and now i am going to jump off a window

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My boyfriend just called me and told me to look out my window, and I live on top of a little cliff hill thing where you can jump off into the water and he's standing there and I'm like what so I go out to see and then he goes jj style and flips off the edge while screaming jumper!!! And I am terrified until I hear a splash and I'm like oh he's cool but yeah I'm watching him climb back up now lol

oh my god that’s so cute

Basically the best song Marion has ever wrote about Zac Hanson

Jack was nimble
Jack, he was quick
Jack could jump right over the candle stick

Now he’s gone and I’m burning
All alone
Yeah he’s gone and I’m burning still, oh no

A beautiful story left incomplete
Ooh, how he knocked me off my feet

Sitting by my window pane
Thinking am I going insane
Why do you only shoot me halfway to the moon


Can you do a fluffy Ashley imagine where he comes home from tour early and surprises you??? Thanks and i love your page!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


You sighed, opening the door to an empty house. Kicking off your shoes, you slipped your hoodie off and over your head, throwing it off to the side.

It had been about two months since Ashley had left for tour, you’d missed him a lot of course, just as he did you. However, you had a few more days until he came back.

You knew you could last, but you missed him so much, you began to think you couldn’t. No tears left your eyes while he was gone, but you were pretty close to breaking that.

You let out another breath as you walked into the kitchen. You began to make some tea, knowing you needed something to relax you.

As the water was heating up, you leaned against the counter, staring out the window and into the dark night. You jumped a bit, as you heard your phone go off from where it lay on the counter you leant up against.

Ashley- hey babe ;)

You smiled as you read the text, immediately unlocking your phone to reply.

You- hey :)

Ashley- what are you up to?

You- making tea :)

Ashley- that sounds good right now.

You- it is good, if you were here, I’d make you some. <3

Ashley- I will be there In a few more days.

You- I know, I’m excited!

Ashley- I am too :) I miss you, Y/N

You- I miss you too, Ash <3

Ashley- I love you

You were about to text him back, but your eye caught something land on the bright screen in front of you.


Another fell off of your face and onto your phone screen, then another. One after another, your tears began to fall.

You didn’t text ashley back, you just stood there, watching as your tears continued to fall. You then turned around and turned the stove off, not wanting to make your tea anymore.

You turned your phone off and went upstairs to your shared bedroom. You went straight into the closet, grabbing one of Ashley’s shirts and putting it on.

You then crawled into bed, unsure of what to do with yourself. More and more tears fell from your eyes, eventually soaking into the pillow your head lay apon.

You stared at your phone that sat on the bed beside you, your screen occasionally lit up, indicating Ashley was trying to contact you still, worried something happened.

A sob escaped your mouth, you covered it quickly with your hand. Realizing no one was there to hear you, you removed your hand and sobbed once more, gripping the shirt you wore.

All of your bottled up emotions came out that night, knowing you couldn’t keep them in any longer. Your body shook as more and more heavy sobs left your lips, as you grew tired. Eventually, you fell asleep, Ashley never leaving your mind.

You awoke the next morning to the sound of the front door opening, a small wave of fear washed over you, before you realized who it was.

You got out of bed and walked out to the top of the stairs, watching as Ashley entered the house, his bags falling at his feet.

“Ashley?” You asked, he looked up to where you stood, a smile forming on his face just as his eyes met yours.

“I’m home” Ashley smiled, opening his arms. You walked down the fairs as quickly as you could without falling and eventually jumped into your boyfriends arms.

“You stopped texting me last night, what happened?” Ashley asked as he hugged you tightly, placing a kiss on your cheek as well.

“I-I’m sorry” you said “I got distracted”

Ashley sensed the hesitation in your voice, he then pulled away and made you look at him.

“I missed you” he mumbled and kissed you softly.

“You’re early” you said against his lips, realizing he wasn’t supposed to be home for another few days.

“I know, but I needed to see you” Ashley smiled, pulling you into him once more.

“I love you, Purdy” you giggled, happy he was home.

“I love you too, Y/N”

New Year’s Kiss


Summary: Who was going to tell Lucy? Gray or Natsu?

Note: This is dedicated to all of my amazing followers, here’s a little New Year’s present. I love you all!!

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New Year’s Eve, a time of celebration and sending off the old year and saying hello to the new one. It was a time to be surrounded by friends and family; a time to be around those you love.

For me, I was somehow stuck in the middle of a party with all my friends silently freaking out over the bet I had made last year on New Year’s Eve.

“When the ball drops next year, if you haven’t told her, I’ll tell her for you.”

Me being me, had forgotten until about ten minutes ago when the frozen spawn of satan, otherwise known as Gray, had so thoughtfully reminded me of our deal. Only it was ten minutes until the ball dropped and I had yet to get over my sorry ass and walk over to my best friend and confess my dying love to her. No biggie, it would either make me the happiest guy in the world (assuming she felt the same way, which, lets face it, would never happen in a million years) or make me the most depressed person at a New Year’s Eve party in all of history due to the fact she has been my best friend for the past ten years, since we were twelve. Cliche? Yes, but whatever, she made me happy and all that sappy bullshit.

Damn icy bastard.

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