and now it's like 76 or something

Reinhardt and D.Va

This is something I haven’t really seen many people talk about with Overwatch, but I think it’s got some pretty interesting implications. 

So you know how Reinhardt and D.Va can have a unique voice line exchange that goes something like:

Reinhardt: I was wondering if you’d sign something for me. It’s…[clears throat] [whispering] … For a friend.
D.Va: Of course! Here you go. Love, D.Va. / Aw. After this match is over, right now, its time to get serious!

Now I could be reading too deeply into this, but think about it: Reinhardt used to be sort of the mascot for Overwatch. Pharah had a poster of him, and in his official story summary, it mentions:

“Reinhardt’s unique ethics and larger-than-life persona earned the admiration of his peers and superiors alike. Never afraid to speak his mind, he was Overwatch’s most vocal supporter and, when necessary, its harshest critic, providing a constant reminder that Overwatch was meant to be a force for good”

While Jack Morrison might have been the official leader, Reinhardt was the guy who embodied what Overwatch was supposed to be. He’s the only member of the original Overwatch strike team who’s still an enthusiastic hero, and not someone who has been overcome by cynicism or become a villain. And now, here he is asking D.Va, the youngest character in the game and a celebrity, for her autograph. 

It’s like he’s welcoming a new hero, and showing her that he’s a huge fan of her work and the way she’s saved lives. He’s just ready for her to be another member of Overwatch, someone who he thinks deserves to be a hero. The original hero persona of Overwatch is a fan of the youngest hero. The old man who’s been basically wandering around Europe fighting bad guys as a knight-errant spends some of his free time watching her livestreams, and that is so damn cool!

I really wish more people would talk about that.

Athlete!Jimin x Reader

Practice was due to start in 10 minutes and you were still trapped on the third floor. Class was running over due to the horrendous scores on the Chem exam but you really didn’t care. 76 was still passing for you and as long as your average wasn’t awful, you were golden. Finally, finally, the ancient of days teacher finished going over the last question and dismissed the class.

You fled the room as quickly as possible to the nearest bathroom. You had 5 minutes to change and get out to the track. In 2 flat, you had your uniform off and a sports bra, crop top, and shorts on. You hoisted your backpack loaded down with books on your back and took off down the hallway, tackling the stairs like the athlete you were. You looked down to your wristwatch and saw it was a minute to go before you had to be out to the field.

You hit the last landing and shoved open the doors, sprinting for the open space without a lick of shade in sight. It was a hot April day and guaranteed to be a sweat out. You flung your heavy backpack to the side and joined the lineup of students. The coach was known for being mean, although well meaning, as he wanted each student to succeed. The captains of the team, two seniors, a boy and girl started drills and you were relieved you made it to time to not get called out to do additional exercises.

You were in the middle of high kicks down the field before you noticed who exactly you were near. Your two girlfriends on the team were on the clear opposite side and you couldn’t join due to you being late. But literally, the hottest guy on the team (if your opinion) was right next to you, black bangs flopping over his forehead as he effortlessly executed the kicks. Your breath quickened as his head turned, and he gave you that crescent-eyed smile he was renowned for.

Before you knew it, you smiled back, teeth and all, dimples and all, not holding anything back because it was Jimin, the sweetie that everyone loved and adored. He was a nice boy, smart and kind, never picked on anyone, and had a diverse group of friends, two who were on the same team on as well.

Hoseok and Jungkook were currently in front of him, the former screaming out to inspire energy in himself and the latter giggling at the antics. Jimin giggled too and your heart melted at the sound of happiness. Kicks were over now and you dropped down to sit and stretch. Your forehead was to your knee when you heard a tentative “hi” from your right side. You turned and Jimin was there, his forehead to his knee too, smiling again and fingers in a wave.

“Hi Jimin,” you greeted, waving back. You two spoke from time to time, seeing as the majority of the year, you two were teammates. Never ate lunch together though, and only shared one class, and sat on clear opposites of the room.

“How was your day?” He asked and the question actually threw you off guard enough to make you lose your count.

“Um…good, I’d say,” you replied. “Now that you’re talking to me,” you thought. “How about you?”

“Excellent!” He replied and smiled again. “Only thing is, it’s so hot today!” He blew air between his lips and you couldn’t help but watch them pucker, the nerve you had before he fanned himself with his free hand.

“Well maybe we’ll get a few clouds come along,” you optimistically said and managed to tear your eyes away from him to search for your friends. They were eyeballing the mess out of you and you knew you’d owe an explanation.

No clouds came along. It was 4:30, no breeze, real feel 85, and you were dying. Or at least you felt like it. A meet was in two days and everyone was timing. Your events were the 400 and 800 so you watched the sprinters go first. Jimin was a sprinter, one of the best in the 100 and 200. He seemed happy with his times although exhausted as he pulled off the track to meet back up with his friends.

Before you knew it and right in the middle of your friend’s sentence, Jimin pulled his shirt off and not even she could complete her thought. A collective hush fell over the girls as all heads swiveled to take in the sight of chocolate abs. Everyone was sweating, but instead of looking icky, he looked simply delectable, like he’d just gotten out the shower. His hair was wet with sweat and droplets were making their way down between his pectoral muscles and disappearing into the band of his underarmor shorts.

Now Jimin wasn’t the tallest, or the smartest, or the handsomest, but he was fantastically cute, and now he was amazingly sexy on top of it. The only noise cutting through the nearby silence was Hobi yelling and threatening to pull up his shirt as a well.

“Mochi sexy,” your friend muttered am you could only nod senselessly in agreement. Your crush was only solidified. The yelling of your captain finally pulled you out your reverie and you belatedly realized that you needed to line up for your timed lap. You took your place and saw that Jimin was standing on the sidelines, still shirtless, still choking you with the sight.

You took off at the whistle and at first, just felt defeated. You’d never catch the eye of a guy like Jimin, who was the ultimate package, and even if you did, he wouldn’t spend any time on you. The defeatist thoughts made you angry, mostly because you knew you shouldn’t think lowly of yourself. You pushed yourself to run faster and pulled ahead to join two other girls in the front. You forced yourself to clear your thoughts, if only for 30 seconds and focus on your breathing technique and the sound of your trusty sneakers hitting the astroturf. Before you knew it, you’d hit the line and pulled off your get your time.

“Shaved three seconds off! That’s good!” You looked up at the sound of his voice. There he was, up close, personal, threatening to snatch your sanity. You were on the shorter side, so Jimin did feel tall to you at 5"8. The moles on his neck and below his clavicle on the left side taunted you as you forced yourself to look him in the eye. He had to know he was wrecking you. Had to. Those deep brown eyes looked clever enough.

“Thank you Jimin,” you answered in what you hoped was a professional tone. There was now no in between with this fellow.

“No problem! Want me to time you for the next too?” He offered, this time showing off his white teeth between pillowy lips. Lort.

“Sure, that would be great,” you found yourself saying. You quickly retreated to your water bottle on the other side of the track and took a gulp before giving a thumbs up to your friend lining up for her 400 heat. Three minutes and it was time for your two laps. As Jimin promised, he timed you, and clapped after you’d completed causing you to blush at the fact that you had your own cheerleader.

“You’re doing awesome today,” he complimented and offered both hands in a high five gesture. You accepted and before you knew it, he’d locked fingers with you, bringing your arms down together to your sides. Kid was still naked and looking down at your feet was a huge mistake. You knew it earlier but had chosen to turn your blinders on. You could see everything in those sinfully tight underarmor shorts. No! You hurriedly took your gaze away, resulting in tightly squeezed eyes shut and a harder grip on Jimin hands.

“Y/N,” you heard and cracked them open to look him in the eyes. He was doing that full on grin again, the one that made you grin too. “Would you like to come hang out this weekend at my place with some friends? We’ll have snacks and games and I know you like pizza, everyone loves pizza-“

"Sure Jimin! I’d like that,” you cut him off as he seemed nervous and he broke his hold on one of your hands to scratch the back of his neck. “And Jimin?”

“Yeah?” He said, meeting your eyes again.

“Can you put your shirt back on? I’m oogling, they’re oogling, we’re all oogling, and I can’t think straight,” you ended in a laugh. He blushed madly before going to retrieve it and if possible, his face flushed even more.

“Oh! Your times!” and he ran off for a pen before coming back and taking up your hand. “For encouragement,” he said. You watched him start to write before he told you to close your eyes and felt the tip of the pen on your skin.  You thanked him again for timing you and watched as he took off to join Hobi in cooling down. You watched him happily before starting to stretch as well, 5 o'clock having arrived, signaling the end of practice.

Later in the locker room, you finally looked at your hand and saw that Jimin had added his phone number. The weekend couldn’t come fast enough.