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I might start doing voice acting after finals

I once voice acting in certain animated series. I missed the old days since i quited VA because i dont have good microphone. (Always using built in microphone)

My current mic i used is :

Cheap. I know. It was really worth buying it until there’s static noise after 5 days in used. Now the sound of this mic gone worsen and which is annoying and i have to use the built in microphone throughout the live stream.

Then I have made decision, im getting a new microphone that is called SF-22B:

Cost about RM63 ($15)

I found this through this video:

The video helps you to find which microphone is better for your own taste. And SF-22B is part of the top 3. Im not affording Snowball Ice because its costly for me, and i probably afford something better than a microphone.

If you are VA hobbyists, pretty much recommended watching the video I sent from above.

Cant wait to start Voice acting and make some comic dub of your fav fandom. (Still dont know what to start dubbing???)

@moemneop: What happened in panel 3? Same pose, same expression as Derpy in panel 2 but different face? I sketched both pictures a few days apart and my mind made up slightly different head angles. Now my style consists of two different snout types: side and front view. Derpy is in side view, Starlight has a variation of my front view snout. I kept it this way cause I actually like it a little more. I know, my mind is weird xD

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I've been on my period for 2 weeks now okay and I just read the rock war scene in the book and Bill was so strong and Richie helped Eddie breathe with an inhaler in his pocket (I made inhuman noises at this one tbh) and Stan just deadass asked mike if he wanted to blow up some firecrackers after almost being killed by Henry Bowers cause that's all the poor kid has been trying to do for like 3 days and oh my god I'm crying i love my children

i’m literally reading this part right now and i’m so Full of Love for them you cant imagine,….;

Life Update

So the life change I talked about is about 99% confirmed at this point, so I will tell you. My boyfriend has made a sudden decision to join the Army National Gaurd. To many this isn’t heartbreaking, and it isn’t entirely heartbreaking for me either. I think the word I would use is jarring. In the course of 6 days we have gone from considering it to making the committment sometime this week after talking to his family. 

Right now I don’t know how to feel. I’m proud of him. His scores allow him to have an amazing career with them. I’m excited for him. I’m heartbroken that he will be leaving relatively soon. I’m crushed that I won’t seem him for months. I’m in a state of “whiplash” because we went from talking about college degrees and plans to bases and deployment lenghts (as the career he is pursuing will call for deployment).

Please, I ask all of you to bear with me these next couple months. The blog will stay active but it might not be as active as you would like. This blog will still contain space and literature, but for sure it will also be a coping mechanism for me. I might post more about life, who knows. 

Thank you to everyone who follows me here. You all mean the world to mean and will be a huge part of me coping and figuiring out life during this trasitional period .


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this is like way too late to ask but thoughts on dan’s vid? (you don’t have to answer ik it’s a very touchy subject for some of us)

6 days late to talking about the video. .

I love the video to the ends of the Earth and back. Daniel Howell is one of the strongest people out there, and to hear him talk about it… it made me feel so happy, because I do the same as him. I don’t hide my mental health issues. I am emotional open to everyone. If I’m having a bad day, I will outright tell someone, even if I don’t know them that well, online or offline, that I have depression and I am currently having a rough day. What’s so amazing about being open about it, is that suddenly people want to open up to you. They didn’t know it was okay to open up about it, and now suddenly, hearing me be open about it, they feel okay to ask me about it, and the amount of people I’ve encouraged to try and work on their own health by doing little techniques I’ve learned, and the amount of people I”ve encouraged to go to therapy and get help… astounds me.

Seeing Dan do the same thing… I love him for it.

That said, I only watched the video one time, because instantly after I felt drained to the bone. It killed me in a good way. I had no spoons left. I pretty much went offline for a week following it. It came at a time when I’m going through one of the worst struggles I have ever experienced, and just having Dan and knowing that he understands… it felt so good. 

The video is hard to watch in some ways, for someone who understands and see themselves in everything Dan said, but… but it’s ;good, and I think it opens up such an important and amazing conversation

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I've now managed to read every. single. one. of your star wars meta. It took a while, but I'm alive. Soooo good, omg.

A couple of hours ago I was thinking about organizing all my meta in a single page but then I though “nah…there’s no way I’ll go through all that” and now here you are… I feel like I should apologize lol

Anyway, you should be rewarded. Is there anything I can do for you? A gifset? A meta? Anything…ask and you shall have it. You deserve it.

Seriously, thank you! You’ve made my day!


Hello @taylorswift this is me and my boyfriend Guerino, do you know how we met?
We started to talk on Facebook because we were both your fans, at the beginning was just a friendship…but then we started talking everyday and then I decided to move from Italy to the United Kingdom just to be with him, because I already knew that he would be the one.
Now it’s one year that we live together, we spend our time loving each other, listening to your music and eating the delicious dishes that he makes for me.
I’m living a dream just because you decided to make music, thank you because you made my life perfect and you have brought an angel into my life.

In the second picture it’s you and him, he met you a few years before I decided to move to London, unfortunately I don’t have my picture with you, but maybe one day you will let me thank you personally for all the incredible things that you gave to me.
Forever yours, Federica.


Early week update.
1)Great mid October bike ride made even better by new smooth asphalt on Faro Springs. 17 miles.
2) More pumpkin carving. Not a bad Peppa Pig, huh? Levi was a little bummed I didn’t have the talent to carve a dinosaur tow truck.
3) I’m now officially an ultra runner. 17 days after The Bear 100 my big toenail has come off. It’s gnarly looking.
4) Last week it was apple pie. This week pumpkin. Yum.

be mindful

when i saw some posts about diabetes this morn, i thought back to an incident that happened at work awhile back. luckily, it ended happily but even now i am shook at how close it could have turned tragic.

so my lunch crew went out to eat one day. rita was bringing her beau, wanting her friends and him to get along so now there were two cars. he wanted bbq and being the guest, we agreed but the best ‘cue place was closed. then he wanted to to philippe’s for french dip but could not find suitable parking for his luxe car. at this point, we have driven almost an hour and had nothing to show for it. stomach growling, i commandeer and made them go to a chinese restaurant (where we can find parking and quick service).

it was one of those china town establishment where they immediately hand you a big plastic container of white rice with your tea (gave us jasmine tea because we had a bunch of gringos with us).

i saw across from matt and noticed that he did not look well, and howie, his shadow, noticed as well. he was paler than norm and sweating. his eyes were blank. when asked if he was fine, he was mumbling incoherently.

to this day, i do not know why i opened the rice container and placed it in front of him. (my sis told me that i picked the best item in the chinese restaurant to give to him). he immediately and unconsciously started digging in with his bare hands, grabbing mounds of rice and shoving it into his mouth. rita’s beau ken tried to hand him some chop sticks and made a wise crack that it was ok, he could have all the rice, no sirree, did not want any anyways. (dude, he was a jerk)

his color returned. and it seemed like the sun shone again when he smiled and was able to speak! omg, i was so scared when he was not responsive to howie! i was gonna call 911 and probably should have. matt told us that he had diabetes and that he should have been more mindful. the crew got up and gave him a group hug (we could have lost him that day and we all knew it) while ken pretended that he did not know us.

it is so awful that a missed meal could have meant death.

*as an epilogue, i ended up accidentally taking rita’s beau order and offered it to the crew as i did not think he would order cold boiled chicken. and since that day, i always bought some rice snacks (onigiri rice balls) just in case.

My friend, whose last day it was at CrossFit due to an upcoming surgery, video taped me today rowing because I am forever trying to improve my form. She is so sneaky about this as these videos just end up in some random text from her because she knows how hard I work on certain things. She always does it without me knowing! It’s funny tho, I guess I have made progress as I never was a cadence rower and I seem to now have some. This post is me celebrating successes in a place I know I can. I LOVE this about Tumblr. 💖

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Name: Abigail

Nicknames: Abbie

Gender: Female

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5'5"


Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Favorite animal: Any cat

Average hours of sleep: I think about 5

Current time: 10:19 PM

Dog or cat person: Cats!

Dream trip: It may sound cliché, but I day dream about going to Japan sometimes

When I made my blog: uhhh I made it freshman year and I’m in senior year now, but an there’s odd amount of months so let’s say 3 years and some odd months

Reasons for my url: All Might? And his muscles????? Wonderful

Followers: 444 !! Omg!! Thank you guys so much !!

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Don’t feel pressured!! Don’t do it if you don’t want to or don’t feel like it!!

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so I recently broke the teat on my pacifier when I accidentally bit down on it, I was wondering if you knew if there was a way to fix it? I'm kinda freaking out cuz like it's my only one and my sense of comfort and I'm just destroyed that it's all deflated now and idk it's - yea ... been a tough past few days

Hey! So this is vixie bc daddy is still on a bit of a hiatus for mental health reasons. I’m just gonna start off by saying unfortunately, no, there’s no way to fix a “popped” paci nipple, HOWEVER, you can buy replacement nipples, or buy an entirely new paci for pretty cheap (on average around $6-$8)

Adding to that, pacifiers should never really be chewed on because they are made out of a pretty soft/thin silicone so they’re comfortable for sucking on. But as someone who has an oral fixation as a result of anxiety and ADHD, I get the whole chewing-on-everything thing, so for that I recommend getting a teething ring. OR if you’re really wanting a paci, you can actually find pacifiers that are meant for teething (side note: these are meant for babies so I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend not sucking on this as it can and will mess up your teeth and jaw)

You can find them here-
Razbaby Raz-berry Teether, Red (2 Pack)

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okay but there’s this other rper that i got to meet and i flirted with them for a few months and they kept just Not Getting It? so one day i made my intentions super clear and we had like a 5 hour skype talk about it and now i have a full on crush and it’s reciprocated. but while we live pretty close to one another, it’s still long distance so we skype each other all the time and send messages and i’ve never felt this way about someone before.

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I'm away from home for my internship. It has been rough. We've been separated for 4 months now. 2 more months to go. At first we promised each other to stay together, to not let the distance tear us apart. But I was scared, I was scared the distance would be too much for us. What I found out is that the distance actually made us grow stronger each day. We miss each other so much, but I can tell we love each other more with every day. Now I know we can handle the distance together. As a Team ❤

congrats!! it’s hard but it’s worth it for the person you love

okay I’m generally a low key private-ish person on tumblr i like to think but I just made the decision to quit my job because I’m spread too thin and about to break down already taking six classes at college and it’s a really huge deal for me and im shaking apart and about to cry so!!! if anyone has any words of encouragement and or similar stories of taking leaps of faith and it working out now would be the right time to send them to me so I can maybe get myself back together!! I really need the reassurance thank you have a nice day