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Hate reylo all you want but leave Kathleen Kennedy out of this. How rude to call her a racist and a homophobe for casting KMT to be Finn’s possible LI/partner. Antis have targeted Adam’s looks and acting, Judi Dench, Claudia Gray and now Kathleen too. They’re pathetic.

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For the AU meme, if you're still taking requests: Han Solo, accidental Jedi knight

oops accidental bonus headcanons because JEDI KNIGHT HAN SOLO, oooooops oh well too late now! 

  • “It’s LUCK, kid,” Han scoffs dismissively, then proceeds to grab up the lightsaber himself and turn on the training droid, then close his eyes and nail every single bolt before knocking the thing right out of the air. “Also, see that, you don’t even NEED the Force to do that.” “… perhaps, but that was the Force you just did that with,” Obi-Wan replies slowly. “What,” Han says. 
  • It was definitely the Force. “I AM NOT A JEDI,” Han Solo yells as he is dragged kicking and screaming into Jedi training by the power of Luke’s excitement at not being the only one suffering the indignity of getting hit in the ass by randomized droid blaster-shots, literally just that. Also Obi-Wan tells him he might be able to shave half a parsec off the Kessel Run, if he hones his Force-sense finely enough, which, well, FINE then. BUT ONLY FOR THE KESSEL RUN. 
  • “I have a bad feeling about this.” 
  • Leia is so appalled by the state of the Jedi in this galaxy. “Sorry, sweetheart, we can’t all be bright-eyed little beacons of galactic hope,” Han says, smashing a Stormtrooper over the head with his lightsaber hilt. The blade is blue but NO ONE WOULD FUCKING KNOW, CONSIDERING HOW RARELY HE USES THE DAMN THING. Generally speaking Jedi Knight Han Solo uses his lightsaber as A) a laser cutter and B) a blunt instrument. Obi-Wan is dead and he is STILL going to die of shame on behalf of the Order. 
  • The amount of gimer-stick whaps that Han Solo suffers has not been seen in the galaxy since Yan Dooku was a snotty little baby padawan who couldn’t be assed to pay attention to anything not saberplay for more than fifteen seconds at a time. 
  • Lando takes one look at Han Solo holding a lightsaber and laughs for TEN THOUSAND YEARS. Chewbacca is like THANK YOU, AT LAST SOMEONE ELSE SEES THE FUCKING HILARITY OF THIS SITUATION, THANK YOU, CALRISSIAN. 
  • “Dark Side my fine Corellian ASS, I’ll show you the fucking DARK SIDE, YOU PIECE OF BANTHA SHIT, LET ME AT HIM–” 
I only just watched The Force Awakens and I’m an emotional wreck

Don’t touch me…

mirrirr replied to your post “Note to the Star Wars fandom: Fans being mad that Finn isn’t on the…”

It makes sense for them to not have him on this particular poster - it’s about the whole balance thing with a Jedi, a Sith-equivalent and Rey, whose lightsaber forms the Grey Jedi flare. They will likely have other posters with Finn and others on them, too.

A blue flare is “grey jedi” now? Blue? They couldn’t come up with a color that had less ingrained symbolism in the Star Wars universe?

Anyway, take the grey jedi fanfic elsewhere please, this is about Finn.

Proof Rey is a Kenobi (Which Also Means Reylo Can Be Real!) Spoilers Ahead!

(I apologize for grammatical errors in advance.)

So I found this article on the Huffington Post, written by Ben Ostrower, about how Rey is the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi. I feel that his points need to be further passed on; this is for all you Reylo shippers who are praying she’s not Luke Skywalker’s daughter.

Alright, I’m going to pass on what Ostrower said, in my own words. And in the words of a Reylo shipper. (I’ll get to Reylo at the end and the proof pointing to that.)

Okay, first thing; their accents. Obi Wan, besides C3PO, is the only one who has a British accent. No one else is British. Rey has the same accent as Obi Wan! (Before you joke that she’s C3PO’s daughter, I will tell you to shut up now.)

Reason 2; the Jedi Mind trick! The scene when Rey Jedi mind tricks Stormtrooper 007 to let her go strongly parallels when Obi Wan tricked a Stormtrooper that “these aren’t the droid’s you are looking for.” Now, before you say, “Well Luke used the Jedi mind trick too!” let me remind you of this;

It. Didn’t. Work. Jabba just laughed at him and dropped him into the Rancor pit. The Jedi mind trick is one of Obi Wan’s signature traits, and I’m sure Rey will use it successfully in future films as well.

Recap; Obi Wan and Rey can use the Jedi Mind trick well, whereas it’s not one of Luke’s prevalent strengths.

Moving on to reason three; the scene where Rey is sneaking around Starkiller Base parallels when Obi Wan is creeping around the Death Star in A New Hope.

Cool. The both have super stealth skills.

“That’s nice and all, but I need more!” you say into your computer screen.

Fear not! There’s way more evidence pointing to the fact that Rey is a Kenobi.

This reason points to most everyone’s new favorite villain; Kylo Ren/Ben Solo.

That’s right.

The only spoken connection about Obi Wan is Kylo Ren’s name. This highlights two things;

1. The overall importance of Obi Wan and how he’s still relevant.
2. The notable absence of Obi Wan coming up throughout the film until Kylo Ren’s name is revealed. This could be a trick of the filmmakers to guide us away from a larger reveal about Obi Wan.

And what reveal could that be? That Rey is his granddaughter!

Other things pointing to the Rey Kenobi theory:
1: It was Obi Wan’s voice Rey heard- not Luke’s- when she picked up the lightsaber. This strongly suggests a relationship between the two. “These are your first steps…”
2: They have similar outfits. Simple, yet may symbolize a connection.
3: JJ Abrams (God bless that man) has suggested that Rey’s loneliness is a key part of where she comes from. Obi Wan was in exile for YEARS. Luke had always been surrounded by others; not lonely by any means.

Yes, I know Yoda was in exile for the same about of time as Obi Wan, but Rey is NOT related to Yoda. No. Stop. (That would be an amazing plot twist though. Yoda’s ghost appears to Rey and says “Your father, I am. Surprised, you look.”)

Okay I’ll stop. I’m back on track now.

Star Wars has always had obvious themes to trace; good vs evil, small vs big, light vs dark- the list goes on. The Force Awakens takes a lot of these themes from the original trilogy, as it should.

How does this relate to Rey?

Well, there’s another theme in Star Wars; the passing of the torch to others. Example: Anakin was supposed to bring balance to the Force, which was a duty passed on to Luke. Sort of, you get the idea.

Concerning Luke’s lightsaber and how that is a major controversial point; it was Obi Wan who gave that lightsaber to Luke in the first place. Obi Wan had that lightsaber for years, between Episodes 3 and 4. It was Obi Wan giving the lightsaber to Luke in A New Hope which pushed the story- and our hero- along. This is arguably the most important scene in Episode 4, but that’s a debate for later.

With this in mind, this would make the final scene in The Force Awakens even MORE important. REY IS GIVING LUKE A LIGHTSABER, WHICH WILL MOTIVATE HIM TO COME IN TO PLAY. JUST LIKE HOW OBI WAN GAVE LUKE THE LIGHTSABER. LUKE’S MOTIVATOR IS THE LIGHTSABER. Let’s face it, that lightsaber BELONGS to Luke, and Rey most likely isn’t going to keep it. Yeah, it was “calling” to her. This was because it knew she could reunite it with its rightful owner.

It’s less of a “wand chooses the wizard” deal, and more of a less evil version of the Ring of Power in The Lord of the Rings. Like the Ring, the lightsaber wants to get back to it’s master.

Get it? Sorry if my other nerd references are confusing.

Also, isn’t the reversal of mentor roles a cool parallel? Instead of a Kenobi training a Skywalker, there is the possibility of a Skywalker training a Kenobi. The Force Awakens switched a lot of roles (example: father/son roles. You know what I mean.) and it would be cool if this was a possibility.

Another thing; Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, and The Force Awakens end with someone battling a Skywalker. A duel of the fates (get it?). Two out of the three fights, it’s Obi Wan Kenobi fighting. He fought Anakin in Episode 3, and then Darth Vader in Episode 4.

Rey would continue that pattern; Kenobi vs Skywalker.

And remember, Obi Wan left Anakin wounded and half dead on Mustafar in Episode 3, just like Rey left Kylo Ren for dead after seriously injuring him. Kenobis, amirite? It’s an interesting parallel to think about.

Skywalkers are a pretty messed up bunch, not going to lie. Anakin failed to bring balance to the force and destroy the dark, and Luke failed miserably in training Ben Solo and a new generation of Jedi. Ben Solo went crazy. Skywalkers rely on their emotions, only really using the Force when someone is guiding them.

Those aren’t traits of Obi Wan, nor are they of Rey. It’s Obi Wan who is noble and pure of heart, and so is Rey. Maybe it runs in the family…?

Okay, let’s take a moment to visit the masterpiece that is The Empire Strikes Back. Remember when Yoda says that there’s another hope besides Luke? We were led to believe that this was a reference to Leia, but how dramatic would it be to mean that Yoda was talking about another Kenobi? After all, Leia never became a Jedi. If Rey is a Kenobi and “brings balance to the force”, then the original trilogy (and the prequels, I guess. No one cares about them.) would take on a new meaning.

Okay, to cover some other questions you may have;

Obi Wan had a bunch of downtime once the Jedi fell. At the end of Revenge of the Sith, there’s nothing left of his fellow Jedi besides Yoda. That means the Jedi Code is kind of obsolete. He could have broken the whole “Jedi are forbidden to love” thing. I mean, it’s a stupid rule anyways. How are there supposed to be more Jedi if Jedi can’t procreate? Obi Wan could have had a wife, a child; he probably ordered them to leave him so they wouldn’t be in danger. Too many people with the Force in one place would have led Darth Vader to them.

If this were true, it would be like Rey being abandoned on Jakku; Kenobi’s keep other Kenobi’s out of harm’s way.

But this is all just speculation.

Let’s move on to something that has WAYYY more evidence.


Now, it’s not just a trash ship, mind you. There’s actually a lot of serious evidence backing up a possible romantic relationship between Ben Solo and Rey (Kenobi.)

If Rey is a Kenobi and not a Skywalker like Ben, then incest is a worry of the past!

Okay, here are some reasons Reylo is a thing (I’m going to use Kylo/Ben interchangeably, so bear with me):

1: Ben quickly recognizes the potential Rey has, and asks Snoke almost IMMEDIATELY if he can train her. (We all know he wants to be with her, don’t deny it.)

2: Kylo takes his mask off in front of her. He also tells her not to be afraid. If he didn’t feel strongly about her, he would have just tortured her physically like he did with Poe. He went easy on her, because he didn’t want her damaged.

3: When Ben finds out that a girl had been helping the droid with the map to Luke, he becomes obsessed with her.

4: He carried her all the way to his ship when he could have had someone else do it. Awwww.


6: Now that we are seeing someone being tempted by the Light Side of the Force instead of the Dark, wouldn’t it be cool to see love as a driving factor that leads someone out of darkness, rather than into it? Rey is literally the embodiment of what is good and pure in the world. Kylo Ren is the exact opposite. He could see who Rey is and how she uses the Force for good, which could make him accept the good in him as well. We already know he respects her, as he said “she’s more powerful than she knows.”

7: “I can take whatever I want.” -Actual Kylo Ren quote when he was looking at Rey. Kind of creepy, but foreshadowing something. (Plus, Rey found him hot, you could see it in her eyes. Just saying.)

8: If Rey is a Kenobi, we could go back to the old ‘Kenobi guiding a Skywalker’. It would be a nice nod to the originals.

9: There are so many parallels to Anakin and Padame and what we’ve seen with Rey and Ben. There are too many to list here, but there is a list somewhere around tumblr talking about the connections between the romances. More parallels!

10: So in the novel version of TFA, Kylo Ren’s inner emotions are mapped out in detail. He’s conflicted by Rey, and feels like he knows her. Deep down, they have a connection. He even says “It is you.” to Rey. Their relationship is going to be further intertwined.

11: Gosh, they’d be so cute together. Look at them. Just look at them.

12: Also, Ben is a SOLO. I mean, come on. He’s got to have inherited some of his father’s skills with the ladies.

There are way more things supporting Reylo, but that’s an essay for another time. So, in conclusion, Rey is a Kenobi and Reylo is real. Okay, I’ kidding. There is a lot of evidence that backs up the theory of Rey Kenobi and the ship of Reylo. I think it would be too obvious to make Rey Luke’s daughter. After all, Star Wars likes to give us huge plot twists. Rey Skywalker would be obvious, whereas Rey Kenobi would be HUGE. Go big or go home.

Either way, whoever Rey turns out to be, I’m sure it’ll be good.

May the Force be with you!

Earth Flames AU

(alright here I go) 

InsaneScriptist on ffnet and I were talking about how overpowered Tsuna and Giotto were, and she pointed out that Tsuna could use earth flames. And since we know that rings don't give you flames but rather help you use them, it means that it’s canon that Tsuna has earth flames. (or it’s a big plot hole but that’s not the focus rn

1. Nana’s the one who has the earth flames dna. Whether she knows it or not is up for debate, although she probably doesn’t. 

2. (most important one) When the ninth sealed Tsuna’s sky flames, he learnt to rely on/access his earth flames. 

3. Can you imagine a Tsuna who thinks he can move things with his mind?

4. Tsuna who prefers his earth flames over his sky flames!! 

5. I want Enma please. 

Sorry it’s not that developed as the other aus ^^; This is all I have at the moment. 

Nana could be related to Cozart somehow, then, since the Flames of the Earth seem to be unique to the Shimon… Maybe a non-direct descendant?

Tsuna would freak out the first time and look all over the internet for explanations. What if he met a sci-fi fan on an online forum or something who convinced him he’s psychic, and that being psychic is the same as being a… wait for it… JEDI? Just imagine it!

“MOM I’M A JEDI” “That’s nice, Tsu-kun.” “NO, REALLY, I CAN MOVE THINGS WITH MY MIND” “Then could you take out the garbage, please?”

“Wait, that Mammon guy’s psychic? HE’S A JEDI TOO???” “TSUNA NO”


Now I have the mental image of Tsuna using Earth Flames to chuck vending machines and trees at the enemy… kinda like a non-physical, much less violent Heiwajima Shizuo. Or would he just suspend people in mid air until they calmed down?

Reborn would be so done with his shit, oh my god… This is so, so great. I love it. :’)

This is the kind of thing Seto lives for, I think, so she’ll probably add her input once she’s online. n.n

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I love how in Rookies, Cody is obvs really happy to be around Rex, but he’s also missing Obi-Wan.

Like after Rex and Cody get off the platform, Rex is like “no worse than that time on Tibrin” and Cody’s like “We had Jedi with us on Tibrin… they helped”

and then later when they’re all trying to hold the droids back, Cody’s like “we could really use a Jedi about now!!”

Luke and Mara: Together or Not At All

One of the things that disappointed me about post-marriage Luke and Mara in the expanded universe books was finding out how much time they spent physically apart. I’ve seen various takes on why this might be, and from a logical standpoint, I’ve been able to accept that as head canon in a logical way: their engagement comes fast, so there’s no time for adjustment in their current lives so it takes a while for them to get to the point where they can get it together so that their lives match in the same physical space; that Mara is really good at why she does with Karrde’s organization, so why should she give that up, and so forth.

This all logically makes sense for the characters…but…emotionally, it rings wrong to me. For Mara’s part, she’s wanted Luke, consciously and unconsciously, for ten years;  for Luke, after a spate of disastrous relationships, he finally realizes that Mara’s been “it” for him this whole time and that he’s wasted a decade not realizing that—wouldn’t they want to make the effort to be together as much as possible? After all, they’re not all that young and green anymore. They’re in their late-30s by this time, two lifetimes of experience and loss and trauma under their belts. Why couldn’t they navigate their responsibilities while also being physically together? Why couldn’t Mara have worked it out so that her trips away for work were shorter or worked out of a base near to her husband? Why couldn’t Luke be like, Mara, go on me with this Jedi mission since you’re a knight now, too? I don’t think this would have taken away any of their agency or independence. I think, rather, it would have been more interesting to see them navigate the galaxy together, figuring out out how this relationship and marriage thing worked while they were almost always in one another’s company.

I dunno—what are your thoughts, hive mind?