and now i'm gonna wait for the download

you’re all gonna have to chill with the cool cc because my carefully cultivated downloads folder is back in double digits, everyone

me: wow i’m going to go to bed so early tonight, get back into a normal sleeping pattern, can’t wait!!!

stardew valley: 1.1 beta out now!



Sarah + hoodies

  • Lexa: You are running an outdated version of your Emotions App. A new version is available (Heartless 9.0), would you like to download it now?
  • Clarke: Okay, cool.
  • Clarke: I'm gonna get so much done.
  • Lexa: You have reached the end of your 30 day free trial period for Heartless 9.0.
  • Clarke: wait what
  • Lexa: Your files are permanently locked and your contact list has been erased. Everything you've worked on in the last month has been been for nothing. Your account will be deducted $44 for processing fees.
  • Clarke: but wha
  • Clarke: how
  • Lexa: Should've read the Terms and Conditions