and now my aunt is talking shit about me

My Aunt Mary: I don’t like when you sign because I can’t understand it and you could be talking about me.

My deaf Aunt Eileen: What’d she say?

Me: She said “I don’t like when you sign because I can’t understand it and you could be talking about me.”


*Aunt Eileen and I go back to signing and NOW talking shit about Aunt Mary*

I’m Pregnant (Sam Drake x Reader)

It’s only a few days ago when I found out that I was pregnant. It explained a lot about my morning sickness and cramps and abdominal pain. I know how Sam feels about having children and I know he won’t take this nicely. I asked him about it months ago, but he would just dodge the question.

Now, leaning against the pillar while looking out into the sea, I don’t know if I should tell him or not. He would want an abortion, but I don’t. It worries me that I would have to if I told him.

An arm wraps around my shoulders, pulling closer. “Something on your mind, dear? You’ve been staring at the sea for about an hour.” He chuckles and looks at me, but I can’t look back at him. I look the other way and Sam puts a finger on my chin, making me look at him. “(Y/N), what is it?”

I take a deep breath. “What do you think about family, Sam?” I ask for the billionth time, crossing my arms. He lets go of his wrap around me and leans his back on the pillar beside him, clearing his throat.

“Well, you know family means a lot to me. Like my brother, he’s family and you know how much he means to me…” He pauses, thinking of something else. “Elena, she’s considered family now, too.”

It surprised me that he even replied to that question; I have been asking that for months but he never replies. “I’m talking about children…” I speicified.

The look on his face changes as he knew that I wasn’t talking about that kind of family. I wait for a reply, but knowing that he won’t, I add on: “I’ve been thinking about it. We could have them here, free to roam around in the sand, bring them to school–”

Sam cuts me short, “(Y/N), we’re not even married and you’re already thinking about children?” His tone was angry and it shook me a little that he was like that. If only he knew the truth behind the question, maybe he won’t be as mad. But my heart is beating fast and I just can’t tell him. He’ll be asking for an abortion and I can’t do that.

“Wait a minute.” Sam looks at me and then at my stomach; he rubs his face in realization. “Fuck…” He curses. “How long?” He asks me, looking into my eyes as tears start to form.

“A week…” I answer with a shaky breath.

“But you’ve been asking for months, it couldn’t have–”

“I was thinking about it for months but I wasn’t pregnant.”

He looks around in frustration. “Shit…” He hangs his head, stressed about this.

At this point I knew that he would ask for an abortion, so I readied myself to beg. He looks away  to his right, looking at the sea, tapping his fingers on the railing and then leaving into the house. He knew that his sudden anger scared me, so he had to distance himself so that he won’t hurt me more than I already am. I sigh in relief that he didn’t ask for an abortion, but I still have a worried feeling about how Sam feels about this.

Sighing, I make my way to the beach, sitting down with my knees pulled to my chest and feeling the soft sand between my toes. I look at the waves crashing to the sand and the sea reflecting the light of the sun; the seagulls squawking and flying away catches my attention and I look at them as they fly above the ocean, their silhouette showing from the light of the sun.

My thoughts were on the baby, wondering what name to call him or her. Then it suddenly saddens me that maybe Sam might leave me for this; leave me to be a single parent and raise this child on my own. The idea bring tears to my eyes and I wipe them away, just in time before Sam arrives and sits beside me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I was surprised that he would interact like this to me, but I rest my head on his shoulder, ignoring his sudden change of mood.

A moment has gone and I hear Sam’s heart race. I’m about to question him about it, but he starts to move. “(Y/N), I’m sorry that I don’t have a ring for this,” he holds my hand and raises me up with him and he kneels down on one knee, holding one of my hands, “but will you be the woman that I will spend the rest of my life with… Grow old together, Christ, even have children together…. Will you be the woman that will bring light when it’s dark and sun after the rain…” He pauses, looking at me intently into my teary eyes. “Will you marry me?” His beautiful proposal has brought me to tears and I nod my head for a ‘yes’, a lump in my throat stopping me to say anything. Sam raises up and twirls me around, laughing. When he puts me down, he kisses me.

Albeit, I can’t help to think that he’s asking me to marry him just for the baby. “This is not just for the baby, is it?” I ask, an eye-brow raised.

“What? No! Well, maybe: but I’ve been thinking about marrying you the moment I saw you.” He says and we walk inside the house, his hand on my waist, telling the story of how we met.

There is silence when we enter the house.

“I thought you were upset about this.” I break the silence as he closes the door that lead to the back porch. I lean against the counter in the kitchen.

“I was, but I called Nathan and he talked me through.” He replies, leaning onto me, each hand resting by my sides. “I can’t help thinking about being a parent. You know how I am, I’ll be a horrible father.”

I land a hand on his cheek, comforting him from his thoughts. “I’ve seen you treat Nate. If you were brave enough to take a bullet for him; to sacrifice everything for him; you’re wrong about being a horrible father.”

His face brightens and he kisses me. “God, I fucking love you.” He says in between our kiss.

I giggle because of how excited he feels; it’s like he was never this happy in his life. All we have to do now is to survive nine months without doubts.

- - - - -

Today was the day when the baby came out of my God damn womb. Nine months felt long with all the pain in my stomach; cravings every night; and uncomfortable feeling when I’m sleeping. Albeit, what really was the struggle was the doubts that Sam had. Sometimes, I had to remind him that he’s going to be a great father and remind him the things he did for his brother.

Although, it wasn’t only pain and misery; it was heart-warming and exciting too. The stories that Sam told to the unborn baby and me listening to them made me a little teary. The excitement that I see in his eyes were different from the excitement that I see when he’s treasure hunting; but that’s a different case.

The moment I saw my baby girl all wrapped up and screaming, I cried and Sam cried along with me, kissing my cheeks and had to wipe his tears every now and then. He called Nate, Elena and Cassie to join for Sam to talk to and throwing away all the doubts he had in his head.

Cradling the baby girl in my arms while Sam rests on a chair beside my bed, his head laying on the mattress while he’s still holding my hand, I finally feel complete. Like I wasn’t to begin with (note the sarcasm). I thought that having Sam in my life would change everything, but it felt like it wasn’t enough. Looking at my baby in my arms, it’s like a puzzle piece was placed to complete the puzzle.

A knock on the door breaks me from my thoughts. A few seconds later, Cassie comes in, her eyes tired.

“Hi, sorry to bother, my parents are asleep and I didn’t know what to do.” She shrugs.

I smile at her sheepishly. “Of course, come here.” I put my free arm out for her to look at the baby. She snuggles right beside me and soon, her tired eyes were wide and her mouth agape.

“Does this mean I’m an aunt?” Cassie asks. Of course, being an seven-year-old, you can’t really understand family and in-laws yet, but I laugh lightly at her question.

“No, you’re her cousin; your mom is her aunt.” I reply, squishing her cheeks.

Her face sinks as I told her the truth. “Don’t worry, if you’ll have a sibling, then you can be an aunt.” When I said that, her face brightens and she hugs me.

“I’ll go ask mommy if I can have a brother. I’ll be right back, aunt (Y/N).” She hugs me again before leaving the room and I can’t help but shed a tear down my cheek. Cassie is a wonderful girl, but her calling me her aunt was a big deal since Sam and I are not married yet. We both discussed that we would get married after the baby is born, leaving Elena and Nate doing all the planning because stressing me out will cause a lot towards the baby and Sam can’t do shit with planning.

Sam hasn’t woken up yet. Heavy sleeper, I think to myself as a I ruffle his hair. God, I’m a mother now; and he’s a father. We’re actually parents. My grandfather is now a great-grandfather and if my parents were here, they would be outside in the waiting room, talking about being grandparents.

I sigh at the thought. My parents… It still saddens me today about what happened to them. Who doesn’t think about their dead parents and not have a sinking feeling?

My eyes are growing tired and I decide to place my baby in the cradle. Sam fell asleep right when they brought her to me and we couldn’t decide on a name before this; he wanted to wait until he saw her and then we can decide.

“Good night, little angel.” I kiss her forehead before placing her in the crib.

- - - - -

“You ready?” My grandfather asks, his head poking out of the door as I look at myself in the mirror one last time. Wedding jitters, I’m trying not to let them get to me because I know that Sam is the one for me. I take a deep breath, nodding my head and standing up from the seat in front of the mirror. I pick up the side of my dress in order for me to not trip on the sand. Elena and Nate thought that a beach wedding (behind our house, might I add) would be a good way to go. Considering that they were married on a beach as well, they thought that we both wanted, too. Not going to lie, when I walked out of the room and saw the decoration, my breath was taken away from the beauty of it.

The arc just in front of the sea and the carpet in the middle, leading to the arc where Sam, Nate and Elena with my baby were waiting. Sam told them one order before they invited guests: “Don’t invite people I don’t know.” So, they invited no one but family. Not that I don’t mind, it’s simple like a I want it to be.

My grandfather puts out his arm and I put my arm through it, walking down the aisle. Sam looks at me, his breath taken away and I just smile at him. Elena picked out my dress as well, tight fitting like I like it, showing my thin waist; the front part of the skirt of my dress reaching up to my knees, but the back part flowing like a waterfall.

Nate lightly pushes Sam and he is taken out of his thoughts once I’m in front of him.

“You’re beautiful.” He comments, breathlessly.

“You’re handsome yourself.” I reply to him as his eyes are scanning my dress.

The wedding was longer than expected, but when it was time to kiss the bride, it felt like it was only minutes ago it started. Sam pulls me in on a kiss, laying me halfway down like they do in the movies which took me by surprise. When we were back up, I looked at him, surprised and I pull him in for another kiss. That’s when my grandfather had to pull us away from each other and force us to walk down the aisle as they cheer for us.

The party was inside the house, cake and a buffet in the kitchen, designed nicely. It’s amazing how Elena and Nate managed to do this and they continue to amaze me with what they can do. Talk about a power couple.

We spent most of the afternoon, laughing and talking to each other; but most of all, Sam wouldn’t stop glancing at me and neither could I. I’m not (Y/N) Sullivan anymore, I’m part of the Drake family: Mrs. (Y/N) Drake.

“Aunt (Y/N)!” Cassie interrupts my chat with Elena and Nate. I place my glass on the counter, picking her up.

“Yes, Cassie?” I ask.

“Mom and Dad said that they can give me a brother.” She exclaims, pointing at them.

I look at them as they exchanged looks and awkwardly laugh.

“Alright, Cass, do you think we should leave Uncle Sam and Aunt (Y/N) alone?” Elena asks as I hand Cassie over.

The thought of being married; being an aunt; being a mother was overwhelming and I nearly broke down in tears before I reminded myself that I can show that much emotion after the party. It felt like it was too much to gather for one day and when the party was finally over; when everyone left, Sam and I plopped on the couch, sharing a silent moment together with the exception of crickets singing and the waves crashing onto the shore.

“What are we going to name her?” I ask, breaking the silence as I rest my head on the crook of his shoulder.

“Samantha.” He replies quickly.

I chuckle. “You’re naming her Samantha so that we can all be confused on who I’m calling.” I reply, looking at him with an eye-brow raised.

He grins back at me. “No, it’s so that you can start calling me in cute pet names. Like, honey, darling, baby, sweetheart–”

I cut him off with a kiss. “You’re already a sweetheart, no need to be called that.”

“I know, but I would like to hear you say it.” He dares me. I don’t like the idea of pet names, but Sam thinks that it’s cute when I say it from time to time. He has been calling me ‘hon’ and 'honey’ for the past God knows how many months, but I wasn’t really into the idea. “Say it.” He dares me again, placing his forehead onto mine.

“No.” I reply with a laugh.

“Say it.” He leans onto me, slowly laying me on the couch and his hands on my waist.

“I’m not going to.” I say again.

“You asked for it.” He immediately attacks my waist with tickles and I laugh loudly, surrendering.

“Okay, okay, fine!” I look at him. “Honey.” And he smiles at me.

He kisses my nose.

“You missed.” I mention, smirking at him.

“You’re like that now, huh, hon?” He smirks back, attacking my neck with bites and kisses, his stubble tickling me again and I giggle.

Samantha starts crying in our bedroom and we break our kiss. I stand up but Sam grabs my hand, making me turn back to him. I raise an eye-brow, “I need to take care of Sam.”

“Which Sam?” He raises up and wrapping his arms on my waist, leaning down to kiss me. Samantha squeals louder and I playfully push him away.

“Shave and I’ll take care of you, too.” I mention, but Sam was being stubborn and I push him away again. “Go!” And he laughs, walking to the bathroom as I walk into the bedroom, breast feeding Samantha.

Looking back to the span of ten months, it has been an adventurous ride; a different adventure than treasure hunting and solving puzzles. After what happened in those ten months, I was sure that I’m leaving the treasure hunting behind for the good old times. After my parents left me, I was taught one thing: never abandon your family.

- - - - -

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i’ve been….watching youtubers for about….two hours now and i just have a question…how are they so open about their problems …they just admit their problems right on screen to their thousands of followers and!! what if people who they grew up with are watching ! their parents! their aunts and uncles! like ! i can barely post vague shit on my twitter that has all my high school people on it without getting anxiety! i deactivated my facebook! how do people put their info out to people they know! i can’t even talk about my feelings to my parents let alone alice from high school!

anonymous asked:

i was forced to go to dinner with my mother and aunt on my birthday and my aunt started talking about how she didn’t see what was wrong with putting a picture of caitlyn jenner pre-transition on the men’s restroom and a picture of caitlyn jenner now on the women’s and???? like i don’t like caitlyn at all but identity is identity and that is incredibly disrespectful and i’m so sick of these family members being not homophobic or transphobic or racist or sexist because they are. blatantly.

ughhhhhh yeah i feel you, no one around me understands why you can’t call her “bruce” or say all that kind of shit. like i absolutely don’t like her (i’m pretty sure she’s homophobic too? idfk) but even if transphobes gave a shit about that that doesn’t mean you can misgender her? it pisses me off too anon i feel you. and especially something like a public bathroom that’s fucked up 

sleepover saturday!

Crybaby Manchild

OK, here we go. @the-mansplainer next time you wanna try and talk shit, just tag me. I unblocked you. Now to answer this. I have 3 blogs. my personal one, @princessjuggalette​, one about my daughter, which I will not tag, since I don’t want you anywhere near her, and this one, which I started to post one interaction, by someone I have known for years, who was MARRIED to my aunt, therefore making him my uncle. This interaction, which took place on Facebook, is one where he admits to wanting to have sex with me since I was 14/15 years old. This man is 12 years older then me, do the fucking math.

I’m also going to address the fact that you seem to not know what apps I post from. I post from Whisper, and MeetMe. I am not on OkCupid, as I have someone, and I am very happy in my relationship. You also seem to miss the fact that I don’t post daily, as I have no reason to do so.

I can pretty much guarantee that you would never message me, as one I make it perfectly clear that I’m not interested. Pretty much every time I post on Whisper, I state that I’m married. My relationship status on MeetMe is married. I’m actually super polite, when someone within my age range who’s only looking for dates on MeetMe messages me, and honestly the response I send everyone who’s not within it, it’s a keyboard short cut.

I only post when they get pissy at me for saying I’m not interested in chatting, so a lot don’t get posted.

I’m honestly sick and tired of dumb ass men like you, who can’t even do simple research on the person you’re talking about, try and talk shit about me. So how about you actually act like the man you pretend to be, and do your damn homework.

Here’s a little help for you. I am not hateful, I am scarcastic. I am not a man hater, I am an asshole hater, both of men and woman who are assholes. 

As you can see, I unblocked you. And the only way I will block you again, is if I need a break from the bullshit. Blocking on my main blog, oh hell yes, if I don’t want you to know what is going on with my daughter, you will be blocked from that blog, I really don’t fucking care what you have to say about that. Talk to me here, or fuck off, no skin off my back. 

What am I looking for on MeetMe? Why that’s easy, FRIENDS. People to talk to about things that I have interest in and my partner doesn’t. However, I’m not actively seeking friends on MeetMe right now, and therefore rarely even log in.

What am I looking for on Whisper? Again that’s easy. A place to either rant, make stupid jokes, or even slightly pick on my partner. What I am not looking for are hookups, dick pics, or total creeps telling me that I should perform sexual acts with my 6 year old daughter.

Since most of my posts are from Whisper, which is an app to anon secrets, I really don’t see what you have against me. Calling out creeps who don’t understand simple English(despite apperently speaking it) or think it’s OK to sexualize a child seems like something that everyone should do.

So once again, do your homework, then try and talk shit.


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The Talk

A/N: I’m absolutely in love with this prompt lol. (Honestly I don’t have OCs for their children soo I’m just gonna go with the flow.)

Summary: Natsu and Gray decide to give their kids the talk.

Pairings: NaLu, GrUvia.


“Nashi.” Natsu said sternly earning a raised eyebrow from his 17 year old daughter.

“What is it daddy?” The pink haired girl said looking at her father. She noticed that he had a thinking face… that was never a good sign.

“I think it’s time you and I had the talk.”

“The… talk? She questioned before her jaw dropped open.

"DADDY!” Nashi said uncomfortably. “Why can’t mom do this with me? Why does it have to be you!” She really did love her dad, it was just this subject was really uncomfortable with the opposite sex. Especially your 40 year old dad.

“Your mother wanted to be the one to talk to you about it, but it can’t wait!” He shouted taking a seat next to her on her bed. “Plus, she took your brother to Levy’s and metal freak’s house for a playdate.”

“Oh wow. Crimson’s only 4 and he’s going our on dates!” Nashi said teasingly. “Sounds like you need to give him the talk.” Natsu huffed an amused breath.

“Hey, it’s not my fault he’s a total chick magnet! Good looks run in this family.” The pink haired dragon slayer sighed. “Sometimes I think it’s a curse.” Nashi rolled her eyes and laughed a little at her dad’s commentary.

“Daddy?” Natsu looked at her confused before remembering what he came to talk to her about.

Natsu clearer his throat. “When two people-”

“Save the porno talk I got that part.” Nashi said raising her hand to stop her dad from talking. “Why are you talking about it with me now?”

Natsu scratched his head awkwardly. “Well me and your mother started to do it when we were your age-”

“SHUT UP OLD MAN I DIDNT NEED TO KNOW THAT!” The young mages hair turning the color of her Aunt Erza.

Natsu snorted. “You asked weirdo. Anyways, I really don’t like the idea of you doing that shit. So I voiced my concern to your mother about how you are never going to have sex.”


“I slept on the couch that night.” Nashi laughed. That was so like her mother to do something like that. “Luce kept telling me I was a sexist pig! I just don’t want my daughter to be a teen mom. Or any other boy to touch you honestly.” His dark eyes narrowed. “Especially that Fullbuster boy.” Nashi blushed.

“Why not Lance?” Natsu whipped his head at his daughter.

“Why not Lance? WHY NOT LANCE?” Natsu said standing up his hands fisted in his hair. “Have you not SEEN his dumb fuck of a dad?”

“I like Uncle Gray-”

“You take that back.” Natsu said glaring daggers. Nashi didn’t know if her father was kidding or not.

“No boys, no sex.” Natsu said nodding his head affirming his decision. “Discussion over.” Natsu said walking out of his daughter’s room. Nashi just sat there still confused.


“So I can hug whoever I want?”

“As long as it’s not Dragneel’s daughter.” Gray told his 17 year old son. Obviously, his discussion about intimacy went better than with Natsu’s daughter.

“I can kiss whoever I want?”

“As long as it’s not with Dragneel’s daughter.”

“I can have sex with whoever I want?l

"As long as it’s not with Dragneel’s daughter.”

“So basically I can do anything that doesn’t involve Nashi?”

“Bingo.” Gray said snapping his fingers at his blue haired son. “Glad you got the point son.

"Is there anything I can do with Nashi.” Gray started stroking his chin.

“Nope.” And he slammed the door.

“Good talk dad.”


A/N: I need a life, keep sending I your requests!

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“My First Love”......

After posting a few more “thirst trap” pics on Simstagram, and purposefully talking about my single status, I was confident that Moses would get the hint and reach out. At first I told myself, he didn’t see them since we don’t follow each other on social media anymore, but after our mutual friends re-posted my pics and status, it became clear that he just wasn’t interested. His ass moved on with his new Thot and obviously didn’t want anything to do with me. It’s been two weeks and I still can’t wrap my head around this. He approaches me at the cafe sort of hinting that he still has me in his heart even after finding out that I was with Trey, fucking my mind up, and now he sees I’m available and ignores it…Where’s the logic in that?? I worked hard to move on with my life and he managed to ruin that in just a few minutes, making me realizing I still love him and causing me to fuck shit up with Trey. Now, I don’t have him, I don’t have Moses, and I don’t truly have my happiness. I know a man is not supposed to define you and all of that but I’m honestly satisfied with everything else in my life. The kind of love that only your other half can give you, is the only thing missing from it. With this shit still weighing heavy, I managed to fix myself up and mentally prepare to see Moses as I headed into Nica’s wedding venue. Today is just the rehearsal for her big day, happening a week from now. With me as the maid-of-honor and him as the best-man, we had no other option but to be next to each other again.

Now I came in here with the intention of being cool, calm and collected, but I instantly forgot about that shit once I saw this BS. Did he really have to bring his thot with him?? To make matters worse, his aunt was talking to her as if she was part of the family. My eyes began to water as memories of Vivian’s hateful antics towards me flashed in my mind. Here this bitch is, loving the new chick, after driving a wedge between Moses and I, ultimately causing our break-up. As I felt myself losing it, I quickly got it together and held my head up high as I approached the waiting area.

“Leah!…I mean Tee since I’ve been demoted.” Moses said, smirking. “Took you long enough to get here.”

 “Wassup, Moses” I said, with a fake ass smile waving as I swiftly walked past him.

I barely noticed his ass cutting his eyes at me and carried on greeting Nica. While I was ecstatic that my best friend will be getting married soon, a part of me was bitter, given all my failures with men…Humph, one of which was standing just a few feet away with his new boo. Nonetheless I mustered up enough strength to put aside my feelings and give Nica the positivity, eagerness, and enthusiasm from her best friend and maid-of-honor that she deserved. After we gushed over the details of her wedding with the planning team, it was time for the rehearsal to begin. The rest of the wedding party gathered in the hallway while I stood silently off to the side, wishing they would hurry up so I could get this all over with. Moses, clearly not getting the hint, decided to come over and speak to me. 

“I bet this is the quietest you’ve ever been in your life, hunh?” He said, still trying to be friendly. 

“Who knows…” I said looking off to the side, clearly not in the mood. 

“Leah, come on, I’m just tryin to make this less awkward for both of us.”

“Are you know??…Humph, well you could’ve started by not bringing your new chick here. I’m glad to see your aunt is very accepting of her by the way.”

“Seriously??….Wow…” He said, chuckling in amazement. 

“I’m glad its funny to you.”

“Yeah it is actually. It’s funny because she’s not my chick, she’s my cousin.”

“Moses, please…You don’t have to bullshit me. She’s plastered all over your Simstagram…I’m not stupid.”

“Well, while you were snooping, did you bother to click the photos to read their captions? Because if you did, you would’ve seen that I refer to her as my cousin. She just moved here from living with our grandfather in Starlight Shores. He had a commitment problem just like my uncle and her mother was born while he was married to my grandmother. We just added Dream to our label and I was tryin to get her name out there.” 

“Humph, Shit, my bad then…” I said, trying to play it off.   

I turned around and started looking at my phone to appear unbothered. While I was happy to hear that he wasn’t with anyone, I started to realize that it changed nothing…He didn’t want me, despite being alone. It hurt even more to know that and the pain slowly started to get to me. Attempting not to think about it, I focused on the positive things going on in my life. After I gave myself a mental “pep” talk, the heartache subsided. So much so that when Nica’s wedding song started playing, I didn’t cry. It’s a beautiful duet by one of Moses’ RnB artists about true love. It took me a while to listen to it because of our breakup but once I was able to, I fell in love with it. As, I started to sing along, I noticed Moses smiling out the corner of my eye. At this point, I realized being pissed at him for moving on was stupid, so I put my feelings aside and acted as I normally would. 

“I know you’re not over there smiling at me. We all can’t sing as good as you Muses.” I said, laughing. “This is my favorite song and you will not ruin it for me.” 

“Shit, I should be smiling at your failure to sing but I’m not. I’m actually smiling at the fact that you like..wait…love the song I wrote for you.”

“Wrote??….” I asked, stunned. 

“Yeah, I guess I was all in my feelins then. Shit, remember that time I asked you to come through to the studio when we were havin issues and you declined??” He said, as I nodded yes. “Well, I had just finished it and I wanted you to hear, but umm you know…”

“Humph, Yeah I basically told you later that night that, I needed time to figure shit out and wasn’t tryin to listen anything you had to say.” I said, with my head down.

“Look, my bad…I didn’t mean to upset you…Shit it’s all in the past now.” He said, grabbing my hand. 

“No, It’s cool…You just caught me off guard” I said, trying to play it off once again. 

“Good, because there’s one more song, a remake, Nica is using that I produced and I know you loved it…Just givin you a heads up…So are you ready?” 

“Yeah, I guess so…” I said, feeling sad all over again.  

We walked in the hallway and lined up with the rest of the wedding party. Even though I used all my techniques to calm down, I was still filled with emotion and tried my hardest to keep it under wraps. This was definitely not the life I envisioned almost two years ago. I thought Moses and I would be still going strong and heading toward marriage by now but I guess life has a funny way of fucking up my dreams. At this point I figured it was a good idea to stay out of my head and listen to the planners’ directions. This rehearsal wouldn’t be long and once it was over I could go home and start moving on, this time for good.  


018: Awkward part 1


2 months later

I been at his grave crying and apologizing for hours. Aj probably hates me right now and will never forgive me. I can’t believe all this is happening and my dad was behind all of it. He killed his own son just because he didn’t support his decision so now im guessing he might kill me because he doesn’t agree with me being pregnant. Out of all people, why did it have to be august. Someone that i loved and is about to start a family with. I know im not suppose to be sad like this but i don’t think i’ll be happy again until my son gets here.

Either way im stuck with august, we may not be together but he’s always going to be around. I can’t keep him away from his child, as much as i want to i can’t. All bad things always happen to me. Always. I’m starting to revert back to my old ways and im trying to keep that from happening. I don’t want to lose my baby at all, I would really be hurt.

Im six months finally and i’ll be seven months in a couple more weeks. My grandma decided that i should have this big baby shower at the park today and that involves inviting the people who fucked me over. Including aug. I agreed only because it’ll make me feel a little better seeing my aunts from my moms side.

I haven’t spoke to or seen august every since that day so i doubt he would show up. He Probably already has a girlfriend but oh well.

After getting dressed, me and my grandma headed over to the park to see everyone there already. Most of the people were my family and the other half of the people i didn’t know. They’re probably my grandma’s friends.

“I know you’re still upset baby but please try to have a good time today. Just think about your baby boy who’s going to be here in three more months"she said.

"Okay"i said smiling a little.

I got out and all my aunts started squealing. I had my head down while i was making my way over to the tables only because the wind was blowing like crazy. My stomach is so huge, i can’t even see my feet.

"Her baby girl you look so beautiful"my auntie sarah said before hugging me.

"Thanks, I’m glad you came and I’m pretty sure most of these gifts are from you"i laughed.

"You know it, i gotta spoil my nephew. What are you naming him anyways katt didn’t tell nobody"she said.

"I’m naming him after his dad. August"i said.

"Aww that’s cute but at least give me his full name"she laughed.

"August Amari Alsina"i said.

"Alsina? Yo baby daddy August Alsina?"she asked.

"Yeah you know him?"I asked.

"Yeah he’s that little cute boy that be singin on youtube well them videos is old now but he sing that song i luv this shit. It come on the radio all the time"she said and i frowned.

"Are we talking about the same august?"i mumbled.

"Ain’t no other august alsina girl"she laughed.

"Is g here? Where’s g"i said looking around.

"That boy ain’t no good, he’s the devil"she said.

"What are you talking about?"I laughed.

"You know Tyler the creator?"she asked and i shook my head.

"Well when you go home, look him up. In fact just look up odd future"she said.

She got me so confused right now, it’s not even funny. I heard a bunch of girls screaming and I looked to my right seeing girls chasing this black truck. The hell?

"Who are them girls?"my aunt asked.

"I don’t know but i gotta go pee"i said before getting up and rushing to the restroom.


I finally got my shit together, i didn’t think i would get this far with this music shit after all the things i did. Especially after i murdered another person, i thought bad things would happen to me. I wasn’t goin to come to this baby shower honestly, only because shit still isn’t coo between me and mia but i came anyway because this day ain’t really bout us. It’s bout my son, that’s why im so happy that i was able to have this music career so that way i can make sure my son will be okay.

I waited til T said is was okay then i got out and started making makin my way to the crowd. I seen mia rushing to the bathroom and i went over to the table where all the presents were and sat mine down. I walked over to the stanky ass restroom and waited til she came out. She might slap the shit out of me but hopefully she doesn’t, we don’t need nothin to pop off right now.

The door finally opened and we both made eye contact. I smiled a little and she just looked down.

"Hey beautiful"i said.

"Hey"she mumbled and i sighed.

"Look im sorry for takin someone real special out your life, i would never try to hurt you. I swear i didn’t know that he was your brother. I do love you and always will, you’re going to be a great mom to our little one"i said.

"Thanks"she said and i hugged her tightly.

Man i her ass a lot, i wish we could just start over but ain’t no way in the hell that’ll happen. I really want her back though, i don’t want nobody else but her. I can’t trust any other females and i refuse to go back to my olds ways.

"Come on let’s go"she said before walking away.

"So how have you been?"I asked.

"Good, im actually trying to get my own place. My grandma needs her own space, i literally been there to long"she said.

"You know i can help you get a place Mia, it’s my job to help my baby mama out"i said.

"I know but i wanted to try and do it myself"she said.

"But you ain’t gotta do shit, all i want you to do is take care of my son when he gets here. Hopefully we can get on good enough terms to raise him together because i want him to be a better person than me. I want him to make smarter choices than i did, I don’t want him to fuck up a girls life like I did yours. I still wanna move out of here and i want my son to come with me"i said.

"You wanna take him away from me?"she asked.

"No, hell no. I want you to come along of course, i mean we ain’t gotta stay in the same house but at least you’re closer to me"i said.

"Why does it matter if im closer to you"she asked and i frowned.

"Because you’re my sons mother and i need you there"i said.

"But you have all the money, you could get custody of him"she mumbled.

"I ain’t doin all that though, we raisin’ him together. In a relationship or not"i said and she nodded.

Its kind of awkward between us right now but the way she talkin is making me worried. Like im thinkin she might kill the baby or something.