and now i'm going to go back to studying bye

my 3-year-old niece doesn't know sh*t about hp except the characters' names and watching her play with my legos is so painful
  • dobby: harry! harry! come back! someone is going to catch you!
  • harry: yes yes! i'm here, dob-dob!
  • dobby: right now! come right now! it's dangerous!
  • harry: but i need to study with my friends ron and hernie
  • dobby: but it's time to go now harry!
  • harry: are we friends dobby?
  • dobby: yes! would you want to come play at my home sometimes?
  • harry: yes, you are really nice and i like your wings
  • dobby: they're ears
  • harry: you're pretty anyway

hi not to be annoying I’m gonna go back to study in a moment but I literally love got7 so much they have come so far from selling only 600+ albums on the first day for Got It? to 20,000+ albums on the first day for Turbulence. they’ve worked so hard for all of this and they deserve it so much like honestly this album…. with 11/13 songs written by them and everything, it’s literally so amazing… I’m so proud of them and it makes me so happy to see how hyped and happy they are about their comeback. they’re literally so excited and bouncing of walls and I hope we never lose this. seeing their excitement over v apps and small little videos. I hope we never lose the bond we have with them as they become bigger. I hope we’ll always have stupid inside jokes and I hope I’ll never stop loving them.