and now his watch ended


sassy Slytherin!Yoongi🌵🐍


His name was Viserion Targaryen. He came to us from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai. A true Targaryen dragon and a ever faithful brother too Drogon and Rhaegal. No dragon was more loyal or gentler or kinder. The fire of a thousand suns burned within him. He was a true dragon … but now his fire has gone out and we shall never see his like again. And now his watch has ended.


Episode description of the season 5 finale was a little understated…


Switch place with me, Bok Gil 


Seven and Yoosung accessory swap!! (+ Sleeping LOLOL Prince and double glasses cause Seven looks odd without them-)

I swear I like Zen the most but all I ever draw is Yoosung-

there is absolutely no one that would get james’ approval to be the prominent leader of the very pirate revolution he sacrified so much to create except for john silver and that is turning me into and emotional mess


Okay I might be leaving a little bit out to make this funnier, but I love how he goes from “I want everyone to recognize my voice, I want to be more macho” to “okay yeah I want to attract girls”.

Crawl Home To Her - Part 3 - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 4,983
AN: I finally finished it! It’s so fluffy I’m terrible at fluff, don’t judge me. xoxoxox Thanks to @writing-obrien for her help as usual. Also, I don’t pretend to know anything about the judicial system so forgive me if I got things fucked up and just enjoy the smut. lol.

Part 1
Part 2

In the next few months, everything became an easy routine for the two of you. You woke up together, wrapped around each other in a tangle of limbs in his bed. Sometimes you’d just lay together, enjoying each other’s company. Most times he’d fuck you slow, his face buried in your neck. He’d shower, you’d make breakfast, he’d go to work, and you’d keep yourself busy, studying for your GED, reading a book, getting lost on the internet, shopping with Lydia.

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Bless Doc Hudson.

Bless Lightning McQueen doing a good job on fixing the road out of SPITE.

But most importantly, I love how hard McQueen works at racing.

Even with the egomania and the selfishness, he’s out there desperately trying to practice the turns on the dirt road to get better. He loves this sport. He wants to be the best. And he’s out there working all the same, even when he’s got a bad attitude about it.

Lightning McQueen loves racing.

Ug. Cars 3 is going to destroy me when Lightning has the moment where he believes he can’t race any more.


Thought you’d be with your friend… aren’t you going to ask me how he’s doing?”


Seriously don’t know what’s funnier. Ikoma getting thrown onto the train, or him being cradled in Suzuki’s arms as Ayame shakes her head and smiles.