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Seungkwan scenario

Anonymous said: Seungkwan and kisses for the writing thing?


Kisses were the best thing Seungkwan could give you, and he did. Everyday before practice he sent you away with a peck on the cheek, sure it may just be a small kiss but it was the best thing to happen to you in that moment. When ever you were sad or when he would hold you and let you cry into his chest you best believe his soft lips were there to kiss away each and every tear that fell from your eyes.

Seungkwan’s kisses were so sincere, even though they came frequently each one had more love than the one before. When you would get scared of sleeping alone those late night cuddles came in handy, whenever you were close to sleep he would plant a small kiss on the top of your head and sing you too sleep.

Don’t get me wrong Seungkwan gave you many kisses and you definitely gave just as much if not more in return. Whenever he would go to practice just before he would walk out of the door you would pull him in for a hug and stand on your tiptoes to reach his cute little nose, then you would give it a small peck, resulting in Seungkwan scrunching up his face. He loved your kisses more than anything (except his mother of course). Even when he is away visiting his family and you have to stay back you always end your phone calls with a sweet little “mwah”.

People never could understand why you cherished his little kisses so much, and they didn’t have to understand one bit. It was and is the little things that Seungkwan did and does that make you melt inside, you loved him with all your heart and him the same.


Hope you liked it!


hey, so, i know this is a little show-offy, and I’ve learned that nobody likes talking about other people’s success but I just wanted to say thanks for this.

I know this isn’t really that big of a channel, being only 573 subscribers, but that number gets me through the day. it really does. looking at nice comments and all those views is what helps me through crappy days at work, bad news and family drama. I don’t know how to say thanks, but know that you’re legitimately making my life a little better. Yes, I’m shallow enough to depend on youtube subscribers for self worth. sue me

I just wanted to say thank you. for the millionth time. i dunno how else to say it without getting a little personal. you all are great.


lms if u cried a bit