and now he's moved to full on swearing

Zack totally teased the two of them (individually) to get together when he found out the feelings were mutual meanwhile Jason is just tired of all the gushing he gets from Kim about the yellow ranger

Jason: “Kimberly Ann Hart, I swear to god if you don’t ask her out, I’ll-”
Kimberly: “What? Ask her out yourself? She’s not into you. Not even into guys in general. What are you going to threaten me with now, Scott? And how dare you full name me.”

Trini reverted back to using earphones so they could listen to music together, but someone always moved their head too much where the other’s bud always came out so she decided to get a splitter so they could still listen together, but have their individual earphones.

Zack and Jason (reluctantly) bet on who’s going to get their ass wiped during sparring between the girls during training each day because (one of them gets a little too sidetracked)

Their study dates are 20% flashcards and 80% ”if i fail this test tomorrow, you can tell the teacher why, Tri!” “that i couldn’t keep my hands to myself after i finally found your ticklish spot which took so long to find but it was so worth it though it may have resulted in a hole in your wall because you tried blindly kicking at me?”

Trini secretly loves when Kim plays with her hair, especially when she’s had a stressful day
she’ll collapse into her lap and let her do her thing, letting her caress her hair and gently scratch at her scalp

Kim watches her girlfriend go from grumpy cat to lazy sleepy content cat (she totally awes at the accidental purr that comes out)
Kim is the only one that’s allowed to unbraid/braid Trini’s hair

Here’s Kim’s words of advice and reassuring comments to Trini introducing herself as her girlfriend for the first time “Breathe. You’re going to do fine. You’ll be great. Just think about something calming, soothing, relaxing.
“Like what?”
“Think about me. Naked.”

Kim willing to fight anyone who insults or harms Trini in anyway and becoming furiously protective

Trini trying to bite back her words of anger and hatred when Amanda and her minions make a harsh snide comment to Kimberly knowing she won’t be able to stop any sort of aggression once it starts

Comforting each other about their
past and current home life

Instead of passing generic notes, they’re either playing tic tac toe, telling one another jokes or Kim drawing mini comics and Trini attempting to continue the story with her stick figures

Kim getting jealous when this new girl starts flirting with Trini and because this oblivious gay can’t tell the difference between a friendly compliment and I’m-trying-to-ask-you-out-on-a-date compliment, she unknowingly flirts back

Trini getting jealous when Jason asks if he can talk to Kimberly in private, when Kimberly cancels their plans because she promised to hang out with him and when Jason let’s it slip that Kim visits him in his room at night to talk about things that are troubling instead of talking to her

Kim volunteering to babysit Trini’s brothers with her
Discussing/”Making Up” stories about the Power Rangers with them
Trading embarrassing stories about Trini
Shyly but trying to act intimidating as they interrogate Kim to see if she’s good enough for their sister
Innocently asking if Kim and Trini are dating
Teasingly throwing the girlfriend word around the girls
Board Games
Movie Nights
Them and Kim getting competitive with one another during video games
Talking about their favorite superheroes as they show her their action figures
Questioning her if she believes in aliens

Kim sitting next to Trini or in front of her during Biology so they can reach under the desk and hold hands, y’know whisper in one another’s ears like losers, doodle in each other’s margin on their notebooks

Sneaking into each other’s rooms through the window

Both calming the other down after a nightmare
Kim stealing all of Trini’s flannels, jackets, hoodies. (Beanies are harder to get though she managed to steal her yellow one and replaced it before she was caught.)

Trini occasionally borrowing one of Kim’s shirts/tops

neck kisses
shoulder kisses
forehead kisses
nose kisses
cheek kisses
stomach kisses

Trini staring at Kim’s lips when she talks
Kim glancing at Trini’ lips when they’re sitting or standing too close

lip bites

Playfully bickering on who gets to be the big spoon always even though they switch it up all the time

Being able to keep up with each other’s snark, wit, sass, and sarcasm
Sly smiles
Knowing smug smirks
Suggestive glances
Amused arched eyebrows
Challenging one another

Trini resting her head on Kim’s shoulder

Kim resting her head atop of Trini’s

Trying out different cafés, bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops and learning and eventually knowing each other’s orders at all of them

jokes, innuendos, pick up lines, teasing, banter
eye rolls all the time
exaggerated eyelash batting
Kim flirtatiously winking
pleading pouting lips
Fake offended gasp
hugs from behind

Kim leaning her chin on top of Trini’s head or her shoulder

both being easily whipped and persuaded/convinced by the other

whispering sweet nothings before saying something dumb and stupid and playfully insultful to get rid of the cheesy, sappy, sentiment

Trini judging Kim’s music tastes and both of them trying to find a common genre

Finding places with the best views of the town/taking each other on random adventures

Late night car rides with the windows down

They frequent the cliff edge that overlooks the lake (swimming hole?) for a good view of the lights

If Trini can convince Kim to go hike up the mountain together in the morning, they watch the sunrise, but usually they watch the sunset after school/training

Drive In Movie Theater which either results in Kim being totally invested and Trini taking a nap or having a popcorn catching contest

Sharing Milkshakes

They always share the last donut and have a showdown on who gets the last piece

Taking selfies in those In N Out hats when they go out for burgers

Trini finds Kim singing into a hairbrush and dancing around her room one day as she blasts Top 40 Pop Songs
It takes roughly about 15 seconds to get her to begrudgingly join in
But she’s just in awe at the girl’s voice and so is Kim when Trini starts singing
They’re both panicking

Racing one another just for fun (of course where no one will see)

Snowball fights

Behind the bleachers, rooftop, girl’s bathroom on the second floor or in a quiet vacant hidden corner in the library is where you’ll find them alone ditching class and being unusually couple-ish (The janitor’s closet was just downright disgusting and smelled of cheap chlorine bleach and sanitizer even with their superhuman powers, chemicals still had some effect on their body)

Squeezing each other’s hand for comfort or reassurance along with rubbing their thumb over one another’s knuckles

Trusting one another more than anyone

taking turns resting their head on the other’s chest

Trini resting her head in Kimberly’s lap as she’s sprawled out on the couch

Zack giving Kimberly the shovel talk and Jason giving Trini the shovel talk even though they care for both girls
It’s a ridiculously lovable somewhat annoying act

Trini calling Kim “Princess”

kissing one another’s palms and wrists

both being in utter awe that someone as amazing and beautiful wants to date them

rubbing soothing circles on one another’s hands when the other gets nervous/anxious

Kim tracing abstract patterns on Trini’s back when she’s sleeping

long walks or hiking up those mountain trails
talking to each other all night and even when one falls asleep the other doesn’t hang up the phone, lovesick idiots

When Kim asks Trini what she did to get into detention this time, if she isn’t sending a death glare towards Zack and groaning like she’s suffering through hell and back, she just gives a sheepish smile and a nonchalant shrug because she’s not going to admit that she volunteers to go to this and the teacher could care less

Taking photographs

Kim’s mirror is covered in polaroids and Trini has a secret album

Trini finding out that Kim can do an absolutely believable flawless British accent (you figure out the details)

Kim mouthing the lines to movies and tv shows and Trini’s not even paying attention to the screen anymore like always

God forbid, they have hidden poetry/song books about one another that neither of have told them about.

Tickle Fights

Kim complimenting Trini all the time just to see her blush

The only time they will ever carry each other without being a stumbling blushing mess or arguing over the position in carrying is when one of them is injured or asleep

Star Gazing on top of Kim’s roof

They totally had the same idea of kissing in the rain even though they both know it’s a fricking cliche because a) they can’t get sick and b) they’re saps and hopeless romantics even if they won’t admit it

Having a snowman contest

Kim pushing Trini into the pool and Trini pulling her in with her

Kim booping Trini on the nose and Trini is just bewildered

They take turns bringing each other drinks and donuts for breakfast during the school week (Jason scolds them about needing to eat a healthier breakfast)

They meet up before first period then always text each other before their next classes/during passing periods/hallway traffic jam to complain or give them a heads up about things instead of walking one another to class

Stealing from another’s food during lunch
though it turns more into a game of sorts

Whoever gets out earlier from class waits by the other’s locker after school

Let’s just say the Rangers can’t get drunk so they inevitably try to drink themselves to death, but a body shot and a lap dance ensues

“Do you trust me?”
“Not with my water bottle and definitely not over a cliff.”

“If she goes, I go.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“That’s just your way of telling me, you love me. I’ve cracked that code a long time ago, Hart.”

“Will you please just shut up for a second and stop doubting yourself and listen to me! You’re beautiful.”

“Why did we agree to play Seven Minutes in Heaven?”
“Did they just tell us to go fuck in a closet?”
“The irony hasn’t escaped me.”

“I hate this town. I hate these faces. I’m just so tired of everything, except you. Never you.”

“You’re not short,you’re just tiny.”

“I don’t remember falling in love with you. I just remember you grabbing onto my hand and squeezing way too hard when we were about to be pummeled to our deaths by a train and in that terrifying second I couldn’t process anything except a single thought which was, “You’re dying just admit you’re gay and pretty girls make you weak.”

“You’ve been shutting everyone out that genuinely cares about you”
“Not everyone, not you.”

“Do you think the world could suddenly end on a night as quiet as this?”

“Let me ask you something. Do you think there’s such a thing as a perfect day?”
“A perfect day. Start to finish. When nothing terrible or sad or ordinary happens. Do you think it’s possible?”

“We spend our whole lives stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how we’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps us going, but we’ll never do it. We just use the future to escape the present. Truth is, we’ll never actually be rid of Angel Grove, we’re still Power Rangers and just like any other superhero we’ll end up staying exactly where we are. Unfortunately our home isn’t a city.” “Well, at least it has you.”

“You were not meant to simply be pretty. You were meant to fight back, so get up and face it.”

“What’s inside is what matters. You are so much smarter than they give you credit for.”

“I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.”

“I feel lost inside myself.”

“I’m not perfect, but I’m original.”

“Tell me every terrible thing you ever did and let me love you anyway.”

“The happiest people, don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”

“Perhaps, I want nothing more than to fall asleep next to you.”

“My life will end someday and so will yours, hopefully we die roughly around the same age, not that I want you to die ever but I don’t want you suffering of heartbreak like some depressing Hallmark movie so just kiss me anytime.”

“Thank you, for making me feel less alone.”

“I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.”

“You are alive. You are not a sad story.”

“I love you, but don’t know what to do.”

“You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit.
I have never loved myself.
But you
Oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

“Why did you do that?”
“Because I love you.”

“I would never let anybody or anything hurt you.”

“I don’t know for sure what I’m feeling. I don’t think you know exactly what you’re feeling either. This is all new or maybe we’ve felt this way for quite sometime, but refused to acknowledge them. What I do know is that, whatever mutual feelings we have for one another is not going to jeopardize our friendship.We’re not going to let that happen.”

“Just talk to me.”

“What is wrong with you?”
“I’m crazy, remember?”

Kim noticing that Trini has bad social anxiety especially when she’s seated or standing in a public closed in crowd so she always makes it a priority to get seats near the windows in the corner or a seat where Trini’s back is covered
Kim trying to learn Spanish on her own not just to impress Trini (that’s just an added bonus) but to make it easier for Trini’s brothers and dad to communicate with her. She manages to even impress Trini’s mom and manages to have forge somewhat of an acquaintanceship, but she’s still wary.

They’re in love, that’s all I’ve got to say.

You Make Me Really Confused

Request: @huntermichelle   6) “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” 22) “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.” 9) “No, like.. it’s just, I can’t believe you’re wearing MY clothes.” Preferably with shy Bucky? After the reader moves into the tower Bucky never knows what to say to them and then one day he accidentally says #22 and then they end up spending the night together? Fluff and smut? You’re amazing! TY!

@the-witching-hours12-3   I meant 6 with Bucky but whatever 🙄. Stupid me 😣

Prompts:   6) “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”

9) “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”

22)  “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”

Words: 1041

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy, a little bit of smut 

Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me :)

Since the first time Bucky saw you, he knew that you were something special.  He didn’t know what was about you that made his heart beat so fast when you were around. Maybe was the way your hair smelled like coconut and chocolate, or the way that you smiled at him and how gently you touched him.

He didn’t know what it was, but he knew that he was falling in love with you.

The only problem was that he never knew what to say to you, you were so beautiful and carefree that every time he tried to keep a conversation he couldn’t help but stumble on his words and make a fool of himself “ Hey Bucky, what are you watching?”  You ask looking at the TV.

“I don’t know.” He looks surprised to see you, according to the reports you were supposed to be in China right now “Weren’t you supposed to be on a mission?” You nod sitting by his side “I was but Steve gave me the day off, saying that I would be more helpful here with you.”

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Pairing: Barista!Bucky x Waitress!Reader x Artist!Steve
Summary: You and Bucky work in a coffee shop and are intrigued by a certain customer
A/N: Okay so the coffee shop AU won the vote, I hope you guys like it. Let us know what you think!
Word count : 812
Author: @bucky-plums-barnes

Originally posted by yourcoffeeguru

The first time you saw him he was sketching furiously hunched over a notebook. His blonde hair was messy from his hand running through it so often, his black framed glasses had smudges after the amount of times pushed them up the bridge of his nose. He ordered a black coffee, with plenty of sugar. When you set it down at his table, he nodded a thank you. Making your way back to the counter, Bucky shot you a curious glance when you pass him at the coffee machine.

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Taking Care // Derek H x Reader

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Fluff, cuteness, sick!Reader, maybe a swear word or two
Word Count:

Request: Heyo! I saw you wanted requests, so could u do a Derek hale x reader where she’s his mate (human, but knows about everything) and he keeps her secret from the pack because he’s worried about the people out to get him. Suddenly she gets sick tho and he’s gotta take care of her which leads to the pack being curious and worried about where he is every day for a week. Fluff please :3 thanks lovie!

A/N: Wow I haven’t written for Teen Wolf in such a long time! I’m sorry about that, most of my focus has been on my main blog @Lady-Thor-Foster. I’m excited about picking my fics back up again and writing new ones! Chapter Two of Muse is coming out ASAP. I’m still taking requests!

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The Man in Apartment 43

Summary: Dean x Reader - Neighbours AU - Dean and the reader live next door to each other and can’t stand each other. Will things change once circumstances bring this bartender and business man duo closer together?

Triggers: Stalking/followed by a stalker (Not Dean), fear

Y/N = Your name ¦ Y/L/N = Your last name   ¦ Y/E/C = Your eye colour ¦ Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Note: Ok, so I know I haven’t finished The Charity Heist yet, but I’m stuck on a part in chapter 4. This one however is pouring out of me. If you guys like it I might write a part 2 later this coming week!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6


“(Y/N), you are amazing,” Chris Pine’s voice was warm and hot against your neck as he held you close after the two of you saved the world. He moved his mouth from your neck and leaned in, inches from your lips as you wrapped your hands around his neck and moved in to kiss him. Your lips were just about to touch when the background music swelled and…

Living easy!
Living free!
Season ticket on a one way ride!  

Damn it! Your damned neighbour’s near routine music marathon forcefully pulled you out of your dream as you sat up with a gasp. Highway to Hell wasn’t your idea of a good wake-up call. Every. Damned. Morning. Almost at least.

Dean Winchester, the man in apartment 43, was on a completely different schedule from you and every day once he sat down to work on whatever business he did from his apartment he’d turn the volume up on his ridiculously massive speaker system. Sure, it was around 10 am and he was technically allowed to blare his music between 8 am and 11 pm based on apartment rules. But that sure as hell didn’t make it any more right in your mind.

You worked till 5 am basically every night of the week in the local hole in the wall bar, and you needed your beauty sleep to deal with the local drunkards without punching someone or something. Which was hard as hell when you were constantly awoken by classic rock songs after only four to five hours of sleep.

Groaning you let your head hit the pillow again, almost feeling the vibrations of the bass through your pillow due to the stupid, awful fact that your bedroom was wall-to-wall with his… Office? You didn’t really know. From what you understood the apartments were mirrored so his bedroom should be on the other side of the wall. But from the loud noise levels of music you heard almost every morning it almost seemed like you were wall to wall with a damned rock concert instead.

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anonymous asked:

HCs for how the overwatch peeps (any you feel like writing) sleep beside their SO??

Images do not belong to me. 

Lena Oxton/Tracer:

  • Loves spooning you in bed every night
    • Big or little spoon, it doesn’t matter
    • The girl just wants cuddles
  • If not, Lena will have an arm thrown across your stomach or draped over your shoulder
  • She’ll force you to wake up at the exact same time as she does, even if it’s two hours before your alarm even goes off
  • You never let Tracer around any caffeinated drinks before bed because then you’ll have to deal with her constant fidgeting before she blinks around base at an ungodly hour until she settles down again
    • If it’s heavily caffeinated, be prepared to deal with constant streams of nonsensical words in your ear just as you’re about to fall asleep
  • However, if Tracer’s actually tired then you’re off to bed as well
    • No exceptions
  • You had to admit, Lena was an incredible snuggle buddy and she knows it


  • Adores playing with your hair as you fall asleep
  • She’ll even tickle your neck and giggle when you tell her off groggily
  • Will demand cuddles but isn’t doesn’t mind cuddling you either
  • Pillow fights happen at least once a week
  • Doesn’t mind making your alarm go off an hour later than what you set it to
    • Her snores might act as your new alarm clock though
  • She would take Reaper’s disgruntlement at your tardiness with a smirk if it meant that you got to sleep in a bit
  • Tries to relax you before heading to bed just to make the night pass by easier
  • Sombra just wants to see you well and rested
  • Talon was an extremely stressful environment after all

Hanzo Shimada:

  • Will use you like a full body pillow
    • Hanzo please
  • When it gets cold out, you don’t mind
  • However if it’s the opposite, prepare to sweat buckets
  • The noodle dragons will come out and curl up at the edge of the mattress
  • Sometimes the dragons themselves will act as a barrier between you and Hanzo, allowing you to cool yourself down
  • If he finds you napping in bed, Hanzo will carefully tuck you into bed before climbing in himself
  • You swear that he’s stationary when he’s asleep, seeing as how you’ve never caught him moving ever
    • Maybe a small twitch every now and then, but other than that? Nothing.
  • Never have you heard Hanzo snore either
  • The man was a fairly peaceful sleeper
    • Except for the body pillow thing. That would be your only complaint against sharing a bed with him

Jesse McCree:

  • If you’re shivering a bit, Jesse will not hesitate to reach for his serape and wrap it around your body
  • Absolutely loves to massage your scalp as you fall asleep
  • His snoring might wake you up sometimes, but you’ll eventually fall asleep again after a few minutes of listening to it
  • He does toss a little bit in bed, but it isn’t so bad that you can’t live with it
  • Jesse would definitely be the big spoon
  • But you can surprise him by making him the little spoon and he will be much happier throughout the day
  • Especially when he’s fidgeting around in bed
  • Sometimes you can see the moonlight reflect off of Peacekeeper just as you doze off
  • McCree would lift you onto his chest and hug you tightly while you’re still in deep sleep
  • His favorite way of waking you up? Kissing you all over until you playfully shove him away with a laugh

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Their Story


Bucky Barnes X Reader

A/N: This is my entry for @hunters-from-stark-tower ‘s 3k Movie AU challenge. Follows Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge pretty closely, save some parts. (Note: there are quotes in this that do not belong to me)

Words: approx. 3.4k

Prompt: Moulin Rouge AU

Warnings: kissing, bad writing, death



The click click click of the man’s fingers upon the keys of the typewriter fill the air with a sense of melancholy.

This man, he does not remember happiness. Only emptiness.

His love’s lips had been cold when he’d last kissed her. Cold. So cold. The taste of blood filling his mouth with its iron tang. Her eyes had been so lifeless, staring into empty chaos.

He remembered pleading for her to come back to him. She hadn’t listened.

And now he sits, a lonely man in a lonely land, telling a story of a lost love and a lost hope that no one will hear.

This my friends is the story of James Buchanan Barnes. The man who’s one aspiration is to teach a lesson of love:

The greatest thing
You’ll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved.
…in return


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Secrets And Lies - Two

Reid x Reader

Another three months had gone by since that night in the hotel room. It hadn’t gone down as Y/N had envisioned it, Spencer hadn’t broken it off with her and broken her heart.

Instead he’d gently coaxed out of her the words she’d been so scared of speaking, replying with his own declaration of love and adoration for her.

“So what happens now?” she’d asked.

“I’ll leave Georgia so we can be together, if that’s what you want.”

“Spencer, this isn’t just about what I want. This won’t work if it’s just about me. You have to want this to. Because it’s a big ask for you to hurt the person you’ve been with for so long.”

“But if I don’t hurt her, I’m hurting you. And myself. I want this, I want you. It’s wrong how this has happened, but it has. We have to accept that. We did something wrong and we have to make it right.”

So when he’d crept out of Y/N’s room that morning, it was with a promise that once Georgia arrived home that evening, he’d end things. And that he’d let Y/N know as soon as it was done.

So she waited, all night. For a phone call, a text message, a knock at her door that never came. And by the early hours of the morning she’d convinced herself that their conversation earlier had been a lie, and that Spencer just hadn’t been able to handle letting her down to her face. She berated herself for being so dumb, so stupid. For believing the words of a man that would cheat on his girlfriend. Y/N worked herself into a state and when it was time for work the next morning, she had one hell of a job trying to cover her puffy eyes and dry lips from all of the crying.

She was sure she’d managed it though until a moment on the teams jet. Y/N had gone to the bathroom and when she opened the door to leave, JJ was standing there waiting for her.

“Everything okay?” she asked, her concerned blue eyes searching Y/N’s face.

“Erm yeah. Everything’s fine.”

“Are you sure? You’ve been very quiet this morning and….. Well, you don’t seem yourself right now. If there’s anything you want to talk about, we can you know.”

She very nearly tugged Jennifer into the bathroom with her then, ready to break down and spill all of the details of hers and Spencer’s sordid affair. But she glanced down the aisle and saw Spencer look up from his book, catching her eye.

“Everything’s fine JJ. I just didn’t sleep well last night that’s all.”

The blonde profiler chose to let it go as Y/N moved passed her and back to her seat, avoiding Spencer’s gaze.

Later that night when the team were at their motel, Y/N heard a knock on her door as she was getting ready for bed. Thinking it was JJ coming to pry again, she opened the door to see it was Spencer and immediately tried to close it on him. She wasn’t in the mood for this. Not here, not now. He blocked her move and pushed into the room, closing the door behind him.

“I need to explain,” he said quietly as she looked every where in the room but at him.

“No you don’t, it’s fine. I get it.”

“Y/N……Look at me, please.”

When she didn’t, Spencer crossed the room to her and gently cupped her chin with his hand, turning her face to his.

“I couldn’t do it yesterday. I will do it, I swear it. But I can’t do it right now,” his hazel eyes were full of conflict and emotion and Y/N wanted to pull away from him but found that she wasn’t able to make herself.

“When Georgia came home yesterday, she was a mess. Her Dad called her whilst she was driving home, her Mom died.”


“You see, as much I want to end things with her, I can’t hurt her anymore right now. I need to stay with her until the funeral is over at least, possibly a bit longer. I don’t want to stay with her though but I have to right now, please don’t think that this is an excuse. I can show you the messages from her that she’s sent me today if you don’t believe me.”

Did Y/N really want to be the person who asked for proof of something like that? No. Even though a tiny part inside her head was saying that it wasan excuse, she didn’t think it was. And as much as she wanted to be truly selfish here, she understood Spencer’s reasoning. Georgia was going to need him.

But for how long? Because she needed him too.

“You’re still…. You’re still going to end it. You still want us?” she asked, trying to keep her voice steady.

Spencer nodded and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, embracing her and she buried her head into his shirt.

“I still want us. More than you’ll ever know. I just…. I can’t give you a time frame here. I want to say a few weeks, but it could be a month or so. I know it’s a lot to ask but… can you give me that time? Will you wait? I’ll understand if you can’t, it’ll kill me inside but I understand.”

“Spencer, I’ll wait for you. I love you.”

“I love you too. So very much.”

So time passed by, Spencer and Y/N continued their affair behind Georgia’s back, leaving both of them feeling terrible after each brief encounter.

Because Georgia had taken some time off from her job to deal with her grief, that meant that Spencer and Y/N didn’t get much time with each other. A few snatched moments when they were in a motel when out on a case was really all they had, something neither of them liked doing because they were in such close proximity to the team. A phone call here and there at the weekend, text messages which Y/N knew Spencer would delete straight away.

She hated this but she didn’t realise that he hated it even more. She didn’t know the pain he was going through trying to be there for someone he no longer loved, trying to soothe them and to assure them that everything would be okay when he knew that he was going to make everything not okay as soon as he felt able to do it.

Which was another sore point between the two lovers.

Y/N wanted a date, a time limit on how long she’d have to wait. When the first month turn into two months and then stretched to the third, she because increasingly frustrated with Spencer and it showed when they were together. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep this a secret.

Every time her phone sang out Spencer’s ring tone, she answered eagerly, wanting it to be him telling her he’d done it. But it never was.

And whenever she pressed the subject, he’d tell that he loved her but that the time wasn’t right yet; that Georgia was still a mess.

And so she continued to wait, hating herself, hating him, and hating Georgia because she had the one thing that she wanted. Spencer.

Y/N knew the woman wasn’t having an easy time with life currently. She constantly stalked her Facebook and Twitter, and Georgia was regularly leaving messages on her Mom’s Facebook wall telling her how much she missed her.

Still, every time she saw her update it to an activity that included Spencer, she seethed onside.

“Watching the new Dr Who and eating a home cooked steak with the boy. Can always count on him to cheer me up.”

Nope. Nope nope NOPE.

Status’s like that made Y/N want to drive around to Spencer’s apartment to show Georgia just exactly what her boy had been up to. But she didn’t. Because she didn’t want to end this for Spencer. He had to do it.

Later on in the evening when Y/N would be lying in bed, Reid would normally text her. She knew that meant Georgia was asleep. He’d apologise, he knew she checked up on them. And then he’d assure that he loved HER, and that they’d be together soon.

Y/N just felt lost now. She was stuck in limbo. She’d told Spencer that she’d wait, but so far she couldn’t see that he was making any movement towards leaving his partner.
She understood his predicament, but it didn’t make it any easier on her. The last two times they’d managed to spend time with each other she’d ended up sobbing uncontrollably after he’d left.

He shouldn’t be leaving her, he should be staying the night, holding her tight. They should be waking up with each other, spending everyday together.

But they weren’t.

And he just kept asking her to wait.

She couldn’t confide in anyone about this or ask for their advice. Even JJ had stopped asking her if anything was wrong whenever she saw her puffy eyes. Y/N wondered if the team actually suspected anything. No one said anything to them and Y/N thought they did a pretty good job of hiding things when they were at work, but they did work with profilers after all.

They also had to have picked up the fact the Reid hardly mentioned Georgia now unless he was directly asked about her. And whenever he did, Y/N would bury her head in whatever paperwork she had in front of her, trying desperately not to listen.

When the three months stretched into another, Y/N came to a decision. She called him up and made him meet her at a small café they’d discovered together.

“You have three weeks Spencer. Til the end of this month. I can’t wait any longer than that. If you don’t tell her then…. ”

“What, you’ll tell her?” was secretly what Spencer was hoping she’d say. He was too much of a coward to do it himself really. He knew he was dragging this out for far longer than he should. He knew he was hurting Y/N terribly but he just…. Couldn’t. Every time he thought that he was ready to tell Georgia, something would happen. She’d find an old picture of her and her Mom or she’d be reminded of an old memory and she’d start to cry again. And Spencer couldn’t bring himself to add to those tears.

“No. I’m not telling her for you. You have to do that yourself. But if you don’t tell her, I’m gone. I’ve been speaking with Hotch, letting him know that I’m looking into transferring out. He’ll support my application to move. At the end of this month, we all have our two weeks mandatory leave. I’ve rented a cabin by a lake to spend some time either by myself to get over you, or to spend it with you. I’ll be leaving at nine am on the Friday morning. If you’re not waiting at my apartment by nine am, we’re done. And when I return, I’m handing in my transfer papers.”

With that, Y/N stood up and walked away, leaving Spencer sitting shell shocked at the table.

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Imagine Seth phasing in front of his imprint for the first time.

[This is more like a continuation from Seth meeting his imprint story]

Surprisingly things with Seth were going great after the initial disaster which shall not be mentioned ever again. Emily was in her honeymoon phase, the wedding was a success. Sure you set a mini fire, accidentally of course but nobody was harmed… apart from Jacob’s hair when he was putting out the fire. He had been furious, just as ungrateful as ever despite you giving him a helpful makeover. A little hair cut had fixed it easily and yet every time you were in the same room as him now, he would cringe and back away from you like you were the plague. Pretty sure you weren’t that bad, Seth was still here and that too by his own free will! Astonishing. 

You had spent two weeks at Clearwater’s home. Two weeks with Seth by your side every day. Two weeks of Leah giving you death glares and brandishing a sharp knife on the pretence of cutting vegetables whenever Seth wasn’t looking. Scary. You would take Jacob over her any time. 

Once you were back to living at Emily’s place, it had felt absolutely lonely without Seth and it even made you wonder if things would change now that he didn’t have you hovering near him 24/7. However, it had the opposite effect. Seth was with you whenever possible, it could be as simple as watching a movie in the living room to pretty romantic dates around the neighbourhood. 

Today the weather had taken a turn for the worst, Sam and Emily were going to be late and the rest of the guys were all coming over for lunch. This was something that happened very often so she had prepared food well in advance, all you had to do was place it on the table. Everyone loved Emily’s cooking and she was always happy to feed any of Sam’s friends that turned up at her doorstep. Even Seth was a big foodie. For that reason you took a big brave step towards the kitchen and made an apple pie successfully without burning the whole house down. 

You had just placed it on the counter when Paul walked in. “I wasn’t aware it was a pie day today.” And as if he couldn’t help himself his big grubby hands moved towards the pie. 

“It’s not! This isn’t for you” You shifted the plate farther away from his reach.

“For Seth then? Well he isn’t here, it’s mine now” He made a move for it and this time you smacked his hand to warn him off. 

“There is enough food on the table, Paul. Leave this pie alone” You glared at him ready to defend the pie till your last breath.

“You don’t want to get in between this Y/N, trust me” He was breathing hard now, his hand was shaking slightly.

“I’m not letting you touch this, get over it” It was a silent stand off between Paul and you with the pie in between. Nobody was backing down. 

“Fine, just one slice then” His hand was fast almost a blur but you snatched the plate back at the right time. 

“Like I haven’t heard that one before, I know you guys enough by now” You muttered as you placed the pie on the opposite counter unaware of Paul trembling behind you. 

Just then you heard a whoosh with the door banging open loudly and suddenly Seth was there pushing Paul aside. It was a weird struggle with both of them shaking and trembling so much. 

“Get a hold over yourself Paul” Seth shouted, his voice was almost a growl. He looked at your frozen body before dragging Paul through the door taking him outside. 

All this over a freaking pie. Just your luck. You ran outside worried about what was happening. You were worried for Seth actually, Paul was bigger than him and definitely a whole lot meaner. In the scuffle Seth elbowed Paul in the face and it was like the last straw before all hell broke loose. Both of them literally vibrated before there was something different in their place. Something that you couldn’t quite believe. Wolves. You could still see their ripped clothes scattered around. There was lots of growling and snapping, their movements too fast and rough. 

Just then Jared and Quil arrived running towards the wolves before becoming wolves themselves. Oh my god. Were you in the twilight zone? The newcomers pushed the others towards the forest cover and then they were gone. It was silent except for the rain like you just hadn’t witnessed people turning into wolves. 

You went back inside closing the door and grabbed the first thing you could see, a pan. No way were you facing anyone without a weapon. You were shaking as badly as Paul when there was a knock on the door. 

“Go away” The doorknob was turned a few times before there was a click and with that click you readied your pan rushing to whoever or whatever was opening the door. There a satisfying sound as your weapon found your target before the cursing started.

“damn it why do I have to deal with this” Jacob was annoyed rather than hurt, you had thrown all your force in that hit and yet he wasn’t affected. 

“Stay back! I said stay back” You flailed the pan around not doubting one bit he was one of the wolf guys too. Just look at him. 

“Y/N relax, nobody is going to hurt you. Give me the pan” He dodged your pan this time and grabbed it from you. 

“Seth will explain everything, just calm down” Jacob was crazy if he thinks you are going to stick around for any of that. “As if there is a sane explanation for magically becoming a wolf!” You shouted half crazed at his calm demeanour. 

“There is. He will be back any time now.” You pushed him aside, or at least tried to but he stood there blocking your exit. Just then you heard other voices, one of those you knew well. Seth. 

“Jake? Y/N? What’s going on here?” Seth pushed Jacob aside to stand beside you before you backed away from him. 

“I stopped her from leaving and my job here is done.” He shook his head and walked towards the table where all the food was kept. Paul walked right past you and so did Jared and Quil like you were invisible. 

“Y/N please listen-” Seth looked absolutely crushed when you moved away from him again. Since the doorway was now clear, you walked out not caring about the rain. Seth was right behind you. “I was going to tell you about this, I swear. It’s not bad as it looks”

“You become a wolf with a tail and all, Seth and there is not even a full moon!” You remembered silver bullets and full moon when it came to what you knew about werewolves. 

“That’s a myth. I can change whenever I want” 

“Oh! That makes it soooo much better” You said sarcastically. He tried to take your hand but you moved it away. 

“Stop pulling away Y/N, that shit hurts” It did, it felt unnatural. From warm cuddles and passionate kisses to this was a harsh blow. But so was his secret. 

“You kept this from me, something so profound and bizarre. I trusted you with everything but you couldn’t do the same” You stopped and looked away from him. You hadn’t made yourself this vulnerable ever. 

“I planned on telling you all of this. Ease you into this and not shock you but Paul” He sighed. “Just come back inside please, I will tell you everything from the start.” He extended his hand towards you and unlike before you couldn’t ignore it, you placed your hand in his and he seemed to relax from his tensed up state. 


Seth had stayed with you all day yesterday, telling you about the Quileute legends and how they were actually true. Things that set it in motion and everything that followed. Who all were just like him and even why everything seemed so intense when it came to your relationship. It was a lot to think over. He had stayed past midnight and only left when he was sure you weren’t going to run away after he left. 

It was still early in the morning when you were up and all dressed. You followed a trail through the forest that led towards one of the cliffs that bordered around the beach. Previously you had been here with Seth, happy to take in the breathtaking view and enjoy his warm presence. Today you were here alone with nothing but your thoughts. 

Emily had been devastated by your silent treatment, you would forgive her eventually. Paul had apologised for his behaviour and for eating the pie as well when you weren’t aware. Seth had left you with choices, to either take this further or not. It was all on you. 

Leaving his furry ass was not an option for you.  Wolf or not, he was still your Seth. The same guy who literally glowed when you had decided to stay here and not go back to the city after Emily’s wedding. The same guy who was thoughtful about everything when it came to you without expecting anything in return. 

Just then you heard a rustling sound before a wolf emerged from the forest. Since you weren’t scared out of your mind this time, you could see beyond the imposing size and scary teeth. The wind ruffled his sandy coat as he approached you slowly. 

On noticing your calm reaction, he walked in a circle brushing up against you lightly. You reached out towards him hesitantly running your fingers through his coat. He closed his eyes and made a slight humming noise. It was absolutely unreal, standing so close to something so magical and being able to touch it. Seth looked at you once and ran back in the forest before walking back out on two legs, without a t-shirt of course. 

“Emily said you left. I wasn’t sure what exactly left meant here. I panicked and followed you.. not creepily” He looked remorseful like he had done something wrong. 

“It’s fine. I wasn’t going anywhere. This seemed like a good place to think” You looked out towards the sea, it wasn’t raining yet but you could see the clouds approaching. 

“If you don’t want this.. don’t want me you only have to say it” His face was serious like he will suffer in pain readily if it meant you were happy. Just like that your decision was made. 

“Are you kidding? I have a personal wolf and a boyfriend all in one. No way am I giving that up” You smiled at him as he struggled to control his emotions. 

“On the note of not keeping any more secrets..” 

“What more? Oh my god do you become king kong next??” 

He laughed the carefree laugh you hadn’t heard since yesterday. “No Y/N. I’m in love with you.” 

“And I’m in love with you” you said all too happily before Seth had you in his arms placing a sweet kiss filled with love and yearning.

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There’s beautiful and then there’s you

Hello lovelies, this is the sequel to “Dangerously”. Read the first part of Olivia x Shawn here: Dangerously

Some girls walk in the room and everything remains
But when you opened up the door, my life completely changed
Some girls be craving that attention to be seen
But the one I’m looking at is right in front of me

Some girls, they hit me up saying, “What you doing now?”
But they don’t really understand the masterpiece I’ve found
Those girls be wondering why I haven’t been around
And if they haven’t figured out, I bet they hear me now

There’s no words to express
When you’re wearing that dress that way
There’s no words to describe
Let me look in your eyes and say

There’s beautiful and then there’s you
There’s beautiful and then there’s you
There’s beautiful and then there’s you

The way her hands felt on his belt, the way her fingers trembled so slightly, made his mind go wild. He was imagining things. Filthy things.
And he blamed it on the fact that he hadn’t been close to a girl for a long period of time, constantly travelling with his tour in full swing.

As she looked at him, piercing blue eyes curiously looking up at him, through long, dark eyelashes, he could swear something inside of him stumbled. And he wasn’t sure if that was his heart.

He was intrigued. The second she dropped on her knees in front of him.

He had seen a lot of girls kneeling in front of him, but none of them would look this pretty doing it.

And now that she was moving away, walking to the back of the room again, he could feel himself getting slightly frustrated. He didn’t want her to go away already.

Not after her plump lips were this close.

Shawn was a sucker for beautiful lips and eyes and he was known for quickly falling for a girl. He would get to know someone. Date her for a week. Write a song about her. And move on. That’s what he was. Call it what you want. Womanizer, man-hoe, whatever. He didn’t care. He usually got what he wanted and he took what he need.

Easy as that.

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okay i'm gonna do my best to describe what im thinking but sorry ahead of time if it's confusing... could you write an imagine where the reader and josh are longterm friends? and like the reader's father is kind of mean? and josh is always supporting her? then maybe friends to lovers kinda deal? i would love that so much :)


“Fuck him,” Josh paces your room like it’s his own. It might as well be, you’ve been best friends for most of your lives.

“Josh,” you chuckle sadly from your perch on the edge of the bed. “It’s okay.”

Honestly, you have grown used to letting your father down. It seems to be all you’re capable of doing. The raw feeling in your stomach when your father looks at you, disappointed, yet again, never really goes away. But you’ve learned to live with it.

“No, you did something amazing,” Josh argues, his words impassioned in a way that makes your smile widen and your cheeks grow warm at the praise. “Your father should acknowledge that.”

“It’s just an internship,” you say with a modest shrug.

Josh stops his pacing to turn and face your slumped figure, his eyes ablaze with something fierce. Anger at your father. Pride for his best friend’s accomplishments. “Yeah, an internship that thousands of people applied for.” He stomps over to sit next to you, putting a reassuring hand on your thigh. “Don’t let him diminish this, Y/N. This is an opportunity that you worked your ass off for and you deserve to celebrate it.”

You lean into Josh’ side, exhausted suddenly. You’re so tired of always trying to be perfect for someone who’s never going to see you as anything but a failure. “Thanks, Josh.” At least you have him.

Josh slides his arm around your shoulder and slips his fingers into the hair at the nape of your neck, massaging your scalp lightly and calling up a storm of butterflies in your belly.

“How do you wanna celebrate?” Josh tilts his head to the side, warm smile directed at you.

You shrug lazily. Now that you’re here, cuddled into the side of your favorite person, You’re really not too interested in moving. “I’m good right here with you.”

Josh laughs quietly, dropping his hand from your hair and wrapping his arm around your neck instead, making you whine in complaint.

“No one told you to stop,” you say, pouting at Josh in the hopes of getting him to move his hand back to your hair.

“I’ll indulge you later,” Josh promises with a laugh, pulling away from you entirely so that he can stand up from the bed. He strolls to your closet and throws it open, picking out a random shirt and turning to toss it at your head. “For now, get dressed.” He grins, eyes wide and full of excitement. “We’re going dancing.”

You snort and pull off your current shirt to replace it with the one Josh threw at you. “I’m holding you to that promise.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Josh waves you off.  You swear you see him glance down at your chest, only covered by your bra, before he’s clearing his throat and turning away to study the other clothes in your closet.

You raised an eyebrow at Josh’s strange behavior but it goes unnoticed. You don’t have anything that Josh hasn’t seen before.  Not to mention that Josh is not usually shy about nudity, especially relatively tame nudity. Shrugging to yourself, you look down so that you can navigate the buttons on the sheer black shirt that Josh picked out.

“Do you have a preference for where we go?” Josh asks you, back slightly rigid. If you didn’t know him so well, you probably wouldn’t have noticed.

You take a few quiet steps until you’re finally directly behind Josh and bring a hand down on his shoulder, making him startle at the touch.

“Are you alright?” You asks, concerned you’ve somehow done something wrong around the one person who seems to find worth in everything you do.

“Yeah, I’m great. Just didn’t realize you were such a ninja,” he answers immediately, turning to you with a smile and punching you in the arm playfully.

You shake your head at your best friend with a chuckle. “Payback for all the pranks you’ve pulled on me.”

“Oh yeah?” Josh asks with a gleam in his eye that should probably scare you but, honestly, you love it. “Just remember this moment the next time you find itching powder in your bed.”

You roll your eyes. “You won’t put itching powder in my bed. You sleep in it just as much as I do.”

“Well, I know that, Y/N, but I can’t exactly give away my actual prank, can I?” Josh retorts, pushing his hair out of his face and not waiting for an answer before he’s speaking again. “So, are we going dancing or what?”

“Yeah,” You answer, biting down a smile to hide how excited you were getting. You don’t want Josh getting smug, and he will if he knows that you’re actually looking forward to going out. “Let’s go.”

“Let’s go,” Josh echoes, taking your hand and dragging you out of your room.

You’re almost out the door, free, when they run into your father in the main hall.

“Where are you going?” He asks, ruining your mood with a single question. “Don’t you have that internship in the morning?” He says the word like it’s diseased or something and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. It’s probably the fact that it’s an unpaid internship that bothers him, he believes in earning your keep and if you’re not earning anything, then what good is it?

“I won’t be out late,” you answer automatically not even thinking about the fact that your internship doesn’t start for another week. You’re already curling back in on yourself, forgetting everything Josh told you to boost your confidence.

“Hm,” Your’s father grunts, disinterested in what you have to say already. His eyes zero in on Josh’s hand holding yours, your fingers entwined, and his natural scowl deepens further. You fights the urge to rip your hand away from Josh’s just to please the man, but (aside from the fact that you don’t want to let go of Josh) you also knows that it would make no difference. You wish you could blame your father’s behavior on something so simple. At least then, you’d have a reason for it. But the man has always found fault with you. He doesn’t say anything about the handholding, just scowls at you for a moment longer and then turns and walks away.

“Prick,” Josh sneers under his breath, only loud enough for you to hear.

“Let’s get out of here,” You say, no longer smiling or feeling the excitement of having just the night ahead of you with good music and Josh by your side. Now, you just feel like you’re suffocating. And you desperately need some air.

“Where are we?” You asks as Josh pulls into a parking lot in an area you don’t recognize. You probably should have been paying attention on the drive over but you were too busy reliving the scene in the front hall with your father, thinking about what you could have done differently. What you should have done differently.

“It’s a dance studio,” Josh replies, putting the car in park and turning off the ignition. “They have a swing dance class tonight.”

“Swing dancing?” You repeat dumbly, eyes staring blankly at the building, some part of you still back home in that hall with your father.

“Gotta get you out of your head, Y/N.”

Josh’s fingers brushing your cheek finally makes you pull back to the present, turning to see your friend watching you with concern. “I’m fine,” You lie mechanically. You’ve been doing it for years, playing off the pain of your father’s disapproval. Josh never buys it. You don’t know why you’re expected tonight to be any different.

“Whatever you’re beating yourself up over,” Josh says, moving his hand to cradle your jaw delicately, “he doesn’t deserve it. Don’t give him even one more thought, Y/N. Save them all for me, okay? For us, tonight.”

You nods, staring into the eyes that know you better than anyone. If only Josh knew just how many of your thoughts are saved for him.

“We’re gonna go in there and make fools of ourselves and have good time and he’s not allowed to take a single moment of that away from us, alright?” Josh asks, his voice stern but soft and you know there’s no room for argument.

“Okay,” you decide easily. This is the way it should be anyway, just the two of you having fun, no dark clouds hanging around.

“Excellent,” Josh smiles when you agree with him, his thumb caressing your cheek so tenderly.

You close your eyes and lean into it, just for a second before Josh is taking his hand away. You’re such a sap, and for a moment you wonder how Josh hasn’t figured out yet that you’re totally gone for him. You follow him out of the car and into the studio, watching as Josh greets the guy at the door and pulls out his wallet. You move to do the same but Josh stops you, wrapping a hand around your wrist.

“I’ve got this, Y/N,” He grins, handing the guy his money and then pulling you into the room by the wrist he’s already holding.

“I could have paid,” you argue, feeling a pang in your chest that has everything to do with your father’s opinion that in order to have any worth, one must always be contributing in some way. You try to keep your promise to Josh though, and you’re mostly able to ignore it as Josh’s hand slips from your wrist down to your hand where he tangles your fingers.

“I know you could have but we’re celebrating, I’m allowed to spoil you tonight,” Josh says, finding you both a spot in the middle of the crowd of people that’s milling around, waiting for the class to start.

You eye the instructors nervously. They’re easy to spot, in full on fifties garb, standing in the middle of the room and chatting with each other, laughing easily. “’M’not going to be expected to, like, toss you over my arms or anything, am I? Because I think we both know that will only end with a trip to ER.”

“Shut up. You think I’d endanger me own life like that?” Josh laughs, squeezing your fingers. “It’s a beginner’s class. It’s just for a bit of fun. They’ll teach us a few steps and then it basically dissolves into a regular dance for the rest of the night.”

“How did you find out about this place?” you ask, gaze moving across the room, trying to take in everyone and everything.

“S’just something I heard about in passing,” Josh says and when you look at him, he’s looking away, biting his lip.

“It’s great,” you tell him, knocking your shoulders together. “Seem like a lot of fun.”

Josh smiles at you again and it almost looks… shy. “Thanks.”

You move to say more but then one of the instructors is clapping their hands to get everyone’s attention. It’s time to start the class.

“Ouch,” Josh says with a tiny wince and a laugh as you step on his toes again.

You sigh, taking a step back so that Josh’s feet are safe from your stupid, clumsy feet. “Sorry.”

“Hey,” Josh says, pulling you back in. “C’mere.”

You go. Reluctantly. Because when do you not willingly gravitating towards Josh? You crave the closeness, you’re not going to fight it, but you don’t want to hurt him again either.

“You’re still in that head of yours,” he says, wrapping a hand around the back of your neck and leaning down so that their foreheads rest against each other. “Stop thinking. Just move.”

That is a bad suggestion at the current state of things. Because if you stop thinking, if you just go where your body wants to go, then you’re going to push Josh up against a wall and kiss him senseless. Josh is always there for you, always holding you up and pushing you forward, and you are so, so in love with him. Being out with him tonight has only cemented that knowledge.

“Josh,” you whimper, closing your eyes and raising a hand to grasp the back of Josh’s neck too, holding him in place.

“Are you thinking about him again?” Josh whispers and you can feel the comforting movement of Josh’s fingers in your hair.

“No,” you answer, just as quietly.

“Then what is it? What are you thinking about so hard?”

Fuck, don’t ask that.

You breathe, your chest tightens. You squeeze your eyes shut more tightly and let your thoughts spill from your lips. “You,” you say. “All the ways you make me feel worth something. All the times you’ve been my strength. You’re so good to me,” you sigh sadly, “and I repay you by treading all over your feet.”

“Look at me, please,” Josh says, something urgent in his tone that has you obeying immediately. He smiles upon seeing your eyes on him. “You are worth something. You’re worth everything, Y/N, and I hate your father for ever making you feel like you’re not. And for the record? There’s no one else on Earth that I would rather have stepping all over my toes.” He ends on a soft laugh, eyes filled with such emotion that you think maybe you’ve been the blind one all this time.

You nudge your nose against Josh’s, a shy, sweet gesture that Josh returns. His mouth tilting just little closer to yours. You take the initiative and dare to close the distance, Josh’s lips soft against your own.  Josh wraps both his arms around you, pulling you closer in welcome.

“Oh, thank God,” Josh says when they finally pull apart. “I wasn’t sure how much longer I could go without doing that.”

“Me either,” you tell him with a smile. “Do you want to get out of here?”

“Are you trying to seduce me, Y/N?” Josh asks, raising an eyebrow, the playful gleam that you love back in his eyes again.

“Always,” You answer with a laugh, taking him by the hand and tugging towards the door.

“It’s working,” Josh replies, letting himself be pulled.

You start your internship a week later. It’s everything you’d hoped for, if a bit on the exhausting side. But the good thing is, when you go home at the end of the day, it’s no longer to your father’s condemning words and silent looks of dissatisfaction. You’ve decided you doesn’t need that negativity in your life.

So, when you come home now, it’s to Josh’s loving, waiting arms.

You bastard! (Captain Boomerang x Reader)

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You sighed, as you watched Deadshot enter the building, in a not-so-silent-and-secretly manner.

Weren’t you supposed to be quiet? You thought to yourself, as the thought of finding more creatures like the one’s earlier made you shudder.

“(Y/N), are you alright?“Harley asked you, as she popped her gum.

"Yeah, yeah, It’s just…I’m afraid one of us will get himself killed if we are not cautious enough"You replied, concern laced in your voice.

"Sure, that’s beautiful"She said, narrowing her eyes "You don’t want to lose your unicorn lover”.

You blushed as you looked at Digger.

Your cell had been beside his and, although you hated his constant shouting, you also enjoyed the times you talked about your past or random topics.

He was a nice guy, after all, c'mon, what villain has a unicorn named Pinky?

At that, you chuckled to yourself, as you made your way in the building.

“Are you coming, (Y/N)?"Chato asked, as he saw you following Harley.

"Nah, I’ll be going with Harley, I hate stairs"You answered, waving him.

Digger watched as you left with Harley and grunted with frustration.

"Why does she have to be so difficult mate” He asked, to one in particular.

“You should talk with her, not with your cocky attitude"Deadshot told him, as he readied one of his many guns.

"Don’t be rude homie, she won’t like it"Added Diablo, patting Digger’s shoulder.

While this conversation was going on, you and Harley were already on the elevator, watching the city, but the sightseeing ended soon, as the creatures from early entered in the elevator.

"Shit!"You shouted, as you punched one of the creatures and attacked with your nunchaku at another.

As the rest of the Squad saw you both fighting, they started running up the stairs, Boomerang leading the way.

But when the elevator doors opened, he saw you both were ok and with no injuries.

"What?"Harley asked, as she made her way into an office. You just smiled and stopped right in front of Digger.

"No comments this time? Are you sick or somethin’?"And continued your way into the office.

The office was dark, with nothing working, and the sound of Harley’s heels were the only thing that disturbed the silence. Suddenly, you were ambushed by more creatures, even though Flag had said this was a secure zone.

"Check the news the next time boy!"You shouted, as you and Digger were cornered in a room with a lot of monsters.

  ”(Y/N)!“Digger shouted, between the commotion"I have to tell ya somethin’”

“Cannot wait?"You shouted back, kicking one creature on the head.

He didn’t seem to hear you, as he proceeded. "I know it’s not a good time now…”

“C'mon, spit it out"You said, starting to get impatient.

As you killed the last creature, he finally spoke.

"I like you (Y/N), and for a while now…"He smiled, showing his golden teeth.

As you smiled back and were about to say to him you returned the feelings, one creature stabbed him in the heart, making him fall down, numb.

Full of rage, you spun around and with your nunchaku you brutally killed, in between sobs, the goddamn creature.

After that, you dropped to your knees and looked at Digger, who had his eyes closed, and was not moving.

"Please Digger, don’t leave me…I…Like you too…And for a while too-You said as you sobbed-So…I goddamn swear to you that if you die I’m kicking your crotch as soon as I see you in the other world!”

At that, Digger’s eyes popped open and opened his jacket, revealing the knife had impaled cash he had stolen.

“Christ, Digger…You scared me bastard!” You shouted, but you were cut by Digger kissing you roughly.

First, you were shocked, to say the least. A mixture of emotions danced inside your heart, as you kissed him back.

As you parted, you looked him in the eyes.

“You couldn’t just have told me another time, couldn’t you?"You chuckled, punching him lightly in the arm.

"It couldn’t wait (Y/N). I’ve waited enough, in fact, since we were cellmates” He said, hugging you and kissing your nose.

“Let’s go big bear, the others are waiting for us” You smiled, taking him by the hand and exiting the others. As you appeared, Diablo and Deadshot patted Digger’s back, while Harley shouted an “About time!”.


Type: Two Shot | Two
Genre: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Space Outlaw!AU
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 1,625
A/N: An older piece of work from a previous blog :) It was inspired by an episode of this cartoon called Bee and Puppycat where a brief story is told about a Space Outlaw and the Space King’s daughter.

You watch him from behind, leaning against the wall beside the bedroom door as he fixed his brown hair. Joshua inspects his outfit one last time, dusting off any non-existent lint. Your fingers dig into your inner arms as they were crossed. You hold in the urge to viciously lash out.

It was times like this where you hate being his best friend. You hate that you love him unconditionally, never asking for nothing in return. It wasn’t that you never asked, you just couldn’t ask. He put you through so much hell, yet remains oblivious to your emotions and that was one of the most painful things.

Joshua smiles at you from his mirror reflection, but you don’t flinch one bit. Instead, your eyes are cold as steel, masking the tears that were threatening to overflow. The feeling of a dumbbell falls onto your chest when he sprays his cologne, knowing soon it would become another woman’s favorite scent as well.

“Do the other the boys know?” You asked in a near whisper.

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Originally posted by everythingjustindrewbieber

A little bit of cute and fluffy for y’all. Your welcome.

“Babe!” Justin’s voice echoed from downstairs. Continuing to scroll through my rather boring feed, I answered “Yeah Jay?”

Footsteps were heard from down the hall until a casually dressed Justin found his way into the room with a pair of keys and his phone in hand.

“Za needs me right now. Says it’s an emergency or something. I know it’s my day but can you do the laundry today. Please!” He pouted.

Are you kidding? This is the third day in a row. When I moved in with Justin I made it very clear that we were going to have to split the house work because, one; I work full time and need a break also. And two; there is no way in hell I would ever become a house wife.

“Justin,” I whined. “Seriously?”

“I know.” Justin quickly replied “but I swear if you do it this one time, I’ll do it for the next week.”

“A Week? Wow. You want me to do the washing so bad that you would rather do it for a week then have me not do it today?”

“Y/N.” He warned.

I chuckled “Okay, Okay. I’ll do it.”

He smiled. “Thank you baby.”

He swung off the door frame which he was leaning on and ran over, Placing a small peck on my forehead before jogging out of the room and down the stairs until the sound of the front door closing was heard throughout the large house.

I sighed, picking myself off the bed and lazily made my way over into the laundry room.

The basket full of dirty clothes lay next to the washing machine, full of clothes that had been worn the previous day. It was shocking how much clothes where in there considering we washed every single day. But I must add that 80 percent of the clothes where Justin’s.

I sighed deeply and walked over to the basket, looking through the clothes, separating the blacks from the whites and clearing the pockets of any tissue or gum that had been disregarded in them.

It came down to two items. One of my dresses and then a pair of dress pants Justin wore out to our dinner date last night.

I picked up the dress, throwing it into the machine considering It didn’t have any pockets then leaned down to pick up Justin’s pants. As I pulled up the clothing item, I noticed that it seemed heavier the usual. My eyebrows furrowed as I noticed a large bulge in the right pocket.

I quickly picked at the pants, digging straight into his pocket. The item was hard and felt like velvet once I ran my fingers over it, but there was also what seemed to be a folded up piece of paper next to it. I pulled out both objects, disregarding the pants on the floor once I had the two items in my hand.

The box was what I had imagined, velvet and black, but next to it - the note - was folded with little letters which said ‘read me first’ inked into it.

I placed the box down on the side of the laundry sink and quickly harassed my fingers to unfold the paper that was covered in neatly written blue handwriting.

'Y/N, you don’t understand how much I love you. How much I need you. You are seriously the love of my life. And out of the 22 years I’ve been alive, the 4 I spent with you are the best I’ve ever experienced. I’m writing this to you to take my chances, sending you how I feel because someone once told me that once we accept our limits, we usually go beyond them. And I know you said that you weren’t sure if you were ready but I just can’t ignore feeling as if I need you around to just simply breath. I need to make you mine in more then just a said commitment. I want a vow. To say my vows. Our vows. So I’m taking this once in a lifetime opportunity in uniting with my soulmate, and I’m begging you to take this chance too.

Marry me my princess?

Turn around.’

As tears fell far from my eyes, I quickly shot around to see Justin standing in the door way with a bouquet of roses. The paper slipped from my fingers as I watched the smile on his face grow slightly since he leaned over to grab the black box off the sink.

And although I already knew what was happening, it still shocked me to see him bend down on one knee and open the box.

“Will you?” He asked. A hopeful look in his face.

Speechless was the word I could use to describe this moment, so instead of saying anything I lept forward and smashed his lips against mine.

Justin stumbled to stand up but immediately wrapped both arms around my body and began fumbling around with something behind my back.

I slowly pulled away but as I did, his hand came back around to show me that he had pulled the ring from out of the box. Slowly he slid it onto my ring finger and smiled lovingly at me, one that I easily returned.

One look at the amazing ring Justin bought me was all I needed to immediately throw my lips upon his once more. Finally realising just how lucky I was to have not Justin Bieber the singer. But Justin, the amazing, romantic, passionate and loving boyfriend I had always dreamed about.

Actually - fiancé.

the-radhood  asked:

“bro… that’s so… not cool…”

(the return of cop!Bucky!)


“Bro… that’s so… not cool…”

Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a huff of breath, ‘cos it’d been a long shift and the last thing he needed right now was - 

“Cool or not, Clint, I gotta arrest you.”

Clint was actually attempting to get out of this with puppy dog eyes, sticking out his lower lip and looking up at Bucky from under his lashes. The hell of it was, it was almost working. 

“Quit it,” he said, snapped really. “You don’t get to use our - “ he stumbled over the word relationship, not sure that Clint was ready for that yet. Him, he was all in, ‘cos Bucky had ever been a sucker for love, and that was just making all of this infinitely worse. “Our thing against me.” 

“I’d like to use my -” Clint caught a look at Bucky’s face and cut himself off. “Sorry.” He looked kinda sheepish. “Um, if it helps, I got a good reason?”

“You’re waving a fuckin’ bow and arrow around in public, Clint,” Bucky said, helpless, “what the hell kinda reason could you have?” 

Clint palmed the back of his neck, which was one of his tells, but discomfort rather than flat-out lying. 

“So,” he said. “Er. I’m guessin’ you’ve heard of the Hawk?” 

“That asshole vigilante?” Bucky asked, before it quite hit him. “The one who -” his mouth dropped open. “Aw, hell. Clint -”

“Look, I was gonna tell you,” Clint said, holding his hands up, “I swear to god, that was what the whole dinner tomorrow was gonna be about, I was gonna -”

“Right,” Bucky said, and felt like an ass ‘cos he’d been hoping Clint was gonna ask for something a little more than the fuck-buddy arrangement they had going on. “Fuck.” 

Clint scowled at him, something vulnerable hiding behind the belligerent look on his face. 

“Look,” he said, “I saved like three people’s lives and a whole box full of kittens last week, so dumping me right now would be a really dick move.” 

Dumping - that had to imply dating, right? And Jesus, Bucky was gone, ‘cos he could feel a little curl of a smile teasing at the edge of his mouth. 

“I’m not dumping you, asshole,” he said. “You can take me for coffee after I pay your goddamn bail.” 

Tyler Seguin #1.2

Anonymous said: Part 2 of the Tyler imagine, maybe Tyler is the one who gets jealous ? 😊

A/N: so this got like just a little steamy, but yeah whatevs haha hope you liked it :) also this did skip a few on the queue simply because i got inspiration to write something tyler related 

Word Count: 1,135

Originally posted by flyersphiladelphia

“Yeah, no, it’s just that Nicole said she was going to be back Friday to me,” you said into the phone that you held up to your ear. Licking off your spoon of yogurt, you looked out the window and at your backyard that was recently cleaned up by your gardeners. 

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The Right Choice

Okay, so it has literally been a year since Snowbaz made it’s way into our world, brightening our days. I wanna write (another) Snowbaz fanfic for these two adorkable little boyfriends.

So here is Penny getting Simon and Baz to play Truth or Dare in their 7th year at Watford, knowing Baz’s secret….


Penny knew. Of course she did. She was Penelope Bunce, and the only one who rivaled her wits was Basilton Grimm-Pitch. And even Baz wasn’t smart enough to hide this from her. 

It was after a particularly nasty fight with Simon. Fists crashed against jaws and hands shoved chests against walls. Penny was trying to pull Simon away, and Agatha was pulling at Baz, but neither of them would stop. They kept coming at each other, as if magnets where pulling them together. 

Simon trips Baz to the floor, making him crash noisily. Baz quickly pulls himself to his feet and with a burst of speed, pushes Simon against a wall. Both of their breathing is labored from the intense fist-fight, and the air around them is hot like a summer day. Simon tries to wrestle himself out of Baz’s grip, but it’s no use. His hand is like an iron shackle around his neck that, no matter how much Simon tried, he could not break through. Baz pressed his knee against Simon’s chest, bracing him against the wall harder.  

Simon knows he’s lost the battle. He looks up into Baz’s silver eyes, sharp like a knife, waiting for him to give the final blow. The blow to end this all. For some reason, Simon isn’t scared, he isn’t frightened. He just feels at peace. He takes a deep breath, and is ready to let go. 

Something in Baz softens. His grip slackens on Simon and his sneer is gone. It’s replaced with worry and something that…. Penny can’t place her finger on…. almost…. affection? That can’t be right. But then…..

Penny thinks for a moment, studying Baz’s expression. Something clicks as he lets go of Simon and turns on his heel. No way, Penny thinks to herself, a small smile creeping onto her lips. Why didn’t she realize it sooner? All the staring, the sneers, the walls, it’s all been a cover up. A big, gigantic bluff. With a quick glance at Simon being helped up by Agatha, she races down the hall after Baz. 

She catches up to him, despite how fast he stormed off, and grabs his arm, turning him to face her. Baz looks at her as if she was some hideous monster that climbed out of the depths of hell. After hearing what she has to say, Baz isn’t sure if that isn’t the case. 

“What do you want, Bunce?” he says irritably. Pennelope is breathless from chasing after him and holds up her finger. When her breathing evens out, she looks at Baz with a horrendous smile, a smile that tells you she looked into the deepest and darkest parts of your soul and found useful information.

“I know your secret,” she says tauntingly. Baz somehow still manages to keep a calm composer, even though his insides are burning like a wildfire. 

“What the hell are you implying?” Baz says, looking at her as if she said the sky is purple. Penelope frowns. 

“I know what you are,” she says, her voice dropping.

“Oh god. Is this another one of Snow’s schemes to prove I’m a vampire?” She has a mischevious smile that makes her look like the devil himself. And it isn’t helping that her hair is a bright red.

“No. You’re gay aren’t you?” Those where the exact words he did not want to hear. Not out of Snow’s mouth, not out of Bunce’s mouth, not anyone’s mouth. It was his secret, and his alone. Well, at least she doesn’t know about–

“And you have a crush on Simon,” she finishes. For the first time in forever, Penelope sees Baz’s sneer vanish, replaced with a look of fear. His hands start to tremble and his eyes dart from side to side, looking for a way out. 

“N-n-no Bunce. That’s s-s-stupid.” But that stutter. That stutter was all Penny needed. An idea started to blossom in her brain, growing into a beautiful flower. Yes, Penny thinks, that will do nicely. She shrugs her shoulders, putting on a bored expression, and pushes past Baz.

When their shoulders brush, she whispers, “I want to help. Meet us in the Ancient Languages classroom.” And with that, she’s gone, leaving Baz to puzzle over what just happened.

Baz feels like his heart is going to burst as he edges towards the classroom. He hears laughter from the classroom. Two females, and one distinctly male. His pulse races faster like it’s going to be eaten by a cheetah as he presses his palm against the wooden door. It falls open at his touch and the laughter ceases as the door opens to reveal Baz. 

Simon is on his feet in a moment, the Sword of Mages in his hand. His bronze curls shine in the fading sunlight and his nose twitches in concern. His blue eyes momentarily flash anger, disrupting the calming sense of a blue sky on a summer’s day. 

“What are you doing here, Baz,” he snarls, making Baz flinch a little. 

“I invited him to play Truth or Dare with us,” Penelope says. Both Baz and Simon’s faces twist in annoyance, Simon not wanting Baz to intrude on this private game, and Baz realizing just what Penny is planning.

“Alright! Let’s get to it!” Agatha says with an unbelievable amount of excitement. They sit on the floor in a circle and pick who’s going to ask first.

“I feel like I’m at a sleepover,” Agatha says as she Simon her first question. 

“Simon, Truth or Dare?” Agatha says. Simon, with a nervous glance at Baz, chooses “Truth.”

“Have you ever murdered a person,” Agatha says, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Jesus Agatha! What’s wrong with you! Of course I haven’t!”

“Okay, just checking.” Simon rolls his eyes and, surprisingly, turns to Baz.

“Baz, Truth or Dare?”

“T-t-truth?” Baz says. Simon smirks.

“Scared?” Baz doesn’t say anything.

“Okay, are you, or are you not a vampire?” Simon says. Baz should’ve known that’s what he’d ask. The answer slips out of Baz’s mouth before he can stop it.

“I am,” he  says, and then his eyes widen as he realizes what he said. Simon looks annoyingly pleased with himself.

“Bunce,” Baz says, rolling his eyes. 

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” Agatha lets out a groan.

“This game isn’t going to be interesting if none of you ever pick ‘Dare’,” she says. Penny sticks her tongue out. 

“Okay. Why am I here, Bunce?” Baz asks, hoping to get an answer. But Penny is smarter than she looks.

“I have a plan,” she answers simply, and then turns to Simon. 

“Simon, Truth or Dare?”

“Sorry Agatha, but Truth,” he says, waiting patiently. Penny looks at Baz with that grin on her face. A storm is coming.

“Simon, have you ever, you know, thought of kissing someone from the same sex?” Oh. No. She did not just….

Simon’s face changes from relaxed to tense in a matter of seconds. Everything starts to twitch, and his fingers pat the floor nervously. He looks at Baz for a second, but then quickly looks at Penny. Baz isn’t sure if he imagined it. 

“N-yes,” Simon says, not only surprising everyone else, but surprising himself as well. This is going to get interesting.

They continue playing, doing some truths, and some dares. Baz tunes out to most of it, still processing what Simon said.

“Alright, one last one,” Penny says, turning to Simon.

“Simon, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” he says with a shrug, stretching his arms back and yawning. His shirt lifts up a little, showing the barest hints of his stomach. If Baz had any blood, he would’ve blushed. An impish smile spreads across her lips as she looks between Baz and Simon. 

“Simon Snow, I dare you to kiss Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch for at least ten seconds,” she says, that damn smile never leaving her lips. Baz looks at her angrily, knowing that he should’ve never came. Simon looks agast.

“Are you crazy? We just found out he’s a vampire. He could kill me!” Baz rolls his eyes, trying to stay cool.

“I’m not going to kill you. It’s just one kiss, what could possibly happen?” Baz says. A lot, he thinks to himself. His fingers start to tap on his knee, doing the fingerings for “The Two Grenadiers” on the violin. He likes to play it when he’s stressed, and god knows he needs it now. 

“Alright fine Basilton.” Simon moves closer to Baz and his breath catches. He has never seen Simon’s face this close before full of something other than hate. His expression shows something Baz can’t quite put a finger on, but he just hopes he doesn’t make a fool of himself.

Simon is now so close that he’s practically in Baz’s lap. Simon swears Baz is blushing and it only makes him blush. 

“Should I–” Baz starts, but never finishes because Simon’s lips are on his. His eyes are open for a moment, looking at Simon’s long gold eyelashes, then he closes them.

It feels like they’re both on a roller coaster. Adrenaline rushes through them, but this time it isn’t because they’re fighting. Their hearts beat at the same rate, going faster than you could ever imagine. Simon’s large hands cup Baz’s cheeks and Baz melts into his touch, adjusting his angle a little bit, pushing Simon back a little. Simon pushes back, until they’re both on the floor, Baz’s hands in Simon’s curls, and Simon’s hands slipping down Baz’s back. Spidery cracks of fire appear on their skin, showing everything that they’ve put behind walls. There walls may have crashed, but they feel put at ease. Penny clears her throat.

“That was ten seconds,” she says. Simon pulls back, his lips pulling apart from Baz’s. Baz reaches up, going in for another kiss, but Simon stops him, and then closes his eyes and pulls Baz close again, letting his hands travel up Baz’s shirt. Penny and Agatha quietly slip out of the room, letting the boys find out that they where wrong about everything.

“You knew this whole time,” Agatha says with a smirk.

“Yes. Yes I did,” Penny says, taking one last look at the boy with a mess of bronze curls and the boy with silky black hair tumbling together on the ground. She smiles, knowing she made the right choice.

Happy Birthday - SMUT

Pairing: Joe Sugg x Reader

Request:  “Can I have a Joe sugg smut please?”

You were half asleep in bed, feeling something running up and down your thighs. You groaned and pulled the duvet closer to your chin, trying to fall back to sleep. You heard a deep chuckle near your ear. “Happy Birthday baby.”

You groggily opened your eyes and turned over and you found yourself in the warm arms of your boyfriend, Joe. You smiled when you realised he was right; it was your birthday. “Morning” you whispered. Joe smiled back at you and his hand moved to your waist. He slipped it under your tank top. He leaned in to give you a kiss and you naturally reciprocated. His hand snuck up your body and rested on your breast. While still kissing you he started to gently tweak your nipple and you moaned into the kiss and felt him smile against your lips. He loved to tease you.

He moved down to kissing your neck, he knew it drove you crazy. “I’m going to spoil you today babe” He abandoned your neck and shifted down the bed. He spread your legs and lay in between them. “Starting now.” You had just slept in underwear and a tank top so you were already quite exposed. He began leaving kisses up your thighs and just as he’d get close to where you wanted him most he’d switch to the other thigh and chuckle to himself, enjoying your desperation.

“Please Joe” you pleaded. You needed some friction, you were about to reach your hand down there yourself when he looped a finger in each side of your underwear and pulled them down, leaning to one side so he could pull them all the way off and discard them on the bed. You moaned impatiently at him.  He rested his hands on the tops of your thighs, making sure they stayed spread. You felt his mouth on your clit ad you instantly felt yourself melt.  He used his tongue to flick your clit and he reached one hand up to again play with your nipple. The combination was driving you wild.  He lightly pinched your nipple and you moaned. Joe loved hearing you moan for him.

He moved his tongue to focus on your entrance and his thumb took over on your clit, slowly rubbing it. Joe brought his head up for a moment but increased the intensity of his thumb on your clit. Your breathing was getting more laboured and he just watched you enjoying it for a few moments. “Tell me what you want baby.”

You looked down at him “I need your fingers Joe, fuck.” You felt Joe slide a finger into you, burying his head again to use his tongue on our clit. You were in ecstasy, feeling Joe’s finger move in and out and his tongue making your writhe on the bed when you felt another finger being added. You hummed contently at the fullness.  Joe was going so deep every time and you couldn’t help but mumble swear words every now and them. As your breathing sped up and he knew you were close he stopped using his mouth so he could focus on hitting your g-spot, curling his fingers to do so. You knew he got your g-spot when you literally convulsed and a quiet but high-pitched sound came out of your mouth and he kept pumping his fingers in and out. He lightly kissed on a sweet spot at the top of your inner thigh, leaving hickeys.

 “Are you close baby?”


“Come on Y/N, come for me. I want you to come on my fingers while I fuck you with them.” His words were enough to spur you on and he quickened his pace. You grabbed the back of his head and brought his mouth to your clit again and he obliged.

You felt your orgasm wash over you and Joe kept moving his fingers and you squeezed your eyes shut as you came.

When you opened them again Joe was back at your side and wrapping you into his arms, you cuddled into him.  Joe kissed you on the temple “Happy birthday again Y/N”

A/N: Hope it’s what you wanted and that you guys enjoyed it :) Feel free to request anything else!

Lit by the Moon

I felt like writing a Plumiere mini-fic, so here we go.

They have been dancing all night long. They should have been in bed hours ago—and oh, that call to wake at four in the morning will hurt, tomorrow—but with the ballroom’s silent tapers still lit, and all the guests gone, and the prince and his father asleep in their beds, they couldn’t resist. Mrs. Potts watched for a while, but eventually yawned and took herself to bed; Cogsworth had no idea they were still up—their closed bedroom doors had been proof enough for him. And underneath the night sky, and the hazy moon streaking in through the windows, and the candles melting to nothing, two hands clasped and four feet danced.

He is nineteen. She is just under that. They twirl beneath the stars. Her maid’s cap came undone ages ago, and now the curls of her wig just bob and flutter. He has lost his handkerchief, and likely most of his wits as well, spinning Plumette around.

Finally she gasps, and shakes, and drops a little as her feet give out beneath her. “I cannot dance for any longer! My legs are fit to disappear.”

He laughs and pulls her up—no, picks her up, as if she is light, though of course her petticoats and panniers must be heavy. “Disappearing legs, eh? I must carry you to bed, then.”

“You are too weak!”

“You make me strong,” and he smiles as he carries her up the stairs. (after two flights, of course, he is weak, and she walks the rest of the way beside him.)

They arrive at her room, and he helps her get off the wig and the makeup. He discretely looks away as she eases out of her stays, and only when she is tucked in bed does he come to sit at the end of it. He has lit a candlestick to warn off the night, and bounces on her feather mattress to make her laugh.

“And what shall you dream of tonight?” he asks. He will not stay the night, but they often pass hours like this—he does not like her to slip away without him; he always wants a thorough goodbye, a thorough goodnight. Lumiere is her best friend—and she is eighteen—and he is lit by candlelight, as he smiles in the dark.

“I want a fairy-story. “He laughs. Asking Lumiere to tell stories is like asking the sun to rise—asking for the inevitable, but still worth it, just to believe that you had some say in the blaze of light.

“With a princess, yes, made of feathers and eiderdown? Or a ballerina?”

She snuggles into her bed, obviously eager for the story. He settles into the blankets before her.

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful toy ballerina—just made out of paper and feathers, the kind well-loved by little girls. And well-loved by others, too: for this ballerina was loved by a little tin soldier, a metal man that stood among the toy box.”

He was making this straight up out of his head—or maybe he had heard it back in Paris, from some wandering Dane or Englishman, and was now twisting it to suit her fancy. Plumette watched him with full eyes.

“The little tin soldier stood out because he couldn’t move,” said Lumiere. “One leg, you understand—some mistake of the metal, that made him stand still. He hated standing still—not when his chérie, his darling, was right there, just beyond his reach, yet not out of reach of his heart.”

He gestures too much, and touches the candle, and swears at the burn of the wax on his skin.

“—Anyway. Day after day the little toy soldier yearned for the ballerina, dancing and spinning just out of reach; and yet he could never speak to her, nor dance beside her. He could not move. Until one day the wind came in, and caught up the ballerina—and threw her, feathers and all, into the fire!”


Oui, you may cry ‘oh.’  That’s what everyone else did. But not the little metal man—at the sight of his love, all fit to burn, he found his panache, and threw himself into the fire beside her.”

It is all hushed in the palace. Wax is dripping onto Lumiere’s coat, but he’s stopped noticing. Plumette has stopped breathing, a little.

“And then?”

“And then, if you follow the story as it was told to me in Paris, the metal-man melts and the feather-girl burns.” Lumiere grimaces. “But I never saw it that way.

“Why, the metal-man loved the feather-girl. To leave their story, so—with the feather-girl never saying goodbye, goodnight, good luck—a story such as that is too sad to tell at night. So if you ask me, and not the Dane who spoke me this tale—”

Plumette leans forward. Lumiere leans forward. Their hands nearly touch on the coverlet.

“The metal man’s movement shakes the girl free. If a feather can be tossed by the wind, can it not be tossed by the movement of a man who has never danced? The ballerina flies up the chimney, her feathers flying free, and she pulls up the tin soldier with her. They reach the rooftops of Paris—and there they see the stars—and with feathers and tin, they fly off to the moon.”

Plumette giggles. “Do all lovers go to the moon?”

“Either that, or they are burnt by the sun.” Lumiere smiles. “The moon has nearly set now, and Chapeau will note me for leaving my bed untouched all through this night. I should go, ma chérie. Bonne nuit, my Plumette.”

Bonne nuit, my Lumiere.” He takes his leave slowly, but is eventually gone, the candle glowing as it disappears around her door. She relaxes deeper into her feather bed as the moon sets streaks across her face. Feathers, tin men, fire, and lovers…..

“You’d think he was in love,” she murmurs, and drops off to her dreams.

There was no way I could do this, I was only a song in and I didn’t want to be myself. I didn’t want to remember everything we had, everything I left. I couldn’t help the guilt that hung heavy on my shoulders. That clung to my bones and haunted my mind.

The wine was easing the sting but it was still prominent. I could feel everything again as if it had just happened. As if I had just left.

Piano chords started slow into the next song, thankfully the title wasn’t something that had sentimental value to me like the previous one had. That didn’t mean, however, that hearing his voice hurt any less.

“Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times.” stung, since I had been crying. It’s like he knew that if I ever were to hear this, I would be a mess after the first song. That I’d be in tears and that he’d have to consult me like he always had.

I always admired how calm and collected Harry seemed compared to me.

There had been so many times he had seen me broken before him, see me a sobbing disaster over the littlest things.

“Baby, it’ll be alright.” Harry cooed, his fingers stroking my hair as I cried into his chest.

I could hear the hint of his smile in his words, and when I looked up to him, it confirmed how hilarious he found the whole situation.

“It will not be ‘alright’, Harold.” I hissed, my eyebrows furrowed as my vision blurred with more tears. “I think my ass is broken.” I said, as a consistent pain radiated through my body.

“Your ass is not broken.” he said, his laughter threatening to spill with each word he spoke. “It’s not funny!” I yelled, attempting to use his shoulder to stand, my legs still wobbling. “See, I can’t even stand normal. My ass is broken. I’ll never be the same as I was.” I said, more tears falling down my face.

“Brooklyn, I swear, I’m trying to keep a straight face. Stop saying your ass is broken.” he spoke through gritted teeth, his eyes light. “You just fell down the stairs.”

“I SLID DOWN THE ENTIRE STAIRCASE, HAROLD. THATS LIKE THIRTY STEPS OF ASS POUNDING.” I screamed and his demeanor fell. Clutching his stomach, he let out loud and hearty laughs.

“It’s not funny!” I whined, finally feeling the strength return to my legs. I removed my hand from his shoulder to cross my arms over my chest. “You just yelled the words 'ass pounding’ in a sentence. The situation is a little funny.” he said between gasps.

My tears began to dry as I held back my own laughter, “My ass is broken, Harold.” I sneered, to which he stood up straight. Coughing slightly as his face went straight, his eyebrows knitted as he tried his best to seem endearing. But soon after air puffed from his lips as his face tore into a laugh, his dimples poking at his cheeks.

“You’re a pain.” I sighed, my lips turning upwards at his reaction.

He looked up at me through his eyelashes, his smile changing devilishly. “Am I…” he started, moving slightly backwards from where I was standing. His body pivoting in the opposite direction from me, as I stared to him confused. “a pain in your ass?” he said before darting away.

“I SWEAR TO GOD, HAROLD!” I screeched before finding my balance and ran after him.

“Just stop your crying, baby it’ll be alright.” it took all I had not to slam the wine bottle against the wall. To not have a full blown mental breakdown.

He always knew what to say or do. Even now, when I’m not with him, he’s saying the right thing. Even with him being wherever he is, he was soothing me.

I slammed back onto my mattress, my hands finding their way to rake my face and up into my hair. Knotting my hands into my blonde locks as I held back the urge to scream.

“It’s for the best.” I slurred, my mind jumbling as it got harder to believe the words I was saying.

What if it wasn’t for the best? What if I had fucked up one of the best things that happened to me? I already knew I had but I figured it was better for him this way. What if it wasn’t? I didn’t know how to feel.

My heart screamed at me, told me that I was an idiot for ever trusting my brain.

“Baby, stop crying.” he said, his large hand engulfing my knee as he squeezed it lightly. My hands were pulled towards my face, covering my mouth as slow tears fell from my eyes.

His mouth didn’t match his eyes. Where his lips were turned upwards, his eyes were filled with worry.

I tried to stop crying, but I couldn’t. I really wanted to, and I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t. “Your face.” I stuttered, my voice caught in my throat. “Baby, it’s fine!” he assured, his hand leaving my leg to pull my body into his.

“You just looked so distressed.” my words came out mumbled as I cried into his chest.

“I’m not actually dead, I’m right here.” he said, his fingers dragging from my shoulder and down my back. “You just looked so helpless.” I said, sniffling as I looked up to him from where I laid on his torso. “You were drowning!”

“I knew I should’ve warned you.” he sighed, his smile returning. “Or at least blocked the words 'Dunkirk’ on your twitter.” he joked.

Someone has just sent me the first cut of the Dunkirk trailer, and in the two seconds of seeing Harry underneath water my eyes had flooded. “Not funny.” I groaned, bringing my hand to swipe at my cheeks.

“You have to promise me you’ll never go to war.” I said sternly, my eyebrows lowered as I glared at him.

“Don’t really think that’s something you need to worry about.” he joked, his hands brushing through my hair.

“Promise me, Harold.” I warned, I knew the situation would never arise but I just needed some reassurance that he would never get stuck under a boat. I don’t know why, but I knew it would make me feel better.

“I promise.” he said. He brought his hand to the front of my face, his pinky jutting towards me. I let out a soft laugh, moving to bring my finger to twist around his.

He took a hold of it with his other hand, wrapping his fingers around it and bringing it to his lips. “And you have to promise to never go swimming again.” I added, semi-joking. He stopped his gentle assault on my hand to look at me. “Ever again. No more water for you.”

“I swear I’m a good swimmer.” he said, his lips ghosting against the back of my hand. I shook my head.

“What if I need to shower? Does that count as being in water?” he questioned, his tone suggesting that I was being ridiculous.

“From now on I will wash you with the hose outside.” I said, trying my best to keep my composure. He dropped my hand, eyes rolling as my smile broke on my face. Letting out a chuckle as he joined.

“You’re insane.” he said, his thumb moving to trace down my jawline. I raised my eyebrows, “Must be why I’m dating you.” I stated nonchalantly as I moved to stand from the couch.

It took him a second to realize what I had said before he let out a “hey!” and moved to grab my waist. He pulled me back down on the couch, shifting so that he was hovering over me. His fingers finding my sides as he tickled me.

“TAKE IT BACK!” he yelled as I fidgeted beneath him, air not fully getting to my lungs as I let out loud laughs. “NEVER!” I protested, kicking my legs to try to slide myself down the couch. It would’ve worked if he hadn’t noticed.

He smiled from ear to ear, gripping my waist once more and pulling me back to the top of the couch. His legs straddling either side of my body so that I couldn’t move. “Now tell me all the reasons you love me and I’ll stop.” he demanded, his fingers still brushing on my skin.

“NEVER!” I screamed through giggles, as he continued even harder. My air intake was getting low as tears came to my eyes again. I didn’t know how much longer I could handle this. “OKAY! I’ll tell you my top five.” I gave up, to which he nodded. His fingers slowing as he sat up, his eyebrows twitching up, silently telling me to begin.

“You’re kind to every single person you meet.You put your heart into everything you do. You do nice things without me having to ask. You always think about how I feel in situations rather than assuming I’m being irrational. And you love me good.” I counted on my fingers, mocking a southern accent as I finished my list.

He moved his head down to kiss my lips, “That’s so sweet of you to say.” he joked, his hand touching his chest. “Your turn.” I pushed, arms crossing over my chest as I tried to steady my breathing.

“You’re alright.” he shrugged, moving his legs to walk towards the kitchen. I laughed, picking up a pillow and chucking it to his back, screaming out a “hey!”.

“That’s not very nice, you donut!” I added before turning my attention back to my laptop that was placed on the table in front of me.

“Don’t make me play the trailer again.” he yelled, peaking out from the kitchen doorway. I swung my arm back to give him the finger as he laughed.

“We don’t talk enough, we should open up before it’s all too much.” he belted and I felt those words hit my heart. It felt as if everything he had written was specifically to me and I hated it. I hated knowing he felt this way. Maybe I should’ve continued to be blissfully unaware.

I couldn’t find the strength to finish the song. My fingers slamming to pause Spotify as I screamed.

I brought my pillow to my face, clutching it tightly in my fingers as I screamed again. My frustrations and feelings pouring out all at once.

Tears dampened my pillow as I pulled it from my face, afraid I would suffocate myself.

I grabbed my phone, unlocking it without looking before slamming in Lily’s number. It didn’t even ring twice before she had picked up. “What song are you on?” she asked, not bothering to say 'hello’.

“Sign of the Times.” I coughed, I could never talk when I cried. My throat would close and it was hard for me to articulate. I needed to speak in short sentences.

She sighed, “I’m surprised. I was waiting to get a phone call after the first song. Or none at all. I didn’t actually think you’d listen to me.” I turned on my side, my legs curling into my chest. “It’s so hard.” I sobbed.

“I know, but you need to do this. I know you. I know it would kill you not to listen to it. It may seem rough now but you have to get through it.” she soothed, her tone soft. I knew out of all people, Lily hated seeing, or in this case hearing, me cry.

“I can’t.” I said, my head shaking even though I knew she couldn’t see it. “It’s the least you can do for him.” she snapped, her voice on edge.

Lily never fully understood why I did what I had done. She even tried to talk me out of it originally when I had came to her house that night. She loved us together. She always told me how perfect we were for each other, but even when she said it, I couldn’t believe it.

But she was my best friend, so when I had put my foot down she had supported me. She helped me find a new place and helped keep my mind off of him.

I knew she was doing this for me, that even if it hurt, it would be better if I knew. If I knew how he felt and what I had put him through. I just needed someone to be stern with me right now, someone to tell me that I needed to stop being a baby and deal with this.

“I’m here if you need me, you know that. Even if I’m not there, you can call me again if it gets too much and I’ll slap some sense into you.” she joked, to which I couldn’t help the laugh that fell from my lips. “Hell, I’ll even come to your house and slap you if need be.” she continued, I sniffled, “I know.”

“I honestly thought you’d pretend to listen to it..” she said, mainly to herself. “I love you, call me if you need me.” and with that she hung up.

I need to push through this, I needed to get it over with. I picked up the wine, it’s contents close to being half empty.

I hit play and took a drink simultaneously, Harry’s voice radiated back through my room as he sang the new few lines powerfully.

“We’ve got to get away.” he whispered into my ear, making me jump. I looked back to him, his eyes were focused forward. “Don’t look at me, it’ll be suspicious.” he continued, talking from one side of his mouth. I laughed, looking back to where I originally was. “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t want to be here anymore.” he said, sounding similar to a child. “This is your party..” I stated, taking in all of our friends.

Once again, Lily was given another reason to throw a party. Although the Dunkirk trailer had originally made me cry, Lily found it appropriate to celebrate it’s coming out. She somehow found out Harry’s friends from New York’s numbers, I assumed with the help of Niall, and invited them to her house.

“That’s why we have to be sneaky. We can’t let them know we’re leaving.” he said, his eyes darting back and forth, scanning the crowd.

“We can just say we’re leaving.” I suggested, turning to look at him fully. He put his hands on my shoulders, turning me back around with wild eyes. “Are you insane?” he asked to which I laughed. “According to you, yes.”

He nodded, “True, but not the point. You need to help me. I need someone to boost me out the window.”

“Absolutely not.” I laughed, walking off to find Lily. “Where are you going?!” he panicked as I continued to walk off.

I found her with Niall, his arm wrapped firmly around her shoulders as they laughed to one another. Drinks spilled from their hands moving back and forth as he rocked them both. “I think we’re gonna head out.” I said, catching her off guard. “Alright, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” she said, looking over my shoulder. “What’s Harry doing?” she asked and I couldn’t even take a guess on what he was probably doing.

“I don’t know, I’ll see you later. Bye Niall!” I said walking off to the door, grabbing Harry’s wrist from the wall he was propped against and pulling him outside.

“I don’t think they saw me, I was incognito.” he beamed, proud of himself. “A six foot tall, broad ass man trying to blend into the wall with his arms stretched out isn’t exactly incognito.” I joked, handing him his car keys from my purse. “It worked didn’t it?” he said, nodding down to me with an amused expression.

“Oh yeah, you got us out of there.”

Small memories like that one were the ones that hurt the most. The ones that held more significance in my heart than anything else. It was the little things that truly haunted me.

He always loved that I remembered small things. Tiny moments that would slip his mind would be my favorite. The way he would goof around, the insignificant conversations we had, the quick jokes he’d make, the way he would look during small situations always stuck with me more than anything.

He would love to ask me about random things I remembered, like that night at the party. How small the encounter was but how I remembered every detail.

At night we would lay in bed together and he’d wrap me in his arms and ask me about what we did that day. Ask me what stood out to me. He was the only one who had cared about that. Who payed attention to me in ways no other man had before. That’s what made me fall for him so quickly.

He was so different than anyone I had met before.

The night before I left was one I could recall every second of, because I knew what was going to happen. He had no idea, so I spent the whole day memorizing everything. Every little detail because I knew it would be the last time I’d have him to myself.

“Do you ever think about how this will play out?” I asked, my nails picking at the skin of my lips. I knew he was leaving in a few hours to go write, I knew that when he left I was going to grab my things and leave before he got back.

I spent days trying to rationalize it, figure out if it was the best thing for us. That morning I had made the decision that it was. He looked at my from over his laptop, his face twisting at my words. “What do you mean?”

“Us. Did you think this would last as long as it had?” I asked, not able to meet his gaze. “Brooklyn, you’re scaring me. Are you okay?” he said, shifting his laptop to the table between us and moving from his couch to sit by me. “Did you?” I reiterate.

He sighs, bringing his hand to rake at the back of his neck, “I hoped we would. I wanted to be with you the second I saw you.” he explained, he didn’t realize how much his words had effected me. I was trying to keep my composure.

“What if it hadn’t? What if that night we never spoke? Would you have been okay with that?” I continued, he didn’t know I was testing him. Testing to see if he would be okay after I left. I needed to know before I did it.

He looked at me, his hand moving to my back, “What’s wrong? Talk to me.” he soothed, I kept my eyes on the floor. “Just answer, please.”

“I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without you and I don’t want to. I don’t want to think about how it would be if we hadn’t talked because we did and we’re here. I think you were meant to be in my life. Whether it was that day or months from then. We would’ve crossed paths. I know we would have.” he explained and it took all of me not to start crying. I nodded, not wanting to dwell on this anymore.

I wanted to cherish every moment of today. I wanted to look back and remember every little thing or smile he gave me not me sulking and ruining our last day together. “Okay.” I said, moving in to curl into his side.

He kissed my head, rubbing his hand up and down my arm. “I really love you, Harry.” I breathed, pushing back my tears. “I know you do, baby.” he said, his fingers catching my chin as he pressed his lips against mine.

“Believe me, you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.” he laughed, kissing me once more as I smiled. “We would’ve met again somewhere. Somewhere far away from that club.”