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i’m really worried about my dog 😭

things I would like to see play a role during harurinralia in regards to pro swimming!haru

Because I think everything in here could tie in so nicely, and it makes so much sense. At least in my mind. I’m just focusing on pro swimmer Haru and swimming with Rin rather than on RinHaru itself though I’ll save that for another post.

You know when the water is nowhere near being ‘defanged and neutered’ and does seem to be more than enough?

I’m including a shot to S1ep01 because I love this parallel so damn much. In the first Rin still gets Haru fired up, but (imo) Haru mistakes the sight he sees for the solitude he thought he seeked (aka, his old definition of free) because Rin and him weren’t on the same wave-lenght. But now that they are on the same page, that their relationship has been mended we can see the full effect of it on its most positive form and it literally shows in his eyes. I’m so in love with those shots I could marry them. 

Another bit I could marry is this:

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