we can match.”

His hands were now at the hem of your shirt.

“We can stop any time you want.”

“I don’t want to stop.”

He felt all along your torso and soon found your breasts. You lifted up to take your shirt off and threw it on the floor. He reached behind your back and unhooked your bra with no effort at all. He tossed it with your other clothes.

“Wow, how did you do that? I can’t even do it that well.”

“I have no idea.”

He kissed you again as you chuckled and grabbed your breasts. He kneaded them in his palms. You moaned into his mouth when he pinched your nipple. You arched your back into him and pressed your body against his. He smiled against your lips and grinded into you. You moaned again and started to breathe heavily.

“Jared, how many times have you done this?”

“This is the first time.”

“You’re surprisingly good at this.”

“Well, porn is a good learning method.”

He licked your nipple and pinched the other one. You couldn’t help but watch him. He was so attractive when he was dominant. You liked the fact that he could make you feel this way and he doesn’t have to try.

He looked up and made eye contact with you while he was sucking on your breast. You closed your eyes and leaned your head back.

“Don’t look at me like that. I might lose all self control.”

You looked back down and he stared up at you again, causing you to run your hands through his hair. Fuck he was really cute and in this moment, he was all yours. His hands shifted behind you and tugged you close to his body. His lips were red and swollen and his hair was a mess.

He was breathing hard against your shoulder. He began kissing your neck again and listened to your moans, making him even harder. You reached down to stroke him through his boxers.

Jared had never actually put on pants this morning. Thank God for that. He stopped your hand by grabbing your wrist and looking at you.

“(Y/N), let me repay you. This is about you.”

“Jared, you don’t have to, I’m perfectly f-”

He cut you off by kissing you and and tugging your jeans open. You shimmied them off with your underwear. You were now completely bare under him. You were really glad his parents weren’t home.

He began feeling your thighs and the lower part of your stomach. You were so wet, you were sure he could feel it against his thigh. He got close to your center but would shy away from it, teasing you.

“Jared, please touch me.”

He smiled against your lips as he gave you another kiss. He lifted off of you and got in front of the couch, bringing your legs with him. They were closed in front of him and you were shaking with anticipation. He kissed your knees and calves.

“We can stop if you’re too nervous.”

“I’m fine. Please keep going for the love of god.”

He chuckled and set both hands on your legs. He spread them apart and gazed at your entrance. You didn’t know someone could look so hot doing that. Jared began kissing your thighs, but you were starting to get impatient. You needed his tongue on you now.

He began licking your clit in small circles and you have never felt so overcome with pleasure before. You leaned back against the couch and ran your hands through his hair.

“You’re so wet, (Y/N). You’re seriously driving me crazy.”

“You think I’m driving you crazy? Try being in my position.”

“I was two days ago.”

You lightly smacked his shoulder, causing him to hum against your clit. That made you moan and writhe underneath him. He inserted a finger into you and threw your head back.

“Oh my god, Jared, don’t stop.”

His other hand reached up and pinched your nipple. He was doing anything he could to keep you in your euphoria. You were moaning his name and it sent electric shocks straight to his cock. He couldn’t believe he was making you feel this good.

He inserted another finger and sped up his movements. His tongue moved up and down your clit faster and he made sure to really flick it every time. You were getting so close. Your legs began moving and arching and that only encouraged him.

He removed his fingers and replaced them with his tongue. He plunged it deep into you and and you cried out. Now his fingers were on your clit, rubbing it as fast as he could. He even began to pinch your nipple a little bit harder.

Just then, your phone vibrated next to you. You glanced at the screen and saw that Evan was calling you. Now? You looked to Jared who momentarily stopped.

“Answer it.”

“Are you crazy? I was just about t-”

“Just answer it.”

You swiped the green call button across the screen. When you opened your mouth to answer, Jared inserted two fingers into you.

“Hey EvAN.”

You squeezed your eyes closed, trying not to moan. You glared at Jared who was going to town on your clit. You were definitely breathing hard into the receiver. Hopefully Evan will ignore it.

Evan was talking to you about the homework for your English assignment and you, honestly, couldn’t care less at the moment. He was freaking out because he had not started it yet.

“Evan… p-please st-ah-op freaking ah-out. You still h-have all day t-today and tomorrow.”

You gripped Jared’s hair, making moan against your pussy. You let out an involuntary moan.

“Uh, (Y/N), what was that?”

“N-nothing! I’m just exercising. I think I just pulled a muscle.”

Just then you heard laughing coming from his side of the call. You could hear Connor’s voice.

“Yeah, exercising, sure. Are you with Kleinman right now?”

Jared pinched your nipple again and you hung up the phone. You moaned his name.

“I hate you.”

“Sure you do.”

“Jared, please make me cum. I need to cum.”

He did as you asked and just like that, he kicked himself to hyper speed mode. He added three fingers into you and thrusted them as fast as he could. He sucked on your clit repeatedly and played with your nipple. You couldn’t stop moaning. You were getting so close, you could feel the burn in the pit of your stomach.

Just when you thought he had been giving you his all, his tongue somehow seemed to move faster and applied more pressure.

“Oh my fucking god, Jared. You’re gonna make me cum!”

He kept thrusting his fingers inside of you. They were so deep and felt so good. You wondered how his cock would feel.

“Jared! Jared! I’m cumming!”

He licked your clit and kept moving his fingers as you tipped over the edge in ecstasy. You had to push his hands out of you once your orgasm washed away. He sat up and looked at you with a smile. You lazily smiled back.



“I need more.”

“That was fast.”

You needed to know how he felt inside of you and you weren’t just talking his tongue or fingers. You needed him now. You weren’t sure how much longer you would last. Even if you and Jared don’t get together, at least you would lose your virginity to someone you trusted.

“Jared, I want you inside of me.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’ve never been more sure in my life. Please, I need you.”

You had laid back against the couch and spread yourself in front of him. You saw his pupils dilate and his tongue dart out to lick his lips.

You began touching yourself and moaned his name. He palmed himself through his boxers as he watched you. You went to lift up his shirt when he gazed down at the floor.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not… I’m not really that fit.”

This had been the first time, Jared ever showed any sign of insecurity around you. You cupped his cheeks as you kissed him. You moved one of your hands to palm him.

“Jared, I want you. All of you. I care more about what’s on the inside rather than the outside. Now, come over here and fuck me.”

“I have never been one to deny a lady.”

He kissed you and took off his shirt. You ran your hands up and down his torso and felt his soft skin under your fingertips. You took off his boxers as he circled your clit with his finger.

“You see what you do to me? That was all you.”

He grinned as he kissed you more passionately. Your bodies were moving against each other.

“Wait. I don’t have protection.”

“I’m on the pill.”

“Fuck, so does that mean…”

“I want you to cum inside of me.”

He moaned into your neck as he rubbed his hard length through your folds. He kissed you as slipped inside of you, stretching you around him. He stayed still, hoping that he wasn’t hurting you. You relaxed when he laced your fingers with his and gave you a cute smile. You let out a shaky breath and moved your hips.

He took that as his cue to start thrusting. His cock felt so nice moving in out of you. You moaned with each thrust. He started sucking on your nipple and thrusted faster. You could feel yourself getting close to the edge already. He was so big and filled you.


He thrusted into you faster. In fact, his hips were slamming against yours. The sounds and the feelings were about to send you over the edge. He thrusted even faster and you screamed out his name. He kissed you until you calmed down. He watched as the wave of pleasure over you.

He flipped you so that he was sitting underneath you and you were on top. You sunk down on him and began moving your hips. He wanted to watch you bounce on his cock. You rested your hands on his knees and leaned back.

He watched his cock slip in and out of your pussy and moaned. He couldn’t take much more and grabbed your hips. He began thrusting up into you, making you scream. He was thrusting at lighting speed and began fingering your clit with his thumb.

“Fuck, Jared! Don’t stop!”

He turned you around on his cock so you could lean back against him. His arm reached around to keep fingering your clit. His began whispering in your ear,

“I love it when you bounce on my cock like that. Fuck. You wanna cum for me, don’t you?”

All you could do was stare him and nod your head. You loved his dirty talking. It made you get closer and closer to orgasm.

“You like it when I fuck you like this? Hmm? You can’t take much more, can you?”

“Jared, I wanna cum on your cock.”

And just like that, he thrusted into you so hard and fast, you had no control over your body. You were moaning like crazy and that only encouraged him. He fingered you as fast as he could and you could feel the pressure start to increase.

“I’m so close! I’m gonna cum again!”

“Cum for me, (Y/N).”

His voice was deep and breathy and it sent you right to orgasm. You could feel his thrusting speed up and his cock began twitching inside of you. His hand that was fingering you came up to your jaw and applied pressure. He forced you to look at him.

“I’m gonna cum for you. Fuck fuck fuck!”

You felt him tense up inside of you. His moans and the his load spilling inside of you sent you into utter ecstasy. You kissed his cheek as his hand fell from your face. He was breathing hard.

Now it was his turn to give you a lazy smile. You sat there on his lap, trying to catch your breath. You reached for your clothes and began dressing. When you bent over, Jared slapped your ass, leaving a red mark.

“Wanted to do that since this morning.”

You smiled at him. After you both had your clothes on, you went into his kitchen made two sandwiches for the both of you. Once you sat down, he popped in a movie and cuddled up next to you.

The movie was extremely boring, but you tried to follow along anyways. Jared, however, was not interested in it at all. He had been staring at you since he finished his sandwich.

“You’re really cute, you know that?”

You didn’t respond.

“Are we not going to talk about this?”

You shrugged.

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“C’mon, (Y/N), I know you felt what I did.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Why are you beating around the bush about this?”

“Because I don’t want to get hurt! Jared, I like you a lot! Way more than a friend should and you were talking about how you saw me in a different light right after I gave you a blowjob. And I… I won’t be able to live with dating you if you just want sex.”

“I told you I wanted to spoil you. I gave you my all because I wanted to never forget that this happened. After you blew me, all the little things you do for me drive me crazy. Like you taking care of me after getting drunk or you cooking me food. (Y/N), I want to be with you. I want to go on fun dates with you and make you laugh. I want to be able to fuck you whenever I want and make you feel good. I want nothing more than to be the reason you wake up with a smile on your face. I mean that. I am utterly and helplessly in love with you.”

“I’m in love with you too.”

You two sat there making out for the longest time. It was now dark outside and your parents would probably be freaking out that you weren’t home.

Your phone buzzed again, making Jared groan. It was Evan again. You swiped to answer it.


You heard Connor’s voice on the receiver again.

“Are you and Kleinman done fucking yet?”

You heard your friends laughter and it slightly irritated you. Jared smirked at you and pushed you back down on the couch. He began kissing your neck, making you laugh.

“Actually, we were just about to start up again.”

You moaned very loudly into the phone.

“Ooh god! Jared, fuck me! Yes!”

Your friends screamed on the other side of the call and hung up. You rolled your eyes and tossed your phone onto the floor, giggling. Jared didn’t stop kissing your neck. He looked up at you.

“I’m ready to go again if you are.”

“My parents…”

“They’ll be fine. Besides, I think getting someone else to get you off is a lot better than having to do it by yourself.”

“You make a valid point. Do your worst.”

And that night was indeed filled with many laughs and many orgasms. And the next day was filled with many death glares from your friends for scarring them, but you didn’t care as long as Jared was by your side enduring the glares too.


- winwin as a boyfriend would be a1 seriously
- it all started when winwin saw your name on kun’s friend list on facebook and clicked on it only because you looked pretty
- he really did think you were pretty though
- he tried to keep it a secret because thats embarrassing. hes lookin thru one of kun’s pretty friends’ profile pics. kun would never let him live it down
- and he thinks hes bein all slick and secretive
- but nah kuns already seen him lookin thru your profile
- winwin has a habit of keepin his phone screen bright
- and having no password
- “so ur into my friend, i see”
- winwin would widen his eyes and smile stiffly “hahaha…..what r u talking about”
- “dont play dumb with me sicheng you literally sat in front of me and scrolled through her profile with your screen at maximum brightness”
- “…………..oh”
- kun would set the both of you up together
- except winwin won’t know that he is
- on the other hand, you do, but you didnt know it was gonna be him. u just asked kun to set you up on a blind date
- and wala
- “kun where are u taking me-_- i have to get up early tomorrow to practice the dance we learned a few days ago”
- “you can get up later lets go on an adventure”
- winwin would actually think him and kun are goin on an adventure like best buds
- kun plays him a lot tho
- hes surprised winwin hasnt caught on yet
- winwins all like “ohhh my we’re d best of friends!” then he’ turn around and kuns gone
- “hi… are you sicheng?”
- winwin would turn around all angry nd peeved bc how dare kun do that but then his heart would drop to his stomach and all of a sudden his hands are all clammy
- “oh, s-sorry. my friend set me up on a date and you look like the guy he showed me a pictu-”
- “yes im sicheng, but you can call me winwin.”
- he’d think hes bein all suave n shit but in reality he’s like purple nd it sounds like hes choking on something
- u guys would hit it off actually nd now winwin kinda feels bad he was creepin ur fb profile for the past few days
- you guys would depart all buddy-like nd he would feel bad bc he felt like he needed to do smth else but he was jus scared :(
- the next day he’d wake up to a new fb notification and it says that u’ve requested to become his friend and he literally jumps through the roof
- “good now u can look through her profile like a friend rather than a stranger”
- kuns a lowkey savage. truss mi
- winwin would glare at him “yeah ok whats the big deal wit ditchin me last night anyw-?”
- “if it werent for me y/n probably wouldnt of had added you so i’m pretty sure you need to use a diff tone with me sicheng :)”
- “…………..thank you qian kun you are everything a best friend could ever ask for have i ever told u that? ur my best friend. winkun is real and thriving.”
- you on the other hand wouldnt be able to stop smiling. he made that much of an impact on you
- he was very gentlemanly on your date. something most guys are lacking of these days
- he really left a good impression on you.
- you find yourself texting kun “can i get winwin’s number?”
- before you know it, you guys are texting 24/7
- when winwin isn’t dancing, he’s either texting you or sleeping
- you guys would make a lot of inside jokes and things
- i feel like he’d also be the type to start talkin about deep things once 11pm strikes
- the both of you wouldn’t know what you were.
- dating? in a relationship?
- the only thing yall did know is that yall felt right together
- winwin would always be on his phone smilin and taeyong would notice
- “who ya texting winwinnie?” taeyong would nudge winwin’s arm
- “no one” winwin would blush
- “someone special?”
- winwin would smile really big. “yeah.”
- kun would invite you over to the dorms to surprise winwin
- you get along really well with the boys
- “winwins goin from a big baby to a big boy” taeyong would say
- “its not that deep taeyong” yuta would say
- they’d jus be rly happy for u nd winwin honestly
- winwin would walk out the door and see you
- “(y/n)?!?” he’d smile real big and run towards you
- he’d hug you and you’d hug him back and everyone would be oohing and awhing
- winwin wouldnt even notice them being there
- you guys would just stay there hugging for a while then donghyuck would go “JUST KISS EACH OTHER ALREADY-_-”
- and you do
- the minis would make disgusted noises
- jeno wouldn’t tho he’d probably smile real big and clap his hands along with his hyungs aw
- he’d be such a spoilt bf omg
- you’d buy him anything he wants. seriously. anything he asks for from you and he gets it within a week
- it’s okay though because he does the same for you
- you guys just spoil each other continuously
- he asks for ice cream all the time. its really cute
- also whenever you eat the last few scoops of ice cream he gets a lil bit mad. but he restocks every other day just in case
- also getting scared at times bc he sleeps with his eyes open
- he probably falls asleep at random times too
- “sicheng? hun? wake up.. you gotta get to bed..”
- “*groans* i love u babe *goes back to sleep*”
- he’d really just be a big baby
- watching him do his morning stretches while you drink tea omg
- he’d clear out your living room and just take the time to stretch. it rly is another form of art
- “sicheng? hey babe? i gotta question?”
- “yeah?”
- “what’s this kun’s saying about you knowing who i was before our first date?”
- “…….idk a kun who is he”

I Thought You Were Different: Book 5 (Part 23/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 22

It wouldn’t take long for the team to reassemble at the compound, coming in from all directions around the globe, and they had all come to the same exact conclusion on their own; the war had begun, and they were to be its epicenter.  There had been no word from Loki about Thor’s whereabouts, and the worst was assumed; he had been lost as a casualty, just as Vision had.  That was the only way that any of you could move forward, to mourn the loss and go on, because there was no time for that now. There had been no communication from the Guardians either, and you treated it exactly the same.  They were lost, so the team moved on from it.  It felt cold, heartless, and wrong, but it was self-preservation at its worst.

As Peter and Bucky arrived home first, they met an eerie reception at complete calm and silence rather than the feared battle that they expected after receiving Steve’s warning; they hurriedly searched every corner of the compound only to find that there was no one home, but no appearance of foul play either.

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ok uh. yooran gaming channel au - part 2

@misfireezreal reblogged the ‘yoosung has a gaming channel au’ post and wrote a really cute lil addition that inspired me to add some more ideas to this mess of an au….. and i got really carried away

their addition / reblog post is here !!  tho i’ll also put a screenshot of it under the cut… along with more headcanons/ideas/whatever for the au/scenario

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Crooked Chapter 7

Summary:Big Bang Mafia AU-

Chapter 1   Chapter 2  Chapter 3 Chapter 4  Chapter 5 Chapter 6  Chapter 7 Chapter 8

When the members of Kwon Ji Yong’s men take up a deal with the Italian mob, they think kidnapping one yong woman will be a piece of cake. But all isn’t as it seems, and soon Ji Yong is realizing that maybe he’s bitten off more than he can chew…..

Disclaimer : Rated M for violence, and eventual smut.

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Papers of Homelessness - Chapter 29

(This banner had been made by the awesome and amazing artist @benteja​. i am so honored that she had drawn this banner for this story. please go and show her all the love in the world that she deserves!!! \[^o^]/)


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I Love You - Jungkook angst

Originally posted by jungeuks

This is just. Too much.


You turned your head, irritation clear on your face. A headache was pressing against your temple, exhaustion lining your face and frustration bringing tears to your eyes. You hated university more than anything, especially because your tutors were giving you heavy workloads that couldn’t possibly all be finished by the due date without you not sleeping for half an hour a night. Which is what you were doing.

“What?” you snapped, angrily combing your hands through your hair. You didn’t mean to be so short with him, especially because he had done so much for you and sacrificed a lot to keep you happy. Hell, he had even come all the way across town to see you at ten in the evening and here you were, ignoring him.

You were a shit girlfriend, to be honest, but he never complained. He never asked for more than he go and you decided that he deserved more. He needed more from you.

You closed your eyes. This paper was due tomorrow and it wasn’t even half done. However, if your professors thought that they could treat you like this and not expect a drop in your performance, then they could, for lack of a better expression, get fucked.

Slamming your laptop shut, making him jump, you stood up from your seat and walked over to join him on your bed. Sliding into the middle of the bed and snuggling into his chest, you answered his unasked question by his incredulous look and cautious touch as his arm slid down your arms to wrap around your waist and bring you closer to him.

“I miss you.” you mumbled, nuzzling your face into his neck. He blushed, laughing lightly as he cuddled you tighter.

“God, I love you so much.”


“What?” you breathed, tugging away slightly to stare him in the eyes.

His mouth was hanging open, eyes even wider and glazed over as he stared at you blankly, hardly even comprehending the words that he had just uttered.

“You love me?” you prompted, hands splayed on his firm chest as you balanced yourself. He stared up at you, watching with intrigue as a smile grew on your face and your eyes crinkled at the corners.

“Yeah,” he whispered, watching with wonder as your entire face and body lit up, the twinkle in your eyes returning. “I love you.”

Hardly able to contain yourself from launching yourself at him and burying your face in his chest, you hugged him tightly.

“I love you too.”


“We’re lost?” you screeched, staring at the man you loved in horror. “Lost?!”

“Shh, I’m trying to think. Hyung took me the other day… I just can’t remember how to get there.”

Your eyes almost fell out of your skull.

How old was this man, again?!

“Oh my God…” you mumbled, rubbing your face tiredly. “Why aren’t I used to this yet…”

“I honestly do not know.” he said and the smile in his voice made you turn to him in shock again. There he was, grinning at you happily with his adorable bunny smile that you loved so much.

You weren’t going to lie, the sight of his happiness did bring a small grin to your face.

“Idiot. Get me out of here. You’re paying for ice cream tonight, I hope you know that.”

“I assumed as much.”

He turned the car around, reaching over to grip one of your thighs as he drove back the way we came.

“I love you.”

“I love you too you big idiot.”



“God, how could you be so stupid?!” he screamed, startling you and almost making you drop your papers.

“What? What the hell are you talking about?” you asked, shocked and hurt. Why was he raising his voice at you like this?

“We were photographed at that dumb café you dragged me to yesterday!” he yelled, waving his phone screen in front of your face. He moved too quickly for you to be able to decipher what was on the screen but you guessed he was telling the truth, judging by the concerning shade of red he was gradually turning as he stared at your clueless face.

“W-What? How?” you spluttered. “There was nobody there! I watched out for paparazzi and everything, I even asked the staff to take care of everything!”

“Well that clearly didn’t work because now I’m getting floods of messages and questions wondering who the fuck you are!”

This wasn’t good. Jungkook never, ever, swore. For him to both raise his voice at you and swear was worrying.

“Jungkook, it’s no good shouting at me for something that I can’t control. We’ve been together for almost a year, it was bound to be found out eventually. This is just unfortunate.”

“There you again with your casual attitude!” he yelled, throwing his hands up in derision. “You really don’t care do you? This is my entire career on the line! I’m an idol, Y/N, not just a random guy you find on the streets! There are literal millions of people that are after me, do you even know what will happen to you if they find out I’ve given them all up for you?!”

There was more silence.

“Is that what you think this relationship is? You’ve sacrificed better things for me? I’m something you want to keep hidden until we break up? You’d rather have those millions of people than me?” you asked, tears filling your eyes and clouding your vision. “Am I wasting my time?”

“W-What?” he asked, and just like that, all of the fight seemed to drain out of him.

“Am I wasting my time, Jungkook?” you asked again, wiping a falling tear quickly.

He shook his head furiously, eyes filling up to as he stumbled towards me, gripping onto my hands.

“No. No! No, no, jagi, I love you. I love you so much. I don’t need them, not like I need you.” he begged. As you began to try and pull your hands out of his grasp, he sobbed and held on tighter, dropping to his knees in front of you. “Baby please, I love you more than anything! I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry!”

“Are you?”


You stared down at him, his face bright red and eyes puffy, face streaked with tears. You were sure that you looked exactly the same as him and suddenly, you weren’t angry anymore. You understood where he was coming from. He just said it out of anger.

You exhaled slowly, kneeling down in front of him too and nudging your head against his.

“I love you too.”


“Of course I do.”


“You look so beautiful…” he whispered, arms wound around your waist tightly, forehead resting on yours. The two of you were stood in the middle of the dance floor and whilst all eyes were on you, you felt like you were the only people on the planet. Staring straight into his eyes, you couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face.

“So are you.”

Instead of protesting, he cracked his own grin and leant in slowly, pressing his lips firmly on yours. Kissing him passionately in front of everybody felt so much better with a ring on your finger and his name attached to yours.

“Mrs Jeon Jungkook.” he murmured against your skin when he pulled away from the kiss slightly. You blushed happily, laughing, and his face lit up at the sound.

“Yes, Mr Jeon Jungkook?”

“God, I’m so in love with you.” he said, ducking his head down to kiss you again.

“I’m in love with you too. Hence, me agreeing to marry you.” you commented, giggling as he scowled and nipped at your lips.

“No need for the sass, Mrs Jeon.”

“There is every need for it, Mr Jeon.”


“I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my entire life.” you said, staring at the bundle of joy in your arms in shock and wonder.

How was it that someone like you met someone like him and made something like this? An actual life? That you created? Together? You couldn’t believe it.

“Me neither.” he replied lowly from the side of you and you turned to look at him. Fatigue lined his face - waking him up about thirty-six hours ago, screaming that the baby was coming, wasn’t one of the best things you’d ever done - but there was an undeniable joy shining from every pore.

“I love you.” you said simply, staring at him. He looked away from your daughter for just a moment to meet your gaze, a smile pulling up one side of his mouth.

“Love you more.”

“Do you want to hold your daughter?” you asked, still staring at him. His eyes popped open wider at your question and he nodded eagerly, scrambling to stand up from kneeling position and sliding to sit on the bed next to you.

Carefully, you passed her into his arms and he settled down with her, staring down at her with such a tender and loving expression that you were brought to tears.

“She’s so beautiful.” he whispered, stroking one finger down the side of her little face. “Thank you so much, Y/N.”

“For what?”

“You gave her to me. I’ll never be able to repay you for this.”


“Jungkook…” You muttered desperately but he didn’t even turn in your direction. He just continued to stare at the door. “Please, don’t do this…”

“Just sign the papers, Y/N. Don’t draw this out longer than it has to be.”

“You mean our marriage?” you whispered. “Are you talking about our marriage as if- as if it’s nothing?”

He was silent for a few moments.


The entire house that the two of you had shared for years suddenly froze. It felt like time had stopped completely. Perhaps, if the two of you had listened carefully enough, you could have heard the sound of your heart shattering into a million pieces. However, he wasn’t listening.


“Y/N, sign the fucking papers already. Don’t make me have to get a solicitor involved.”

You stared at the man that you were in love with. The man you were with for eleven years. The man you married. The man you had a child with. Suddenly, he was throwing everything away.

“Why are you doing this?” you whispered, almost fearing the answer.

“I don’t love you anymore, Y/N, I think it’s for the best if we split up.”

“The hell you don’t!” you suddenly yelled, standing up so angrily that the dining chair toppled over behind you. “You love me!”

“No, I don’t.”

“Jungkook, stop lying! I don’t understand why you’re doing this to me - to us!”

“And you stop saying that there’s an ‘us’! There’s nothing here anymore, Y/N, just accept it!” he shouted, standing up too. “Sign the papers! I don’t want to be married to you anymore!”

Tears were streaming down your face and you stared at him through them. Finally, he was looking at you, but you hated what you saw. There was nothing but anger, exhaustion and desperation. The light that was there throughout your entire relationship had gone out and there was nothing left behind.

He was telling you the truth.

He didn’t love you anymore.

When he was standing at the front door, fully-signed divorce papers tucked neatly under his arm, you finally allowed yourself a moment of weakness.

“I love you, Jungkook.”

You prayed he would realise what a terrible mistake he was making. You prayed he would look at you and smile like he always did when you said that you loved him. You prayed he would listen to reason and come back to you.

He didn’t.

Of course he didn’t.

“You’ll get a call in a few days from my solicitor and we’ll discuss custodial rights,” he muttered, finally opening the door. He hesitated and your heart jumped into your mouth as he turned back to look at you.

“Goodbye, Y/N.”

The door slammed shut behind him.

Coffee Drinks are comforting (Bucky Barnes x reader request)

This was requested by @bucky-slut where Bucky is the reader’s neighbor and they have a morning coffee routine and one day the reader has her episode so yeah. Enjoy!

(Y/n) never really had a lot of neighbors. Maybe that old lady down the hall, or that single father with two annoying boys on the other end of the hall. Not that she didn’t like them. She even loved helping the old lady, Mrs. Lewis, with her garden work and laundry, and she often babysits for Mr. McHale, the single father whose wife died a few years ago out of lung cancer. Boys were a handful. The thing is, there was nobody her age here to keep her company. That, was why she was excited when she heard that someone was moving across the hall from her.
When she heard about the rumors, she also heard that it wasn’t just anyone; it was an avenger. That made her extremely happy, now that she could probably count on somebody to help her when she has one of her depressive episodes again.
When her neighbor moved in, she knocked on his door.
A man with a metal arm opened the door.
No, Bucky Barnes opened it.
She felt like she was about to faint, but she tried to keep herself steady. “So It’s true,” (Y/n) had said the first time they met, “The new guy really is an avenger.” Bucky chuckled and held out his hand.
“I’m (Y/n),” She introduced herself. “Bucky,” he replied. “I know that,” she said, laughing quietly. “Would you like to come in?” Bucky offered. (Y/n) nodded, stepping inside.
The first time she went in there, it was a wreck. The paintjob was ruined, the furniture misplaced, and boxes scattered around like heaps of trash. “A lot of work to do, huh?” (Y/n) asked slowly, a smirk growing on her face.
“I’m probably gonna start tomorrow,” he said, running his finger through his luscious brown hair. “What?” (Y/n) questioned, “Does it mean you’re gonna sleep here tonight?”
Bucky arched an eyebrow, “Is there a problem?” (Y/n) just laughed, “No offense, but this place is a wreck.”
“You got any other ideas?”
“Well I’ve got a couch,” said (Y/n), saying it like it was no big deal. “So you’re saying I should bunk with you?” Bucky asked, slightly delighted. (Y/n) shrugged, “Why not?”
“I’d love to,” he smiled.
“How about we go get some coffee first? I know a nice place just a block away. I feel like should get to know the man who’s going to be bunking with me.”
Bucky looked shocked at first, but he smiled widely, “Sure.”
That was how they started their morning coffee routine.
Every day, (Y/n) would wait outside her door, waiting for Bucky to come out, normally because (Y/n) always woke up earlier than Bucky. Then they would walk to the exact same coffee shop they did when they first met. She never considered it a date, just some friendly interaction between a regular civilian and an avenger.
Since Bucky came into her life, she never had a depressive episode. She was happy now, knowing someone would look out for her. They even exchanged spare keys, in case anything bad happened.
Sure, being an avenger, Bucky would go on some missions, but when he left, he usually came back after two or three days. He’d tell her face to face whenever he has to go, but when he doesn’t have the time, he’d leave her a note. He refused to text or call her, because where’s the fun in that? Every interaction with Bucky was personal, and (Y/n) wouldn’t have it any other way.
Bucky woke up to the sound of his alarm.
He was already twenty minutes late. Sure, it was Sunday, neither he nor (Y/n) has work to attend to, but he wouldn’t miss coffee for the world. He got off his bed and got dressed, not even bothering to take a shower. He knew he stinks, so he just rolled on some deodorant and frantically opened the door, expecting (Y/n) to be a ticked off by his tardy behavior.
But instead he saw an empty hall.
Bucky furrowed his eyebrows. It wasn’t like (Y/n) to wake up late. He knocked on her door and called her name. “(Y/n)?”
No answer. She is probably already on her way to the coffee shop. Bucky decided he would for her there.
The walk was frustrating. He got so used to (Y/n) on his side, now that she wasn’t beside him, he felt empty. Over time, he had gotten to know (Y/n). It was pleasant, having someone to hold on to when everything was falling down around him. He also developed feelings for the girl. Something he never knew the winter soldier could even feel: Love.
That was why he loved being with her. It made him feel like Bucky Barnes, and not the assassin Hydra made him to be.
When he got in the coffee shop, his eyes scanned the room for a familiar sight. But she wasn’t there. He decided he’s use his phone. Not that he was actually any good at it, but at least he was better than Steve, thanks to (Y/n).

(Y/n), I’m in the coffee shop. Where are you?’

He waited for a few minutes, but she didn’t reply. So he decided to call her. Sure enough, the phone rang. But that was all it ever did.
She must’ve put it on silent, Bucky thought.
He decided he’d get (Y/n) and himself some coffee and headed home.
When he got home, he saw the old lady outside her apartment. “Hello, dear,” she greeted. Bucky smiled, struggling to remember her name. “Hi, Mrs. Lewis,” he replied, smiling triumphantly when he managed to snatch her name from somewhere in his mind. Mrs. Lewis reminded him of his sister, now that she was had grown to an old woman and Bucky stayed young over the years. The first time Mrs. Lewis saw Bucky, she marveled him, addressing him as Sergeant Barnes who served in the Howling Commandos, thanking him over and over again for saving her husband, who was now laying peacefully in his grave. Bucky managed to remember her husband as a soldier in his platoon from his days in the 107th. “You seem restless,” she pointed out. “Um… yeah. It’s just, I can’t find (Y/n),” he answered, hoping that Mrs. Lewis would have a lead to where she is. “I haven’t seen her either,” said Mrs. Lewis, “She should’ve been awake by now. I’m getting worried.”
“Well then, I better start searching for her,” he smiled and resumed his walk down the hall, finding himself knocking on (Y/n)’s door again. “(Y/n)?” he called frantically. “(Y/n), are you in there?”
He eventually gave up knocking and pressed his left ear to the door, letting her heightened senses do the work. He wasn’t able to hear much, but he got even more worried when he heard soft sobbing from the other side. He knocked again, louder this time. “(Y/n), I know you’re in there.”
No answer.
He sighed stressfully as he unlocked his own door, grabbing the spare key to her apartment. Those were for emergencies. This was an emergency, wasn’t it?
He unlocked her door, searching for any signs of her.
She went in her bedroom just to find her squeezed in between the wall and her bed, her eyes red with tears and exhaustion. Bucky cursed under his breath, kneeling, trying to get (Y/n) up. “Oh my god, what happened?” he asked worriedly, lifting her up.
“I’m sorry,” she cried. “I’m really sorry, these things- these things just happen and- and I thought I wasn’t going through another one I-”
Bucky silenced her, lifting her chin so they were looking each in other’s eyes. “Don’t be sorry,” He said softly, walking to the bathroom. “I assume you haven’t taken a bath yet,” he guessed.
“That bad, huh?” she whispered, trying to amuse herself.
Bucky took each article of clothing off piece by piece, both of them blushing red when she was completely naked. (Y/n) even tried to cover herself. “No,” Bucky told her, before stripping off himself “You’re beautiful.” She grew redder at his words, and even redder when he’s completely stripped off. (Y/n) started, “What are you-”
“Relax,” Bucky reassured. “We’re just taking a shower.”
They both stepped in the shower, Bucky turning it on to a warm medium pressure. He caressed her, slowly rubbing the soap on her body like she was the most fragile thing in the world.
And out of nowhere, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Bucky?” She called, whispering in her ears. “I’m sorry.”
“I told you,” said Bucky returning her embrace, “Don’t be.”
After the shower, he dried her, dressed her in comfortable clothing and carried her to the bed.
He pushed her back slowly so she was half-laying down on her bed. Bucky grabbed her coffee and gave it to her, smiling softly. “I got you your favorite.”
(Y/n) returned the smile and took the coffee, wiping her tears. “Have you eaten breakfast?” he asked getting off her bed. (Y/n) just shook her head. “Stay here,” he ordered.
An hour later, he returned, with a bowl of soup on his hand. (Y/n) took the bowl and Bucky turned on her favorite movie and sat comfortably next to her. “I’m sorry it took so long,” Bucky apologized. “I had to do your laundry and dishes.”
(Y/n) smiled. “Thank you.”
“For what?”
“For taking care of me, you idiot. I needed that.”
He hugged her, burying his face in the crook of her neck. “I love you,” He confessed, suddenly blurting out the words. “You don’t have to return it, I just thought you should know.”
(Y/n) smiled softly placing her lips to his.
“I love you, too.”

Bucky laughed. “You taste like coffee.”

Big Spender

Apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve been too sick to even think of writing. Here’s something that’s been sitting in my drafts for a while I promise I’ll work on requests next; I’ve started a few but I couldn’t get anywhere with them. Well, enjoy.

You hadn’t spoken to Harry in a couple days, not a full conversation anyway. Sure there had been quick questions regarding the kids or if you needed anything from the shops on his way home. However, your answers were cold and short. You could tell it was taking a toll on him, he had 3 day old stubble covering his jaw and the dark circles under his eyes, which have been there for years, have grown darker. The kids knew as well, even your youngest could sense the tension, acting out more than usual. When you put them to bed, and they asked why daddy didn’t come in and kiss them goodnight, it broke your heart. Yet you kept lying, telling them he was busy and he would come tomorrow night. When in reality, he was out somewhere, ignoring his problems at home, too cowardly to face them.

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Badboy!Luke - Part 2

Originally posted by woronkaa

Requested: Like a lot.

Part 1


I sigh deeply as I walk up the stairs to my room. I wanted to avoid mum and her typical ‘How was school?’ or ‘Did you make any friends?’ talk that was bound to happen the moment she laid eyes on me. 

I walk through the door to my room. The furniture was all in place but there were boxes everywhere. I groan aloud, dreading the thought of unpacking. Why do I have so much shit? I start unpacking the box with my clothes in and put them away in the wardrobe. I quickly realise how hot it was in my room. Luckily my room had two windows one at the front which overlooked the front lawn, and another on the adjacent wall to my bed, which overlooked the house next door. I opened the front windows to let in some fresh air. I walk over to the other window. I grip it, ready to slide it up but I stop in my tracks as I take in the view.

I look out, Blondie’s house must be a mirror image of mine as my window lines up perfectly with the one on the side of his house. What surprised me was Blondie stood in the room opposite mine. He hadn’t seen me. It wasn’t enough that he lived next door, oh no. For some god forsaken reason he had to have the room opposite mine. I watch as he pulls his shirt over his head, exposing his chest. I had to admit he had a nice body. Blondie turns and sees me. Shit. He smiles at me and wiggles his eyebrows suggestively, a cocky smirk on his face. I quickly close the curtains to obscure my view of him. Note to self, always close the curtains before getting changed.

I pack enough stuff away to clear my floor of half of the boxes, but after that I gave up. I decided to lie down for a moment, exhausted after a long day. The moment I flopped onto the bed, my door opened. “Y/N get up” my mother said, standing in the doorway. I groaned “Why?”. “The neighbours have invited us over for dinner” she smiled. My head snapped up “Which neighbours?” I ask suspiciously. “The Hemmings’” she replied. I just looked at her with a blank expression. I had no idea who these people were. “The ones next door, she said pointing to my window. I drop my head to my pillow with a groan. Why? Why is it impossible to avoid him? It’s ridiculous. “Y/N we leave in five minutes, you could be a little more cheerful” she tutted. I just groaned again. I would now have to spend god knows how long with the arrogant asshole.


I am reluctantly dragged to the house next door. Mum and dad had insisted on me changing from my jeans and t-shirt. I don’t see why it’s important. Nevertheless I am now in a black dress. Mum had wanted me to wear the frilly pink dress that she makes me wear whenever I had to look presentable. Obviously I said no. So the loose fitting black dress was the compromise. This was the only dress that mum had bought for me that I didn’t hate, so it could be worse. I would have been happier in my jeans and t-shirt but I couldn’t be bothered with the argument involved.

Mum knocked on the door, the three of us stood there as we waited for somebody to answer. A blonde woman opened the door. “Hello, come in, come in” she smiles at us. She hugs mum, it was obvious that they had met before. Mum introduces us, “This is my husband Y/D/N and my daughter Y/N” she smiles. “It’s lovely to meet you” the woman smiles, pulling me in for a hug. “I’m Liz, you look about Luke’s age, he should be down in a second” she smiles at me. So his name is Luke. “LUKE, get down here” Liz shouts up the stairs. “I’ll have to introduce you to the rest of the family when they come back, it’s just me and Luke at the moment” she smiles. I can hear heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. I look away, hoping to avoid him for just a little longer.

The footsteps stop about halfway down the stairs. I look up. Luke is just stood there staring at me. He seemed surprised to see me. Eventually he snapped out of whatever daze he was in and walked down the stairs. He smirks at me. Here we go. “Princess, it’s lovely to see you again” he smiles at me, hugging me. I don’t hug back despite how strangely comforting his embrace is. 

My mother is grinning, obviously oblivious to what an asshole he is. Dad just stares at him, eyeing him suspiciously. “It’s lovely to meet you” Luke smiles at my mother and father. “Well aren’t you a charming young man” my mother smiles at him. I roll my eyes, resisting the urge to scoff at the word ‘charming’. I could tell she would try to talk to me about Luke when we got home. Great.

“Do come through to the dining room” Liz smiles. I had to admit, Liz was very friendly. Too bad her son wasn’t. Mum and Dad follow her, engaging in conversation about something that I wasn’t paying attention to. I went to follow behind them. “Nice dress princess” Luke smiles, looking me up and down. I could tell he was going to continue talking. “It would look nicer on my bedroom floor though” he smirks. I roll my eyes, there it is. 

“Could you not be a fuckboy for like five minutes?” I groan my eyes scanning the hallway. “What you looking for princess?” he asks. “The best wall to bang my head against” I say. Luke smiles, “I’d like to bang you against the wall” he smirks. Fuck, I walked into that one. I let out a frustrated sigh. This was going to be a long night.

I walk away from Luke and into the dining room, I see that mum and dad had taken their seats, leaving two seats next to each other. I know that my mother had done this on purpose, as she grins at me as I walk into the room. I take a seat, Luke sits down next to me. 

Liz brings out the plates of food. It smelt delicious. She had cooked a lovely roast dinner that I couldn’t wait to eat. I waited until everyone had received their food before I began eating. The food tasted amazing so at least there was one benefit to this meal.

I eat my food quietly. Mum and Liz talk about Luke’s brothers. The rest of us sit silently. Every so often I feel Luke’s gaze on me but I ignore it. The talk of the table soon turns to Maths, I wasn’t listening until Luke finally spoke up. “Y/N’s in my class” Luke adds to the conversation. “Oh so you’re stuck with Mr Evans as well?” Liz asks. I just nod my head. 

“I never liked him he is always rude at the parents meetings” Liz sighs. “Well Y/N put him in his place today” Luke smiled as he took another bite of his food. Liz looked at me gesturing for me to go on. 

“I had already learnt what he was teaching so I was just doodling” I start. Mum tuts. She doesn’t like it when I don’t pay attention. I continue “He caught me and said ‘I wasn’t paying attention’. I said ‘I was’ so he put a question on the board which was at least three topics ahead of what he was explaining and said ‘I should be able to answer it’. I said ‘I could’, he had the biggest grin on his face as he told me to come to the board. I had worked out the answer before I even got to the board, but I wrote down some working anyway, then went and sat down. Mr Evans just looked surprised” I shrugged like it was no big deal. 

“It was more than that” Luke said, smiling at me before turning to the rest of the table. “She did it so sassily, the whole class was stunned, then she dropped the pen and walked away. Mr Evans looked like he was going to have a fit, it was brilliant” Luke smiled at me again. I found myself smiling as well. That was the first nice thing Luke has said all day and for once his smile wasn’t a smirk, it was a genuine smile.

We finished dinner and Luke helped his mother clear the table. We said our goodbyes. “See you tomorrow Y/N” Luke said as we walked out the door. I gave him a polite smile. At least he was using my actual name now.


I walk into my room, pull my dress over my head and put on my baggy night shirt. I decide to lie on my bed and listen to some music for a while as I wasn’t tired. I was confused about Luke though. What happened to him? He was a dick when I first showed up at his house, but during dinner he seemed alright and not unbearable to be around. I have no idea. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. I have a strong feeling that once I go back to school, he will be the same cocky little shit that I met this morning.

Part 3  |  Masterlist

Mister Jones and Me

Imagine you go with Dean to a Gala to help steal a cursed object and keep an amorous police officer away from him, and things just get ridiculous. Previously on my old tumblr fic site.

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Lots of James Bond references. LOTS.

“Y/N.” Dean’s voice from the other end of the phone line caused me to pause. I hadn’t heard from him in a while, so long in fact that his number wasn’t even in my new burner phone.

“Winchester.” I replied with a small smile. I returned to my business, lit the match, and tossed it onto the pile of vampire bodies that were stacked in the hole I had dug. They lit up like the fourth of July- I’d used about a gallon of lighter fluid on them. I wiped my muddy hands on my jeans, and leaned against my car. “What’s up. Yours is a voice I wasn’t sure I’d hear again.”

“What, you think I wouldn’t call a girl as pretty as you?” I could hear the grin in his voice. I rolled my eyes.

“No. I figured you wouldn’t last long enough to call me.”

“Oh. Well, that’s more realistic.” He agreed. “Alas, I have managed to last this long. And I need a small favor. Where are you?”

“Uh, Iowa, actually. In some shit hole town that used to have a vampire problem, but doesn’t anymore.” I said in a sing-song voice. I watched the bodies burn, wondering at what point in my life this particular step of hunting had gone from gruesome to eh, whatever.

“Oh, good. You aren’t too far. I’m in Ohio, and I need a date.”

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Matthew Tkachuk #2

Requested by Anon:  potenially an angsty prompt???: your relationship isnt completely defined as boyfriend+girlfriend yet and jsut when you thought you two were doing so well you see a girl post photos/text screenshots/tweeting about him and her…WHAT ARE WE??? tyler seguin, johnny gaudreau, tom wilson, or connor mcdavid?  hi same anon with the “potentially angsty”/WHAT ARE WE prompt.. also feel like marns, or matt tkachuk could be potential candidates as well, just thinking of which players are more into to social media haha take as long as you need for this one and decide on whoever you want even outside my suggestions! <33

*Hiiii!! Thank you so much! I had a looot of drafts and finally settled with Matthew Tkachuk. This is angsty and cute so I hope you like it. Also this is the longest imagine I’ve done and probably the longest I ever will. Enjoy!! :)*

Word count: 1, 405

Originally posted by wonthetrade

Oh no. There it is again. You frowned and pouted even if you’re the only one in your room. Oh freaking no.

Over the last few weeks, you have seen a very familiar Twitter handle on your feed, always mentioned by the same person too: Matthew Tkachuk.

Remember him? Yup, the guy you’ve been talking to for the past three months. 

You already went to the bombshell’s – really, there’s no other way to describe her blonde little head – profile once and was eaten up by insecurities so it’s safe to say that you should not click on the handle again.

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Far too young to die

WARNING: Back to fluff! Papa!Bruce still hasn’t left. Mild cussing.
Summary: The reader is back home and Bruce is eager to find out who did this to her then they unexpectedly get a surprised visit.
Notes: Looooooooooiiiiiiiiiissssssss is here! This is a little short but it’s because i wanted to save the next part for chapter 4! Glad everyone is enjoying the story so far, I can’t wait to write the upcoming chapters. Send requests!

@atomicpeacekryptonite @overcasst @jazminwinchester @bookishlyever-after @alelostinwonderland @ironman-lover-9147

Chapter 3


He descended slowly to your window and stayed a safe distance. The moment he saw you his smile appeared again. You were okay but he frowned when he saw the bruises on your body. What happen to you? He wanted to go in there but as Superman? And he can’t just show up as Clark because he would sound like a stalker creep if he knew exactly where were at and you never told him anything and that would give himself away as to how he found out. So he decided to stick to where he is and wait for you to tell him, that’s if Bruce let’s you. Again, the same questions popped up in his head from earlier; how? Why?
 He stayed for a few more minutes just to make sure you were okay then he departed back to Daily Planet where he went unnoticed to everyone except Louis.

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“Don’t look at my wife” - Bucky x Reader - Part 5

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Let’s just jump right in the story! I hope you enjoy! ♥

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4Part 6

Summary - After you trained your agents and the Avengers, also fought against Bucky in the boxing ring, you clean the gym, when you suddenly hear a voice behind you.

Words - 1,721

Warnings - swearing, hurt!reader, mentions of abuse, mentions of rape, mentions of divorce, kissing, sexual tension - oh shit…i gonna be banned for this last part

Originally posted by dianaofthemyscira

A/N: One day I’ll write a damn fanfiction about her…she’s so pretty *o*

“What was that?”

You turn around to see Natasha lean against a pillar, watching you clean up. She lifts her right eyebrow and crosses her arms.

“What?”, you ask, turning back to the mess the others made. You already know what she was asking, but you hoped she meant something else.

“Between you and Barnes.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You better should, because believe me…I’m not blind. Maybe you should keep your distance.”

You turn around and anger bursts out of you. You hated the fact that everyone told you the same damn thing.

“What do you think I’m trying to do? Sam told me to fight him and when my agents noticed the discussion, I had to say yes. I didn’t want to fight him. God damn it.”

Her warning look changes into a questioning one and her muscles in her arms relax a bit. You just turn back around and take two weights and lift them fast, to lay them back on the shelf. Pain rushes through your wrist to your hand, so you immediatly let the weights fall back to the floor and you hold your wrist which hurts even more now.


Natsha rushes over to you, taking your arm and pulling down the sleeve, inspecting the bruise.

“Who did this?”

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