and now he's seeing her again and she has no idea who he is

*The Letter* Newt x reader

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Newt x reader. Readers estranged parents find out that not only did she marry Newt but has had children with him. Once they find out that he’s now a famous author and your his illustrator they want part of his wealth

Hope you enjoy!! I really liked this idea! It’s rather long.. sorry not sorry. 

“Mommy, look!” Your five year old daughter, Ava, came running up to you while holding her favorite little Bowtruckle, Fern. She had pieced together a nice little hat for the creature wear and was extremely proud to present it to you. Giggling, you knelt down to get a closer look.

“And what will Daddy think when he see’s you’ve made another hat for Fern?” You smiled and tickled Ava, who gave out an enthusiastic laugh. 

“What’s all this laughing I hear?” Newt entered the room and looked down to see Ava holding Fern. “Making hats for the Bowtruckles again I see?” He smiled and knelt down to meet her eye level.

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Well, I’d certainly love to see that. Barbara would be a nice idea but I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be her since she’s a main canon character. Tabitha would make sense since Oswald has had a grudge against her for a very long time. Butch is also very likely since he’s betrayed Oswald multiple times and also hurt Ed. I’m honestly surprised Tabitha and Butch made it this far, I’m pretty sure at least one of them is gonna die this season. Right now my gut feeling says Tabitha. It’s gonna set up the whole Barbara vs Penguin properly for future episodes.
(I really just want one of them to die tbh ^^’ and I want Oswald to be a brutal killer again who murders when he feels like it)


This was a prompt I did not know I needed but am glad to have gotten!! Most of the ones I have so far are vague and probably pretty standard, but I’m hoping as I get through Act 6 and they meet up again I’ll find more ideas!!

John/Rose platonic headcanons:

-Rose knits things for John all the time. I imagine she knits stuff for her friends frequently as gifts, but focuses especially on John since he’s the one who inspired her to knit in the first place (though initially the thought may have crossed her mind to do it as a playful jab to his ‘you need a hobby’ commentary by drowning him in knit items). John has no idea why she’s doing this, he’s just glad to see firsthand she really likes her hobby.

-Rose is a better video gaming companion than Jade as far as John is concerned, and since they’re the first ones who played Sburb together they probably associate each other with being good for game nights together. That said, their taste in games just barely overlaps, and their sessions are often lopsided depending on who picked the game for the night.

-Obviously, almost any headcanon of Rose interaction with another is going to involve snark and sassery. John and Rose’s version of this is giving each other a hard time for dumb or silly shit they’ve done in the past, moreso than Rose would do with the others. Examples of this include the infamous bathtub/toilet/car/etc mishaps at the beginning of Sburb (probably brought up by John during game nights) and John’s sloppy awkward “marriage proposal” (just frequently referenced by Rose when discussing how things turned out,  but especially dropped more often when in earshot of Karkat who started the whole mess. They then both will give Karkat a hard time about the shipping chart he made, with Dave joining in if he’s around)

-Rose uses John as a knitting practice dummy, John uses Rose as a jokes/pranks practice dummy. He’ll frequently set her up with harmless pranks to get her to crack a grin. Rose will often play it off by acting like it wasn’t that funny, but usually it’s obvious she thinks otherwise. John considers the joke/prank reached its ultimate potential if he can bypass the playing it off reaction for just real, unaffected laughter or smiling. Rose is a hard customer when it comes to such things, after all, which is probably why she’s such a good target. She’s also a very good sport about such things, compared to how the others will sometimes react.

-They’ll both sometimes get caught up in word games with each other. This is usually a game where they try to outdo each other by finding the most absurd way to phrase a sentiment. A good example of this is their ‘asinine tomfoolery > unmitigated poppycock > extravagant hogwash” exchange in Act One (I think. That or early Act Two)

-Rose and John trade movie and book recommendations to each other. They do this on a principle of “if I watch one of your movies, you must read one of my books” and vice versa. If one can’t finish the recommended media, the other gets a free pass to drop a recommendation. Doing this when knowing they’re both disinterested in each other’s tastes is a bit of passive-aggressive play, but it actually helps them bond better since they better understand the other. And also provides ammo for giving each other a hard time.

-Sometimes they’ll remember the day they found their respective guardians dead, and will talk to each other about it. About how it felt, what they carry with them, what seeing each other dead was like… These are things that weigh on Rose’s mind a lot, and while she’s probably open to discussing it, John doesn’t open up to anyone else about it most of the time, so these moments are always  very important for the both of them. This is also something that’s easier for them to discuss since they were both there for it, and while Jade and Dave and the others of course experienced guardian deaths, it’s not the same as talking to someone who was there in that dark time.

-On a more vague note, I headcanon Rose being fairly indoorsy and John a little more active and stircrazy, so they probably influence each other in finding activities and hobbies that are opposite their natural tendencies. This could be as simple as Rose reading or knitting outside more ( most likely a result of them hanging out outdoors so John can do cartwheels, handstands, and just overall goofing around while Rose talks to him), or could be more influential like John discovering he likes reading on certain subjects that weren’t before in his scope of interests.

-I also feel like John’s one of the earlier influences in Rose’s life that helped her learn to trust other’s intentions, while Rose helped John learn to grow a good thick skin for fooling around and playful jabs at each other, and things like that.

-I think of John and Rose as winter buddies, given their initial climates growing up seemed capable of having actual winters. While Jade enjoys playing in the snow, her and Dave probably never quite know what to do with it, while John and Rose can occasionally let loose and romp in it without getting too cold. It usually starts with John trying to build something out of the snow, usually a crappy Slimer Ghost, and ends with Rose and John collaborating to build some eldritch horror or giant lusus that takes up half the lawn or something.

I’m sure these don’t sound very platonic-specific, but I just see all of the Beta Kids as super close friends in their own ways, so a lot of what they do when interacting with each other involves close activities too, I guess. I don’t ship Rose and John at all though, which might be why I easily think of these as platonic. I hope you enjoyed some of these!! If I think of any more I’ll be sure to add them!

I was re watching season 2 of Teen Wolf again and came across 2x05, which has repeatedly bugged me because the entire time Lydia is SO STANDOFFISH with Stiles. Now this is past the point where she had no idea who he was, so there was no reason for her to be that rude to him.


In 2x04 we get the iconic “I think you look really beautiful when you cry” scene, which also happens to be the scene where Stiles remembers he need to find the Bestiary and promises to return (and never does because he gets trapped in the pool with Derek by the Kanima). 

So since 2x05 is the episode where Lydia is seemingly mad for no specific reason, the only logical reason would be because he never came back. 

Bonus: a few episodes later Allison and Scott talk about Stiles apologizing to Lydia for leaving her, which you can see in my previous post  (x)


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A/N:Full smut this time! Namjoon has been wrecking my bias list for some time now, and he’s officially my BTS bias now so i wanted to make him protagonist of my scenario! This will be 3-parts scenario that will have more smut and also some angst and fluff. Hope you’ll stick around to see how will this story end!

She was a broken girl and he was a boy who could fix her.

Part 1/3 2/3  ¾

Warning:Strong language and sexual content ahead. M

*noun: an unpredictable instance, a wandering journey; a whimsical, wild or unusual idea, desire, or action.

You hated physics. Simply hated it. Class was boring, professor kept talking about things you didn’t understand the slightest and it looked like it won’t finish anytime soon. “Oh God, there he goes again” you think for yourself as the class’s main nerd gets up and starts talking about laws of motion and universal gravitation and other things you don’t want to listen. So instead you focus on him.

His hair is blonde, shaved at the sides which is unusual for someone like him, someone who’s always concentrated on books, round glasses seated on the bridge of his not so high nose. His lips are plum and as he accentuated the words they would make rounds, teasing you with thoughts how it would feel if he was going down on you. His style was carefree, washed out jeans sitting low on his waist and oversized shirts or sweaters. Outside the class he would wear snapback, shoving all of his hair underneath it, showing his shaved sides and you hate to admit it, but it turned you on. However, all of your attraction would fall down as soon as he would enter the classroom, sit at the front and discuss various theories with professors.

Oh boy but he was tall; you look at him from head to toe. He’s so tall that whenever he passes in the hallway people would move to make room for him, or that type of tall that everything would fit him soo good.

“Class, one last thing before you go home. Study hard for the final test, I don’t have to repeat how important it is to pass it. Y/N please stay a little, I want to talk to you” professor’s words take you by surprise and you look around confused but you wait for everyone to get out and come to the desk.

“Y/N you failed last two tests, you can’t let it happen again. Otherwise I can’t give you passing grade and you won’t be able to graduate” he speaks and you scream inside. “But don’t worry, Namjoon volunteered to tutor you over the weekend so you can pass the test.”

You jerk your head towards Namjoon and you can swear you see  little smirk on the corner of his mouth. It only makes you angrier, screaming inside you but it’s not helping. You need to get out and went this frustration building inside you.

“Y/N you will do it right? Promise me you will study hard or I’ll have to call your parents this time.”

“No professor, I will do it” you almost scream in hurry to cut the professor off, “I will study with Namjoon just please don’t call my parents.”

“Okay, that’s much better. And don’t try to fool me Y/N, Namjoon has my number so he will let me know if you try to get away.”

You turn to Namjoon once again and now you’re sure he’s smirking shamelessly, obviously enjoying this whole situation.

With your promise professor walks out the classroom, leaving you two alone.

“Okay, to make this easier for both of us let’s make an agreement. You tell professor we studied and I owe you, whatever you want!”

“Good try Y/N, but this is not how it’s going to go. You are coming to my house and you’re going to study really hard so you can pass the test on Monday” Namjoon says and with each word he comes closer and closer to you that at the end of his sentence his face is just a few centimeters away from yours.

His sudden attitude surprises you because he’s usually quiet and only talking during the class but also you can’t deny the warmth spreading between your legs making it throb lightly.

“Okay, I guess I have to come. Is tomorrow afternoon working for you?” you try to be as nicer as possible so you can quickly make plans and go home.

“I’m afraid not” Namjoon says haughtily making your blood boil from frustration. God, he knows how to make you hate him. “You are coming with me now and I won’t let you until you learn all of it.”

“Shit Namjoon, why do you have to be such a pain in the ass?!” you grab your bag and angrily get out the classroom, Namjoon right behind you.

The ride on the bus is taking some time and slowly your anger is diminishing. You will have to sacrifice your weekend but better that, than having your parents called. The whole way to Namjoon’s home he doesn’t say a word and you are thankful, otherwise you would get pissed off again.

Namjoon lives in a very modern, tall building with glass doors that automatically open. You observe the beautiful neighborhood he lives in, suddenly being jealous of him living so nicely compared to your rotten neighborhood and old house.

“Come on Y/N, I don’t have the whole day” he smugly says, motioning with his hand for you to hurry.

“Oh really? What’s so important waiting for you, another book to read, or another person to annoy?” you ironically ask as you’re standing in the elevator, taking you up to his place.

“I can’t wait for you to be alone with me” he quietly says into your ear and exits the elevator.

His unexpected words said in husky low voice wet your panties little more, but you shake your thoughts and follow him inside his apartment.

“Get yourself comfortable and please take off your shoes. Do you want something to drink?” Namjoon says completely normal, like he didn’t just say those words in the elevator.

You take off your shoes and jacket, staying in your plaid skirt and loose white t-shirt. When you look yourself in the mirror you realise you have black laced bra that’s obviously showing under your thin white shirt so you go back to put on your jacked, but decide to leave it like this. “If he could tease me today, I can pay him back” you smirk to yourself and join Namjoon in the living room.

Namjoon lies comfortably on the big couch, already with book in his hands. You shyly sit at the end of the couch, this whole situation and Namjoon’s attitude confusing you.

The two of you get to work immediately and even though you can’t stand physics you are thankful because the things were getting awkward. You notice to get tense every time Namjoon’s hand accidentally brushes yours, the proximity of his body is awakening tingling feelings in you and mostly his deep voice that’s echoing in the quiet and empty living room is making you so wet. You stop listening to what’s he saying, only focusing on the vibrations of his voice, the movement of his juicy lips or popping veins on his forearms.

Maybe all this fogged your mind but you could notice Namjoon stealing glances at your cleavage, showing black bra under your shirt or exposed thighs out of your skirt. All the senses are mixing, making your mind go uncontrollably loud and you can’t pay attention to what’s in front of you anymore.

“Hey, can we take a break please? I need to go to bathroom.”

“Sure, it’s right down the hallway” Namjoon points and buries his head back in the book.

“Okay Y/N you’ve lost your mind. This is only about tutoring, it’s not like he took you here so you can fuck. And Namjoon? Are you out of your mind?! You can’t stand that guy” you reassure yourself as you splash some cold water on your face and neck.

When you come out Namjoon is nowhere to be seen. You call him two more times but nothing comes back as response. You go over to your bag that’s sitting in the corner of the room to take your phone. You bend over and try to dig it out, getting annoyed that it’s so easily lost within all the books, papers and other stuff that’s inside. “I should really organize my bag when I get home” you say for yourself, your thoughts getting interrupted by someone’s palm on your thigh.

You want to straighten up and turn around to see what’s going on, but a firm hand holds you by your waist not allowing you to do so.

“Namjoon, what’s going on?” you insecurely ask him but he doesn’t stop caressing back of your thigh.

“Come on Y/N, don’t act so naive. I could practically hear your juices dripping from the other room. I know you want me.”

Even though he’s telling the truth you can’t let him know that; “What are you talking about Namjoon? Are you kidding me? Like I would wanna get fucked by some annoying nerd?”

Your words piss him off, triggering the anger inside, so he roughly spanks you on the ass. It shocks you but at the same time you enjoy it a lot, and a soft whine escapes your lips.

“Oh Doll, I knew you would enjoy this. It’s written all over your face. You love some good fuck, don’t you?!”

His dirty words and the way he said them, like it’s the most normal thing to say, drive you crazy. The hand on your thigh now slowly starts to rise, moving your skirt up and stopping right on your ass. Namjoon smacks your ass check first, then vigorously grabs it, making you moan again, this time louder.

“Yes, I love to hear you moan, and I’m gonna make you scream my name baby doll, trust me.”

Your core is now dripping, you can feel your juices slowly damping your panties and since Namjoon is only teasing you, you need more. His touch all over your body, his lips on your skin, his dick inside you.

So you straighten up and turn around to face him; “Yes Joonie, I love some good fuck. Will you be able to give it to me?” you tease him with your words but also your hands as you slowly lover them to his bulge. You start  squeezing his package and it doesn’t take him long to stiffen.

“Oh Joonie, don’t try to sell me your stories. I see that you’re desperate for me, your dick is desperate for my tight pussy, am I right?” you ironically say making Namjoon boil with rage as you’re hurting his pride. He grabs your hands, taking them away from his now fully erected cock and guides you back to the couch. He practically throws you to sit down, and because you enjoy it way too much and you’re needy for Namjoon as much as he is for you, you obediently do as you’re told.

Namjoon kneels down before you, his hands separating your legs and he stops to look at your damp panties, slowly licking his lips and moving his palms up your inner thighs. Your pussy is hot from anticipation so you fall back more and spread your legs.

“That’s the way I like you baby doll. Spreading your legs for me and asking me to lick you up. But I want to hear it from you. Ask me to lick your pussy baby doll.”

As Namjoon keeps teasing you, the insides of your stomach twist from the need of his touch so you practically beg him to do something, anything just to help you relieve the tension built inside you.

“Please Joonie, suck my juicy puss, fuck me until I can’t walk, make me scream your name” you plead over and over in soft voice which makes Namjoon weak so he slowly takes off your panties, lifts your legs on his shoulders and presses his lips to your swollen clit.

His mouth feels even better than you have imagined, meaty lips covering your vagina completely making the pleasure unbearable. You reach down, grab his head and push him even harder onto your slit. Namjoon takes the sign and starts darting the tip of his tongue over your clit, each time making you jerk your whole body from the sensation.

“Oh fuck Namjoon, how can you be so good?” you tilt your head back and open your legs even more so he can have better access to your sensitive spot.

“I told you I’m gonna make you scream my name baby doll” he quickly says and get’s down again, sucking your pussy harder than before.

You feel your climax approaching and you raise your voice, moaning Namjoon’s name continuously. Orgasm hits you at once, strong peak making your body paralised for few moments so you continue to sit on the couch. But Namjoon is already on his feet dragging you up too.

“Come on baby doll, it’s time for you to ride my dick” he now sits up, positioning you over him.

This whole situation drives you crazy. The way he’s dirty talking to you or how dominant he is, his hot body and skilful tongue, all the opposite from what you imagined. It’s like he’s a completely new person and it excites you more than you could imagine.

Namjoon is now sitting on the couch, his posture relaxed and back reclined. “Come on doll, play with my dick” he says using his husky voice, and even though you’re still sensitive from the climax you just experienced you comply without a word. You slide down the couch on knees, your hands gliding down his torso, brushing his bulge, then down his thighs. You unzip his pants slowly, but looks like Namjoon is in a hurry so he helps you and takes off his underwear, revealing fully grown dick, standing upright between his legs.

“Oh Joonie, I could’ve never guessed that you’re hiding a huge cock in your pants” you practically moan the words and bring your head down to his member. Firstly you give it a good lick from the root to the tip, tasting little bit of precum. Namjoon lets loud growl, throwing his head back and tangling his fingers in your hair, pressing your lips harder on his cock. You start sucking him off, taking his length part by part in your mouth, and at the end you feel the tip hitting the back of your throat and you uncontrollably gag. Namjoon only seems to enjoy it even more as he pushes your head up and down while loudly moaning.

“Oh baby doll, your mouth feels so good on my cock. But I want to feel your tight pussy around me” he says and pushes you up, grabs you by the waist and literally sits you on his still hard member.

“But Namjoon, I can’t, I’m still sensitive from earlier and I’ve never orgasmed two times in a row” you try to protest, feeling like it’s too much for you to handle, but Namjoon shuts you with a deep kiss, shoving his tongue right into your mouth. Only now you realise it the first time Namjoon actually kissing you and you like his lips on yours even more you liked them on your clit. They are soft and plump, so kissable and they feel so right. This thought is awakening butterflies in your stomach, but the feeling of Namjoon’s dick entering you sent away all the thoughts you had, making you completely focused on his length inside you.

“Trust me baby doll, I will make you cum again and again and again until you beg me to stop cuz you can’t take anymore.”

Namjoon starts slowly rocking you back and forth holding you by your waist, every move making you crazy as he’s hitting your spot. Now you start moving yourself faster, wanting more of this, more of him. You both get sweaty from the long play with each other, and now your bodies start rocking together, sound of skin slapping on skin filling the room.

You feel the tension building slowly, rising from your center and spreading all over your body. “Namjoon, I’m close, I can’t hold it anymore” you almost scream.

“Okay baby doll, we’re cumming together” Namjoon says and starts rubbing your clit while pounding into you harder and faster.

The second orgasm hits you even harder than the first one, almost at the same time as Namjoon reaches his high and you feel his hot sperm hitting your walls. You ride your climax on Namjoon’s cock until you’re completely exhausted and crash on his chest. Namjoon wraps his hands around you, slowly rocking you in his embrace. Maybe because your mind is all foggy from the pleasure you experienced, but you look up at him and say: “I wish I could stay in your embrace all night.”

“Come on baby doll, let’s go to sleep” Namjoon strokes your hair and softly kisses you on the forehead.

“But what about your parents? What if they walk on us and see me?” you concernedly ask.

Namjoon looks at you and smiles, showing his dimples and your heart skips a beat in that moment. “Don’t worry, they are out of town for the weekend. We have all the time just for us.”

You’re too exhausted to think about what happened today, so you close your eyes faster than any night when you’re sleeping alone, with Namjoon’s hands tightly wrapped around you. His deep breaths lull you to sleep full of dreams.

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I’m tired of seeing posts about people complaining that Emma isn’t the same, and how she’s changed.

Of course she has changed. This whole show is about her character development. It’s about her going from a woman celebrating her birthday alone in her apartment, to somebody who has more family than she knows what to do with.

And yet you are mad that she isn’t as strong anymore. I personally think she has gotten stronger. You see her crying as a sign of weakness, for me it shows how far she’s come. She used to be an orphan, with nobody to care about but herself. Now she has all these people that care about her, and that she cares about right back. The idea of losing them, the idea of being alone again; terrifies her.

Her life was meant to change the moment Henry knocked on her door. He brought her to Storybrooke to be more than just a Savior.

He brought her there to be a daughter.

A mother.

A friend.

And someday, a big sister.

He brought her there to be someones true love…and to find her own

I know that people felt that they used to relate to Emma, and now they think they can’t. I’m sorry that you feel like that, but the truth is that’s what people do, they change. They get stronger through time, or they get weaker. I am happy that Emma Swan chose to get stronger, and it may not be in the way you wanted her too, but it’s damn well good enough for me.