and now i'm gonna wait for the download

The Bates Motel Series finale was everything I could have ever hoped for and more.

Unfortunately… my television reception was not. I missed the last couple minutes; the last thing I saw was what I’m assuming was a close up of Emma holding Katie’s hand. I’m so emotional right now idk if I even wanna talk. It was just… perfect. Perfect fuckin’ finale. Perfect goodbye. True as ever to all characters. Perfect.

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me: wow i’m going to go to bed so early tonight, get back into a normal sleeping pattern, can’t wait!!!

stardew valley: 1.1 beta out now!


  • Lexa: You are running an outdated version of your Emotions App. A new version is available (Heartless 9.0), would you like to download it now?
  • Clarke: Okay, cool.
  • Clarke: I'm gonna get so much done.
  • Lexa: You have reached the end of your 30 day free trial period for Heartless 9.0.
  • Clarke: wait what
  • Lexa: Your files are permanently locked and your contact list has been erased. Everything you've worked on in the last month has been been for nothing. Your account will be deducted $44 for processing fees.
  • Clarke: but wha
  • Clarke: how
  • Lexa: Should've read the Terms and Conditions