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i drew this like two weeks ago/???/ and i think its pretty cute???

Just girlfriends being gross.


DTsLE on a Grand Night In  

In Hushed Whispers does an interesting thing with Varric’s approval when you recruit the mages - it depends on what happened in DA2. If Hawke supported mage rights, then so does Varric.

And it’s always nice to see how much effect Hawke had on him, but I like this because it’s a big change from where he stood at the end of DA2. At the last battle -

  • Varric when siding with the templars: Defending innocent people, preserving our way of life? This is worth doing.
  • Varric when siding with the mages: I’m not sure we should be doing this. Helping dangerous people run amok.

Which means that effectively, after Hawke left, Varric spent all that time dealing with the fallout in Kirkwall and seeing the mage-templar war, and it wound up making him more sympathetic to the mages.

You Wanna Have Some Fun?

You and Dean get stuck sharing a bed at a crappy motel, after an easy hunt.

Warnings: Implied smut. Dean being a smartass. That’s about it.

A/N: This is literally the first fic (it’s actually closer to a drabble but whatever) I’ve put on here. So yeah. It’s not great but it’s something. Y’all have fun with the Smut Apocalypse. I know I am. ;)

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