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Sue said that season five won’t get planned or written until Ben and Martin commit, and made an offhand comment like “when they’re less busy.” It sounded distant. Steven similarly said that he had no idea at all where the next season would go, and hadn’t thought about it yet. He’s busy with Dr. who now and might take a year off when that’s done.

Something about Mary…..first off, Amanda was supposed to be here but cancelled just a few days ago. Bummer. During my pic signing with Steven I asked him if he felt Mary redeemed herself at the end, or was she still morally dubious. This started a fairly long Mary defense, that she shot Sherlock nicely, that if Sherlock was ok with it why wouldn’t we be, that she had more to overcome in her past thus her moving toward to good had more meaning. He was QUITE QUITE serious, and all my Mary is evil hopes died a sad death. She DID ACTUALLY jump in front of that shot, Steven takes that absolutely for granted, so our pondering of bullet speeds etc. were all in vain. He’s still surprised some people don’t like Mary, and is rather defensive of her.


Interview with Lucie Pohl by AlexACE at Momo Con.

No mentions of Pharmercy specifically, but she does mention how much she enjoyed the fan reaction to the vids she made with Jen Cohn and Carolina Ravassa

And at 4:58, she reveals the one character she’d love to voice in Overwatch that isn’t Mercy.

And that is? Pharah.

It’s a short interview, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Marichat Day 27: Baking

This one is a little intense. (Sick/cancer warning)

Marinette held her shaking hand in front of her. Soaked strands of dark hair stuck to her skin. More of it swirled lazily around the drain. The sob tore itself from her throat before she could stop it and she folded down to the shower floor.

“Mari,” a voice called from beyond the bathroom door. “Is everything okay?”

Marinette curled in on herself, letting the warm water beat down on her. She should get up. She knew this was a possibility. She read all the literature about chemotherapy; she had researched the possible side effects. She could deal with this. 

“Marinette.” Tikki zipped into the shower. 

She ignored the kwami. She couldn’t spare the focus. She needed to get up. This wasn’t going to defeat her. She braced herself to stand up but she felt so weak. Another sob worked itself out of her.

The bathroom door opened. “Princess, I’m going to help you out of there, okay?”


“I’m not going to look, I promise.”

“Where’s Alya?” she whimpered.

“She’s not here, Marinette. I told Chat to come help you,” Tikki answered, phasing through the shower curtain.


“It’s time he knew,” the kwami replied firmly. “He can help you through this.”

A black gloved hand snuck in and turned the knob, cutting the shower of cooling water. “I’m going to help you get out now, okay?” The curtain slid open slowly and Chat Noir stood beside the tub, his eyes squeezed shut. He held a towel limply in one hand. “I’m not really sure how to do this.”

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Got7 reaction to you teasing them on your period

Can I please request a Got7 reaction to you teasing them while on your period, thank you in advance. It’s totally ok to skip this if you feel uncomfortable writing about this 😊

Honestly me a few days ago


“Is it fair Y/n? I’m asking if that’s fair? Now, you are on your period, huh? But that pretty little mouth can still do wonders? On your knees baby.”


“You are the real form of evil. How could you do this to me, huh? I became an innocent victim of your evilness.”


“Whatever you do, it doesn’t work. You can continue, but nothing gets me worked uo like you on my bed.”


“If you excuse me, I’ll go to the bathroom real quick. Someone, you, made a big mess and now I’ll have to take care of it.”


“Y/n, is this acceptable? Is Mother Earth acceptable? Why? Why now? Couldn’t you be on your period like…tomorrow? Why today? Why did you do that if you knew you can’t help me out, tease?”


“Fix this. I don’t know what are you going to do or how you’re going to do it, but take care of this mess pretty thank you, please. Y/n, where are you going? Take care of this. Like now.”


“You are one bad little kitty, are you? Just you wait until this week is over. You’ll have to take your work home. You won’t be able to stay on your feet. I can’t wait to return the favour you just did for me.”



I was going to get a fidget cube and I was so happy, but I have anxiety about buying stuff online so my dad helped but he didn’t wanna buy from other people, apparently only the ‘original’ dude who made the spinners can be trusted. And he doesn’t offer the color I originally wanted and then his website says you have to pre order it. And now we haven’t talked about it for days and I’m anxious to bring it up again because I really want a fidget cube so bad but anxiety.

Walking down the aisle (Nessian OS)

I made it ! First ACOTAR and english fic (I’m French). Please tell me about any mistake, my english classes are over for a while now.

Summary : Cassian asked Nesta to marry him but something is bothering her.
                  OS (1968 words)
                  Nessian, feysand and mention of elucien

Three years have passed since the end of the war against Hybern. By this winter afternoon, Feyre was reading, pressed against the armrest of the sofa in front of the fireplace, feet on a sleepy Rhysand’s leg. She was enjoying her new novel, courtesy of Vivianne, when the town house front door slammed open to shut as fast and loud. Rhysand jolted awake while his mate was already leading to the foyer.

Against the door was standing Nesta, red and breathless as if she had run all the city to come here, a vacant look on her face. Her sister ran to her to take her hand, fear already running in her veins that something bad was going to happen.

« Nesta, what’s wrong ? »

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zoslean  asked:

I have this one hoodie, this one big as shit gray hoodie that I wear everywhere. My dysphoria has been bad all week, and when I feel like that- I go and wear my hoodie all day. Now, I live in Florida and it's summer- and my mom demands I take my hoodie off, and she even made me get weave in to act more "normal". I told her I'm trans like 5 times, how do I make it clear to her that I'm trans and it hurts when she does stuff like this?

You should sit down with her and talk.
That’s usually how I’d imagine dealing with problems like this.
Explain that wearing that hoodie helps with your dysphoria, and you might be willing you wear something lighter (only if you are comfortable with it) as long as it was “men’s” clothes too.
Also explain how you’d like to look, including your hair.
Maybe it’d help her see what she’s doing is negatively impacting you.

Best of luck 💙💙💙

anonymous asked:

I swear this blog and it's inside jokes have ruined me. Watching Brooklyn-Nine-Nine right now and the quote "maybe, if we're talking about who's winning our bet. But if we're talking about who's holding more birds, I'm winning. Four-nothing.", this made me remember the finch collector. I'll never be free from this blog (not that I'd want to be).

@finchcollector‘s unknowable quantity of finches will most likely continue to haunt me until my dying day, so it brings me great comfort to know that I’m not alone in this.  thank you, my friend, for standing with me.

Chillin with Kuzco, who wants none of my shit.

Post a selfie and ten facts about yourself, tag ten others:

Tagged by the beautiful @tomato-x-ramen and @kuramaknows . Y’all making me feel insecure!

  1. I’m constantly curious, always wanting to learn new things.
  2. I am adventurous (to a flaw) and lack a healthy sense of fear. I am the adrenaline junkie.
  3. I’m gender-fluid. Some days I feel comfortable in my own skin and feel okay sharing photos (like today). Other days I feel really dysphoric, hate the way I look, and want to find and delete said photos.
  4. Traveling the world is one of my greatest passions. I’ve been to 20 countries and counting, throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Central America. I live very frugally to support that.
  5. While I’m comfortable financially now, I was pretty much self-made. I received no financial help at all for college or grad school and went in with very little money.
  6. My life dream was (and sort of is) to become a pediatrician and was originally a neuroscience major when I went to UCLA. Due to both physical and psychological health restrictions, doing so has become infeasible.
  7. I was accepted to college (Los Angeles Cal State) at age 13. My mother wouldn’t let me attend, mostly because it would mean driving an hour to drop me off every day, and she wouldn’t let me live in the dorms. I wonder how my life would have turned out if I’d gone.
  8. I have Bipolar Disorder, so you may notice that my personality can fluctuate (I’m talking about swings lasting from several weeks to months). Some times I make a lot of jokes, have imperfect typing (incorrect capitalization, abbreviations, etc.), and am very friendly/dorky. Other times I’m much more reserved, am grammatically correct, and come off as more…refined maybe? Rest assured that I’m always happy to hear from people, even if I seem aloof!
  9. I have a huge soft spot for the elderly, since two of my three parental figures were born in 1914 and 1918. I’m experienced with end of life care and would love to volunteer in hospice.
  10. I am the ultimate “pama/older brother” (pama = papa + mama) friend. I like to make sure that everyone is taken care of.

I tag: @niyari-to-kitsune, @thecurseofhatred, @dark-naruto, @darling-bucky, @spiralgalaxy, @solochely, @instantlyglitteryturtle, @bahare-uzuchiha, @hotmessmuffin, @amongstthesnsstars, @yuineko-hime

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Just saw your post about bopping to Back To You w/ X-Factor Harry dancing gif. And it made me remember H during those X-Factor days. I went back and watched all their earlier XF vids and if you watch just Harry, you'll see how much he wanted to be there. He's not a dancer but during those times he would do whatever it took to stay in the XF, he was so passionate from the beginning and it makes me so proud my heart could burst seeing where he is now, topping the charts (both with 1D & solo)💗😌

he worked his butt off and got better and better as the years went on and NOW he’s out there with an amazing solo debut album following the equally amazing albums he made with his band and i think that’s beautiful

anonymous asked:

1/3. Hi! A few months ago I came out as ace panro to my mom (she kinda forced it out of me, asking if I was gay all the time), and she had the usual misconceptions and everything but it went fine, and we haven't really acknowledged it since. Since then I've realized I'm also aro-spec, and today we were talking and she was like "you'll fall in love one day, you definitely will" and it made me kinda uncomfortable so I told her I'm aro-spec too. And she said she loves me and just wants me to be

2/3. happy, which is all good. And I should be feeling great about it but I just feel weird?? Like when I came out to my best friend a few months ago I felt /lighter/ like a weight was just lifted off my shoulders, and I was so so happy and now idk it just feels strange and not necessarily in a good way. I felt the same way after I came out to her originally but I told my friend like right after so I guess I kind of forgot about how telling my mom felt?

3/3. Idk what I’m saying really but yeah. Does anyone else get like this or is it just me? Thank you!!

It sounds to me like you feel like you’ve let her down. She expressed clear expectations, and since that’s not what you want, you might feel like you’ve disappointed her. I suggest talking to her about it and clearing some stuff up, it sounds like she genuinely wants you to be happy and didn’t realize that some people don’t need romance to feel fulfilled until you said it 


It took me two whole days to get a hold of the Captain Underpants art style so I could make this. 

I made a custodian for Jerome Horwitz named Janet Oreole (a pun on janitorial), that used to be a garbage person, and fought for one year in Afghanistan, but was discharged. 

She now sprays pests, shines lockers, mops floors, plunges toilets, and cleans puke. She’s rather proud of her decision. 

She also finds herself more often than not cleaning up one of George and Harold’s pranks, but she’s fine with that, since she gets to look deeper into its gruesome details. 

Janet’s Hispanic, Guatemalan, to be specific, and was adopted by a white family, who sore of “Europeanized” her name. It used to be Juanita Anita Creolez, before both of her parents died, orphaning her. 

So… Today started out fine, Like every weekend, I planned to sleep in until my friend called and told me she was on her way, but… That didn’t happen. I waited since 9am for a friend that would never show. I cried, and several people knew that.

No it is 7pm, and I’m happy. I talked to people, listen to their help, made banana bread, and I’m now going out for a walk. Normally its very hard for me to be happy, but my aunt told me “Don’t let her ruin your day, your better than that”

I’m very happy with myself, and normally, I only post pictures for dares and lost bets, but today isn’t the case. I got ready, and I think I look fabulous, hair and all. So today, was pretty shitty, but now, I’m happier, and I feel pretty too!

Goodbye -teen Years

(20 Things Teenage Life Taught Me)

Tomorrow, I’ll be turning 20 and I can`t help but to reflect on my teenage years. Oh those good youthful years I spent living without regrets; living AS IF THERE IS NO TOMORROW. 

I remember when I was 15, I made a decision to do whatever I wanted because there’s so much room for good days and making mistakes. If only my fifteen year old self can see me, she would be so proud and pained. Proud that I was able to live, and pained for all the consequences I had to face.

I made a million questionable decisions that I cannot even answer myself, but those silly decisions I made as teen meld me to who I am right now– strong, wise, carefree, and confidently beautiful.

I’ll be turning 20 and I would constantly live as if there is no tomorrow, but this time, I’ll live with better judgment. I may not be the wisest person you’ll ever meet, but I would love to share you 20 things my deviant teenage life taught me.

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Holy shit.

Today was a day that’s been very different for me in a very long time. A follower reached out to me, and stuck by my side, they’ve made sure I’m okay, and have put me in one of the greatest moods I’ve been in, in a very long time. Right now I am so fucking cheerful due to one persons actions. You know who you are. I just wanna say thank you with all of my heart. You’re amazing ❤️



We’re reaching the end of the stretch, folks. We’ve got one more day, one more album, and three or four more posts and then we’re done. And so I thought it would be fitting to close out tonight with this.

In 2015, their first year of being eligible for it, Green Day were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now, say what you want about that institution - I myself am, honestly, completely unsure where I stand about it. But, as Billie Joe told Rolling Stone when the announcement was first made, “all of my heroes are in there.”

It’s a big deal, you know. It’s a big deal, for this snotty, underestimated trio of self-described class clowns from Oakland to make it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and to get there playing punk music, the music they grew up with, and doing things their way, constantly surprising people and choosing the unexpected route. After almost 30 years of varying levels of success and fame, extreme backlash, personal struggles, mental health issues, substance abuse, and really good music, Green Day was officially welcomed into the league of their heroes.

Which is what strikes me the hardest about their induction speeches: all three of them spend at least a third of each of their speeches talking about how much they love music, and paying tribute to their heroes.

A lot of bands I love, I never want to meet, because they don’t quite feel like people to me. But, from the beginning, Green Day have always just seemed like a group of guys who love music, who let it mean everything to them the same way that their fans do. Who are fans, too - just incredibly talented, incredibly successful ones. I still think that about them, and they make it easy for me to do so.

Let’s let Billie Joe bring it full circle:

And in closing. So we come from this place called Gilman Street. It’s a club. It’s in Berkeley. We are so fortunate to be able to play there because it’s all-ages and it was non-profit. It was just all of these goof balls. It was like Romper Room for degenerates. It was so great. And what a great scene. We got to watch our friends’ bands, and they got to watch us play, and they got to heckle us. We tried to heckle back, but they had one better. So, then I got to see Operation Ivy, and I got to see Crimpshrine, and I got to see Sewer Trout, Nasal Sex. These far out there bands. I’m truly fortunate. You know, I’ve always loved rock & roll music. I always have. Soon as I opened my eyes and took my first breath, I’m a fan. And that’s the one thing that I’m going to close with is that I love rock & roll.

- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Speech