and now i can finally move on to other pieces

listen i want a sanvers au based off of wedding dress by matt nathanson so bad like……exes but worse??? like maybe they were childhood sweethearts/high school sweethearts or smth Engaged and Close to the wedding and something happened and they broke up (like close enough for one of them to have bought a dress - to have had it fitted, etc) and it wasn’t Pleasant and they broke each other into little pieces. but smth brings them back to the same place and they’re changed people now, grown up and more mature and they Get that where they were wasn’t Great but they loved each other and part of them still believes it should have been enough, while the other part is like….it Can’t have been, and it’s angsty and push and pull and ‘i moved on, why didn’t you?’ and ‘you think i could ever move on from yous?’ and IN THE ONE FINALLY GETTING TO WEAR THE WEDDING DRESS THEY’VE BEEN SAVING FOR YEARS.

anonymous asked:

idk why I'm asking you but what do you think it would be like the first time shawn held your hand?

BOY!!! So I kinda feel like he’d be really casual about it, when you’re walking down the street or something with coffee in your other hand. I can imagine him not looking at you before he slowly moves his hand closer to yours and intertwines your fingers like it was always supposed to happen. You’d look up at him and watch him taking a sip of his drink, his eyes still focused ahead of him but with a playful glint in them now. You smile as he gently squeezes your hand in his like they were two pieces of a puzzle that had finally found each other (that doesn’t make sense but bear with) As you look up at him again, you see a relaxed yet proud smile playing the corners of his lips.
Yeah, I don’t really think about it that much but THANK YOU SWEET ANON I LOVE YOU


Here’s a Walter C. Dornez spam!

I had a hella lot of fun drawing him especially since there are many versions  that we got to see in the series. I gotta say drawing the older Walter was much more fun for me because older men are much more interesting to draw XD. 20s/30s/Dark Walter was great as well. THAT MESSY HAIR! I didn’t really bother with 14 year old Walter because he’s been done a lot AND HIS HAIR IS A NIGHTMARE OMFG. I also tried to emulate the style of the series in the piece with the dialogue (which is from Hellsing Abridged XD) while sorta maintaining my own.

I can finally move on to drawing other stuff for awhile now that I got this off my mind!

For shoriani and all of those who love this John Bull piece of trash nugget!

HI EVERYONE!  Things have finally settled down enough between moving things in and getting classes situated and all that super fun stuff that I can FINALLY say hi!!!!

I’m Joy, for those who don’t know, and even if we haven’t said hi to each other just yet, I’m sure it’s really nice to meet you.

NOW IF YOU’LL EXCUSE ME, I’ve got an avocado with my name on it and it’s really rude to keep a perfectly good piece of fruit waiting.

(It really has my name on it, btw!  With a sticker and everything.)