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Kaneki on Top

Because of the last panel in TGRe 124 I thought Touka would be on top (lol) BUT it was great to see Kaneki initiated a lot of stuffs and him being dominant most of the times. This proved that Touka wasn’t forcing him and he really wanted to do it. Ishida has always surprised us but this chapter surprised us the most (for the time being). That chest/abs kissing was so damn smexy tho…

This is probably late, as the initial wave of excitement has probably abated by now, but reading the chapter again (I can’t help but read it over and over again) I realised how much I love this panel:

This is probably my favourite panel simply because of how happy Touka looks. No sadness, no worry, no pain. Just simple, pure, happiness. Take a moment to think how many times have we seen Touka like this? 

Finally, after years of waiting, Kaneki, the person she is in love with has re-united with her and has (most importantly) opened up to her. The two have confirmed their love for each other and that makes her so, so happy.

And after all the unfortunate events that have surrounded Touka’s life, she deserves it.

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as a gay man that look sana gave isak, i know that look. gay ppl know that look. we see that everyday from homophobes judging ppl like us.

Is this… a joke? Sana is goin through a lot right now, an overwhelming amount of shit. So she didnt smile at Isak? So she came off distant and ‘judging’. She’s a fucking human being! I can tell you when I was at school and really depressed, i couldn’t smile at my friends, they thought i hated them bc i couldn’t give them the reaction that they wanted. Isak with a flower is the last thing Sana gives a fuck about right now, she’s internalizing so much pain right now but ofc yall think she’s homophobic now???

Sana has walked in on Isak and Even kissing THREE times, and in those THREE times she walked in on them kissing she’s been so so happy for them, smiling and everything. It’s so unfair of you to just say she’s acting homophobic just bc she couldn’t muster up a smile or something.

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Tbh I'm happy for Kaneki and Touka and all but it just makes me sad for Hide haha, he depended as much on Kaneki as Kaneki did on him and he felt lonely and left behind when he joined Anteiku, and idk now that Kaneki has Touka and possibly a baby on the way he'll be even more lonely and alienated from him (if he's still alive) bc I feel like Kaneki is finally getting the family and love he wants but Hide will still only have Kaneki. this just makes me wish he doesnt come back at all haha ^^;

Ok, I don’t mean to be rude, I really don’t, but can we stop romanticising this narrative of codependency? ^^’
I hate how toxic the supposed Hide fandom can be sometimes. Why would Hide be sad that Kaneki is happy and has finally found his place in the world? Why would Hide be against it if it’s everything Hide has always been wishing for? If Hide wanted to be Kaneki’s whole support system by himself, he wouldn’t have talked to Touka about how to better read through his lies and half truths. He would have never told her that he’s a good liar and how he became like that as a result of a lonely childhood. He wouldn’t have tried to make Touka into an ally, as it later happened.
Sure, Hide cares a lot about Kaneki. And sure, he was lonely when Kaneki closed himself off, but it was because Hide knew that Kaneki was hurting himself by making bad life choices, not because he couldn’t cope with Kaneki being his own person.
Stop romanticising Hide’s protectiveness of Kaneki and making into a narrative of possessiveness and codependency. It isn’t.
If you’re a real fan of Hide you should value him because he’s his own person, not because he’s Kaneki’s best friend. If you really liked his character, you should wish for him to come back and get a proper character development and a narrative that centers around his role in the story, not wish he was dead because otherwise the story wouldn’t fit your flawed standards for what makes a good friendship (or romantic) dynamic.
Just stop. Or at the very least don’t come to my askbox and make me read it.

The Japanese voice work for RWBY is so good. It makes me happy that they’re getting such solid performances over there considering how big the show has gotten in Japan

I’m really hurting for sana because I was sana so many times, the realness sana brings it brings me to tears. As someone who has been bullied to the point i wanted everything to end. To the point I didn’t have any social media until this schoolyear because I was so scared someone of my old school would find me.

Sana is so strong because she tried to make friends starting season where as I literally took any chance to skip school. Like sana TRIES and wants to be accepted but right now she feels like no matter what she won’t be accepted that she has to put on her war paint. I feel like sana is putting up her walls she was putting down for the girls. 

Like I remember season 1 and Eva being so happy she has the girls squad just imagine what it felt like for sana. She found “her people” you know. Eva told her to trust people and she did trust them and started to open up to them and now sana is just giving up and letting go because sana can’t handle getting hurt anymore.

She is done and tired 

I just wanted to thank everyone that came to talk to me today. And I wanted you guys to show how much you love Chris. We can see that how he’s handling the show now it’s different from before, he seems to act as the amazing professional he is but I don’t think he’s happy anymore.
I never thought things would turn out this way. I never cried as much as I did today, I cried because I’ve seen people saying the most hateful kind of stuff, I cried because Chris deserves so much better other than pathetic people that don’t respect his job, I cried because Katie must have been super uncomfortable with what happened, and because of what this fandom has become.
I never, ever felt so disgusted with something as am I do with this fandom now. I never felt like everyone was just so mean and spiteful.
I just want to thank, thought, some people that made this more tolerable for me. People that I love with everything that I have: @karadavers (you were the first blog I found Karamel related and I was so, so, so happy to find someone that shipped the same thing I did, and I wanted to tell you that you are amazing, strong and one of the most amazing people I’ve met here). @actualpuppychriswood and I so proud and happy for you, for how you handle depression and for how amazing you are. We never talked but I just wanted you to know I admire your strength). @busysciencegeek (you know why I love you hahah, although sometimes I don’t due to sc), but I thank whatever God out there because you are a small beam that must be protected and I’m happy we got to meet and become friends). @gldngrl7 (thank you for amazing analysis about him, for your insights and for how open you are about anything), @winelover1989 (your sass give me life and I will read your fics lol), @karadanversprince (I love you and I love how you love Anastasia. I’m here for you whenever you need it, never forget that). @karamelizedlove (you are a ray of sunshine babe, thanks so much for making me smile), @reddragonlilly7 (we never talked much but you were there when I needed it so thank you so much), @emarasmoak (you are my God’s of fics haha, I love how you care for others and I will always be grateful for it), @thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain (thank you, thank you, thank you for everything! You helped me so much you have no idea). @zorelsmendler (omg you are my small bunny and I love you so much), @mon-kai-el (you give me life), @lena-lipbite-luthor (I don’t think I ever thanked you enough for reaching me and for how much trouble it must have been for you to find me, or for how you proved me that we could bound over something. Thank you so much, there are no words I can use to describe how thankful I am for you), @ylvalev (we never talked much but you always managed to make me smile, so thanks for that). If I forgot anyone forgive me.
You guys were my rock, and you guys are strong, brave, amazing people. I love you guys


Twenty minutes later…

Eileen: Darling! I’m so happy to see you. And you look like you’ve had a sleepless night.

Wendy: Yeah, you’re right… Your jaw probably drops on the floor when you hear this ridiculous story, but damn, I need you here. I don’t know what to do.

hi! 🌱

I’ve been kind of getting into the studyblr community for a little while now so I figured I should probably introduce myself!
- I’m Gabi ✨
- I’m 18 years old and from the U.S.
- I love learning new languages and I’m currently self studying Japanese
- I plan to start Korean next (soon?)
- I have a notebook collecting problem lol I have way too many
- So far all I’ve seen of this community has been so positive and supportive and that makes me really happy!

That’s basically it! I’m so excited to be a part of this community and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been so motivated by others that I have followed, and I hope that maybe my blog could be motivational for someone as well!

There’s this older woman named Lou who works where my husband does. She has for years, and I’ve known her since I was a 19 year old who would go in and hang out with the overnight people, before I ever met my now husband. She’s just this huge sweetheart and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She comes in at 6 am, so if I’m giving rides to people I’ll get to see her, but it had been awhile. I walked in and the first thing she said to me was “Life’s been really good to you lately hasn’t it?” I told her I thought so. “I can tell, you just look like life has been good to you.”

I know a lot of people who knew me aren’t happy about some changes I’ve made, but I’m glad there’s also people who can tell how much better I have been too.


Screenshots from I Moved! :D

This video made me so happy! Seán just had so much excitement and enthusiasm radiating off of him in this video and I seriously love seeing that. It’s so nice to see him so happy about all this and just seeing the gigantic smile on his face throughout this video and hearing him say that he has like his dream recording setup now just pulled all my heart strings and made me feel so happy for him and it made me have this big dumb grin on my face while I was watching the video. xD I love just seeing him so happy, excited, enthusiastic and extremely grateful and appreciative of being able to do this at all. :) 

Sean, ( @therealjacksepticeye )
I don’t know if you’ll see this post or not but I still want to say this to you. You’re welcome for everything this community and every person that’s watched your videos has ever done for you. I’m sincerely so proud of you for doing this for yourself and I’m so happy for you too. You’re lucky enough to be able to truly follow your heart and make brand new experiences and discover more about yourself and who you are and honestly I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little bit envious of that. I haven’t seen you this happy in a while and that’s saying a lot considering how you’re so positive a lot of the time. I know moving must of been stressful for you and probably for Wiishu as well.  But it seems like it all worth it in the end. :) Congratulations on both of you taking this brand new step in your lives Seán. It’s a brand new chapter for you both and I’m happy that you two are able to have this new experience. Whatever the future brings I know you’ll make the most out of whatever it throws at you and appreciate every moment of it and won’t take any of this for granted. Like I said before I am sincerely so proud of you and happy for you. Go out there and have fun with life Seán! :D

I'm so happy for Jack

He is SO enthusiastic and excited for everything that’s so come, like you can literally see a spark in him.
I’m in the middle of moving house right now too and it’s scary but there’s something absolutely ecstatic about it too!
I just feel really happy for him and proud he’s gotten so far ☺️
Not gonna lie, I got a little emotional when he said he finally has his dream setup 🙂

“Dean: I got the beer

You: Good, just got to find some where to store it

Dean: I also found this

You: A wheel barrel

Dean: Yup, cleaned it out as best as I could

You: Ok

Sam: Michael has the stuffed peppers on the grill and needs the meat now

Michael: Alright, veggies are done, meat is done and everyone is here. Lets eat

Dean: I have been waiting for this for so long

You: I think Dean is going to cry

Dean: Am not

Sam: Yeah, think he is about to cry. Can hear it in the tone in his voice

Dean: Shut up”

Everyone at the table laugh while Dean glares. You’re happy you can do this and have the day off from hunting. Sam is relieved he can have the people he loves healthy and whole. Even for one who came out of no where. Michael is happy he can experience something out of his element, rather then watching from a far and finally have the moment to himself.


AN: It took me a while just to post the pic and had to resize it. But its finally up and its 2:47am. I had to post, even though I culd have waited until tomorrow but its the long weekend so taadaa.

Isn’t This Enough (one-shot)

Chris Evans x Reader

A/N: This has been in the works for awhile now, it’s based off “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton. I’m not sure what got me into this angsty of a mood, but I kind of like it. So yeah this is a lot of angst with just a touch of fluff. 

Warnings: cheating. I think that’s it. (I don’t think I swore which is incredible)

I couldn’t believe it. I mean, it was staring me in the face but how could I believe it? I shouldn’t be surprised, right? Big Hollywood actor. It doesn’t make sense that someone like me would actually be able to make him happy forever. I had hoped though, I had hoped during our first date, during our first kiss, the first time we had sex, when we met each other’s families, even once he proposed. I wanted to believe him, but in the back out my mind I was still just hoping it would stay this way. I should’ve suspected when he was away so much. We had been together for 2 years before getting married and he was never away more than a couple months at a time. Even when he was away we talked everyday, sometimes I was able to take time off to stay with him while filming. I should’ve known when he stopped asking me to come.

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Here’s my Barbie Basics Lea from the 001 collection. She has definitely one of my big time regrets of not picking her up when she was brand new because I knew she looked gorgeous, but at the time I had no idea how I could rebody her due to her skin tone, and the fact I was struggling to rebody the Steffie doll from the same collection. 

Eventually I came to regret this decision, and finding her for less than $40 was near impossible for literally the last 5 years. 

But now I finally found her after going to countless doll events, searching eBay, etsy, Mister Dollface, etc. I’m so happy she’s here and she matches the Made to move body perfectly.

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I like unusual characters and interesting stories, (I have a lot of chars too, haha), and I'm just in love with yours chars, thank you for such wonderful children (plz draw them more) <З

This makes me so happy beyond words :v Thank you so much! I truly love my characters and have been working on them for years (Ryker, the main character of 8:11 has been with me for six years now).

I enjoy making abstract, surreal stories and characters. Unfortunately most of what I draw is spoilers for my future game so I have to be careful with what I post. Thank you

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Could you write a drabble where Hanzo leaves their past s/o for whatever reason but doesn't know that she was pregnant at the time. So now it's ten years later and she believes Hanzo's dead and raises their child on her own but Hanzo has actually just been in hiding all these years. But guilt finally eats him up and he tracks her down and she's really sad, happy, and angry to see him again and Hanzo gets to meet his son and yeah. Idk, if that made any sense but thanks! 💕

(( i went a lil overboard with this lol i hope you like @thezero ))

“I need you to understand that I never loved you. What we had was a fling.” The harsh words flew out of his mouth as he faced the door. That was a lie, it couldn’t be true. You and he had dated for almost six months, that’s not- it can’t be a fling.

“Fuck you! Six months is a ‘fling’!? You’re lying! Tell me what’s really wrong Hanzo!” You shouted, words filling the empty space between you both. He stood, back towards you facing the door.

“What’s wrong is that you fell in love too easily.” The venomous words fell freely from his mouth, as simple as how he used to proclaim his love for you. A sob escaped you, and he walked out the door. He barely made it down the block before falling to his knees, a wail of despair escaping
his lips. It was drowned out by the voice in his head telling him that this is what he had to do.

You would never love a killer, much less a killer that was going to kill his own blood; his brother. He caught his quivering breath somehow, and stood back up. Yes, tonight he had to kill Genji, but he didn’t have to break up with you. No, he had to do much more. He had to make you hate him. That way, you wouldn’t have to be more hurt than you were going to be if you found out about Genji.

What he didn’t see was the pregnancy test on the counter, along with the stuff bear happily proclaiming “My First Bear!” along its soft and fuzzy tummy. All he could remember was the crushed look on your face, the sob escaping your lips as he spit his words at you with such a fury you had never had directed towards you. He had succeeded. You hated him, and that’s what hurt you the most.

Nearly a decade later, your son was playing outside. He tried to catch a cricket, but the little insect flew away just in time. You smiled at him.

“Oi, come back over here!” You called out to him. He turned to you and his eyes met yours with a smile. He had his father’s eyes….

Refusing to fall into that pity of self despair, you snapped yourself back to reality. Finishing your garden work, you called for your son. He followed you obediently, and you almost ruffled your hair before you realized there was still dirt on your gloves. He sat down at the table and started kicking around his feet. He started talking about his school day to you, and you responded.

During a lecture from your son on the difference between long division and fractions that he learned, a knock was heard at the door. You wiped your hands off, and walked to the door. Opening it you saw a face you never thought or hoped you would see again.

“…(Y/n)….” He said, looking at your face up and down. He was trying to imprint the look that you had, but he realized that you were shaking with rage. He looked worn down, as if he hadn’t slept in forever. Gray hairs were scattered in his hair giving him a wise elderly look.

“You’re not welcome here.” You stated plainly. You tried to close the door, but he stopped it with his hand. He wasn’t looking at you any more. Now, he was looking past you at his son. You gasped.

“Mom, who is that?” He asked, his eyes looking back to their twin. The older pair of eyes were wide in shock, looking at the hair and eyes that were so familiar, but different. For the first time in ten years, for the first time since your son was born, he saw his father.

“You never told me…” He said. You turned back to him.

“You never gave me the chance to tell you! I was so excited, ten years ago. I thought I could have a family, but then you ruined it!” This time the venom was spat from your lips. He reeled back, hurt. Deep inside him, he had hoped that you would forgive him. Hanzo knew now that he was wrong to even begin to think that. He nodded his head.

“Please let me explain everything. It’s a long story, but you deserve to hear it.” He said. He looked at you, and your resolve failed. You opened the door, and pointed towards the couch.

“Hanzo, meet your son. Hinata, this is your father.”

Toxic People

I care about all of my hoes, whether I know you or not, we’re all beautiful and important x Now, mental health is just as important as physical health. For good mental health it’s important that you prioritise your life and friends. Sometimes you’re going to have to cut out toxic friends and negative people for your mental health to be better. It can be really difficult and scary to make this decision and act on it. But sometimes it has to be done x You are strong and beautiful ad it’s important for you to be your best self x If you ever need someone to talk to I am here x But always remember you are the main character of your story and therefore the most important x Prosper bitches xxx

Lots of love, Mary xoxo