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Ikon Scenario: Competitors with benefits

Hanbin x Reader 
Genre: romance 

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“ y/n ?” I stared out of the window seeing the schoolyard , some five graders are outside playing soccer or something. cute. “Y/N!” I twitched and looked to the front “Mrs. L/N are you paying attention to my class?” I just nodded. Of course not you Idiot otherwise I wouldn’t be that surprised at you shouting my name. “Of course I am Mr. Johnson” I rolled my eyes, everybody in this class is now staring at me, almost everyone is chuckling or shaking his head laughingly at me except that one boy over there. Kim Hanbin. The second best Student from this Class, wonder who’s the best? Me. And that’s exactly why he hates me. We’ve been Competitors for three plus years and he’s never been able to get a higher GPA than me. I can literally feel his evil grin and his intense stare burning holes into the side of my face. “What are you looking at hm?” I hissed. “Well Mrs. L/N if you payed attention, read the next Line please” I heard the Teacher say. I turned my head back to the front and looked at him who seems to be very upset with me “I’m sorry Mr. Johnson I can’t. I haven’t been paying that much attention.” I looked down at the sheet of paper and read it quietly. A Project? How much of this class have I been missing I’ve looked out of the window for like three minutes.. “And that’s supposed to be the best Student in this class?” the sound of his voice pisses me off. I gave him a death stare but he just laughed at it. “Please shut your mouth and stop being disrespectful to each other, otherwise I have to send the both of you to the principal’s office.” I looked away from him. I noticed my friends laughing but I didn’t respond to that since my teacher is going to send me out if I continue interrupting his class. “Anyways guys as we just read, we are going to have a partner project, everyone please pick your partner and pick it wisely. Everyone can choose anyone except for Hanbin and y/n. The both of you are a team, you might work out your problems that way” I looked at my teacher in disbelief. Is he being serious. Hanbin looked just as shocked as me. “Every Team has to write a 20 page term paper explaining your topic, why you chose it, what you can say in conclusion etc. you’ll find all informations on the info sheets in front of you and now pick a partner” I saw all my friends team up with each other and I honestly got jealous. Hanbin didn’t bother to look at me. He should feel happy that I’m his partner, that guarantees him an A+. “I’ll give you 90 minutes of every class we have together for the next four weeks to work on your projects. That means that you have the whole period for working on the project. I’ll of course be here for upcoming questions. We now have 40 minutes left. go to your partner and decide what topic you’re planning to write about.” I genuinely hate this class now. I stood up and went over to hanbin’s desk. I took a chair and sat down. Silence. There was silence for a total of 5 minutes.” Alright smartass what do you have on your mind “ I said provocative “what did you call me?” I indeed got the reaction I expected. “nothing. I thought about writing about mental disorders?” He nodded “I thought about the human mind, maybe we could combine these topics” I nodded “Alright let’s do that. “ and there it was again, the awkward silence “so.. are we gonna write things down? like deciding who is going to do what ?” I nodded and took out my notebook. It looks like a deathnote, pretty cool hm? “I wrote your name in here several times but unfortunately it didn’t work” I grinned “Aw so you’re thinking about me in your freetime? How cute”. Asshole. I looked down in embarrassment and started writing things down. “Bring your laptop next time” I said shortly before the bell rings. I stood up and I heard the good old “ The bell doesn’t dismiss you from class, I do!” from the teacher but he let us go 2 minutes after he said that.

Days passed and It was a boring week as usual. It just got more awkward between me and Hanbin since we’re forced to talk to each other. 
At least he’s hardworking. It was currently friday, last period, math. Horrible , I know. I raised my hand very often and was very active, the teacher praised me and every time he did that I saw Hanbin looking annoyed. It was hilarious. After 20 more minutes of this horrible class the bell rang. Everyone was happy that the week is over.
I went home, ate something and got comfortable. I started doing some research on my project, since I like the topic I actually had fun.
*bzz bzz* I looked down at my phone, who’s texting? I grabbed it and rolled my eyes 
“Let’s meet at sunday we have much work to do, dumbass -Hanbin” And that’s why i hate group chats. literally everyone who’s in it has your number. 
“Oh boy didn’t think my weekend is gonna be that bad but alright.”
I continued with my research and wrote some things down. I told my friends about meeting hanbin at sunday. They basically just teased me because of the whole situation.

*ring ring ring*
My alarm is horrible. I looked at my phone. 3 new Messages from Hanbin.
“come to the library at 01:30pm”
I got ready. “ready” more like. I took a shower and threw on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt from my dad because. Being comfortable while studying helps.
At 12:45pm my mom dropped me of at the library. “Have fun sweetheart” I just nodded , waved and went inside.
I looked around and saw Hanbin sitting on a table, headphones on and a big oversized sweater. He never looks that casual at school. I went over “hey.” no response “Hey!” I yelled “shhht!” people shushed me. I pulled out his headphones and saw his grin “ you heard me didn’t you?” he nodded. What and ass! “anyways this is what I got”. I sat down as he showed me his work. I read it, it was good but not perfect. “we might correct a few things but over all it’s good.” he nodded. I crammed through my bag  and took out my notebook. I showed him my researches and he read them. “It’s good, so how are we going to continue?” he asked. 
We started planning and researching some things but after 2 hours we had enough. “ I need a break. my head hurts” I said and looked down. He just got up and went away. What the- he’s so weird.
After 10 minutes he came back with a bottle of water and some painkillers “where did you-”
“It doesn’t matter, just take these. How am I supposed to work with you when you aren’t able to do anything because of your pain you dumbass.” I chuckled and shook my head “thanks” I said quietly before taking the painkillers. 

A few more hours passed and we got a lot of work done
“Guess we’re not that bad mh?”
he said 
“I guess” I said sleepily. I got really tired. 
we went to the bus together “ Which bus do you have to take?” I asked “634″ I nodded. “you?” he looked at me and yawned “630″ shortly after I answered his bus came. “Bye.. “ I said looking to the side “ See you in on monday” he got into the bus and I looked at him putting in his headphones. It wasn’t that bad after all.

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do u know how angry I am right now? I have avoided freakin mecha anime for four years. four years I've told myself that I would hold myself to that one standard. just one thing I told myself I would never lower myself to. as long as I wasn't watching mecha, I knew I was still in the clear. But no. then you came along with your stupid amazing art of voltron and I thought, fine, just one episode. Fast forward like five hours later, and I've seen the entire season. you did this to me.

i did?? you did this to yourself my friend you had it in you all along! but i’m glad i could help you to finally embrace the beauty of mecha

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