and now i have a horrible sore throat

No baby pics, because trying to get that little guy to sleep was no joke!!

Picture of my dinner instead.

Riced cauliflower (why didn’t I buy this sooner?!), green beans, and delicious hamburgers made by the husband. Topped with sugar free ketchup and I was ready to go.

Didn’t miss the bun one bit.

Now though - my sore throat has morphed into a horrible sinus infection. It started about an hour ago and has just kept getting worse.

I called the doctor and am hoping they will just prescribe me meds instead of having me go in.

The second meeting

Hello everyone! So here it comes, next one-shot.

I decided to continue the previous story (”The first meeting). Enjoy!

Sorry for any mistakes!

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed

Pairing: Jacob Frye x OC (Gwen) -> pre-relationship

Warnings: none

“The second meeting”

I just knew it! Let me tell you this, shouting at people at night when it’s chilly outside is bad idea when you want to stay healthy. After that horrible night I got cold, sore throat, and fever. I knew I should have gone to see Killian so he would give me painkillers or other medicine but I hadn’t got time for that. I had to submit translations in several offices, go to grandpa and help him in the bookshop, and then go to the pub, and help Dougal. All I could hear now was my dog’s yelping because he had to go outside. I put my shoes and jacket on. I didn’t care that underneath I was wearing my pyjamas when I darted out of my flat with Roy. I even didn’t try to fasten the leash. Roy was obedient and didn’t attack people… without good reason. We walked our usual trail to the local park. Roy was wallowing happily in a pile of leaves when our neighbour called him out. Mr Henderson, an elderly likable gentleman, patted Roy’s head and waved to me.

“Good morning Gwen,” he smiled when I approached. “It’s a bit chilly today, isn’t it?”

“Morning,” I greeted with slightly hoarse voice. “I think the weather is really nice.”

“Oh my,” Mr Henderson looked worried. “What happened my dear? I believe it’s a side effect of chasing rascals away at night.”

He smiled at me knowingly.

“Did you hear that sir?” I snickered.

“Naturally,” he giggled. “You should know that my wife was very outraged.”

“As always,” I shrugged.

We chatted for a while. Then Mr Henderson excused himself and went away to a shop. I hanged around for a bit watching whirling leaves. When I wanted to go back home, my furry friend started to run away from me. He knew perfectly that his fun time got to the end this morning and so he decided to protest. I came after him like a lunatic, and still I couldn’t catch him. At some point I tripped over tree root hidden below a pile of leaves, and landed on the ground.

“Shit!” I blurted angrily.

“Are you all right?” I heard male voice.

It sounded familiar.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I mumbled, trying to get up with a bit of dignity.

The man offered his hand which I took hesitantly. I took a closer look at him. He was taller than me, and he had dark brown hair. His jaw was covered with stubbly beard. He was wearing leather black jacket, jeans, and brown boots. His body was rather sturdy. I eyed him and noticed that he had green eyes… and I knew that if his nose was Greek I would be fucked. He definitely looked like a troublemaker. And he seemed familiar but I still couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Admiring views?” he joked noticing my staring.

I furrowed my brows. Something familiar…

“I’m sorry,” he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I didn’t mean to be rude or…”

“Yeah, right,” I nodded. “Thanks for help.”

Where the hell was my dog?!

“If you’re looking for a big, black dog it’s over there,” he pointed, still standing next to me.

“Roy! Come back you little… fugitive!” I exclaimed and this time my dog ran into my direction.

I decided that I would never let him go on a walk without using the leash. After a moment I noticed that the man was still there, and apparently he was eying me.

“Why did you name him ‘Roy’?” he asked curiously. “There are plenty of other names for a dog.”

“Excuse me?” I looked at him dumbfounded, narrowing my eyes slightly.

“Never mind,” he shrugged. “Listen, maybe this will sound a bit weird but I’m looking for a girl who lives nearby.”

“Don’t worry,” I snorted sarcastically. “That sounds completely normal. Can you give some details?”

“Well, I don’t know much,” he said with contemplation. “I know that she lives in that building and that last night she shouted at me from her window… well, not at me exactly but…”

Jackpot! Of course! That was ‘the half Welsh’ in the flesh. And he was looking for… me? But why?!

“Sorry, I don’t know anyone from there,” I lied, trying to sound as neutral as possible. “I moved here recently.”

“Shame,” he sighted heavily. “Sorry to bug you.”

“That’s fine,” I shrugged and looked at him when he walked away.

Oh, yeah. That bum definitely meant trouble…

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