and now i'm almost done w school


~ birthday drawings ! :DDD ~

hello there >w>)/ !

I’m deeply sry I didn’t post anything recently ._.) It’s just that School is pure STRESSSSSS D: not only the upcoming exams…  my classmates and I gotta work for School too x///x 14 shifts, where we have to sell winning tickets because of a certain Festival-Event in my hometown ~.~ we all feel sort of abused because we need to sacrifice almost every free hour we have.

ugh. I’ll be so happy if that’s over xD but just to let you know that there are less fanarts in the future D’: I’ll still try my best >o< ! there will be at least a b-day pic for the Servamp-charas :D ! <3



Tadaaaaa ~ some birthday drawings I drew recently :DDD !

1. @servampfanarts - Licht n Looooooooooorres >w>) ~

2. @sleepy-onigiri - Tetsu ‘n Hugh :>

3. @juliusagi - your Neko-husbando Kurooooo >3<) !

4. @sleepyashthecat - Kuro x Pillow x'DDD <3

I also drew sth for my Servamp-best-tomodachi Kasumi xD but that’s just personal stuff with Insider and so on ~ well, since these People are reaaaally reaaally amazing  they deserve a gift for their bday :DDD ! ~ <3 ( and there are more upcoming soon xDDDD ! )
I love this fandom in General v.v) <3 <3 I still can’t believe that there are so many friendly and funny People 8(>////<)8 !

and… it’s not just me that links ServampCharas with ServampFans, ne ? like… when I think of SleepyOnigiri I instantly think of the Pride Pair and vice versa :D or sleepyashthecat is THE REAL LIFE KURO XDDDD Rhomi will be mah Lichtan forever, even if she’s cosplaying Lawless next month x’D and Juliusagi, I always link her with a Picture of a fluffy-kawaii-neko-cottoncandy-Kuro or sth xDDD


but every Fan has its own personality and it’s just interesting to meet those People x'DDD <3