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a bit delayed because of life and exhaustion, but Happy Valentine’s everyone, however you celebrate or don’t. ran outta time so only simple gif animations for frisk and chara this time around, sorry skelebros~

i for one mainly like it as an extra excuse to throw puns and appreciation at those i care about, to the surprise of no one.


Seriously. Don’t suffer alone. Don’t log off and ignore. Don’t sit in your room and cry by yourself. Don’t hold your breath. Don’t hold back. Don’t think that you shouldn’t be upset because you didn’t know him personally. Don’t be ashamed to call him Chekov instead of Anton. Don’t feel like you need to be strong.

Cry. Scream. Yell. Get on tumblr or Twitter or Facebook and talk to someone, anyone, everyone. Misery loves company and I don’t want to be alone so come talk to me. It’s terrible and sad and you are among friends. So be sad and be angry and maybe, if you’re into it, send up a prayer. It’s okay.

You’re okay. Take a breath. It doesn’t feel like it now (because right now it fucking sucks) but everything will be okay.

I love you, Trekkie.

Longish post, sorry.

So I just kind of wanted you guys to know why I don’t update as often as I’d like to since I’ve had a few people ask about it.

I live in a shitty situation where I’m verbally put down a lot, I’m a single mom with 0 financial support from anyone else and very little physical support when it comes to watching her and taking care of her, and I work. Usually, these things don’t slow me down and I do okay, but I have ((like actually diagnosed, I’m not just saying this)) severe depression and a form of PTSD along with anxiety, which all also cause me to have horrible sleeping patterns ((flip-flopping between not being able to sleep at all to sleeping way too much)), and every so often it all spikes up and becomes super hard to deal with.

Writing is a priority to me, I use it to calm down usually, but right now it’s causing me some distress and I’ve been unable to sit down and do it like I’m used to. I’ll get out of this funk like I usually do, and I know you guys are awesome and supportive and don’t mind me taking my time, but I just wanted to let y’all know why sometimes I fall off the face of the Earth and get weird with being active.

That which has form will disappear, and only that with none will continue

I really adore this quote from the title page this chapter. 

It rings true for many things, like passing the torch to the next successor to carry out a mission:

The people who carry out these actions are not immortal. They will disappear, but their actions themselves aren’t bound by those rules of the universe. 

Even the titan powers abide by these laws. Their physical forms, the people who control them, those change. Yet what each titan symbolizes transcends that.

Kruger: No matter the age, this titan has always moved ahead, seeking freedom. It has fought on for freedom.

(Side note: I refuse to call it the Attack Titan, or even the Advancing Titan. I’m sticking with another translation: the Vanguard Titan)

This is the titan eventually passed down to Eren, and what Kruger said back then proves true. Right from the beginning of the story, it’s clear as day how much Eren strives for freedom. He eventually goes on to join the group of people who also seek out freedom: the Survey Corps. 

It’s fitting that the second to last page of this chapter shows Grisha gazing in awe at a member of this group. Even better, these people represent everything about the quote. The spirit of the Survey Corps has lived on for some time, no matter how many new commanders replaced, how many soldiers lost. That spirit continues on because it isn’t bound by some physical form.

And of course, the deal with the coordinate and the so-called transcending pathways which connect all Eldians – the subjects of Ymir – applies all the same. No matter how many generations pass, those invisible connections are infinite. Sometimes memories and “some outside will” travel across those paths into the next person, formless and continuous. The flesh and blood of the titans are somehow able to do the same, but it still involves the previous owner of that power dying. 

It’s a bizarre and abstract concept, but an interesting plot choice no less. 

I think it’s the “passing of the torch” idea that is most important. The strive for freedom is part of human nature. It is, as the ending quote of the chapter states, a story that must not be stopped. 

Aaaaand, completé.

So (in lip smacking formation), call me crazy, but I unknowingly stayed up all night (9 hours to be exact) and just drew. From boredom and just not being tired. And chose to spend my time doing some quick art for @friisans Altertale AU. I was searching for something to make a thought a quick Altertale before a do a wayyyyy better one would suffice. Hope they like it. 

Enjoy At.Toriel & Ut.Sans Genocide Route! 
P.S. If I left anything out, I truly apologize since my brain is cussing me out for depriving it of rest (ಥ﹏ಥ) P.P.S. Frii, you marvelous genius, thank you for gracing us with this AU. ❤️

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A- Age: 19 

B- Biggest fear: Getting older and realizing I haven’t actually lived or not living up to my full potential. 

C- Current time: 10:25 PM 

D- Drink you last had: Taco Bell’s Airheads Blue Raspberry Freeze 

E- Everyday starts with: Laying in bed for a good 15 minutes thinking about all the stuff I have to do and then accidentally falling back to sleep 

F- Favourite song: My current favorite song is  River by Bishop Briggs 

G- Ghosts, are they real: “Ghosts are real. This much I know. There are things that tie them to a place, very much like they do us. Some remain tethered to a patch of land, a time and date, the spilling of blood, a terrible crime. But there are others, others that hold on to an emotion, a drive, loss, revenge, or love. Those, they never go away.” -  Edith Cushing YOU ALL SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMIN’ HONESTLY WHEN IS IT NOT A GOOD TIME TO DRAMATICALLY QUOTE CRIMSON PEAK 

H- Hometown: It’s a secret (ΦωΦ)

I- In love with: sleep and cats 

J- Jealous of: people who have really close friends.. 

K- Killed someone: No, but I would if I had to do it to survive.

L- Last time you cried: Do blinking back tears count? I won’t let anyone see me cry. 

M- Middle name: It’s a secret (ΦωΦ)

N- Number of siblings: 0 

O- One wish: I want to find true happiness and to be able to say I lived before I die. 

P- Person you last called/texted: Called: Dad // texted: Jessica 

Q- Questions you’re always asked: “Why are you still at work? It’s already 12:00 Am and everyone is gone..” 

R- Reasons to smile: HEAR ME OUT…….Mothman….   Idkkk I can’t pinpoint just one thing;; There’s a lot of reasons to smile but rn I’m just glad I can sleep shot// 

S- Song last sang:  Poker Face by Lady Gaga 

T- Time you woke up: I woke up right as the sun was coming up 

U- Underwear colour: Orange and pink 

V- Vacation destination: Italy or Las Vegas

W- Worst habit: Getting pissed off probably 

X- X-rays you’ve had: teeth and my leg 

Y- Your favourite food: Wine  Pasta probably 

Z- Zodiac sign: Aries 

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