and now i'm crying again


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.

Wonder Woman is getting a movie. Wonder Woman is getting an epic origin story. Wonder Woman is the main character in a massive blockbuster and she’s not going to be sidelined, shoved into a secondary position, or going to made to look like she’s weak or less than a male. She’s not going to put in a box, labeled romantic interest for no reason than to make her seem more feminine. The male in the story is secondary to her, and will never be made primary over her. Wonder Woman is directed by a woman, made to resonate with women, and not to be objectified by men. Fucking Wonder Woman is happening, and it’s amazing


Commission for @slowmovingsloth of her Asteria Shepard with Thane <3 finally they got to go on a goddamn shore leave. (needless to say that a commission like this is something that completes me entirely hahaha c:)

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*poof* This is the only way I really take selfies…with a snapchat filter. I think that’s going to change. I’ll start showing my scars. Start showing the acne and hives and marks and blemishes. I’m so hard on myself and always looking for validation. All of the stressing doesn’t help. I keep myself from meeting new people because I can’t face the thought of them not liking me. I was always reduced to a joke and made fun of growing up in school. I had thick glasses since I’m almost legally blind. Pepperoni face…like the commercials you see for proactiv where they like to boast the most terrible cases can be cured… I’m unable to take accutane so watching everyone like me in school become clear and bloom into social butterflies made me want to kill myself all the time. I haven’t changed since then. I can’t accept myself. That has to change. I’m becoming violent. I’m acting out against myself. I want peace. I need love. And I can’t be worried about wanting people to like how I look. It is so hard.

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…

I can’t stop thinking about ‘it’s quite surreal’, and 'amazing, yeah. This is incredible, isn’t it?’ Because that’s how Sam and Anthony were last year. And they lost it so fast because people are awful.

With Theo and Samuel we have two young men, at the start of their career, and I just think that as a fandom we should be respectful of them and not invasive or over-excitable or rude or any of the other countless things we could do to them.

They’re human beings, doing a job that should probably be the most amazing, fun job in the world. And it looks like they’re going to be spectacular at it. But can we remember that they are just that? Human beings doing a job. They’re not toys. They’re not play things. They’re not characters. They’re not for us to speculate over or ship. They’re people with lives and families and friendships.

So can we please be kind to them and show them we care about them and value them, and not drive them away and make them jaded? Let them have this amazing experience without us ruining it for them.

They’re so young. And they deserve to enjoy themselves and keep the wonder we saw in the video today. Is that so much to ask? Can people please be nice?

I didn’t see this process play out from the beginning last time, but I know it’s coming this time and it’s horrible. It’s beginning already, and I hate everything about it.

I’m mad. Fucking furious. Fucking furious that a medical professional who oversaw Ava’s first year and a half of life failed to order any of the tests that could have told us her brain wasn’t developing properly A FUCKING YEAR AGO. 

I know that anger is unproductive. I know that I did what I could when I could and I moved us where she would get the care she needed. This is why we came to Cleveland. This right here. Haven’t even been here six months and we’re miles ahead of where we were after 15 months with her old neuro. 

That’s good. That’s helpful. I can take comfort in that. That I didn’t wait any longer to get her where she needed to be. 

Right now she’s fine. She’s perfect. She’s full of life and personality. She is learning and growing and developing just fine. That can change at any moment though. And I have to stay vigilant. I have to be prepared for whatever might happen in her little baby brain. 

Right now I’m learning everything I can about Sturge-Weber Syndrome. About toddler brain development. I’m looking up how we can get her covered by Medicaid to make sure she can get whatever test/procedure she needs regardless of whether my private insurance covers it. 

I’m looking up early intervention services, early head start. Whatever I can do to help the left side of her brain grow normally to compensate for the right side not growing properly. 

I can’t fix her brain. I can’t make her blood vessels unfuck themselves. I can’t make anything in her head be right. 

But I can fight for her. I can get her whatever outside resources are available to her to help mitigate this bullshit her traitorous little brain is pulling. I’m on this. I got this. 

Battle Mom Mode Engaged. 


~there’s no more everyday. 

Reshop, Heda.