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Don't Leave!!! You were my favorite!!

dont worry i’m not going anywhere permanently ;-; i’m still around and i have an upcoming project kinda thing that involves Ophelia that i am super excited for. i just had a little meltdown over being pushed aside again by the same person but i’m doing better now and…yeah whoops kinda rambled lmaooo bet u wishing i waS leaving now 

had a dream last night that the Daleks got wind of the phrase “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away” and, y’know, took it literally. they built this massive fucking fortress out of fucking apples and just like chilled in there and Rose was like “doctor wot r u gonna do” and ten was just like  “i’m not gonna do anything, maybe they’ll just sit quietly in their apple dome”

woke up laughing


Public reminder: Raven is a bombshell.

So this is actually gonna be part 1 of a little comic series I’m gonna be doing for team STRQ’s experience with their own Vytal festival dance! All of which should be made to stand on their own, but I just wanted to share my little headcanons for how I think things went down. ❤

This comic in particular came from my desire to draw Raven in a slayin’ dress, and to showcase how I think her relationship with Summer Rose was like, but more of that is to come!

Sasako…wearing glasses…

Claudia and Stiles, June 1998.

Here’s another sneak peek for the final chappy of Home, which I’m aiming to post in June (60 drawings + Lupus = Julie needs extra time) but now it’s 42 paintings down, 18 to go!! Thanks for your unending patience ♥

Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)


just kinda general doodles

Based on @videogamelover99’s beautiful fics for this au
which is inspired very much by @pengychan’s writings from which Nora and Liam belong

Alright, I’ve succumbed to the trash clown, goddamnit.

What's Your Story?
Tyler Joseph
What's Your Story?

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine are perfectly aligned
you will also find that on either side there is a plus and minus sign
Right now I’m on this line, minus this now I’m online

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine are on the plus side
Now I’d like to assign and also define what one may find on this side of the line
I will not pretend that there are no consequences of saying something offensive online
No matter what my ignorant friend says
Because words are all I have and I know it’s sad
We hide behind the mask of the latest social networking fad
So there’s respect in my status whether through Mark Zuckerberg or Tom
And I’ll treat you the same in person and yeah I’ll accept your friend request, Mom

This is a line and this line is mine
You will kindly find my feet and my spine, are on the minus sign
Now, I’d like to assign and also define what one might find on this side of the line
Now I might seem unassuming, but if you only knew what I was doing
Brewing, spewing spitting venom when I’m at that screen I ruin reputations
I will splatter, typing faster I get madder, all the insults I will gather
You’re so lucky it’s only Saturday
You have one day. Oh yes, Sunday, for my words to die away
And on that one day I must say, you’re gonna wish you had a different name
But then it’s Monday, and at school, I’ll remind them all of what I said
Then it’s Tuesday. Then it’s Wednesday. Then we’ll all find out, you’re dead.

This is a line and this line is mine
And now that I’ve assigned what one might find on either side,
you will kindly find that my feet and my spine are on the plus sign
And I’m not moving
Where are you?

I was asked several times to do the “Meet the Artist” thing and ya– Here you go lol It’s like 6am 8)))


every mitch outfit: ptxperience edition (part one)