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This isn't really a question! I just wanted to say thank you! When I first stumbled onto this blog I was looking for a Daddy constantly but saw your posts about not rushing into this, Bad Daddies etc.. Now months and months later of being by myself and being okay with it. I did find the right Daddy! I'm very, very happy. Without you I may have been in a bad relationship, so again thank you very much Mister!

And people try to act like I don’t know what I’m talking about…

Congratulations little one… may fortune continue to smile upon you.

uh-aquarius  asked:

I want to start an astrology blog !! But I don’t know where to start and I want to study more before I make any mistakes regarding the signs. I’m going to start with just mood boards but if you can give me advice on things like what to study about or websites or blogs I can learn from that would be great !! I like paying attention to some blogs especially yours and learn so thank you ! I also hope you have a great year, it’s a new beginning 💕

I think that’s a wonderful idea, the astro community is so, so lovely! And trust me, you will always be learning!! I still am learning now, and I’ve been studying this for years. 
Cafeastrology is always good starting point, as they cover just about everything Astrology has to offer! I learnt a lot from that site. I would also recommend going to yard sales and cheap bookstores and thrift stores to look for Astrology books! There is a lot of information in book format that you may not find online. And they can get pretty expensive, so if you have that option to buy cheaper, it is a good idea! 
Talk to people, and observe!! Read articles on one specific celebrity, try to guess a couple of their placements, and then search up their birth chart to see how right you were. Try to guess the placements of your friends and family. The most important piece of Astrology, in my opinion, is taking what you read and being able to turn it into something you can apply to your every day life. 
The mom of Tumblr Astrology is probably @astrolocherry so definitely check her out if you haven’t already!! I find that @ninthhousemoon and @ayyries are definitely very knowledgeable as well!!! 
Some of my other favourite blogs are @piscesbun @astrollusion @scorpiocats @deepstrology @firsthousesaturnian @geminni @xaqualogyx @xocapstrology @cutestrology @virgoassbitch @venusianvirgo @bangtanastrology @moonin10th
Thank you very much, and good luck with your blog!!

I don’t care about this copying style and anonymous messages shit (anyway this is not the reason to those massive hate), but it’s really not ok - sitting on tumblr for 24 hours every fucking day and writting all those things about somone who you don’t like, reblogging own blogs again and again, pour out tonnes of shit on other people who disagree whit you, catching every single ip shit on your blog and write those “catching ip guide for dummies” etc. She doesn’t have job/hobbies/personal life? Come on girl, try to live real life, log off web for couple hours, do something enjoyable for yourself, maybe you will not be so angry. Even if Ezra would be the worst shit on the whole planet - It’s not worth it (idk how writting this right, English is my second language). Now its just looks like she the most obsessed person on him, much more obsessed then any hater or little fangirl “who licks his ass”. It’s just dumb and insane.
PS Nobody’s perfect, remember this when you try to put someone on a pedestal. I’m not perfect, that girl (Lauren?) not perfect and any of celebs dont fucking perfect. (I liked this blog at first, when I start follow it mostly because he did not idealize Ezra lol) and the only fun thing in those “story” how some people start hating him for some bullshit (half of which just tea fom anonymous anons) after “oh i thought i’d found a celebrity role model oh my Goood” lol it’s was really dumb and funny.
Anyway this went too far, this blog became the biggest rotten gossip bullshit place and this girl going crazy (oh no,he had been always - i never read so many tea in any other place, which I thought was being collected by couple admins, but surprise:it was always one person - the most obsessive then and now)

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I saw your tags. I know we're not mutuals but Talk to me about your South Park shipsssss

OOOOOOH I DIDN’T SEE THIS BEFORE!!! We’re mutuals now B)

IDK WHERE TO START WITH MY SHIPS DUDE. If you are following me it means you know my reblogs are 90% creek trash but… honestly? I am not even sure if that’s my otp anymore! There’s a bunch of content for them so my blog ends up looking like im the biggest creek fan but HMM IDK I LOVE MY BOIS 

but im actually Stenny, k2 and twenny trash… i just love to mix & match my favorite boys? I probably could also ship Stan/Tweek, i just love seeing content with my favorite boys aka tweek, stan and kenny whoops

those are my main ships???? but im open to anything really! I am a multishipper and rarepair trash :^)

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i'm sorry to bother you. i'm just really sad and i can't sleep. i have to lose at least 8lbs in the next week and i'm really scared i won't be able to and it just sucks. i really just want to look good and be happy, but it seems that i can't do either. i'm not sure i'll ever be attractive or happy, but this is probably the only thing that can give me a chance at that. i really love your blog. i'm sorry if i'm bothering you, i just really needed to tell someone how shit i'm feeling right now.

You’re not bothering me ❤️ I know this illness can make it hard to believe, but you’re already absolutely beautiful and very attractive. If you want to lose weight to become happy and to be at a healthy weight, of course you can do that, but it’ll take time. Do it the healthy way, please, don’t harm yourself in any way. Weightloss isn’t the only way to happiness, and sometimes it’s not even one of the ways. Focus on the things you love doing, and the things you love about yourself ☺️ stay safe xx

cloudjelly  asked:

hii! I just wanted to let you know that I've been following you ever since I started my tumblr, which was a good while ago (2013 or 2014?) thru the monochrome tag bc I was looking for themed blogs to follow & i'm glad I chose yours to be one of the first ones I followed. your blog gave me so much inspiration over the years and I'm glad I stumbled across it!

Yeah..this blog changed a lot since then 😆 it shows the radical and rapid change on my free time through the years haha. Now I barely have time to watch/ post anything. so this message means a lot! thank you for following this blog and taking the time to send me this message.I appreciate it so much! 

 Also I have to say that I have never made a post to thank you guys for following my blog… thanks a lot!!!

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I would like to take a second to tell you that I think you are awesome. Amazing. Perfect. And just the best. I love your writing and your blog in general. You make me laugh and I am always looking forward to reading your answers to asks. Thank you for being here and for being you. ❤️❤️

Thank you, darling. I feel now a little pressure to answer this ask particularly cleverly… But… Um… I got nothing. 😄 oops.

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Hey Everyone look at this!!!!

Now that I have your attention, please get #NetNeutrality back on trending! Spears the word, share links, meme about it, just please get it back on trending because it’s important.

I will not apologize for spamming my blog with Net Neutrality related posts, because if it gets repealed; I will loose my internet. I will loose connection with my friends, family, and a huge chunk of my education. Please please please please please PLEASE! At least get Net Neutrality back on trending. Don’t wait until its to late to do it!

Because if we loose Net Neutrality, Bye Bye fanfiction, fan art, videos, and memes. We will loose it all.

Stop being distracted by the holidays for five minutes to get Net Neutrality trending again. Make a ruckus, stir the pot, just do something PLEASE!!!!

And yes, I’m hashtaging all these fandoms because then maybe more people will see this and listen to me. Because if Net Neutrality goes down, so does all of this!

At first it started with nights on the floor, begging for any god to make me feel something other than the hurt. The sadness consumed me and I felt the heartbreak of thousands of different lives. I have always been romantic with my word choices huh?

Then it became journaling and waking up each day asking myself “what do I want to do today.”

I started to wash my sheets and clean out my closet. I listened to music that made me feel alive and jump up and down, acting like there wasn’t a care in the world. But eventually my sheets got dirty again and the jumping made me exhausted.

God, I was so exhausted.

Take this how you will but not everyday will be a good day. Some are better than others and your heart is happy and content in the moment you are in. Some days you will be looking forward to tomorrow and not 100% in the now. And some days you will have darkness clouding your mind and you may seem like a lost cause but I swear to you this sadness isn’t forever.

At the end of this all there is love, only love. Love will get you through, love will break you heart but then I swear, love will find you when it’s time again.

—  love is here and there but it’s always within you

They shot this scene in the town where I live, Capralba, in the Province of Cremona. Here some infos about this place called “Fontanile Quarantina”.
A “Fontanile” is a sort of microenvironment created by men that allows controlling the water that naturally emerges from the underground that otherwise would inundate vast acreages. Anyway, in the film, we see Oliver that screams “It’s freezing!” and that’s because the water arrives directly from the Alps. (its temperature is around 10°C, even in summer). Now, of course, it’s winter so the place looks a little bit different from the film but I can tell you that in summer it’s exactly Iike that.
P.s Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I’ll make more of this kind of posts so that you can see all the various locations where they shot the film. I’ve already posted some of them, you can check the “call me by your name” tag on my blog.

uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

☼ - i love you with my whole heart
♡ - favourite blogs that i would sell my soul for
💌 - hover there’s a love letter for you~

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WONDER TWEEK: Oh jesus christ, who even told you–

WONDER TWEEK: Wait, n-no!

WONDER TWEEK: I didn’t even tell anybody!

MOSQUITO: Tell anybody what?


WONDER TWEEK: No! What if Craig actually is alive and he’s looking at your blog right now?!

WONDER TWEEK: What if he thought that it’s weird?!

WONDER TWEEK: What if he already thinks I’m weird because of earlier, and that’s why he didn’t even come to the meet up today!






MYSTERION: Knock it off!

MYSTERION: If you two are going to rough house, take it to the training area.

WONDER TWEEK: GHHGH! No, we’re not rough housing!

MOSQUITO: [crying] Bzzzhzhzhzhhhzzzzzzz…

MYSTERION: It sure sounds like it.


WONDER TWEEK: Clyde, you better hope Craig isn’t dead.

MOSQUITO: Zzzzhzzz I DO hope that!


you patched up the cut on his arm, fingers gently brushing across the surrounding skin as you slicked down the bandage. his eyes followed your every move. you looked up at him, “anywhere else?” 

he motioned to the scar on his face and you nodded, it was due for a check up anyways. sitting down next to him on his bed to be level with him, you inspected the wound. once again you lightly touched the sides of the metal meshing on the cut, “does this hurt?”


you continued lightly feeling the sides of the meshing until you had covered it all. at that point, you realized how close you were to Kylo. you had moved closer to inspect his face and his eyes stared directly into yours. you could feel his breath and at this closeness could see how beautifully brown his eyes were.

you stared at each other for a few moments before you realized what you were doing, “im so sorry sir.” you said, pulling away and standing, blushing and grabbing your medical case. 

Kylo stood, once more towering over you. “thank you.” he said, “i would like to thank you better.”

“your specific request for me when injured is thank you enough, my medical superior is nicer to me because of it.”

you were looking down but you could have sworn Kylo chuckled, “they see i favour you.” he stated, “good.” he paused and you were unsure what to say until he said, “stay a while.”


gif credit (x) original gifset (x)thank you to this gif maker for giving me permission to using their gifs! these Kylo gifs are fuelling my life right now <3 <3 <3 im in love with this blog <3

For Char

@potato-fan-girl I talked about this on anon on @waffle-walks blog I can send you the post :))

To all of my followers: I hope you have fun celebrating, and if you don’t or it already passed, then I hope you have a great day!!


lonce: hunk

lonce: hunk help

lonce: hunk jesus im locked in an elevator with a cute boy and i dont have my hearing aids in bc i dodnt think this was gonna happen what do i do

lonce: huuuunk

lonce: hunk i know you have your phone bc i left he apartment and you are a worried mother hen now look ag your phone

Finally, Lance decides texting his best friend is useless, and he clicks his phone off and slides it into his bag. Of course—of course—Lance didn’t put his hearing aids in before coming to this stupid checkup. His doctors told him he would be taking them out anyway, so he didn’t put them in and now he’s here. Locked in close proximity to possibly the most gorgeous guy he’s ever had the pleasure of seeing but he can’t understand him.

Lance current mood would be the passive-aggressive “I’m-dead-inside” smile if he really had to choose.

He jumps as the guy taps him. He’s leaning into Lance’s personal bubble, but he doesn’t honestly care. For a moment, Lance prays that God will have mercy and give Lance a break before he reaches up to sign to the boy.

He’s met with a gaze filled with confusion. Lance swears internally (or maybe externally? He can’t really be bothered to figure out which). Of course the guy doesn’t understand ASL.

Lance grabs the boy’s hand and starts tracing letters into his palm. He prays the guy doesn’t have, like, nerve damage or something that makes him not feel his hand.


The boy takes a moment, but he nods and turns around to rummage in the red backpack behind him. He holds up a pen, handing it to Lance. Lance struggles, for a moment, to roll up his sleeve to reveal his tan forearm, but he manages.

I’m Lance, he writes. I’m also completely deaf without my hearing aids which just so happen to be on my bedside table right now

The boy nods in understanding before taking the pen and rolling up his own sleeve.

Keith. Brother was in the ICU being discharged today. Lance nods. He remembers being discharged. It was the best thing that had happened that week.

Lance had some rare thing. He got a concussion from soccer when he was really young, and his hearing started to deteriorate after that. Then, when he was twelve, he woke up one day, and it was just gone. The silence was unnerving, but he got used to it, then he got hearing aids, which helped with hearing louder noises. He could hear when people talked to him, too, if he turned them up really loud.

do you think anyone knows we’re here?

Keith shrugs with an apologetic look on his face. Lance wishes he weren’t so distracted by Keith’s face because if he wasn’t, he’d totally be flirting.

Suddenly, Keith jumps, and Lance feels faint vibrations from the metal wall of the elevator. Keith holds up a finger, as if telling Lance to wait a minute or be quiet. Lance snickers at the thought. It’s cute that he’s not used to Lance being deaf—he’d forgotten how funny meeting new people was.

They said it’ll be about a half hour, maybe 45 minutes.

Lance nods. For a while, Lance and Keith just stare at each other. Lance doesn’t think it’s uncomfortable, but Keith might be freaking out internally, and Lance would have no idea. He could be freaking out externally and Lance probably wouldn’t know, to be honest.

I think your phone went off.

Lance reads Keith’s arm before fumbling for his bag. Sure enough, his phone was buzzing with rapid fire texts in a group chat with both Pidge and Hunk, his roommates and closest friends.

hunk-o-cheese: dude

hunk-o-cheese: pidge wanted me to play CoD sorry

hunk-o-cheese: anyway

hunk-o-cheese: are you okay

hunk-o-cheese: where are you

midge-pidge: hunk dude calm down hes fine hes just really bi remember

lonce: g u y s

lonce: hes so cute were communicating by writing on our arms in pen i am

lonce: so bi

midge-pidge: see hunk i told you

hunk-o-cheese: dont worry buddy we’re coming to the hospital to get you

midge-pidge: but

hunk-o-cheese: no buts come on

lonce: you guys are sitting next to each other arent you

hunk-o-cheese: ..yes

midge-pidge: yeah :/

Lance chuckles to himself and puts his phone away again. He and Keith don’t say anything else on their arms until the elevator lurches and begins to move again. Lance leans over and takes Keith’s other arm and rolls up the sleeve.

text—don’t call

He adds his phone number, being careful to make sure Keith can tell what every number is. Maybe, for once, Lance won’t get shrugged off and forgotten. He sure hope so. He also hopes Keith is gay, or bi at least. A small smile blooms on Keith’s face as he looks at the number, and the elevator doors open on Lance’s floor. He waves goodbye as he walks down the hall.

Keith has Lance’s number in his phone. He does, and he was planning on texting him or something, but everytime he tries to do so, he chickens out.

Finally, one day he comes home from getting takeout to Shiro staring blankly at the wall, holding his face. He thinks that he’s having a flashback, but his shoulders start to shake, and a few chuckles slip through his lips.

“You didn’t tell me he was deaf,” Shiro claims, throwing his arms up into the air.

“What?” Keith is confused.

“The guy you’ve been trying to text—don’t think I don’t see you contemplating it every day before deleting it and pouting for the rest of the night. I called him. And he’s deaf.”

“Shiro!” Keith shrieks, grabbing for his phone.

Lance: keith im deaf

Lance: did you forget that i cant hear you cant call me because j cant hear you

Keith: That was my brother I am so sorry

Lance: its fine i was just super confused since me being deaf is p hard to forget especially when the pen still won’t come off my arm

Lance: he left a message but hunk was laughing too hard to translate it into sign language

Lance: wait is thjs the brother that was getting discharged

Keith: Yeah it was Shiro

Lance: tell him im glad he called because it got you to text me ;)

Keith blushes and grins. So Lance really did want him to text him.

Keith: I wanted to text you I swear I did

Keith: I just backed out every time because you know

Keith: It’s not everyday I get to meet a cute boy like you

Lance is silent for a long time, and Keith starts to worry that he said something wrong, but his phone goes off eventually.

Lance: i think you jjst gave me a stroke jeez

Lance: go to dinner with me sometime? ill wear my hearing aids this time so we can actually talk instead of giving outselves ink poisoning

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did you see taehyung talking about the meaning behind stigma? what are your thoughts on it??

yeah i have many thoughts on it. firstly, trigger warning because i will be talking about sensitive subjects. secondly, another trigger warning because i’m going to be talking about a sensitive subject in relation to the boys, and i know how some people in this fandom tend to overreact (which is part of the reason i haven’t talked about this until now. however this is my blog, which is 99% speculation and theories, and i’m not gonna sugarcoat or withdraw my thoughts from you guys anymore) 

so if you think hearing something concerning about bts will disturb your thoughts or trigger you in any way, (especially with recent events, i know everyone’s very sensitive) this is not the post for you. please, please click away (i recommend watching the new run episode, it’s hilarious) 

now that that’s clear, here is what he said:

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CAPTAIN DIABETES: These muscles all come rather naturally alongside my fits of diabetic rage.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: But it was also a strong mix of eating my vegetables and working hard, too!

MOSQUITO: It’s true, he’s a hard worker.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Stay focused and maybe you can be my successor!

MOSQUITO: I’m practically already next in line for that title.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: This is sort of supposed to be an inspirational message to your viewers, Mosquito.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Let them believe that they, too, can be just as strong as Captainnnnnnnnnn Diab–


MOSQUITO:,,..,          .,   ,    h,ey..,

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Oh, hey Wonder Tweek.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Are we being too loud over here or something?


WONDER TWEEK: I need to… talk to Clyde.

WONDER TWEEK: I mean Mosquito.

MOSQUITO: Yeah haha hey man I’d really love to talk and junk but I’m sorta like.

MOSQUITO: Busy avoiding responsibility and talking to Captain Diabetes over here.

MOSQUITO: Everybody on the blog loves him.

MOSQUITO: He’s so cool and totally didn’t beat me up like five hours ago or anything.

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Hey, it’s okay Mosquito!

CAPTAIN DIABETES: It seems important. I won’t stand in your guy’s way!

MOSQUITO: (fuck okay uh)

MOSQUITO: Well!!!!!

MOSQUITO: Guess it!!!! Looks like we can!!!! Talk.

MOSQUITO: Now, I mean.

MOSQUITO: Since there’s no other way to avoid talking to you now!!!

MOSQUITO: Not that I don’t!!!!!!!!! Want to, I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MOSQUITO: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WONDER TWEEK: Stop acting like I’m going to punch you again.

MOSQUITO: I’m not acting like that!!!

CAPTAIN DIABETES: Have fun talking, you two!

MOSQUITO: People are asking you questions on the blog too!!!!

MOSQUITO: We can do that! Instead of talking?

WONDER TWEEK: You’re such an idiot. You know you let us all know how to log into your blog, right?

WONDER TWEEK: I can read all of the questions you’re getting. All they’re asking is about what happened anyways!


WONDER TWEEK: Let’s answer some questions if that’s going to get you to explain yourself.

MOSQUITO: You’re too calm and intimidating this is scaring meeeeeeheeheeeheeeee…

Anyone else notice that when you search your username there is nothing there.

I just looked earlier today and there was tons under the bernierevolution tag, now nothing. 

So, I decided to check my personal blog. 

Same issue. 

@staff @support did I do something to piss you off or is @verizon and @yahoo starting to censor speech they don’t like?