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Monsta X Reacting to You Doing Aegyo for the First Time - Request

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Literally all he’d say when you do that, as you would start blushing in complete embarrassment, saying that you must have looked so stupid. He would deny all your negative thoughts saying that you were extremely adorable, giving a tight bear hug after. 


“Oh my god y/n~ THAT’S SO CUTE~~~~” 

He’d be dying by himself even hours after you did aegyo. You’d regret it immediately as he would not stop talking about it for the next week. He would beg for you to do it again as you would one more time as he would not stop asking. He’d be fanboying by himself while you awkwardly watched him. 

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“Oh oh oh! I’ll do it with you y/n!” 

He knew how uncomfortable it must be for you to do aegyo for the first time in front of him so he’d attempt to create a more chill atmosphere. He’d definitely make you laugh as he would then compliment how adorable you were, causing you to feel your face warm up. 


“You look so cuuuuuuuuuuuteeeee!” 

Awkwardly, you would do aegyo in front of Kihyun as it would bring a big smile to his face. He’d shower you with kisses and hugs and cause you to feel the awkward aftermath with Kihyun trying to ease how awkward you were. 


“I can’t with you, you’re literally good at everything.” 

He’d be smiling to death with his toothy smile seeing you do aegyo, a big reason why you felt awkward after. He thought you were perfect then, but now, he thought you were past perfect as he would be telling you how he didn’t deserve someone as beautiful as you, feeling your cheeks turn a light pink. 



“Oh that’s so cool! I can do that too y/n!” 

“Jooheon no—” 

Doing aegyo to Jooheon would probably be the easiest with him because he was already the first one to act cute to you. He’d mimic your aegyo after, causing you to laugh so hard as he would make that cute high pitched voice while cutely moving his hands to his face. You would cup his face, squishing it as you would tell him he was so much more adorable than you. 


“Ah… What do I do…” 

You’d think it was awkward already doing aegyo to I.M? He’d probably feel even more awkward and embarrassed than you as he saw this different side of you. Of course, after a minute of silence, he’d then tell you that you were adorable and would actually attempt to do aegyo too, failing miserably. It did help lighten the mood though, causing you to fall on the ground laughing with tears in your eyes with a bright red I.M standing there ruffling his hair. 

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