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drunk ppl

daichi: acts pretty much the same other than going really red in the face, slurring his words slightly and being prone to giggling fits.

suga: sexual drunk. will start stripping and trying to give his friends lap dances and screaming things like “I LOVE DICK” at innocent passerby.

asahi: designated driver (drinks milk in the corner and watches everyone scream)


tanaka: loud drunk (surprise surprise surprise surprise). forgets how to talk normally and starts yelling everything. probably starts a lot of fights too

kags: soft drunk. all his facial features get all mushy and his speech gets slurred and he gets weirdly emotional and cuddly (will fuck you up if you mention anything about it the day after)

hinata: rlly low alcohol tolerance. passes out after like half a shot (usually joins asahi in the corner milk drinking)

yachi: weirdly confident drunk. starts yelling random disjointed phrases about how villager no 2 don’t need no man and shimizu’s mole when guys try to flirt with her

tsukki: doesn’t show any signs of being drunk other than being oddly quiet but when everyone gets up to leave he’ll stand up and then fall right the fuck on his face

yams: affectionate drunk. clings onto ppl’s arms n shit. i also feel like he’ll start singing really cheesy american love songs to his friends

kuroo: fratboy drunk. gets really raunchy and holler-y but it doesn’t last long because his drinking strategy is going HAM until he vomits in a bush and passes out

kenma: starts crying because he can’t see his phone when his eyes are all blurry. needs to be carried home.

gender and sexuality and such headcanons

(kinda just included whoever i actually have headcanons for i guess)


Noya: Bi af (likes buff ppl of all genders)

Kageyama: There is no way to interpret this boy as straight stop trying

Hinata: Biromantic and identifies as more or less ace.

Tsukki: Demisexual. I also feel like they dress traditionally masculine but is gender neutral.

Yamaguchi: GENDERQUEER AND BI AS ALL HELL (doesn’t mind any pronouns other than it)

Kuroo: Pansexual. Likes open relationships where he can flirt and hook up freely.

Kenma: Genderfluid (sticks to the male volleyball team cuz that’s where all his friends are). Also asexual and biromantic with a preference for guys.

Oikawa: Identifies as male but likes wearing skirts and painting his nails. Also gives off aro vibes for me.

Iwaizumi: gay transboy iwai ftw

Bokuto: Gay and prefers poly relationships cuz he likes the extra attention

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Name: Maj
Nickname: majmu
Gender: ikr
Star sign: two(2)
Height: enough
Sexual orientation: oh man you gotta ask someone more competent about that

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Favourite colour: don’t rly have one, but i’ve adopted red and orange as my own so i can say them when ppl don’t understand how i can’t have a fav
Favourite colour to paint the walls: white is good. won’t clash with anything i have in my room.
Favourite colour of lipstick: no
Favourite animal: bunnies and cats

Time right now: 0:57
Cat or dog person: cat
Favourite fictional character: Natsume
Number of blankets I sleep with: one, sometimes none
Favourite singer/band: favs don’t bound me, i don’t have one

Dream trip: japanese countryside w shrines pls
Dream job: some kind of game designer/scriptwriter
When was this blog created: 2013
When did your blog reach its peak: my blog is not a birb
What made you decide to make a tumblr: Maker
Why did you pick your url: bcause it’s my nickname anywhere and everywhere. it’s my identitty(tirsk)

Last movie you watched: movie? sound fake but okay. it was probably antman.
Last song you listened to: The Rigs - All The King’s Horses
Last book you read: it’s been a while….. but the Raven Boys.
Last thing you ate: that weird dessert w cream cocoa flavour stuff from lidl
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: in the bathroom. i’ll go there after this.
What time would you travel to: nowhere, at least i know what’s up in this time
Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Natsume

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Well, in all honesty, it is the most amazing thing, having all these blogs -and people -whom you’ve always been so inspired by, follow you like its just clicking a button. All of these people mean so much to me and have influenced me greatly. Since I got tumblr, I think I’m a much nicer and in general, better, person. Not to mention my photoshopping has improved by 150%. So thank you to all these people who have made a positive impact on me. I love you all. x

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