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Hey, can you do a better version of this attempt at Klance? Ive never watched the show but my best friend talks about it all the time to me and she asked me to make fanart for her. This is what i got, im not a great artist at all. But i want to see if you can put it in your style and when youre done tag hemmoshalo and i? I will love you forever!

There you go my man. Keep drawing!! You’ve got great potential!

During the final battle against the Galra
  • Lance: (shooting Galra soldiers) will you marry me?
  • Keith: I don't think now's the best time.
  • Lance: now may be the only time! I love you. I've made my choice, what's yours?
  • Keith: (over intercom) Allura, marry us!
  • Allura: I'm a little busy at the moment!
  • Hunk: seriously, guys?
  • Allura: *sighs* dearly beloved, we be gathered here today...
  • Shiro: skip that, say your vows!
  • Lance: Keith Kogane, do you take me to be your husband?
  • Keith: I do. Lance McClain, do you take me to be your husband, in sickness and in health, with health being less likely?
  • Lance: I do.
  • Allura: as princess of Altea I now pronounce you...
  • (fighting sounds)
  • Allura: you may kiss...
  • (more fighting sounds)
  • Allura, Shiro, Pidge, Hunk and Coran: JUST KISS!

Hiiiii 💛 

I’m finally home and I’ve missed you all a lot. So sorry for the longish radio silence and for letting my queue run out. Didn’t mean for it to happen, but life.

I did have a great time on my travels, though, and it helped me put some things in perspective, which is always good. 

And another apology to all of you lovely people that tagged me in stuff and sent me sweet messages I didn’t get to respond to yet. I will do my best to do it this weekend and if it was something that you really want me to see/that I missed…PLEEEEASE tell me, tag me …talk to me? 💛

xo, Jas

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best friends its a reach they are often in their same events but they dont travel together like sophia or party together like sophia smith again , like lottie and sophia smith are actually close friends now

you are on a larrie blog… than believes that louis and harry are in a relationship…. you? trying to tell me? that lottie and gemma aren’t best friends? is literally worse? than if you tried to talk to a brick wall? save your breath, mate.


“Why do these characters, why are they so connected to one another? You know this film explores that connection. “ - Scarlett Johansson

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Wrex - 10 and 16~

Ok, this one’s hard…lol. But thanks for asking. I’ll do my best! :)

10 - fears/phobias - ME1 - I would say Wrex has a fear of doing what, in his heart of hearts, he knows needs doing, namely going home and leading his people. Whether that’s because he feels inadequate for the task, or he just thinks it will be too much work/put a crimp in his style, I’m not sure. ME2 & 3 - Now that he’s taken on the responsibility, his biggest fear is of failing his people. Of what type of legacy he’ll leave behind. He wants to succeed in rebuilding the krogan race into the proud people it once was, but feels like time and circumstance are working against him. (Thankfully Commander Shepard is one of his bff’s and together they can kick some major ass and cure the genophage!)

16 - Dark secrets/skeletons in the closet - Well, I imagine that he kept the thing about killing his own father a secret, and that Shepard was the first person he trusted enough to tell. Besides that I feel that, while he’s content to keep to himself and doesn’t reveal much of his inner thoughts, he’s not necessarily ashamed of anything he’s done in the past. I feel that krogan are a promiscuous race - by necessity due to the genophage - so there wouldn’t be any sexual secrets to hide. Unless maybe he has a secret human fetish or something like that. And the nature of the krogan race is such that I can’t imagine what would qualify as committing an act so heinous that he would feel the need to keep it hidden. All that being said, there is very little known about his personal history, simply because he rarely deems anyone worthy of telling the tales. 

Here’s the post if you want to ask.

So, tell me about boys.“ He said sitting next to me.

"What do you want me to say? There is no boy right now.” I admitted.

“ Aren’t they good enough for you?”

“ Probably” I answered.

“They aren’t you and that’s the problem” I thought but I knew I couldn’t tell him that. He was my best friend

—  I don’t care about other boys
mugenjo replied to your post “me: oh man it’s so hard to write lance i never know whether he’s in…”

you just nail it when you write him don’t worry

?????????? you people are all so nice to me ;A; thank you though. i’m glad that my struggling seems to pay off :’)

 Finished! :’’’DDD

Welp… I didnt know  what to do to the background so I just made some horizontal strokes to fill up the space ;_;

I’ll think of some better background… In the near future…

Please let me know if this is actually too dark or this has too much contrast because I’ve had some issues latlely with my computer screen and I really dont know the real colour o this portrait TTvTT

If so, I’ll fix it and repost it

“Burr you disgust me.”

For the Anon who asked me to draw a Modern AU, I don’t know if that counts but that’s a modern Angelica! Seriously asking me to draw modern AU is the best way to see the character with sidecuts and super eccentric looks!

I had no idea what I was doing when I was coloring this but I really like the result!

Also I apologize, it’s still rough around the edges and unfinished but I am very tired and if I don’t post it now I never will!

EDIT: OH MY GOD I’m so tired I completely forgot, I reached 200 followers today THANK YOU ALL I LOVE YOU!!!

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: the same girl keeps showing up in Joe's snapchat and there is a large probability that they are dating and that breaks my jaspar trash heart, but I'm going to pretend it doesn't because I don't have any "claim" on Joe and it's his life that he can do anything or anyone he wants, but I'm never going to not ship jaspar even though I know they are probably just roommates and best friends, but don't remind me that because I already know and I cry a little every time I remember, but I'm still fine

hi everyone,

i’m going on a hiatus. i’m not sure how long it will be - it could be a week or a month, maybe a little more than that. i’ve been really stressed out lately because of school and tumblr is adding to my anxiety level. i’m getting to a better place mentally and spiritually and tumblr is inhibiting my growth as of right now, so i am separating myself from it for a little while. right now i want to better myself and getting off of tumblr would help immensely because it takes up a most of my time, and i need to learn to focus on other things.

whenever taylor does something new i will make gifs/edits and post them and i might post a couple edits on the side, but besides that there will only be queued posts.

the latest i should be back is may 2nd, the day i go home for summer break after all my finals. if any of you really want to talk to me and see how i’m doing, my snapchat is maplelatte.

thank you for bearing with me through this. i love you all. see you guys when it’s hot outside!

-alyssa ♥

The Problems With 'What Would Clarke Do?'

 I’ve been wanting to rant about this whole ~*~What would Clarke do~*~ mentality that’s been slowly dominating season 2 and pissing me off more with every episode, and that, in 2x09 went from ‘annoyance’ to 'okay we have a serious problem on our hands here’ for a while and the points made by lovely people in this post here tipped me over the edge so here. Eh, this is going to get long, you know the drill by now people, venture under the cut for more detailed thoughts on this subject. 

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You know what the best part is?

Knowing that whatever Westallen scene(s) we get tonight will actually be Barry and Iris and not Iris and some random dude who happens to look like Barry at the moment. 

“You must really dislike her”

“Thing is, I don’t. I really wish I do because at least, there would be some reason for me to scream at him for what he did. I guess when someone you love falls for another, it’s supposed to break you apart, it did at first. But then I saw her and I talked to her a bit and I understand it all now. I wish her the best, she needs it the most”

—  Excerpt From A Book I’ll Never Write // I don’t hate her at all

Do I text you? Because I know what it feels like to be forgotten and down on life.

Or do I put myself first for once in my life? Because you have made it clear that you have new friends now and don’t need me.

I want to be this hard ass chick that doesn’t care, and just cuts contact with you until you come crawling back.

But I’m scared by playing this hard to get game that I am making you feel the way I let you made me feel for months.

—  Love is conflicting, I need to leave but I think I want to stay.