and now my aunt is talking shit about me

I came from my niece’s birthday and her aunt drove me home. From the moment I got into that car, I didn’t want to get out. She was talking to me about random shit but I just couldn’t listen, because I was thinking of how beautiful the night was, how bright and beaming the moon was looking before my eyes, how the city lights were raining upon me… and I had to go home. I don’t want to go home. I wish that car had never stopped, I wish it could have just kept on going, non-stopping, I wish I could drive forever and leave everything behind, my home, my family, my name, everything I am. Just drive nowhere. I wish. 


About Me Tag

I was tagged by the amazing cutie @jiminieee95​ thank u so much bby im sorry this so late ogmgbhrndd

Nickname: Sam, Sammy, Grandma

Zodiac sign: Libraaa

Height: Uhhh, 5 foot 3 I think

Last thing googled: Non allergic cats…((bc me and my aunt were talking about pets and I told her I am allergic to cats so yeaaaah))

Favourite music artists: BTS, G Soul, Kehlani, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, Got7, Gallant, Jay Park and idk tbh there’s a lot this is just to name a few 

Song stuck in my head: Exchange by Bryson Tiller 

Last movie watched: Finding Dory ((I think))

What are you wearing right now: Grey crewneck and grey tights ((it’s a lazy day today))

What do you post: BTS….and  a whole lotta kpop and constant shit posting 

Why did you choose your url: Bc I love namjoon v much and wanted a one name url 

Do you have any other blogs: I have a personal one but I rarely post 

What did your past relationship teach you: What are thOOSE?

Favorite colour: Purple and black

Average hours of sleep: I can not believe I am sleeping for atleast 6-9 hours now what am I?

Lucky number: No clue tbh 

Favourite character: Spiderman? I haven’t thought about this

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 if it’s cold

Dream job: I want a job that I’m happy with and making a living out of 

i tag: @supersoftghetto @fapmonster @sailorjoonio @babygirlskies and anyone who is up for it!!!