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I want everyone to realize that today marks a really important day in Critical Role History. People currently in the fandom will be able to say “I was around when

a. Percy was revived. Gee, was that week hell.”


b. Talesin made a new character and we all had to watch Vox Machina mourn the death of Percival and several ships sunk that day and it was so sad there were lots of tears.”

Like people that haven’t even started the show, don’t even know the show exists, will only see this as a blip on their journey to bingeing the whole series. For us, right now, this was a week of suffering (I might be exaggerating but still). This was a week when so many beautiful things were created, Art, Writing, Music. So much happened in this week and I just want it to be stated how momentous of an occasion this is, because you usually don’t know it’s a moment until it’s passed, but its here. Staring us in the face.

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        「💔」”Lots of people are following all of a sudden, and that’s pretty cool. If you’re looking for a Chara who sticks his nose in everyone’s business and who gets in a lot of trouble as a result, you’ve come to the right place.”

        “There’s just one problem, though, and it’s that the one who thinks they’re in control isn’t having a good time of things right now. They made a post here, but their ability to actually function beyond going to work and going to sleep comes and goes. And you know what? I’m not gonna be the one to push them, even though I’m raring and willing to go.”

        “So I’m just asking everyone to be a little patient until they manage to see that doctor. … Yeah, I know that sounds weird coming from me, but deal with it. Oh, and if you try and pressure like that one anon who was trying to push for a reply on another blog?”

         “I’ll enjoy personally ripping you to shreds with the DULL edge of my knife, SLOWLY, and in the most EXCRUCIATING way possible.”

        “So do we have a deal? Good! Feel free to send asks, and I’ll get to them when I can. Be seeing you~…”


Lil’ Kim speaks about the struggles she endured after being Kicked out when she was only 15.

“ My raps aren’t all sexual as everyone thinks, I rap about the hustle and struggle, Loss & pain I experienced and lived, the real Brooklyn shit you don’t hear about now. ”


“ Kim and her father didn’t have the best relationship, as they were getting older. He was A military man and lacked the essentials of being a father/parent to his kids. The military took away his parenting skills. Kim’s father was a good man, But wasn’t a good father.”

“The Police started knowing us by first names, because they were called so much. One occasion the fight got serious, It was a physical fight, One thing led to another… Eventually, someone’s going to swing first (Mr. Jones). The next thing you know, you see this little body flying from the couch jumping on her fathers back. Kim tore the place up whilst also protecting her brother. Kim was about to stab her father. ”

“Things got worse when Mr. jones got married to A woman named jackie. Kim & her father just didn’t get along more-so. They decided to buy A house in jersey, but they told kim she wasn’t welcome.

"The less attention her father gave her, she went to the streets to look for it. She dropped out of highschool, and started going to different houses, staying with friends for a while… and when that wore out, she’d have to leave and go to another house. That’s when she began to struggle.. Hard. ”

“ She really started doing real bad.. That’s when she started hustling. She ran with a crowd that was snatching them rings, take chains… She dated this one guy, Who used to beat her, He was a drug dealer, She had nowhere else to go,and eventually ended up living and working with him. She would have to take drugs for cartel guys, sell things for the guys. You date the drug dealers, You had to sleep with them… You had to transport for them, if you wanted money. ”

“ If somebody wanted Kim to do something for them in another state, Kim would be there… If there was money involved and kim could support herself and survive without having to go to her father, She’d do it.”

“I don’t think she wanted to be out there like that, ripping & running, having to do things for money that probably wouldn’t have done if she had that stable home… She had to do, what she had to do to survive.”

’- Lil’ Kims Childhood Friends, Cousins & Brother.

“The only way to reach him through phone calls and mail
Balloons stuffed with lah up in the chocha
Now my man in the can getting money and getting high
He used to keep my fly he had the 6 I had the 5
So you know a chick gon’ ride or die for her guy
At age 14 I was putting in work
At age 16 I was moving that work
Getting paid for driving state to state
Smuggling weight, praying I don’t bump into Jake
I traveled through a few places with the burners
in the suitcases, thank God for Big
Damn right I love the life I live
Cause I went from negative to positive and it’s all good” - Lil’ Kim “All Good”

Like I’m so proud of DC right now. They could’ve done an boring, emotionless Batman like everyone expects but instead we see an angry, caring, human Bruce.They could’ve ignored all the problematic things with Superman but they make them key components of the movie. They could’ve made Wonder Woman a meandering sex object for man pain (if they even included her at all) but she’s fierce and intelligent and on the same plane as the boys. And they’re listening to their fans, bringing in key elements and stories from the comics (Death of Jason Todd) to make this movie a true love letter not only to the fans but to the characters they represent.

I actually attack the concept of happiness. I don’t mind people being happy – but the idea that everything we do is part of the pursuit of happiness seems to me a really dangerous idea and has led to a contemporary disease in Western society, which is fear of sadness. It’s a really odd thing that we’re now seeing people saying ‘write down 3 things that made you happy today before you go to sleep’, and 'cheer up’ and 'happiness is our birthright’ and so on. We’re kind of teaching our kids that happiness is the default position – it’s rubbish. Wholeness is what we ought to be striving for and part of that is sadness, disappointment, frustration, failure; all of those things which make us who we are. Happiness and victory and fulfillment are nice little things that also happen to us, but they don’t teach us much. Everyone says we grow through pain and then as soon as they experience pain they say 'Quick! Move on! Cheer up!’. I’d like just for a year to have a moratorium on the word 'happiness’ and to replace it with the word 'wholeness’. Ask yourself 'is this contributing to my wholeness?’ and if you’re having a bad day, it is.
—  Hugh Mackay
Why Sonic Boom (TV Series) Is Actually the Best

1: You will never see Sonic nope more than in this show

2: Tails is the cutest thing in existence. It’s nice to be reminded that he is still a young kid, on top of being a crazy genius.

3: Knuckles, though yes he has been made less intelligent (in a way that I actually quite enjoy), actually has the most heart and appears to get along most with everyone he comes in contact with.

4: Amy has shown HUGE character growth and is not just a crazy fangirl anymore. Though I think we still have a lot more to see of her, she actually is often the first one to run IN to battle as opposed to waiting for someone to save her.

5: On that note, the relationship between Sonic and Amy has matured so much. The two still quarrel and Amy is still the affectionate one of the group (which yes makes me squee) but what once was annoyance is now a really good friendship, and Sonic appears to be a lot more gentle and tender with her in most cases.

6: Sticks is a hilarious, charming new character that I’m looking forward to learning more about!

7: You will see more to Eggman than you ever thought possible…

8: You will be given all the things you didn’t know you needed in your life

I cannot say enough how much I really love the show Sonic Boom. Yes, it’s silly and nonlinear and it uses characters in ways that maybe we aren’t used to, but isn’t that the great thing about a new series? Trying new things and giving you something to broaden your horizons? The show is lighthearted and whimsical but, despite how short the stories are, you learn a lot about the characters in the process. Please watch it!


Hi everyone! I whipped up this project real quick after seeing the new hair from the patch! :)

I have 3 things for you:

  • The EA hair without flowers, but with the ribbon
  • The EA hair without flowers and ribbon, I redid some of the UVs because I thought this hair would be great to use to make more CC hairs!
  • I turned the flowers into a hat accessory, so now you can pick and choose whichever color you’d like!

Both the hair and flower accessory come in EA’s 18 colors
It’s for females, teen-elders
It is hat compatible! Just remember that the flowers are a hat accessory, so you will not be able to have both at the same time.

Download [Dropbox] [SimFileShare]

Credit to EA for the meshes and textures.
Made with Sims4 Studio.

TOU: Please do not reupload my meshes and claim them as your own. Please feel free to recolor. And if you want to tag me if you use it I would love to see your beautiful sims!

Note: If you are interested in using the flower crown mesh and editing it/uploading it, feel free to, just please give me credit!

And if you have any issues please let me know!

My witchsona didn’t change much from last year. I don’t think I have any particular theme or power, but my familiars are my two pet hens (Miss and Lady) and I do the mori girl thing and scare kids. Lately I’ve been getting into drying roses and have some hanging above my monitor right now.

I took a photo of my dress in case you wanna better image of how that looks, but mostly because I want everyone to know that I absolutely do not fuck around when it comes to My Aesthetic. Also here’s the mask I made.


Hey Taylor hi I’m Aner It’s been 2 months since you killed me and followed so let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me…

 My name is Aner and I’m from Mexico and I’ve been loving you since 2008. You and your music have been with me in the hardest times of my life you were there when my boyfriend cheat on my and I was so devastated cause I gave him EVERYTHING yes everything of me and 1989 helped me and changed my life and made me realize that it’s better to walk away from the things that hurt you and I’ve been 8 months clean of him and I’m so proud and now I so happy living my life being free and independant. 

 You also were there when my daddy went to heaven this month I was so sad I’m still sad but you and your music cheer me everyday also seeing your daddy being so joyful, caring, funny, and loved by everyone makes me happy because he reminds me a lot to my dad so tell your that I send him the biggest hug. Tay I just love you so much choosing you as my rolemodel and big sister was the best decision ever I love you.

Unfortunately I can go to the tour I was planning with my dad going to see you but the circumstances changed and now I can’t (I wish I could go and hug you like right meow) so I hope that me and my mom we can see you someday in the midterm I just want to tell you that I love you ok? - Aner

honestly so happy I have a girl I’d die for, she’s my everything and I couldn’t even live without her. life’s just too good and she’s just too good to throw away. she’s the cutest thing ever and she’s made me into the cutest thing ever. I’d always try to change myself to get people to like me and I got her by being myself. I wish someone told me to find a girl who would embrace my individuality. everyone has such bad views on relationships in high school and at such a young age, I see everyone around me failing at love, except us. we got something real special. she’s real special. I can’t even imagine her with someone else because she fit me too well. too much of her is never bad, I can’t get enough of her. she’s everything to me. who knew I’d be this happy and find my true love now, I haven’t done anything to deserve it, but honestly this is my first break in life. I’m a million times happier than before, I was never happy before. I had no reason to live before. I hate my before, because she wasn’t even in it. I keep looking to my future, because she’s all over it and I’m grateful for that. I see her with me during everything. I’ve found the one for me. I never knew I would find the one for me. and especially now? thank you so much to whoever’s looking out for me. I can’t wait to give this girl my last name and have her mother our children. she’s mine and I’m her’s, forever and always.

1. never underestimate the power you have.

2. never manipulate people to get things you cannot earn on your own.

3. always smile.

4. never give up on what you’ve fought so hard for.

5. don’t give in.

6. never give up on your dreams.

7. “what if’s” kill you.

8. curiosity never killed the cat, it only made it wiser.

9. explore often.

10. when things start to go left, make them right again.

11. smile at everyone.

12. hold the door for everyone.

13. you can’t see the world if you’re looking at the ground too often.

14. venture off the trail every now and then.

15. don’t adjust yourself to “fit in”.

16. sit with people who sit alone.

17. taste the world, even if it’s in bits and pieces.

18. don’t question your self-worth.

19. never say “goodbye” say “i’ll see you soon”, goodbyes are permanent.

20. look someone in the eye when you’re shaking their hand.

21. always listen to what people have to say.

22. don’t go to bed upset.

23. don’t compare yourself to the idealists idea of perfect.

24. do not ask for what you cannot give.

—  24 things to always remember.
Bias Tape Cheat-No Pins!

One of the coolest things I’ve learned to do at Hancocks is to put bias tape on things without pinning it! I’ve wanted to share the skill with everyone for awhile but had no excuse until now! I made my Wrist band for Roxas from Kingdom Hearts and took pictures so uh…here it goes!

Pin Free Bias Tape Edging! 

It’s all thanks to a product called Web Bond! It’s used a lot in quilting for placing and holding squares! It’s not a permanent bonding agent so, if you mess up aligning it, you can move it!

I personally have Mettler! Okay so lets see how to do it!

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To the Markiplier Fandom:

Hello everyone I just have a few things that I would like to address if you would give me a moment of your time.
It concerns Markiplier fanfiction, specifically x Readers and any NSFW smut or art.
A while ago a post was made and the person was wondering if Mark ever reads fanfiction about himself. To which he replied:

This is an official post on his tumblr that was posted a while back. There is your confirmation.

Now one day I got really bored and made a post. Which I was not serious about in any way shape or form. In all honesty I was testing some of the fandom to see which of those respected him and which of those saw him as an object.
Anyway I said something along the lines of, “Where’s all the smut and nsfw? We should have more of that.” This was about Markiplier and Darkiplier stuff btw.
Please note that I was not serious in anyway and had no idea that he would actually see the post. But he did.
To which he replied:

Now immediately after I received that reply I deleted the post. To this day it is my biggest regret that he saw it and hell even answered me. I honestly hope and wish that he knows I wasn’t serious.

Onto the next portion. I recently saw a post about that there should be less nsfw fan fiction and more platonic, friendship based fanfiction. Which honestly I find to be more respectful and a good idea. The post:

Now being informed that Mark is indeed a writer, though I am unsure if he does much about it anymore. I think he would enjoy more things like that instead of being uncomfortable with the smut/nsfw/porn etc.

He even responded to someone on a nsfw ficlet about him and Jack. To which he replied:

Alright so even though he said that, it doesn’t mean he is comfortable with it. If anything he is trying to gradually accept that some of his fans wont listen about it. Which I find to be disappointing.

He has also made other jokes in the past. For instance about a funny comic featuring Dark and Mark. Which was in no way sexual at all. He said this:

Now in that one he was being silly but it goes to show how much he truly stalks his tag.

To those of you who like writing x Readers: Amazing, glad you enjoy it. If you are gonna write them though just keep in mind that there is a large possibility that he will see it whether it is on tumblr, DA or any other site.
Concerning the smut. You see in the tag there is an unwritten rule among some of the veteran fans. By that I mean those who have been around longer. That if you draw/write something shippy or nsfw related that you keep it out of the tags of the individuals involved.

Now in all honesty I would rather it would stop all together but of course that most likely wont happen. 

The comfort of him and his friends. Or anyone in general comes first. If you cannot respect that then please please rethink what you are doing.


He always wakes alone, heart pounding and breath coming in gasps.

She’s safe, he reminds himself. She’s far away in another realm, but she’s safe. No magic can touch her, no dangers from this land can reach her.

He never quite believes it.

The nightmares are not enough to tempt him to stay awake; dreams are his only way of seeing her now. Even if his heart pounds in fear, even if he does not believe his own reassurances.

Deep down, he knows why - why the fear is so real, why he cannot embrace his old life. There’s a little voice insisting rather stubbornly that the way is not shut forever.

It sounds like her.

He sleeps, and wakes in fear. He tells himself again and again that she is safely out of reach of everything and everyone in this land. He tries to lie to himself, and refuses to give the voice a name (hope, it’s hope, and it sounds like her).

But in the end, when the message comes, he listens, and doesn’t hesitate.

more manips | fan art | prints on society6 | redbubble

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Ok lemme say a thing or two about Dipper and Dippy Fresh here

Firstly, I’d like to talk about how Dipper is treated on tumblr. Dipper is a smart, shy, nervous, sweaty, and very relatable kid to some people like me. He was made fun of for being different as a kid, while his sister was loved by most it seems. Dipper just wanted to be himself, and everyone disliked him for it. Even Stan made fun of him. Mabel did a lot too.

And as you can see in some episodes, it really hurt his feelings.

Ford is the only one who doesn’t make fun of him, and makes him feel special.

And yet, most people on tumblr hate Ford. Yeah he can be problematic, but he really did make a good friend for Dipper.

Now also on tumblr, everyone glorifies Mabel. “Mabel’s so precious!!1!1 She’s so perfect!1!1! Without sin!1!1!”

No, she’s not. She made fun of her already insecure brother a lot in the show, and no one seemed to at an eye at that.

Dipper goes to save Mabel who’s trapped in the bubble, and no one cares about him. No, it’s all about Mabel it seems…

Now onto Dippy Fresh.

For Weirdmaggedon part 2, everyone seemed to focus on Mabel and Dippy Fresh instead of DIPPER; AKA the only one able to get past Bill’s trap with his “iron will”. He risks so much to save his sister, and is even humiliated there.

How you may ask?


Dippy Fresh was another version of Dipper, created by his own sister. His twin. A version of him that she thought was better. And in Dipper’s words, “cooler”, “more popular”, etc.

Things that Dipper was insecure about.

His own sister created a version of him she thought was better. A version that had all the qualities he wished he had but didn’t.

Because that wasn’t him.

His sister didn’t like who he was.

And that just really got to me.

After ALL Dipper has sacrificed for his sister, she still doesn’t like how he is. (And so does no one else on tumblr it seems….or at least very few people…)

Sure Mabel sacrificed some things, but not as much as Dipper.

People on tumblr glorify Mabel already, and now instead of Dipper, they’re glorifying the embodiment of what MABEL wants Dipper to be like.

So yeah, I don’t know how to wrap this up. So, make of my thoughts what you will.

Please appreciate Dipper more, and don’t dismiss Mabel as unproblematic because she can be problematic. That’s all I ask of you tumblr.


Nerdy Luke, your science lab partner for half of the school year now, always wears dorky glasses and tacky button downs. In class he tries to answer every question and explain his theories but you’re the only one who listens while everyone else snickers behind his back. He begins to notice how cute and nice you are but doesn’t think he has a chance. He decides that it’s time for a little makeover. The next day, the school doors swing open and you see a blurry figure through the sunlight. WHO IS THAT?! you thought as you see this mysterious person wearing an edgy black outfit. Luke confidently makes his way down the hall while the other students’ jaws drop in awe. The mean girls who made fun of him just yesterday were suddenly giddy and tried to flip their hair as he walked by. They pout when he ignores them as he heads towards your locker. “How?…what..” you hear everyone whisper in confusion. You look back at your books so it doesn’t look like you were staring at him, but suddenly you hear a loud bang! on your locker door and close it to find Luke rubbing his head. Embarrassed and flustered, he frantically fishes for his glasses in his backpack. You spot them in his pocket, grab them and then tiptoe to gently slip them onto his face as he looks down at you with a goofy smile.
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Recently, Emmy and I (Hana) have become very close, much closer than we've been over the years since we've met. But the fact that we live so far away prevents us from seeing each in person for more than a few days a year. Which is why we'd like a little help in finances so we can see each other...

Hi everyone! So since the next school semester has started and we’re both working a lot now, I have less time to write commissions.

But Emmy and I still wanna meet up again later this year! So we’ve made a gofundme in order to help raise some money for it!

Even if we don’t make the total goal in time, any donations whatsoever are so greatly appreciated! 

If you can, please help us see each another again! Thank you so much, everyone!!!