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What would Mcree Soldier 76 and reaper do if a stray dog wouldn't stop following them around?

Puppy Problems

Author’s Note: I’d adopt it. Its my dog now. 

This isn’t really an X reader request but I thought I’d do it anyways. ^^


  • He always wanted a dog. 
  • Way back in his younger years had he dreamed of having a canine sidekick much like in the movies. 
  • Sadly, even now he knows he still cant much to his disappointment. Overwatch can’t house animals and he most likely won’t be around much to look after it. 
  • McCree would give it a name. Something simple like Lassie, Buddy or Spot for the time being. 
  • Letting it follow him around while he went about his buisness. 
  • Hell, he even played a game of stick fetch for a while before having to report back onto the drop ship.
  • In his last moments with the dog McCree pats it’s head, gushing over it with compliments and praises. 
  • “Who's a good boy/girl?” He cooed as the dog waged it’s tail happily. “You are! Yes, its you!” He continues on for a few moments before he really had to go. McCree pats the dog on the back lightly before standing up to take his leave. “Alright pal, you take care of yourself, ya hear?” He remarks. The dog barks back a response making the Cowboy chuckle.

Soldier 76

  • It shocks Soldier how the dog resembles an younger dog he had back on the farm within his youth.
  • Though, this one is much older with peppering white hairs along its muzzle
  • It’s a beautiful dog ,he notes, and it pains him that he can’t take it with him. Always having a soft spot for animals.
  • Much more when he finds out its a stray with no home to go back too.
  • “Two pea’s in a pod then, huh boy?” Soldier mutters, scratching the back of dogs ears. 
  • He feels like he’s spoiling the dog when it flips over to have its stomach rubbed. However, he obliges with no notion to stop anytime soon.
  • But alas he has to get a move on. Such is the life of a Vigilant.
  • Soldier would leave the dog outside a no kill shelter. A bag of food, some money and a small note left with nothing but a “Take good care of them.” written within its folded parts. 


  • It’s starting to bother him how it wont go away.
  • Maybe in his past life he’d take the dog in, have him be some kind of Blackwatch canine unit but the times are different. 
  • He doesn’t have the time nor patience for being a pet owner.
  • He tries to scare it away not having the heart to kill it. It’s not doing him any harm in wanting his attention but he can’t afford to get attached.
  • The dog, however, seems unfazed. Tilting his head curiously at the wraiths antics while wagging his tail happily. 
  • Reaper would really just want to get rid of this clingy companion without doing it any harm.
  • He decides to drop it off in a neighborhood where the community would take care of it. The types where kids would play with it and the older folks would give it enough table scraps to keep it fed.
  • “Be a good dog and stay.” He’d warn, watching it as he left. Glad to have that ‘problem’ solved.