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In honour of dorianmance week: did any of the ingame romance scenes play out vastly different in your headcanon? What did you love most about Dorian's romance path and when did Fael fall in love with him?

Hi! Thanks for the ask :D (and it’s still Day 2 somewhere in the world so~)

(spamming again one of @razildor‘s screens because yes)

♦ ~ So let’s see, one scene that played somewhat different from canon was the first kiss one, after speaking with Dorian’s father. I’m not going to say more right now because I’ll hopefully finish a comic about it soon! 
Apart from that one, none of the dialogue paths go very differently in my hc, but I applied some tweaks here and there. Ah! But there’s that one. One that I am particularly attached to is Fael’s response in the cutscene after the Temple of Mythal. In game you get the options between asking him to stay or supporting him to go, but in my headcanon I prefer a mix of the two. 
Dorian telling him he’s considering leaving is a cold shower to Fael. At that point in the story he’s barely holding himself together with everything that happens (Adamant, nightmares, the final battle coming near, not to mention the whole “becoming a vessel for the well of sorrow thing and meeting Mythal that looks like a human woman”) and Dorian is, admittedly, an anchor (ha) to him. He basically panicks when Dorian tells him that (which for Fael means blank stare and putting emotional distance now now now). That’s why his first response after Dorian refuses his offer to go with him is to plead “I need you by my side”. 

But soon he steels himself, actually registers what Dorian had said, and realizes that to stop him would be the hugest hypocrisy of his life. Still, he’s a selfish man, and he wants to lay down all the cards he can to make the situation clear, to make the real importance of their relationship clear. So he tells Dorian that no, he’s not emotionally blackmailing him, and if that’s what Dorian truly wants then he will support his cause however he can. But he does ask him to think more about it. Dorian does. And eventually decides that what they have is not a fleeting thing that he can shrug off like everything else, and tells him his decision not during the afterbattle party, but the day after :) 

(on a sidenote: I feel that the fact you get to choose what Dorian will do in his life in game isn’t very good. I think a system of approval points that would eventually decide if Dorian stays or not would have been nicer) 

♦ ~ oH BOY WHAT A QUESTION. Well, I absolutely loved the feeling of healing that the whole romance has. For Dorian of course, but also for Fael. Funnily enough, since it’s Dorian who claims he is inspired by the Inquisitor, Dorian himself inspires Fael to be a better person, and to face certain unsolved things of his past. Then it’s so…sweet. Sweet but not overly so, not the mushy mushy chocolate and flowers sweet of other romance. I loved the feeling of quiet love, a growing feeling that doesn’t necessarily need big words. And of course, the adorable old-married-couple banter they tend to have ♥ Then, and this is something that is admittedly strictly related to Fael being an elf mage, I love how their lovestory doesn’t affect only themselves. They’re both going to leave a mark on their world, hopefully change it by the core, and that makes them one hell of a story-driven power couple, which is a thing that I adore. Plus, I think having an elf lover would really prompt Dorian to do a 180° turn on his views on slavery and general treatment of the elves in Tevinter, and possibly put the “end slavery thing” on top of his to-do list.

♦ ~ There wasn’t really a moment you know? Fael was totally head over the heels for him since like, the beginning, but he recognized that as a simple crush for an handsome and exceptionally talented man. “Crush” that grew and grew with every little and big thing they shared alongh the path. Until calling him ma vhenan became as natural as breathing, and Fael realizes that he wouldn’t give up on them for anything unless it meant hurting him. Then you have those little moment of realization in a random moment like “Oh, so that what it was” 


Someone may already have mentioned this but just how good was the music in the Robron wedding episodes? They must have thought about every little detail. It’s amazing.

Bear’s Den - The Love We Stole

I was heaving
Breaths I couldn’t bear to breathe in
You came running
And stood there silent, summoning my sin
To let it all out now
Show the world the love that you stole


Michael Buble - Everything  

You’re a falling star, you’re the get away car
You’re the line in the sand when I go too far

You’re every line, you’re every word, you’re everything. 

Robert: You don’t have a clue what he means to me. He’s everything.


Adele - Make You Feel My Love

I could make you happy
Make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn’t do
Go to the ends
Of the Earth for you
To make you feel my love

Robert: I can’t make you happy, mate. I mean literally. I can’t do it.


Jamie Cullum - Please Don’t Stop The Music

I wasn’t looking for nobody when you looked my way

Aaron: When you had Chrissie you came looking for me!

Robert: I didn’t go looking for you! I met you and you changed everything.


Does anyone recognise any of the other songs played in the ep, because I tried really hard but couldn’t make them out. I’d love to know what they are! Please add to this post if you have any ideas!

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This is what happens when you try to be cute and tweet in French. People now believe that PM picked GA up from the premiere. I know GATW replied to one of your asks, but it would help if you had a clear message from GATW on your page so people could hear straight from them. No more misconceptions.

Let me get this straight: Gillian left the premiere in a car ALONE. She changed her dress, and went out of the car ALONE at the Claridge Hotel, where PM was seen at the entrance, on the stairs.
Also, she didn’t come back to the premiere after.
That’s what happened, now you an I know. Spread the world!

Working furiously on story updates now that I’m feeling a lot better. :)

Until I get to reblog them here, have a pic from a world NOT featured in my story at this time: Cloudland. This is the cemetery, redone, and with Divadoom’s default plants in place.

Got a backlog of story updates going up on the story blog throughout this day, into tonight and then again tomorrow. They are being spaced out so I can take required breaks in between..also, I still have wordbuilding projects to fit in.

I let the story posts sit there a while before reblogging  to this somewhat more popular blog because I sometimes find stuff that needs editing a day or so after I write it. This is my first story anywhere. Still getting the hang of things.

Gonna reblog some fractal art weirdness next..I found those relaxing to create on my phone, lying down, to distract from my discomfort and pain.

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Hi girls! It's Chillary_from_Cartagena here! Yes, I have a Tumblr no, it doesn't have neither Chillary nor Cartagena in it. Since the latest article on ppl discovering our fics, I've taken a suggestion and hid them, they're now only visible to users!

Chillary/2 if inspiration strikes, I’ll post my next fics in private mode too for a while. I’m sorry for all the anon commenters, but I don’t know how to let them know w/o the rest of the world finding out. This made me very sad. :C leave us alone!

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at least twice makes good songs

at first i just wanted to reply with a simple meme, but nO, NO, NO.
i can’t let this one go. are you telling me that BTS, Bangtan Boys, 방탄소년단, do not have good songs? like. are you actually serious right now? i mean, you have to be joking, right? please, tell me that you are fucking kidding me right now. their music is gold. their music is so incredibly unique and actually mind blowing. i can listen to any song, from any album that they put out into the world, that they shared with us, and it will still give me fucking goosebumps, each and every time. i have been listening to their music for nearly four years now, and i listen to their albums every single day, and i do not get tired of them.

it is completely fine if you are not a fan of them, if you do not support them, if they are not your ‘style’, of course, just like i, for example, don’t really listen to Twice. but i respect them completely and i would never do anything to harm them or their company. i would sincerely never spread hate or hate on them. and what you are doing right now, to the company, to BigHit, to BTS, to their website, is seriously so fucking childish and so immature. it’s so sad to see, that there is no respect and no politeness. grow up. but don’t you even fucking dare say/write that they do not make good music. they make incredible, heartwarming, real, raw, unique music.

i’m upset. you’re probably upset too. seeing characters you’ve grown to care about appear so heartbroken is hard. some of us saw this coming, some of us didn’t. but i think there’s something we must not do and that is to act like this is some sort of fatal tragedy, like this is the end of the world. i admit i’m guilty of having freaked out after watching the clip. i admit seeing isak’s face broke my heart. but it’s not the end of the world. this revelation alone must not feel like it’s the end. 

even is mentally ill 

it was said. we know it now. 

that alone must not be perceived like things can’t be okay anymore

people with a mental illness can lead successful lives. people with a mental illness can have relationships. we all might have at least a follower who is mentally ill, or who is close to someone who is. so let’s not act like this means the end. because it doesn’t. let’s not spread that idea here. 

i’m not saying that it’s going to be easy for isak and even. but skam is a show that teaches, it sends important messages. it breaks stereotypes. it opens eyes. 

they did not create a character with a mental illness just to cause “drama”

i actually have so much faith in this show. i know they will treat the subject with care, i know they will do this well. i know they are not going to send the message that things can only end tragically for someone with a mental illness, for someone who is in love with someone who is mentally ill. i know they are not going to send the message that this situation is hopeless. 

this was an episode that was hard to watch. but in the long run, i do think it’ll be a much needed one. i do think a lot of people will learn from this storyline. in the long run, i think we will all be thankful for it. 

10 things I learned in 2016

1. Travel, a lot. Buy a ticket, grab a friend, and discover places you’ve never been to.
2. Say goodbye. The friendship you had with someone since Year 1 will change and sometimes you slowly distance yourself from each other.
3. Be kind. We live in a cruel, awful world but that isn’t an excuse to be rude and cold hearted.
4. Write. Take a piece of paper and pour your heart out. Write down everything that comes to your mind, I promise you’ll feel so much better afterwords.
5. Dream. It doesn’t matter whether your goals and wishes seem impossible to reach, just try to follow them.
6. Let go. The past is the past and shouldn’t determine the life you live now.
7. Fail. There is nothing more uplifting than failing and getting up again to succeed. We learn from mistakes and while it’s hard to accept, we grow through them,too.
8. Accept yourself. Barely anyone fits into today’s beauty standards and that’s okay. As long as you feel comfortable and healthy, the opinion of other people with judgement clouded minds shouldn’t matter to you.
9. Get help. It’s okay to ask for help and get the support you need.
10. Be independent. I don’t say that you should break up with your partner or get ride of all your friends but please don’t lose yourself in the process of being in a relationship or friendship for that matters.

I think what got to me was that no matter how much I wanted us to work out, how much I compromised, or how much I tried convincing myself… there was a part of me that always knew we wouldn’t have worked out. Even now there’s this shred of false hope that I’m holding onto.

-There’s just some people in this world that you don’t want to let go of.


My Thoughts on Sirius and Mornings
  • Sirius would probably be a light sleeper because of all those years in grimmauld place walking on eggshells and hearing out for if his brother has nightmares
  • And James probably gets up before the sun to do something disgustingly healthy and wakes sirius up even though he’s super quiet
  • After a while I think the habit of waking up early probably stuck with him so now he takes the opportunity to plan out pranks or do something cute at the time when the rest of the world (barring james the fucking weirdo) is sleeping so no one can slander his punk rock reputation
  • (because, let’s be real, the cute things are probably swimming in over stuffed sweaters and dancing in his underwear to Queen)
  • ((The sweaters probably belong to remus… or used to anyways…)) 

BONUS: Queen is playing top volume and Remus is probably still dead to the world while his boyfriend is jumping on the bed trying to wake him up but to no avail

I hope you meet your idols
I hope you meet your internet friends
I hope you meet your soulmate
I hope you fall in love and never fall out of it
I hope you find someone who accepts you
I hope you find happiness in this world
I hope you follow your dreams
I hope you get your dream job
I hope you never have to worry about food
I hope you never have to worry about a job
I hope you never have to worry about money
I hope you get out of whatever bad situation you’re in right now
I hope you live to see another day
I hope you fight your demons
I hope you never let go of your best friend
I hope your family accepts you
I hope your friends accept you
I hope you’re safe right now
I hope you’re warm right now
I hope you’re healthy
I hope you take this as a sign to live
I hope you know you’re worth it
I hope you know you’re amazing
I hope you know your favorite shirt fits perfectly on you
I hope you know that your body doesn’t define you as a person
I hope you know how much I care about you

Let’s talk about this.

So… my guess is  that this is Yuuri holding the phone after seeing what Phichit obviously posted. 

Obviously, whomever is holding the phone (I’m guessing Yuuri) Is shaking. 

SOOO… what if he’s nervous that their secret got out!? Now the world knows they’re dating. I mean, just look at the possessive look on Victors face, literally just screaming “Stay away from Yuuri, he’s mine!”

Or the alternative is that Yurio is seeing this photo and is pissed. I’d like to hear what other people think about this. 

‘Because she likes people,’ said the witch, striding ahead.  'She cares about 'em.  Even the stupid, mean, drooling ones, the mothers with the runny babies and no sense, the feckless and the silly and the fools who treat her like some kind of a servant.  Now THAT’S what I call magic–seein’ all that, dealin’ with all that, and still goin’ on.  It’s sittin’ up all night with some poor old man who’s leavin’ the world, taking away such pain as you can, comfortin’ their terror, seein’ 'em safely on their way…and then cleanin’ 'em up, layin’ 'em out, making 'em neat for the funeral, and helpin’ the weeping widow strip the bed and wash the sheets–which is, let me tell you, no errand for the fainthearted–and stayin’ up the next night to watch over the coffin before the funeral, and then going home and sitting down for five minutes before some shouting angry man comes bangin’ on your door 'cuz his wife’s havin’ difficulty givin’ birth to their first child and the midwife’s at her wits’ end and then getting up and fetching your bag and going out again….  We all do that, in our own way, and she does it better'n me, if I was to put my hand on my heart.  THAT is the root and heart and soul and center of witchcraft, that is.  The soul and center!'  Mistress Weatherwax smacked her fist into her hand hammering out her words.  'The…soul…and…CENTER!’

Echoes came back from the trees in the sudden silence.  Even the grasshoppers by the side of the track had stopped sizzling.

'And Mrs Earwig,’ said Mistress Weatherwax, her voice sinking to a growl, 'Mrs. Earwig tells her girls it’s about cosmic balances and stars and circles and colors and wands and…and toys, nothing but TOYS!'  She sniffed.  'Oh, I daresay they’re all very well as decoration, somethin’ nice to look at while you’re workin’, somethin’ for show, but the start and finish, THE START AND FINISH, is helpin’ people when life is on the edge.  Even people you don’t like.  Stars is easy, people is hard.’

She stopped talking.  It was several seconds before birds began to sing again.

'Anyway, that’s what I think,’ she added in the tones of someone who suspects that she might have gone just a bit further than she meant to.
—  Terry Pratchett, “A Hat Full of Sky”

The truth is I do.

Yes, I sit next to you at night in the darkness and point out the stars and feel your heartbeat and have to fight to ignore the urge to kiss you and never let you out of my sight again.

Yes, I listen to your laugh and see artwork in the notes you create with your voice, and wonder how it was I thought you weren’t the most important thing in the world to me.

Yes, I drink to forget that it took just one moment for me to rip you into pieces and leave you behind, and that now you’re alright without me again.

But most importantly- yes, I collapse at the thought that I could possibly have mistaken someone else for my love when you were right there in front of me all the time.

—  j.f. // midnight musings of a broken boy • excerpts of stories I will never write
Dear Anonymous,

I don’t know why you’re writing a suicide letter. I don’t know about your pain. I don’t know the things you’ve been through or if you’re still going through them. I don’t know if it’s abuse by another. I don’t know if it’s verbal. I don’t know if it’s sexual. I don’t know if it’s physical. I don’t know if it’s because you’re bullied. I don’t know if it’s because you’re suffering from a dark dose of depression. I don’t know if your arms are sliced up. I don’t know if you’re beautiful. I don’t know if you’re scared. I don’t know if you’re going to be okay. I don’t know if you’re alive right now or if you choose to let the white noise do the talking for you. I don’t know if you shut the world out by listening to the music way too loud. I don’t know if you’re up by yourself at 6 am rocking yourself to sleep with tears shaped like their hands holding onto you. I don’t know if you’ve taken drugs to forget about the pain, I don’t know if you’ve been through withdrawals because there’s nothing worse than waking up and needing to go back to sleep because those 13 hours didn’t do a fucking thing for your body. I don’t know if you’ve been yelled at. I don’t know if you’re bleeding from your wrists. I don’t know if you’re fucking up your feelings because they chose to walk away after promises of forever. I don’t know if you’re going to choose to stay or if you’re going to choose to smile. I don’t know if you’ve felt love lately. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in love. I don’t know if you’re adopted or if being a stranger in your own family means you might as well be. I don’t know if you’re the loser of the group or if you’ve finally decided that being the bully is enough. I don’t know if you’ve ever injected anything into your veins. I don’t know if you’re ever going to live through this. I don’t know if you’re finally fed up with this life. I don’t know if you’re insignificant. I don’t know if you’re special or if you feel important. I don’t know if you’re a writer or if you’re a musician. I don’t know if you’re a prayer I haven’t answered. I don’t know anything about you… honestly… I don’t know, but I do know one thing…
—  I love you.

Dear Anon,

I see you’re going through some hard times right now. Let me just say that when you do have the courage to come out to you family, friends, co-workers, etc. that you don’t let anything they say deter you. You are who you are, and that’s all you’ll never be. You’re you, not someone else. I never understood why people wanted to be like everyone else, a world full of the same people with the same qualities and interests would be boring. So don’t change a thing about yourself.

The people who stand by you will be your friends no matter what, and the ones who don’t accept you…you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Don’t ever feel ashamed of who you are. Hell, you’re inspiring ME to come out. Have you ever heard of being a panromantic asexual? I hadn’t until I figured out what I was. So…I hope you find out who you are.

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“You can do it, da? I believe in you.”

GOT7′s kinks

Mark. Although I thoroughly believe he is a fuckboy, he is a vanilla fuckboy. I’ll bet he’s really into vocalization, basically his partner’s moans. It doesn’t matter if he’s going down on you, or if he’s fucking you, every sound you make is legitimately the most delicious noise in the world. You could probably turn him on just by moaning. It’s almost like subtle praise, letting him know he’s doing a good job. He’s probably also into biting, usually just soft bites, that little bit of an extra sensation, dragging them over your skin, but every now and then harsh bites. When he’s about to cum, he’ll drop his head into your shoulder and sink his teeth into your skin, a muffled moan coming out. He probably appreciates it just as much when you bite back. I think he has a pretty big kink for thigh riding, and giving oral. He just wants to please you and he’s not content until you’ve cum at least twice, no matter what you’re doing.

JB. I think passion is important to him, and that leads to rough sex. He’s probably also into hair pulling, but more so on his end. He wants your hair in his fist, tugging while he fucks you from behind, other hand tightly gripping your hip or thigh. He’s the type to need to go another round once you’re both ready, just because once isn’t satisfying enough for him. Dirty talk would be something that’s pretty present, but nothing degrading, more so telling you how good you feel, how fucking badly he needs you, that you look so gorgeous when his cock is in your mouth– positive things. I think he’s into public teasing, trying to get you as needy for him as possible and leaving you like that until the two of you are alone. It’s both an establishment of dominance and almost like he wants you to know that your his, and only he can make you feel the way he does. Really though, he just likes intensity.

Jackson. I think when it comes to him although it’s not a kink, above all he craves intimacy. He wants that connection, and knowledge that there’s reasoning behind the sex. He wants it to mean something, he wants the sex to be about needing you as close to him as he can be. I think that he also would really like some form of praise. He wouldn’t necessarily want you telling him how great he is, but just reassurances that he’s making you feel good, and that you love him– again it adds to the intimacy of it. Now, on the other hand, that boy doesn’t know his strength. You have to understand he’s going to f u c k you, and afterwards you’re going to have bruises in the shape of his fingers and hip bones. It’s not his fault, and he feels terrible, he just can’t control himself because you feel so fucking good, and he genuinely doesn’t realize how much strength he has. He also probably wants to make sure you get off before him as often as possible, because he just wants to treat you right. I think he’d also be really into oral, but on the receiving end. He loves tangling his fingers in your hair, and running his thumbs over your face, and the look you give him.

Junior. Our boy junior wants control and dominance. He has the capability to be soft and sensual but his preference is that his you completely submit to him. He absolutely has a thing for eye contact. He wants you looking at him– watching– as he goes down on you. He wants to see you when you cum, and he wants you to know damn well that it’s him getting you off. He probably really likes giving oral, honestly, mostly because he can tease you and make you beg for it. He’s the kind to tease you relentlessly until you’re so desperate for release you’re practically crying. Every time he goes down on you he puts your legs over your shoulders and has one hand on your stomach, another on your hip forcing you down so you can’t control the situation at all. When it comes to actual sex, aside from that overall dominance and control, he probably has a bit of a spanking kink. He absolutely loves fucking you from behind, one hand on your neck, almost pushing you down slightly, all the while smacking your ass every now and then. I’m also going to be honest, I think he might have a low-key daddy kink. He isn’t the typical daddy everyone thinks of– he’s the type to raw you, and then after he’s running his fingers through your hair, making sure you’re not too sore, and then he’s making you snacks and spoiling you.

Youngjae. For the most part, I think it’s your pleasure that’s the most important thing. He wants to do everything he can to make sure that he’s pleasing you exactly how you need. Because of that, he can really go either way, either submitting to you, or dominating you, but his preference is really just balance. He does like you riding him, as it gives him a sense of intimacy. He can look you in the eyes, and press sloppy kisses to your lips, and brush your sweaty hair out of your face, and after you’ve both finished he can whisper ‘I love you’ really softly with his forehead pressed against your own. I think with him, vocalization might be another thing that gets him going, as it gives him a boost of confidence and reassures him that he’s doing the right thing. He probably likes it when you call his name, or a sweet pet name, and he more than likely does the same in return.

Bambam. 10/10 I think his biggest kink is oral. If this boy could spend every waking minute between your thighs, he would. He wants to go down on you literally anywhere, all the time. He likes it when you pay the favor back of course, but he goes down on you because he wants to. He’s also the type to be into teasing, making you beg for it, subsequently, he’s also the type to overstimulate you, until you’re begging him to stop because you just can’t cum anymore. You will never get off just once with him. I believe he’d also be into public teasing, the type to touch you when no one’s looking, or try to get you off beneath the table, even if you’re at your parent’s. He’s also the type to be into public sex, if it escalates, dressing rooms, bathrooms, cars, probably even an elevator until you tell him that there’s cameras watching and it’d be /really/ bad if that footage got out.

Yugyeom. I think he’s young, and he’s probably yet to discover his true kink potential, but he’s definitely got some– he’s a hoe. He likes oral, because what guy his age doesn’t want to get sucked off? But above all I think he’s really into face fucking. At first he’d try to control himself, but halfway through the blowjob he’s just lost control, and his hands are on either side of your face, his cock is all the way down your throat, and even though the squelching noises sound disgusting to you they’re just so divine to him. (Afterwards he’d be sweet of course, and he’d rub your throat lovingly, and then really sheepishly ask if you want a halls or something. He’s also probably got a system worked out for when you can’t breathe.) He’s probably just into really rough sex, with slight dominance, anything that strokes his ego. He’s also really into hair pulling, and he’s the kind to physically put your hands in his hair. The aftercare is just as important though– the cuddles, and the pillow talk. It’s a total contrast to how he was during sex, because now he’s sweet, and whining for your attention.

The people who claim to be fans of either melissa benoist or Blake Jenner but are applauding or celebrating their divorce honestly sicken me. Like honestly, what the fuck? These are people. Two people who are now ending a marriage and a four year relationship. Two people who have said on countless occasions that they’re each other’s best friends. Two people who were clearly very much in love at one time. And you people are over here saying you hope Melissa will now realize she’s gay or that she’s too good for him?

How dare you?

Melissa and Blake are real people, very private people who I doubt want the world to know about this let along have people commenting on it. They aren’t characters from tv shows for you to fetishize or comment on. So before you make another post talking about how you hope Melissa will finally come out, or how you think she cheated on Blake with her co star, just don’t.

Have some fucking decency.


So I was thinking about this moment in “Ides of March” when Gabrielle was talking to Xena all about how She saved her:

“Xena, you’ve brought out the best in me… Before I met you, no one saw me for who I was. I felt… Invisible. But you saw all the things I could be. You saved me Xena.”

Now, let’s all look back at who Gabrielle was in episode 1 when we first met her. She seemed so optimistic, this doe-eyed young woman who was excited to go on this adventure with Xena; “teach me everything you know!” She seemed so innocently positive about the world, naive even.

Yet, in Ides of March, Gabrielle describes her life back then as empty, hollow… She felt completely invisible. No one even knew who she really was on the inside.

As someone who suffers with depression and anxiety, God do I relate to this. Feeling completely awful on the inside but having this veneer of fake happiness around me so that people wouldn’t be able to tell that I was dying inside. I can’t possibly trust anyone to actually see the person I am… What if they think I’m weak? Or that I’m not worth their time? With a bubbly facade, I can be well liked right?

“That’s what we all dream about isn’t it? Someone that looks so deeply into our soul that they’d find something worth dying for.”

Gabrielle, a soul in turmoil, crying out for a hero… Someone to see her for who she was, and accept everything about her, the darkness and light. The good and the bad.

Maybe someday, we will all find that too.