and now its bedtime for me

  • *Daddy and me out on our trip to the beach we took a while back. We had to sleep in separate rooms, because we went with our school.*
  • Daddy: *texting me* It's way past your bedtime. Got your shower done?
  • Me: *texting back* yep. I'm not tired tho.
  • Daddy: baby, we've got a busy day tomorrow. It's 12 o'clock now. You'll be a grouchy girl if you don't go to sleep.
  • Me: no I won't! I'm not going to sleep!
  • Daddy: you're being so fussy today. Baby, what's wrong?
  • Me: I just... I don't have any of my stuffies, we can't FaceTime because there are other people in our rooms, and I'm scared.
  • Daddy: why are you scared, princess?
  • Me: I'm in a new place. I'm not familiar with my surroundings.
  • Daddy: don't worry, babygirl. you're safe, I promise. I'm just one floor above you. Lock your door, put in your headphones if you want, and try to get some sleep.
  • Me: okay, dada. Thank you.
  • Daddy: you're welcome, princess. Sweet dreams! I love you so very much.
  • Me: I love you too, daddy.

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"We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair" for Lams?

John wakes up first. Though Alex has, historically, needed less sleep, he can sleep anywhere and falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow. John drifts in places that are new and strange, and the slightest thing will wake him up. He likes to know where he is. He likes to know where all the exits are, to have an escape route whenever possible.

So it’s John that wakes up when the very first rays of winter light are coming through the blinds and the heater clicks on. Not that he needs the heater–Alex is still asleep next to him, warming the sheets and the blankets and John’s skin. They both shifted closer to the center of the mattress during the night and John knows he should shift back now, but he’s going to let himself have this for just a few more minutes, just until he’s awake enough to know better. He wonders what it says about them that even with a king sized bed to sprawl out on, they still ended up close enough to touch.

He’d been a little disappointed last night, to be honest. Well, excited, then disappointed, then excited, then disappointed again. A roller coaster of emotions during those first ten minutes of check-in from the moment the clerk said they had no double rooms, through his clarification that they had a room with a sofa bed, up again when the sofa bed turned out to be broken, but back down once he remembered that it wouldn’t be a cramped double bed they’d be sharing, but rather a roomy king.

Or not so roomy, it turns out.

This whole thing has been a mistake since day one. Who the fuck takes a road trip in fucking January? Who asks their best friend and high school sweetheart to come with them to win back the love of someone else? And what kind of fuckhead is invited on a last-ditch proposal roadtrip by someone they once thought they were going to marry and actually agrees to the fucking thing?

But he’d do anything for Alex. It’s a character flaw he’s working on.

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It’s My Turn Now

                                     a Darkiplier playlist [x]

xEmperor’s New Clothes- Panic! At The Disco xUp In The Air- 30 Seconds to Mars xLockdown- Amy Lee xTwo Evils- Bastille xEyes On Fire [Zeds Dead Remix]- Blue Foundation xControl- Halsey xULTRAnumb- Blue Stahli xLose Your Soul- Dead Man’s Bones xFeral Love- Chelsea Wolfe xA New Way To Bleed [Photek Remix]- Evanescence

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Disney quote: tangled; did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?

This situation can not possibly be worse, Draco thinks, as he ducks down behind a brick wall trying to catch his breath.

Harry is crouched down beside him, his eyes squeezed tight with a grimace. His breathing is short and pained. It makes Draco feel both terrified and desperate.

Draco has lost count of how many other wizards there are out there; it’d been a complete ambush and neither he nor Potter had seen the rogue spell coming. Potter had dropped with a scream and it had taken every ounce of training he had endured for Draco to even manage to get both he and Potter into this semblance of safety. If you could call hiding behind a dirty brick wall while dozens of hexes were being throw their way safety.

“Potter….Potter!” Draco hisses, his stomach in knots.

“Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?” Harry mumbles, and his voice sounds tight.

“Potter what the fuck are you talking about?”

“Blondes. I meant blondes.”

Draco has a million things he wants to say on the tip of his tongue but there are so many spells flying their direction he can barely think straight. All he knows is that he has to get them out of here before Potter looses too much blood.

“You’re pretty,” Potter says, and Draco’s hands begin to shake when he realizes the other man is coughing up blood.

“Just focus on not dying Potter, and I’ll think of something.” Although what he has no idea.

“Draco, if I don’t make it-”

Draco shoots off three spells without even blinking before dropping down within an inch of Potter’s face. Potter blinks too many times, as if he can’t focus on Draco’s face, as if it requires too much effort.

“You are not dying do you hear me. I will not allow it.”

“You won’t?” He croaks, trying so hard to smile.

“Absolutely not. It’s unthinkable. Now close your mouth you look ridiculous, well more so than usual.”

“Ok,” he whispers, closing his eyes.

Draco knows there isn’t much time left so he does the only thing he can think of and blasts an illegal hole in the wards before grabbing on to Potter and apparting him straight to St. Mungos.

being autistic with non-established routines is… Wild let me tell u
like ur chilling in bed on your phone and suddenly u miss your routine bedtime. when was your bedtime? who knows! but today u missed it and now u cant sleep because it is Wrong
or rearranging your food on your plate so its right, only you can’t remember what right looks like other than Not That
or u dont do one (1) part of ur morning routine, but that wasnt a Necessary step yesterday, so why is it a big deal now that u missed it? its a mystery! but ur day is ruined anyway

its not realising where your perimeters for routines are, but being keenly aware that theyre not right

Moving Forward Chapter 4

Prompt: Reader gets pregnant by the sourwolf but he leaves before she could tell him, time skip the kid is 3 and the pack is the readers main support.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader, Pack x Reader

Word Count: 1,238

Warnings: a lot of verbal fighting lol

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quick sleepy oumaede


Ouma rolled over, huffing into the pillow. He looked too tense for someone trying to get some rest.

“Can’t sleep. Akamatsu-chan, hug me!”

Kaede’s brows furrowed, but she obediently complied and scooped him into her arms. After a moment’s hesitation, she patted his back, and with the other hand, snaked up to pay his head.


He wiggled and snuggled against her warmth.


Part Of The Family

Carter Hart x Reader

Team: Philadelphia Flyers

Warnings: None

POV: Second

@ministromer:  Can I request a cute fluffy Carter Hart one! ❤️

Here ya go best friend :’) Possibly open for a second part if requested

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Your name: submit What is this?

“How about this one?” You held up a light blue shirt to your torso, flattening it out against your chest. 

Carter was leaned against the cart, looking at the shirt carefully. “No,” He started. “It’s the wrong shade.”

“Wrong sha– Carter! We’ve been looking for over half an hour, can’t we just pick a shirt?” You asked, messily throwing the shirt back on the rack it came from. 

Carter chuckled and straightened out, slowly beginning to push the cart. “We can’t just grab a shirt and go,” He said, smiling at you, despite your unhappiness. “We have to match the one I’m wearing.” 

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Hi - I love it when you come up with creative everyday life situations for Tom. Let me tell you, you never fail to elicit a giggle :) Inspired by the anon who asked you about breakfast cam scribblings, I wanted to ask, what you imagine what Tom's nighttime routine is. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. They're always so amusing! But only, of course, if you have time ;)

Hi there!

Thank you!  I have an over-active imagination and I was taught to share.  So.  Here we are.  :)

Righto, Nighttime Routine Tom…

I would guess that he doesn’t really have anything set that he repeats every night except for maybe stripping down to his birthday suit.  He doesn’t like to make plans, he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who needs repetition of a series of actions to make himself feel comfortable.  And at the sake of stereotyping, I think it’s safe to say that men don’t do much in the way of skin care or things of that nature before hitting the hay; so aside from brushing the gold mine in his mouth, I doubt he is spending a lot of time removing make up and cleansing and moisturizing and applying eye cream and on and on.  But who knows, maybe he does.  It’s kind of fun to imagine him sitting around with a mud mask and cucumbers on his eyes and a towel wrapped around his head so the hair treatment can work its magic.  I wish I could draw that!

If he’s been on set, maybe showering and just falling into bed with a bit of script review for the next day.  

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If he’s at home, some reading. (this is basically just an excuse for me to post a gif of those porny bookshelves of his…)

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I have a bad habit, which I am working on breaking, of snacking in bed.  Maybe his sheets have biscuit crumbs here and there…

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And now that I’m thinking about bedtime snacking with SAF, I’m gonna stop.  

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Hey its me your friendly neighborhood prompt dealer~ So about those Domestic!Taliso prompts~ (this is all I got for now I'm tired) 1. Decorating/ Moving in together 2. Chore Race 3. Bedtime Routines

You know who else is tired? Mephisto.

Talia is a definite morning person (she kind of conditioned herself that way over the years and got use to it); she’s always up early and at the top of her game and Meph is just “babe ur cute but i need like 5 cups of coffee 3 showers and some bacon before im ready for the day”

Roku, honey, just cuz mom and dad are up doesn’t mean you have to get up too 😋

Grandpa HATES Halloween Sentence Starters
  • "You want me to tell you a what? A bedtime story? Alright, well it's gonna have to be a spooky one because it's the Halloween Town."
  • "Then the dead pharmacist told the boy 'You got Type 2 diabetes,' and the boy never had candy again."
  • "The fuck did you just call me?"
  • "I drank some bleach all the way down to the blue and now I'm starting to feel like Harry Potter's."
  • "Well it tasted like candy to me!"
  • "And what are you supposed to be, a disappointment?"
  • "Oh we ain't going nowhere until you drink all your milk."
  • "You wanna see Jesus?"
  • "I gotta go scare off those damn trick-or-treaters."
  • "I told you motherfucking kids to leave me the fuck alone!"
  • "Every Halloween I have the same goddamn nightmare. A goblin tries to eat out my asshole."
  • "Have you seen this app? It shows what you're gonna look like when you get old and fucked up."
  • "Boy, pull up your goddamn pants. The spookiest thing in this store is that a dick that small is in my gene pool."
  • "Put that candy back I ain't not buying you shit."
  • "Fuck me right in the asshole!"
  • "I don't want this anymore."
  • "This is longer than my dick."
  • "Get back here you little asshole!"
  • "When we get home, I'm gonna give you a spooky ass grounding."
  • "A goblin!"
  • "What the FUCK!"