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hi guys !! ♡  i have ((finally)) made a redbubble for my designs!! the link to my merch is here !  check it out if ur interested ♡ ((& thank u guys for all the support so far,, it means the world to me))

love is a word (you gave it a name) | harry/louis | 21 400 words

“It’s worth it anyway,” says Harry, looking into Louis’s eyes. He’s untucked his hair from behind his ear, and it falls down in silky strands to obscure his face. He looks so painfully young, even after everything. Louis’s strong, strong boy. “Just for the two of us. We get to be selfish for a little while.”

it’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, louis and harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

for inkedrope; written as part of the h/l winter exchange

(ok i got one more)

-Me trying to tone down my excitement-

ok but seriously guys i definitely recommend following @underfellfangame even just for sassy replies, cause trust me the sass is 10/10 lol. I can really tell how much love went into this game, even if it’s just a tech demo lol its still just thrilling to see something this amazing. So much effort went into this, and it just makes me happy inside. Also, someone give those voice actors a hug and a cookie, because boyo that. was. incredible.


FINALLY The Last part of the Bitty comic, (Im so Sorry it took so Long T.T) yeah I went for the Pibbidy ending cause swap!Palette needs more love❤ ALSO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO READ THIS UP TILL NOW!! I’m REALLY REALLY Happy to be able to make this and for you guys to read it(even though its a mess😅) I was Inspired to draw more and to do art in general because of all the Nice comments and just knowing some actually like the things I do O-O(Like WOAH) BUT Anyway THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT! And SPECIAL THANKS TO Nekophy, Angexci & thegreatrouge you guys inspired me very much and knowing that you’ve liked my stuff is huu no words to describe how happy I am. Also @Nekophy so much thanks like so much for all the reblogs, tags & comments without all that i’m not sure if I would have finished this. SO THANK YOU ALL❤
Credits and Disclaimers:
Palette & fell!Palette(Icing) @angexci
Goth & fell!Goth(Cupcake) @nekophy
wolf!Goth @echoiart
L!Goth @bunabelldraws
sailor!werewolf!Palette, Cc!Palette, Caretaker!Palette, Gloom, Pibbidi, Pj’s Daycare, NaJ & LJH @blogthegreatrouge

Comic art & Eve by Me @butterflypea

If you want to see the other bitty comics, Go click on these (I suggest in this order, starting from bottom to top):

Bonus 2 *Holiday special*
3.2                                                                                     3.1                                                                                         Bonus  1                                                                                 2                                                                                           1 

hey kind of important thing

i dont really like asking for stuff like this but my familys having some rough times right now so just kind of putting out there that im doing commissions right now and the extra money would be really great. my commissions page is here. im pretty broad with what styles i can do so if theres a specific style you want done i can most likely do it. if you cant afford a commission if you could just reblog this that would be cool thanks guys

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ART RAFFLE *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


i should’ve done this a while ago…but ya know,school!

i got 100 followers a while back and now im at 135!!!its crazy!!!i love all you guys and all the support you give me!!!i never thought i would EVER get this far and im so thankful,you guys make me so happy!!!!

so,lets get on with this!

Prize #1:Headshot+Icon(traditional or digital,your choice)
headshot example:

icon example:

Prize #2:Full Body Art(traditional or digital,your choice)

Prize #3:Pixel Art or Line Less Art

So!all you have to do to enter is:
-Don’t just follow and unfollow just for the raffle -you have to be following me in the first place XD 

-no nsfw
-i do gore
-I do undertale,ocs,mlp,and furries(i usually just say zootopia XD)

oh,and one more big thank you!im so thankful for all of you guys,your so kind and nice to me,i never imagined getting here and making these friends and meeting all these nice cool people!!!!so one again THANK YOU!!!!!


It’s been 10 months since I made this blog and it was never my expectation to reach 1k before reaching one year! Thank you so much for everyone who have been following me all the way though I never get to talk much to most of you but still thank you so much! I met friends along the way and you guys know who you are! I was too shy to talk at first but I got used to it eventually but I’m still shyyy to some so I would really appreciate to continually meet more amazing people ^.^

Actually, I was supposed to make this a few days ago but since the past month I had a lot of priorities in my life such as being busy at school which it became impossible for me to be around most of the time. But still this blog will keep on existing till whoever knows when ;)

My 1st FF yet I don’t even know if I deserve this but I’m happy to reach this milestone!  I started getting a lot of follows ever since I started making edits yet I’m not  satisfied most of the time how they turned out but I still post them anyway. Again, thank you so so much guys! All of you are awesome! Until next FF ;)

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((Hey guys, im sorry for the lack of posts so let me offer a lil explanation. First I was just busy doing a interact, you’ll see that soon-ish, and this is one of the biggest comics ive done so its taking me some time. Then out of nowhere my tablet cable stopped working so I couldn’t do digital until now. I use a wacom so the struggle of finding a cable that fit s u c k e d. But, now im back so i’ll start posting stuff soon! ))

anonymous asked:

I don't know if im bisexual, heterosexual or what, and I don't know how to ... know? I mean, my mother says that this is not natural, and I really care about her opinion, and in my school, anybody cares about how will feel x guy with their joke. And aren't open to new things... everything is against me, and I don't know what to do... im not the prettiest, or the smartest, or anything, im just a girl very confused... now im using, sorry, but I really need a friend, thanks for reading.

Okay so I only slightly understood what you wrote in this.

First of all, you’re mother fucking beautiful as all hell and you’re goddamn intelligent. Don’t talk negatively about yourself, nothing will get done with it. You’re perfect and fucking killer. 

Second, it’s okay to not know your sexuality. You’re allowed to experiment and take time figuring yourself out. 

Third, I know what it’s like to have unsupportive family members, and so you kind of just have to “deal” with them. I know you may want to yell and scream at them, but nothing will get done that way. I’d recommend talking to your mother and explaining how you feel as calmly as possible. Be patient, I know it may be really fucking hard to talk with someone queer-phobic, but you just have to remember they’re not you; they don’t have your mind. You may have to explain things like you’re talking to a five year old. It’s frustrating and annoying, I know; just make sure they’re not disrespecting you or being prejudice. Or abusive. If they’re abusive, and you’re too scared to talk to someone, come to me. I’ll talk with you about your options. 

Fourth, I know it may seem like the world is against you, but I swear it’ll turn around and you’ll kick it ass into another reality. You can do it and you can survive because you’re strong and awesome and really fucking cool. 

Don’t give up and don’t hesitate to message or come to me if you need anything. I’m here for you, I put you guys before myself because I care about your happiness and your safety. I will help you in any way possible. 


thank you, thank you for everything you’ve done since day6′s debut, thank you for being an incredible hyung and dongsaeng to the members, thank you for always putting 100% into what you were doing, thank you for your voice and your hard work, thank you for being the strongest little fairy we have ever known. we promised to walk toward day6, we promise to stay with you even tho you’re not in the group anymore, you’ll always be our little fairy. please be happy soon, we love you now and always.

missions with 707
  • saeyoung: from now on, we will be using codenames. you will address me as "eagle one"
  • saeyoung: yoosung. codename "been there, done that"
  • yoosung: oh god
  • saeyoung: mc is "currently doing that"
  • saeyoung: zen is "it happened once in a dream"
  • zen: im flattered
  • saeyoung: jumin, codename "if i had to pick a guy
  • jumin: no
  • saeyoung: and jaehee is.... "eagle two"
  • jaehee: oh thank god

anonymous asked:

ah im not sure if this was answered anywhere but I just want to ask first to make sure but are you still doing match ups? and if you are, is it okay to send it as a submission Im really shy so I don't think it'll be super long but just in case--also I wanted to thank you for running this blog! Do you have a favorite khr character? I'd love to draw you something nice, even if you're not doing match ups right now! t-thank you!!

Yes, match ups are still going on!!  They’re going to be posted tomorrow, so all the ones that come in today will be done for then!  

And submissions are definitely okay!  (Both submit and ask boxes are there for my followers - which ever one you guys find easier to use is 100% okay!)

OH MY GOSH!!!!  You are way too sweet!!!  My favorite character is Xanxus (I just have something for guys with bad attitudes.)

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

Sorry guys, but for the time being i cant get any work done on new pages for #thesadowswecarry. Been sick for about a week now and have very little energy to draw. It is what it is. I can still answer any questions about the story though if anyone wants to ask then ask away. Oh and i noticed that i’m almost at the 100 followers mark, which is awesome to see. I will definitely be doing something to celebrate that. Anyway gotta get back to resting thanks for reading and ill catch you later.  

anonymous asked:

i first got in contact w syscourse when i was an inpatient in a psychiatric clinic & oh boi did i get worse bc of the guilt of "faking" a system (even tho i have been having these alien thoughts&feelings since i was 10) so i supressed my headmate as hard as i could & punished myself for things that i couldnt even control, im 17 now & came to accept that im a multiple & this community has really helped me accept it and ease my needless guilt, i just wanted to say thank you guys for everything ♡

I’m so sorry syscourse has done that to you. I suppressed Neko for a long time too, so I understand that feel. I’m glad we’ve helped you!


anonymous asked:

Honestly ur blog made me wanna forget abt the boy im lowkey in love with, bc i rejected him like 3 yrs ago and now he probably wouldnt date me, but now i wanna just,,, move on and be a ho. I even went on a date w a guy, which i probably wouldnt have done if i hadnt thought "john would want me to take this opportunity" so like??? Thank u, i love u.


needkpop  asked:

I don't know if you got it (I put it as an answer to the last reply to me that you posted (does that make sense!?) I understand if it's taking a bit of time to reply( ish okay take your time) but you said to resend it so... ★ ☠ ✿❤️ for Hausen and Nicolas please~••☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

thank you so much that was so considerate of you u v u also, sorry, guys, for not writing any requests lately. school has kept me busy and kai even busier. bear with us for now, but we will still try to update as often as possible!

because headcanons are personally easier for me, im sure you’ll see more headcanons than scenarios for the time being. in the mean time, enjoy what we have done and thanks for sticking around! —ashley


★ - sad headcanon a little fluffy cuz im a pile of mush

When he and his s/o first saw each other naked, he was nervous about how they’d react to the sight of his bare, amputated leg without its prosthetic. He was more anxious than he should have been. No one had ever looked upon his leg or ran their fingers over it with such awe and appreciation as his s/o did, which nearly brought tears to Hausen’s eyes.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

Hausen has only ever truly scolded Arthur and Lancelot when they went off on a mission by themselves and were nearly killed by anti-Twilight protestors. He lost his temper, yelling at them for almost an hour, asking how they could be so irresponsible, before he noticed that he’d brought both of them to tears.

✿ - sex headcanon

Hausen is a very sensory lover, dragging his hands across your skin and kneading the softest places of your body. He uses his mouth a lot, kissing and biting and sucking on you, and he can be a bit rough when he wants to. He loves to see the scratches and bruises you and he have left on each other the next day.

♥ - family headcanon

The Paulklee colony is the closest thing to a wholesome family he’s ever had, and he’s most certainly one of the big brothers of the group, especially for Lancelot and Arthur.


★ - sad headcanon

Nic has flashbacks of his last moments with his father daily. Little things like standing in the rain and letting it drip down his skin or petting cats and feeling them rub against him remind him that he is an alive human being like everyone else, and not a monster like his father said. Being with his s/o and seeing them react so warmly to his touch is enough to smother those dark thoughts for a while.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

Nic has occasional intense fits of rage which can only be solved by demolishing stuff or completing a particularly violent job. It’s because he often bottles up his anger and even other strong emotions without relieving them later.

✿ - sex headcanon

He enjoys the predator/prey dynamic, with him as the predator. He has a very menacing look that’s sure to send chills down his partner’s spine as well as excite them.

♥ - family headcanon

He’s always wondered what his mother was like, and if she would like the man he is today. He’s imagined her several times, holding him the way his dad never could.

(( ooc: aaaaa im sorry for doing this again, but i’ve just got a lot of things im doing right now so the asks are gonna be like held off until i get all of them done and its gonna be kind of like a hiatus? like always ill keep my askbox open for you guys and im really sorry i just need to do a bunch of school stuff and other projects!! thank you all so much for understanding ))

Woozi Fic 20

HI! im sorry i had to break my streak since i was so busy with family and stuff this weekend but i managed to get this one done last night and uh idk its shorter and everything i hope you guys like it XD

“AGH!” Woozi exclaims as he slams his back against the mirror before sliding down next to you. “It’s so hot in here!”

Laughing, you smile at your sweaty boyfriend. “Sorry, it’s probably ‘cause of me,” you joke.

“I bet you’re right,” he responds, grinning with the back of his head against the wall. He turns a little to look at you before lunging forward and hugging you tightly. “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”

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