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Hi could you do the "Exos reaction to you dating in secret and then realizing that they kissed you out in butlic in front of loads of cameras that they didn't notice before?" But for Monsta X now please, thanks

Shownu: The only thing running through his mind was oh shit. He had heard the members talking about doing a v app broadcast later but he wasn’t sure if they’d follow through with it. Besides, he hadn’t seen you in weeks due to his schedule. The two of you were laying on his bed and he was hovering over you slightly as he kissed you when the other members barged in, catching the moment live. He pulled back, blushing as the other members scrambled to get out of the room.

“Well, everyone knows we’re intimate now, so I guess we can at least hold hands in public at this point…”

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Wonho: He had invited you to meet his mom at Momo Cafe. The two of you met in front the cafe and had a nice date late at night, only an hour before the cafe closed and when very few people visited. Without thinking, he kissed you goodbye. A fan caught the moment on camera and they were quick to share it. Wonho tried to stay calm, but he couldn’t deny that he was glad the two of you wouldn’t have to stay up late to go on dates anymore.

“This means we can go on dates in the daytime now I guess Y/N…” 

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Hyungwon: The two of you were at a late movie. You’d done the cliché thing where he arrived first and you arrived after and sat with him in a dark corner of the almost deserted movie showing. However, the two of you hadn’t been sneaky enough. Fans were already speculating that he was dating and when they saw the two of you together, it was confirmed. It was even further confirmed when he kissed you goodbye. The next morning, the grainy photo was circulating Twitter.

“Well… I mean… we can go on public dates now so I guess this is a positive.”

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Kihyun: He’d given you a ticket to their concert and of course you’d gone. He’d forgotten that the cameras often panned offstage to follow the members as they prepared for different songs and as he came off stage he gave you a quick kiss on the lips… in front of the camera… which was filming for hundreds if not thousands of people. He didn’t register until Minhyuk pointed out the camera. Knowing there was no taking it back, Kihyun simply grabbed you again and kissed you before giving the camera thumbs up and rushing off to get ready. 

“Enjoy the rest of the concert Y/N!”

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Minhyuk: He hadn’t even been the one being filmed. A manager was filming an MV behind-the-scenes video and he’d been hugging you in the background and leaving small kisses on your forehead, nose, and lips. While none of the managers caught the interaction in the background, as soon as the video was posted on YouTube, fans certainly did. Minhyuk was worried about you and made sure you were okay with your relationship becoming public. When you said you were, that you weren’t embarrassed to be with him, he broke into a grin.

“Good. Now I can finally show you off Y/N.”

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Jooheon: He hadn’t known fans were following him as he walked to your apartment to pick you up for your date. It was nearly midnight and very few people were out. When he picked you up, he kissed you out of habit, hugging you close to him. The fans caught the moment on video and soon it was circulating Twitter. Jooheon was more than a little angry that the fans had invaded your privacy, but he was also relieved that he wouldn’t have to make up stay up so late just so that you could spend time with him.

“Let me take you out on a real date now Y/N.”

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I.M: He had been sitting backstage in the waiting room with you. He’d been teasing you about something and you’d been laughing and hitting him playfully. Neither of you knew Minhyuk was filming a video for twitter and that the two of you were being reflected in the mirror behind him. Changkyun kissed you on the lips to make up for his playful fighting and the moment was caught on Minhyuk’s video and posted on Twitter. Fans spotted it right away and screenshots of the kiss were spread around. Changkyun was a little relieved he didn’t have to sneak around with you anymore and even saved the screenshot on his phone, making it his background.

“What?! We look really cute you can’t deny we’re couple goals.”

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Spin Me- Phanfiction

word count: 2,844 words

*writer’s comment*: Sorry for not being active lately but school is so stressing lately because it’s nearing to the end of the year and all the revising has literally taken over my life. I’ll try to be more active!

WARNING!: contains gay action




Dan’s POV:

It’s a friday night and Phil and I decide to invite some friends over to our house for some Chinese food and games. We really need to socialize more because as always, we ‘forget’ to talk to other people. I guess it’s because we enjoy each other’s company the most. Phil and I are really good friends but I really can’t help but feel a magnetic pull towards him… I fell in love with him. He can’t find out because this news can really put our friendship on the line. I don’t want to ruin what we have right now but at the same time, I don’t want to just stay in one place. I want more from this. I want Phil. 

“Dan did you see my t-shirt with the cat pocket? I want to wear it tonight." 

"Um, I think it’s in the laundry basket.”

“Oh…. well I hope it won’t smell really bad!” Phil lightly laughed at his own words. Little things like this made Dan’s heart rate increase dramatically. His blood is pumping around his body at an alarming speed. Why does he always get this feeling when Phil is around him or when he talks to him? 



PJ and Chris have arrived at Dan and Phil’s house at 6pm. They were just on time. Phil decided to order the promised Chinese takeaway. Dan was left with PJ and Chris in their living room. PJ knew that Dan likes Phil, because a  few weeks ago Dan spilled his emotions out to PJ while he was slightly intoxicated. PJ promised not to mention that night ever again. 

“So how are things between you and- you know…” PJ asked curiously. He really did try to be nice to Dan and not be too forward about the whole situation. PJ believed that Dan and Phil would be great together. They both have said that they are bisexual but one of them takes it more normally than the other one. Phil just sees it as a normal thing; he likes both males and females and that is fine. On the other hand, when Dan came out with his true sexuality, it seemed like he really didn’t want to be like this. He gave the impression that he just wanted to be the society’s 'normal.’ It took Phil and I quite a while to actually let Dan know that his sexuality is normal. He was apprehensive about it all because he didn’t know how we would view him after we heard the news. I was fully supporting him. Phil, well, he was happy that Dan came out as bisexual. Phil did feel something towards Dan even before the whole 'conversation’ with us two. Phil told me a while back that he liked Dan in that way. In this current situation, I feel quite guilty about knowing that their feelings for each other are requited because both of them told me not to tell the other. I feel like, as a friend, I should tell them both that they are not in any way 'weird’ for liking their best friend in a sexual way. The fact that I swore that I won’t tell the other person is killing me, due to the fact that I can see the hurt in their eyes when the other one tries to act like as if they only see each other as friends. They want to keep each other in the friend zone but it most definitely isn’t working.

“Oh, erm… fine.” muddled, Dan replied with caution to my previous question. As Phil walked into the room he looked straight at Dan with a slight twinkle in his eyes. Dan looked down at his hands when he caught Phil looking at him. This is really frustrating me now. Too much sexual tension. 

*40 minutes later*

Phil’s POV:

“Is it time for spin the bottle?”

“Phil, as you can see there’s 4 dudes in this room with no girls. We can’t exactly play spin the bottle can we?” Dan directed me. 

“Obviously it’ll be truth or dare spin the bottle.” I tried to add a bit of sarcasm to my voice to mask my true thoughts. 

Everyone sat down on the floor with their Chinese food in hand. A beer bottle is in the middle of us all. Dan tries to keep himself busy by looking down at his food and eating it in a great hurry. He is scared of what will happen during this game. 

“Ok, I’ll spin the bottle first.” Chris ecstatically said. He really does love playing truth or dare. His hand reached towards the bottle and he spun it around. The bottle finally came to a stop, and it was aimed at me. 

“So Phil, truth or dare?” Chris asked.

“Ah, I’ll start off with a truth." 

"Ok, be boring. Soo…. would you give one of us a blow?" 

I laughed alarmingly. I really didn’t know what to reply. I looked around everyone and my eyes stopped on Dan. His cheeks are red for no apparent reason. His eyes were focused on his food. 

"Erm… I guess I would if I had to.” I tried to act it cool. Chris nodded towards me and I spun the bottle. 

Dan’s POV:

“Please not me, please not me, please not-" 

Fuck. The bottle landed on me. Slowly I put down my food and looked at Phil. 

"Truth or dare?" 


"Ohh Dan! You are one heck of a party animal.” Chris joked. I wanted to do something instead of speaking. 

“Ok, ok. I dare you to….” Phil stopped right here. He really didn’t know what to dare me to do. I looked at him with a look in my eyes saying: “it’s ok." 

"I dare you to kiss one of us.” My eyes opened up at Phil’s words. Did he really just say that? 

“No let me change that for you-” stunned by his own words, Phil wanted to change the awkwardness of the situation. I stopped him before he could say a different dare. Automatically I leaned my body into his and I pressed my lips to his. This was the closest we’ve ever been. His lips feel magical against mine. They fit mine perfectly, as if our lips were made to kiss together. To my surprise, Phil kissed me back. I wouldn’t really call our kiss passionate but you could definitely say that both of us wanted this. I pulled back from Phil. He kept his lips attached to mine and followed my moves. I finally detached our lips. Our eyes met. We stared at each other for about 10 seconds until PJ and Chris stood up and said that they both have to go back to their homes to finish editing their videos. Phil and I stood up quietly and slowly, still astounded by our previous action. Chris and PJ left our apartment. Phil walked up to the door and locked it so no one can surprisingly walk in. 

Phil’s POV:

“Phil I’m so sorry about that I-”

“Shut up.” I hurriedly walked over to Dan and I pressed my body against his with such force that he tumbled back into the wall right behind him. I looked him straight in the eyes and smiled gently before once again, locking our lips together. This time it’s more passionate and full of lust. Dan doesn’t realize what is happening until I put my hands on his waist. He pushes me away from him. 

“Phil why are you doing this? I thought you just see me as a friend.”

“Jesus Christ Dan, I always liked you.” I attempted to kiss him again but he just moved his head out of my reach.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want this?”

“I do but I don’t know if you are saying the truth.”

“Why would I lie about liking you? Go and ask PJ because he knows that I like you." 

Dan gave me a look and suddenly pulled my face in his direction. His lips parted and kissed mine. After a while of the hot sensation of our lips locking together, Dan wrapped one of his hands in my hair and the other one is on my neck. His hands keep on gently pulling me closer and closer to his body. I guess he really wants this; just as much as I do. Surprisingly I felt Dan’s tongue inside of my mouth. It is exploring my mouth as if looking for a 'friend’. Our tongues met and danced together in unison.A few quiet moans escaped Dan’s lips as we carried on kissing passionately. I broke up the kiss to inhale some air. 

"Do you want to go to my bedroom?" 

Dan nodded innocently and I took his hand in mine. I guided him to my bedroom as my feet glided on the floor. Dan squeezed my hand and I squeezed it back. I turned my head to face him and I noticed his wide-spread smile on his face. I opened the door to my bedroom and I let Dan go in first and I closed the door right behind him. He sat on my bed, not knowing what to do with himself. He keeps on looking down at his hands as he is fiddling with his fingers. He looks so beautiful. I walk over to my bed and sit beside Dan. I reach out my hand and hold his hand before I say: "Do you want to do this?" 

Once again, Dan nodded and squeezed my hand in approval. He leaned in to kiss me and without thinking, I kissed him back. Every time I kiss him it feels amazing. He has this thing about him that makes every single kiss breath-taking. I want to be right next to him all my life. 

After a while, I pushed Dan down onto the bed so that I can be on top of him. He doesn’t really seem to mind that at all. We kissed a bit more until his hands began to wander up my t-shirt. He moved his hands smoothly up and down my torso. I’m not going to lie, this does feel really good. His fingertips send shivers down my spine. I let out a moan because it feels so good. 

"Can I take it off?" 

Dan proceeded to take off my t-shirt as I nodded in approval. A cold breeze hit my naked torso. I decided to take off Dan’s t-shirt since I got a bit awkward with just being the only topless one. I threw Dan’s t-shirt on the floor right next to mine. His lightly bronzed body looks angelic. His stomach is sticking out a little but it’s cute. I make my way down to Dan’s neck, leaving soft,wet kisses down his jawline. I explore his neck to find his weak spot. I suck on every spot that I can find on his neck. I look up at his face to see his reaction- his eyes are closed and his mouth is slightly open. He must be enjoying this. After a few more seconds I finally find his weak spot; it’s just right above his collarbone. I suck harder than in the other parts so that I will leave a mark on his flawless body. I begin to leave a trail of kisses down his torso until I finally reach his skinny jeans. Just what I wanted. I move my hands up his legs and right to his zip. I slowly unzip his skinny jeans and I pull them down his legs along with his boxers. He probably got quite surprised by feeling all of his clothes coming off. I threw his jeans and boxers on the pile of t-shirts on the floor. I licked my lips before bringing myself up to kiss Dan’s lips again. I want him to feel completely comfortable with me. 

Finally I break away from the kiss and start to go down his body again. This time I have more in plan. At last I reach his dick. I lick his slit to get started. I lick down his member. On the final lick I took him inside of my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down and gradually I increased the speed. It was not long until I finally took him all in. His dick was just the right length- not too long nor too short, just perfect. Dan’s legs started to tremble as he got closer and closer to his climax. 

"Ph-il..” Dan managed to moan out while I still sucked on his dick. I stopped sucking him and I turned him over so I got great entrance. I kissed the small of his back before getting the lube out of my of bedside table. 

“Why do you have this here?" 

"I have special needs." 

I got back onto my bed and I squirted some passion fruit lube straight on my dick. I massaged it up and down to get a smoother entrance. I positioned my dick with Dan’s asshole. I placed my hands on his waist and held him in place. Carefully I pushed my dick inside of Dan’s tight ass. He probably hasn’t done this before so I have to be careful with him. I start off thrusting slowly into him so he can get used to the feeling before I go deep into him on the highest gear.

"Fuck you’re tight.” I groaned out while still thrusting my dick into Dan. Although he’s tight, he still feels so good. 

“Ahhh… Phil.” Dan managed to moan out from pain and pleasure all at the same time. His voice sounds raspy and deep. His body is clammy from the sweat. After a bit more slow thrusts, I increase the speed of my hips. The lube is working wonders because every thrust deep inside of Dan’s ass is smooth and definitely less painful than it would be if I went in dry. Seconds went by and with every new second I went in deeper and faster to provide Dan full pleasure. 

“Deeper…” Dan moaned out again with lust. I obeyed to his command and I went in deeper, hitting his prostate with every new thrust. His asshole is ringed around my dick, providing full friction which is getting me ridiculously close to cumming inside of Dan right this instance. 

“I’m close…mm…” My voice came out in hot breaths. I pulled his waist towards my hips in unison to my thrusts. I can feel that Dan is close because he clenched is bum cheeks together and his hands are wrapped in the duvet. His fists are clenched tight; his knuckles are bulging out. 

“Ahhh….mmmm…Phil, fuck.” Dan whined out as he reached his climax. He cummed onto the duvet as he is on his hands and knees; exposing his ass to me. Not long after Dan has cummed, I did the same but inside of him. My warm cum exploded inside of Dan’s ass. I ride out our climaxes to completely finish everything. I exited Dan. Weakly I laid my body next to his. I took a few deep breaths before turning around to look at Dan’s sweaty and slightly rose-cheeked face. He lightly smiled at me with a bright twinkle in his eyes. I smiled back at him. His hair stuck to his clammy forehead which made him look more innocent. I wrapped my arm around Dan’s waist and my other hand is stroking his brown hair. He cuddled up close to me and he snuggled his face into my chest. He mumbled something but I couldn’t understand him clearly.

“What was that?” I asked curiously. 

“I love you Phil.” Dan admitted with a bit of more volume. He seems to be embarrassed about saying this because you can see his shyness shining through. He covered his beautiful face with his hands as he attempted to not look at me so he won’t be able to see my reaction. 

“Dan look at me.”


“Dan look at me, please.” Dan slowly raised his head up to look at me. He kept his eyes on me for a few seconds before he looked down again. I took my hand and I placed it under his chin, raising it up slightly so he is forced to look at me. 

“I love you too Dan.” I kissed the top of his nose right after admitting my love for him. He smiled at me again and his cute little dimples got exposed. I covered his face and his neck in soft, sweet kisses. Instantly after appreciating his face and neck in kisses, I cuddled him in closer to me than before. Swiftly I pulled the duvet onto our clammy, naked bodies. I looked down at Dan once again and noticed that his eyes are closed shut and his breathing has slowed down. He is sleeping. I began to massage his back to relax him. Without noticing, my own eyes closed after a while of looking at Dan’s flawless face.

The Other Girl

Part One Here:

Chapter 2 

Have you ever been so upset of disappointed that you can feel your heart breaking, bit by bit?

I guess I took too long to reply because Calum frowned, before speaking. “Earth to Tallinn, you already have to much to drink?”

I quickly snapped out of it before replying. “You know I don’t like to drink. Sorry, I’m just…surprised is all. Hi, nice to meet you. I need the restroom but help yourself to food and drink, excuse me.”

I didn’t go to the restroom, I went straight into the limo, wanting time to myself, to collect myself and to wrap my head around this. Calum had a girlfriend, not even two months ago I was up in California sharing a bed with him, clawing at his back. I was there for a week and no word about her, but maybe he had met her after I had left?

Why not me? He had promised me that when his life had settled down and he had a break, we would become serious, boyfriend and girlfriend. He had promised me this many times, even two months ago!

A tapping at the window startled me, I could make out Luke, Michael and Rachel. I unlocked the door, indicating that the could come in. “I thought you were going to the bathroom?” Michael asked, sliding in beside me.

Rachel and Luke sat across from me, they both had frowns on their faces. “Are you okay, Tallinn?” Rachel asked.
“I don’t know…no.” I looked at her, she was my best friend, someone who I constantly confined in, especially my relationship with Calum. She knew my heart was breaking.
“I’m sorry, Tallinn. Did he not give you a heads up?” She asked.

“No! Not one fucking word! You think two months ago after hours of sex, being locked up in a bedroom, or out and about at clubs with us constantly making out, you think something would come up, right? But if had to be after I left, or something. Luke, Michael, you know.” I shot a look at them, I was desperate for any news.

“Well…he had met her a week after you had left. She’s a friend of Alex’s fiancé. I’ll spare you the details but they become inseparable pretty soon after that.” Luke explained.
“We didn’t see it coming, especially with the relationship you and him have. We’re still trying to wrap our heads around it.” Michael added.

I threw my head back, looking at the ceiling of the limo. “Apparently promises mean nothing to him.” I closed my eyes, thinking of all the times Calum promised me a future. “A future my ass.”

I sat up, looking at Rachel. She instantly knew what I was thinking, or knew the quickest way for me to forget this night. “Come on, let’s go get drunk.”


I woke up the next morning, huddled around my toilet. My dress wasn’t on me, but a large t-shirt. I didn’t know whose it was but a familiar scent was lingering on to it. I had to peel myself off the floor to go find Advil and get a bottle of water.

I left my bathroom to only see a large lump under my covers. I slowly walked over to the lump, it being completely covered by my comforter, only loud snoring coming from it. I poked at the lump until the snoring stopped and it started moving. “Uh…wake up.”
“I’m awake. Stop yelling.” Oh my god. Luke was the lump.
“Luke? Oh my fucking God. How did you end up in my bed? At my house?” I felt sick.

Luke sat up, he was shirtless and I knew instantly I was wearing his shirt. I grabbed at my head about the same time he did. “I drank too much and you invited me over, if I remember correctly.” He said.
“Did we?” I was afraid to even finish the sentence.
“I believe so, there’s evidence on the bedside table.” and so there was, a condom. Okay. Breathe Tallinn, just breathe.

I mean it wasn’t the worst thing in the world to sleep with Luke, I’ve known Luke almost the same as Calum. We were good friends and that was all. I don’t remember much of last night, only to the part of me seeing Calum and Sarah snogging in the corner. I completely avoided Calum most of the night, I took shot after shot of tequila with Rachel and Michael and I even remember dancing with Luke but I don’t remember much after that. I wanted to forget meeting Calum’s girlfriend and I wanted to forget the hurt I felt.

“Are you okay?” Luke asked, snapping me of my thoughts.
“Yeah, I was just trying to remember some of last night. Mostly the part of us, hooking up.” I said.
“Right. All I remember is when we left the club, all of us, you asked if I wanted to head back here. I remember faintly, us making out and having sex, but I don’t remember much.”
“Me neither. Well, this puts a whole other notch in our friendship.” Luke laughed, if there was any awkwardness lingering, it was all gone now.

I took a shower soon after taking medicine and I invited Luke to go eat breakfast, which he accepted. I dropped him off back at his hotel and I headed back home. 

When I got back, I immediately went upstairs to pull my cover and sheets off of the bed. Rachel walked in as I was pulling my sheets out of the dryer. “Hey, where have you been?” I asked her. “
Uh, with Ashton.” She replied. Her and Ashton and the rest of the guys were friends too. “Oh, did you come home last night?”
“Uh, no. I slept over at the hotel.”
“With Ashton?”  
“Yeah, we kind of slept together.” I nearly tripped over my own feet, “Well, alright.” I laughed cause I didn’t know what to say.
“Is it awkward between y'all now?”
“Surprisingly no. When we woke up, we went to breakfast together and talked about it. I mean, I don’t think anything is going to happen between us, like a romance but we’re definitely closer now.” Rachel explained 

“Well you’re not the only one who got action last night.” I started. Rachel’s eyes were nearly popping our her tiny head.
“With Calum? He has a girlfriend!” Rachel asked. 
“No, not with Calum and yes I know he has a girlfriend, do not remind me.”
“With who then? I don’t remember seeing you with anybody." 

"Luke, I guess…we were all over each other last night without people noticing but I apparently invited him back here and well, you know what happens next.” I didn’t want to look at Rachel’s face so I took my sheets upstairs and started fixing up my bed. Only a couple of minutes later did Rachel enter. 

“Are you okay? Does he know that there’s nothing going to happen between y'all? And does Calum know?” She asked, she was leaning against my door frame, arms crossed.
“I’m fine. Luke and I talked about it, it was a one time thing. He doesn’t like me like that and he knows I don’t like him like that either and no, Calum does not know and he isn’t going to.”
“Luke’s not going to tell him?” Rachel asked.
“No, and it doesn’t matter if Calum finds out honestly, he has a girlfriend, it shouldn’t matter to him.”