and now im gonna make you all cry

So i decided to cosplay Sniper!Lance instead of generic 100% cannon Lance since I’m…really weak for the sniper lance thing. So I decided to design the gun! I’m probably gonna stick with this design unless you guys have feedback ;v; (which i would love to hear omg…..)  
I probably won’t be making this until the end of october tbh. 


In 30-ish seconds see:

1. someone say we need a lucio because mercy’s healing is too slow to even matter. (HA HA HA HA HA–)

2. a reinhardt imply that his stupid ass play style that gets him shredded every 15 seconds is the healers’ fault somehow???

3. an attack bastion cry at me for healing a ¼th health reinhardt because, surprise, he doesn’t heal all his own health even if his shield is up (and if you’re bitter you died…try not positioning yourself like an idiot and out of line of sight). apparently it was ok for Zen to heal the Rein, just not me.

from now on im saving these dumb clips and im gonna make a compilation of all the stupid shit people say to me.

baby daddy! taehyung

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  •  okay so like i was gonna work on my prince!taehyung oneshot but i kept thinking about tae being a dad and i just got so emo and here are my ramblings
  • let me just start off saying that tae would be like the best husband in the entire world like he’d love and care for you with his entire being 
  • he’d spoon hug you at night time and hold your hand  and whisper how much he loves you in that deep voice by your ear until u fall into a deep sleep while being caressed in his arms 
  • hes like that kind of guy who would just love to wake you up in the moring tho 
  • and your like 
  • tae
  • no 
  • its like 7:30 wyd 
  • and he’s just like the sunshine himself like he shines so bright in the morning and literally he wants to get up early bc he wants to cherish every moment of you being beside him 
  • jfdklsfjlksdfjls and like!!!!! you’d complain bc like…..ur not the moring type yah know sleep is gr8 and he’d ultimately win bc he has this puppy face and would take ur hands and play with them and swing them to wake you up 
  • he’s basically a grown child 
  • okAY and so like why do i not see him being the type to romanticize the whole doing the ‘boom-boom’ 
  • i feel like he’d be the type to just like rush into it like ‘bAbE I WANT kIDS liKE ASAP’ 
  • but then again he wouldn’t rush you or pressure you or anything he’d wait for you 
  • and like one night you did it ok you did the boom-boom alright and like it was great obvs 
  • ill let u be dirty by yourselves im not going to go into that rn this is a fluff post 
  • quench ur thirst elsewhere 
  • anywhoo a few weeks pass and like you are getting that morning sickness yeah? I mean i never been preggers but im going off basic knowledge?? 
  • so okay like you wake up in the middle of the night like 3 in the morning and like tae wakes up of course and you are like in the bathroom spilling your guts out and at first ur like super confused and tae is worried as hell
  • but then his eyes just light up out of no where and ur like ??? 
  • “ARE YOU PREGNANT”??? like the question just busts out of him like a popped balloon ok he’s like half excited and half anxious and worried for you and he starts pacing the bathroom 
  • and ur like babe??? calm down idk if im pregnant ok i might just be sick?? 
  • and he looks at you and gets on his knees alright and looks you in the eyes and he just like “im going to walmart” and ur like 
  • wAIT 
  • that boy is already out the door with his pajamas still on ok like he gives zero fucks like he needs to know noW 
  • he slams that pregnancy test on the conveyor belt and he’s legit jumping up and down bc he wants to get back to his wiFE 
  • and the cashier lady is tired asf and like “whats dis mofo doing here kjdsklgjls” and then she smiles and says “good luck~” 
  • sO tae gets back home ok and he hands u the thing and ur like alright alrigHT 
  • and that boy will not leave ur side ok u better know it and ur like tae??? ummmmm can i please pee on this thing in peace thx 
  • and hes like oh shit sorry 
  • so u pee on the stick and guess whattttt 
  • ur preggers 
  • u kinda just exit the bathroom with a sly smile on your face
  • and tae has bulging eyes waiting for a response 
  • “im pregnant” 
  • you better bet your sweet little ass he’s gonna be all over you he’s gonna be swinging u around and kissing your face and crying 
  • and seeing him crying makes u cry and next thing you know the next morning your letting the fam know
  • everyone is just like congrats!!!!!
  • and now comes the nine months where tae is legit your body gaurd like he is so protective 
  • he was protective to begin with but now its like he took some super dad power pills and he is always attached to u like everywhere you look tae is there like a leech attached to your back 
  • hed be feeding you breakfast every morning and go throughout your day eating healthy meals 
  • gotta make sure that baby is nourished!!!!!!
  • im crying ok omg breAK 
  • back ok liSTEN 
  • you would get that baby bump and he’d rub your belly all the time and he’d jump out of his skin when the baby moves or kicks and he’s just “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
  • and your lauging and he wants to cry again bc he is so in awe like ?? thats his baby moving around in there 
  • and he’d want to sing to the baby all the time like 
  • youd be lying in bed and hed start singing little nursery rhymes and your heart just swells and the baby can detect that sort of thing??? and it starts to move around around and you tell tae that the baby likes his singing and that makes him do it even more often
  • also not to mention being pregnant is effing painful so he’d always be there to rub your aching back and give you butterfly kisses all the time to ease your pain
  • okay and then you go and u find out the sex of your baby and like you think its gonna be a boy but tae thinks its gonna be a girl idk why i just feel like tae would want a girl 
  • so u go and you find out that it’s a girl!!!!!!!!! and tae won’t leave u alone abt how he was right 
  • and u decide on a name and no doubt its cute ofc 
  • okay so your whole pregnancy goes like this and so then 
  • ur water breaks 
  • oh shit amiright 
  • tae freaks the fuck out but like not as much as you were 
  • like your in pain and hoLY FuCK they baby iS coMING nOW 
  • and yout screaming and tae is trying to be calm but he’s runnning around and trying to get you into the car and he’s freaking out while driving like 
  • he’s like speeding down the highway to get to the hospital ok 
  • this boy has got zero chill 
  • he half carries you into the hospital and everything happens to fast
  • hes sitting beside you holding your hand tight as your screaming your lungs out giving birth 
  • and tae is half-way feeling guilty that you’re going through this pain 
  • but fAST foRWARD and your healthy baby girl is born!!!! 
  • and like at first tae was about to bounce on the doctors like he wants his kid now but they had to go clean her up 
  • and when they finish tae holds her little body in his arms and he’s crying 
  • “look at her” 
  • “she’s so beautiful” 
  • “it’s my baby” 
  • he looks at you then with tears gleaming in his eyes 
  • and he brings her over to you and your holding her and you can’t believe you did it 
  • as ur baby girl grows up like tae is such a protective father 
  • he’d proababy want to cry if she ever got hurt 
  • and you notice that as she grew that she had tae’s sparking eyes and gleaming box smile that you always adored you 
  • she had your cute nose 
  • and face shape 
  • Tae would try so hard to make her look so cute like braid her hair and pick out cute clothes and you’d just smile and let him be 
  • him being happy with your child was enough to make your insides melt 
  • he’d be that dad who’d volunteer to change the diapers and get up in the morning and your just like babe!!! i got it its fine!!!! im ok i can do it!!!! 
  • and after seeing you go through that pain for 9 months he wants to repay you back and in turn he also gets to spend time with his kid and he is happy doing it 
  • youd both play with that baby all the time and be all over the floor with that baby ok and the squeal of joy that erupts from that childs mouth is what fuels tae and you to keep living in this beautiful world
  • when it comes time for her to go to school hed be so scared like hes letting his baby girl go off alone??? nO 
  • and ur like tae its alright babe its ok its good for her and he gets that but still??? 
  • also your daughter would have that same laugh that tae does and every time she does it your stomach gets butterflies 
  • and whenever she cried tae would be like the first one at the scene 
  • and whenever she had her temper tantrums he’d be the one to baby her 
  • and your like tae we cant do that we gotta have disipline 
  • and hes not having it
  • that baby is gonna be so spoiled rotten omg 
  • lord help us all 
  • but the thing is that baby will have the best parents in the entire universe like nothing can change that fact at all 
  • that baby is gonna grow up living a happiness filled life ok 
  • i really hope ya’ll enjoyed it!!!! 


Hello, I’m Juliette and this is a commando mom dubbed Commander from NieR: Automata, right now I don’t have the energy to make a promo and honestly I just want to get to writing. If you’re into tol android ladies that do questionable things to further the cause of humanity, and is canon divergent to an extent, give this a like and / or reblog! I’ll come check you out if you’re too shy to follow first. Thank’s again! 


ur sign when someone picks rainbow road

Aries: [throwing shit] PREPARE TO GET FUCKED, NERDS

Taurus: ugh, not fair why cant i pick this time.

Gemini: im totally gonna win! [internally screaming]


Leo: [starting game] damn guys im gonna lose [wins game] lmao u thought

Virgo: [is the asshole that picks rainbow road]

Libra: theres a 50/50 chance i’ll win, and a 50/50 chance i’ll punch you all in the mouth

Scorpio: [throwing red shells and making everyone cry]

Sagittarius: hahaha y’all better pray for god to save you now.

Capricorn: [yelling at everyone, probably ends up looking at the wrong screen the entire game]

Aquarius: [no one in the room is their friend now. kill or be killed]

Pisces: loving this soundtrack doe. wait did someone just hit me with a shell wtf

i don’t get the logic behind the whole “if we’re not allowed to make offensive jokes, soon we can’t make fun of anything!” like
why’s it so hard for you to respect others lol

Slow Down Time. {Chris Evans x Reader}

~based off of the song: Slow Down Time By Us The Duo~

Chris Evans x Reader
Request by Anon: “Could you please write an imagine based of the song Slow Down Time by Us the dou where the reader is Robert Downey Jrs daughter but her mom left after the reader was born and she’s apart of the avengers cast and doing an interview on jimmy kimmle and talks about life. Sorry I’m so demanding but if you like this idea please do it!! Thank you! Your writing is amazing btw!“

A/n: Sorry that it sucks. Please request!!! Thank you and enjoy.- Maybie xx

Genre: Friendship
Rated: Everyone
Warning: nothing really but there’s talk of absent Mother(?)

Author: Mavelthegotodrug

You were on the Jimmy Fallen show with your best friends Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie, your fiance Chris Evans and your new friend Paul Rudd. Jimmy asked the entire team trivia question about each other, then about the movie in general, and finally into how everyone’s life is changed because they said yes to their roll in the Marvel universe. 

“So y/n, life must have been crazy for you basically since you were born! If i may ask hows life like with Robert Downey Jr. as your dad?” jimmy laughed

“Yeah, it really was actually. My dad just started his career when my birth mom told him about me. He has always said im his greatest accomplishment simply because i stood by him and didn’t grow up angry and upset with all the stupid shi- i mean crap he did when he was the stupid young single father who’s an actor” you laughed “My dad was a very good father and still is. Granted he is very protective now maybe even more now then when i was 15 but he had his good and bad days”

“You’re gonna make me cry” Mack-attack said holding his heart, everyone laughed and you rolled you eyes shooing him with your hand.

"our life wasn’t always quite like this.” you said to Jimmy. he nodded and motioned you to keep talking as he laid his head on his fist leaving you laughing and trying to think of some good words

"Well to be honest we would kick back and relax basically just hang out and we all thought if was pure bliss, and then all of the sudden things changed and we all got a call from marvel the same day. None of us really knew who elts was asked to join the crew but the way things change is insane, you know?”

“oh totally!” he agreed along with all the boy.

"every moment goes by like lightning. one day Chris and I just could wake up, make food, hold hands, and sleep” you laughed a little along with everyone elts. “The next day we had interviews after interviews and award shows, movie casting, and so much more. which we all know of weird and anxious we all get when we are thrown into an insane amount of crazy” you laughed.

“Trust me i know” Chris said and everyone agreed

“It must a lot for you all mostly you, Y/N, you were a singer/dancer before all this right?” Jimmy asked holding up a picture of you rapping with your group in a skin tight black mesh and leather body suit and short shorts. The crowed whistled and you laughed so hard along with Jimmy, Anthony, Sebastian, and Paul. Chris was blushing but you knew he didnt like it when people payed attention to your body and not your talent so you held his hand.

"That picture was taken on such a hiep day. But honestly all the concerts, dance rehearsals, modeling gigs, and videos is crazy! Along with all the crazy movie stuff, ugh im always so tiered but i cant complain that much since it keeps me looking cute, and my ass great!” Everyone whistled and laughed, one fan yelled “amen” and Chris laughed so hard he did the infamous left boob grab to you which everyone laughed even harder at your face. 

"We all know this guy love her ass though. Aint that right?” Seb hit Chris’ chest from behind him and laughed. Again everyone was dying laughing, you were in tears along with jimmy.

"Its true” Chris said still holding your boob and laughing.

"This is fantastic!” Jimmy yelled whipping his eyes “After the break Team Cap and I are going head to head in one hell of an epic dance lipsinc battle.”

“Ahh you know it!” you yelled jumping up and right before the camera cut off for commercial you pointed at jimmy and said “you’re going down!”

i learned yesterday that part 4 is sometimes called the “hamburger patty” part because of josuke’s hair and i’m gonna be honest with y’all. i cried about that

questions/thoughts i have going into reunion tour pt 1:

  • so i know that lup exists but like
  • why did taako forget her?????
  • are they all the birds from maureen’s prophecy??
  • did each of the 7 (who i am assuming are tres horny bois, lup, barry, and….um…idk. all i can rlly think of is davenport as the wordless one and if thats true im gonna cry thats hilarious but it’s prob johann or the voidfish?? idk) make an artifact???
  • pls can the director not be evil and secretly hoarding the relics for her own use thank you
  • are my bois litches??????
  • is kraavitz okay?????????
  • is magnus just like. a mannequin forever now? bc what the aCTUAL FUCK GRIFFIN
  • barry fuckin bluejeans i cannot believe
  • i need a happy ending for my kids and for all the shit these artifacts caused to be magically fixed (#savehurleyandsloane)
  • ….did johann know?????????
  • why was pringles really locked up????? where was he??? 

in conclusion what the actual fuck griffin you beautiful genius

Things the signs have said to me
  • Aries: "I feel more in shape than the other girls"
  • Taurus: "is it too early to wear a hoody to show people I don't care"
  • Gemini: "I just finished cleaning out my photo album. It's such a pain to do so I screenshot so much pointless shit"
  • Cancer: "You are goals like I'm so inspired by you tbh"
  • Leo: "like ok if u gonna call me a slut at least make it creative.. a majestic slut"
  • Virgo: "i am so happy because the problem i was worrying about just got solved"
  • Libra: "I hate it when shit happens in my real life uuuggghhhh"
  • Scorpio: "Bitch me too the fuck"
  • Sagittarius: "Lmfao I was so bored once that I went onto"
  • Capricorn: "i would have a girlfriend but im really into this game right now'
  • Aquarius: "i start school in a week and i'm still not enrolled"
  • Pisces: "you don't want to cry or sweat it all off"

I really hope that when My Chemical Romance come back it’ll be something like this:

*A Gerard Way Show hopefully in a festival or something televisated*

It’s the end of the show, so Gee sings the last song and at the end the lights start going down until’ he’s the only one that can be seen, in the middle of the scenario. The battery kepps on playing after the song but it has changed its rhythm to something like “tu-tu-tsum” repeating again and again.

So Gerard gets closer to the microphone and says:

—We’re gonna make this show a little bit longer, I hope you’re all okay with it. And if someone doesn’t like it, well, you’re fucked up cause I have a surprise for you.

The battery keeps on playing the “tu-tu-tsum”, Gerard smiles in a weird way, then he takes the microphone pole and says:

—Well, are you ready, Ray? —and then looks at his right.

Inmediatly the whole crowd cheers and screams and a light shows a point where Ray is with a huge smile and he says “Yeah…” in his mic.

Gee takes the mic out of the pole and walks to his left, a light following him.

—How about you, Frank?—he says as another light shows Frank looking Gee directly into his eyes.

—Oh, I’m there, baby —says Frank within the crowd.

By this time there is already some people who is freaking their shit out and others that has passed out. Gerard comes back to his initial place and says:

—How about you, Mikey?

Mikey appears under a new light, next to him, and Gee moves his mic to let Mikey say:

—Fucking ready.

By now a whole lot of people more knows this because some intenet periodists has already posted and killjoys all aroung the world are screaming. And the crowd is roaring.

—Well, I think I’m alright —says Gerard before changing the angelical look in his face to scream at the mic “1,2,3,4!”

All the lights go on.

The guys rock out the intro and some people is crying.

—3, 2, 1, we came to fuck… —starts Gerard.

And everybody everywhere is smiling and even if you’re not there you scream so loud when you know and you hear some other screams in houses near to you and you know you’re not the only killjoy around and everybody is so happy hugging their family and pets or whoever you have next to you and jumping around and the killjoys’ world is happier than never and everybody everywhere is super excited.

And the guys, all of them can’t help to smile in the whole song.

At the end, Gee screams something like:

—We’re back, killjoys. Make some fucking noiseeee!

And then they leave the stage between all the screaming and people is so happy and some of the ones that passed out are waking and realizing it was real, and some others are asking everybody if it was not a dream and we’ll be all so happy, guys, I’m sorry, I’m almost crying now, but even if the moment is not like this, it’s gonna be awesome, you know.

anonymous asked:

Oh no i wanted romance in the vampire novel:( now im sad and now im gonna cry :"(Also can i ask you to make the main character strong what i mean by that is that like she can protect herself also like i would want her to be mysterious bc never seen a main character be like that like she doesnt talk much and can have a strong personality...i dont know if you get me but i would live that it would be kinda different than what female characters are like :) thank you for your time <3

Ok, I get a lot of these questions and I’m answering all of them in this ask right now. So, none if it is personal. But please do read it.

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Imangine something bad or sad happening to Ross and he can't handle it and runs out of the room. Barry goes after him, and after a long search, he finds the angel huddled in a corner. He kneels down and guides Ross's face to look at him, jumping a little to see its in its one eye mode. Barry asks what he's doing, and Ross is hesitant, but finally says "I-I c-can't cry when I o-only have one eye..." Barry pulls him in to a large bear hug, and after a while, feels tears on his shirt...

OKAY I sooooo want this to be a reaction to the whole ‘im gonna outlive everyone of you’ type of scenario that moss and I made up ahh WARNING THIS IS A LONG FUCKIN POST OKAY I GOT CARRIED AWAY ITS LIKE A GODDAMN SHORT STORY AT THIS POINT AAAAAAAAAA

Like, he goes to find him and when he does hes curled up on the couch in the grump room, his wings almost completely engulfing him. The room is dark save for the tv giving off a faint bluish glow, probably from Arin or Danny leaving the game on for too long. He goes around and sits down across from Ross, waiting for him to open up about whatevers been bothering him if he decides to start talking. Its a long, heavy silence before Ross starts to speak up; he peeks out from behind his crossed arms, curling his feathers back a little so he sounds a bit more clearer.

He tries to explain these complicated feelings and circumstances; how hes been alive for soooo long and hes seen so many humans living their lives, how everyone hes met has died but its always been a sort of calming farewell and he just moves on with life. In comparison to his lifetime, they take up what feels like only minutes of his life and usually the people who die are replaced relatively easily. Barry scoffs and Ross automatically tries to take that back: “Its not that they werent important to me! its just, getting caught up with the realization that theyre gone is too much effort, its easier to just make more happy memories instead of dwelling on stuff like that…”

Barry kinda just stares at the TV for awhile before talking. “Then why are you so beat up over this?” Ross looks at him weirdly and Barry feels like he has to elaborate. “Like, this has happened to you tons of times right, friends dying I mean, and everytime it happens you give yourself a healthy amount of time to mourn and move on with you life.” He turns to look at Ross and hes got this broken look on his face like hes about to start crying at any given moment and Barry almost feels guilty for talking, but hes not finished yet: hes genuinely confused and he wants an answer. “I dont understand… if this is routine for you, why are you breaking down now? Im not trying to sound spiteful im just curious; what makes this generation of friends so much more different than the others? You can easily make new ones right after us, we arent that special” and Barry laughs bc its true and hes just trying to lighten up the tension a little. But without warning Ross whips his wings behind him and shouts:

No! Thats the problem you guys ARE special to me!! You guys mean EVERYTHING TO ME and Ive never felt so helpless before. I care about all of you so much and its frightening how much ive grown attached..i-ive always had dreams about burying my friends decades before they actually die but its always been reassuring like im gonna remember these people and im gonna be the one to make sure they rest easy but now ive been having those dreams with you guys! And everytime i have them, im crying in hysterics and i feel so fucking hopeless and uneasy in these…nightmares and I dont know what to do..” Ross’ face is flushed and Barry can tell hes desperately trying to hold back tears:

“I-I dont know what im gonna do with myself when you guys pass… you guys are so important to me i-ive never had this issue before and I t-talked to brian about this and hes having the same problem!! I DONT UNDERSTAND i dont know what to do and I have no one to talk to for advice and the more I think about it the more stressed I become a-and I know im just rambling at this point but Im so scared and I have these feelings and im just so unclear about what they are: oh god if I lose you guys, if I lose YOU i-im…im really scared Barry…” and before he starts crying he puts his face in his hands and starts breathing heavily, wings shaking feverishly. Barry wants so bad to just give him a solid answer, to tell him that he’ll be fine and he’ll get over them eventually dont worry! But Ross is in the middle of a breakdown and hes got all these feelings bubbling to the surface now and all he can do just kinda sit there awkwardly..

Holy shit, Ross dont cry ahh oh no…fuck…“ He gently tries to pry open his hands only to be taken aback by Ross staring at him with his one eyed form. “What the fuck! You cant just throw that at me, shit! W-why are you like that??” When Ross talks, its a weird type of mix between his own voice and autotune: its sounds like.. hes thinking of Ross talking to him instead of actually hearing him and it throws Barry for a loop: “When im like this…  I cant cry… that way I wont worry you too much…” and Barry just stares bc the dude is in the middle of a crisis and the first thing he does is try his best to make him a bit more comfortable and at this point hes like, i fucked up somehow and ive got to make this right… making sure this is the right thing to do, he transforms into his bear form, something that Ross rarely gets to witness and slowly opens his arms into an inviting hug: “Im gonna do that thing Arin does whenever were upset… is it okay for me to do that for you?” and when Ross meekly nods his head, Barry carefully scoops him up in a hug, gently petting his head.

He kinda feels like this isnt working as well as it should until he can feel a sort of dampness on his shirt and when he realizes its Ross crying, he clings a little harder and starts rocking him a little trying to encourage him to let it out “Keeping it all in never works okay? At least thats what Arin always says…You gotta try to tell us when shit like this is eating you alive and keeping you up at night…” He pulls back a little so that he can look Ross in the eye. Hes staring up at him wide eyes, his face red with exhaustion and cheeks damp with tears. “Ross, you have to promise me that you come talk to me if you feel like this again okay? Nobody wins if you keep it all inside okay… you gotta promise me” Ross is still staring doe-eyed at him before slowly nodding his head… Barry smiles and slowly gets up, leaving Ross on the couch. “Stay here, ill be back. I just need to get you some water and blankets: well just camp out on the couch for tonight how does that sound?” Ross looks up at him and nods, not trusting himself enough to speak and Barry, satisfied with the answer goes down the hall.

I…HAVE NO EXCUSE… I RAMBLED ON FOR FAR TOO LONG this was in my head for soooooo long and once I saw the ask, I had to take the opportunity to write a goddamn novel haha I WANTED TO ALSO CLARIFY that Ross talks telepathically when he does that weird one eye thing… ive been meaning to say something about that for ages so i just decided to add that in… IM SORRY FOR THE LONG POST AAAA

The Cure


i stood in the dark and dust of this place everywhere was empty as i walk to what used to be a park the only light the small smashed up street lamps that have been wrecked by cranks long past insanity as i walk thought the area trying to keep the few days i have of sanity as i walk down a small path i stop suddenly as i see y/n sat on a bench crying her eyes out a thousand more peaceful memory’s flood back to me ive known y/n all my life, all the time in the glade all the time in the scorch and now this, the two of us the only non-immune of group A we both ran off from our friends to live here in the crank city both of us still only just experiencing sanity i walk to her and sit beside her on the bench and she stops crying “hi love” i say sadly 

“hi newt” she says still wiping the tears from her eyes “what are you doing here” she asks

“just looking around i like going for a walk every night i don’t know if im gunna have my sanity when i walk up any more” i reply

“oh” she says 

“why where you crying” i ask her

“i don’t want to die, i don’t want to lose who i am” she says

i want to tell her like a always would that its all going to be okay and she’s gonna live but im not sure i can bring myself to lie to her now

“i know, i know how you feel” i say pulling her into a hug 

“we don’t have any hope now do we” she asks starting to cry again

“what makes you say that” i ask holding back tears too

“you always said it was going to be okay always, now you don’t our hope is gone, we are doomed” she says 

“i know love, we may as well except it”i tell her as we start to cry again 

“but there are so many things i haven’t done i don’t want to die yet” she says

“like what” i ask pulling away from our hug a bit 

“its silly” she giggles a bit

“no come on tell me” i reply 

“like see the world, the real world, see the glade again , punch  rat man in the face” she explains giggling a bit 

“i would also like to do that last one, oh rat-man he who have dammed us” i say

“no wicked dammed us, from day one they dammed us dammed us all” she sighs 

“true” i sigh

“what’s on your before you go insane list newt” she asks

“well much of the same really but i always sort of wanted… no its stupid” i say


“well much of the same really but i always sort of wanted… no its stupid” he says

“nothings stupid newt tell me” i say

“i always sort of wanted to kiss a girl before i died” he says sadly 

“well why not, im sure your a catch around here newt” i giggle

“thanks” he sighs 

“your welcome” i say hugging  him again very tightly 

“what about you didn’t you want to kiss boy before you died” he asks 

“i guess but i would rather not kiss a crank” i tell him and we both laugh 

“yeah, you know there is always…….us” he says stuttering slightly 

“what” i ask pulling out of our hug and sitting looking at him 

“well there is always us” he says 

“really” i ask laughing a bit

“i know stupid idea” he says going to get up but i grab his arm and lead forward connecting out lips  softly we both think for about a millisecond before he wraps his arms around my waist and i move my to his neck as we continue to kiss eventually both of us are sat making out on this old park bench till he tips me back so im laying on the bench with him on top of me and i pull away “what” he asks

“nothing” i giggle 

“sorry y/n this is properly the latest point to say it but… i have a crush on you since you claimed out the box” he says quickly 

“really” i ask

he just nod’s so i lean up and connect out lips again this time both of us full of so much more passion then before till i can feel something strange as we make out a feeling of hardening my my leg i quickly pull away “newt is that your uh-” i ask

“uh…no” he says unconvincingly 

“oh my god……is it right to assume you don’t want to die a virgin” i ask

“yeah, why do you want to die a virgin” he asks

“way ahead of you” i say pulling him back to kissing me and pulling one hard away from his neck to travel down to feel down his pants and he pulls away “love i would rather not lose it on a park bench” he says

“me neither” i reply pushing off me and getting up then grabbing his hand and pulling him up with me so our chests are all connected “i know just the place” i smirk as i drag him across the city


she then grips my hand and pulls me across the city down long roads and thought small passages till we get to a very beaten up building and she opens the door dragging me inside the first thing i see is darkness till my eyes adjust and i see a crank girl her skin very burnt and deformed by the flare

 “shhh, don’t wake her up” y/n says

“where are we” i ask

“i live here newt, don’t wake her up she’s long past crazy and if she sees a guy in here she will eat you” y/n tells me before griping my hand  bit tighter and dragging me towards some stairs “come on lets go upstairs” she says slyly with a smirk we both quickly run giggling quietly up the stairs to the very top floor and running into the room and shutting the door behind me not wanting anyone to disturb us, she lets go of my hand as i lean against the door she walks around the room before standing by the bed smirking at me , as i begin to nervously step over so im stood in front of her “are you sure” i ask

“yeah, are you sure” she asks

“i think so” i answer but neither of us do anything “im nervous” i say

“me too” she says before we both stand in silence again till she steps forward and hugs me so i hug her tightly and move so we are cuddling “before we go insane” she says

“before we go insane” i reply before we meet in a kiss before pure love and passion take over and we fall on the bed lost in the kiss 


we continue our kiss as we lay on my bed lost in the kiss till he moves down and begins to kiss my neck first softly and gently then harsh and lustfully causing me to moan as he makes marks all over my neck then moving his hands up from my waist to remove my shirt and throw it away to the floor i then move my hands down his back and then take off his shirt throwing it to the floor with mine i then grip his shoulders tightly and flip over so im sat atop of him my legs either side of his waist but he leans up and continues to kiss me passionately dragging my head back down pulling me more into him till i pull away looking at him smugly as i run my hands down to palm him slowly and he moans loudly each time i move my hands letting his head rest on my pillow even if he’s squirming his eyes roll back in pleasure at every second he’s enjoying himself so much i have to hold his hands to keep him grounded on the bed so to shut him up a second i kiss him and we both sit snogging a second till i move a hand to undo his pants and he melts into my mouth the second ive even undone them “baby are you sure” he asks pulling away from kissing me 

“positive” i reply as we meet and kiss again as i move my hands over his boxers making him moan again till i slip my hands into his boxers and remove both his pants and boxers leaving him naked on my bed his eyes shut from the pleasure till i kneel between his legs and kiss him passionately and continuing down his neck and down his chest stopping as i reach his v- lines i intertwine our hands again before moving onto him and sucking making him moan louder then ever i then take him out my mouth a second “shh, you want to wake up the town” i tell him 

“sorry baby” he says in-between his sharp breaths i then continue to suck him till he comes into my mouth and i swallow no hesitation but still continue what im doing to him till he’s close to coming again “baby please stop it” he screams 

i then just continue till he comes into my mouth again and i swallow again but still not stopping till he’s close again for the third time “BABY PLEASE, PLEASE STOP IT” he screams in both pain and pleasure so i take him out of my mouth and kiss all the way back to his lips after a quick snog he pulls away “i both love you and hate you for doing that to me” he says quickly 

“you’ll thank me in the morning” i say smugly 

“not as much as you’ll thank me baby” he says slyly as he flips me over and emmediatly takes of my trousers throwing them to the floor then kissing me deeply and passionately on the lips and moving his hands back to undo my bra then throwing it aside then moving down to take off my underwear and throwing them to the floor as well leaving us both naked as we continue to make out then moving one arm around my neck so if i wanted to pull away or move in anyway i am trapped and his other hand trails down my chest and down my stomach before his figures go deep inside me pumping slowly painstakingly slowly “newt faster please” i beg 

“don't you go begging me for anything baby after what you did to me” he answers going deeper inside me but kissing me so i don't moan but i still moan into his mouth till he removes his hand from me “what are you gonna do to me” i ask giggling slightly 

“sweet tourcher baby, sweet tourcher” he answers backing away from me slightly and laying me down perfectly flat on my bed before kissing my lips and continuing to kiss down my neck and my chest not stopping till he is kissing the bottom of my stomach then sitting up more and going down and kissing my knee’s then going up my thighs before meeting my other lips kissing me passionately fully making out with me till im sure im going to climax “please newt stop” i beg

“not on your life baby, im not stopping yet a while” he says only just pulling away from me to speak then continuing till i climax screaming at the almost top of my voice and he licks up every inch of me then continues letting his tongue go deeper inside me then his fingers did till i climax again screaming louder then ever “please newt please” i beg him and he pulls away from me to look into my eyes “you ready baby” he asks i then just nod before he pushes into me and i scream at the painfully yet pleasurable sensation as he begins his thrusts first slowly then eventually rapid as we both scream and shout in pleasure as we both get close to our climaxes but black spots begin to dance in my vision  and i feel faint like im going to pass out “no, don't you dare” he says sitting me up more so our chests are connected one of his arms wrapped around my waist strongly the other around my neck making me stay in place “i, cant see i think i -” i begin as the black stops get bigger clouding my vision “no baby don't you dare pass out on me” he says sternly before kissing me forcing his tongue deep into my mouth and both our climaxes come sending shock waves thought us both was we collapse on my bed side by side as we catch out breath and my sight begins to return till a few minuets latter we both have calmed down more and our laying in bed still side by side my sheet covering what matters of the two of us.


after a while i turn to be on my side to face y/n who is wow laid on her side facing away from me “you okay now baby” i ask wrapping an arm around her 

“yeah” she says 

“good girl” i say giving her kisses all on her neck and arm till she turns to face me and we cuddle up together her head resting softly on my chest with both my arms around her resting on her back and waist “newt” she says breaking the silence

“yeah baby” i reply 

“i love you” she says happily

“i love you too” i reply

“night, night” she says snuggling into me more  

“night baby” i say giving her a kiss then both of us laying back and falling almost straight to sleep.

when i woke up it was early morning from what i could see of the light shinning in around the torn curtains y/n is sat up in bed looking like she’s trying to wake up “morning baby” i say sitting up and wrapping my arms around her from behind  giving her a kiss on the cheek

“morning” she says putting her hands over mine and resting her head on me 

“you still look tired” i tell her

“im always tired” she yawns 

“then back to bed” i say

“no i need to wake up and do stuff” she says

“like” i ask

“i don't know avoid death ive been doing that alot lately” she jokes 

“no if your tired you need to go back to bed” i tell her 

“why have you got any plans for me today” she asks

“well if you want me to tell you it will ruin the surprise” i say kissing her lightly on her neck 

“oh will it now” she says slyly turning to face me as we snog again full on making out as we lay back down on the bed ready to start last night all over again until-

“SECURE THE AREA” a voice shouts as people in wicked uniforms burst thought the door both me and y/n quickly cover ourselves up and hold on to each other tightly wondering what horrible game  they would be playing with us now “CHECK THE SUBJECTS” one said to another one then walked over to our bed with some sort of needle i had seen immune’s and non immune’s test with he injects it into y/n arm and she screams “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING” i shout till another man sticks a similar needle in my arm they light on the needle then shines green but that cant be right red’s non immune, greens immune they all then converse about them self’s till one presses a button on a device and suddenly we are sat still in bed but in the wicked lab again “what the shuck is going on” she asks

“not a clue” i reply we both quickly get dressed as our clothes travelled with us and sit on the bed till  ava page shows up 


“you two did the impossible and we need to know how, you two left us and when to the crank city as non immune’s we found you today and your immune, what happened” she asked 

“well we have been walking a lot more” i say not wanting to tell her what me and y/n did last night 

“no that's not it something critical that would have never done before that occurred over the last 63 hours” she says

“uh, i had some crank beer in the last 63 hours” y/n says 

“no defiantly not or else more cranks would be immune by now” she says sounding very puzzled till on of the men from our room walks in 

“miss we got the security disc from inside the crank city” he says 

“does it show the antic of these tow over the last few hours” she asked 

“i would says so” he says smirking at me and y/n oh no

a screen then appears and the video begins to play me leaning on the door as y/n moves to be in front of her bed me stepping towards her “fast forward an ten minuets” she says OH NO

the image then fast forwards showing me on the bed with y/n in the process of sucking me off me begging for her to stop ava page then made the image disappear and turned to us in astonishment “it was really that simple” she says more to herself “well it seems what you two did last night is a cure for the flare” she says sighing “you two may now go and join your friends in paradise” she says they then lead me and y/n to a berg and flew off somewhere i don't know where when we got there we where met by minho and Thomas and a few others we knew from the maze and the scorch so over joyed to see them all and they where equally happy to see us “what the hell i fought you guys where non immune’s” minho says 

“yeah we fixed that” i say

“what you guys found a cure” Thomas asks  

“yeah we did” y/n says 

“how” minho asks

“we would rather not tell you guys if its okay” i say wrapping my arms around y/n and snogging her when we finish everyone looks gob smacked

“well that took shucking for ever” Thomas says



OH GOSH I DIDN’T EXPECT SO MUCH SUPPORT FROM YOU GUYS YOU ARE JUST AMAZING. <33  it’s been going on for so many years now.

For those who asked about reporting or taking legal action about the matter, this would be a hard thing to do as both of us live in different countries. I don’t know how this would work in cases like this, especially when it’s been going on for so long. As for now, I’m only content if he just leaves me alone and moves on with his life. 

Seriously guys, you are all amazing. I wanna thank everyone who supported me, my followers, the sin squad AND the friends who have been supporting me with this issue a long time ago. (even for years omfg) I just have no words to describe how I feel.

Hopefully this will end soon. 


After talking to the artist about this ( he made the request to draw my OC) this is what they said about him

deactivated170325-atboosnknow-d  asked:

Hello! May I have a scenario with Yugyeom? You fight and he discover that you used to keep everything inside. For the first time you show him your bad temper. Thanks♥ (sorry the first time i didn't find the request box u__u')

~:)~ It’s fine! I just picked a random topic of the fight for this scenario :) 

   “I don’t know, Yugyeom. Call me crazy if I don’t want other girls touching you, my boyfriend!” you exclaimed in frustration as you burst through the kitchen doors with Yugyeom hot on your tail. He grabbed your arm, not to hard, and turned you around to face him. 

   “It’s my damn job, y/n. Dancing with her on stage means nothing and you know that.” he said as his voice got lower. “I love you.” 

   “Listen, I get that is your job but I know that the other members from GOT7 can substitute too. Perhaps members that aren’t taken?” you said as you escaped his grasp and took a seat on the breakfast bar. He sighed as he ran his fingers through your hair. 

   “Why don’t you understand that it means nothing?” he asked with furrowed eyebrows. He was a little surprised at you temper, you’ve never fought with him like this before. 

   “She’s an idol, she’s gorgeous, she can dance, she can sing, she can do everything. Sorry for being a little insecure.” you murmured. He shut his eyes and bit his lip. “It’s just, you’ve been out so late…with her. Outside of the job.” 

   Yugyeom’s eyes widened. 

   “How’d you know?” he asked nervously. You narrowed your eyes at him. 

   “Why should we even have secrets, huh? Am I not the person you turn to? If you want to leave me then just-” you started saying, not realizing that tears were slowly forming, causing your vision to gloss. 

   “Is this how you feel, y/n? You want me to leave you?” he asked as he took a step closer to you. Your head fell into your hands as your elbows pushed you. You felt his hand touch the small of your back. You sighed and slowly took his hand away.

   “I don’t feel like that. You don’t understand how painful it is to see you so happy and so full of life with someone that is not me. How would you feel if you saw me feeling up another guy? Going out with him, laughing, genuinely having an amazing time? I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel trapped. I keep everything inside because I love you so much, I try not to bother you about my feelings because I don’t want to be one of those girlfriends but I-I just can’t anymore!” you finished as you stood up from your seat. He stood there, processing what you just said. After a couple silent minutes, you let a tear slip down your cheek. You quickly rubbed it away before he saw. 

   “Y/n…” he started and walked closer to you. He took your hand in his, wow, it fit so well. He then rubbed away another one of your escaping tears, one you didn’t even know escaped. He placed both of your hands onto his shoulder and used his other hand and snaked it around your waist and pushed you from the back so your hips were liner up with his. Right now, all you wanted to do was sob in his chest. To cry, to freely let out all you had bundled up inside. Yugyeom wrapped his long arms around your waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. 

   “You should know, y/n…” he whispered into your ear with layers of your hair in the way. You felt his hot breathe against your ear which made you squeeze him tighter. “…I’m madly in love with you. Only you. Not her, not the dancer, anyone. The reason why I went out with her is because the company wanted us to “bond” and have a better friendship so we connected better on stage, but that trick doesn’t work. You know what does?” he then lowered his hand and gently clutched your butt.

   “I think of you. I think about your pretty little face and dance with her because I know you are as equally talented. I can’t wait to come home to you, you know? I didn’t know that’s how you felt- I, I want you to be 100% honest with me about your feelings because when you are, you make me happy. You really do.” Your heart raced at the rate of- who even knows! All you wanted to do now was be with him. You pulled out of the embrace and looked up at him. His eyes were glossy from tears, he really meant everything. You touched his face with your hands and brought your lips together. 

   “I love you too.” 


you see, i got kinda emotional while writing this shit because it related to personal issues with bae aka crush aka senpai; never notices me so im just gonna go and cry im sorry if this is too soft and fluffy but i just cant rn with the feels


Okay, this is going to take a very long time to write, so first things first, I would like to point out, a couple days ago, a blog named spillit5sos, which is a hate page for 5SOS, posted an article about 5SOS groupies. It 100% fooled me and about all of the fandom. I almost left the entire fandom, just because of that stupid blog post.But, no fear, I am still in the fandom. I realized, this shit is getting annoying, and I need to point out what has really been happening.

- I would just like to say before I insert these pictures, Ashton is a guy, Calum is a guy, all of them are men. They are attracted to girls. That isn’t a bad thing. I think what spillit5SOS is pointing out, is that they are giving out tickets for these girls to come with them down to their hotel room and have sex. Which is disgusting. But in this picture, Ashton is at a bar, not a concert, not outside of his hotel room. Not outside of a concert. Nope. Just at a bar. Talking to people. He was drunk, and I mean DRUNK. All of them were. 

Here are the pictures spillit5sos shows you

Looks like they are kissing huh? But wait, even if they are kissing, doesnt look like Ash took her home? Doesn’t look like he was handing this bitch concert tickets huh?

But nope, he isn’t kissing her in any pictures. Look closer. Closer.


Sorry for the bad quality, but he is only leaning in to hear what the girl is yeah lets check that off the list of the ‘5SOS groupies’

Okay moving on

On twitter lately, Im sure you all have seen this, but people have been claiming 5SOS had sex with them, okay, so the proof they put out there, is just ridiculous. Its actually funny how people think we believe this shit. I laughed so hard when someone claimed that a dm was ashton, and it said ‘topless pics? xx’ Even I could photoshop that. Here is the picture of the dm haha :D

Does this even look real? All I have to do is change my picture to that one, then crop out the name at the top, like this person did, and claim that he did it. Easy. 

Oh and here are some more hilarious ‘proof’ that they have groupies guys im literally dying of laughter i cant 


Okay more.

“Throwback to when bianca decided to post everything Ashton texted her" 



LOL OKAY SO THERE IS THIS BEAUTIFUL THING CALLED PHOTOSHOP. There is a small chance the dms are right, but I can even photoshop those. Its actually very easy to photo shop dms. And for the stupid iMessage thing, I can do that in 2 seconds. All I have to do is name Luke Hemmings as one of my contacts and msg them dirty things easy as that ok bye




Moving on, I didn’t address the Calum leaving his hotel to meet with 2 girls. This is gonna make you laugh too. Here is the picture

I will try and be a little serious on this one even thought this is stupid.

They say he didnt stop for a picture, and they brought them back to the hotel room. The only problem is, if they had a camera, and they were taking pictures of Calum and these girls, why is there only one picture? All he is doing is walking towards these girls. What proof do you have of him taking them back to their hotel room? Like literally I wanna see the damn picture of these girls going inside of their hotel room. They had a camera, they didnt take pictures. Coincidence? I think not.

So, Spillit5SOS, Show me the damn pics :)

One more thing, the Michael photo.

Okay… this is the picture I cant explain to you guys. Obviously there is a huggeee chance that this is photoshopped. But honestly this picture may be real. I can tell you all the stupid dm shit is fake as fuck, but this mikey pic I have no idea about.

I choose to believe this is real, but honestly, photo shop is a beautiful thing so, Dont believe anything you hear on the internet.

- Please reblog this, I know alot of 5SOS fans are scared, hopefully this will cheer them up a bit. Oh and one of my followers on instagram wanted me to say 


‘groupie shit’ FAKE. 

…thats it.

Her tumblr is

Anyways, I hope you guys have a lovely day and I hope this doesn’t make you worry as much.

Share this shit with your friends.

- Hana<3