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Pairing: Steve x F!Reader

A/N: Because there hasn’t been a Steve chat in a while… also i really just wanted to write pietro using emoticons okay ( ͡°Ɛ ͡°)

Pietro has created a chatroom: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pietro has added Y/N.

You: i want no part of this chat

Pietro: but y/n

Pietro: i know something you don’t

Pietro: don’t u want to know what it is (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

You: … i guess

Pietro: someone on this team likes u

You: everyone likes me. that’s the point of friends.

You: but you wouldn’t know that now would you since you have no friends ( ͡°Ɛ ͡°)

Pietro: where did u find that one

Pietro: i love him

Pietro: this person has a crush on u

Pietro: i know, it is surprising someone could like u more than a friend ( ͡°Ɛ ͡°)

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The time I told my principal to "f*ck off*

(Before I start this story, im sorry in advance, I am not the same person back then)

Okay in 6th grade (I’m a freshman now or going to be) I was going through my emo phase for like 3 semester and one day I was have just a really bad day and so I was just what I normally do.

So it goes too lunch time and I’m with my one of my friends and she’s like the “leader” of our group, and apparently me and our group were being too loud and so the janitor tells to quites down and so we do for likeeping five minutes.

The principal comes down to our table and tells our “leader” that she has lunch detention but I didn’t know this so I get up from the table and and I try to defend her but they didn’t tell me what was actually going on and so they told me to go to the principal’s office and to the principal comes and tells to not worry about it.

So I get really mad and I don’t know what really happens next I just remember running down the hall and the principal running after me, and me telling him “f*ck off”.

And that was the time I told my principal to “f*ck off

P.s. he retired then next year and there was rumors around school that I was kid that did it

Reasons why I love Ev’s new video:

- The Merry-Go-RWRWound

- “Vanoss, take us to safety.”(H2O Delirious)

- Vanoss’ breathy “We’re not good!” and giggles

- Moo’s scream

- “Couples only.”(H2O Delirious)

- “I’m okay with a threesome.”(Vanoss)

- “First, you think of Vanoss, now you think I’m a blond.”(Panda to Delirious)

- “Vanoss likes to be on top of things.”(H2O Delirious)

- Ferris Go Round

- “I really can’t say the words anymore, like I can’t think about it.”(Vanoss thinking about “Ferris Go Round”)


This is me through the whole video:

Peyton interview: “Andi and Jonah’s relationship I feel like is really special because they are both friends and bf/gf at the same time.”

Asher interview: "As we’re going into season 2, at the beginning of the first episode, I was like ‘Oh, I guess they’re okay!’ But I really don’t know where they’re at by now. It is really complicated. I don’t know if they’re gonna be friends or more than friends”.


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I’m a sucker for some angst and fluff. Can you do headcanons for an arranged marriage au where Shiro is arranged to be married but is conflicted because he loves his s/o and then decides to not do the wedding and be with his true love?

  • oh wow okay this is long, it’s a bulletstory
  • shiro is a very filial person, he’s always listened to his parents very well
  • but also he loves you so much
  • you guys are an amazing couple okay. beautiful he loves you so much
  • he plans on marrying you one day, he just…he hasn’t well popped the question yet
  • but he’s thought very far ahead, he’s purchased a ring, a little box, everything
  • he really was gonna pop the question any day now
  • and then his mom just calls him over n he’s like okay i guess dinner with the parents again
  • “ur getting married“
  • he’s like??? who am i marrying???? why???
  • turns out this has been arranged since he was like 2
  • he’s so torn because??? he loves you so much
  • but his parents already arranged this so long ago
  • he tries to keep it from you for awhile
  • maybe if he holds you a little more then it won’t exist, you’ll still be able to marry him
  • now he has an engagement ring and nobody to give it to
  • he tries to get to know how bride to be, really he tries
  • she’s not bratty, just as confused as him as to why their parents arranged this
  • he really doesn’t know how to approach this whole thing
  • really tries to keep it from you like??? when is he going to tell you he has no idea but :/
  • also doesn’t tell his fiance he’s dating someone
  • he’s working on this whole ‘telling-people-these-unknown-and-kind-of-needed’ facts
  • so then comes a month before his wedding
  • now he’s kind of mega freaking out internally because time is running faster than his brain
    • but it’s that internal freaking out
    • when you’re freaking out but also not because you’re Above That
  • so he starts by talking to betrothed
  • “yeah…it’s kinda too late for that“
  • “ahem what“
  • “we’re working on wedding plans bro“
  • then he’s like c r a p
  • so he does what he’s been meaning to do
  • he talks to his parents
  • he’s soft but also pretty firm
  • his mom takes it in a very bad way
  • she’s kind of reeling that he would do something like just…pull out all of a sudden
  • the father is more upset because well this kind of messing everything up
  • shiro gets it but also :/
  • so he goes to you, decides to lay down all of his cards and he tells you all about it
  • you are, understandably, upset that he kept all of this information from you for so long
  • he apologizes profusely
  • also apologizes to his bride to be because that was kind of a dick move
  • lets just say he makes a lot of apologizes in the coming days

Didrik: “So I’m going to lunch with my dad later, do you wanna come?” 

Owen: “You already know the answer to that dont you..” 

Didrik: [deep sigh] “Yeah I do, I was just hoping you’ve told them.. It would be nice to hang out at places where there’s actually people around- I mean if they really are your friends they will accept you for who you are” 

Owen: “You don’t know them like I do, okay? Can we please just not have this discussion right now” 

Didrik: “Fine, but you have to tell them sooner or later” 

Owen: [mumbles] “I know..” 

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i'm a scottish dghda fan and honestly any time dirk is sassy/sarcastic/a lil bitch that's the scottishness right there. we are a deeply bitter nation.


Okay, so I feel you. To answer my own questions, I’m Clan Macqueen and this is our tartan. You are 100% on it okay Dirk has that sass for a reason my friends.

But now I’m thinking about Scots and tartan and Dirk should have a kilt. I’d give him mine but it’s too small. Can we get on that though? Like, not to be stereotypical or anything I just really think it would add something to his already questionable fashion choices.

This got away from me a little. Oops.

Sleepover Saturday


Thomas: It’s you who came up to us couple days ago, uh.. Willow right? I didn’t know someone comes here until they’re really bored to be honest.
Willow: Yeah it’s me, now if you’ll let me I’ll go back to reading these boring comics I happen to truly like. And since you’re here you must be very bored too.
Thomas: Woah, okay.. um, you got me. I come here too every morning and I just never saw anyone. I could show you some interesting comics as a way to redeem myself? And I can assure you they’re not boring.
Willow: Well.. sure, why not.

Cee’s thoughts on Once (I’m watching a totally different show than everyone else.)

I don’t really care about Henry, Lucy, or Cinderella. Like… whatever happens to them? Happens. Whatever. Who cares.

Lady Tremaine? Okay. Someone kill her so she stops talking.

Roni? Weaver? Don’t care. Anything can happen to them and it’s not going to affect me in any way.

But Rogers? I am so effing invested in him. My only motivation for watching right now is so that I can find out what happens. Will he find happiness? Can he not be lonely? I want him to find his daughter, and maybe a lady friend, and I want him to go off and live happily ever after.

lmao i don’t wanna be all gross and pathetic right now but like!!! i spent a few hours crying in both my car and bathroom today. so i’m struggling right now. a lot. to pay my bills. and i either have to choose between paying rent and not eating or getting gas or paying my phone bill, or not paying my rent this month. i’m working two jobs right now and six days a week and i’m really tired and exhausted. and it’s still not working. i took a risk and changed jobs for the chance at moving up in a career that i really want to pursue but i’m worried and stressed and my hair is falling out! i’ve tried borrowing some money with the intent of paying it back and setting up a payment plan but i haven’t had anyone who’s taken me up on that so. my paypal is if anyone can help out, even a few dollars it’d be really, really appreciated, and i would be grateful because i’m really…freaking out that i made a mistake and i’m trying super hard right now! and i don’t wanna cry anymore today holy shit

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I agree 100% with you on your post about Rachel. I would say that there is a serious double standard going on in the LiS fandom in general because it seems like it's okay to feel bad about Nathan because we are seeing him before Jefferson arrives and manipulates him, and we can see that he's suffering because of his father, but the fact that Rachel is struggling about her father's mistakes and what being her daughter means to her own identity is something they don't seem to care about

oh yeah. it also really bothers me to see people breaking out the same anti-chloe arguments we all heard in original lis discourse but turning them around on rachel now.

i saw another post talking about how ~Problematic~ it is that when chloe said they should run away eventually and rachel continued to insist they do it now. which smacks of the same kind of complaints that chloe was pushy, didn’t respect max’s boundaries, was manipulative/selfish etc

like… can we chill for a second and acknowledge that these characters are teenagers with a lot of their own baggage and maybe they’re not going to navigate every single social interaction with complete tact and respect. thoughtlessness is not malicious intent. christ.

it really is doubly frustrating when people are still so eager to excuse male characters for the far shittier things they’ve done, while demonizing the girls for the most basic human flaws and missteps imaginable.

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Now Haz has me in the mood. But road trips with them would be really fun tbh. Everyone decides to try and not fall asleep Bc they all know what will happen if they do (lots of pictures and drawing on faces lol). Tom would roll down the windows and everyone would be belting out song lyrics that were playing off of Haz’s phone. The car would be trashed until the next stop Bc you guys can’t stop eating snacks. They would probably all try to livestream to see who would get the most viewers 😂

okay like!!!! just saying i would make a bopping road trip playlist!!!!! and the livestream thing that’s too real all of you would stream at once and make it a competition (lbr out of everyone in your group jacob would win bc like. jacob batalon owns my ass i love him)

-sappy saturday-

So! My flatmate has resorted to ignoring me, which is kind of funny, because for me that’s basically the ideal situation. She was supposed to let me know if her step-dad (the landlord) was “okay” with me leaving a month before my contract was up (which she still hasn’t proven to be fact) and I’ve heard absolutely zero. I figure it must be fine or she’d have told me so by now, and frankly she’s now pushed me to the point where I don’t give two turtle shits anyway, because I’m moving out at the end of November whether they like it or not. It’s her problem if it’s not okay. I’ve given notice and that’s that.

Anywho! So, my petulant and pathetic soon-to-be-ex flatmate aside, I have other good news! You guys may or may not remember that about a month back I wrote a post about having a really important job interview. Better pay, higher position, more secure contract, etc. Well, After three weeks passed with no word, I sent them an email and asked where I stood. I received a fairly standard rejection telling me I hadn’t been successful, which was a bummer.

Fast-forward to this Wednesday, and I get an email from the same company: Apparently, there was a mix up with the paperwork and am I still interested in the job?

Um… YES???

So! I haven’t officially been offered it yet, but they’ve had two references now (both lovely, lovely, lovely! Almost made me cry!) and all my paperwork, and the tone of the last email from the woman doing their hiring was incredibly hopeful! As it’s coming from their Head Office I expect I won’t hear anything until Monday now, but fingers crossed, guys!! 

Can you believe how well my life is going right now, though? I mean, I can’t, kinda! Haha! I don’t mean to sound negative, it’s just that it’s been so long since anything came out alright for me, you know? Like… Years, even! I’m just so happy and relieved to finally have all this happening, it’s wonderful. Wonderful! 

It’s kind of funny, because I almost moved away from Norwich not that long ago. I almost gave up on trying to make this work. After I broke with my ex, my family wanted me to go back down south to be with them. I told them to give me a year to see if I could make a life for myself up here. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was striving for, but the year passed and I didn’t feel like I’d achieved it. I believed everyone had been right the whole time and I’m just not cut out to make it by myself. 

Then I realised that I’d lost my way, and I was being dragged down by a small handful of bad situations. Namely, my living conditions, my job, and my feelings of loneliness. Once I realised that if I could fix at least one of these things then the rest would probably fall into place, I decided to stay. I’m so glad I did!

Haha, I mean, I’m a simple woman with simple tastes, and I’m so easy to make happy, but financial security and a nice place to live? Well. Two out of three in one week isn’t bad at all! 

I feel incredibly blessed and hopeful for the future!

hey guys would be on hiatus for quite a while with some queue here and there (I mean I’ve been on a hiatus for long enough but I guess I’ll say it again I feel bad for not being here although no one gives a shit HAHA) I have national exams like a day from now and they are really important + I’m not prepared at all and yea mental health all the shit u know it matters I’ve been freaking out so much but okay if u read till here wow you’re such a mate thanks


I usually don’t post about things like this on my sideblog, but right now I really want to.

Sexual abuse happens to a lot of women and men today and it’s NOT okay. And it becomes even more alarming when you realise how many victims there are around the globe, even though it’s good to speak out about it. Unfortunately, I know way too many people who are victims but strong survivors of these despicable acts. I also happen to be a victim myself and would like to share my stories. *Takes a deep breath *

When I was 12, I went to a bathhouse with my family. I wanted to go to a jacuzzi, so they let me, but kept an eye on me from afar. Once I got to the jacuzzi, there were already two teenagers, a woman and a man sitting in it, like in a circle. I went in and sat beside the man, because the space was limited. Almost immidiately, I felt a hand on my thigh. I couldn’t see anything since the jacuzzi was active and there was bubbles everywhere. But I remember how I froze. I couldn’t move because I was so shocked, and afraid. I understood that it had to be the man’s hand that was on me. But he was much older than me and well-built, so I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I think we sat there for a minute or so, when he finally decided to get up. Until that moment, I had tried to tell myself that he must have put his hand on my thigh by mistake, not really feeling anything in the hot water. But when he stood up, he turned to me and I saw this weird smile on his face. Many years later, I learned and realised what kind of smile that was. It was one that belonged to a predator.

As an adult, there was another incident when I was 20. I had been in a car accident and brought to the emergency part of the hospital. I wasn’t feeling too well and a doctor was going to examine me. The nurses had first left me in a room by myself and said that a doctor would soon be there (my mother wasn’t allowed to enter for some weird reason). I remember feeling like a zombie, light-headed and I kind of zoomed out. I was laying on a hospital bed by myself when he came in. He looked at me, up and down, and began to test my reflexes. He started from the top, but when it was time to test my legs, he told me to take off my pants. I was confused by this, but decided to do it, since he was a doctor and I should trust a doctor, right? So I did it, not really seeing a problem with it since I still had my leggings on (it was winter). I thought the pants were enough, but then he said that I had to take off my leggings too….and I felt weird about it. But since I wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to rest, I just did that too. And then, he suddenly asked me to close my eyes, and weak as I was, I did that too. And I felt him putting his hand on my thigh and slowly stroking it, asking if I felt it. I said yes, and asked if he was done, but he said no, and told me to continue to have my eyes close. And as he was moving closer to my inner thigh, someone knocked on the door, and he immediately took his hand off me. He told whoever was outside to wait, because he wasn’t done yet. At this point, I was slowly realising what had just happened. And when he left, I was crying in my mind. Because I realised then that this doctor had taken advantage of me and my weak state. But again, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to the nurses, since I was the patient, and in a weak state of mind. I was even more afraid that they wouldn’t believe me.

Please don’t be afraid to speak out about things like this guys, you’re so strong and deserve all the love and support! Never forget that it wasn’t your fault!

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how did you get all that sugar daddy money??? damn YOU REALLY FINESSED A FREE HOTEL ROOM AND FREE CONCERT TICKETS I-

one of my best friends is dating a sugar daddy, and he said that because i constantly take care of her and make sure she’s okay, he’s always available whenever i need some help. i never like asking people for help, but i randomly text him every now and then talking about life and whatnot. today i was complaining about not being able to find an airbnb for me and bayo, and eventually it turns into a convo where i convinced him to get me and bayo a hotel room AND ALSO PAY FOR OUR TICKETS TO SEE JOEY BADASS??? CAN I GET ᵘʰʰʰʰʰʰʰʰ PIPE IT UP FOR ME ??? DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO DO ANY SEXUAL FAVORS OH MY GOFJRJI but yeah this entire situation is just wild from start to finish. you have no idea. lol i feel like so many people think i overexaggerate my life but no. this is forreal the reality of being me. that trip im taking with bayo is gonna be insane and im so excited for it