and now i have a whole head canon for all of them

  • fuckign patty and erin literally running into the firehouse when pokemon go is released and both of them being excited nerds and bonding over their childhood. 
  • abby is mostly “omg is that that game u used to play ALL the time in middle school” and erin jumps up and down with patty and is like “YES me and patty have already walked like 7 miles” 
  • ensue patty high fiving erin so hard she almost falls over and adding “more like 10. I ran an extra 3″ 
  • holtz looking up from her welder intrigued at erin “put together, stick up her butt” gilbert getting excited and watching patty run around the house because there HAS to be a pokestop nearby 
  • this leads to holtz lighting up with: “so wait. you catch the little pokemon, level them up, then take over the gyms and just keep endlessly doing that??”
  • erin and patty: “basically. yep”
  • now abby has three 30 year old children who are constantly dropping lures and getting their whole street at their doorstep because Holtz made the firehouse a gym and literally now EVERYONE knows the ghostbuster hide out is the place to be
  • holtz keeps putting down endless lures to spite abby. “holtz no-” *click*
  • patty holds team valors place as gym leader because ‘NO ERIN ISTG IF U PUT UR DIRTY LITTLE INSTINCT HANDS ON MY GYM-”
  • holtz joins instinct cause she feels bad for erin 
  • kevin being confused because “hey guys where do the pokemon go when you capture them? i hope they have little man caves in there” 
  • with a following holtz “oh kevin, sweet sweet kevin” 
  • kevin joins mystic because “the blue matches my eyes”
  • erin and holtz end up taking over the gym and patty is salty abt it for WEEKS but she takes it back like easy peasy 
  •  abby ends up joining and doesn’t initially understand the concept so she has like…….54 pidgeys 
Ohm & Delirious

To be honest I think it’s really good that Ohm and Delirious play a lot of games together because Del really enjoys cracking small joke, including gay one’s and the other guys don’t really respond (Excluding Luke from this), or they seem slightly uncomfortable like Vanoss does most of the time. 

Ohm seems to even Delirious out in a way, and he’ll happily make a gay joke in response or even mess around with Del when he is getting slightly excluded, they support one another and help when needed, and it puts less pressure on them to give out a ‘face reveal’ now that they aren’t alone. they have each other. 

Del just seems to be a lot more bubbly around Ohm, They’ve defiantly bonded a lot and are very alike. 
Now i’m not saying “HOLY CRAP THIS IS A CANON OH MY GOD SCREW H2OVanoss” and all that jazz,  I was just stating something that i’ve noticed… this whole explanation sounded better in my head, but i hope some of you see what i see. 

I enjoy Ohm and Delirious being great friends, not really a couple, just two adorable masked men :) some people just seem to bring out the best in others. 

Thank you Ohm and Delirious ♡

All Will Be Well || Percival Graves x Reader

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Based on Anonymous’ request- ‘Could you do a fic with the reader and Graves being a couple, but after his identity is stolen they start to suspect something and distances themselves from him? 


Percival Graves meant everything to you. He was your world, your rock, and you were his. You’d been together for two years now, and it was approaching your third anniversary.

You both made time for each other,  you worked from home, as a potion master, and he worked at MACUSA. 

Usually, after a long and tiring day at work, you’d hear the door open, and you’d smile to yourself, feeling as if the whole house had lit up at the prospect of your fiancé coming home. 

You’d bounce towards the door, abandoning whatever concoction you were working on, grinning as you saw the door open, and start to cook dinner, humming a recent tune on the radio as you’d hear him taking off his shoes, and the familiar wobble of the coat rack as he threw his coat on it.

You’d be wiping your hands on your apron as he’d approach you, sliding slightly on the floor in his socks as he’d spin you around, which would cause you to laugh melodically.

“How was work?” you’d ask,  waving your wand over the saucepan, causing the pastry of the pie you were making to turn a golden colour, and he would grunt vaguely, but you’d get the message.

“The usual, a few meetings with Madam President and some useless cases.” the story varied on different days, then he’d stretch before pressing a chaste kiss to your lips, before walking to a goofy armchair and collapsing into it. You’d smile fondly at him, before serving dinner.

Then you’d realise your potion was probably frothing in the cauldron and would rush towards your study, cursing loudly, Percival snorting into his food.

Today however, something was different.

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Ed listens — and is inspired — as the relationship between one of his best friends and his best friend develops and changes into something wonderful.


Note: I can pretty much guarantee that this is not at all what was expected. I had this idea in my head of it being told from Ed’s perspective but the vision in my head was soo much better. Anyway, there IS another part I’m working on, and it will actually be the way I usually write so bear with me?


The first time Ed notices the shift in Harry’s behaviour around Niall is when both lads are at his house for dinner one evening.

The whole of One Direction are here, laughing and having pints while they wait for the ribs on the BBQ. They’re all loud and rambunctious, talking over each other the way they always do in interviews and every now and then Ed sort of regrets inviting them all over at the same time. It’s not that he doesn’t like hanging out with all of them — it’s just that they’re easier to handle in small quantities.

Louis’ the worst. He’s the one who starts everything, the one who encourages everyone else — the one who could talk anyone into anything without even batting an eyelash. Zayn’s not far behind Louis. He’s quiet on the outside, a bit shy and reserved — but Louis unleashes the little terror in him every time. Liam, from what he’s heard anyway, was the only sensible, the “daddy”, the one who sat back with the imaginary first-aid kit and watched while everyone else risked their lives — but Ed’s never seen that side of him because, quite frankly, he’s almost as bad as Louis now that he’s “let loose a bit.”

Harry and Niall are a bit different. They tag along, of course, stir up trouble just like the others but Harry’s a bit too clumsy and awkward to take seriously and Niall, well, he’s a bit too soft-around-the edges to be labelled much of a menace.

The entire day feels like babysitting a bunch of children — it doesn’t help that those children manage to turn the rest of Ed’s older, maturer friends into actual children as well — and Ed sort of regrets it, except he doesn’t.

He doesn’t even know when he notices Harry — or, rather, Harry with Niall — he just sort of…does. And, after that, it’s like he can’t stop noticing.

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fallen-determination  asked:

(( crack pairs okay? If so then NC/Grumpy ))

  • Name: Anemone~
  • Gender: does it matter? 
  • General Appearance: Slim and of average height, usually sports at least one purple item in their outfits. 
  • Personality: Cocky smarty-pants, lowkey playful and probably likes your lame jokes.
  • Special Talents: A quick learner and fast-reader. Probably finished the whole Harry Potter series in one day (but that means they locked themselves in their room for the whole day)
  • Who they like better: It depends on their mood, but probably Grumpy more.
  • Who they take after more: NC lol
  • Personal Head canon: NC would spoil them and Grumpy would be upset because now they have a spoiled, cocky smarty-pants lol. At least Anemone is mature for their age and just goes “lol k” when they don’t get what they want. 
Inquisition Thanksgiving

Ugh, I have a fierce craving for a story revolving around this now. Blargh! I just want silly fluff stuff surrounding the whole idea of the Inquisition and friends of Varric all gathering at the Tethras residence. Would Cassandra be the cook out of the two of them or would Varric? My head-canon is that Cassandra is a surprisingly great cook which Varric adores. He tries to sneak in to sample things she’s cooking and she has to slap his hand away or threaten him with a large spoon until he agrees to leave the kitchen. So cute! I wonder what other cute ideas regarding their guests there could be? So many possibilities!

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Ok, so I’ve clearly descended rapidly back into Tiva meltdown mode because just WHAT?! I have so many feelings right now. On the one hand I am just so freaking mad that they cut the kiss from that scene and I’m also aching with longing to see it. Part of me is just beside myself that there is footage we haven’t seen that we absolutely know exists, which means when we do one day see it, it’s like we’re getting a new bit of Tiva and there’ll be flailing and gifs and goodness. 

Then I think about the whole of season 10 and how much I loved and still love that season and just think, my god, why WHY couldn’t they just take the chance and commit to Tiva as a thing???! I mean, we know it all went to poo, but the fact that we were SO close to all that build up resulting in the ship being canon and playing out to end the season with an actual kiss is actually doing my head in. It would’ve made the whole Ziva exit thing harder but also made more sense that they were together. Hell they could have been travelling together. Who knows, the possibilities could have been amazing. 

But I’m not one to dwell on the could haves, although why showing that deleted scene was cut again from Family First boggles my mind too because why?! We could have had one final Tiva scene. But again, the fact it’s there and hasn’t been used, who knows, maybe it still can be or will be. 

How does this ship do this? It has an eternal hold. Just when you think it couldn’t possibly put everyone into a spin because, you know, neither character is even on the show any more (and they threw possibly the most gobsmacking factor ever of them having an actual live child together in right at the end - how is that even real btw?) we find out some new piece of information and even though it sort of doesn’t mean anything as far as where the show sits right now, it sort of does. And then my mind starts thinking about the possibilities and the fact that they know Tiva has this pull, will we get some kind of confirmation or indication of Ziva’s fate and whether she and Tony are together? It’s crazy but I just cannot give up on this ship somehow. And things like knowing there is this scene out there that we will hopefully get to see one day, they fuel this absurd eternal hope I have.

Ok, this was meant to be a short paragraph, as always it’s many more words than that, so that is all.

Ok. So I know I don’t really post much anymore but I need to talk about Hayffie. Guys, its canon. Like actually actual canon and its because of this fandom and I’m so happy that it worked out. They didn’t have to throw it into the movie, yet they did and it was pretty amazing and it was the moment for all shippers to celebrate.

I just never expected coming into this fandom that we would get an outcome like this, that it would always just be an analysis of little moments that hinted at something more but we were never really sure what was going on between them. Now we have an answer and it doesn’t have to be something we just imagined in our heads. Now, it’s real and pretty amazing. 

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Eyes bright, chins up, smiles on- this is our moment Hayffie shippers :)

So, I posted this yesterday as an idiotic impulse but a couple of you did like the idea so what the hell why not! But I’m gonna need some help. 

I can go around to collect head canons and arrange the whole thing, do the covers, etc, but I’m gonna need a really good writer to obviously write the mini individual books. So if any of you is interested, speak now or forever hold your peace. (inbox me). I’m gonna need other 2 people that have read the books a gazillion times and are hella into mphfpc, so I can get your opinions, and try to make the books as detailed and accurate as possible, I guess. I’d love to have some support y’know (also inbox me) 

When they’re all done, I was thinking on putting up the pdf’s up on gumroad (for free) so everyone can get them. 

opinions anyone?


Basically, charlesdances and joons were discussing the following…

“Also joons and I were talking about how imagine Butterfly Bog - JURASSIC WORLD AU??? With a lot of changes ofc. Basically Bog is Owen (omg the scars could come into play here). JOONS CAME UP WITH THE RAPTOR NAMES, TROUBLE, MISERY,STUFF AND THANG. WHAT DO YOU THINK? ALSO MARIANNE AS CLAIRE. YISSSSSS.


I prefer that unlike in the movie Bog and Marianne have never met so the first time they interact both of them are more snarky. Like instead of the really likeable guy Owen is, Bog would be more sarcastic and gruff and is very suspicious with Marianne and really doesn’t want to have any part in the whole attraction she’s a part of. Meanwhile Marianne would be a bit different from Claire from the get go. Instead of just being someone who foresees the park, her father IS THE FOUNDER OMG DAGDA AS HAMMOND. So it’ll mean a lot more to her then just facts and figures. And Marianne has heard A LOT of ‘The Man Who Controls Raptors’ and is at first very excited to meet with him. But then after interacting with him she get’s a little pissed that he thinks she’s exactly like the execs and that he’s got her all figured out so she JUST PROVES HIM WRONG I’M NOT SURE HOW EXACTLY BUT SHE DOES AND SHE GETS HIM TO GO TO THE PARK AND FORESEE THE I-REX.”

…I basically put my head in my hands and sobbed out “MY PEOPLE!” 


Marianne Fairfield gritted her teeth as she stamped after the absurdly tall man, her heels clicking across the catwalk. To think that she had been excited to meet him, the famed Man Who Controls Raptors…not the first time a man has disappointed you, is it?

She tried calm the burn of irritation flooding her body, and rallied herself for another attempt. “Mister King, I know that in the past there have been concerns over the park not fully appreciating what goes into the creation of these creatures, but let me assure you, I am fully committed to honoring my father’s hopes for this place -”

The man let out a snarl of a laugh. “Your father was a visionary, Miss Fairfield, but visionaries are often blind to what’s right in front of them.” He turned and pointed a finger at her, and she once again tried not to stare at the scars that tore down his face, brutal even after being healed. “You created these creatures, aye, but they were never meant to be attractions.” He spat out the word as if it tasted foul. 

Marianne tried very hard not to growl at him. “What would you have me do then, hmmm? People want to know more about these animals, they want to be educated, not think of them as monsters! Would you rob them of the opportunity to learn, to experience that adventure?”

He paused at that, and there was a new look in his eyes - incredibly bright blue eyes, Marianne couldn’t help but notice - as they swept over her. Marianne repressed the urge to fidget under his searching gaze, and she was certainly not about to start blushing…

Then Roland gave a laugh behind them. “Buttercup, they are monsters! What else could ya call such dangerous beasts? But we can use them to achieve…amazing things! Just imagine, an army of ‘em, following our orders -!”

“The only orders they follow,” Bog growled, turning to Roland, “are mine.” 

Roland immediately backed away, holding his hands up innocently. “Of course! Who else could do it, Bog? I’ve been sayin’ this whole time, that’s why I want you to work with me -”

“No.” The answer Mister King - Bog? - gave sounded very final. “I won’t let you turn my pack into weapons.” He turned back to Marianne, his distaste back in full force. “And I won’t let some Princess playing with Daddy’s toys try and turn them into some playground exhibit -”

Marianne’s mouth fell open. Of all the nerve! She stepped right up to him, returning his glower with a snarl of her own. “You listen to me, you scaly, scarred up -”


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So I’m watching the AoU trailer where Thor’s showing off Mjolnir and Clint’s just like “It’s a trick, man” and I’m laughing and shaking my head at him.

And then I remember…

Clint and his brother ran away from an abusive home and

Joined. The. Circus.

Hawkeye isn’t being a moron. He’s seen this stuff before, all the time, and you just know he was the kind of kid to watch the magician’s act from backstage. He knows the tricks and he knows how they work.

And, like, how much do you wanna bet he was fighting his rational mind through the whole battle of NY? Like “It’s mirrors, it’s gotta be mirrors” *shoots another chitauri* “No, not mirrors. Projectors then. Hallucinogenics? That would explain a lot…”

So now I just have mental images of him constantly teasing the other Avengers about their “impressive party tricks” and never taking them seriously.

Skittles Head canon

So, yesterday I talked to Winonah about some totally underused Skittles tropes and we agreed on basically all of them.
And I said to Zuzana “do you know about the head canon I have that Scott gets actually physically ILL when he’s separated from Stiles ????” and Zuzana was like “NO, you haven’t, why haven’t you, you’re a terrible person and now TELL ME EVERYTHING” and I was like okay, here you go and then I wrote this … stuff: 

I imagine it’s kind of stressful for Scott when he’s surrounded by strangers the whole day or separated from his pack for a while. There are so many strange smells and loud noises and stuff, like a sensory overload. 
And obviously it’s also stressful for him to be separated from his pack for too long, it’s kind of Alpha thing, Derek explains to him one day, it keeps the animal side in check, because alphas always feel the constant need to connect, to protect, to reassure themselves that everybody is safe and sound and you can’t do that when you’re apart. 

And whenever he comes back home, I think he would totally wrap himself around Stiles and just, you know, smell him and listen to his heartbeat (because Stiles heartbeat is completely out of whack and totally uniquely Stiles) and there’s this feeling of “home” that settles in his chest whenever his pack is around him and especially whenever he is close to Stiles. 

And I imagine if Skittles were separated for a while and Scott would be on his own somewhere (not by choice, but because of IDK real life obligations??) - both would be totally miserable without the other and of course they would call and text each other the whole time, but it’s just not the same. 
And I thought what if it’s actually painful for werewolves to be separated from their anchors for too long, like maybe Scott’s control starts slipping and his whole body keeps aching. And yes, the rational human part of his mind knows why they can’t be together at the moment, but the wolf doesn’t understand (seriously where is Stiles? why can’t we go to Stiles? Stiles ! Stiles Stiles Stiles Stiles ???!!!) and it howls and claws at the inside and it ends up with Scott getting actually physically ill, like idk, like a strong immune reaction maybe - fever and chills and feeling tired and everything hurts. 
And of course Scott WOULDN’T SAY ANYTHING about that to Stiles. Because he’s Scott. And he always put others first and he definitely puts Stiles first and he doesn’t want Stiles to feel pressured to come back or something, so he just keeps it to himself, how miserable he is. Except then it gets really bad and he gets really sick and idk passes out on the floor ???

And yeah okay, I admit it - all I want is for Stiles to come back early when Scott doesn’t answer the phone (because we all know he’d be worried - VERY WORRIED - in about five minutes ???) and finds him passed out on the floor - and for Scott to wake up with Stiles taking care of him. And you know cuddling. And spooning. Spooning is obligatory. 
Sorry, I suck? XD But I kept thinking about that and now I kind of want it…

If someone feels the need to write this - I’ll love you forever!