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From the Other Side of the Signing Table

“I don’t know what to say to you,” the girl said. “Um, thanks, I guess.”

“Thanks is good,” I replied.

Silence stretched, punctuated only by the scuffle of a Sharpie on a page.

We were in the same boat, the girl and I — both at a book festival, both at the end of a long day full of people, both in a signing line that had been going on for an hour already. There was only one big difference between us: she was on one side of the table, and I was on the other. Sometimes that difference seems to matter more than others.

Before I was published, I read a lot of accounts of what it was like to have your work out there, but I never read anything about what it was like to have yourself out there. I suppose I never really thought about it, to tell you the truth. I thought you wrote a book and hopefully people liked it and if I thought about book tours at all, I figured they involved standing on a stage for a bit before disappearing into a rental car. The truth, however, is that now — ten years and fifteen novels in to my career — most of my hours in front of people are spent in a signing line. Forty minutes on a stage or behind a table for a panel, and then two or three hours meeting a few hundred strangers. I had no idea what it would be like.

This is what it’s like.

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! Could you please draw Racer Boyfriends or Racer Family or KOBB & Roddy/Drift with puppies? I've saved a pup and taken him to take care of him for a week and tomorrow I'm gonna have to give him to my classmate, and it's kinda hard 'cause he's so wonderful and I fell in love with him. Also, I'm planning something special concerning KOBB and I'm sure it'd help me get it done. Love you and your art, and I hope you feel better <3

This is probably the purest thing i’ve drawn


local floating head wants to suffer in bed all day without disruption

Slipped my mind

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Anonymous asked: #37??? (’Welcome to fatherhood’)

Anonymous asked: Please could you do 99 and make it angsty if possible? Thank you! X (How could you forget your son’s birthday?)

Anonymous asked: “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.” !!

I combined all three of these and it turned into a full blown one shot.

Also special shoutout to @harryimaginedstories. She knows. 

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((Yes, that’s my phone background, made by the amazing @candle-jacked))


Okay, so as a lot of you saw on my Instagram: I am banging my hands against my keyboard at the ends of creating an iOS App for Seduce Me the Otome. I MAJORLY have to thank RenPyTom (The creator of Ren’Py) for helping me in the end stretch, but I am now officially happy to say that it is 100% functional in portable iOS devices!

What does this mean? Well, I shall be moving forward to publish it in the App Store. I will ALSO move forward with publishing an Android version of the game on Google Play and possibly Amazon.

I am EXTREMELY excited about this step forward; so much so that I feel like this is my Final Boss in a battle that should have been won a long time ago.

This will also give me the pathway to put all of my other games on iOS as well, so I am very anxious to move along with it!

Social Contract Theory and Fandom Libertarianism

An essay in which I finally get to put my political science degree to work

So I was out walking my dog this morning and ruminating over why I have such a hard time with the conversations in fandom that seem to assume that the only two options when it comes to content are “all fan works must be pure vanilla innocence” and “all criticism is policing and evil.” To be clear, I think both extremes are, well, extreme and lacking nuance. But since I don’t actually see a whole lot of “no one can write characters doing anything wrong” in my corner of fandom (although I’m aware that plenty of it exists other places), I was much more interested in trying to figure out what bugs me so much about the “policing is the greatest evil in fandom” side of things.

Here’s the epiphany I had — people on that extreme end of things bother me because they sound so much like libertarians, much like a lot of us see echoes of fundamentalist purity culture on the other end. And then I got excited because once upon a time I was a political science major and now I get to take my epiphany and my degree and talk about social contract theory like the giant nerd I am :)

Strap in, folks; this got crazy long.

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prince charming » johnny


prompt: you seem to be the only one who doesn’t find the prince charming and he finds that rather, well, charming.
words: 3031
category: prince!au, fluff
a/n: hey marissa @midnighthansol bet you didn’t know that while we were talking about monct i was actually writing this for your birthday haha how sneaky am i. thanks for being a great friend and i wish you the happiest of birthdays!

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You seemed to be the only one in the entire kingdom who didn’t like Prince Johnny. Your mother thought you were crazy: to be the prince’s maid and not like him. Many of the other women and a few men in the servant’s quarters thought you to be mad. Perhaps you were.

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OMG I LOVE YPUR BLOG YOUR DOING AMAZING 💖💖 I wanted to do a headcanon of the rfa +v+saeran + vanderwood reacting to MC being pregnant with quadruplets (Like they knew she was pregnant but went to the ultrasound or something idk work your magic) sorry if this is to much to ask for lolol but you can write it however you want Thanks 💖🌈

A/N: I will try to work some magic my friend~ after all, it does include the sacred number 4 *wink wonk wink wonk* ^^ (also thank you thank you omfg im trying ;u;) ~Admin 404


               -When you told him the two of you were going to have a baby he was already t h r o u g h t h e r o o f

               -So!!! Excited!!! To start a family with you!

               -He was extremely nervous to go with you to the ultrasound, though. Sure he knew he was going to be a father, but it didn’t…. /hit/ him until then.

               -There is a living being inside of you that is half him and half you… it’s living, heartbeat and all

               -And he was!! About to see it!! Still inside you!!!! This was so different than ones he’s had to perform on some animals before…

               -Ready to see his first son (or daughter!!! He’s excited either way!!), he holds your hand and watches the screen with you

               -“Oh! It does look like a cats ultrasound, they’re really similar!”

               -You have to tell him that it isn’t supposed to look like that. Cue the panicked look at the doctor and the intense squeezing of your hand

               -When the doctor explained that there were four babies in there he… well he burst into a gross sob. You had to try and calm him down while simultaneously laughing at how adorable he was

               -Four babies!!! He’s about to have four babies with you!!!! He was so excited to have you, his work, and now his babies, he couldn’t believe it! At one point he was so concerned and lost about his life but now he’s got it all!


               -“And the doctor’s going to tell us if we have a prince or a princess, right??”

               -“Yes Zen, if we want to know the doctor will tell us”

               -Literally told everyone at his current rehearsal that he had to leave early because there was going to be a revealing in the kingdom and as king, he needed to attend

               -He was almost bouncing off the walls waiting for the doctor to come into the room

               -Turned away from the monitor because he was so nervous! /But you were the one who was extremely ready Zen, wtf man/

               -“JUST TELL ME IF ITS HEALTHY FIRST, I NEED TO KNOW IF MY BABY IS HEALTHY” okay Zen stop shouting

               -The doctor turned the sound on the monitor up, commenting on the babies strong heartbeat…. but then they moved to another.

               -And another… and another.

               -He whipped around so fast it’s a surprise he didn’t get whiplash. Four heartbeats??? Four of them??? But.. but that would mean… four.. babies??

               -As excited as he was, he also had to be dramatic enough to match. With his foot up on the chair and his finger pointed triumphantly to the sky, he announced that the kingdom shall reign supreme and his army of beautiful babies will run a fantastic kingdom! You had to interrupt his rambling to remind him that the two of you were in a doctor’s office, not the stage


               -The two of you decided that you would get inseminated, and Jaehee was extremely cautious of you the whole time

               -/So/ many doctors appointments, so little time

               -The two of you were excited the moment you found out you were pregnant, but that is also exactly when Jaehee’s Anxiety™ kicked in

               -So you guys were going to an ultrasound appointment to check on your baby!

               -She had read too many articles and stories on the internet of false positives and now she was just extremely paranoid no matter how many times you’ve tried to calm her down and no matter how many positive pregnancy tests you’ve taken

               -“I know you’re nervous MC, but it’s okay, I am too!” She tried to calm you, though she was the one visibly nervous

               -Watching the monitor intensely, she noticed it looked /nothing/ like the ones she had researched online.

               -Oh no, what if something’s wrong? What if you’re in danger? What if-

               -“Congratulations! All of your babies seem to be happy and healthy!” “I-I’m sorry. All? Of our babies?”  

               -The minute the word “quadruplets” left the doctors mouth, Jaehee is practically sobbing- happy tears of course! After all of the stress you had been put over trying to get pregnant in the first place, now you were going to have not one, but FOUR of the precious angels!!



               -Probably the type to get one of those fancy 3D rendered ultrasounds


               -But he made a mistake. When the doctor pulled up the image it just looked like a monstrous… blob? What is this? Does his child actually like this?

               -Doesn’t hesitate to ask the doctor just what the fuck was up??? Are you pranking him??? Don’t do that????

               -The doctor is pointing out and explaining where the head, hands, and feet were- which he could see after some explanation!

               -But the doctor… kept pointing out more heads.. and hands… and feet…

               -“Are these just different angles? Is that what we’re seeing here?” “Um, no Mr. Han. You’re seeing all 4 of your children”

               -If you thought Jumin Han could be Cool Calm and Collected™ during this, you are wrong. Did his deep, silky voice raise about 6 octaves? Yes. Did it break like he was going through puberty? Also yes

               -There are four, count ‘em, FOUR babies for him to spoil!!! He can!!! Spoil them so much!!! And give them all the love and attention he’s wanted as a kid! Did he cry when he held you after this information? You can bet on it


               -He was already!!! Super excited to start a family with you!!!

               -So he was practically jumping up and down, ready to see his baBY!

               -He’s so extra, he had to carry you into the doctor’s office

               -“I am not letting the mother of my child so any sort of work, got it????”

               -If you try to protest, he gives you a kiss on the forehead and gets really serious with you, “MC. You’re the love of my life and you have brought me down to earth. Let me spoil you and our baby, alright?”

               -He was recording the ultrasound for everyone in the group chat because he is just!!! So excited!! To show the world his family!!!!

               -Zooming into the monitor, he giggles as the doctor points out a head… and another head… and another one…. and.. another one

               -The ending of the video is the view turning from the monitor to the ceiling as a loud thud can be heard as he hits the ground

               -You and the doctor have to pick him back up and fan him off since he fainted at the sight of four babies

               -That’s like!!! 2 sets of twins!!! MC!!! He would have been ecstatic for one child, but you’re giving him /four/??? /FOUR/ of them??? He never expected this kind of happiness and definitely not this big of a family, but he was so in love with each and every one of you!


               -You are his love and he is ready for a family!

               -He was a little afraid, of course, but all his fears were thrown out of the window the moment you kissed his cheek and told him about the ultrasound

               -Brought his camera to record the genuine reactions to the ultrasound!

               -Thought that your face would be the one that was video worthy, but he was w r o n g

               -Turned the camera to selfie mode to get the both of you in it and watched as the doctor turned on the monitor

               -Laughed at your  face once the cold gel was put on your stomach though, the light smack to this shoulder was worth it- you were so cute!

               -The smile on both of your faces was definitely screenshot worthy, he’d have to remember to do that later so he could print it out for the baby book!

               -But apparently he’d have to print… four of them…. He watched as the doctor pointed out all four babies were happy and healthy and his smile dropped to make room for the complete shock to take over his face

               -All you could do was laugh at the sudden change! You pulled him in for a kiss to snap him out of it

               -Four babies, he couldn’t believe it! MC, can you imagine the baby photos?? How amazing family portraits were going to be??? How much fun the photography trips were going to be from now on!!


               -The moment you told him he was going to be a father he panicked

               -Since then, he had gotten next to no sleep, and constantly had break downs

               -He couldn’t be a father?? What if he hurts the baby? It’s bad enough he’s terrified about hurting you!!

               -This… thing… is going to be tiny and depend on him for basic life things and he doesn’t know if he’s ready for it!!!

               -Cries many nights, telling you that he doesn’t deserve you nor a child and it just breaks your heart to pieces???

               -Maybe taking him to actually see his baby will help!

               -So you drag him along to the ultrasound. He just sits in silence and holds your hand the entire time because he’s terrified to let go

               -His eyes are practically glued shut when the doctor turns on the monitor. He isn’t ready. He doesn’t want to see. There’s going to be a human in there that is half you and half him. The half that comes from you is sure to be an angel but the half from him? Not as likely

               -One eye cracks open after words of encouragement from both you and the doctor, and on the screen he sees not one, but four little humans inside you. Tears pour out of his eyes without him even realizing it- he can’t look away from the screen

               -There were four babies, four of them! He didn’t think he deserved even /one/ but… the both of you were blessed with /four/ of them… maybe… maybe this was a sign? Maybe it was a sign that he truly was ready.. that someone, somewhere, thought that he could be a good father. With your help, he thought, maybe it was actually possible


A Lesson in Love (The Little Things Part Two)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,317

A/N: The thing that Bucky performs is actually an excerpt from an original piece that I wrote a year ago. I hope you enjoy that along with this super long chapter to make up for not updating in a few weeks :) 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - I hope you know I depend on your editing like Hamilton depended on writing.

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There’s a knock at your door, but you ignore it, too immersed in your book to address whoever it is. It also doesn’t help that you’re entirely too comfortable in bed, tucked under your favorite fleece blanket and nowhere near motivated enough to get up any time soon.

With midterms fast approaching, there are a plethora of more productive things you should be doing, and yet, here you are. It’s as if the words on the page have taken you hostage and have no intention of letting you go.

Just as you begin to lose yourself in the book again, whoever’s at your door knocks even louder. Apparently they didn’t catch the hint that you aren’t in the mood for visitors. “Come in,” you yell distractedly, eyes glued to the page you’re on.

“I’m glad to see that my money didn’t go to waste.”

A Walk to Remember slips out of your hands, landing on your chest with a soft thud. “Bucky?”

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shannonkook: More than entire generations of us missed out on seeing Asian families represented on television
My #SpideySense goes right off as soon as I see another Asian person working on set, be they crew or actor. Feels backward, but there are so few of us I can’t help but cheer inside when I see signs of progress. Everyone is dealing with their own stereotypes and obstacles. My experience is not ‘special’ or more appropriate than another’s. My experience with racism does not trump yours with 'xyz’, and vice versa
This set was particularly exciting for me as I got to work with 4 time #Emmy nominee #MichaelGoi, as well as one of the FIRST Asian regulars on North American television #SiluckSaysanasy from #DegrassiJuniorHigh (after #DustinNguyen on #21JumpStreet)! Siluck was our 1st Assistant Director, and a very jovial and funny one at that as well
After reaching the final picks for #MagnusBane on the movie and then coming close to a different lead on the series, now meeting the pioneers in the industry before me and sharing bread with the actual Magnus @harryshumjr, and my Degrassi predecessor- Siluck are big noteworthy moments for me
Harry is now in #CrazyRichAsians. I am extremely excited for this breadth of representation to hit the mainstream
While I’m conscious to be careful not to define myself by my race, I’m aware that many people do, and it’s music one must learn to dance around ~ whether that be that I’m not White enough, or not Asian enough-feedback I’ve received more than once in the final picks of casting
You can be proud of where you come from, while also not feeling constrained to the perceptions of what your race, gender or orientation should be. This picture is a moment during which I was leaving set and celebrating such inner reflections.

pluto in Capricorn generation (2008-2024) is the transformation of society through the wisdom of old souls. a subgroup of the pluto in capricorn generation is neptune in pisces, (2012- 2025) a container of billion year old spirits returning to earth to cleanse, heal, and elevate. good things are coming in the future, i am excited, i am so happy to welcome these cosmic blessings, our divine babies… look into the luminous eyes of a child and you will see, fortune is waiting, long lost family is returning. Because Capricorn rules bones, joints, and age, we will once again hold in esteem the wisdom of age and embrace the process of growing old rather than use extreme approaches to retain our youth as we do now

Things Newlyweds Experience

Three years of marriage is quickly approaching and I find myself looking back at my first year of marriage. Not focusing on my relationship; rather on myself, my thoughts, and overall mental state at that time.

Things we don’t talk about: loneliness.

When I got married I was super excited. Marriage is such big deal so everything about it was exciting, new, and most importantly halal. I didn’t expect much from marriage. Prior to getting married I didn’t dream about what marriage life would be like, I kind of just went with the flow.
The first two months were amazing. I had a two part wedding and my husband took off two weeks of work so it was just us.
After a couple of months, the excitement of being a newlywed kind of blew out and I started to feel very lonely. My husband worked long hours, I was away from family, I didn’t know anyone, and I had no job. I stayed home all alone everyday. It was extremely lonely.
If you would have asked me three years ago how I felt I would have told you I couldn’t be happier, but now that I am happier and can tell you it was a little depressing. What added to this struggle was my marriage being arranged and not really knowing my husband. I would ask myself questions like “am I really his type” “am I really what he wants” “does he really like me” etc..
I didn’t know how to properly express myself and my emotions so I kept everything in; which made it worse. When they said the first two years are the hardest I thought that meant arguing but it doesn’t. Well at least for me it didn’t.
It meant spending the first year adjusting to my new life, and learning about myself. The second year taking that knowledge and expressing my emotions in a healthy way, and this third year enjoying how close my husband and I have gotten.


Save Me (Part 1.)

Character(s): Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, Negan, Simon, and Reader (pre-apocalypse)
Summary: Rick and Shane receive a call about a domestic disturbance, but so did Negan and Simon.
Word Count: 4,019
Warning: Domestic violence, abuse, and of course, Negan’s colorful language. 
Author’s Note: I am extremely excited to write this! For now, it is a one-shot, but I am most likely going to develop it into a series of some sorts. I always wanted to know what it’d be like if these four men met before the apocalypse. I’m also changing up a few things (only in terms of Negan’s occupation). I hope you enjoy! 

(GIF Source: @macheteandpython || also, credit goes to the original source of the Negan gif! if anyone knows where it was originally posted, let me know!)

It was ten o’clock at night. You were staying late at the coffee shop to finish the essay that was due in a couple of days. You always liked to get ahead of your assignments; it gave you more time to relax once it was done with and out of the way.

Though, with the nonstop phone calls and text messages, you knew your boyfriend wasn’t happy that he had come home to an empty apartment. You feared him. You feared what he was capable of – you had bruises and stitches to make up for it, too.

But every time he hit you, you always realized it was your fault. He made sure to make it known that he didn’t want to hurt you. You had made him that way.

You believed that every time he laid his hands on you, it was because of you.

Your friends couldn’t help you. Your family couldn’t help you. You didn’t want to leave. Despite the pain your boyfriend put you through, you still loved him. He still cared for you.

He always apologized afterwards, anyway.

If he didn’t love you, if he didn’t care about you, he wouldn’t apologize… Right?

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It makes sense

Authors note: I am trying so hard to get back into writing, but I am struggling… I’m sorry if this sucks, I honestly have no brain right now.

He’s one of the softest, grumpiest, adorable I’ll-tempered man, (baby), that walks the earth when he’s exhausted, even worse when he’s flying while miserable.

The whole time in the departure lounge he has been relatively calm, occasionally a little whiny, but other than that he has been calm and sleepy, keeping his arms crossed over his chest, his head leaning on your shoulder while you keep yourself occupied on your phone, doing what it takes to stop yourself from going stir shit crazy in the bloody airport. 

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A Demonstration of Self-Care, Self-Love: AKA learning to practice what I encourage

So this is super hard for me: I’ve gotten much better at self-care – at loving myself, which is really what the core of self-care is about – over the last few years. But I’m still not great at it.

I still have an Alex Danvers-level guilt complex and a Maggie Sawyer-style self-neglect habit going on.

But, just like they’re helping each other work on it, I’m working on it in myself.

So… here goes…

I’ve gotta cancel the blog party this week.

Originally posted by pingvinsstuff

I’m good, I really am, no need to worry!! But I’m just not up for it today (and like I said yesterday, I can’t do it tomorrow for logistical reasons).

I need to read comics and I need to recharge today.

This week was one of the most life-changing weeks I’ve ever had, and I have so many exciting things to share with you all. And I will, in its time (soon!).

Originally posted by kamidanvers

But, I operate only in the extremes. And for me, extreme happiness often becomes extreme depression with quantum-style transition (aka, no transition whatsoever).

So I’m good. I really am. I’m dog-sitting with the woman I love, and we’ve been watching Lemonade all morning and now I’m going to curl up and read comics for the rest of the day.

Because it occurs to me that I haven’t taken a break – not truly – since I don’t know when. 

And with the marathon I’m about to have with work, the marathons I just wrapped up this week?

I need to rest. To actually rest. 

Because – this is so hard for me to say – I deserve it.

Originally posted by the-outlawqueen

So we’ll party together next week, assuming I’m ready to go (I probably will be! Hoorah!). 


Today, enjoy yourselves, enjoy each other. 

Write and create and read and laugh and share and tag each other, hell, tag me. I love when yall get to know each other and get to love each other. The community here, after all, is about each and every one of yall, not me or this blog!

I’m gonna be offline today and tomorrow – or at least, not interactive – but that doesn’t mean yall can’t party together.

Celebrate yourselves: you deserve it.

I’m sending you all my love, and I’m proud of each of you! 

See yall later in the week, and at our party next week :D

So much love!!!

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What Do You Say When Words Are Not Enough (Part Two)

Read Part One Here:

Part Two: El Gitano del Amor

This chapter is very Tony based. Some sexual undertones that you might not be used to seeing on this blog, so very interested to see what you make of that, as always please let me know x

The scene where Tony and Reader go dancing was heavily influenced by this scene from the Ugly Truth (2009) and the song I imagined them dancing to, and which this chapter is named after, is the same from that scene which can be found here if you’d like to listen as you’re reading. 

Summary: Bucky broke your heart completely, and though you never thought you could love someone like that ever again, after Tony confesses he has carried feelings for you for a long time, could you find it in you to take another chance on love? Will Bucky let you?

Warnings: Sexual undertones between reader and Tony.

Words: c. 2,282

You spent the next few days keeping out of Tony’s way, you really weren’t trying to be cruel but you were so utterly confused, when just a few days ago you had been slowly trying to come to terms with the fact that you were alone and now someone you had known for years, someone you trusted implicitly was professing his love for you.

But yet, you couldn’t seem to get him off your mind, you found yourself remembering that kiss, how it had made you feel, and then the what ifs would creep in.

What if you gave it a go and he left you, just like Bucky?

Or what if after a few weeks he realised that the real you was very different to the one he thought he was in love with?

What if? What if? What if?

What if he was the love of your life and you just had to give him a chance?

You threw the covers off you and got out of bed, you couldn’t sleep with all the ‘what ifs’ swimming around your brain, so you decided there was only one thing you could do and that was go talk to him.

As you climbed down the stairs towards his lab, your heart was in your mouth, and as he appeared before you it seemed to stop altogether. He was working on a machine of some sort, black rings under his eyes and looking like he hadn’t slept properly in years.

He hadn’t.

At first he didn’t notice you and you watched him work silently for a few moments until he caught you out of the corner of his eye, and momentarily stilled.

“You’ve been avoiding me,” he stated simply.

“I have,” you admitted picking at a loose thread on your shorts “It’s not excusable, but I’ve been trying to figure it all out.”

“You’ve thought about what I said?” he asked in a way that he believed masked the insecurity behind the question.

It didn’t.

“It’s all I’ve thought about since,” you answered honestly, hoping that he would turn around and look at you, and smiling gently when he finally did, and you watched a little smile flutter across his face.

“I’ve been going crazy trying to figure it all out on my own and I guess I thought that maybe I didn’t need to, that maybe I could come to you?”

“Y/n, you know you can. C’mon you know me!”

“I thought I did Tony, but how could I have missed your feelings. How was I so blind?”

He placed his tools down and wiped his hands with a rag before coming closer and taking your hand in his and placing a kiss to your knuckles, “You were in love y/n. How could you have possibly seen?”

You hung your head and he hooked his finger under your chin making you look up at him.

“Talk to me, tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours.”

“Ever since we kissed I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t stop replaying moments in my head, before Bucky, I thought we were just friends then but if I’m honest there was always something else underlying it wasn’t there?” to this he nodded with a soft smile “but I’m still healing, he really hurt me Tony and I’m not sure I’m completely over that just yet.”

“You think I don’t know that sweetheart?” he soothed “I’m not expecting you to forget about him, I know what you had, all I’m saying is that you deserve a chance to be happy and I think, I think I could make you happy eventually. But I will never push you, anything we do or don’t do would be completely at the pace you want to go.”

You smiled, feeling like the weight of worlds had been lifted from your shoulders, and felt yourself blush a little at the fact that he was still holding your hand.

“Look leave aside my feelings,” Tony smirked “let’s just go out and have some fun, enjoy each other’s company, whatever happens happens and whatever doesn’t, well I’ll be sorry but I won’t regret trying, not with you.”

You smiled shyly and nodded “Ok.”

He silently celebrated and then spun you around and dipped you, “Does madam by any chance like dancing?”  he enquired over your shocked giggles and as he pulled you back up you felt a spark ignite in your stomach.

“She likes it very much,” you replied tone teasing.

“Good, I’m taking you dancing tomorrow night,” he announced and you felt genuine excitement for the first time in months.

As Nat was walking out of the gym that morning you approached her timidly.

“I need your help,” you told her and she immediately dropped her bag and was by your side in an instant.

“It’s nothing serious but I need you to not ask me any questions I just need you to help.”

“Anything!” she promised.

“I need you to make me look good tonight,”

She gasped and put her hands over her mouth “You have a date?”

You looked like a deer caught in headlights as you hushed her “Please Nat, you promised, no questions.”

“No questions!” she promised quieting down “But I am going to make you look bomb, trust me!”

“So where exactly are you heading?” she asked as you emerged from the shower and she raised her hands to claim innocence “I’m not asking to be nosy, I’m asking so I can guess what to do with your hair.”

“I’m going dancing,” you confessed and you watched Nat mask the excitement on her face extremely well, “I know just the dress for you, sit down and we’ll start on your hair.”

“Ok you can look now,” She said turning you around to look in the floor length mirror, and your jaw fell open as you gasped.

“Nat what did you do?” you asked smile so wide it hurt as you shamelessly checked yourself out in the mirror. The little black dress she gave you hugged your figure in all the right places and you couldn’t help but run your hands down your sides.

“Oh honey that’s all you, all I did was bring it out,” she teased with a light smack to your butt.

You spun around and pulled her into a hug and she laughed easily against you, “You’re welcome,” she laughed, “Now go get him…whoever he is.”

You were meeting Tony at the venue because you didn’t want to arise suspicions by leaving together and even though his driver tried to make small talk with you on the ride you were ridiculously nervous, you hadn’t been on a date since, well Bucky and before Bucky it had been years, but mostly it was good nerves with a hint of excitement.

Tony had refused to tell you where you were going and so the whole night was going to be a surprise for you and you’d never done anything like this before.

The doorman led you to the table where Tony was seated and as soon as he saw you he rose to his feet. You watched him visibly swallow as he looked you up and down, biting on his bottom lip and you decided you definitely owed Nat a few drinks just for that reaction alone.

As you came to a stop in front of Tony he came forward to give you a kiss on the cheek.

“Y/n you look…I can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful you look,”

“Well if it’s made Tony Stark speechless I’m going to guess that Nat did good?”

“She did good!” he agreed “Hi sweetheart,”

“Hi,” you smiled shyly and took your seat, as he moved to sit back on his one across from you.

Soon drinks were flowing and you were leaned close to each other to hear over the Latin-American music playing in the background.

You laughed loudly as Tony was in the middle of a tall tale about he had set Rhodes up for a date with a super model, and as his story wound down he looked you fondly in the eyes, reaching for your hand across the table he smiled more so to himself than you “I love making you laugh, you have such a great laugh.”

Your smile slipped off your face, remembering some of Bucky’s parting words to you, as Tony’s face suddenly looked panicked.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No. No,” you shook your head reaching across the table to brush the pad of your thumb across his cheek “No you didn’t.”

His hand immediately flew up to catch your hand as you moved it away from his face, and he spent a few seconds just looking into your eyes.

“I’m not used to this,” he told you finally looking away.

“Used to what?” you coaxed gently.

“Being nervous around a lady,” he confessed and you laughed light-heartedly again.

“That’s because you’re Tony Stark, playboy extraordinaire.”

“I was,” he agreed.

“Not anymore?” you wondered with a cock of your head. You were teasing and he knew so he relaxed back into his chair.

“Not anymore,” he confirmed with a wink “At least I don’t want to be like that anymore.”

You played with the olive in your martini as you shyly answered “I don’t want you to be like that anymore either.”

“Oh yeah and what Tony Stark would you like me to be?” he asked with a smirk.

“The real one, not the one you pretend to be for the rest of the world.,” you answered so truthfully he had to take a swig of his drink.

You laughed to yourself as he downed the rest of his drink and urged you to do the same.

“I believe I promised the lady a dance,” he smirked taking your hand and pulling you out onto the dance floor.

Tony took the lead, pulling you close to his body and then spinning you away, dipping you low and then pulling you flush against his chest again.

You found yourself biting down profusely on your bottom lip because who on earth could have predicted that he would know how to dance like this?

You turned your body away from him and he pulled your hips back until you were rubbing against him as he attached his lips to your neck, and you began to grind against him, and he groaned gutturally in your ear, you moved your hand up to rest in his hair and his hands roamed up the sides of your body and across the soft fabric against your stomach.

You had no idea where this spark of sexual electricity had come from, but it made you wonder why you had never noticed it with Tony before, especially when he finally turned you back around to face him and it looked like he wanted to eat you alive.

His hands moved down to your lower back as he pulled you impossibly closer and you almost shrieked when he dipped you low and pressed a kiss to the exposed skin of your neck, he laughed and it was the goddamn sexiest thing you had ever seen.

As he pulled you back up, you flipped you hair over one shoulder, and allowed him to turn you around again, pulling your hips back against him, and he placed quick kisses down your bare shoulder.

“Tonight, the way you look,” he was almost panting “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

You turned in his arms, snaking your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his, and feeling a fire burning in your stomach when he responded, by grasping the hair at the nape of your neck, forcing you to lift your head so he could kiss you deeper.

On the car ride back to the tower, you didn’t speak a word and the tension in the air could literally be cut with a knife, you were afraid to even look his way for fear of your actions.

“Remember, not a word of seeing us tonight!” he ordered his driver and he swore his silence.

You walked slightly ahead, carrying your heels in your hand and head slightly fuzzy.

As soon as he stepped into the elevator beside you, it was like a magnetic field of energy as you came together, and he pushed you against the wall of the elevator, completely ignoring when the doors opened and closed on your floor and the elevator continued up to his floor.

“Wait, wait y/n,” he urged softly placing his hands on your shoulders breaking the kiss, “Believe me I never ever say things like this, but are you sure?” You looked like you were about to argue and he kissed your forehead “If it’s too soon for you, if we’re moving too fast we don’t have to do this. You can come in and we can have a few more drinks before we go to sleep. I’d love for you to stay with me tonight but nothing needs to happen.”

He was right, you knew he was right, you’d both had a lot to drink and you were so caught up in him at the moment that you could have easily rushed straight in, you were thankful he was thinking clearly.

“You’re right,” you agreed and he dropped his head to your chest and you stroked his hair.

“I can’t believe I talked us out of mind-blowing drunken sex. Me… I did that.”

You couldn’t help but laugh in disbelief either as the elevator doors opened and he took you by the hand leading you into his apartment.

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I have always said that for Taylor to ever come out that she would need to have a full turn around in image and sound to appeal to an older and edgier audience… well… here we are. I am so extremely excited right now. 

Well, I never thought this day would come, but it is here and I am extremely excited. I am a published author.

Without further ado, I present to you

Warlocks of the Sigil, available on Amazon for $3.99!

As a kid I read a lot of books. Harry Potter, Twilight, Percy Jackson, Eragon, Animorphs, Jedi Apprentice and more. Growing up, some of them held up, others decidedly did not.

Additionally, while none of them were initially written to fit the “young adult genre” that we now know if, a lot of the story telling devices fit in the rather large category.

In this way, Warlocks of the Sigil is not me taking the genre to task, but it’s not a loving send-up either. It is an emotional letter of all the ups and downs and thoughts I had growing up, with characters and a narrative to convey all the conventions I loved, and to take a pitchfork to all the things I hated.

The actual blurb from Amazon is:

When Quinn was told he was deemed fit to learn magic as an apprentice, he didn’t know what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect to be plunged into a world of politics, demons, monsters, petty drama and angry primordial deities, all while being guided by a rant-happy warlock, who has more secrets than Quinn has problems. Nothing he can’t handle, right?

I have never advertised my own work, and this is quite the new experience for me. I hope you will read it and leave a review, every interaction helps. I love writing, and I want to keep writing.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I’m opening up commissions!!

>>It’s my first time doing any of this stuff, so I apologize in advance if things are vague or not smoothly working<<

>Above are the prices (plus me being broke as hell and optimistic about this)
>Here you can see some examples of my art
>Here are more infos

under the cut it’s me, blabbering about how excited I am about all of this (spoiler alert: I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT THIS)

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