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i already see so many people ship kaia with claire and it's so funny to me because like right after episode 9 aired, i've seen some people ship kaia with jack for some reason and now that wayward sisters is out, everyone is like "no shoo shoo, no hetero ships here! nuh-uh only queer couples allowed!" and honestly i live for that! and i haven't even seen the new wayward sisters episode yet

I honestly think it’s because there was significant effort made by the writers to parallel Kaia/Claire and Dean/Cas in “Wayward Sisters”. @margarittet made a great gifset highlighting this very thing. And since we have years, and years, and years of watching and shipping destiel, it really only took one episode running on destiel highlights for the audience to go “gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay”. 

Arguably the frustrating thing that came out of it, was the immediate actor/writer support of “dreamhunter” (x x) when we’ve fillayed ourselves alive for nearly a decade for confirmation outside a shadow of a doubt for destiel. 

But you know what? I’ll take dreamhunter, and I won’t complain, because I’m with you, nonny. Gimme all the gay. Now get out there and go watch Wayward on the CW app or somewhere official so it ticks those views up!!!

This means nothing. The videos in the YouTube Channel means nothing.

No offense to anyone who’s hoping about this, but this thing is getting tiresome and annoying asf now. No, MCR will never return. There will never be a tour.
They cleared that already.

All of us are entitled to our own opinions but tbh, hyping up this thing is just annoying.

I hope the whole fandom realize that the members already made it clear that there will be no tour, and that it’s evident they’re all doing their own thing now.

If I’m wrong, sure that’ll be nice. But this isn’t the first time this happened.

I know some of y'all are really emotional about this, but it’s better if you don’t get your hopes up.

I love you everyone. I’ll probably receive negative stuff about what I said but I’m sorry, im just tired of things like this.

Seeing TLJ for a second just made me hate Poe’s arc even more Rian literally wrote him as some sexist scumbag and everyone’s praising Rain Johansson for that…….when that’s literally not poe and just sad lol….and you aren’t a feminist if you think that’s a good thing because a lot of kids probably looked up to him and finally saw themselves on screen and then Rian went and just…Did That………….but like I see now why people are writing hate articles about poe because rians poe is fucking bad and not how poe is at all….and it was just….sad….

“i don’t see the heathers as villains”

okay, here is a very good reason why the reboot is not going to gel with me.

i love villains, i love them, but sometimes reconstructing them as the heroes just doesn’t work narratively. we can have sympathetic villains, we can have villains who are deliberately coded to become heroes after much strife, but to just be like “well, everyone loves the villain when they do villainous things, so therefore they’re the main characters now!” isn’t … good. the only difference between them and j.d. is that they have social power that doesn’t need to be violent to be effective, and veronica’s whole arc is learning to thread the needle between desiring change and forcing yourself to be kind. all the changes they’ve made just make that whole theme a MESS.

Soulmate AUs

All these AUs were created by multiple different people on Tumblr, some of them you can find as a Tumblr post screenshot on Pinterest. Just recapping the many types of Soulmate AUs out there! Feel free to use any of them!

Sidenote: How I title these AUs are gonna suck. You have been warned.

Timer Soulmate AU! Where there’s a timer on your wrists that counts down to when you meet your soulmate.

First Words Soulmate AU! Where you know the very first words your soulmate will ever say to you or what you’ll first hear them say when you meet.
Alternative: Same thing but you know the words once you turn 18.

Last Words AU! Where you know the last words your soulmate will ever say to you. You don’t know you met them till you lose them.

Age Soulmate AU! Where you stop aging at 18 till you meet your soulmate.

First Touch Soulmate AU! Where there’s a black stain where you and your soulmate should make first contact. Like someone has a black stain over their knuckles. That means they’re going to punch their soulmate (probably at least) upon first meeting and contact.

Writing Soulmate AU! When you write on your skin the same mark appears on the same place as your soulmates. Such as if you doodle on your skin your soulmates gets those doodles on their skin.

Your Name Soulmate AU! Where you have your soulmates name on your wrist. First or last name (up to you).
Alternative: Name appears once you’re 18.
Alternative: It’s your enemies name on your wrist.
Alternative: Both your soulmates name and enemies name, you don’t know which is which.

Other Half Soulmate AU! At birth you are given a necklace that is the missing half of your soulmate’s necklace.

Colour Blind Soulmate AU! Where you’re completely colour blind till you meet your soulmate
Optional: Things go back to black and white when they die.
Optional: Except of when you meet your soulmate its when you and your soulmate first touch.

Sharing Pain Soulmate AU! Where bruises, cuts, blisters, and such appear on your skin if your soulmate gets them and visa versa. Like if you get a paper cut your soulmate gets the same cut.
Optional: You don’t feel the pain of it. Or you do feel the pain of it and can help treat the wound so your soulmate is okay.

Hues Of Hair Soulmate AU! Where you have a strip of your soulmates hair colour on your wrist and when they dye their hair it changes.

Colour Of Your Eye Soulmate AU! Where you only see in the colour of your soulmates eyes, you can’t see other colours till you meet them. Like if your soulmate has blue eyes you can only see blue till you meet them.
Alternatively: You can’t see the colour of your soulmates eyes. Not until you lock eyes with them and see a whole new colour in them.

Light Of The Heart Soulmate AU! Where the center of your chest glows when you and your soulmate meet.
Ex: That one comic that has the nerd in the jock that’s connected to the original post. Find it on pinterest if not on tumblr.

Fear In My Soul Soulmate AU! Where you feel when your soulmate is about to die and can help prevent it. Like you feel a pain in your soul when they’re in trouble.

Heterochromia Soulmate AU! Where you have one eye that’s your your eye colour and the other has your soulmates eye colour. When you meet and make eye contact, your eyes switch back to their original owner.

Mark We Share Soulmate AU! Where you and your soulmate have identical marks that match each other. Like you have the mark of a cat curled up in a ball, your soulmate has the exact same cat.
Optional: When you and your soulmate make physical contact, the mark moves to meet each other. For example your soulmate touches your hand, both of your cats rush up to meet each other. (This one came from @gallopingmonroe-blog)

Red Thread Of Fate AU! You know the legend of the red thread of fate? That’s this AU. A red thread of string on your pinkey finger that connects you to your soulmate. The thread cannot be broken but it will stretch and tangle.

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Listen to 'I Don't Know How But They Found Me'

Can we  p l e a s e  talk about how this band deserves way more appreciation and recognition? If you’ve never heard their name before, now you have no excuse cause imma tell you all about them. By the time I’m done I’m sure you’ll adore them as much as I do.

So, a bit of context for starters: ‘I Don’t Know How But They Found Me’ is an American duo, composed by lead singer and bassist Dallon Weekes, and Ryan Seaman on the drums and backing vocals.

The main concept behind this project portrays IDKHBTFM as a “band out of time”, as explained on their website: “One who faded away into obscurity after struggling to find success in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Only recently, the internet has begun to uncover the performances and recordings of a band that the world wasn’t ready for. Perhaps the world is ready now…”

If you were to ask me to explain why I love them so much, there’s of course tons of reasons. They’re kind people. They’re exceptionally talented musicians, yet down-to-earth and humble individuals. They have the courage to pursue their dream, no matter how hard to achieve it may seem. They keep their live performances simple and focus on the music itself. The band’s way to present themselves in social media is pretty cryptic and mysterious, which in my opinion is really clever because it keeps everyone on their toes and paying attention. At least, I know I am.

Sadly, they have yet to release their first album, fact that has thousands of fans - myself included - waiting eager and impatiently. I don’t know what record labels are thinking that they haven’t offered them a deal yet but, c’mon people, wake up!

Anyways, to finish this post I’d like to list a few of my favourite songs on this band’s setlist.

Must include classic live performances opener and unreleased track ‘Nobody Likes The Opening Band’. Played with no background music other than Dallon’s snapping fingers, it serves the purpose of warming up the crowd to start the show. As it is inferred by the title, the song addresses the topic of being an opening band and playing to an audience that usually isn’t interested. Every lyric, despite its simplicity, it’s genius and honestly just so accurate. Things like the line ‘oh unfamiliar things will make us nervous, but singing here for you gives me a purpose’ sang with high pitched and flawless voice move me every time. Follower ‘so… take pity on the opening bands, cause no one came to see them, except their mom and dad’ always makes everyone laugh.

Next is a track that has blown up so quickly, as proven by its over 1.8 million views on YouTube. Choke is the second single that IDK has released, about 2 months ago. I think what captivates the listener is the contradiction between its sound and its lyrics. The first one is upbeat and happy, while the second one is just… creepy. To the point it has made fans wonder who is it about. Sadly Dallon hasn’t spilled the tea on this one, but of course the mystery just adds to it! ;)

An old Brobecks fans favourite that has made it into the setlist is ‘Visitation Of The Ghost’. Its best feature in my opinion is the instrumental part, the always-present drums and the simple bass chord just enhance the beauty of the lyrics and blend perfectly with Weekes’ voice. The way IDK perform it live makes it so special, as they invite a fan to the stage to play the bass while Dallon steps into the crowd to sing the ‘oh my lord’ part right next to them. An unmissable track for sure!

A full video of one of their live presentations can be found right below, in case you’re interested on checking them out further.

I’ll just be over here, looking forward to their album release and patiently awaiting for them to start touring and conquer the planet.

And of course, I wish them nothing but success and all the love in the world!


Baby Blues (Intro)

Baby Blues: Eleven months after a one night stand, Bucky is faced with raising his daughter and things are getting tough. That is, until he meets you, his extremely introverted neighbor. 

A/N: This is just a smol intro to the smol series that I need to get off my computer before my brain implodes, so bare with me, y’all. ;) I hope you guys like it! - D.

Pairing: Single Dad!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angsty as heck. Mentions of drug abuse. Swearing. Smut is implied. Bucky’s a dad. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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So I’m here to go on another mini rant about a YouTuber.

BrisxLife on YouTube. He is a reactor who came into the Kpop world reacting to BTS. And there are a lot of people on YouTube who first get into Kpop reacting to BTS/EXO/GOT7. A lot of them start out with those 3 groups and then kind of branch out to others and get to know them. And to be honest, I like watching people get to know members and music and I like to see genuine reactions. I have zero issues with new fans. Late to the party? So what! At least you’re here now. However, when someone is a shitty person, I’m not about it.

#1: This man just started reacting to kpop 3 months ago. And I am NOT hating on the fact that he is a new fan, but his ego is ENORMOUS. He watched a video of a guy calling him out on YouTube, and he said “I have been reacting to videos for 3 months and I have done more for the kpop community than you ever have.” First off, you don’t even fucking know this guy. He could’ve done loads for the kpop community (he hasn’t, but it’s the point.) Second, what the hell have you done for the kpop community? You react to videos and took people’s money to go to the AMAs. “I am a black man reacting to kpop. That’s unique.” No? It…isn’t? That’s the amazing thing about the kpop community. There is so much diversity and all different races and people from all different places. You are NOT the only black guy who likes kpop or reacts to it. “I have the littest vlog at the AMAs watching BTS. Go search it up right now.” Dude, I’ve seen better camera work done by my 5 year old nephew. “BTS official twitter put me in their article.” Okay? Now you’re just bragging about shit. “I was on the news in South Korea. Like? Come on.” Dude, calm down. Your fucking ego is the size of Australia.

#2: When he watched this video calling him out, he said “You need to deactivate your comments on this video. Because if you don’t, you’re going to be very sad tonight. Because Bris Gang (literally the name he gave his ‘fans’. Literally gave himself his own fandom name), we’re going to go over there and we’re going to flood the comments.” Seriously telling people to go send hate to someone and ENCOURAGING it. When he says on his channel “I just want to make people happy. I want to make people smile.”

#3: He made a GoFundMe and gave his PayPal link asking Armies to send him money so he could go and see BTS perform at the AMAs. He said in his video that he promised he would have the littest vlog at the AMAs if they did this for him and that he might even get to meet them. Lmao. In the end, they gave him over a grand. And this guy lives in compton. Which is like at most an hour drive to LA. He didn’t need that much. He just needed money for a ticket basically. So he went out, bought himself a new suit, and went to see BTS. To be honest, it rubs me the wrong way that he, a grown man with a job, asked his viewers which are 85% young teenagers….for money to go see BTS. It really made me go…what the fuck.

#4: He captioned a CL reaction “I wish CL was in BTS. She should be in BTS.” ……

And captions his Hyuna reactions “Leaving my girl for Hyuna tonight!!” Or “I left my girl for Hyuna!”

Note to his girlfriend: Please fucking drop him. Please.

#5: There is a video circulating right now of Korean people reacting to BTS’ worldwide success. To which one girl said in the interview “EXO is more popular. I like EXO more.” Which is bound to happen sometimes? Some people prefer different groups? Like…that’s a thing. BTS isn’t the only group that exists. And EXO are a bit more popular in Asia than BTS. That is actually true. And he reacted to this video and when that girl said that he paused it and went “Hold on.” And then acted like he was zipping his mouth shut, locking it and throwing away the key. And then went on to say “I mean…BTS is…you know…they’re BTS.” With a look on his face like 'Come on, you know what I mean.’ I mean…yeah they are BTS. That’s correct. And EXO is EXO. And they are also incredibly talented. And deserve fans and love as well. This is why some fanwars start. We don’t need this.

#6: He was watching a series on YouTube called An Introduction To BTS. And each member has a 20+ minute video that this person took their time to make basically telling you important things about each member. When he was watching Jin’s version, there was a part in the video where it talked about how during their debut stage, his pants fell down due to the mic pack being too heavy on them and when the stage was over, he cried. And he looked at the screen with this like 'what the fuck’ face and said “Why are you crying man? Cut that shit out.” Or something like that in a really weird way. Like saying men shouldn’t cry or it was a stupid thing to cry over. Okay first off, idols train for a long time, some for 5+ years and they expect every detail to be perfect when they debut, and a lot of idols…including Jin, pick at themselves and think that they aren’t good enough or talented enough and they try so hard. Imagine training for years for this one moment and perfecting it, only for the moment to come…and your pants fall down. That is definitely a reason to cry. He was upset and disappointed. Leave him alone.

#7: As everyone knows, the kpop world lost a beautiful, incredible talent 2 weeks ago. Kim Jonghyun of SHINee. I miss him so much. May he always rest in peace. And BrisxLife took advantage of this tragedy, and made reaction videos to either just Jonghyun or SHINee all together with #RIPJonghyun in the title of all of them and put them into parts. He even made a reaction to a tribute video. Who makes a reaction to a tribute video? So just that in general…rubbed me the wrong way. But wait, there’s more. He MONETIZED three of these videos. T H R E E. For those of you who don’t know, that is when you turn something on on your videos on YouTube to make MONEY off of them. It is automatically off when you upload and you choose to turn it on. So he was making money off of a tragedy. Off of someone’s pain. Someone’s depression. Someone’s suicide. And if that isn’t one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard…I have no idea what is.

Anyway in conclusion: BrisxLife rubs me the wrong way and makes me uncomfortable. He has done nothing for the kpop community? Lmao. He has made a bad name for kpop reactors. And he has made money off of tragedy. And I can only speak for myself but…as an ARMY…I don’t fucking claim this guy. And that concludes another one of my rants about a YouTuber.

Top 18 Sterek Fics 2017

Hello, our lovely followers!

For the past two years, we’ve been giving you guys a list of our favorite fics that we read and we are back at it again! These are the fics that really stood out to us in 2017. (here are our faves from 2016 and 2015)

Like always, this fandom came through with so many good fics this past year and we hope to see more and more sterek fics posted even with the show done.

We wish you all the best in 2018 <3

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it’s a good thing.

Originally posted by romanceapocalyptic

(billy hargrove x female reader)

summary: billy hargrove knows that soulmates are bullshit. especially when he meets you, because you’re not his soulmate. and that really sucks, because billy is kind of going insane.

word count: 3, 551

a/n: this is set roughly to mindset by every avenue. this would have been done earlier but my dad kept asking me what i was typing and there was no way in hell i was gonna say that i was writing a soulmate au featuring a hot guy with a mullet. BUT HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE! i hope that it’s wonderful and great and that we all kick 2018′s ass! 

It wasn’t that Billy hated the song, but if he had to see the words i bless the rains down in africa one more time on his hip, he was going to scream. It wasn’t like he went looking for it, but anytime he was changing, he’d glance down. More often than not, some song lyric would be scrawled in black. It etched across his skin in a feminine sort of chicken scratch, one that made him embarrassed in the locker room.

He walked over to his bedroom mirror, teeth gnawing at his lower lip as he regarded himself. He still needed to get dressed and grab a bite to eat before school, but there was time to stall. Not long, though. His fingers itched to tug the hem of his boxers down just a little, but he was faltering.

“Anything but Toto,” he mumbled under his breath. He hesitated for a second longer before jerking the fabric down. The black ink was stark against the tan of his skin.

who you gonna call

“Jesus, you’ve got shit taste in music,” he said, shaking his head. He allowed himself the smallest of grins, that familiar flicker of warmth darting through his chest. It only lasted a second, that brief allowance of hope. It was squashed after that, Billy hardening himself against it.

Soulmates were bullshit. Utter bullshit.

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I’m not really sure what I’m doing but I really like the ficlets you write and love reading anything that’s about Stiles being underestimated by another pack or at a convention and then being a complete bamf so idk if I did this right but could you maybe do something like that pretty please?

Don’t mess with the emissaries.

That was rule number one of these conventions, drilled into Phoebe’s head since the first year she attended: do not mess with another pack’s emissary.

Apparently not all packs received the same annual lecture and accompanying etiquette quiz.

Question #1: What do you never mess with while at the convention?

A. Another pack’s emissary

There was no option B.

There was no need for an option B, because the only person who would ever, in their wildest dreams, choose anything other than A was looking for an all out pack war, and no sane person went looking for those.

Also it was against convention rules and it was one of the few ways to never be invited back, which cut that pack off from a lot of valuable networking opportunities. Being blacklisted by the convention was a surefire way to never get any allies anywhere, because news traveled fast in the supernatural community. 

Really fast.

Anything that happened at the convention was known from coast to coast by midnight, internationally by sunrise, depending on time zones. Literally anything.

Hotels weren’t properly soundproofed by any means, so every argument, hookup, standoff, and blowout were on display for anyone within supernatural earshot–and everyone else was filled in over the waffle bar the next morning. Werewolves were a gossipy bunch; it wasn’t their finest trait.

So naturally, when a commotion started brewing in one of the conference rooms across the lobby, everyone rushed to get a firsthand view, and Phoebe was no exception.

She wasn’t proud of it, but secondhand accounts were notoriously unreliable, and honestly, the convention was boring. She hated networking, the hotel food was bland, and her alpha had strictly forbid the attending pack members from ordering any movies. She was a little desperate for entertainment.

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Branding the Hero

U.A.’s class 1-A had seen more combat than all other hero classes in the nation. When they talked about these incidents among themselves, late at night in the common room before the lights shut off for the night, they tended to agree this was a good thing. They knew what heroing meant now. They knew what they had signed up for. It was a scarier world than they had seen on television, but it was one worth protecting.

The internships with Nighteye and Fatgum shook this resolve. But they did not shatter it.

Kirishima’s internship continued after Midoriya’s had ended.

Kirishima mentioned from time to time how busy Fatgum seemed behind closed doors, how often men showed up by the dozen for ‘talks’ with the hero, how often Fatgum left seeming frustrated and angry after a long afternoon holed up in the building’s conference room. Asui had seen it too. When Midoriya asked All Might about it, All Might waved it off as the ‘bureaucratic nonsense’ heroes deal with once going professional. He told Midoriya not to worry about it yet.

When senior year came around, the class was formally introduced to it, under the name Hero Branding.

It had a simple explanation: the hero names they had picked out freshman year were names for their brand, not themselves. ‘Deku’ was not the person—he was the name of a public image, controlled carefully behind the scenes by sponsors, agents, investors, and a team of PR staff. These people never appeared publicly. They would ruin the image of a self-motivated hero acting on his own resolve to save people. They worked behind the scenes. They had the final say.

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B can you give us your top 10 anime you watched this year? I'm rlly curious! Thank you :3

Oh my my, this is the hardest thing to do…but let’s try! Let’s go from 10 to 1 this time, for the dramatics of it!


10. Ouran High School Host Club

I enjoyed it very very much and it’s probably the most EXTRA thing I’ve ever watched. I loved all the characters, the twins especially, and how surprisingly deep and diverse their characterization was! A true classic. 

Originally posted by soul-dwelling

9. Servamp

A very very late discovery that managed to get on this list at the last minute. This is not a perfect story with perfect characters (which I personally ADORE), but it managed to get me hooked from the start and left me wanting to know more and more. I’m in love with this very dark universe, but you know it’s easy to win me over with vampires ;)

Originally posted by hoshiwa

8.  Boku No Hero Academia 

Despite being the protagonist of the Top 10 Anime Betrayals when I said I’m not that fond of BNHA now, I can’t forget how hyped I used to be when I first watched the anime and read the manga. It’s a story that has a lot of my favorite characters, like Todoroki and Kirishima, and I find its plot incredibly well written. I may have grown distant with time, but it’s always in my heart. 

Originally posted by raittos

7. Barakamon

Barakamon was my first slice of life anime ever and it made me fall in love with this particular genre. It’s…just so good, so funny and so touching one may call it a perfect anime, and probably it truly is. 

Originally posted by lacuna-matata

6. Poco’s Udon World

Well, you all know how much I adored this anime and I still do. It spoke to me on so many levels, it made my heart explode with every possible feeling. It’s a story that felt so painfully real to me and it taught me so much, from the importance of appreciating the things you have to accept that, sometimes, to move forward you just have to go back. It’s a true hidden gem everyone should watch at least once, especially if you are in your late twenties or older…you’ll see why ;)

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5. Tokyo Ghoul

Once I read that sometimes disgrace attacks a single person with the same force that it’s usually reserved for an entire country and this basically sums Tokyo Ghul up. I live in a state of constant fear when it comes to my ghoul kids and my most beloved Ken kaneki, but I’m still looking forward to what season 3 will bring us (i.e. to far more pain). 

Originally posted by anima-posts

4. Owari No Seraph

Speaking of pain, here’s another great source of it. It’s a story that I literally devoured, both in anime and in manga form. It means so much to me that it’s even hard to find words to describe how much I love it. Let’s just say it has it all: vampires, mysteries, questionable characters that you end up loving regardless, ANGST, tears, friendships, an older character adopting a bunch of teens and, let’s say it, tons of gay. Beautiful. 

Originally posted by insideahobbithole

3. Black Butler

The one with Balck Butler is the longest journey I’ve embarked myself this year. I’m usually scared to start series that have been going on for so long, but it was totally worth it, even just for the magnificence that was Book of Circus or Book of the Atlantic. Also, I always wondered why people were always head over heels for Sebastian and well…now I know, and I am one of them (and this is how my Ono Daisuke worship started, rip). 

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2. Noragami

You all know my troubled history with Noragami. It was an anime that I didn’t like at all at first but, watching it again after a 6 months break, I ended up loving with all myself. Yato is honestly one of the most fascinating (and attractive) characters I’ve ever met and all the rest of the cast is just as well developed and layered. Also, it’s the anime that made me fall for Kamiya Hiroshi’s voice once and for all. 

Originally posted by alltheanimus

1. Bungou Stray Dogs

How many words did I already spend about BSD? Way too many but never enough. This is an anime I will never stop to recommend, the universe that captivated me the most, the set of characters that I hold the dearest. In one word: a masterpiece. 

Originally posted by tsukyuo

- bonus: Kimi no Na wa: this incredible movie deserves a special mention and can’t be ranked because it’s in a league of its own. It was utter perfection in plot, animation and music, and I don’t remember having cried that much out of raw emotion ever in my life. It’s an Oscar-worthy movie and I loved every single second of it. 

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Oh! You are doing prompts? I know you can do angst because your soulmate story hurt my heart multiple times. *Sniffles* This is probably silly and I only had a few moments to think of it. But.. what about Draco making a list. Like, 'The 8 reasons I hate you.' Maybe they had a break up and definitely need to get back together. Each number on the list gets progressively weaker until he just admits that he hates that he misses him.. or some shit.

It shouldn’t have surprised Draco that Pansy found a way to break into his flat.  Her abrupt entrance did startle him, but not enough to move him from his place on the sofa.  

“It looks like a fucking crypt in here.  Have you died?” Pansy asked, dropping her things on side table.  She pushed Draco’s feet from the sofa so she had a place to sit.

“Piss off,” Draco mumbled, “I told you I would need some space.”

“Yes, you did, but you’re being an insufferable drama queen.  No one has seen you in weeks.  You skipped my Yule party last week and I’m still furious.”

“You didn’t invite me,” Draco said.

“I never invite anyone!  You know that!  But you’ve always been there.”


“Really Draco?”

“I don’t know what you want me to say.”

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BTS(Hyung Line)|| Mafia!AU|| Their wife is super badass

Request:  Oh my god I just found your blog and I absolutely love your writings (ESPECIALLY the mafia stuff 😍🙌🏻) I was wondering if you could write something where they are Mafia bosses and the s/o is their wife They are very protective and not really want their s/o to be around the pent house when they do business… but then something goes wrong while the wife is in the house and it turns out she is super badass (like with a gun or something) and they’re completely taken back but in a good way? :)

A/N: Nawwww *_* Thank youu….This really made my day. I hope I made it like you imagined ^^ 

Also, I’ll do the Maknae Line soon, it’s just that I’m  excited to post again and I need some inspiration for them ^^

Gifs aren’t mine.

Seokjin: Faith has always been his highest priority. Faith decided everything. Life. Death. Love. Hate. Worth it or worthless. And most of his trust belonged to you, along with his heart and his soul. You were his everything and you were his alone. But there was one small problem… He was the head of one of the most infamous Mafias. And he was your husband, who would solve most of his problems  with…less legal tools. But he always tried his best to keep it all away from you. To make you the normal part of his life, where he could hide himself once it was too much. And it often was.

His attempt of discredition however, failed.

He never brought work home, or at least you thought so. You were supposed to be on a weekend trip with your sister, but her husband broke his leg and she put her everything into treating him like her child, including scolding him for being this clumsy. Thats why you decided to come back home one day earlier, excited to spent some time with your always-busy husband. But your carefree mood got destroyed as two guns welcomed you in your shared apartment, with two tall men holding them. You froze for a moment before you took action, throwing your luggage into their faces before you sprinted towards the living room and took the gun you hid behind the cushions for situations like this. You pointed it at the right one, while the left one pinted his at you. You heard and felt nothing but the blood rushing through your veins and in your ears. Suddenly the door leading into Jin’s office slammed open and he stormed out, followed by another man. He had to realize the situation for a moment before he rushed to your side, not paying any attention to the now confused henchman at all. 

He stood in front of you and put his hands on the front part of the gun while smirking at you. 

“Looks like my girl has some hidden talents. Did they really aim at you? Do you want them to pay for it?”

Yoongi: Being with him was complicated. He was complicated. And he knew that. That was one of the main reasons why he loved you like he did. It was complicated, maybe even toxic. But it was love. 

The fact that he was the big boss of the Korean mafia should’ve made you feel like the most secure person in the world, but in fact, it didn’t.

A loud ‘Bang’ woke you from your peaceful slumber. Half asleep your hand slid beside you to be welcomed with cold sheets insted of the warm presence of your husband. This wouldn’t have worried you as much, since he usually wakes up early, but the second ‘Bang’ made you realize that someone was aggresively knocking on your front door. And considering who you were and who he was it terrified you. But you also knew that there was no time for a panic attack. You had to do something. You took the gun placed under Yoongis pillow and made your way into the living room, the light tapping of your naked feet got drowned out by the next angry knock. Still no sight of your husband. 

You slowly creeped to the door, put your hand on the handle and opened the door when you met the face of a familair looking man who was more than surprised to see you with a gun pointing at him. Before any of you could do or say something, two arms hugged you from behind and a low whisper made your legs go weak:

“Oh Doll, what do you think you’re doing, aiming at my best man? Such a bad girl…”

Hoseok: Being with Hoseok was like riding a rollercoaster. Many up’s and down’s, filled with ecstasy and adrenaline. You were his rock. His little girl, the only thing that kept him from becoming as heartless as he had to be for his job. Little did he knew that you also had your “secrets”.

You were in the kitchen, cutting onions for dinner, while he had some “work” to do. He actually had a meeting with a client in his office, what you disliked, since your home was privat area, but reasoning with Hoseok was one of the worst things you could do. He always had a killing argument, or at least was able to sway you, far too often by kisses and his…other qualities. Thats why you let him do his thing, under the condition that everything including blood, murder or guns wouldn’t be part of the meeting. 

You hummed softly while you swayed your hips in the rhythm of the music, when a loud crack startled you. You froze for a moment before you made your way to Hoseoks office. Suddenly, the door opened and a man, probably the client, run out, directly towards you. You, on the other hand, sensed, that something must’ve gon wrong, thats why you catched at his arm and turned him around. The unexpected move made him fall to the ground, and you used this to your advantage, sitting on his back while using the knive you still had to press it to his throat. Not enough to make him bleed, but enough to show him that any move could change that.

You suddenly got interrupted by a low chuckle and looked up to see your beloved husband standing there, observing the scene in front of him.

“I thought no blood and murder, Jagi? Come on kitten, let that pig live. The carpet is far too expensive.”

Namjoon: Don’t think this makes up how much you fucked up today, Namjoon.”,you hissed while he still attacked your neck with kisses. 

“I know babygirl.”, his lips vibrated against your skin as a low chuckle left his throat, ”but I will make it up.” With one last kiss he left you to return to the table, where a bunch of other man sat. And that was the problem. Being the leader of the Mafia, Namjoon rarely spent time with you. This day however, was supposed to be your day, but he somehow managed to forget that he invited his members to discuss whatever. You didn’t even wanted to know. You were furious, to say the least, and if it wouldnt have been members of the mafia, with guns visuably attached to their belts, you would have kicked them out the moment they entered, but here you were, all dolled up for a nice dinner, but insted you poured yourself some of Namjoons Whiskey in a glass and angrily gulped it down.

As the evening went on you disappeared into the bedroom to kill time, but eventually decided, after you tolerated the guests for 5(!) hours, that enough was enough. Still wearing your red, tight dress you made your way in the living room where all of them convened. You were greeted with the smoke of cigarretes and the penetrating scent of alkohol. 

As you were about to make your way towards Namjoon, who’s gaze already lingered on you, you had to pass them all. One of them however, just had to had to step over the line. The loud smack his hand made when it came in contact with your ass stopped the time in the room. Everyone, including Joon and you had to realize that this just happened. And you were the first one to do so. You turned around and stared at the man who just gave you a reason to finally let go of it all. Your body now completely faced him and a small smirk left your lips before his head viciously kissed the wooden table. But that wasn’t enough to ease you. With a loud ‘Bang’ he fell from his chair and you took one of the empty beer botles to show this bastard who you were. 

Namjoon, however, who was about to kill the man, smirked at the picture in front of him. When one of his man asked why he wouldn’t stop you he chuckled:

“Nah, It’s too early.”

being the elder henderson sibling [headcanon]

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Requested?: Yee my dudes. Anon: “I absolutely loved your Wheeler and Byers middle child imagine! can you make one for Dustin’s older sister? Love your blog btw “ (idk who you are but i’m glad you enjoy my blog <3)

Pairing: Dustin Henderson x reader (platonic, family), Steve Harrington x reader (romantic oops) 

((btw guys if you’re getting annoyed at all of these turning out as romantic Steve things, pls let me know))

((once again, season 2 below the cut))

  • you were Claudia Henderson’s pride and joy
  • well you were, until Dustin was born
  • but you couldn’t complain
  • Dusty was your pride and joy as well
  • you were always so supportive of him 
  • ((especially whenever him and the rest of the party won the annual science fair))
  • you would always help Mr. Clarke with the AV club
  • the fact that you were always around meant that you were always the one constant in the Party’s lives.
  • they loved you
  • ((you were the og group mom))
  • no matter how cool you were to The Party, you were unapproachable at school
  • you thought it was because you were a certified Loser™
  • in reality, it was because you intimidated everybody
  • you were so pretty and kind and smart that people saw you as unapproachable.
  • well, everybody except your closest friend
  • ((aka Jonathan Byers))
  • you always had your nose stuck in a new book, oblivious to the awestruck glances aimed at you.
  • Jonathan would always snort at the glances you’d get from half of the basketball team ((yes, including Steve Harrington [pre-Nancy]))
  • when Will went missing, you swear you felt your heart break
  • but you didn’t cry because Dustin was distraught and he needed someone to comfort him.
  • in fact, you comforted all of The Party, Jonathan, and Joyce.
  • you caught Dustin sneaking out of the house to go look for Will one night
  • instead of ratting him out to your mom, you went along because “there’s no way I’m leaving a dumbass like you all alone in the woods.”
  • The Party was relieved to have you tagging along
  • you made them feel safe.
  • you’re skeptical about Eleven at first, and take Lucas’s side for a while.
  • soon, you begin to see that the young girl can actually be a highly useful asset.
  • the next day, you find yourself being extremely surprised.
  • when you hear that Barb is missing, you’re pretty rattled.
  • first Will, now Barb.
  • what was happening?
  • after school, you find your way to the parking lot
  • you see Steve and his little crowd mocking Jonathan 
  • you approach them right as they break him camera.
  • pissed off, you begin shouting obscenities at them, shocking everyone.
  • sweet, beautiful, caring (Y/N) Henderson knew how to curse?
  • when Carol starts making remarks about Jonathan, you lunge at her.
  • Tommy intervenes and before you know it, his fist has met your face.
  • everyone stops.
  • they all stare at you 
  • you simply crack your neck and deliver an equally devastating blow to Tommy’s face.
  • ((at this point, Steve is feeling guilty because he just knows he’s fallen in love with you but Nancy is still in the picture))
  • but damn can you take a punch 
  • Tommy is on the ground, in pain, and you simply grab Jonathan’s hand and threaten the little group.
  • your foot hovers over Tommy’s crotch before you speak.
  • if you ever pull a little stunt like that again, you can say goodbye to any future children you were planning on having,Tommy. you too, Harrington.”
  • Steve simply stares at you and Jonathan groans because he knows what that look means.
  • he’s seen it too many times on his brother’s face and on the faces of half the school’s basketball team.
  • Steve. Is. Absolutely. Smitten.
  • eventually you find out about Will’s body being found.
  • you reluctantly head home to be with Dustin…
  • …who sends you right back to the Byers residence, insisting that Jonathan needs you more than he does.
  • although hesitant, you listen to your little brother and spend the night with Jon.
  • you help calm Joyce down when they have to go identify the body.
  • you eventually tag along with Nancy and Jonathan when they go looking for the monster.
  • you notice Nancy is missing and follow her into the Upside Down.
  • when the monster chases you, you make sure she goes back through the tree first. 
  • you barely make it through, the Demogorgon clamping onto your leg and leaving you injured.
  • you refuse to go to the hospital, and Nancy proceeds to patch you up. 
  • when you go to the store to buy your weapons, you’re the one who sees the movie matinee first.
  • you try to keep Nancy away from it, but she sees it anyways.
  • when she runs off, you grab Jonathan’s hand and tug him along.
  • oh look, Nancy the slut and the creepy couple”
  • “shut up Carol. just because Tommy is the only one who wants to fuck you doesn’t mean you have to be bitter all the time.”
  • Tommy takes a step towards you but stops once you arch an eyebrow. 
  • Steve looks at your hand in Jonathan’s and starts talking shit.
  • really Nance? you had to go after Byers? I bet you, him, and Henderson there had a lot of fun together eh?”
  • you’re the first one who swings and although Tommy is urging Steve to fight back, he knows that he can’t hit you.
  • so he hits Jonathan instead.
  • you wind up at the police station
  • where you eventually spill the whole story to Hopper and Joyce, showing them your wound as proof. 
  • when you contact The Party, you’re the one who has to speak to them 
  • you’re the only one that they truly trust.
  • you don’t want to leave them but Nancy insists that she and Jonathan need your help.
  • Jonathan is your best friend and although you don’t know Nancy that well, she is a sweet girl.
  • so you agree and go with them. 
  • when Steve arrives, you’re the one who opens the door and tries to keep him out. 
  • eventually, the Demogorgan arrives and you have to keep it away from Steve, who is unarmed.
  • when he helps you fight back, you realize that maybe (just maybe) he isn’t a self-centered, big-haired douchebag.
  • fast-forward to the end of the fight 
  • everyone is safe, except El.
  • although you’re sad that she’s gone, you know it’s nothing compared to what Mike is feeling. 
  • when Will awakens, you’re right by his side
  • along with the rest of The Party.
  • and when Jonathan sees the way Will looks at you, with that dazed, dreamy look,
  • he knows that things might turn out okay.
  • you hug Dustin tightly and tell him how much you love him
  • Dustin whispers the same things back to you before pushing you off and rubbing his neck in embarrassment
  • the rest of the evening is spent in comfort as you all realize that you still have each other.

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Also complete angst

Pairing - Kylo Ren x Reader

Summery - You’re entire life, you had been force bonded with Ben Solo, Kylo Ren, the love of your life. You stuck with him through thick and thin, gaining a place as his apprentice. Things begin to change when you’re no longer the only person he is bonded with.

Something was wrong with Kylo Ren, he was distancing himself from everyone, even you. You had known him from the very beginning, your parents were friends with his so it was only natural that you two would be close. Training in the ways of the force with Luke; destroying the Jedi; joining the nights of Ren; becoming Kylo Ren; being part of the First Order, you stood by his side through it all. You didn’t agree with everything he did, but you couldn’t just leave him. You loved him. You were his pull to the light, as long as you were with him, Ben Solo could one day return. The force had connected you as children and the bond grew stronger every day.

Until now.

With every time he stood you up for training, every door in the face, every time he ignored you, you felt the bond grow weaker. It was because of the other girl he was suddenly force bonded with, the girl from Jakku, Rey.

Despite it all, you admired her. A girl that came from nothing who grew to be one of the strongest beings you’d ever seen. It didn’t surprise you that she would be better suited for him. After all, she was magnificent, what were you?

It was time for training and yet again Kylo was nowhere to be seen, so you made your way to his room. Whispers could be heard through the door. He had left you again, for her. Sighing, you knocked the door. All noise from inside had ceased. You were about to turn away when the door slid open.

“What do you want?” Kylo growled, glaring down at you. Never before had he addressed you in such a manner. You had seen him talk to others like this, those that he deemed below him, but never had he dared talk like this to you. He only spoke to you softly, as though you were the one person in all the galaxies he cared for. Clearly that wasn’t the case.

Feeling rage bubble within you, your stance changed. While before you stood relaxed, like a friend, you straightened yourself and your expression turned to stone.

“My training was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago, yet you were nowhere to be found.” You stated calmly.

“I have more important things to do, leave!” He ordered. Although what your brain processed was ‘she’s more important to me than you now, leave so I can be with her’, and your felt your heart brake.

“Yes, Commander.” You spat. His eyes suddenly lost their animosity to be replaced with something that almost looked like regret. As though to make a point you marched away from him, following his order, keeping a steady pace until you were out of sight.

A sob crept up your throat, but you pushed it down. You could hardly sense Ben from round the corner now, once you could sense each other from across the galaxy. The connection between you both was faint now, though you doubted he’d noticed. You began to wonder if you even held a place in the First Order anymore. If you didn’t follow Ben all those years ago you knew you’d be in the Resistance now. It was a strange thought, that one choice shaped your entire life into this. However, choices can come back around and change you again.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

The Supremacy had been plunged into chaos. A Resistance Star Cruiser flew directly into the ship at lightspeed, it was a wonder that the ship was still flying.

You were making your way to an execution when it happened. The first thought in your head was of Ben, if he was alright. So you ran down through the halls trying desperately to find him.

You had almost made it to the elevator when without any warning you fell to your knees, ears ringing painfully. Letting out a scream you closed your eyes tight as tears poured down your face.

“You’re nothing - but not to me.” Bens voice rang in your in your head. He was in Snokes chamber, talking to the girl. Your breathing started to get heavier, small mutterings of the word ‘no’ over and over again escaping your lips. “Join me and we can rule the universe.”

Gasping, you snapped your eyes open. The pain stopped and you felt…. detached. The force connection between you and Ben had been destroyed. Your heart was broken, yet you felt more at peace than you had before. You knew where you stood with him.

Yet again, you were faced with the choice. Stay with Be- Kylo, or leave.

He left you, he didn’t need you anymore. You were almost decorative, a thing that he could show off to others. He shaped you into a weapon for the dark, tried to smother your light because he was losing his own. You felt a pull as emotions rumbled within you; love; loss; anger; sadness but one stood out more than the others. Hope.

Standing up, you turned and ran to the TIE Fighter bay. You would not be the play thing of Ben Solo or Kylo Ren anymore.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

The hanger was falling apart, fire consumed the entire room and the ground was caving in on itself. Using the force, you cleared a path and made your way to a ship.

“Abandoning ship, traitor?” You turned to see a man behind you, the defective stormtrooper. That event felt like forever ago, where as in reality it was only a few weeks. Next to him stood a woman, a fellow resistance member, and a BB unit. You smiled slightly at the trio.

“Takes one to know one.” You opened the door and gestured with your head at the ship. “Need a lift?”

The humans looked at each other, clearly doubtful, when a large explosion sounded. Letting out a few beeps, the droid rolled over to you. Laughing slightly, you used the force to pick it up and placed it safely in the ship. You stepped aside and the humans ran inside too. Taking one last glance around, you climbed aboard and flew away from the place you once called home.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

It was a tough flight, but you managed to fly through the base door before it closed. Being in a First Order ship, naturally they fired upon you instantly. Rose and Finn, whose names you learned during the flight, raised their hands and the shooting stopped.

Instinctively, you stayed hidden in the ship, scared of how they would react to you.

“-and we brought someone else.” Finn said, taking this as your cue you hopped out.

As soon as your feet touched the ground Leia held you in a tight embrace. A tear escaped your eyes and landed on her shoulder. At last you felt safe.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” You whispered in her ear. You felt her hand move up and stroke your hair.

“You tried (Y/N), you stayed with him all this time. That’s more that I could have ever asked for.” She pulled back. “Right now we’ve got to defend ourselves.”

“Where do you need me?” You pulled back, wiping your tears.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

You ran through the base with the rest of the Resistance, searching for a way out, when you reached a dead end.

“No, no, no!” A pilot named Poe exclaimed in defeat, kicking a rock. You went over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” Raising your hand, you closed your eyes and concentrated. On your command the rocks flew out the way to reveal an opening, where stood the woman you knew to be Rey.

“I was going to…” She trailed off, Finn running out to pull her into a hug. You smiled at the scene as you held the rocks in place until everyone was out.

“I don’t mean to ruin the moment, but I think we should get out of here.” You said, Rey looked up at you in shock. All you did was give her a sad smile in response, that seemed to be enough for her as you assisted with making sure everyone was on board.

After a few moments the ship took to the air, taking far away from Kylo Ren.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Kylo stormed to your chambers, he was an emotional wreck and he needed you. He barged in and shouted your name. When you didn’t respond he reached out using the force, but he couldn’t sense you. Immediately he feared the worst, rushing all over the ship to try and find you.

“Looking for your pet?” The voice of Hux sounded behind him. Kylo immediately clenched his fist upon hearing the cocky tone laced through his words.

“(Y/N) is not my pet.” He growled, keeping his face away from the General.

“I thought you’d like to know, Supreme Leader, that she’s gone. The security footage shows her leaving with the ship wih Rebel scum and a droid.” A thick silence filled the room and Hux had a terrible feeling that this revelation might result in his own death at the hands of the new, emotionally unstable, leader.

“Leave me.” Kylo’s voice was low and dangerous. Hux knew exactly what this meant, another destroyed room. Yet he did as ordered and left.

As soon as Hux left, Kylo let a out a sob, tears already flowing. He never cried, something he prided himself in, but the fact you were gone was too much for him. He loved you. He thought the force bond was enough to show that you both belonged together, clearly you thought otherwise.

Yes, he had gained supreme leadership, but he lost what meant the most to him. You. For the first time in his life, he was truly alone.

bts scenario: They break up with you, then regret it. (F)

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It had been 2 weeks since Jin had shouted his breakup speech at you, with nothing but venom in his voice. It had been during an argument, and he had meant it at the time, but the past two weeks had been nothing but pure, hell. He had been moping about the dorms, messing up in practice, he couldn’t remember the last time he ate properly. And little did he know, how much worse you were doing.

You were heartbroken, yes you had caused a silly argument, but he had really broken up with you because of it. You felt as if he hated you, he sure acted like he did, you stopped sleeping, you stopped leaving the house and stopped communicating with anyone but your best friend. Despite how many times the other members had tried to contact you, you weren’t interested, they weren’t Jin. All you wanted was Jin.

Jin had finally had enough without you in his life, and hurled himself towards your apartment complex in the middle of night, not even bothering to knock, he knew it would be open. You always left the door open. You always wanted him to come back to you, no matter what. And Jin was praying this would be no different, he would have a lot of making up to do, but he would do whatever it takes, to make you his again.

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Yoongi regreted the words the second they left his mouth, all his pent up anger seemed to vanish. But he was too stubborn to admit it, he stormed off in what you could assume was anger. But in reality, he just couldn’t bare to see your devestated face. You left soon after, not bothering to say goodbye, they always seemed so final, you didn’t want this to be final, it couldn’t be. You loved him so much, you just couldn’t leave it like this.

It had been three days. Three long days and three cold nights. You missed his arms, his smell, his everything. He missed your warm hugs, your subtle smiles, your everything. Neither of you could bare it anymore, and both left for eachothers dorms. Only to literally, bump into one another on the street.

Your eyes had instantley met eachother. It seemed both of your demenours melted in sight of one another. No words would be said, not yet anyway, just a very, passionate kiss. Knowing you would have to work things out, but that could wait until tomorrow, because you both knew, that you could fix anything. Aslong as you did it together.

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Namjoon had broken up with you a month ago, and you were determined to forget him. But of course, it hadn’t worked. He claimed it was for the best, that he was too busy and wanted you to be happy. But you weren’t happy without him. And it took losing you, to realise how unhappy he was without you. Somehow he got even clumsier, not caring if he broke anything, he couldn’t think straight, yet alone perform. Of course he seemed fine, his performances were still perfect, but in his heart they weren’t, everyone close to him knew he was broken. Everyone could see through the facade, and (not so) coinsidently everyone who was close to you, knew you were behaving just the same.

Surprisingly, it was Jin that decided enough was enough, before sitting down with Namjoon and talking sense into him, informing him of your state, and how even though Namjoon wanted the best for you, he had caused nothing but the worst. Namjoon didn’t even let Jin finish before running off into the starry night to find you, only hoping, only praying that your heart would still belong to him, so he could mend it and cherise it. And of course your heart would still be his, it always had been, and always will be.

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Hoseok didn’t even waste a minute before trying to apologize, but you were too blinded by hurt to do anything, just muttering that you needed time to think before walking away. He would rethink everything he had said, before finalising that he made a huge mistake. Then deciding that he would do whatever he could, to make you forgive him.

It started with flowers, flowers became chocolates, chocolates became teddy bears, and those teddy bears became love letters. It was something straight out of a cliché romantic movie, yet you simply couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off of your face every time a gift would appear at your doorstep.

It was the fifth day of these ‘spontaneous’ gifts, when Hoseok arrived at your door, with your favourite meal in his hands, you wouldn’t even say anything before pulling him into a hug, slightly crying into his shoulder as you listened to his relentless apologies. Before you whispered a simple ‘I forgive you.’ into his ear, knowing that you could fix whatever problems you had, because you simply loved each other too much to be apart.

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He was furious. Instant regret for what he had said to you two weeks ago. In all honesty, he felt free for a few days, after breaking up with you. He was still young - thats what he had told himself - that he needed to know who he was without you, and it didn’t seem all that awful, yet right here, right now, all of that had changed. He was livid.

You were at a café with a friend, a boy, friend. Who by all chance, had never met Jimin. So as you sat on the window seat, as you friend did his best to cheer you up. Jimin couldn’t take it anymore, insantley feeling all the wounds you had felt, wishing he had never muttered the stupid, toxic words to you, now only realising how much he loved you. But he was worried it was too late, you had looked so happy sat there, so beautiful without even trying.

He went to turn around, to walk away from the person he had loved most, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave you, he couldn’t be without you. It just took an insane amount of jealousy to realise that. So, in a bling moment of a mix of fury and desperation, he mustered up all his courage before walking into the little café, and straight up to you and Y/F/N.

‘Baby, If I can still call you that, look if this is your new boyfriend, well… I don’t care, okay? Look, I’m not even making sense, I want you to be happy, but with me. Unless that would make you unhappy, I should have thought this through, okay, um…’


‘Yes baby, I mean… Y/N?’

‘This is my friend Y/F/N, but I’m sure he wont mind if you want to talk, y’know… In private? You’re making a bit of a scene for someone who doesn’t know what he wants to say..’

‘If that’s alright, I really want to talk to you, to work things out, please baby.’

‘Of course, this doesn’t immediatley fix anything, but I’m willing to try, because I love you Jimin.’

‘I love you more, Y/N, now let’s go sort everything out, together.’


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He wouldn’t even believe what he had done, barely leaving it 12 hours before turning up at your parents house. Immediatley asking for their forgiveness, despite them having no clue what was going on. He was desperatley asking for their help on how to win you back, in which they had decided to give him a cup of tea, and plenty words of encouragement, reminding him of how forgiving you were, and reminding him of how much you loved him. And how much your parents loved him too. Before deciding to send him on his way. But without his knowledgement, your (snakey) father had taken time out of his evening to ring you. Informing you of the whole facade. And how distressed Taehyung was behaving, and how sorry he had seemed. Yes, you were still slightly angry, but the thought of him being worried enough to visit your parents, warmed your heart. And, whether you wanted to admit it or not. In that moment, it seemed you had already forgiven him.

You rung Taehyung around an hour later, - after constantly contemplating whether it was a good idea or not - asking for him to come over, and of course he did without thought. He arrived at your apartment in a seriously impressive amount of time, which resulted in the evening being full of hugs, kisses and laughter, forgiving one another in the process, for love could fix anything. Especially the love you had for eachother.

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It had been 61 days. No you weren’t counting.. Okay you were. You had too. It had been two months, and your thoughts were constantly swirling between memories and thoughts of Jungkook, neither your heart or mind could let go. He had a permanent effect on you, you had never thought that love could have hurt like this. But you were mistaken, your friends kept trying everything they could, but it seemed that nothing would work, and to your surprise, Jungkook was no better.

He seemed fine, he continued performing perfectly, smiling to the public eye. But the boys knew what was happening behind those closed doors, the constant tears, relentment to eat and sleep for decent amount of times. No one could help him, and no one could heal him. Yet he was so convinced that you didn’t miss him, nor that you cared. He began to overthink everything, making up scenarios of how little you cared about him. Yet he was so far from the truth, and it took Namjoon to realise that.

Namjoon had rung you, telling you that Jungkook was in trouble, that he needed you. And he wasn’t strictly lying, because Jungkook wasn’t far from being in pieces. Of course you went quickly, flying to wherever they were performing too that night, your mind filled with different worries. Was he sick? Had he been working too hard? You didn’t care which, you just needed to make sure he was okay.

You had almost bashed the door down, yet the minute your eyes met with his, all your confidence had fluttered away, like a flock of birds after a dog barked. You wanted to run and hide, yet you had no chance too once he had pulled you in for the most passionate kiss you ever had.

And just like that, all the stress and worries melted off the pair of you, simply needing each other in the moment. You knew you had to talk to one another, to sort out whatever went wrong, but absent-mindedly, neither of you were worried. For you knew aslong as you had each other, you’de work it out. You’de be okay. You always were.

- - - - - - - - - -

I’m sorry some of the members were shorter than the other. I’m not sure if I like this, I’m also kind of poorly with a cold so I’ve not been able to focus as well as I could otherwise, but some people wanted similar writings to the argument one!! But I wanted to change it up a bit, I hope you enjoy it though, cuz sis loves a bit of bts fluff,,,

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Welcome to the Four Horsemen collab fic! Each of us will be writing and posting parts of this story, but you never know who is going to post the next part, so keep your eyes peeled on all of our blogs!

Dot: @stevesdacre

Emma: @hairringtonsteve

Lidi: @letmeletmetrashyourlove

Rachael: @dacrethehalls

PART ONE (this one!)

PART TWO (tba)



billy hargrove x reader & steve harrington x reader 

fic summary: the reader is the new girl at hawkins, and let’s just say that she ends up catching the eye of a few boys in school. 

word count: 1, 773

a/n: so, surprise! this is going to be an interesting fic, because we’ve all agreed that no one actually knows what’s going to happen. the only person that’s read this is @stevesdacre because she edited it. lidi and rachael have no idea what’s going to happen, and only the person writing it controls what happens next. so i’ve got no idea what’s going to happen from here on out! be sure to follow everyone else because it’s a surprise as to who’s going to post next - and honestly i’m the worst at remembering this stuff. rachael and lidi have harassed me like 20 times bc i keep asking questions.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Everything’s going to be the exact same.”

Mom kept saying that over and over again as we packed up the car and drove from Antioch, California to our new home in Hawkins. It had been three days of reassurances that everything would be fine, that Christmas would be the same, and that nothing would change. Which was fine and dandy, except for the fact that I was stuck with explaining to Matty that yes, Santa would find us despite us moving so close to Christmas, and no, he wouldn’t get coal for whispering fuck as we pulled away from the only home we’d ever known.

I was also stuck with the honor of getting Matty ready for school, which meant waking up a half hour early and rooting through the closet for something that would suffice for the freezing temperatures of Hawkins.

I ended up having to feed the kid breakfast too, which had been an issue all on its own. The worst, though, was getting this kid ready for the bus.

“Do you think Dad will be here soon?” Matty asked me, looking up at me with his big, brown eyes. I held out his coat and motioned for him to shove his arms through. Neither of our coats were very thick, but they did the trick for the most part.

“Mom said he just needed to finish up at work, remember?” My stomach twisted at the sidestepping, but Matty didn’t know about the heated, whispered conversations at two in the morning, or how Dad hadn’t actually slept in the house for two weeks. “Everything’s going to the same, trust me.”

I was going to throw up.

“You’re sure that Santa will find us, right? Did you send him the new address?” 

“Of course I did. I’m not stupid. One of the elves called last night and said we didn’t even have to do that. They keep tabs on all the first graders.”

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Paysight (m.)

pairing: reader/jeon jeongguk → Camboy!AU

genre/warnings: smut (masturbation, creampie, sex work, anal play, toys, double penetration—switch!jeongguk?)

words: 4.1k

prompt: 3. “Spread your legs. Let everyone see what a mess you’ve made.”

If there was one thing Jeongguk knew to the depth of his very core, it was that he could please any man, or woman, with the simple jerk of his wrist or the swipe of his tongue. He had the lean body, thigh muscles that flexed with each subtle movement on the clean, linen sheets of his bed and the sheer look of innocence that radiated from his very being as he stared nervously at anything but the lens of the laptop webcam. His personality proved to have charmed the many viewers who paid to watch his shows, the timid and unsureness he brought forth at the beginning outright contradicting themselves as he performed the most lustful and dirtiest of acts in front of thousands of people per request.

In fact, that was his exact mindset as he managed to steadily type in the url ‘’ in the search bar of his internet browser, leaning back on his hunches as his heart palpated faster each minute with nervousness, or excitement, he did not know. Previews of the many other live shows filled his screen briefly, a wide variety of options to select, desires you wish to fulfill through the body and price of another, though he paid no mind as he clicked on the fairly large “Broadcast Now” button located at the top of the screen—near his login credentials.

Jeongguk swallowed thickly, rubbing the perspiration collected on the palms of his calloused hands on the rough material of his jeans, his eyes quickly shifting from the green light of his webcam to the current view count at the bottom of the window, in which indicated the number of onlookers that will participating in today’s performance, to the array of toys sprawled on his bed—just behind his laptop. They differed greatly in size and desired usage, some bought from the abundance of tips and donations he’s received from past shows, others sent to his P.O box from loyal fans who specifically request for him to put them to “good use” in his next live.  

He pulled his attention away from the alluring and promising objects, focusing on the profusion of comments that went and quickly as they came—a fast-moving blur of words and emoticons that he could only imagine what vulgar promises and fantasies lie behind them, dusting his cheeks a faint shade of rose at the very thought of possibilities.

“Hello everybody.” Jeongguk spoke lowly, a small smile tugging at the seams of his lips at the overwhelming abundance of responses he had received back from loyal supporters whom he had easily recognized. “Is there anything you guys would like to see today in particular?”

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