and now i have to spam it myself


what if we are not ready to see what is under the helmet?


Madness is over ok yes

Well I’m gonna stop here because I have a very bad headache now haha.

I wanted to thank you guys for this evening, and apologize for the spam as well. I’ve been working non stop for months and I’ve only done a few paintings for studies, and I can’t seem to manage to draw much for myself lately so this had been a very nice stress relief. You guys are reaally funny and cute and I just loved interacting like this tonight. <3

Much kisses to you sweeties / //v// /

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“Wassup kiddos ! Double the me double the handsome yes ? “  
* woops, sunk into another fandom lulz* 
 [Side status: I can’t enjoyed Overwatch recently cuz of cheesy plays and toxic behaviour players that rended myself….unenjoyable. So ! I back to Borderlands 2with my sis and eventually addicted to it, now playing to Tales from the Borderlands now, so maybe from now on I will spam some Borderlands stuff ! *psst* { chose Axton and Wilhelm as playing classes hehe } ] 
   Don’t worry, will have some other game stuff and Overwatch too. 


mermaid swamp spam     “I want you to live..”


First off all of you sweetheart ya don’t have to read this all BUT I’M TOO HIGH RIGHT NOW WITH ALL THE EXCITEMENT I CAN’T STOP MYSELF SO IMMA DO THIS ANY WAY!!!

Yesterday was the happiest day ever!! Due to all of your birthday wishes and gift, I EVEN GET THE PRESENT AT THE LAST HOUR OF THE DAY WHICH MEAN 11PM SO NO REGRET!!


Below gonna be alots~~~ Of Birthday presents I got from lovely people and my friends~~ I’ll be mention all of you in this post get angry at me for spamming your notes like this sweet heart BUT I WON’T REGRET CAUSE I LOVE YOUUUUU!!

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Wil, are people on the TV just like us non-TV people? Do you still get calls about timeshares you have no interest in that wont stop? Or do you have some form of Assassin from the actors guild that handles those kinds of problems?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but I’ve gotten that “oh sorry my headset fell out of my ear” spam call so many times now, I can hang up on it and report the number faster than she can speak.

Advices and Distractions - Barry Allen Imagine

Advices and Distractions – The Flash Imagine

Prompt: You and Cisco talk about your feelings for Barry until it’s just you and him and you ask Barry for his advice on your crush for this non-existent boy.

A/N: Ahhh I’m back! I hope this wasn’t too shabby. I just felt like posting! And don’t worry, I hope there’s more soon to come as well. Hope you guys like this one, sorry it wasn’t TW.

Pairing: Barry x Reader

Word Count: 1720

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Your POV:

“Hey Cisco,” I looked up from my phone when my best friend walked into lab, focusing back onto the tiny lit screen.

“Hey Y/N. What’cha doing over there?” He tries to peek at my phone but I move away. “Just texting someone.” I smirked as he returned the same one with wiggling eyebrows.

“Ooo, soon to be Mrs. Allen.” He teased as I punched him on the arm playfully.

“Shut up, we’re just friends.” I felt my cheeks heating up.

Cisco was the only person who knew about my secret crush on Barry. Caitlin had her suspicions, but Cisco made sure it didn’t lead onto anything. Ever since I worked with the team and found out Barry was The Flash, my feelings grew stronger and stronger for him every day. He was so nice to me the first time we met, and he’s just so cute. Sometimes, I have the sudden urge to just hug him randomly whenever we work together. Of course, I don’t do that… He’d think I’m weird.

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i love my therapist i told her all the great amazing monumental things ive accomplished this week and she was like “WHAT!?!?!? omg you can’t drop this on me on a tuesday!!!!!!!” and as i was telling her everything she started crying because she was so happy for me, like actually getting too choked up to talk at one point (im the only client that’s made her cry but i think it’s genuinely because we just bonded and clicked so much she feels like an older sister). and she had this beautiful metaphor because i was taking about how much i love fall and how gentle and soft it feels outside and she was like, this is your harvest. you’ve been putting in SO much work and trying so hard all year, being so introspective and doing all the exercises ive given you and just trying so hard for yourself and now the season has changed and you’re changing too, you can finally harvest everything that you’ve worked so hard for. only it was more beautiful than that, but she’s right. my depression is slowly lifting, that bleak despair is mending, and im starting to feel like myself again

im just so incredibly proud of myself for fighting and fighting to get myself to this point. and i feel happy and hopeful the way i used to when i was an actual kid, like i haven’t felt this way for so long i honestly forgot!! it’s starting to feel like there’s a little magic in the world again, and im just so… peaceful. and excited to see where my life takes me

i know my depression and anxiety is cyclical and im not where i want to be yet and im going to have to work at this my whole life but it’s been an amazing, wonderful, warm week my guys

im so happy right now, and so proud of myself

Goth Birthday Special!!!!!

okay some of the art here is not  mine but i’ll post it anyway and tag whoever the artist is

okay so this gift was actually given to me on my birthday in which I now give this fan art to Goth because i love him so much.

art by my frendo @gabrielleasahina sorry for not having permission to post it… I just have too its just sooo beautiful


NAJ!!!!!!!!!! well one of my senpais gave me this she said it not good even though it is

art by senpai Lei also known as @nauzzylla 

You should go check them out… actually nevermind… there’s nothing in there… YET XD

welp here is another one:

Art collab mostly Lei-senpai but yah.. coloring is all me and drawing is @nauzzylla I am actually surprised by this since it looks like L!goth without glasses… welll yah…PS Don’t judge the coloring for its like a spam of shading and less highlights and stuff. I just did that right now since I have nothing to give to Goth yet… ….


you know what…

I am making part 2 of this and probably make a better drawing and not that make the same mistake again and this time I will draw it myself personally plus more of Lei-senpai.. well that’s that

Goth is from @nekophy

US! Pallete is from @angexci

L!goth is from @bunabelldraws

NAJ and CC! Pallete(?) is by @blogthegreatrouge

Underswap by popcornprince


THIS ONE GIRL THOUGHT IT WAS APPROPRIATE TO SPAM ‘I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU’ AND I JOINED CAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS REALLY IMPORTANT…she then asks…'When’s the next PJ’s daycare?’ Now she writes on my wall 'You crushed me dreams’ FUCKING SO MANY COMMENTS *at least 70%* ARE ABOUT PJ’s DAYCARE. Now I love the comic rouge draws but seriously because of all this I’ve lost my interest in it
Now I’m literally forcing myself to dub it

Being A Busy Body + Food For Thought 💭

Did a quick Less-Than-A-Couple-Frames shoot wit my agency today to build my portfolio a little bit here and there. That got cut short because I got an urgent call from Chi asking to borrow a rack for rent bc he’s behind on bills and his spot could be due for eviction 😩. Of course I had to help him out. 

After that I ran to Gen Zero to sketch out a few ideas I been coming up with for Matthias. I’ve been hellaaaaa behind wit the photographing part of my career which is whack since I am a model lol, but I’ve been so focused on the collab I got coming. Gotta keep reminding myself that all this shit will eventually pay off. 💯If I lose focus who else will my family have to fall back on when they need it? Let that sink it. 🤔

Anyways, this was just another quick update on what I got goin on on my old side of NY, now I’m off to go grab me some dinner 🏃🏾(probably some Spam Musubi) nd go home, take off the rest of my clothes, nd be tucked for the night haha 😂. Stay blessed!🙏🏽

Group Chat Shenanigans

I love group chat fics, headcanons and anything alike. These, along with fake dating AUs are my life.
So I decided to make my own!


💮I’m assuming the only way Iida would be roped into this is if he were convinced it was class bonding exercise.

💮He’d spend a considerable amount of time trying to convince everyone to do their homework before being dragged into their schemes.

💮Kirishima changes Bakugou’s name to “Bakagou”

💮So Bakugou changes his to “Kusoshima”

💮Together they are….. KusoBaka!

💮There are a lot of innuendos, considering these are hormonal teenagers pent up in the dorms.

💮Many times people forget that it’s a group chat with everyone and end up talking about some Extra™ stuff.


💮They’ve lost count of times Mineta has been kicked from the chat.

💮"Can you bring me brownies"

💮"My dorm is next to yours, why are you texting me"

💮People catch each other singing in the shower/bath, and take videos for the gc.

💮"Bakugou and Deku are having another dance off, hurry!“

💮Denki is now Danki after one (not so)fortunate typo.

💮Tokoyami seems to have a lot of pictures of Bakugou with birds.

💮"I’m going to trip myself down the stairs so I don’t have to do this project who wants to join me”

💮Spamming the chat at 2 am

💮They play hide and seek and Kirishima, instead of texting Kaminari, texts the group chat saying “bro I’m in the closet- literally”

Be kind to your healers pls

So I’m obviously a Sombra main, but I also main D.Va and Mercy and let me tell you,,

Being a healer SUCKS most of the time. Your team doesn’t protect you, demands heals from halfway across the map, and the enemy team targets you relentlessly. Like I just played one of my worst Mercy matches ever and the Rein would take damage, and not even wait for me to get to him before demanding instant heals. Even when I told him I was dead!

It also gets petty. I spent most of this match pocket healing a widow because she thanked me for healing her once.

Now, here’s the thing. A mercy can make or break a match. I consider myself a pretty good mercy, and I feel like I’ve made quite a few matches. There’s only so much we can do, though, if our team won’t cooperate, so please:

1) Work with your healer, understand they have limits and you may sometimes have to do little things to help them out. Ex: going to them for heals instead of spamming “i need healing”

2) Please be kind to us. A simple “thanks!” After being healed goes a long way, and will definitely ensure we’ll take care of you for then on.

3) Don’t ever say you need healing. We know. We can see you. Just stop.


AHAHAHAHA So sorry I reblogged the “1 hour left” giveaway, hit the wrong button while queueing. THE GIVEAWAY IS STILL GOING ON until March 4 8PM EST, that’s approx 16 hours from now (currently 4AM here fml).

As this is the last day of the giveaway, I have it queued to reblog several times throughout the day. Apologies in advance for the spam, but I want to give people their last shot before it ends ^ ^;

Also, super exciting day for me, but I’m spending all day doing YOI photoshoots in the city with friends I met at Katsucon! So hopefully will have some more fun pics to share with you, especially those with my absolutely stunning friends :D Our cast is Victor, Yurio, Otabek, JJ, and myself as super awkward and wants to make friends Yuuri who will do my best at socializing and hopefully not making a fool of myself ^v^)b

But the big thing for this blog is the prologue comic of Inferno is going up tomorrow. It’ll be up the same time the giveaway ends. So a bit more reblogging so people know about that! I’m honestly terrified to see what you guys think of it even though this one is more a “snippet” than Chapter 1 is, but the first actual comic post is still the first actual comic post ^ ^;

ANYWAY, I’ll be out for most of the day but things are queued! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend <3

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I just want you to know I followed for memes and not asks. I also disagree with you politically, however I will keep to myself and tolerate your beliefs. Please dont let the few annoying jerks make you lose your faith in humanity. People are still gr8.

i made a separate blog for when i wanna do a spam of asks now, and what exactly have i said that was political? other than my disliking of trump that is.

Commendation Tip No.8: DPS

I know it’s difficult to get that pat on your back when you leave duty as a DPS. But fear not, for if you follow these easy steps, you’ll be accumulating countless commendations in a matter of minutes!

Step 1: Queue up as DPS.

Pick your preferred DPS class and queue up for the duty you wish to enter.

Step 2: Change class while queued up.

As a DPS, your queue to get into your preferred duty will last anywhere from 453 to 666 hours. Use your time effectively by changing to a tank or healing class, and spamming FATEs while your queue is active.

Step 3: Leave queue.

You might notice that your DPS queue is as infuriatingly long as an eternity damned into Satan’s blazing hellfire. This is were you need to realise that sometimes, it’s entirely A-okay to give up.

Step 4: Re-queue as healer or tank.

You will enter your duty within 5 or so minutes. And everyone freaking loves you already for filling the two roles most people don’t want to play. Good on you, friend!

Step 5: Profit.

Reap your benefits. You deserve it, buddy.

“I was driving myself apart from my family, due to my addiction of spamming Guildhest roulette to get commendations. Now, having followed these simple tricks, I’m slowly able to reconnect with my family and pursue my dream of building a house out of commendations.” - @drazirae

“I never felt appreciated in my duties and it was plunging me into a great sadness. Now that I have learned to feign interest in random people whose names I don’t know, and likely never will or want to know, I finally feel valued when I receive their commendations.” - @tinyqote

Be loud and obnoxious while I'm playing with my friends? Enjoy your "glitchy" of Internet!

(warning: long story)

What you need to know:

  • I am the ONLY person in my house who knows how to PROPERLY use a computer
  • I have a little brother who was 12 at the time and is 13 now.
  • My little bother is a console peasant who ONLY plays Destiny with his friends while shouting the WHOLE TIME.
  • My parents forced me to allow my bother to use my Xbox Live account to play with his obnoxious friends because I am the only one who knows to manage the stupid thing.
  • I don’t play with my friends often due to school work and other things going on in my life so when I do get on, I expect him to be respectful
  • My brother is in middle school and I am in High school so I get home considerably earlier than him.
  • Because of reasons my parents forced me to put my computer in the “Office” along with the Xbox 360

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