and now it's over

1 year ago I graduated college and was headed to a great medical school. I hadn’t watched much television in those 4 years but i suddenly had all this time off and an unused netflix account. while I was wondering what to do with myself, The X-Files revival was announced and a show I hadn’t cared about for 7 years took over my life again. my crush on David Duchovny, my idolization of Gillian Anderson, and my love for all things space and sci-fi all returned. and then I joined tumblr after a 4 year hiatus.

long story short - since last summer, I have left the medical field and I don’t have a stable job but David Duchovny’s hand brushed mine in April and my fanfic is starting to get some prettttty decent traffic. all in all, not my worst year.

I used to love seeing haters trying to bring down Twice but it’s getting really dull now because they’re all the same ‘Twice has no talent’ ‘they’re just visuals’ ‘they’re overhyped’ like come on those accusations have been proven false already, stop recycling shit and come up with new shades to throw, you unoriginal bitter pricks😴

Penny Dreadful has transcended regular television and become a pure art form. The dialogue is almost like ghosts whispering in your dreams and nightmares. The storytelling is this amazingly conceptual form that you can almost feel. Sometimes it is so grotesk but you will still weep because it is so damningly beautiful. Penny Dreadful is not something you just watch, but something you experience.

at the end of civil war Bucky lost his arm and Steve gave up his shield. the two things that made them the Winter Soldier and Captain America.

Captain America’s shield was his signature from the very beginning. It’s how people identified him. The same for Bucky. His metal arm made him the fearful Winter Soldier- the ghost.

Bucky lost his arm and Cap gave up his shield for Bucky a second time so they could be those two boys from Brooklyn again, depending on each other and nothing else.

No vibranium shields, no metal arm, just two buddies who got each other’s back ‘til the end of the line.

✖ we’re not ashes ✖

Listen…I do not believe that Harry is going solo. I have made that pretty clear on my blog over time. I still don’t believe he is, even after Anne’s tweets. I guess I just feel like if I had a child who was a celebrity and there were all these rumors about him leaving the band or rumors about him hating his band mates, etc. and I knew they weren’t true, then I would make it a point not to retweet articles that suggest those rumors could be true. I realize the articles do not say he is going solo, but the title of the last article alone is enough to freak people out. 

I just don’t get the point of it, especially with everything else going on right now. If he is going solo, then he or his team should make that announcement. If he isn’t going solo, then there just isn’t any need to get people worked up in my opinion. I get Anne is proud of her son; who wouldn’t be? And I get that she likes to retweet articles about him, but this is probably one that would have been better left not retweeted. That is all I am saying. And just to be clear, I am not HATING on Anne. I am simply confused as to why she tweeted something. There is a huge difference.

For the price of $8.00, Stanley took the Barlow Toll Road-

So, in short-

Mabel- died from cold weather conditions.

Soos- died from died from cold weather conditions.

Stanford- died from cold weather conditions.

Dipper- died from measles presumably.

and Stanley- survived the trail and made it to Oregon.

Was it worth it?