and now my aunt is talking shit about me

im losing it on tonight’s episode of ghost adventures they had a lot of antique toys obviously but they had a monkey in the room with the mirrors sitting on the mirror ledge and i talk about it too much but zak literally rented my aunt’s house from airbnb when they were filming here for 10 days and anyway he or bacon literally hid that monkey in my aunt’s bathroom and she found it obviously and it scared the shit out of her and she gave it to me bc she knows i like the show but yeah now that famous and spooky little monkey is sitting in my kitchen and he’s cute or whatever but i hate that he was sitting with those spooky ass mirrors i’m already terrified of mirrors enough in the first place also btw if anyone is wondering the place that aaron was snapchatting from when the first episode of this season came out and where zak posted pics to twitter with geeky ass captions like “montana day to decompress” is my aunt’s house like jsyk i’m not lying sweaty :) i have pics of me drunk and crying and eating pasta in that house and u can compare it 2 Aaron’s snapchats from there if u want also i think just for my own damn self i’m gonna go back and take screenshots of the little monkey friend from the episode and also also there’s a screenshot of zak not wearing a shirt in my aunt’s house and i want it gone off the internet i don’t like it and i don’t want to think about it