and now it is okay but i really like it!

okay but like. remember when someone took red beanies to a book signing and got dan and phil to wear them and the blurry pictures taken from a distance were everywhere because beanies. remember when dan apologised every time his hair was even the slightest bit curly. remember when he’d insist he looked absolutely terrible when a fan told him otherwise. and now dan just casually did a liveshow in a pastel beanie with his hobbit hair. like it’s not the biggest deal but he just looked really soft and comfortable and happy and it makes me feel all warm inside and i’m just really grateful for dan howell

When Credence shifts, when he ducks his head down into the warmth of the scarf to beat the wind, his senses are overcome with the scent of Mr. Graves. It’s so much more than the time he wore Mr. Graves’ coat – now, it is everywhere. It feels very much like he is burying his face in Mr. Graves’ neck and is breathing him in. The scent is comforting, warming, invigorating. Perhaps even more dizzying than the alcohol.

When the wind picks up, howling through the valleys of the skyscrapers, Mr. Graves moves and loops his arm around Credence’s shoulder. His hand is solid and warm, holding Credence tight. Keeping him from blowing away.

autumn dusk at central park ch.2 by @brawlite

watching scenes where a character who is confirmed asexual and aromantic by their creator, is thrown into some really bizarre and out of nowhere pairing, with heavy-handed hetero vibes, over sexual tones and hella ~romantic music~ playing in the background just made me so unbelievably uncomfortable. and the more i think about it, the more uneasy i feel, and i’m just so distressed. leave raphael alone. the world doesn’t need you to erase a character’s aro/ace identity for another hetero ship.

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I love how Kurama is threatening to feed a man his own spleen and, meanwhile, his kids are 100% okay with this. This is a perfectly ordinary thing happening and that's a perfectly appropriate thing to do. Moving along now. XD


What I can’t wait to see is all four of the kids picking up on Kurama’s foul mouth. Cute, sweet little Gaara getting frustrated with something and starting to curse like a sailor. Naruto spitting cheerful curses at people he’s fighting. Fuu spouting off the most colorful combinations when she’s mad. Yugito whipping them out when she’s really unhappy or wants to throw someone off balance. Because, after all, Kurama-nii does it, and Kurama-nii can do no wrong, so this is fine. 

okay so i really should be doing my homework, it’s 1 am, but like i just can’t help but think about prince zuko and this one line from supernatural

like okay, first get your groans out now. yeah, it’s supernatural. that supernatural. okay? okay. now back to the point. basically, there’s this one scene in supernatural where bobby is going through his own mind and he’s forced to confront his abusive father (or rather, the physical manifestation of the memory of him). bobby and him get into a fight, understandably, and his dad more or less yells at him that he was ungrateful and that he hated him for that.

 bobby then just stares at him for a moment and then screams something along the lines of “kids aren’t supposed to be grateful! kids are supposed to eat your food and break your heart, and you’re still supposed to love them anyways!” (which was a very “FUCK YEAH” and powerful moment in the show, imo)

so anyways, if you’ve been following my blog for the past few days you might know that my brother and i have been re-watching avatar: the last airbender. i really missed this show and i seriously forgot how good it was. prince zuko was always my favorite character but now i watch him when i’m the same age as him, i realize just what a jerk he was to uncle iroh. 

zuko yells at his uncle. he insults him often. he dismisses his feelings about certain situations and his fatherly-feelings towards him. he even just up and leaves him at several points. zuko is really a meanie to iroh. but iroh never stops loving him. 

and that’s the thing, i realized, that reminds me of the supernatural quote. all his life, zuko’s father was nothing but abusive to him. he literally burnt half his half and literally scarred him for life when he was fourteen all for a dumb mistake. iroh on the other has every reason to resent zuko, to not act as kind to him as he does. but he loves zuko unconditionally, like any good parent would. 

so, yeah. to me, uncle iroh embodies that quote of “kids are supposed to break your heart, but you’re still supposed to love them”. he recognizes zuko is kid, he recognizes that not everything he does is because he “hates” him, he recognizes a lot of his actions are coming from a deep underlying feeling of perpetual hurt, he sees zuko for who he really is and not just the angry mask he puts up, but most of all he loves zuko for who he is regardless of anything. and i think that’s how all parents should be.

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I REALLY like imagining Anxiety just walking around with fake gauges one day and everyone just goes wHAT and Anx is just like 'you guys okay?' and Princey gets rly confused as to why everyone's reacting all strange and he notices and just Melts Then cut to Prince parading around in a pink bejeweled tiara that Anxiety invested in.

One: I love gauges, and the idea of Anxiety with them is making Me melt

Two: Prince would wear that tiara to the point Anxiety is begging him to take it off

“Prince please, it’s the grocery store”

“It’s Walmart”

“People are staring!”

“Good, I look fantastic”

Okay, I really really need Anxiety with gauges now. Like, badly

i’m getting the keys to my apartment tomorrow?? i’m actually moving out to live on my own?? it’s still february and i’m already achieving one of my main goals for 2017?? i cannot believe, who is this, it can’t be me??

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Okay so I'm sorry if this is an incoherent mess but somebody just asked Mark Kolpak on Twitter if there would be any Fitzsimmons feels in tonight's episode and he said it would "rock big time"... ROCK. BIG. TIME. PROPOSAL MAYBE???!?!?!?

Hi Anon!  

Yes I saw the TWEET too!  Me and my expectations are having a very serious discussion right now because I read rock and my brain immediately went too.

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BUT…he likely doesn’t think like we do, especially in shipper terms.  

I do think we get something BIG for Fitzsimmons tonight.  We are going to have them working together, fighting together, protecting each other, killing us with feel, sciencing together, and helping to save the day.   Items all on my list to watch for tonight.

  • Deciding to move to the Love Nest once this is all over
  • Taking that postponed trip to the Seychelles when this is all over
  • Maybe we should take a step back from Shield  when this is all over
  • Fighting like hell to not be ripped apart again
  • One heck of a heartleft talk/moment

With the dream option of

  • Marry Me

And the I had a crazy dream last night option

  • Baby Bomb

And we still have things like what the cliffhanger will be looming.  

Just a few more hours guys!

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Bonus Kiddo Reaction (she is one of us and was reading my phone as I got her ready):

MOM!   Rock is another word for engagement ring!!!   Are Fitzsimmons getting engaged!  Oh I hope so!  No matter what Fitzsimmons is going to be awesome….Her Fitz had better not be kidnapped after something like that…they wouldn’t do that do us right mommy?  Right?  

The slogan of ‘rivals become teammates’ is very fitting, because I think we actually would like to play together more often, like teammates but we just can’t. Tennis is a sport where you always face off except for doubles. So to be on the same team, with someone like Rafa and Tomas is really exciting. And we saw already in that final at the Australian Open, you win, okay, some lose. But at the end of the day it’s still celebration of tennis. It’s part of the business one has to win, one has to lose, but you somewhat wish it wasn’t so, somewhat wish that both could win. Now for the Laver Cup we can actually team up together, so I’ll be supporting his[Rafa’s] wicked forehand.
—  Roger Federer X

Hey, all. You all *maybe* have noticed or will notice that I am deleting many of my posts.

I am applying to a position at college and I was worried about how literally easy it is to find my Tumblr through google. When I started becoming worried about people seeing my angsty, annoying posts, I started realizing that I am bothered by that thought because I, too, do not like looking back on those things.

In the future, I really hope to have a presence online that isn’t argumentative, dramatic, or angsty. While some people like having a place on Tumblr to let out their feelings, and that is completely okay, I believe the way I have done it hasn’t been helpful for me or others.

I am still 100% open to talk about mental illness, etc. but I want to be more constructive rather than rant-y.

In addition, I have been really questioning and doubting where my blog is now and where it’s going. I feel like I go on Tumblr a lot to waste time, but when it comes to MBTI or anything, I am very much drifting away from its theories. That is why I haven’t made any posts on it in a long time. I don’t feel very strongly about it anymore.

Possibly in the future I’ll do what I do now - reblog some pretty pictures and say something now and then.

But yes, I am doing a major blog clean-out. I want to live my life differently now, and I am ashamed of some things I have posted and done on this website.

Peace out, y’all.

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Okay! Now that I know that the inbox is open, may I request headcanons for Kakyoin with a shy and socially anxious s/o? Maybe one with an equally as shy but slightly more curious stand, one that really likes to play with Hierophant Green when they're both out? (sorry if this is super specific! ily and your writing so much! (/)///v//(\))

I’m embarrassed bc your blog is one of the ones that convinced me to start this one and I’m really flustered rn

I hope these turned out alright! I don’t have any personal experience with anxiety of any kind, but I am pretty painfully shy, so I tried to base it on a bit of what I’ve struggled with ;w;

  • Even before the two of them started dating, Kakyoin was very aware of how badly they handled crowds or having to speak to people. So when they actually do begin dating, he makes a point of being very gentle, and always available and prepared if they need him.
  • He’d want to begin trying to help them out somehow, but he’s not actually sure how to go about it. He’d spend a lot of time doing research on anxiety disorders and the like, and he’d make sure to check in with them to figure out how they specifically work. Everyone is different, after all, and books can only tell you so much.
  • If it was what his s/o needed, he’d be perfectly willing to keep dates to the confines of the living room, or someplace quiet like a library. He’s also very flexible, so if they needed to cancel plans suddenly, he’s completely fine with that. If they went out to dinner and his s/o couldn’t order, he’d do if for them. If they’re too embarrassed to hang out with his friends, he’ll lead them away on a quiet walk somewhere else. He wants them to be comfortable and know that he’s always there for them. He’d also work on developing mental scripts for situations they’d have to repeatedly go through, for times when he’s not there to help.
  • If they’re having a rough day and need to be left alone, he’d be less willing to leave completely; he would probably take to entertaining their Stand in the next room over, and try to keep it happy. If he can cheer the Stand up, his s/o will probably feel a little bit better too; and don’t think he didn’t notice them shiver when he accidentally touched their Stand. He may have fun with this.
  • He would eventually want to sit down and talk through things. He does understand what they’re going through, but he wants them to begin working on taking small steps and building up courage to get things done. He makes a point to tell them that if they say they can’t handle something, he won’t make them do it. But he wants to at least help them begin experimenting with the world around them and enlarge their comfort zone, because he doesn’t believe anyone can live life in a corner, no matter what they’re experiencing.

“And,” Samantha continues with a sigh, “I would really like to know for sure so I don’t do anything wrong that could possibly hurt the baby.” 

Dr. Anderson nods as she writes down a few more notes. “Okay. When do you think the baby was conceived? Do you have any idea or are you not able to tell?” At the way Samantha’s face goes red at the question, Dr. Anderson rolls her eyes with an easy smile on her face. “Now now, Samantha. There’s no need to be embarrassed. We’ve known each other far too long for that, yes?”

Okay I honestly loved the new episode (and no, I really don’t think Raphael is being portrayed as a villain - I read your freak-outs about this - my precious boy is perfect and will go to Magnus with this, just you wait!) but I would really like an apology from Maryse to Magnus. Seriously. I’m not kidding, that man does so much for EVERYONE and he deserves a damn apology when he’s being treated like shit.

In other news, Malec is totally married, its canon now!

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Hey junk! If you have the time to answer at my question, please... Okay, so I'm really inspired and curious about Dr G and I would like to write a little thing on him. What's his history? or maybe some elements! Thx!

His story is unfolding here:

I purposely make it very scarce because it’s connected to @stone-faced-asshole ‘s unfolding story, even if they’re not 100% involved. it’ll be a spoiler if I tell now, so maybe someday? 

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I accidentally let slip to the guy I like that I like him and got rejected (which I knew would always happen and thats why I never told him) because he thinks long distance relationships are stupid and not worth it and I feel more hurt by the idea that im not a person worth being with and I hate he made me feel that way and Im honestly just feeling really numb right now and just needed a place to vent im sorry

hey it’s okay!! rejection hurts no matter what the reason is. feel the way that you need to, eat something sweet, watch your favorite tv show. long distance just really isn’t for some people! it doesn’t mean you weren’t worth it. people have different needs, and it’s probably for the best that he knows he couldn’t handle long distance. im sorry this all happened though :{


Yo its okay to like both, story of my life.
Obv i sorta shipped bellarke first then i really liked clexa now i ship bellarke but still like clexa IM BOTH OKAY YOU CAN’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

I REALLY LIKE BOTH I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY I WANT MY CHARACTERS TO BE HAPPY!! And yes i do ship bellarke right now BECAUSE IT’S GONNA MAKE THE CHARACTERS HAPPY THAT’S ALL I CARE ABOUT! IF THE WORLD IS ENDING LET CLARKE BE WITH SOMEONE SHE CARES ABOUT AND LOVES PLEASE. THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT TO BE BI, THIS IS BI REP GUYS, SHE LOVES BOTH, AND SO DO I, So can we stop the fighting? Yes we all know it was wrong to kill lexa off that quick and that suddenly and that cheaply it was awful and i do not support that death at all, but the one thing this show does get right is its BI rep okay? It’s real, clexa was real and so is bellarke. They are both as valid as each other and the bellarkes need stop trying to erase clexas relationship and the clexas stop trying to erase bellarkes relationship because CLARKE IS BI. Not straight, not a lesbian, BI! And neither the clexa fandom or bellarke fandom can take away that fact, thats my representation okay?.Also its the representation for millions of other people in the world so i suggest you stop.
Okay but....

× Why does SunWoo(Dog Bird, however you like) keep fainting?
× Does he really have no name at all?
× What happened with other characters? (BanRyu and SooHo for example)
× What happened to Park YoungShil?
× Are you just gonna put DanSae to be a Hwarang instead of HanSung just like that without saying anything (if i didn’t see his clothes, i wouldn’t even know)
× What’s with the queen? It all happened as if this was a small thing, what about the funeral?
× And the Princess, is she happy now?
× I kinda feel like there were

holes in the story
Are you just gonna leave us like this without anwsers?
Seriously now

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In the sneak peek with Kane and Octavia, Kane looked so sexy?! Like don't get me wrong he's a gorgeous man, but his voice, and his authoritative manner made so hot. Holy shit... i don't think i've ever been more attracted to him.

DUDE IKR? Like, I wasn’t super into authoritarian Kane in s1 but now that he’s got the beard and the hair and the, I don’t even know what the word I’m looking for here is, it’s….it’s something. I really wasn’t looking to fall into the Dom!Kane garbage pit here bc tbh it was not remotely how I thought about Kane and yet here I am.

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Hello. I hope this is not a rude question to ask. What is your pronouns? I just want to know how to properly address you while talking. I hope you'll get better soon! Keep on being a fighter. Cheers!

Not rude at all, anon!

I haven’t really decided on ‘official’ pronouns yet or anything, though right now I prefer they/them, and cringe a bit when I hear she/her (but I’m still at a point where I’ll accidentally mis-pronoun myself, so I’m definitely not at a point where I’m like…asking people for something different - though I suspect that will change in the next year or two; er basically if people are still using she/her, that’s okay, just don’t expect it to be that way for the rest of my life lol).

I haven’t identified as a woman for quite some time though. I keep having to list myself as ‘F’ on all the health forms at the moment and it’s like ‘ugh, no, that’s not right.’ But ah well. <3

And thanks so much anon, I will definitely keep being a fighter! Sometimes that’s all I know how to do. :) I hope you’re taking care!