and now it is okay but i really like it!

~Contains Spoilers for Steven Universe: Wanted~

What she says: I’m fine

What she really means: HOLY FUCK BALLS So Lars is now pink and brave and probably immortal and stuck on Homeworld for the time being while Steven gets to go home to earth and I really hope??? We get to see the off colors come to earth??? They need to be happy and Lars needs to be happy and OH SHIT SOMEONE MIGHT HAVE FRAMED ROSE QUARTZ!! Is Zircon gonna be okay??? Please don’t shatter her!! And holy FUCK Lars died??? But Steven, god bless him, brought him back to life and THAT’S MORE THAN LIKELY WHAT HAPPENED TO LION AND IM LOSING MY SHIT

okay so hear me out

I’m pretty sure a Miraculous Starstruck AU has been done but I am really really into this one now so just,,,

-Adrien never gave Marinette his umbrella. He left before she did, she took off, etc. but they never mended that rift

-Marinette still has a really bad impression of Adrien, she can’t stand him, when he tries to say hi or anything she just gets annoyed by the spoiled little rich model

-so I’m not sure about paparazzi in Paris but for story purposes basically, Adrien is out and about and all the sudden the paparazzi is there and he’s like “crap gtg” and the closest building is the bakery so he just ducks in

-Marinette is helping her parents and she’s working the counter and he comes in panicked and just ducks behind the counter and pulls her down

-cue Angry™Defensive™ Marinette like “wth are you doing are you crazy??” as they’re kneeling behind the counter while Adrien waits for the Paps to leave

-“Please don’t yell at me just stay down here with me until the paparazzi passes please”

-Marinette: ?? is he joking “life must be so tough that people want to take pictures of you :((” *note sarcasm*

-Basically though Marinette complies, begrudgingly.

-Adrien chills out there for like 10 minutes when Sabine finally sees that her daughter is sitting on the floor with a Boy

-“Marinette honey go on and take your friend upstairs, you don’t have to sit down here”

-Marinette was just actually going to tell Adrien to leave when Sabine says that

-Adrien just looks from the Paps outside to Marinette with these Kitten Eyes and she’s screwed

-so she invites him upstairs and he hangs out for awhile, maybe he apologizes to Marinette and she’s like “Okay I still hate you”

-and then later he goes home, but now anytime the paparazzi shows up he almost always ducks into the bakery.

-(because for some reason the paparazzi like to show up perfectly when he’s next to the bakery??)

-anyway story goes on with more Shenanigans and Marinette and Adrien fall in love yknow

-Meanwhile Chat Noir is really intrigued by Ladybug’s rants about this stupid boy that keeps showing up at her house when he needs help

you ever just wanna not Exist™ when your mental illness acts up but then you remember andreil have struggled through the most traumatic experiences and they still have to live with ptsd but they worked so fucking hard to get to where they are right now, which is with Each Other forever and they learn how to gradually find their own pieces of happiness and they fight against their demons with the help of the other because they’re each other’s anchor to life, and they thought they would never have this–

do you ever just think of this because i do everyday and it gives me hope

Okay though I’d been thinking about this already but remembering the ARGUS thing now that I’m reading JLA Vibe, I’ve been wondering if they were going to incorporate any of Cindy’s comic backstory into her character maybe in season 4. Like the whole being locked up and used by the government thing. And I wouldn’t think so regularly, but I remember when she woke up in the pipeline in 3.14 she seemed really shaken about it, and I don’t know if it was hinting at something else or not. 


Mafia au sentence starters

“So you got the money?”

“Are you really gonna try to go after me?”

“Listen,kid,you’re talking to the biggest name in organized crime right now,don’t piss me off…”

“Okay,but I ain’t gonna find a horse head in my bed like in godfather,right?”

“One more fucking thing out of you and you’re done for.”

“Woah,woah,easy now,huh? Kid’s just starting out.”

“How are you suppose to replace me if you can’t go one second without tryin’ beat the shit out of someone?”

“Listen,it’s not all about intimidation,alright? You gotta know how to lead to…”

“So you’re the leader of which gang now?”

“Did someone disrespect you?”

“Listen,alright just hear me out,I’ll have your money just not right now.”

“Is it too cliche if I say I’m Italian?”

“Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

“So you want a favor,huh?”

“Okay,maybe I was a little harsh,but do it again and I’ll cut your eyes out.”

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since learning more korean do you feel like you know bts more like their personalities because you can understand a lot of what they say straight from their mouths? or is it pretty much the same?

ohhhh! can i first say that as a linguistics student i am in love with this question!!!

okay so. yeah?? like ive never really thought about this but now that i am, i feel like i do understand their personalities more since learning korean!! but i don’t think it’s because i understand them (sometimes they speak a bit too fast so it takes me a while) but i learn standard seoul dialect in class and in the audios it’s rlly clear and they make an effort to eliminate speech habits!!

each member of bts has their own speech habits and it rlly?? showcases their personalities!!!

namjoon: he’s got such a wide range of vocab and he’s extremely eloquent and bc he’s from seoul he’s the one i understand the most bc the way he speaks is what I’m most familiar with. but then again my vocab ain’t the best so sometimes he’s also the most difficult to understand bc of his way of thinking HAHA

seokjin: he rlly speaks like an old man. unlike nams, seokjin talks with emotion which kinda showcases the ‘old man’ way of speaking. I’m in no way familiar with puns so when seokjin turns to his dad jokes I just, I just can’t because they make no sense to me just yet HAHA

yoongi: okay. I love him I really really do but I have so so much trouble understanding him it pains me HAHA he slurs his words a lot and it’s like they all mesh together so it’s hard to distinguish and his voice his already low and deep so it makes even more harder. i can totally see why people say he talks like he’s drunk HAHA. it just shows that he’s a really relaxed guy tho!

hoseok: this guy speaks with a lot of enthusiasm and his voice tends to go up and down a lot!! most of the time he speaks fast and i heard that with the enthusiasm and that, it’s a part of his dialect in gwangju!! I notice he uses 되게 and 뭔가 a looooot (meaning 'really’ and 'somewhat’) super expressive and we know hoseok is expressive af!

jimin: he speaks so so soft and friendly!! he’s someone i can understand a bit more bc of how he speaks. he speaks like we’re all his friends and it’s just??? he’s just so so cute!

taehyung: the way tae speaks is so interesting to me?? like the the way he orders his words is something ive never heard before it’s so unusual but so?? taehyung-like?? he uses a lot of adverbs and words to cue that he’s thinking of what to say next. just like namjoon i feel as though tae has a lot of thoughts but he takes his time to make sure what he says is right!!

jungkook: bc he’s the youngest and that I find that he uses satoori the most like it just randomly slips in and he sometimes speaks casually to the other members!! and that shows that he’s comfy around them!! i love how when he calls 'hyung’ around the members they all respond it’s aDORABLE

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okay i just found your blog and i really want to get more into bts, i listened to them for the first time in april 2017 :'( i feel sad because i've missed so much, and i stan another group and then bangtan. i love both groups. but ah wish i could have been around during hyyh era. i was always doubtful about listening to them because i felt like they didn't need me, but i stopped thinking that way and just let them into my heart. now almost two months later i regret nothing!

hello anon! please don’t feel sad! it’s never too late to get into bangtan and soon enough you’ll be a part of their new era. but there are a lot of content to catch up on I agree, they really spoil us a lot!!

though I’m not really sure about what you meant by “i was always doubtful about listening to them because i felt like they didn’t need me” (y wud u think that ;_;) but I’m glad you no longer think that way and gave them a chance!!! welcome to the family and I’m happy that you’re here ^_^♥

BTS reacting to their S/O having multiple personalities

Requested by; anon

could i get a bts reaction to their s/o having multiple personalities?


“Thanks for telling me; now I don’t have to get so scared whenever you act different towards me. I’ll make sure to know how to act then!”


“Oh really? That’s a new thing; I mean, it’s great that you told me because now it’s not going to surprise me again like all the other times.”


“So that’s why you act different towards me some days; I always get terrified because I thought I did something wrong!”


“That’s okay! I’ll learn how to act then whenever it happens. I’ll make sure to stay calm because I surely didn’t do that last times!”


“I don’t know if I should say that’s cool, but it’s really interesting! I didn’t know things like this were actually real!”


“Aaah, okay! I mean, that won’t affect our relationship though; you’re still you! I’ll know what to do now!”


“Nice, well, not really, it depends, I guess? Anyways; don’t be scared because I know the things I can’t and can do now!”

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New to your blog. Are ouroboros your cos? if so is there a character info sheet?

hello !! welcome to my blog !!

yep ouroboros is my oc though! :’) they don’t have an official sheet (which i should really get to making considering they’ve been around for like… seven years now OTL) but you can read a bit about them under the cut!

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Rapunzel: “So we’ve been exchanging our favorite new songs lately. Right now we’re listening to…what are we listening to?” 

Jack: “ ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra. It’s not new…” 

Rapunzel: “I know, but it’s something I didn’t really listen to before so…it’s new to me.”

Jack: “Okay…” 

Rapunzel: “What?”

Jack: “It’s just…it’s not a new song. It’s gotta be like 50 years old.” 

Rapunzel: “I know! But there have been loooooads of songs I’ve shown you that you don’t know. And I don’t make fun of you.” 

Jack: “I’m not making fun of you…”

Rapunzel: “Then why are you smiling?” 

Jack: “What…I can’t smile?” 

Rapunzel: “You’re making fun of me. You think I don’t know that this song is old.” 

Jack: “That is true. I do think that. But I’m not making fun of you. And I can smile anytime I want.” 

Rapunzel: “Not at me, you can’t.” 

Jack: “Um…yeah…I kind of can.” 

Rapunzel: “Don’t smile at me!” 

Jack: “Okay.”

Tbh now when we know that Taehyung enjoys drawing and basically anything art related, I really hope there won’t be unnecessary drama about the things he chooses to share with us just because some people doesn’t know how to appreciate the beauty of art. His mind is truly beautiful, I wish more people could see how thoughtful he truly is. Let my boy enjoy the things he likes without being criticised.  

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Is Assistent a clean freak like Levi? Lol Daddy probably know who I am (love) (Mama you have real life Levi omg you are blessed) *hug*

It’s actually not funny, but okay. Also I don’t really care if Assistent is like Levi (considering we’re dating for almost seven years now lol) I just want him to be happy, so it’s not a blessing, because it keeps him from being that.

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hii! 👋 okay, besides the fact that I love the new update of the comic (I was seriously sooo happy to see it updated, I love that au!), I wanna tell you how much I like your Levi - I honestly don't know what it is about the way you draw him (I'm thinking it's the jaw or the expressions of his eyes), but he looks sooo gooood and always catches my eye whenever I see your art! also I've been following you for a while now and your art is always really beautiful, keep up with the good work! 😄

This made me so happy!! Levi is a bit tricky to get right (both his face and his personality actually) but also a lot of fun and I’ve reached a point now where I’m pretty content with the result. So I’m happy you share that sentiment, thank you so much!! <33

Also thanks for the other nice messages you sent me regarding my comic, I really treasure every single one of them and they’re incredibly motivating T_T

Poly Boys Heacanons #1

Because their parents are kind of shit, Jake, Rich and Michael essentially live at Jeremy’s place. Also Jake doesn’t really have a house anymore.

-Jeremy’s dad is super chill with everything, and catches onto their relationship in two seconds. Jeremy’s like “wHAT? nO they’re jUsT friends!!!” Rich leans over, gives him a kiss on the cheek and says “Hey babe, I’m gonna run out for gum do you want anything?”

-Rich acts really nervous and asks for permission to do almost anything at first, ranging from opening the fridge to stepping into a certain room. Mr. Heere is really confused at first but he’s like “Sure? You can go into the bathroom? Jeremy, is your boyfriend okay?”

-When they first show up, Rich and Jake are really weirded out by Jeremy’s dad but Michael just drops all of his stuff on the floor and asks if they have any brownies right now.

-If someone gets sick there’s movie nights and blanket cuddle piles

-It takes a while for Jake to get used to other people being in the house. Sometimes he forgets that there’s other people that will probably want to eat some of the food in the pantry.

-Rich actually cried when he learned that they had to throw out most of the bakery items Jeremy made because there was too much for them to eat.

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Okay, I'm curious and less nervous to ask you now that I know your not one of the hard core antis (I'm assuming): is there any ship in voltron you DON'T like?

yeah there’s a shir0 ship that makes me mega uncomfortable but i don’t want to share which ship it is because i don’t want anyone who does ship it to feel bad kskdksosos but yeah. there is a ship that i really don’t like but yolo i have friends who ship it i’ll just Not Look At It bc i’m not a person who looks at things that upset them!!!

Okay, so, I really liked the Wanted special for Steven Universe.  Things were really tense, Lars got great character development, and we got to see some new gems that actually have interesting designs (unlike Aquamarine).  But, as it always is with these bombs, we seem to have even more questions than we started with.  

Was Rose Quartz really framed for shattering Pink Diamond?  Did Yellow do it?  If she did, does Blue know she did it?  Where the hell is White Diamond?  Also, Steven now has healing tears like his mom that can bring people to life, and whatever gets brought back to life has the same powers as Lion.  Why does that happen?  Why did Rose decide to do that with Lion?  Can Lars make a portal pop out of his mouth like Lion can?  Are the Crystal Gems going to infiltrate Homeworld through Lars and attack?  Or will the Homeworld Gems try to infiltrate Earth through Lars?

Ugh, so many questions, but I think that’s a good sign.  Season 4 was mostly on the boring side for me most of the time, so I’m glad to finally see some good episodes.  They kept me engaged and interested, and they left me hungry for more.  Of course, who knows when we’ll get new episodes?  But I was hoping that the show would take a new direction and get good again, and it looks like it has.  


DON’T GET A FIDGET SPINNER | Reading Your Comments #103. 

I don’t even know really how to even begin this post in all honesty guys. I am just feeling so many things at once right now and having so many thoughts because of this video and I seriously need to vent right now. Just a warning to you all I’m about to get real and I’m sorry if this post isn’t extremely positive. But like Seán said in this video, it’s okay to not be positive all the time. It just means that you’re human. 

First off I want to say that I’m happy Seán talked about how he’s been feeling since he’s moved. Honestly I’ve seen such a change in him in videos since he moved to Brighton. He just seems so much more energetic, confident, inspired, enthusiastic and happier. It’s like he has this new positive spark and light that’s just radiating off of him and I think his videos have been 10x better because of that. He needed this change and it makes me really happy see him so much more positive. I’m proud of him for making this change! :)
But at the same time… I can’t help but be envious of that. Not gonna sugar-coat it for guys but this another one of Seán’s videos I can add to the list of ones that made me emotionally cry. Which if you know my whole issue with emotional crying you’d understand why that’s such a big deal. I have an an extremely hard time crying emotionally and expressing my negative emotions. The only times I ever can cry is either when I’m extremely stressed out or overwhelmed or if I’m in extreme physical pain. So as you can tell this is a huge deal for me and hits at a very vulnerable part of myself. :/ I mean I barely understand why this video made me cry because I loved this video and had so much fun with it. I loved that it was a mixture of silly and real talk. There was nothing in it to really cry about in it. But as soon Seán talked about how you need to grab life while you can and how you can’t wait around for the goods things to happen. It just connected to all these thoughts and emotions and fears I’ve been having all year. Honestly I could barely screenshot this video because my emotions were just all over the place. The reason why him saying that hit me so hard emotionally is because I’m scared of never being happy with my life. I’m scared of dying and knowing that I’ve never really lived.
I’ve been struggling with severe anxiety since the summer after I graduated high school in 2013 and it’s still a constant struggle everyday and one of the biggest things that holds me back on making big steps in life. I can’t get a job because of it and my brain just freezes and shuts down when I think of the future. Another big thing that holds me back is the environment that I’m in everyday. My family and I have been financially struggling so badly since 2015 and it’s gotten better but all our struggling has made me realize that my family or their negativity is what makes me afraid to try. I’ve grown up in an environment that makes me afraid of the world and makes me feel guilty or like an idiot for feeling certain things and that life is just constantly supposed to suck all the time and you just have to deal with it. Where I’m at in life right now I don’t feel like I’m really living and everyday I wonder when all the struggling will stop and when I can truly follow my heart and intuition without questioning it. I’m so held back and emotionally suffocated in a place that I’m supposed to call home and I feel like I have wear a mask in front of my family and that I can’t fully be myself in front of them which doesn’t help my anxiety at all. I just feel so stuck in a rut most of the time and it’s so incredibly frustrating and makes me feel terrible about myself sometimes. :/ 
The only thing that makes me feel better or happier besides my friends is Seán. In these years that I’ve known him/watched his videos he has taught me so much in such a short amount of time. He’s shown me how important change and positivity is, he’s taught me how important it is to make the most out of what you have, one of his videos got me emotionally cry for first time since I was 12 or 13 years old, he’s help me realize that I love who I am and that I’m not ashamed of myself either, he helped me realize that I just want to be happy in life and he makes me feel like I can do anything that I set my mind to even on the days where I feel so lost and hopeless about my life getting better. In general I look at myself and at life so much differently because of how Seán’s impacted me. I am such an incredibly different person now then I was when I first discovered his videos in 2015. I’ve made so much progress in my life because Seán’s positivity has helped me connect back to myself again and helped me give myself the strength I needed to finally let myself change. All of that has meant so much to me that I could never truly describe how much it does. I’ve learned that life isn’t always just supposed to suck and there’s so much I have yet to see in it and there’s so many things to be happy about. That’s why I make a big deal about appreciating what you do have instead of focusing on what you don’t and to appreciate the little positive things in life.
Like I said in a post I made about Seán a few days ago. Making posts about him and his videos everyday is one thing in my life right now that I can follow my heart and intuition with. I throw all my energy and passion into doing this everyday because it’s one of the biggest things in my life that makes me happy and keeps me productive. Plus I can spread more positivity to people with my posts too. From me following my heart and intuition and making myself happy it’s led me to places I never expected to go and to do things I never expected to do. No matter what your brain or what other people tell you, do what’s right for you and follow your heart and intuition even if you don’t know exactly where it’s going.
The reason this video made me so emotional is because I don’t know if I can grab life right now and make the good things happen for me and I seriously wish that I could. I’m envious that Seán is able to really try new things and discover more about who he is through new experiences and really live and I just don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do that. :/ I’m in desperate need for a change but I don’t know what I need to do that. Not that I’m trying to compare my life to his because our circumstances are extremely different and that’s not fair to myself or for him either to compare our lives. Right now how I make the most out of my life is just getting through the day and focusing on the things that make me happy no matter how small they are. Hopefully one day I can live the life that I truly want for myself. :)
I’m sorry that this post is incredibly long and not the most positive. But this video made me extremely emotional and gave me a lot of thoughts and I just really needed to vent those emotions out.

shitsngiggls  asked:

Your art style is absolutely beautiful, I just wanted to pop in and tell you that! It gives someone such a warm feeling when they look at it, especially with the vibrancy of your colours. I hope you have a great day/night/evening/noon! x.

       You really think so! Oh my, thank you so much!
I love when I get feedback like this—makes me feel like I’m taking a good direction! I’m enjoying the color palettes I’m working with right now! They’re so much fun to play with, I’m glad it catches your fancy too! Come back anytime, okay!? I hope you have a good rest of your week!