and now looking at your blog

  • sakura: [in her living room, blogging]
  • sasuke: [enters apartment suddenly]
  • sakura: you know thats not why ino and i gave you a key
  • sasuke, ignoring her and throwing himself on the couch: UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EVERYTHING SUCKS
  • sakura, going back to blogging: what did naruto do now
  • sasuke: he just looks sooooooooo goooooooooooooooood all the time sakura i wanna kill him
  • sakura, vacantly: dont worry sweetie hes gonna realize it eventually
  • sakura: what
  • sasuke: that he wants to live with me and we should 'share an apartment like sakura and ino' and, and he said- and I FUCKING QUOTE- 'I WANNA BE CLOSE TO YOU ALL THE TIME, SASUKE'
  • sakura, not impressed: oh wow
  • sasuke: fuck you youre not even paying attention
  • sakura: well IM SORRY if the sasuke and naruto show has the same goddamn storyline for all episodes
  • sasuke: you DONT UNDERSTAND hes always SWEATY and wants to????? play wrestle??? with me?? like WHY DOES HE DO THAT
  • sakura, reblogging a meme abt loving ur girlfriend: i dont wanna know your kinks, sasuke

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Look I love your blog and Naruto, but why're you so angry bout everything Kishi does? I get the whole 'i criticise it because I love it' thing, but I, even as a female, do not give a damn about the female characters' progress or any other characters', as long as there is a good story. Sakura is a widely hated character? big whoop. Side characters are misrepresented? big whoop. Whatever, it's fantasy. Kishi has flaws, but why do you act like he's the worst mangaka to ever exist?

Well first of all, I love to complain and I love to argue. Those are two hallmarks of my personality. I also love literary analysis and meta. There’s something very vindicating about seeing a problem, collecting all the evidence that proves it exists, and then presenting said evidence in easy-to-follow essay form - in this case on my blog. It’s cathartic. And I don’t just do this with Naruto either - I do it with everything. 

The problem is these flaws you’re saying you don’t care about compromise the quality of the story, at least for me. I hold the story to a certain standard because I’m invested in it and I want it to uphold the quality I know it’s capable of. When the writers make decisions that negatively effect the power of the story it’s disappointing and it bothers me. Then when I see other people spouting a bunch of shit about characters that’s easily refuted the kill bill sirens start going off in my head and the next minute I’m furiously typing in righteous anger. And I’m not saying I’m always right or anything, there are opinions I’ve posted on this blog in the past that don’t necessarily reflect my opinions today. But I just like it when people…..use their noodles before making me read things like “Sakura is useless and annoying” with my own two eyes. 

Also I don’t act like Kishimoto is the worst mangaka in the world but I also don’t really… any other mangas and this is a naruto blog so obviously my criticisms are going to be kishi-centric. I also have a lot of shit in my repertoire of “things the naruto franchise has done to disappoint me” that I could say about Ikemoto so my apologies if I haven’t been firing off enough of those. And like I know you mean well, but what exactly is it you like about my blog if meta criticizing the writing isn’t the kind of content you enjoy seeing? thatshinobilife dot tumblr dot com would not even be a url on my radar if I were in your position. 


After much consideration of my life and feelings, I’ve decided to work on recovering.  I need to heal my relationship with food and heal my relationship with myself.  I’m embarking on a spiritual journey to self-acceptance and from now on will be posting things to do with meditation, magick, veganism, spirituality, and of course, more personal posts detailing my thoughts and feelings during this process.

I will no longer be posting what some may coin “thinspo” so please if that’s all you followed me for (which no judgment, I’m so happy you were here) feel free to unfollow me.  I will not hold it against you, I promise.

Thank you all so much for your support.  Having this blog truly helped when I was in my darkest places.  Now, let us look towards the light.


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I was browsing on your inspo blog I think, and I saw something about how you wanted Jaide to look like Hannah Snowden or use her as a fc, which I can totally see. But it looks like Jaide doesn't have a fc now or does she?

ohhhh that had to be like so long ago because i had gave her a fc way after that. but as of right now nuuu she doesn’t have a face claim.. i just tried to model Jaide’s new face after her siblings so it’s why she looks like Matt and Fenix now and that’s good enough for me.

turning off tumblr’s updated IM ‘online/offline’ feature

Whenever you’re logged in on your account, it’ll show a green dot next to your icon in the instant messaging list. ex:

Some of you people out there (like me) with anxiety problems might be panicking, or maybe you just like your privacy and don’t want people to be able to tell when you’re online every single time. Fortunately Tumblr did a good, and gives you the option to turn this feature off.

All you need to do is go to your account settings ( or go to ), found here:

And turn off this option:

Now if you look, the green online dot is no longer there, but I’m still logged in! 

Sidenote that sideblogs don’t have the ‘availability’ option, only the main blog does, so you don’t need to worry about going to the settings of all your sideblogs to change this.

However know that if you have the availability setting turned ON, all of the sideblogs attached to that blog will ALSO be labeled as ‘online’ whenever you are logged in as well.


About this sensitive content stuff… I requested a review from the Tumblr staff for at least ten posts in the last two weeks - got a response for one (not the first I reported), so this looks like a slow process (no wonder since more and more blogs get the undeserved NSFW tag lately, I don’t know what’s happening.)

Anyway, you don’t have to message me anymore about that; I’ll check it out in the app (since it’s not visible on the web ffs) now and then - and request reviews. Thank you for your help 😘

Interesting and fun stuff

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White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake


uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

☼ - i love you with my whole heart
♡ - favourite blogs that i would sell my soul for
💌 - hover there’s a love letter for you~

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♡ in korean, it is important to use the correct sentence structure, or your sentences may seem really confusing :

-> in english : Subject Verb Object
-> in korean : Subject Object Verb

now, let’s look at some examples!

we are gonna use this simple sentence :
“i bought a book”,
in korean it would be :
“i a book bought”

저는 책을 샀어요
책 = book
샀어요(past tense) from the verb 사다 = to buy
it’s really different, right?

the object ALWAYS comes BEFORE the verb, and the verb is ALWAYS at the END of the sentence.

locations are also used BEFORE verbs :

“저는 학교에 가요” i go to school
학교 = school
에= location particle (to)
가요 (present tense) from the verb 가다 = to go

“저는 학교에서 공부해요” i study at school
학교 = school
에서 = location particle (at)
공부해요 (present tense) from the verb 공부하다 = to study

“저는 집에 잤어요” i slept at home
집 = home
에 = location particle (at)
잤어요 (past tense) from the verb 자다 = to sleep

⚠ you can put the time before or after the subject though :

both of these sentences mean “today I will eat at home” :

before -> 오늘 저는 집에서 먹을 거예요
after -> 저는 오늘 집에서 먹을 거예요
오늘 = today
집 = home
에서 = location particle (at)
먹을 거예요 (future tense) from the verb 먹다 = to verb

tomorrow, i will study at school”
before -> 내일 저는 학교에서 공부할 거예요
after -> 저는 내일 학교에서 공부할 거예요
내일 = tomorrow
학교 = school
에서 = location particle (at)
공부하다 = to study
~ㄹ 거예요 (future tense)

adverbs are added before verbs :
저는 열심히 공부해요
I study hard
열심히 = hard

and finally, adjectives work the same way as they do in english! just put them before the noun they describe :

매운 라면 = spicy ramen
매운 = spicy
라면 = ramen

예쁜 여자 = beautiful woman
예쁜 = beautiful
여자 =  woman

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I was going to reblog the Spider-Man premiere video for RDJ’s comments about Tony and Peter but for some reason YouTube is now saying the video is no longer available. D: Luckily I could still play it on the blog I was looking at though, so I typed up the quotes for those interested. ;D

Interviewer: So I have to say, I was watching Civil War again and I was watching the scene near the end of the big action scene where you think that Spider-Man might be kind of “out”, and you kind of popped open and you get really severe with him and you’re like “You’re done. I’m taking you to May.” I’m curious about how that set the tone for your, Tony’s, relationship with Peter in this movie.

RDJ: Yeah, well first of all I’m glad that happened because you know recruiting teenagers for life and death situations is not advisable. So I think it was appropriate, responsible. But then the way that this is being relaunched it kind of makes sense and I never thought I’d wind up being like a “father figure” to another Avenger but I couldn’t pick a better character or actor to do it with. And I’ve saw this movie and it’s just great, it’s just great.

Interviewer: What too, I’m curious, for Tony now, what does family mean to him? I mean he’s had a lot of betrayal and then suddenly there’s this young guy. So what is family for Tony now?

RDJ: Sure. Well, you know sometimes you figure if someone isn’t mature enough yet to betray you, you feel comfortable. That comes with age - treachery, treachery comes with experience, we know.


People talking about boycotting 2x16, DON’T! The show could get cancelled. Then you won’t ever get what you wanted to from boycotting. It’s one episode. You’ll be fine. Also, the show isn’t just about Malec. Now, if you’ve taken a five second look at my blog you know that I’m the biggest Malec shipper EVER, but I know that the show also has a plot line and I’m not even talking about the books. Fuck the books, I’m talking about the show. It’s really stupid to watch it just for your ship and to threaten to stop watching is childish. You shouldn’t have started watching the show if all you wanted was Malec, it’s called Shadowhunters. Sometimes your favourite characters don’t get screen time but you have to remember, they are real people. They have lives and sometimes scheduling doesn’t work out. But it’s not like they’re never going to be in the show again. They are still characters, MAIN characters, might I add, and there is no reason to get upset that they won’t be in an episode.


Look at all these Morticias I’ve made! Now to do something with them. Go check out @pocket-morticias and check out the Morticia Deck for all their quirks and such and also that’s where things will maybe be hopefully happening some time in the future eventually!

If you can’t check out the Morticia Deck on mobile, I got you covered! Go on over here and grace them with your eyeholes @morticia-deck-mobile (there will be no more posts to this blog.)

Morticia - Designed by Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and Pocket Mortys team

Mortabel -  Designed by Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and the Rick & Morty team || Named by Alex Hirsch

Morfisha - Designed by @personeh & @mawok

Punk Morticia, Vaporwave Morticia, IT Morticia - Designed by @mawok

Magic Morticia, Snow Maiden Morticia - Designed by @rihuthedeerbox

Goo Morticia - Designed by @banana-cakes-k

Ameriticia, The Flesh Curtains Morticia - Designed by @starriichan

Invisible Morticia, Squidishia - Designed by @lisasbasket

Classical Morticia - Designed by @ladyazazel23

Cosplay Morticia, Cold Morticia, Hot Morticia - Designed by @gintoki23

Every Other Morticia designed by @personeh 

Nyanticia, Morfisha, Waifu Morticia - Named by @beta-19

Bunticia - Named by @passive-aggressive-technophiliac

Ameriticia - Named by @personeh​

Immorticia, Nosferaticia - Named by @mawok

Thank you nerds<33


Miss Quill + personality types

incandescentlysilver  asked:

Hi there, I've noticed a lot of the booklr blogs I follow have been inactive for a while now :( if it's not too much trouble, could you recommend some of your fav blogs to follow?

I feel you my friend! Lots of people have disappeared over time, but there are still plenty of lovely blogs out there! <3


Good lordy I should really alphabetize this or something but instead you just get this messy ass list, I’m so sorry everyone lmao if I got anyone’s gender pronouns wrong I AM SO SORRY i wasn’t entirely sure and not everyone has them listed, or I may have just messed up, just let me know and tell me I’m awkward.

yo kids incase any of you get a message like this, IGNORE IT DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION

got this a while back and i thought it looked shady af so i gave them a fake email adress which is now locked (they changed the password to some random combination of numbers).
i don’t wanna imagine what they’d do with an email-account that’s used for e.g. onlinebanking.

the blog behind this looks very active and they seemed very authentic so kiddos be careful and don’t trust strangers on the internet who want your personal information, no matter how normal they might seem!!

feel free to reblog this to inform other people!


hey, im weird but i loved this phrase so i drew this for you @nblafayette! also i wanted to thank you again for the birthday drawing!!! it means a lot ♡
sorry if this is weird, i can take it down if youd like!

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congratulations on your follower milestones ! your art is very cute and unique!! may I request a drawing of hayato,, bby needs more love / 7 \

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