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After reading the recent Fatal Error updates i couldn’t get this scene from Lilo and Stitch out of my head so this happened. :’D

I’d imagine Fatal just lies there purring like some sort of glitched kitten for a few hours with his little blue blankie and flower crown.

EDIT: I’m now aware that i missed a section of Fatals scarf and red strings but im too lazy to fix them now sorry ;w;

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Could you do more of the Kirishima dating Bakugo's little sister fucj please. His stress and Bakugo being so extra gives me life X'D

Ask and you shall recieve, dearest nonnie!!!

Honestly, Izuku wasn’t in the slightest bit surprised that news of Kirishima’s… dilemma… moved so fast. But when he got a plethora of texts from the group chat Iida had set up for himself, Izuku, Uraraka, and eventually Todoroki and Yaoyoruzu, he had to wonder how it had gotten around so fast. They hadn’t even gone back to school yet.

For once in his life, though, he ignored every single text.

He forgot, sometimes, that class 1-A wasn’t all one large group of childhood friends. He forgot that there were some things he took for granted, especially with Kacchan, that the others didn’t know. Y/N was one of those things.

He imagined that Kacchan’s unfortunate cursing habit was to blame for that, though. When someone would teasingly ask him who he was texting on dorm movie nights, he would, without fail, respond with “a little shit who won’t leave me the fuck alone.” To Izuku, this automatically translated to “Y/N, who misses me and is trying to get me to visit even though it’s dangerous for her to be around me,” and Izuku had never thought about the fact that the others didn’t speak “Kacchan” as fluently as he did.

When your name popped up on his phone screen, he picked up without a second thought. “Y/N?”

“Izu-kuuun, I think Mom blackmailed my brother, he was acting weird all night last night! What do I do?”

He couldn’t help a nervous laugh. “Uh, what do you mean by ‘weird?’ Kacchan never acts weirdly.”

All he really wanted to do was stay out of this particular problem. Villains, he could handle any day. He’d almost (almost, but not quite) prefer to relive some of his worst villain experiences back to back over butting into this particular situation. And yet, here he was: friends with you and friends with Kirishima, and… whatever they’d always been (friends? enemies? rivals?) with Kacchan. He didn’t want to take sides or give away information he was supposed to keep secret, and it was all making his head spin. He wouldn’t give up all his new friends for anything, but things had admittedly been a lot simpler when his friend group had comprised of you and possibly your brother.

“He was like, polite. It was weird. But the weirdest part was that he didn’t curse all night. He said stupid once and then he fucking apologized! Izu-kun, what could she have on him that would make him like this?” You sounded legitimately concerned for your brother.

It was all Izuku could do to stop himself from laughing hysterically because Kacchan was the person in the least amount of trouble at the moment. “That… that is pretty weird. Have you talked to him? It’s not like Kacchan to let himself be blackmailed.”

Of course he knew what was going on, there was no way for him not to. He just had no idea how to get involved in a way that would keep Kacchan from exploding, literally.

“Do you honestly think talking to him would help at all?” You scoffed and he could see your disbelief in his mind’s eye. “I wouldn’t be asking you if I did.”

Izuku hesitated. “Maybe talk to your mom? Or Kirishima-k– san. They might know something, if you don’t want to talk to Kacchan.”

“Oooh, that’s a good idea, thanks Izu-kun! Eijirou might know something I don’t.” You hung up before he had a chance to answer.

He doesn’t hear anything more until he gets to school. Kacchan is skulking (and yes, that’s definitely the right word; he has a downright murderous aura around him right now) by the gate, tapping out a message on his phone.

Izuku does his very best to slip by unnoticed, but he also knows better than to think he can get past Kacchan when he’s like this.

“Hey! I gotta talk to you.” He’s hardly being polite, but it’s still not angry enough to make Izuku comfortable. Angry Kacchan is manageable. Civil Kacchan is… scary.

Fortunately, the bell rings for homeroom right at that moment. Izuku keeps walking, doing his best to look like he’s not brushing Kacchan off, though that’s exactly what he wants to do at the moment.

“Y-yeah? What’s up?”

Kacchan easily keeps pace with him. “I know you’re friends with Y/N. Has she talked to you about what happened this weekend?”

The fact that he addresses you by name would be enough to convince Izuku that he’s screwed, even without the telltale twitch in his left eye when he grins. I have nothing to do with this, either, he laments silently.

Izuku gulps. “She told me a little bit. I was really surprised.”

“Hmmm? Surprised? But you two are so close, I’m sure she tells you everything.” Izuku recognizes that smile now; it’s like some demented, hell version of his own. “But I guess I believe you. You’d never lie to me, right Izuku?”

Wow, Izuku really needs to pee all of the sudden.

Luckily, that’s when they reach class, and Kacchan can’t do anything that terrifying while they’re sitting safely behind desks. Kirishima pokes his head in cautiously, seeming to scan the room for an empty seat.

There’s one next to Izuku, who hastily covers it with his backpack. He feels sorry for his friend, but the last time Kacchan was like this, well… there weren’t really words for the terror involved.

Kacchan waves Kirishima down and gestures to the seat next to him, smiling. The blood drains from poor Kirishima’s face. Izuku doesn’t blame him; he knows exactly what Kirishima (and, to some extent, he himself) is in for when they get to the second part of the day that’s reserved solely for hero training.

It’s Mina that approaches Izuku first, during lunch. No one else seems to know how to approach the topic of Kacchan’s increasingly terrifying behavior. Even Aizawa-sensei had seemed a bit put off, losing his teaching rhythm a few times.

But Mina walks right up to the lunch table he shares with Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki, and Yaomomo.

“Deku, what the fuck?”

Izuku shrinks down in his seat. “Why does everyone think I’m the one with all the answers here?”

He knows why. That was a dumb question, and everyone at the table knows it, so none of them address it. He sighs and gives in to the stares he’s getting from too many people. “Yes, Kacchan has a little sister. Yes, Y/N is Kirishima’s boyfriend. No, I didn’t know. Yes, Kacchan is acting like this because he’s angry. Yes, I’ve seen this before. Did I miss anything?”

Mina rolls her eyes. “Only the most obvious thing. This isn’t like you, Deku, you know what I’m asking. How do we stop it?”

He shrugs helplessly because as far as he knows, they can’t. The last time this happened, he was seven. He has no idea how to help them now.


Hey I finally finished the dragon I was working on since… June? May? (it spent most of that time sitting around partially finished) The entire piece was supposed to be based off of a mountain but it kind of devolved into what it is now.

I was going to add accents to the blue-purple ridge along its back but the paint pens were giving me trouble so I just left it as-is.


pjo original trio: percy, annabeth, and grover

“Stop it, both of you!” I felt like my heart was being ripped in two. They had both been with me through so much. I remembered Grover dive-bombing Medusa in the statue garden, and Annabeth saving us from Cerberus; we’d survived Hephaestus’s Waterland ride, the St. Louis Arch, the Lotus Casino. I had spent thousands of miles worried that I’d be betrayed by a friend, but these friends would never do that. They had done nothing but save me, over and over, and now they wanted to sacrifice their lives for my mom.

– the lightning thief

Tord: You can go to your next class or… whatever. Sorry.

Tom: Nah. You’re not bothering me or anything. I’m here for you - you’re Edd and Matt’s friend, it’d be pretty lame of me to just leave you here miserable. I know you hate me, but -

Tom: I’m not gonna ditch you ‘til you feel better. You don’t have to tell me what’s up, but right now you’re stuck with me.