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My girl

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Imagine Sebastian Stan eyeing you out at the Red Carpet awards and your boyfriend Bill Skarsgard notices.

You walk down the red carpet with your boyfriends arm around your waist, you smile as you pass all the photographers taking pictures, until you felt a bit of a pinch on your side. You looked to see Bill tensing his fist on your waist.

“Ow” You winced

“Sorry” He whispered

You saw that he was gazing to a man ahead of yous, when your eyes followed to where he was looking you saw Sebastian Stan. You both made eye contact, and it made you feel a bit uncomfortable because he was starring at you as he were predator and you his prey. Bill pulled you closer to him and nibbled a bit on your earlobe.

“Bill” You giggled as you looked away from Sebastian

“Hey im ganna go say hi to some people, mind waiting here?” He asked as held both your hands in his warm ones.

“Of course my handsome man” You winked

You watched Bill walk through a crowd of celebrities and dissapear, luckily your best friends Elizabeth Olen and Scarlet Johnson came to your side and admired your dress and makeup.

Bill walked up to Sebastian and fake smiled for the cameras

“Keep your eyes of my girl, or you and I are ganna have problems” He said as he placed his arm around Sebs shoulders and smiling for the cameras

“You jealous because im here ex-boyfriend? or you scared that she one day might leave you and come running back to me” Seb tormented Bill. 

Bill’ hands balled up into a fist, he was ganna do something that he would regret for the rest of his life. He placed a hand on Sebs shoulder, he was about to raise his fist and sock him in the jaw, until you strolled along the carpet with a smile on your face.

“Sebastian!” You hugged him, pulled away and pecked his cheek, once you did Sebs eyes went to Bills and he winked teasingly

“Wow you look amazing doll” You blushed at his comment

Bill placed his hands around your torso from behind

“Seb and I were just catching up…. Right pal?” His eyes glaring coldly at Seb.

“Champagne miss Y/N?” The waitress offered, your eyes went wide, but then you remembered.

“No thank you” you grabbed Bills hands that were on your waist and moved them to your stomach, rubbing your one month flat stomach that would soon pop out.

Sebs eyes widens and his jaw agape’s and Bill steps away from you in surprise with an excited smile on his face

“Your pregnant!” Both Seb and Bill exclaim

You nod at your boyfriend and ex-boyfriend

“OH MY GOD!” Bill screams causing everyone in the whole crowd to stare at the commotion, he picks you up into a fiery kiss and spins you around

“Im going to be a dad!” He yells over to his brother Alexander who is in an interview with E!news. His brothers eyes widens and screams “Congrats bro!” All the celebs on the red carpet congratulated you and Bill. Seb smiled to you, but you knew it was a fake smile. Seb loves you still and hearing the news of your pregnancy shattered his heart, he didn’t say anything but kissed your cheek and walked off. You called out to him but he didn’t listen, you put your arms around Bill’ neck .

“Seb looked a bit off” You worried

“I kinda told him off” He said 


Bill sighs “Because he was starring, and I didn’t like the way he looked at you, so I went to him and told him to stop starring but instead of listening he replied with rude remarks”

“Like what?” Your forehead now on his

“Doesn’t matter. You know why? No matter what happens between us, your still My Girl” He kissed your lips.

Sebastian was in the mens room starring at his own reflection with anger rising in his chest, his mind screams and his heart breaks. Hes angry at himself because he wishes that could be his child instead of that stupid clown, he wishes that he could reverse the mistakes that he did, only to be with you. But it’s too late, you’ve moved on and now your having a baby. 

He smashed the mirror with his fist and slid down the wall holding his bleeding hand and crying tears from his ocean blue eyes

“Im sorry, I cheated on you with Margarita” 

My Girl Pt2

Child of d u s t, to mother now return;
For every seed must die before it grows.
And though above the world may toil and turn,
No prying spades will find you here
b e l o w.

its been months but the end of Stone Ocean still destroys me

Thank you Joe for this ...

“I’ve never had that, so I wrote that song about things that Lena has told me about her and Jack,” Swift shared. “That’s just basically stuff she’s told me. And I think that that kind of relationship.” ”God, it sounds like it would just be so beautiful.”  - Taylor Swift on ELLE about You Are in Love in 1989


Hearing Gorgeous and seeing the SS say…


Likes yesss girl drown in his ocean blue eyesss girlll!!!

That is all. :^)  

Love you @taylorswift and Joe <3333

im projecting so hard on poor daniel

-once danvid and the gang went to a candle shop and daniel was just smelling them for hours
-hh what n nooo i dont do that idk what you’re on about
-daniel likes the fruity ones or the ones about the ocean bc they smell nice
-he owns a pink dragon fruit candle
-he bought david a pine one and david cried
-like he cried really badly, im talking daniel picking his boy up and cuddling him till he was ok cry
-david just loves pine???? so much????
-daniel stays away from incense burners though, bc they remind him of the cult n the shitty stuff he did to the campers
-daniel buys gwen a pink sand candle and shes hooked now
-she burns them when doing her face mask stuff or watching reality stuff
-daniel is just,,,,, daniel n candles is my fave

Would anyone be up for another lineup collab :)?

Like the Cheeto Train I started a couple of weeks ago (which ended up with so many Jaspers I couldn’t even keep track anymore @A@) I’d like to do another one, but now with 100% more angry ocean mom!

Just like last time, if you wanna join me, grab my Lapis and draw your Lapis next to her. Then reblog with a full view of your own and the line up under that and we’ll see how many Lapis’ we can get on the ocean conga line :0

Inbox me if you join, I would love to see!

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okay, so like, im a slut for angst and the song "oceans" by seafret is my fav song to listen to if i want to cry over promptis

Oh fuck, Anon. I hadn’t heard this song before now and…. hnnnghhhhh. It hurts so good, in that deliciously ~terrible~ Promptis way. Perfect. ;D Thanks for passing that along. I too go through crazy periods of angst-thirst and these nerds always satisfy. 

*ridiculous, happy sigh*

My thoughts on 7x11(WARNING FOR SPOILERS): 

Okay it’s been a really fucking emotional night to say the least and my eyes are getting watery every 3 seconds but i kinda wanna get this off my chest.

During the whole episode i was just waiting for the sad part to hit me and kill my heart, it was way too ‘’happy’’ and playful and i was just like well where is the sad part?? Doesn’t mean i didn’t enjoy every single scene they had. I love watching them and even though this storyline killed me i loved every second they got on screen, Noel’s acting is always amazing and i feel blessed whenever he’s in any kind of scene or show. 

Now, i did notice they made Mickey a little bit more tough and rude than usual and maybe that’s just because different writers wrote the episodes, i mean the Mickey in episode 10 was the sweetest little baby ever and the Mickey in episode 11 was strong and not as sentimental (not until the star gazing scene and of course the end) but i enjoyed every single second of it. 

When the ending came and Mickey was about to cross the border i was terrified, my stomach was tied up into a knot and i was really nervous and anxious and i felt like that was going to be it, i thought that was the end of Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich, i thought he was going to die. I saw many people saying that they wished Mickey had died in this episode and i can’t understand how they would want something like that, i get that Mickey dying would mean never waiting for another season or episode of shameless and expecting to see his face but wouldn’t that hurt a million times more? knowing that he had a terrible death and that was the end of the character we all root for? i think that would’ve been devastating, a lot more devastating than this ending. 

When he finally made it through the border i was crying my eyes out and the only thing that i felt was relief, i was happy, i was happy that he wasn’t dead, i was happy that he didn’t get shot, i was happy that he was on the other side and he would have a new life. Yeah not the life he wanted, not the life he had imagined with the love of his life but he wasn’t behind bars anymore, he was free and he had money and he was going to be okay because he’s Mickey fucking Milkovich and he’s the strongest character in that stupid show. 

I felt nothing but happiness for a few minutes thinking about all of that, i felt nothing but happiness seeing Ian’s face, the way he was breaking when Mickey was crossing the border and how he smiled when he finally made it. Ian wasn’t thinking about not ever seeing him again, he was thinking that he made it, he was probably thinking that Mickey was finally free. 

Ian did give them a chance, he did go with him even if it lasted a couple days, he gave Mickey those moments, he told him that he loved him yeah it was rushed and not the way i would’ve wanted it but he said it, those words came out of his mouth. He gave him all the money he had to make sure he could start a new life, to make sure he was safe. He didn’t go with him but he helped him get there, they got to kiss again, they got to make love again, they got to spend more nights together, they gave each other that.

Now, i hate Ian’s decision as much as all of you do, i hate this storyline because the whole breaking out of prison thing was unnecessary and painful and things could’ve been so much better for everyone but they decided the worst and i’m really heartbroken about it. 

It started to sink in after a few minutes and i started crying again because of a few tweets about how Mickey was completely lonely now, how the only thing that he wanted was to go to the beach with his boyfriend, how he never fucking gets a happy ending, i started thinking about so many things and i was a mess. Right now i’m still a mess and im torn between the happy thought that Mickey is safe and he will go to the beach for the first time and the sad thought that he will probably look at the fucking ocean and think about the love of his life. 

I’ve been reading the interviews and what Noel said is giving me hope, this time he wants to come back, he said he’d be back in a heartbeat, he has hope for Mickey, he has hope for Mickey and Ian, he thinks they can be together, he thinks Mickey can do anything, he thinks the writers could somehow sneak him back in the country and make things work. Now, i know it’s hard to think about the writers ever doing something nice for him even more after this whole storyline but he has hope and he’s the only one who makes the ratings blow up and he’s the only one people want so i have a stupid hopeful feeling that maybe they will negotiate season 8 and will write something unrealistic and will bring him back because we all know Mickey will never love anyone the way he loves Ian and we also know Ian won’t either. They have to be endgame, that’s what we want, that’s what the actors want, that’s what even some of the writers want. So yeah i’ll be really stupid and i’ll be hopeful to see Mickey in season 8 hoping once again that they don’t fuck him up even more even though we all know they probably would do the same thing all over again. 

Anyway i don’t even know if someone’s gonna read this but if you do thank u and maybe i made typos or messed up while writing this but im really emotional right now and i just wanted to talk about it 

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Jimin + yoongi


do hear that? that’s me wailing like a dying animal bc this just-  i can’t 

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look at chimz checking to see if yoongi is actually asleep like “oh i hope he doesn’t catch me staring at him” wow i just- 


even during their fetus days yoongles would always keep a special eye out for chimz and in general just always wants to be near him but shows it in these quiet subtle ways that makes me scream in not so quiet subtle ways 

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the cutest phineas and ferb sweetie apple pie baby nuggets als;kfjaslfj

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highkey bangtan aegyo kings yes that includes you min yoongles

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okay but this is seriously one of my ultimate favorite gifs of them just look how pleasantly surprised yoongi is and how jimin just naturally PEEKABOOS into the frame like it’s nbd THEY’RE JUST SO HAPPY AROUND ONE ANOTHER UGH

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seriously call an ambulance im not okay. jimin hanging onto the back of yoongi’s shirt as they safely “cross the street” together has me in shambles omg im laughing and crying and my heart is overflowing with an ocean of feels

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okay so sometimes this perfect pair may not show their affection in the most feelsy and conventional way but

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we all know deep down inside yoongi just loves messing with jimin the most bc jimins reactions are so cute and he will still love yoongles no matter what and vice versa

im gonna stop now before i seriously implode GOODBYE I LOVE YOONMIN

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5 seconds of summer preference: parting ways at the airport
word count: actually dunno cause it’s on my phone
requested: yup by anon


i think cal would be really cuddly and clingy tbh. he’d want to spend every second possible with you because being away from you for however long would be just as hard on him as it would you. he’d prob be really touchy feely at the airport, always touching you somehow whether it be holding hands or having an arm around your waist/shoulders. he wouldn’t want to leave you alone even to go through security check or whatever. when his plane is finally called, you’d both be emotionally distraught and he would hug you tighter than he ever had before. he’d kiss your forehead, your nose, both your cheeks, and at last your lips in a passionate and desperate kiss before reluctantly boarding his plane.

mikey- who thinks he’s so badass but is really just a human teddy bear- would try to act like every thing was okay. on the way to the airport, he’d hold your hand and tell you it was nothing. but deep down it’d be killing him that he was leaving his baby girl. at the airport, he’d never leave your side, but also wouldn’t hint that he was close to tears. when it’s time for him to board his plane, he’d finally let his pride go and a few tears would slip from his eyes and you’d brush them away and start crying too. he’d give you the hugest bear hug ever and nuzzle his nose into your hair, breathing in your scent one last time before he kisses you goodbye with so much emotion, you’re brought to tears again.

i think ash would just be extremely romantic and want to make the most of your time together. take you on silly dates, spend all night talking to you about stupid things, making sure you had good memories for when he’s gone. he’d probably be really playful up until the very last minute, but when it’s time to say goodbye, you can see the heartbreak clear on his face. he’d hold you in his arms, whispering sweet nothings into your ear as you nuzzled into the crook of his neck and give you little kisses on the side of your head. he’d assure you a thousand times that you’d skype or talk on the phone every night and that time will go by quick.

oh dear god i dont wanna do this fucking lucifer hemmings okay so i think luke would be really really really needy and clingy kinda like cal. he’d also always find a way to be touching you, and would constantly tell you that he loves you and how much he’s gonna miss you. i think he’d also be a little insecure and worry that you’d forget about him while he’s away and would repeatedly need reassurance that you’d still be waiting for him when he got home. you’d also be insecure that he’d find a prettier fan along the way but he’d shush you with a kiss and tell you it’s you and only you. before he’d board his plane, he’d kiss you until the the. very. last. possible. second. then would whisper ‘i love you’ against your lips and slowly walk backwards, mouthing it over and over until he was out of sight. the moment he’d sit down in his seat on the plane he’d call you and tell you he already missed you and that he’d call you again as soon as he landed and wOW I GOT SO CARRIED AWAY I PROMISE IM NOT CRYING OKAY IM JUST GONNA GO THROW MYSELF INTO THE OCEAN NOW BYE

hahahaha i hate myself for this


I have reached the point in a ship where it has sunken and is now lying at the bottom of the ocean, along with all my emotions. I don’t cry or laugh about BagginShield anymore… I just stare blankly at videos, fanart, and fanfiction.
Goodbye world. Soon I will be joining my emotions at the bottom of the abyss with this ship…