and now i feel bad

I actually just want to post this for anybody still in school who has naturally oily hair: do not be ashamed of it. do not let people make you feel ashamed for having oily hair. I was picked on pretty relentlessly my first few years of high school because my hair gets noticeably oily after not washing it for one day, so I would turn up having washed it only the day before and people would make fun of me and call me dirty and say the nastiest most horrible stuff to me. this caused me to start washing it everyday (which is really not good for your hair) and be extremely self conscious about it. I just wanted to tell anybody with this same problem to not let people make you feel like you are gross and dirty, your oily hair is not a weakness and do your best to not wash it every single day because I’ve been there and it’s not healthy for your hair. Dry shampoo is super cheap and your best friend for making your hair look clean and fresh so you can afford to skip a day or two between washes! I love you guys so much and I feel like oily hair doesn’t get enough love on this website because people assume it means you haven’t washed for weeks when you probably washed it only one or two days ago. So here I am, sending the love to my naturally oily haired folks. don’t let it get you down, okay?

[whispers] one of my friends changed their pronouns on fb and let me just tell you… i fuccign cALLED IT


“The thing is, she’s literally the funniest person ever. But sometimes in interviews she’s like..reserved. so I’m just like, you know what? Whatever.”


Celebi-Sticks First Pokemon Giveaway!!!

Hello! ^^ I’ve had this blog up and running for a little while now, and considering it was meant to be somewhat of a giveaway blog… I should probably get to doing some giveaways ehehe o///o

So I thought for my first giveaway I’d give out the shiny versions of some of my favourite pokemon! And, given the url I’ve chosen, I thought it would be fitting to throw Celebi into the mix! Unfortunately, I don’t have a shiny Celebi, but I can’t bring myself to leave it out of a ‘favourite pokemon’ giveaway ><

So, the pokemon up for grabs here are: Riolu, Bonsly, Goomy, Pikachu, Furret, Eevee, Froslass and Celebi. They all range somewhere between 4-6 perfect IVs (with the exception of Riolu, Pikachu and Celebi), and some also have HA and/or egg moves! 


  • There will be 10 winners in total, and each winner will receive all of the pokemon listed above!  
  • All you have to do is like and/or reblog this post, both will count! Please only reblog once though!
  • You don’t have to be following me! This is just my first giveaway, I’m still finding my feet here so I don’t want to be too strict with rules right now. However, if you like the look of my blog, a follow would be appreciated! c:
  • This giveaway will end Tuesday, April 14th at 11:59 pm GMT!  
  • Make sure your ask box is open so I can tell you if you’ve won!
  • Winners will have 48 hours to respond and must be prepared to exchange friend codes with me for trades!

I think that’s about it! If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask me here.

☆ Good luck!! ☆

I’m really sorry.
I know this is the eighth call I’ve let go to voicemail,
And you’re probably getting sick of the,
‘Leave your name and number, and I’ll call you back!' 
Since it’s obvious that I haven’t done that.
But some days are bad days,
And I can’t always make myself turn off the alarm clock
Let alone answer the phone.
Maybe it’s because I have them set to the same ringtone,
Or maybe it's because they both represent something I’m tired of-
Waking up, and empty conversation.
I can’t always do those things on the bad days.
Usually I make up for it the next day-
When I’m better I get up early,
And call you back right away,
Tell you I had just lost my phone, 
But that now it was okay. 
Only, it’s been a few weeks this time,
And I still haven’t found the energy for that.
It’s been a bad day,
Over, and over, and over.
And I keep telling myself that it will pass,
And that I’ll try again tomorrow,
But I’m starting to become afraid,
That maybe this is my new normal.
—  Bad Days