and now i'm crying again


This is what happens when I try to make “serious” prints… a retake of modern AU Star Wars, now with MORE terrible shirts!!

(…. and because I’m still not over punk Anakin and hipster Obi-Wan. \m/)

☆ Prints available here

OK I know this has been brought up a lot already, but since his mother is technically a Disney princess….. does this mean Kylo Ren = actual Disney prince Ben Organa-Solo ?? ?

aand to no-one’s surprise this emo space prince is my most terrible of faves

I wish that somehow by listening to Yoongi’s mixtape over and over again, I can take away his pain. All of it. His loneliness, his depression, his anxiety, his phobia. I want him to be happy, I want him to feel loved, I want him to feel better than he’s ever felt in his life.


it’s   true  ;  and   so   will   be   E V E R Y   W O R D
   i   say   to   you   for   the   R E S T   of   my   life
i ’ m  n o t  a s k i n g  f o r  f o r g i v e n e s s  .  .  .