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“You have so many fingers, Sara!”

My Pathfinder and her new Angaran family. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m seriously so in love with Jaal and his family (and the Angara in general…) ‘cause like… You were all alone in this new galaxy. Your mom and dad are both dead, and your sibling was in a coma and… Jaal and his family are just like “You’re part of our family now. :)” and it’s just so warm and loving. Gives me warm fuzzies.

View in High Res, pls! I put some little details into the male Angaran’s faces you might not be able to see too well otherwise.

Games and the illusion of choice

We finished our session of d&d about an hour ago, and then I gave a ride home to our dm. And we were talking about a lot of things, including the premise of Dungeons and Dragons. He explained that d&d is a world exploration game with a story line, and that the dm is in charge of running that story and taking into account the choices our characters make.

I mentioned that, as a child, I had a choose your own adventure book. It was about a group of kids who find this alien creature thing in a pond. When I first read it, I went through it like you’re supposed to. Then I went back to the last choice I made and changed it, to see what ending I’d get instead. After that, I started from the beginning and looked into every choice I could make to see what affect it had on the story. I thought it fascinating the way one path of choices gives you one ending, but I different path can give you the same ending, but with different events in the middle. I learned how every decision you make adds to the story, and I was never disappointed with the end result.

Now there’s this game called Untill Dawn. I know Markiplier and jacksepticeye played it. It’s based around the butterfly effect, the idea that every decision influences the way the story goes. But as I watched mark play it, I realized that this wasn't​ true. The decisions you make don’t change the story, just who dies. Say your character is running through the forest. You see two paths, the left one an overgrown shortcut, the right a clear path that takes much longer. Say you choose the right path. Nothing happens and the story continues as planned. But if you take the left, a bear jumps out and eats you. The story still continues, but with a different character. So the choice to go left didn’t drastically change the story, in fact it barely did at all. And maybe youll get an alternate ending, but not because of your decisions.

See there’s this thing with cons that I’ve learned from tv and books. To run a truly successful con, you let the target think they are in control. You let them think that any idea they have is theirs, though you planned it out. With my cyoa book, every choice I made freely. I knew somewhat of the affect it would have. So when I got to the end, I was happy with the ending because everything I did led up to it. I had that control. But now games like Untill Dawn, Mass Effect, and probably any Telltale games have limited endings. So what you choose really doesn’t affect much.

I have a great respect for DMs. They create a beautiful fantasy world that you want to explore every inch of. But there is still a story you should follow. Yes I could easily wreck the game and do whatever I wanted. One of our campaigns is in the underdark, but I could easily leave to explore the surface. But then I would never experience the story. So I try and follow it along, because I know it will show me even more about this strange new place. But DMs can never plan for everything. They have this one path that they try to keep us on. So they have to give us this illusion that we are in control of what we do. DMs give us choices of how we want to do things, and I think it’s fucking incredible. They have to plan for what they want us to do, and find ways to hint, and yet still be able to completely improvise on the spot.

It just reminds me of this moment from Critical Role. Matt Mercer is DMing his party on a quest. The party stops at a village and decide to go into the local temple. Matt whips out a map he’d drawn up beforehand. One of the players commented “You drew the temple because you knew that’s where we’d go?” And Matt replied:

“I drew the entire city, because I didn’t.”

My Ace Relationship (AKA How I Found I Was Ace Too)

rimewasted-icequeen submitted:

This is a happy relationship story, despite my own acephobic reactions at one point :D

I’ve been in a relationship for eleven and a half years now with my fiancée. I’m very sex-orientated, and at one point was actually borderline addicted to it - long story short, I had a hell of an upbringing and that combined with the fact I’m trans and an ex-sex worker meant a lot of my issues went into personal contact. I didn’t know when we started going out that my partner didn’t enjoy sex and figured other people were just saying they did to sound cool/because of peer pressure - and she didn’t know about asexuality at that point. I always thought there was something off a bit, but at that point I wasn’t mature at all and neither was she, really, so we didn’t really talk about it - and I could also get quite…manipulative about it as well, thanks to above issues and me not realising I was doing it. 

Fast forward about five, six years, and we both find Tumblr, and suddenly my partner discovers a name for how she feels: sex-repulsed asexual. Suddenly she’s not ‘broken’ in her mind, everything makes sense and the relief she must have felt…we’d both grown up by this point, but now she had to tell me - the very sex-orientated, sex-enjoying transguy that felt his only worth was physical - that she didn’t like sex. 

Now, we very, very much loved each other - still do - and I’d grown and learned that I’d been manipulative and packed that in pretty quickly. I still had my problems, as you’ll soon see, but I tried my best to try and stop them. But the sex petered off, and me being me, I assumed she was rejecting me so…kinda asked about it and got pretty defensive with it. I could hear the old nastiness coming out so I was trying very hard to be non-defensive and manipulative, even warning her to tell me if she thought I was be so that I could stop that before it happened.

And then she blurted out she was Ace and…I didn’t react well, immediately taking it personally. I’m not going to go into details as I’m sure you’ve heard most of the things. Suffice it to say I took it personally, like she was taking a toy away from a child. There were a couple of other things not related to the asexuality that made it worse, so it wasn’t entirely acephobia behind it and was more mixed with ignorance, but yeah. I was a dick, and I wince thinking about it now. 

Her being the wonderful person she was, she actually suggested an open relationship, which I immediately went ‘oh hell no’ to as a kneejerk reaction. We did nearly break up over it, though as I said, there were other factors at play. But yeah. It was serious stuff.

Anyway, it took me a couple of weeks to chill out and think it over, not helped by the other factors (not to do with this so not being mentioned here). After I’d worked my way through them and apologised for upsetting her with me being an ignorant twit, I actually asked her about it - all of it - and listened, which I should have done at the start but was too defensive and bull-headed to. She told me about asexuality, about being sex-repulsed, about how it had nothing to do with how she felt about me emotionally. That honestly, it had nothing to do with me at all - she just really did not like sex. Orgasms were great, sorta, but so was playing Mass Effect - she just didn’t care about them enough to want to get through the ick.

Eventually we agreed to trying the open relationship thing. I’m now in a happy polyamorous relationship with her and my Koto, and we’re stronger because of it - god, I couldn’t be happier.

BUT it doesn’t end there.

See, my fiancée pointed me in the right direction to read about asexuality - this blog being the first I looked at - and I read everything. I wanted to understand this, so I could make her happy without making her compromise - because she tried, for me, but it was making her miserable so we decided to stop it. It was how I discovered about romantic and sexual attraction not being the same. And slowly, I discovered several somethings about myself in reading all of this - that I’m quoiromantic, and that I myself sit very squarely on the Ace spectrum - first as demisexual, and then as I learned and grew, as an asexual person myself. I’m still very sex-positive and treat it more as a chocolate bar - I enjoy it if it’s there, but I’m not going to bother getting out of the chair to go to the shops if I haven’t got it. I also realised that I don’t really experience sexual attraction. I can appreciate aesthetics, and if I’m in a sexual situation then whoop, but outside of it I’m just…not bothered. 

My fiancée now is so much happier with who she is and relaxed, as am I, and our relationship is so so much stronger because of it. I do have sex with my Koto, but I no longer feel the driving need to have it all the time like I used to (another thing to chalk up to addiction there). We’re heading towards the sixth year with all three of us, and I can’t imagine it could be any better, honestly :D


This game. Oh. My. God. I can’t … I don’t … Oh. My. God.

No spoilers I promise but I’ve been playing for a little over four hours now, it’s 1am and I’m determined to keep going until either my ten hour trial is up or the story stops progressing (which is what the trial is supposed to do) because DAMN! I’ve waited so long for this and it’s everything I was hoping for and more!

I can’t wait to be able to keep playing past the trail on the 21st and see how it all goes down!

Also, can we just talk about how cool Vetra is? I want her to be my BFF.

Self-Rec Challenge

Tagged by @notebookalpha​ (thank you!). I’m horrible at tagging people, so if you see this, please consider this an invitation. I want to see what you’ve done! 

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.

Honestly, my top five can change depending on the day and how I feel about that specific pairing. So we’ll go with what I feel right now. :D

1. Banner of the First Regiment (Mass Effect, Gen, Rated G)

Summary:  A civilization of war nerds, that’s what turians were called. On a mission to help morale, Garrus Vakarian and Adrien Victus do everything they can to live up to that stereotype.

Why I love it: This was a gift fic for my Bee. I just had so much fun writing it, and trying to figure out how exactly Garrus and Victus would get along during a mission. 

2. Hardware Installation  (Mass Effect, Shakarian, Rated T)

Summary: Garrus and Shepard help EDI get ready for the ‘next step’ with Joker, and discover a few new things of their own.

Why I love it: How can you not love a fic that involves installing a fleshlight in an AI? It’s the first Mass Effect fic I wrote. The first Shakarian fic I wrote. It’s what got me involved in fandom. And for that, I will love it forever. 

3. Demons, A History (Dragon Age, Gen-ish, Rated T)

Summary:  They’re always lurking. A prickle in the back of his mind or an undefined shadow. Thom Rainier’s fought demons his whole life. And it’s harder than ever to fight them once he meets the Herald. A study on Blackwall, Haven, and testing resolve.

Why I love it: This fic taught me so much it’s not even funny. It’s the first fic that I decided it was okay to completely redo and scratch the original concept. It was terrifying and sometimes a little discouraging to scrap so much work. But I’m so damn proud of the final result. 

4. five times thom rainier fucked and one time he made love (Dragon Age, Blackwall, Rated E)

Summary: Sex has always been Thom Rainier’s favorite way to relax, celebrate, and especially to forget.

Why I love it: I ended up writing this in one weekend, right in the ‘Thom the Prick’ craze that happened. (Almost two years ago. How has it been two years?) I just loved the idea of exploring how Thom used sex throughout his life. Plus, it really helped me delve into my qunari grandmother inquisitor, Narrah. 

5. Waiting (swtor, Jorgan/Trooper, Rated T)

Summary: Five years is forever when waiting for someone you love…

Why I love it: I was on pins and needles waiting for Jorgan to come back in kotfe. I knew I had to write something that would go over those five years when Wynneth was in carbonite. I took a risk and wrote it in second person, which I think worked out really well.

It’s Insanity Run Stream Night!!

It’s Friday night, so I’m FINALLY ready to get my Andromeda Insanity game up and running again! We’re heading to Aya, WHERE I CAN FINALLY PICK UP JAAL and then people can pick if I go to Voeld or Havarl first. YOUR CHOICE.

The stream is gonna start around 8:30-9pm EST! Which is approx one hour from now. The stream will be here and I’ll reblog when everything is up and running. Hope to see you then!

Originally posted by starsandskies

Alright, I definitely live in the wrong time-zone. I turn off my computer, everything is fine, I sleep, I wake up, boot up the computer, go to Tumblr, and EVERYWHERE I look I see the letter from Bioware, stating Mass Effect Andromeda has come to its end. 
And do you know what else I see (for the most part)? Not words of thanks for creating such a wonderful game, not words of support or encouragement. I see posts where people complain (again) about any decision Bioware made with Andromeda. Like, could you not? 

I am as disappointed as anyone in the fandom right now, I really love (not loved) the game and I would be so happy if we had any DLCs, tying up all the loose ends, more character development, etc. 

But you can’t just force Bioware. You can try to convince them, persuade them, but stop that damn complaining and the toxicity that somehow automatically comes with it. Be grateful for what we have. And be patient. Maybe there will be new content for Mass Effect. 

And I also see a lot of people saying they are feeling demotivated to create new Mass Effect content (pictures, fanfictions, headcanons, beautiful screenshots) and I don’t really understand why. 
Since when is it a problem for a fandom when there’s no canon-content? Like, do you want to know what happens with Ryder’s mom? Go, write a story or a comic or think about it yourself. Share it. The fandom is BIG and there are so many people willing to experience your ideas with you! 
You want to see an explicit scene with Reyes and Ryder? Draw it, create it, make it happen! We won’t be seeing official ME-content for a while and that’s just how it is now. Don’t let that drive you away from the fandom. Now is the time to think even more about headcanons, about AUs or fanfictions that could explain what the game did not. 

Please don’t let this fandom die, don’t hate Bioware for their decision, stay motivated and help us create more content for this fandom with incredible potential. 

Also: Look at that wonderful letter from @pathfindersemail
It’s great. Read it. It helps.

Stay creative, guys! <3

anonymous asked:

can I have a list of all the mass effect au chapters?

Honestly it’s kinda a hodgepodge of items with no particular rhyme or reason. But let’s see what we can do.

Mina’s writing:

one | two | three | Steps to PurgatoryA Distant Shore | and what I am just this second deeming the N7 Hoodie Era: A Home Once and For All | four | five | six 

There’s also this wonderful piece by @ragingserenity

I use the “pjo mass effect au” tag for everything on my blog, so that’s where the art ends up as well.

And that’s everything I know about I think? For now.

littlebabybee  asked:

I just wanted to say that I'm rlly happy that blogs like yours are still giving the ME trilogy the love they deserve. I know you're a newer fan but it's still so cool that my favorite game is still getting all the love!!!! It's been my favorite game series since the very first game came out and I'm just so glad to see its lasting effects!!! Thank you for loving Garrus as much as I do and for appreciating my favorite game!!!!!! 💞

woah, you’ve been a fan for a long time! you must have seen everything by now..fandom wise. I’m kinda sad I wasn’t a fan when mass effect was still new, there must have been so many people, so much hype. but on the other hand..a few years ago I wouldn’t have become a fan. my taste was too different then. 

and believe me, there are so many people who only become a fan now. I’m so grateful that the fandom is still so active and big. I’ve seen some people who said the mass effect fandom is small, but compared to so many other fandoms I’ve way. mass effect posts can get 10k notes in a couple of weeks or months. even now. that is HUGE for me. the people here are so active, share their stuff, their views and interpretations, they send me messages, ask me stuff, they are so nice. and it blows my mind. 

and this just proves how amazing mass effect is. there’s still such an active community even now, it still has such an impact. 

thank you for your nice message!! 

So, everything is sorted, ME2 is on the drive it should have been on, so now I can open programs n stuff without getting a warning about lack of room XD

I got my Shepard from ME1 imported & I started playing. I’d actually played the very beginning of ME2 on PS3 already but didn’t feel anything much during the opening scene, it was just like, whoops, that’s a bad way to start a game

This time however…feels, so many feels. The crew, the Normandy, Kaidan..and then seeing what happened to my Shepard, my character who I’d grown so used to during the hours of playing the first game. It really meant something this time and I’m glad I played the first game.

Sidenote, I like how she looks with scars XD

Shepard Manages a kindergarten... Adventures with Garrus and Kasumi
  • Shepard: KASUMI STAY!
  • Kasumi: I got this!
  • Kasumi: THIS IS SPARTA!
  • Shepard: And she is dead...
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Shepard: Garrus, STOP!
  • Garrus: What, what am I doing?!
  • Garrus: Getting Friendly fire here Shepard!
  • Shepard: I will give you friendly fire you lumbering idiot! *shoots directly in the head out of frustration*
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Shepard: Take Cover!
  • Kasumi: On it!
  • Kasumi: Now you see me...
  • ___________________________________________________________
  • Garrus: Concussive Shot Ready!
  • Garrus: Woops, I missed!
  • Shepard: Damn it man! Shoot the Merc!
  • Garrus: And I missed again!
  • Shepard: Why do I have to do everything myself!
  • Shepard: Sharpshooter my ass...

Just got to the ending of mass effect 3, I did a really stupid thing (considering that I can’t save my game) and wanted to see if I could shoot the child on the crucible. I pretty much shat myself when this deep voice said “so be it”

SHHHHHIIITTT. Now I have to do it all again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Curiosity killed the cat ehh??

Note to self. Don’t shoot the kid… Now I have to redo everything :(

mxttart  asked:

My fav is ME3! Even if I cried during the last 2 hours non-stop (and basically at every priority mission) I loved the emotional input every character got. No one was left unaffected by the happenings of either 3 or the entire trilogy. The soundtrack also has a special place in my heart <3. The gameplay itself is my fav out of the trilogy and the DLCs were all perfect too. And having Kaidan/Steve as a romance meant a lot for me. My space husbands <3 I have like 10 playthroughs now.

I completely agree with everything!!

and honestly, I really like how mass effect becomes more and more lgbt friendly the newer the game is. Sometimes I see fans who want more gay and bi characters and I completely understand and maybe this is a normal thing in western games, I don’t know. I’ve only played japanese games before mass effect and japan just isn’t as advanced as america in that regard, but I was honestly so impressed when I played mass effect and gay people, a gay romance is a completely normal thing.

I’m very happy for all msheps who could romance kaidan and cortez.

Now that I’ve compared XV to Mass Effect 3 I’m realizing that’s more true of a comparison than I’d like. Because you see your character fight against all odds. They do everything they’re supposed to to beat the Big Bad. But then you find out in the end your main character dies no matter what and saving the world is supposed to be your own personal satisfaction, even though the world left after it has been ravaged and destroyed.

Mass Effect 3 though at least gives you some kind of an epilogue so in a way XV is actually worse.

Long time no-tumblr lol. I think my last post was like almost 2 years ago or something? I decided to start posting again after seeing how many people prefer this over other art sites. I should have known by now, but whatever. Better late than never.

So these are some prints I did for Fanime 2014. I had wanted to do more, but between finals and everything else going on I had only 2 new things done, along with some older work. I’ll post the other one tomorrow. For now, have a Garrus.

And yeah, I’ll definitely be posting more in the future in general :P.

thedorfmuffin  asked:

What about questions 5, 22, and 30? :3

Answered 5.

22. Are you confident that you’re improving steadily?

My work in March:

My work now:

I’d say I’ve made insane improvements inside of just 5 months, and I can only see myself going forward from here. I’m very confident in my ability to continue to excel at what I do.

30. What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?

Gosh, everything. everyone? This amazing fandom is so inspiring right now it hurts, honestly. I thought the Mass Effect fandom was inspiring; no there are SO MANY great amazing talented artists and writers in this fandom and I can’t get enough of it. So yeah, Gravity Falls inspires me. My fans inspire me. My best friends inspire me. AUs inspire me. I have to say that while I’m still not where I want to be, I am surrounded by amazing, heart-felt, incredible people who want me to succeed. It is truly astounding how just having a positive base to stand on can change so much in attitude, confidence, and the ability to move forward and excel and achieve so many things.

I’m finally taking a break from months of film work, and my first Saturday night finds me on a hot date with Mass Effect’s sexy, kick-arse Commander Shepard.

It’s been too long. ;)

In other news, Bioware did an awesome job with everything about this series. The gameplay, world design, and above all the strong characters that drive the rich story are all ace. As a hardcore Baldur’s Gate fan, it’s wonderful to see how their games have developed over the years, yet retained what made them great.

Rock on, Bioware!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have one of the best fictional female fighters in modern gaming to get back to…


My casual Shepard cosplay is finally finished :D I’m going to wear it on “Pyrkon” Polish Convention next week and I’m sooo excited!

Some buttons are missing because I had no idea it was that hard to stick them into pockets x__X Now I have to wait for new ones, will add them next week :)

As you can see belt with pockets is made of two separate parts, photo was done before sewing them (I just couldn’t wait and had to make a photo xD) that’s why it might look like one part stands out. Now after sewing it’s all nice and everything is in place :D

Because I really enjoyed Citadel dlc, I made  M-11 Suppressor for this cosplay too ^^

Let me know what do you think! <33