and now im sobbing uncontrollably

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so it's pretty much canon that michael started to work for poseidon to exonerate sara right? i mean she escaped prison and unlike the squad she was not found innocent which is why i wholeheartedly believe michael knew from the get go he needed to 'die' so she and his son could be free and unafraid to go back to the states

omfggg i didn’t think any of this through but it all makes sense and now IM SOBBING UNCONTROLLABLY BECAUSE EVERYTHING HE’S DONE HAS BEEN FOR HIS FAMILY

im sobbing uncontrollably right now and i mean like full on legit ugly gasping sobbing and i could say that it’s because of some deep meaning but actually it’s just because of the ending of big fish. a movie i have already seen before a couple of times and have never really cried at that much. and yet this time i just ugly cried more than i have at any other movie in my entire life. it hit me way harder than i expected god damn.