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Aqours 1st Live - Aida Rikako’s post-live thoughts

Aqours 1st LoveLive!
Thank you very much for the past two days at ~Step! ZERO to ONE~!! It really, really was a marvelous time. I had fun from the bottom of my heart, and I’m not even exaggerating. It really was a great feeling that made me feel like I was truly alive. I cannot forget everyone’s faces that I saw while I was going around on the trolley. Everyone was shining!!
In truth, when I first heard about the results of Sunshine’s audition, I was at Yokohama Arena with my mother. I can still remember when we were embracing each other even now. It has been 2 years since then. I would never have dreamed that we would be able to stand on this stage now. Love Live! Is something that a lot of people have given their love for, and I once again felt really blessed to be able to take part in it.
I learned the real value of becoming a team and going up from 0. There were 9 of us on stage, but the stage that we created was because of the all the team members, as well as the fans.

This is all I can say!
There was a lot of love enveloping us, and it really, really became a marvelous live!!!!!! However, I have something I must apologize to everyone for. I would like to apologize for the worries that I felt. After discussing with the rest of the team, I decided to perform on the piano. I never wanted to back down, so I requested to be given the chance to do it.
And so, I really give my apologies to the rest of the team who believed in me until the end; I betrayed them. Also, having made the other members feel worry in that moment, as well as all the people who had paid money to watch a professional fail, all these emotions mixed together in my head and I panicked. Somehow, I was able to complete it on Day 1, so I calmed down and decided to play with more of a smile like Riko’s on Day 2. To be honest, I cannot remember that moment very well. But the members rushed over to me during the dance, and I also heard the voices of everyone there, so I was able to stop crying and bring back out the “Sakurauchi Riko” within Aida Rikako once again. Without that, my heart would’ve surely broken, and I would’ve regretted it for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for giving me another chance. And then the lyrics of Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare also resonated in my chest and supported me. I was once again able to realize how great the power of music was, and that it was able to give me so much courage.

“It was really the greatest performance by everyone! I was moved!” was what I heard from a lot of people, but a failure is a failure. I am no longer qualified to be a professional standing on stage. I really reflected on it.
And after that I had to perform with a smile. Because I was no longer qualified to cry. But I was able to continue until the very end thanks to the warmth of all the fans. Thank you, thank you very much for supporting me.
Also, I will never forget the members who rushed over so that I wouldn’t be alone, and held me and my hands in that unbelievable location, all the time from before the beginning until after the very end, as well as the fun after the live as they greeted me with smiles and laughed it off. Those 8 people who were there definitely felt the same way as everyone. I was glad that it was 9 people once again. Thank so so much for saving me.
And also, I am very grateful to the piano teacher who seriously taught the amateur me who could not even read musical notes for 3 months.
It was really difficult; my fingers did not move as I expected, but I was able to slowly get better and better at playing, and I was able to think, “Playing the piano is fun!” And that was definitely thanks to the people who told me so. I started the piano from this age, so I was worried about whether it was truly okay, but I was told many times that it was important to challenge that thought.

It’s getting quite long, but I wanted to tell everyone as soon as possible.

Now, the second season of the TV anime, as well as 2nd live tour and many others were announced! Aqours is advancing from here onto the next Step once again. In order to make all of you know more and more about Aqours, I will put out my heart and try even harder than my best that I have done until now as a member of Aqours!!!
So please cheer me on as a member of Aqours and as Sakurauchi Riko from now on as well.

I will forever treasure everyone who supported me.
Let’s go and see more marvelous sights together! The voice of Sakurauchi Riko 🌸 Aida Rikako

Holy shit.

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Hi Rose, thank you for the sweet message yesterday! (Hoping for pregnancy anon). I took a test today and I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant 😀😀😀❤ I feel so much joy and love and still can't really believe it. After all this waiting it's finally happening. Thank you again for the kind words x

Anon, I hope you don’t mind my posting this but honestly it made me so damn happy. I almost cried over it, as a couple of friends I was with at the time can verify, but hearing the fear in your words the day before and then the joy afterwards, I am just SO delighted for you. I was sending you all my good wishes for a positive test and now I’m sending you and baby all my best thoughts for a healthy happy pregnancy and a wonderful life together.

I literally just can’t even stop grinning. Thank you for sharing your happy news. So much love to you and all of yours at this joyful moment.

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💘💕 yall cuties gave me 3k ty so much 💕💘 

I’ve made a lot of friends on here and talked to many many funny, lovely, n amazing ppl :’’) no one seems to mind my yelling unfunny ass lmao so thank u for all the cute messages and and for following me !! a lot of u brighten my days 💘💘 

ur all angels ~

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i am Still. very tired and i am sorry i dont have the energy to reply to anything at all right now but @ everyone whos  sent me supportive messages i really want to thank you w all my heart and @ everyone who initially blocked me after seein th callout and later sent me a message abt it i want u to know its alright im sure its a mistake anyone could have made and theres no hard feeling alright? i love you all very much and i hope ur day goes well <3 

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In my language we always read the letter J like english Y (like in 'may') and I'd always pronounce your name in my head as yasmine (and with S like in 'soft') and when Phil said "Jasmine's crying" in pinof I had a whole fucking revalation that I've been reading your name wrong all this time it seriously changed my life. just thought enough time has passed now and I would let you know.

this made my day thanks anon


Sunday Progress Update:

Killed it this week!! It’s actually really bugging me to not get that final at-home workout check mark because I desperately wanted to go ride my bike today, but I think I’m getting sick and should probably not push myself and focus on taking it easy. And, I did go to the gym an extra day, so oh well. 😁

I’m looking out for tomorrow me. I made dinner with enough leftovers for us to eat tomorrow, and I baked some delicious banana walnut muffins. The house smells incredible right now!! 😍

Now, time to relax with some chamomile citrus tea and my next book!

distractions - (danisnotonfire smut)

dear french anon, I love you, my followers love you, you are loved. shorter than usual yikesss

You’d been waiting for Dan to come home all day. He’d travelled home from Playlist Live in LA and was supposed to be home any second from now. Even though it was only a week, you missed him with every part of you. You missed the way he held you whenever you were feeling sad, missed his warm brown eyes and how happy he made you feel, missed the late night conversations.

And, of course, you missed the intimate times as well. More than you would ever admit to him. Your whole body seemed to crave the delicate touch of his fingers, his lips, his tongue. As soon as he came home, you were going to pounce on him.

As if on cue, you heard the familiar jingle of the keys in the door. Automatically a smile made its way on your face as you stood up to meet him at the door. He smiled when he saw you, opening his arms wide for a hug. You gladly let him wrap you in his arms, inhaling his comforting scent. “I missed you, Y/N” he said into your hair.

Instead of replying you tip-toed to meet his lips and kissed him gently, feeling your whole body relax at the much needed contact. He kissed you back just as gently, turning you around so you were pinned up against the door. Your fingers wandered from his hair, to his chest, and down his happy trail….

A loud ring made the two of you jump. It was Dan’s phone. “Ignore it” you pleaded as you pulled him closer to you again by his useless belt. He took it out of his pocket anyway and checked who it was.

“Shit” he groaned, looking at you apologetically. “It’s Hank Green… he’s in charge of VidCon and all the other LA YouTube conventions. I need to pick this up, I’m sorry baby”

You whimpered in dismay as you watched him pick it up. “Hello?” He answered, walking towards the lounge. You sighed, hoping the call would be quick, so you could get back to making out with him. An idea popped into your head, one that you knew you were going to be punished for, but it was too daring not to try. You walked into the lounge with confidence

He looked up at you but continued to speak on the phone, raising an eyebrow in curiosity. You simply smiled at him, before pulling off the shirt you were wearing teasingly slow.

His eyes widened at this, and you just smiled innocently. You had his attention now. He was wrapped around your finger. “W-what did you say? Sorry, I was… distracted” he stuttered, trying to avoid looking at you.

You walked towards him with slow, captivating steps until you were in between his legs. He looked up at you in pure want, but you could see his eyes silently begging you to wait. As if. You dropped to your knees so you were face to face with his crotch. Sensing where this was going, he tried to stand up but you already had your hands on his thighs, pushing him down again. You loosened his belt, laying it on the floor beside you. Hooking your fingers through the belt loops, you pulled it down his legs, leaving his boxers and obvious tent exposed. He was stuttering again as he watched his kitten lean closer and closer to where he needed her. You kissed his waistband before pulling of his boxers. You could literally hear him sharply inhale as his hard member was exposed to the cold air.

You licked a stripe from his top all the way to his balls, making him groan out in pleasure. “No, I’m f-fine, carry on” he said on the phone, trying to hold back another moan. You continued your kitten licks before taking in as much as you an of him into your mouth and hallowing your cheeks as you sucked hard. A high pitched moan left his mouth as he clutched your hair with his free hand. “Sorry, I stubbed my toe” he lied, his face red from tension.

You began to bob your head , letting his cock hit the back of your throat, knowing how much he loved it whenever you gagged. “F-fuck” he breathed out, starting to thrust his hips as he fucked your mouth. The taste of precum filled your mouth so you knew he was close. “Sorry Hank, I’ll have to talk to you later. Goodbye!” He rushed as he ended the call.

“SHIT, I’m close y/n baby” he moaned at, making you laugh inside. You pulled away all of a sudden, making him groan in desperation. “I need to be inside you, Y/N” he painted, his voice raspy.

“I thought you were busy?” You replied, faking innocence. He looked at you in utter disbelief.

“Yohre just gonna leave me like this?” He asked as you walked away.

“You should get back to your call. Since it was so important” you answered, a smirk on your lips.

A/N: something I would do. This is my level of pettiness.

We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved heaven and earth; that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find. And not to yield.

- “Ulysses” by Lord Alfred Tennyson

This segment of Ulysses described Soldier: 76 perfectly, so I thought I’d use it. I like to imagine that this is how Angela would describe him now.

Gotta say, this has been a fun week. From reading the lovely fics to looking at all the amazing fanart, this has been a blast.

Really my only two regrets are that I couldn’t participate in all the days and that I still can’t draw well enough.  I will try to sharpen up so I can do better next time.

So for now, have a rough concept sketch… at some point in time I might redo this.

A big shoutout to the people who made this week possible, without you guys all of this would’ve been nothing more than a distant fantasy.

Oh, and one more thing…

@kazoomiller Wish you all the best, you’re an amazing artist, and this one’s for you.  

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How different would it be if Nevo was in Vanya's position and vice versa for Vanya?

“…Listen to me, Tver. I am going to build a better, safer world some day. An educated world, who can always eat its fill of bread and knowledge.”

“You will inherit something far better than I ever did. Milk and honey, peace and strength, land and literacy! You will never have to struggle as I did.”

“Look at what we have now, and stretch it from rising to setting sun! Empires are made from grain, my boy, and you will be there to see the warm dawn yourself.”

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I am feeling better and better about myself
By each passing day I feel like I have made the right choices for myself
Because I have made choices for myself that were not based on anyone else’s opinion

My family have pointed out that I look so much more alive and happy now

And I agree
Because I feel a lot better
Even if I still have bad days
I feel better about the fact that it’s all gonna be okay

I had this song in my head for sometime now. I remember looking out the window, it was night, I was in a car with my dad, I saw a hill with a tower, and a light emitting from Orlando city. I see the lights and bushes by day, I wonder. I wanna see vinyl on there

Last night I made this, and since you guys voted? I did it! I colored it!
Even though she apparently has a fucked up Neck XD I can’t see it!!

Lemme know what you think

More art coming soon!

Reblog and tell a friend!

Art trades and requests are closed

CMS is coming tomorrow

Until zen!

I just realized I made a boo-boo!


Okay: I am going to post chapter three of Tonight, Tonight tomorrow, which means that it’ll be a double-post because there’s a T-rated chapter three, and then the E-rated “outtake” that I’m posting seperately for people who want it. You following me so far? Good.

Now, if I keep to my current posting schedule for Tonight, Tonight, chapter four (both T and E rated) will be posted Friday, March 3rd–which is also the day that I head-canon for Newt’s birthday. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that I have a smoking hot one-shot written for his birthday on my computer that I planned to publish that day, and I’d be spoiling you all with the influx of smut!

So now I have to figure out if I want to delay chapter four of Tonight, Tonight or if I want to delay his birthday story–or if I just suck it up and post them together.

Well. I can’t complain. This is a good problem to have! ;)


Food from today and a selfie from Friday ✨

Babe made me breakfast this morning, and we had alfredo lasagna roll ups for dinner! We also had a leg day at the gym that’s gonna hurt tomorrow hahaha.

We’re cuddled in bed now with the salt lamp on and lavender in the diffuser. I’m not pumped for reading week to be over but that does mean I’m six weeks away from exams, and ~8 from being halfway through my degree!!!

Happy days 🌸

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boy i dont even watch steven universe but some days ago one of my mutuals said they made a su rant account and like???? i didnt know the show took like.... this kinda path.... like i had noticed things were turning strange (esp with lapis tbh) but i didnt know it got. that shitty

siiiiigh, yeah, it’s been pretty rough. it’s honestly pretty disheartening seeing how low this show has sunk. i remember when su used to be my favorite animated show. but now i mostly watch just because i always want to stick with a show to the end and i’m hoping by some miracle the show will get better. but i’m not too optimistic about that.

- mod b

A Retrospect

A Retrospect

I’ve lived a life of almosts and could haves
Some from bad breaks most from bad choices
Regret was once my constant companion
Finally I’ve made my peace

Peace with my past
All of my bungles and missed chances
Day dreams have turned into memories of
Sweet times in days gone by

Life has slowed and so have I
I’m in no hurry to reach the end
I see it coming but for right now there is still
Another taste of honey
Another lingering hug
Another memory to cling to

~ c wolf

closed boundaries: i didn’t tell them about my bad day because i knew they wouldn’t understand or i didn’t want to upset them

porous boundaries: i told them about my bad day and they responded really insensitively and made it worse or it made them sad and now i feel awful for having said anything

in both of these situations you walk into a room in a bad mood that you haven’t fully taken responsibility for and blame others for not fixing it for you, whether or not you communicate it is almost irrelevant to the fact that you’re blaming others and their reactions, or your perception of their reactions (which is a whole thing), for not fitting some ideal in which your bad day would be fixed or at least eased by others 

one of the biggest mental health/relationship health tips you can learn is differentiating between ‘your stuff’ and ‘their stuff’. if you’re feeling too tired to stay up and hang out, that’s your stuff. if the person your with is disappointed by that because they’re not tired and they were enjoying your company, that’s their stuff. if you get mad at them for being disappointed, or they get upset with you for being tired, a problem arises because you’re making their stuff your stuff or vice versa. 

one of the thoughts to watch out for is ‘they make me feel’, specifically when it’s in relation to their reaction to your own feelings, because that creates the kind of cycles in relationships where you’re reacting to each other’s reactions. nobody makes you feel shit. it’s better to think ‘when they do X i feel Y’, because that way you can determine whether or not X is something healthy or normal, whether it’s something you’re willing to put up with or whether it’s something abusive that should be a deal-breaker. and you can do that while still thinking about how to deal with Y, the feeling, which is ultimately the only part you have control over, and the part that is both the cause and face of your internal suffering which is what you should be focusing on easing, as opposed to trying to change someone else’s behaviour to ease your suffering. 

your stuff / their stuff

it helps.


okay i really wish i could have replied to you guys individually but it’s hard on mobile so 

all of you lovely people really made my day better and better with every word like ?? /?? ? ? IM SO HAPPY ??? ?  so tHANK YOU SO MUCH honestly i’m proud of that cover so this really means so much to me asdlfjkasldfk i have no words anymore thank you thank you thank you <3 <3 <3 

History Maker Cover >> Here <<

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Part 1: my heart feels full now. Have I ever told you how much I love this reader? Apart from the obviously great romantic chemistry with Dean, she's so good with my Sammy. Yay! Also I was totally NOT binging on the rewrite last night and to wake up to a new chapter totally made my frigging day!

Aw! Thanks, Ana! I really like this reader a lot. When she was an OFC like…god I guess 2 years ago now before I ever even got on tumblr or even started writing anything down and it was all just a story in my crazy head I always kind of wanted her to relate to Sam. Which I mean, they would, considering their history. But I never really wanted her to like cut him off like Dean does at this point. But I wasn’t sure how to do that while keeping Dean and the reader together and now I’m just hoping it’s not weird and out of character if that makes sense? That’s actually the thing that’s driving me the most crazy about this part of their story so I’m happy you like it! 

Free to Be You and Me